My Current Look | Summer 2015

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My Current Look | Summer 2015

hey guys I thought I would do one of my current look videos for you that’s where I just basically walk you through my current makeup application process since I tend to use products vary seasonally I thought maybe I try to do this seasonal I did my last one or my spring you guys seem to like it so I thought I would do it again we are here at the family house in Utah I’m up in my office if you’re not familiar I call it my Loftis cuz it’s my little office and laughs I also have my vanity set up here which is nice and I’m just gonna put on my makeup like I normally do lately and just talk you through it and I’ll show you all the pops of course so I always start by setting up my little makeup station with a folded washcloth and a couple of wet wipes now you might be wondering why I keep my wet wipes baby wipes in addition to good luck bag but it’s really really dry here and we’re only here for like a month by the time usually so just heat them from drying out that’s what I do so miss start by blotting my face I’ve been actually since I’ve been pregnant I haven’t been producing quite as much oil as I normally do which is nice but it’s just kind of my go-to first step of my process and I have these um Basia green tea blotting lemons which eyes tried-and-true favorite for me so we can discard that and now we can move on with the rest of the process so lately I wear a BB cream as my daily moisturizer actually I think it’s a CC cream technically I don’t have to remember but I’ll link it for you below it’s my juice beauty and I really like it and I’m probably gonna be talking about it in my favorites this month but to me is I need just a little bit more coverage one I want to be filming something or if I’m gonna be going out you know and I want to look nice kind of pulled together I get in very fortunate my skin’s been pretty good I have this really annoying pimple on the corner of my mouth right now will not go away but other than that just a little discoloration here and there anything major so I’ve been using this Pacifica natural minerals ultra CC cream radiant foundation this is definitely more like a cream than a foundation to me it’s more like a tinted moisturizer it really does not provide a lot of coverage but I like the way it goes on I just apply it with my fingers um and if I’m looking over there it’s cause what for my mirror is so throw with me but I couldn’t fit my camera behind it so that’s what we’re just gonna have to do and I just kind of apply this like I would a moisturizer because that’s basically what it is like to me I mean you’ll see it really doesn’t provide a whole lot of coverage but I really don’t need a lot right now thankfully luckily um so I just apply it’s like a couple pumps work and I just work this um with my fingers like I would a moisturizer and I just try to make sure to bring it a little bit down my neck and I believe there are only two shades of this I have the warm light this is fitting my skin tone fine right now I don’t know how it will be my skin gets lighter as we move into fall and winter and then I just like to use one of my baby wipes to kind of wipe my fingers clean and I’m like kind of like one of those crazy people that wipes their products me too okay so that’s where I start oh I always also usually have a little bit of the thaw mom this is an EOS lip balm just to kind of start everything off right the next thing I put it on is concealer and I’m still using my the makeup forever full cover extreme camouflage cream it just really matches my skin tone kind of no matter what I found um I can blend it in so easily I just been using my fingers this summer it’s just been easy I just have a few spots where there were you know I have discoloration from past pimples I don’t really have any active maybe that’s on my face right now it’s fine from there totally annoying one that’s like impossible to cover up on the side of my mouth so I just kind of like you don’t care too much about it cuz if that put too much stuff on it it looks weird um so I’m just gonna work a little bit in just to kind of camouflage it a little bit but what can you do it happens it’s like the weirdest I’ve never gotten a pimple there before in my life it’s like the weirdest thing and if there’s any left over I just kind of work it anywhere I feel like maybe I’m a little uneven but I just use one little

squeeze of fat and it works like a charm and that’s basically my face base and then I tossed that baby wipe and then I use the other one for the rest of my application this is like a lot of information I’m sure you really didn’t need all that so now I do the rest of my face face like basically it for my eyes and so I start with the NARS co-prime smudge proof eyeshadow base I’m using and loving this for years it’s just the best I do have oily eyelids even now with my skin’s a little less oily thanks to my pregnancy my eyelids are still oily so this just is though one primer I found that really prevents creasing and then because I do have a discoloration along my eyelids they’re just a little bit darker than the rest of my skin I like to put on a base product and this is something you’ll recognize because I’ve been using it for like the past year and I love it the bare minerals 5 and 1 BB advanced performance cream eyeshadow this is in the blushing pink and actually almost out of this I could tell we’re getting to the bottom because it’s like running out um but to me this is my favorite one I also have another one that’s kind of more of a ivory nude color but this one kind of matches my skin tone right now better and it just kind of evens things out for me gives me a nice base to work with so I’m going to start on my eyeshadows I also use a under brow and an inner corner kind of a base product at home I used chela I release I think highlighter pencil is called but here I have the Anastasia brow jollity pencil and I use the Camille side which is in the mat side it’s just cutting this mat pinkie fleshy color and I just apply that right under grab on the quantity i and i just use my ring finger to just kind of Pat that in and that just kind of helps product stick there so things are a little bit more noticeable and now I’m ready for eyeshadow so I’ve been using a combination of a couple of palettes lately the what is this call that I’m actually know the Tarte showstopper clay palette which is a really nice kind of all in one palette because it comes with the bronzer and the cheek and the highlighter and a really nice array of kind of warm toned summery bronzy shades the one thing I think it’s missing is kind of a lighter highlight shade and that’s where I use my Pacifica natural minerals eyeshadows palette forget what the palette variety like which palette this is doesn’t say on it but I will have it the exact one link for you if you want to know what it is so I’m just gonna go along these are brushes that I leave out here so a little bit different than the brushes that I have home that you might have been familiar with me using before this is a sigma e55 shading brush it’s just kind of a your standard eyeshadow shading brush and this is where I use the light shade that that palette doesn’t have and I really like this and a champagne e sandy champagne shimmery shade I just think it’s really pretty and it gets the job done because I tend to like to put lighter eyeshadows towards the inner half of my eyelids and then blend out with darker ones as I go to the outer corner so I just flip that brush over and now I’m gonna dip into the showstopper palette from Tarte I’m remember that I really like this kind of subdued gold color I will say the copy I like tart eyeshadows a lot and I have for years they’re just a little bit you have to tap off because they get a little bit powdery and it can cause fallout on your on your face if you don’t tap them out first where I was like what the Pacifica I don’t feel I really have to do that and I’m just going back over with the Pacifica and kind of covering that line between the two colors it’s kind of learn them better and this is just a really subtle very summery natural bronzy glow a look that I’ve just been really enjoying I’m just gonna clean up under there see if there’s anything all right okay now I’m going I mean you don’t have to use all these brushes I just have them so I use them going in with my Sigma e 56 lid brush this is just a little bit of a smaller kind of tapered lid and I’m going to this plummy bronze color on the side of the showstopper palette and I’m applying that kind of almost right up against the lash line and in the outer on the upper V so I’m making like a little V along the outer corner of my eye with this and this is really I mean there’s no like science to this it’s just to give a little bit of definition there because I want my eyes look big but to find um and there you have it and I don’t blend it because I’m about to to blend everything in the crease which you’ll see so now I’m taking the sigma e55 tapered blending brush and it’s

really nice matte light brown color that’s just the perfect crease color and I’m working that into the crease and this is such a nice big fluffy fluffy brush that it goes ahead and it kind of blends that those outer corner shades for me even though I’m not actually putting the brush directly in that area but it’s kind of doing that work for me so I don’t really have to do it and then if I ever feel like I need a little bit more of that um shimmery champagne shade from the Pacifica palette I just go back in and touch that up one more time so I just really want my eyes to be bright like that and then I always usually take a clean brush or even I don’t have any like a matte ivory highlight shade in and out of these palettes but even just a clean brush will do and I just run this over kind of the top right right under my brow bone they’re gonna blend that brow crease color color crease color outflow are you guys just so there’s no harsh lines at all but then I’m also gonna use this to add just a little bit of month under the brow and so I’ve just here I’m gonna pull this in so you can see it better I’m just carefully dot tapping this into the highlighter color on the showstopper palette and just lightly brushing that under my brow bone I know my armor all looks like a whack I clip I cut them really funny this one so I’ll fix that I do my brows almost last and then I’m gonna work on my um the lower part of my eyes so I’m using the Tarte emphasized in our rim brightener they don’t have this exact product anymore but they have something I think that is the same product it’s just been renamed it’s like a lights camera flashes kind of product I don’t really know but I’ll link it below cuz they don’t have this exact thing but pretty sure it’s the same it’s just to make my eyes look a little bit bigger and a little bit brighter what’s really about and then I’m taking a sigma e30 pencil and I’m just going back in to this the showstopper palette and this like kind of bronzy gold color and I’m just just to add a little definition to my lower lash line I’ve never been a huge fan personally for my own self of putting a lot of product underneath my eyes especially like eyeliner or anything because I just think it makes my eyes look sorry too small one second that’s my mom and then of course eyeliner eye I have used this product for years and I really haven’t used another eyeliner much at all since becoming obsessed with it the Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner I have to get pretty close to the mirrors so I might just cut this part of the video as I tend to pop out a frame but I just find it just the easiest way it’s the easiest way for me to apply eyeliner is using this some of those fill tip brush tip liquid eyeliner pencils not pencils pen and it’s just I can I can do it and it looks at halfway decent so that to me is good and I just get as postal lash line as possible I don’t like a huge amount of eyeliner on me personally and wha-la eyeliner okay now there’s a little eyeliner so now I can move on to the rest of my face base and that’s my under eye area and my powder is this just the order I’ve done things in for the longest time and that’s just I don’t know that’s just how I work so I have to under eye products that I’m using currently I have the first aid beauty eye duty triple remedy and this site this basically uses a whoa a lot came out of there oh well that was a little bit more than I use this is basically I just uses a primer and i’m using the sigma precision angle p84 to just kind of blot this in i tried to use my fingers under my eyes or around my eyes as much as possible because I do have fine lines and I just don’t want to really mess with that and I just think a brush if you use it gently and it’s the right kind of brush can very effectively blend in products and you just don’t have to use your fingers as much and I don’t even really blend it in all the way because I’m kind of wanted to mix with my under eye concealer which is their mineral stroke with light eye brightener and this is in the luminous shade luminous – I think yeah um I’ve been using this product for the last few months I think I called it not too long ago but it’s just honestly I feel like it settles into the lines a bit but I’m still using it because it has good ingredients and I’m just you know I bought it and it doesn’t bother me that much it’s just not the best under eye concealer I’ve ever used I’m not even sure if it’s meant to be I mean it’s

supposed to be supposed to give you a nice highlight I really like the way it looks on the face it just after like a couple of hours or even sometimes I hear just a little bit I feel like it I just feel like it doesn’t blend as well as others it’s a really long way of saying that and then I always like to set my under eye makeup with a little powder this is the laura mercier secret brightening powder and I’m just using a sigma these are all Sigma brushes I don’t know why I keep saying Sigma red highlighter f-35 brush and just a little bit of this powder goes a long way oops that’s a little more than I intended and that’s I find that that just helps keep things in place there with my eye makeup and the oily eyelids and all that and just issues with rubbing my eyes and stuff I just I makes everything set and then to finish my face base I go in with my powder and this is the same powder I’ve been using since spring I really really like it it’s the bare minerals bare skin perfecting veil I’m in the light to medium still it works just fine and here i’m using a sigma large powder f30 brush and it’s not my favorite power brush ever I really prefer the Sigma one I have at home the tapered face brush but this does the trick and I just I like to apply powder very very loosely and very very lightly so it might not look like the traditional way of applying powder it’s just the way that I like to do it cuz I don’t need a whole lot um but that works perfect and now I can move on to the like emphasizing of the face so I’m going back to that Tarte showstopper palette and I’m gonna use the face of products that are included in it which is really nice this is a nice prop for travel too because has so many nice things in it so I’ve got a large angled contour f40 brush again by Sigma and I’m just very lightly dabbing this in me this is a matte bronzer it’s really nice it’s just kind of it kind of works so year-round because it’s light enough I couldn’t get away with applying a little bit more in the summer because I have just naturally a little bit more color but I’m also I mean it might look a little scary right now but I’m also gonna blend it in and I just use an upward sweeping motion I am NOT an expert when it comes to contouring or bronzer or anything like that I just kind of pop it on there to be honest I’ll open onto my brush this is the Real Techniques blush brush and this some the blush and the pulse is really nice kind of pop of coral and a little of this goes a long way so I recommend using a light hand with it so you can always build it up but it’s a little harder to take it down and again I’m gonna blend this so I won’t look quite as crazy the pic the camera never picks up quite as much product on what you see on your screen is not quite as much as I’m wearing but yeah and then I take a clean powder brush this is a large powder f-22 just blend those two together to kind of give a nice seamless look you want to do too much where you blend it right off your face but I just kind of want it to look more natural don’t want her to be any like real noticeable lines and then I can kind of work it to be how I want it to be sometimes I’ll go back in and just add just a little bit like pop a little bit more brush blush on especially if I’m filming because like I said it doesn’t show up as often and lastly I’m gonna go back with the Sigma tapered highlighter f-35 brush I’m just gonna add just a little tiny bit of highlighter this is the one included in the palette because it’s summer I mean why not uh my my face is all right there and do that and then if I feel like I put too much on you can just work that off with my fingers and that’s the end of using that palette and I always keep these little plastic things it says the the names on them always should have told you the shadow names but so that’s basically the end of the the face base and the I’m about to go back to the eyes and finish there but in between that stage I like to use my Scandinavia makeup finishing spray guys know if you’ve been watching me for a while I swear by this like I said sometimes I hit more oily skin than now but it just really helps me keep my face on longer especially since I have a terrible habit of rubbing my face and then while that’s drying I will go in with my tissues I’ll go in with my Mac brush cleanser which I just have to can’t it in a little spray bottle and I’ll spot clean my brushes and I do that every time I apply makeup now I only have to deep clean them maybe once a week or every other week depending on how how many times I’ve

worn makeup that week some weeks I only wear makeup a couple of days to be honest I don’t wear makeup on last time filming or if I’m going out somewhere where I want to look more pulled together that’s just me but yes I generally deep clean my brushes once every one to two weeks but this I find just keeps them you know pretty what surface cleaned in between so I can use them and feel like you know I’m starting with mostly clean brushes and this gives the face spray a chance to set before I put on the remainder of my makeup products now that that’s done I’m just gonna get out my eye brow pop rocks those the last things I do or my eyebrows my eyelashes Emma lips so out here I’m using some old Sigma products and to be honest I’m not even sure they still carry these I wonder if I tweets that one little hair off they look better I’m like always afraid you know that I’m gonna make it worse um whatever outlook with it till it goes back in so this is a simple medium dark I use the media inside again I’m not even sure if they still have this product but if they have something like it I will link it below for you guys you want to check it out to be honest I prefer my um the hourglass brow arch sculptor that I have at home if you hear banging noise don’t be concerned it’s they’re working on a roof and I’m very close the roof obviously up here in Loftis but this color is really nice I just find the shape of the brow arch by our class a little bit easier to work with um what thats gets the job done and i just kind of fill in I mean I’ve got pretty full brows already and I just kind of fill in a little bit more I feel like might be a little sparse and here I’m using the Anastasia clear brow gel this isn’t my favorite brow gel ever but it’s just what I have here so I use it um and again it’s just like very little I can do with this arrow to make it look normal but oh well maybe I should tweeze that off I’m afraid to though no that’s to leave it I’ll live with it it’s fine no I’m pregnant my belly gets in the way of me opening that drawer which is why I keep the majority of my makeup products in this like three drawer plastic unit next to me which you probably can’t see but um okay so eyelashes from Home Instead got my Chanel eyelash curlers I don’t know if they’ve brought these back or not but they’ve been so hard to find like whenever I try to link them for you guys I can’t find them I didn’t even curl them at all I like pretended to come in there well they’re our favorites I’ve honestly only tried a couple different types over the years I’ve had those Chanel ones for several years now and they have lasted and never let me down for mascara I am using the mineral fusion waterproof mascara and cliff which is this dark brown disclaimer this is a much better formula than I like or am accustomed to and it definitely provides a wetter look and clump your look and it’s a little bit harder to work with but I’m using it cuz I bought it and it’s got good ingredients in it it’s just oops it’s just not my favorite formula but it does I will say it does pack a punch like a little of this long goes a long way I don’t have to I don’t even have to put the brush back in to do both eyelashes I just have to use it once and still like more than I need it I’m using a feather white touch here but like I said it is a little bit clumpy so I go in with a disposable spoon spoolie and just kind of touch it up and again on my pop out of frame so I might just clip that part out of this video but I’m basically just kind of combing through them to make sure they’re not clumpy okay I’ve retrieved two lip products and the ones that I’ve been really loving lately are by bite and this is the matte cream lip cream in blechy blechy leche I don’t really know and I just basically use it like a lip pencil so it’s a really nice curved peachy nude really pretty this time of year if you have a little glow I should not talk while I apply lip products note to self and it does not I’m not finish but it’s actually very creamy which sometimes I find lip products all right I am NOT good at applying the products but I’m talking fYI that’s better mmm lot just a little I’m a big fan of

blotting I feel like things last longer when you blot so that’s pretty good and then on top of that I like to apply the buy Beauty lush fruit lip gloss and honey this is just absolutely gorgeous again I apologize for the banging noises I know that’s distracting this is a really nice thick lip gloss I feel like it’s not too tacky but it has good staying power I always like wipe off the lipstick partner um sometimes I bought and sometimes I don’t even after lip gloss I don’t think I need to today and then I just kind of walked down any rocks that might have gotten onto my makeup top here my vanity top gonna fix that hair and that’s it that is my current look for summer I hope you guys enjoyed this I do have a little giveaway for you I’m giving away two of the Tarte showstopper clay pallets giveaway one for one week’s time and it is open internationally if you’re under the age of 18 just ask that you have parental permission and I will email the winners directly when the giveaway it comes to a close but you can find the entry form for the giveaway on my cordon a blog post while I have a lot pictures of all of these products and links to them if you guys want to check them out for yourself um it’s this handy little thing to have and I feel like the shades really can go I mean while the cheek shade is pretty summery and tone I feel like the eye shadow and the other face sheets are really kind of year-round shades you can make work and now you know I’m only using three of the eyeshadows out of six in this palette in this looki there’s a lot of different variations you can you know go through and I just think it’s a really nice versatile palette it’s got a nice big mirror – it’s just nice if you’re traveling mirror that just fell over and that is everything I hope you guys enjoyed this thanks very much for watching and take good care bye you guys