2014 Favourites! // Best in Beauty 2014!

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2014 Favourites! // Best in Beauty 2014!

hi guys it’s rach long time no see welcome to the first video of 2015 if you’re a new subscriber hi it’s nice to meet you i’m rachel i hope you enjoy my videos today we’re starting off the new year by talking about some of my favorites from last year I’m a little bit late I’m feeling a little bit rusty because I’ve taken a few weeks off haven’t sat in front of a camera and spoke to you guys for a while but I’m excited to be able to do it and I’m excited to be able to share some of my favorite new discoveries from 2014 so with that being said let’s start with the base products you know I’m all about the base father yeah don’t pretend like that didn’t come to your head as well so base products first one a primer that I came to love in 2014 it’s the anoxic skin perfecting poor vanishing cream this is an australian brand and it is a primer that like it says fills in your pores i tend to use it in my t-zone and it has a little bit of a tint to it so it helps blurs imperfections as well my favorite foundation find of 2014 has to be the Kogan doe moisture foundation even though boise chirring the name sends chills down the spine of anybody who has oily skin like myself it still manages to work for me and it has to be the most skin like foundation I have ever tried i believe last year was its 25th anniversary as a product which i think is pretty major for an actual product to be around for 25 years and still have people loving it and buying it and i just i really really enjoy it blends well it has a light coverage that can be built up to quite a good coverage medium coverage sometimes you can even get quite full coverage over sort of areas that you need it to be it doesn’t get cakey I adore this foundation I really want to try the aqua foundation from cogiendo because I’ve heard good things as well in a similar vein another new release that I really enjoyed this year was from Laura Mercier and it’s the smooth finish flawless fluid this foundation again is very liquidy one of these ones that you have to shake up it feels very light on the skin the finish is like a demi mat very natural look to the skin and you can build up the coverage with this as well I’ve all been about the natural looking foundations for 2014 and then just using concealer to get a little bit of extra coverage didn’t want to leave the drugstore out so a foundation or combination of foundations my favorite from 2014 has to be the bushwah healthy mix radiance reveal foundation with the l’oreal true match now i’m cheating a little bit here because i did purchase and first try the Bourjois healthy mix in 2014 but i had this one from 2013 but the combination is from last year so it counts as a favorite would highly recommend it either of these from the drugstore you’re looking for a good foundation or you want to mix and match maybe to get a good color match or to get a good finish put them together one last foundation I had to get a mention it is a powder foundation or a mineral foundation this is the tart what is it the exact name the Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation I absolutely adore this I do not really use mineral foundations that much I don’t relieve powder foundations but this stuff goes on and gives you coverage and still looks like it is not a powder foundation i won this before and people who sort of ask me what i’m wearing my skin and I mentioned this and they go a powder 1 and I get it doesn’t look powder at all here’s a great product now available in australia at sephora in sydney my favorite based product of all concealer i have a lot of recommendations for you guys for a high coverage concealer stand up for this year has to be the kat von d locket tattoo concealer great shade range i have the shade of light 18 and it matches my natural skin perfectly it has a lot of coverage and it has a thickness to it and a stickiness to it so it lasts but it’s not so thick and sticky that you can’t use it in other areas of the face like in a pinch you can use it under your eyes and it will blend out which is something that I find isn’t necessarily common in all really high coverage concealers for under the eyes at a couple that stood out to me one of them is the origins plan scription anti-aging concealer this is a great one it sort of looks hydrated under the skin it doesn’t look too dried out doesn’t seem to crease too much on me as well the only issue that I have with this is the shade range is quite limited and it’s kind of hard to come by I got my neck it cosmetic the other line for the under the eyes I’m kind of cheating a little bit because i have used this before but i hadn’t used it in like the skin color range i’d only use the pink one this is the instant age rewind eraser dark circles treatment concealer from maybelline i have the shade light and other than the icky sponge which may turn some people off of you’re a real germaphobe the actual product itself is fantastic it’s thin and it gives coverage and it doesn’t crease again too much on me and doesn’t cake up

underneath my eyes really really enjoy this one then probably my favorite concealer find of the year I have to thank creamer from shameless fripperies for this is the diorskin nude concealer crappy shade range i have shade number one and shade number two and they’re very very different and i have to kind of mix them together to get the right color for me but this is a great concealer if you’ve got any kind of texture on your skin I struggle with weird dry patches now something that I’d never struggled with in the past which was why I was so excited when she recommended this concealer because it was at a time where I’d never had to deal with dry skin before or flakiness and I didn’t know what to do and then I found this concealer and it’s also great for people who have acne I have the uneven texture because of um like current breakouts on past breakouts and scarring and sometimes the flakiness that you get when you’re treating acne and pimples and things like that it’s just is a great concealer for the face I’ve also been able to use it under my eyes a little bit and if you set it with powder you can get it to last a decent amount of time moving on to powders I tried rouge bunny rouge for the first time in 2014 and i picked this powder up on a whim when i saw it in a beauty bail you like email one of those ones they send out so telling you about new products it’s the roush bunny rouge diaphanous impalpable finishing powder it is a mouthful to say but it is a lovely powder that i feel like it just makes your skin look better when it goes on it’s very smoothing it’s don’t know how to describe it it almost like it blurs your imperfections a little bit I really don’t know what the magical technology is behind it but I really really enjoy it it’s not doesn’t have the greatest oil controlling properties but as i saw i think it was Jodie from guru Beauty mentioned in her 2014 favorite she talked about really discovering the difference between a finishing powder and a setting powder and i found the difference too i think the see this is probably for me more of a finishing powder because of the way it makes your skin look great and then i might even use a setting powder underneath it to really control my oils particularly in my teaser for a makeup forever I tried the Make Up For Ever duo matte powder foundation and this is the first powder foundation or powder that I’ve ever found that I truly think actually imparts some kind of coverage again the oil control properties of this aren’t that fantastic i feel like if i use this i still have to touch up throughout the day but it just it actually gives you coverage and it goes on the skin without looking cakey I feel like it can kind of fix your foundation I have to give credit to Lauren Curtis you mentioned this and I decided to just pick it up while i was at IMATS and it is a great powder ok let’s move on to the cheeks you’re gonna have to bear with me because I have a lot of blush favorites but they’re all for different reasons so I think that’s worth mentioning all of them the first favorite I have and definitely a standout for me from 2014 is the hourglass ambient lighting blush wardrobe i think is the full name I really loved these blushes when I first tried them this is the one that I tried on a single this is mood exposure and then I was really excited to see this trio together you get a plumber color you get a peachy color and you get a pinky color all in one and they just give you this luminous look without any obvious shimmer to them they can be quite sheer or you can build them up you can go anywhere from like a light dusting of color to a full-on like 80s stripe of a blush if you want to wouldn’t recommend it but you can do it with these products and I just think they’re like a foolproof blush absolutely adore them some other powder blush formulas hood out to me from the year is the clinic chick pops this one is in the shade berripop I don’t know again what it is about this formula because doesn’t have an obvious shimmer to it but it does give you a sheen to the cheeks a healthy glow in a similar vein is also the Mac extra dimension blushes this one was from a collection this is the see me humne blush but I just I like the actual finish of these these colors gorgeous as well but it’s something about this that doesn’t make it look powdery it’s a it’s a powder blush that doesn’t look powdery that makes sense and then the last one I wanted to mention is from Todd it’s the Amazonian 24 clay blush but particularly in the shade exposed this to me is just the perfect natural everyday color I particularly like this for when I’m wearing bold lips or a red lip and I always struggle to pair blushes with like straight out reds and sometimes even bold colors depending on what they are it’s hard to find a blush that gives me color to my cheeks wide eyed look washed out but it also doesn’t clash or or look like I’m trying too hard with too much makeup this color is just an awesome color I warned you there was going to be a lot of blushes and before we move on I wanted to mention a couple of cream products I was really excited

when josie maran started being stalked at its mecca maxima and kit cosmetics or somewhere under that Mecca brand this is the water colored cheek jelly and these are some of the weirdest blush products I have ever tried but I absolutely adore them they’re long wearing they give you this stain look to the cheeks that looks really natural like it really is coming from with you and I know that’s a very like a beauty youtuber saying but that’s exactly what it does and I feel like they kind of give you a little bit of the look of the benefit benetint but without the there a little bit more foolproof to apply and you’re less likely to get a streaky application a couple of fingers tap it on your cheeks and you will still see blush at the end of the day I have skin that just eats pigment it eats it I don’t know why but anything I put on my cheeks disappears by the end of day doesn’t matter what primers I use it just it goes this stays and then lastly I want to give an honorable mention to the house about them apples cheek and lip cream palette from the bomb I got this probably mid year around when it came out and I just I loved all the colors I love the formula I didn’t expect to like them I don’t like a lot of cream products and pallets to me it just generally doesn’t work but this one dude big thumbs up from me for contouring there is one standout product they use pretty much religiously since I got at the Kevin ER Quan the sculpting powder in medium this little baby is just to me it’s the perfect contour shade it’s cool enough that it gives you that shadow but it’s not like completely gray so it’s a little bit more foolproof to use you don’t need to be an expert or be a perfect con tourist I’m just making up words now to be able to use this one I really enjoyed using it with my ray most number 3 ultimate cheekbone brush a new discovery Rae Morris brushes for me this year and my bronzing product of the year again something that I just used non-stop once i got it i have to thank s day from essiebutton for this recommendation it is the body shop bat bronzing powder I think a lot of times we call it like the honey bronzing powder but it’s their bronzing powder shade and I got the medium matte 03 the one has a little honeycomb print there on it Matt light enough to still be used in the dead of winter when I am super super pale and it just gives you a lovely warmth to your skin should we go lips or eyes lips or eyes I don’t know let’s go eyes so various different I products i start with the brows I love me some browse 2014 was definitely the year of the brows and for me my favorite pro brow product was the hourglass arch brow pencil this thing just is the fastest way to do your eyebrows I love it I have the shade soft brown it is fantastic for those of you who want your brows done in a short amount of time yeah a little spooley on the end and you have your little sort of angled brow product here rush it through you’re good to go I do need to mention the Anastasio brow Wiz when I first got this I didn’t actually like it that much and that was a color choice for me i had the brunette which I think has since been renamed to dark brown and I think that was just a bit too dark for me and that’s why I didn’t really enjoy it that much I have since purchased the soft brown right at the end of the 2014 and I have been really enjoying it so that’s why it wasn’t my number one because I did use the hourglass product for most of the year but it does deserve a mention it is a great product for those of you who need a little bit more precision in your brow applying process it has a great spoolie absolutely love this fully of this one it’s a really really fun waxy sort of retractable pencil you can link draw in the brush hairs because of half the brush hairs the brow hairs because it’s so small all year i set my brows with the anastasia clear brow gel a fantastic brow gel doesn’t make your brows look ashy it all keeps them in place they will not budge for the entire day no matter how long you wear your makeup definitely a great brow gel and I love the fact that the packaging is not clear so you can’t see how gross it looks inside but i did also want to give an honorable mention to a product that i discovered right at the end of the year i was unsure about including it but i’m going to this is the tarte amazonian colored clay tinted brow gel now I’m still loving my benefit gimme brow I had that in my 2013 favorites but this product look at that brush I just I love it it is so tiny and that was the my one complaint with the benefit give me browse even though the brush is small it ain’t small enough particularly for the end this one is it is going to be as thin as your eyebrow it gives you texture it gives you color it’s just an awesome brow product and I fell in love

with it instantly for eyeshadows my favorite eyeshadow formula that I discovered in 2014 has to be the Vizier tour the visor how have you say it I shadows I absolutely adore these these are some of the best eyeshadows I have ever used they blend so nicely they feel creamy the colors are gorgeous this is the Paris use palette I have at the top of my wish list the maps palette from this brand it it looks amazing and every time I see someone use it i want to go out and buy it some other standout releases from the year for me the becca ombre nudes palette is definitely probably one of my most used kind of pallets these are the kind of shades that I go for on a daily basis I still love my Urban Decay Naked basics although I do think that the formula of these eyeshadows is probably a bit better if you like your warm Browns too I think you’ll really enjoy this palette I think the color range in the Urban Decay Naked basics is a little bit more versatile because it’s got the black and because it’s got the slightly shimmery highlight shade but still this is an awesome awesome parlor and I use it pretty much daily for work it is a great just everyday kind of eyeshadow palette another great release the Too Faced chocolate bar palette this I just have to open it smells amazing absolutely amazing some gorgeous shades very my kind of colors I think that’s why I was attracted to these pallets the only problems at all that I could find with it this thing I don’t like the fact that the names aren’t printed on the packaging which is more of a blogger youtuber problem than it is like a normal person problem and then also that the packaging was thick but then they released it with the sinner packaging without the access so they have tried to fix the issue I’m not overly interested in the semi sweet version of this just because the colors don’t appeal to me as much but I do really really like this one it was a great release from 2014 and then I feel like I would be remiss without mentioning this one had to be the most coveted palette of 2014 I think and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do something like this again this year because they’d be silly not to it is the lorac Pro mega palette there’s another thing I discovered in 2014 that even though it is spelt lorac they want you to say it as lorac so basically switch the oh and the AR and when you pronounce it I tried the pro palette the pro 2 palette and the mega Pro palette all of them are great palettes I think they’re the probably some of the most versatile palettes I’ve come across great for beginners or people who just love me I think if you really into makeup and you really know your eyeshadow formulas you probably know that it might not be the best eyeshadow formula in the world but I think it does the job favorite cream eyeshadows of the you have to go to the bio Terry hombre black stars I have three and I love them all i have bronze moon misty rock and brown perfection they’re all awesome shades actually have a little bit on my eyes today they just go on lovely they blend lovely they have a little bit of shimmer or at least bronze moon and mr. rock do and they’re just like that easy no mess no fuss eyeshadow look they do last quite a while on me they last longer if I apply a primer underneath speaking of which my favorite primer of the year has to be the nas pro prime what is this smudge proof eyeshadow base definitely my favorite eye primer probably of all time but over 2014 love this stuff and this underneath any of the eyeshadows that I mentioned just makes them all that much better for eyeliner 2014 all about the liquid liner it’s definitely my favorite eyeliner format at the moment I’m still loving my Maybelline master precise but there are two new products that probably will rival them and that is the physicians formula I booster two-in-one lash boosting eyeliner Plus serum it’s this particular formula or particular packaging of the physicians formula eyeliner that I absolutely love because it has that flexible brush tip it is not a felt tip it is a brush tip and I find these the easiest to use I actually have this in the shade deep brown and my only gripe about this product is that I can’t find it in the black at the moment and it is hard to sort of come back and then another one this is a sneaky one that’s knocking right at the end of the year but again I liked it so much that it deserved to mention it is the Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper again this one has that flexible brush tip applicator and that is the reason why I love it it’s very dark very black we can’t leave the eyes without talking about lashes so my favorite mascara unfortunately I don’t actually have to show you it is the kevyn aucoin the volume mascara absolutely adored that stuff I used it in a ton of videos I spoke about in

favorites videos however i’m on a self-imposed ban from repurchasing or buying the scars until i get through some of the ones that i got because it’s getting a little bit ridiculous how many mascaras i have so that’s why i don’t have it here but as soon as I lift that ban or basically as soon as I cave I will be repurchasing it again to others that stand out from the year but one is the tart lights camera lashes mascara this is an awesome mascara that’s very dramatic gives you volume gives you length I just I thoroughly enjoyed that one and then from the drugstore I have to mention the Max Factor masterpiece transform mascara it’s the one that i’ve been using pretty much for the last couple of months and i used it today i really really enjoy this one and definitely be a repurchase it has a skinny little brush which is definitely something that i’ve determined that i prefer when it comes to applying mascara for me just because of the shape of my eyes any really big brushes just make it very very difficult to get mascara on my eyes with or on my lashes without getting it on my eyelids i’m a big old mess when it comes to mascara i get it everywhere and the smaller brushes just make it that little bit easier this gives me volume and gives me some length I just I really really enjoy this one and then some false lashes that made me really enjoy false lashes again come from kiss I believe I first saw these on Blair Fowler’s channel like a few years ago anyway they were in the back of my mind and when I was in LA I decided to pick some up there the trio lashes in various lengths i use the short and extra short or the medium and the short depending on how dramatic i’m going but they just make applying lashes easy there just in little strips of three so you don’t have to worry about trying to get a whole strip in a line you can mess up a bit and it doesn’t matter apply them with some tweezers just drop them on your lashes and you’re good to go ahead and put them just on the outside you can put them all the way across you can make it like a strip less you can make it look like you’ve just got some ones on the outside you can mix and match do whatever you want the lazy girl’s eye lashes we’re coming up to my favorite part of the 2014 favorites in makeup it is lips I have so many loop favorites that I had to split them down into subcategories but bear with me the first one being lipstick got to go to the by Terry Rouge terribly in their instinct these are pricey but they are a great lipstick formula and the Bear instinct shade is what I’m actually wearing on my lips today it has to be like one of the most unique Rachel shades out there because it sometimes pools warm like it’s got like a bit brick undertone to it and sometimes I feel like it pulls a bit cooler and looks like it’s got a bit more of a very undertone to it I don’t know what’s going on what magical powers is lipstick has but I absolutely adore it the chanel rouge coco shine in boy this was another america trip purchase and it became my favorite nude everyday lipstick I’ve decided that for me to get away with nudes I really need them to be a more sheer formula because I just find that that looks better on me and I feel more comfortable wearing nudes in that kind of shade range and this formula is does have that Sheerness to it as a little bit of shine to it it’s a great pinky movil brownie nude that I just absolutely adore lip gloss favorites clarins instant light lip Perfector so what they’re called instant light natural lip Perfector lip glosses these seem to sort of blow up a little bit on YouTube this year and in blogs i saw the mentioned by quite a few people particularly from the UK i gave them a go and I can see why people enjoy them they are lovely I’ve got shade 6 and shade 5 both are really lovely natural colors they do give your lips a tent they smell amazing they give you a shine they’re not sticky at all absolutely love these and from the drugstore there was a couple of lip gloss releases that I really really enjoyed one was from l’oreal and they’re the color riche or color straw denair coloring stood I love lore’l and I love their packaging hate that they don’t write the name of the actual product type on there but you guys know what I’m talking about their these ones favorite color from this range was moto mo or this one a lot to still wear it again they smell lovely look lovely on the lips this is a great everyday kind of shade the Maybelline Color elixirs again very kind of similar formula have some color but not as pigmented as a liquid lipstick they feel nice on the lips my favorite shade from this range is celestial coral which is a really nice pre pinky coral shade unfortunately I don’t think this shade was actually released in australia i picked this up in america but a fantastic range from the drugstore as well going a bit roundabout here i probably should have talked about lip pencils first but two standouts for me max lip pencil in the world this has to

be I just it was one of these products that again blew up in 2014 it was all the rage everyone was talking about it and it was and it is a lovely lovely color and I was wearing it in probably my most liked most commented on profile picture ever I used it in a Kylie Jenner makeup look or tutorial kind of thing that a lot of people did a lot of people use this lip pencil but it’s just it’s a great one and i continue you think it will continue to be very popular in 2015 as well and then another one that i really enjoyed was from charlotte tilbury it’s the lip cheat in pillow talk this is a really nice pinky nude color that I think works really well for my natural lip color again it’s one of those ones that you can use to extend your lip shape a little bit if you want to over line a little bit I tend to not do that too much but this is a good one for that another subcategory liquid lipsticks favorites of mine the Too Faced melted lipsticks or liquefied long wear lipstick we’re going to get the right name melted berry melted fee favorite colors melted figures like my favorite purpley lip color it’s one of the most wearable purpley lip colors that I found because I’m usually not a perfect color girl and berry is just an absolutely stunning color I just dorothy’s highly pigmented they are long wearing are comfortable and the lips transfer like a mofo seriously if you touch anything with your lips or touch your lips and then touch something else you will get pigment and lip color everywhere but other than that they are awesome I couldn’t not mention my favorite probably bold lip of the year maybe my favorite lip color of the whole year that has to be the lime crime Velveteen in wicked absolutely love this shade it was my definitely my favorite dark shade of 2014 I like the formula of these their unique they’re very very thin going on but they set to aim at kind of velvet looking finish and I adore them don’t really like the applicator I think it’s a big waste of time at you better off putting using a brush but other than that awesome awesome awesome color then the most unique lip product formula that I tried in 2014 has to go to the bourgeois Rouge edition velvet this one I have the matte finish in the shade velvet 02 which is a pretty bright bold kind of kinky slightly Coralie shape the formulation of these they do dry to like a matte formula but it’s very comfortable and when they go on they have this kind of creamy gummy formula a little bit the like the wire cell glossy stains but while the wireless cell glossy stains a glossy these set to a matte finish if that makes any sense at all okay we’re powering through this are you still with me if you are hi fired last lip product subcategory probably the biggest lip product subcategory of 2014 at least in my opinion and probably 2013 as well the Jumbo Luke pencils I love me some jumbo lip pencils my favorite one has to be the Bobby Brown art stick in Rose brown this one random pick random fine bought it when I was actually looking for a blush of all things sold out of the blush I ended up getting it but they were sold out but I bought this it is just a gorgeous rosy brown news check nude shade and actually purchased this before the whole 90s kylie jenner lip like the brown kind of loop thing really kind of got popular online so i feel like i was a little bit ahead of the trend don’t even know how i managed to do it but I did it and then my other favorite has to be the revlon colorburst matte balm in the same 225 sultry I love them back bombs out of all the Revlon ones but this shade in particular this pinky berry slightly brownie shade I adore this it was definitely a favorite at the start of the year and deserved a mention for my overall 2014 favorites so they are all my makeup pics of 2014 and I wanted to mention a couple of tools very very quickly my favorite brush to apply concealer and blend out concealer particularly under my eyes is the furless pro 7e brush also the englert for SS brush great for setting powder underneath the eyes as well as on the face and for contouring again 2014 discovery and then a big brush discovery of 2014 and they I think it was a big discovery on youtube on the internets kind of thing Zoe the brushes I thoroughly thoroughly enjoy these i bought these myself these are the rose gold little set of think eight brushes so soft great value work really well i will definitely definitely can see myself buying more zoe the brushes in the future although i shouldn’t because i have way too many brushes so that is everything they’re all my makeup beauty pics from 2014 favorite discoveries favorite products that i use i still am enjoying all the other products that i

mentioned in previous years but they were the ones that from 2014 that really stood out i hope you guys have enjoyed going through this with me i did want to do some skincare favorites below this video is already way too long so what I was thinking is actually doing a skincare favorites in the form of a skincare routine because i keep on getting asked a lot about that so that is something that you want to see definitely let me know in the comments i’ll give this video a thumbs up so I know that that’s something that you want to see and also feel free to leave me any new video recommendations or things that you want me to do you coming up it’s a new year and we have a clean slate I’ve got a lot of new subscribers so I want to know what you guys want to see as well as all of you I want to know what what you want to see from my channel going forward I also want to know oh well what products that you loved in 2014 any of the ones that I mentioned let me know if you’ve got other recommendations things that I need to try in 2015 is it’s a year to try new things so why not let me know about them and maybe i’ll get to try them this year and I’ll they’re not I hope you guys are doing very very well I hope you’ve had a great start to the year and i’ll see you on my next video bye