Best Camera and Equipment for YouTube 2020

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Best Camera and Equipment for YouTube 2020

– So what is the best cameras and equipment for YouTube this year depending on your budget? Well in this video I’m gonna be breaking down in depth the best cameras, lighting, tripod, as well as everything you need to get started on YouTube If you want to invest in not super expensive gear but some ProGear as well as giving some alternative recommendations And I’m also gonna be giving away a complete YouTube studio and share details about that in this video as well But if you’re new to the channel my name is Sean Cannell, and my passion is helping you build your influence with online video On this channel we talk about tech and tips and how to use gear And in this video we’re gonna be talking about the kind of best newish options for YouTube cameras this year So if you’re here on the replay, thanks for being here And let’s just dive straight into the content If you’re here live what’s up William, Emmett, Karena, we’re gonna get right into this And I’m super fired up for today You know our topic is the best cameras, I have to redo my desktop capture here, for YouTube And I’m gonna be recommending We’re actually gonna be giving away a Canon M6 Mark II But I’m super excited because, I’m gonna also give some alternative recommendations So in 2020 and beyond, it is still my belief that the best all-around camera for YouTube is the Canon M50 And we’re gonna be talking in this camera now Let me know in the comments what camera are you currently shooting with You can grab this guy refurbished with a one-year warranty off the Canon website for around $479 here in the US with the kit lens I think that if you’re shooting 1080p, it’s one of the best cameras out there But the other new M50 is the Canon M6 Mark II And I don’t think that the M50 is a great 4K camera Has a crazy crop factor, you lose good autofocus The M6 Mark II solved all of that And so right off the bat I’m gonna be taking you behind the scenes or playing some of the videos with the in-depth product reviews But just to deliver on the value of the promise of the video itself, and I’ll tell you about how to enter the giveaway as well We’re actually giving away an M6, lighting kit, tripod, SD card, because we’re coming up on a million subscribers here at Think Media And so, link in the description below In this video I’m gonna be breaking down why I picked out everything in this YouTube studio, right? And so to kick it off, the first camera that we’re gonna be giving away is the Canon M6 Mark II; And let’s actually have a quick look at the footage produced on this camera, and we’re gonna go through each item Of course show notes are in the description below where you can see a summary of everything that I’m talking about here And I want to then connect with you in the chat and in the comments while we check out this video, and let me know what camera you have and what your thoughts are on the Canon M6 Mark II; the new 4K uncropped dual pixel autofocus youtube camera of 2020, but I got six other camera recommendations so stay tuned Let’s look at the M6 Mark II (upbeat music) So what we’re looking at right now is footage of the M6 Mark II and some photography

And one of the reasons why I think this is one of the best cameras of the year, is because of uncropped 4K footage You know a question came in about Joseph said, “So should I buy the M6 and not the M50?” Here’s the distinction between those two cameras The M50 if you’re good with 1080p, it’s a phenomenal camera, still one of my favorites And it also depends on your budget The M6 Mark II costs about twice as much and we’ll cover the prices in just a second But the M6 Mark II video quality it is a new sensor, so the image quality is amazing; it’s great for photography, it’s great for video And when we say crop, you know crop factor is where it like zooms in and almost makes the image unusable in 4K for the M50 But I don’t think you necessarily need to edit 4K or shooting 4K, I think that you’re good if you want to just use 1080, that is a fine standard for YouTube But if you want a future-proof a little bit, absolutely If I had the money I would buy an M6 Mark II over the Canon M50 You have full 1080p, 120 frames per second slow motion as you’re seeing right here The M50 does that in 720p It looks pretty good but that’s quite a bit smaller than full 1080 and the image quality is not quite as good And so, you know let me know what you think in the comments And this is one of my absolute top picks best cameras for YouTube this year And we’re giving one away And so if you’re interested in winning a full YouTube studio;, link in the description below Here are my top recommendations for 2020 for cameras for YouTube Disclaimer; you know you could save money by buying some older models There’s nothing wrong with the T3i, T5i,T6i Other disclaimer, I’m not really gonna talk about Nikon I don’t think they’re super relevant for YouTube creators, YouTube content creators Nikon does some good photography, the full-frame mirrorless line is great, filmmakers But like for what you need as a YouTube creator, every camera I’m gonna talk about has a flip screen, every camera I’m gonna talk about how good autofocus So I’m not gonna talk about Panasonic If you want a cheap budget 4K camera, the G7 or the G85 are amazing, but the autofocus is not super dependable I’m talking about; put it on a tripod, tap your face to focus, flip screen, mic input YouTube cameras, okay? And we’re gonna talk about different budgets So if you got 450 to $700, I’m recommending the M50 The A6100 would be Sony’s competitor to the M50 And the Canon SL3 would be basically an M50 in a DSLR body In a future video, I’ll talk about the four or five things you’d wanna consider about even when you invest in a camera, about maybe thinking about the future; what’s the lens lineup, what’s the lens mount? The lens mount for the M50 is kind of limited lenses But now there’s the signal ones and so it’s getting better So thinking about future proofing, thinking about the features you need But these are really it I think that at this price range, I’m going with either the M50 that’d still be my go-to And what’s crazy is you can actually grab the M50 like certified refurbished off of the Canon website for $479 with a one-year warranty, so it’s basically good as new And so that’s definitely worth checking out and let me know what you think about what you think the best camera though of this year is So here’s the thing, if I jumped up in budget and I had 800 to $1000 to spend, I would either go with the Canon M6 Mark II or the Sony A6400 Both have face detection autofocus, both have flip screens, both have mic inputs You know there’s different, and this video is not meant to go exhaustively on these things, I’ll link resources in the description below that go deeper into some of the features of these cameras But if that was the price point I have, these cameras are pretty comparable And then maybe you prefer Cannon’s ergonomics a little bit better, maybe you like their menus better, maybe you like the overall feel of the camera The M6 Mark II has got an incredible experience to it You know one thing to consider is cameras have record limits and most of these mirrorless and DSLR cameras have a 30 minute record limit The A6400 does not have that So there’s some pros and cons and we have Think Media videos I’ll put in the description on the card that you can check out regarding those And for this giveaway, we’re giving away an M6 Mark II because I just personally in love with the camera

And so again We’re giving away the camera, a lighting kit, a boom kit I’m gonna play all of that in this stream So you’ve kind of gotten the details, I’m gonna go to another price level; links in the description below We’re gonna keep driving deeper on each of these lighting and tripod and the full YouTube setup But of course it starts with the camera; like what kind of camera are you gonna use And so then if I had I actually want to say the price I would change on here would be from kind of more like a thousand and up, or a thousand to two thousand as is not pictured correctly on the screen here I would go with to 1200 I should say, a thousand or twelve hundred there you go I would go with the Canon 90D or the A6600 You’re noticing a trend here Again nothing against Fuji or anything else I think though that the most practical, user-friendly, best bang for your buck, lens lineups, most readily available, features, these are the ones Like I think Canon and Sony have really the market And if we go back I would say that at the M50 level this is gonna be 1080p, the Alpha 6100 is gonna give you 4K at a much more affordable level, and SL3 is basically an M50 in a DSLR body, so it’s not really gonna This is kind of the 1080p level If you want 4K you gotta jump up to this and that can future-proof you a little bit And then if you wanted to go into a little higher end with higher end features, Canon 90D and A6600 Worth mentioning, the Canon EOS RP that’s kind of crippled down to 1080 only and for $1000, it’s also a full-frame camera So disclaimers: Number one, obviously there are other brands, but I think these are the relevant ones Number two, if you want a point shoot camera, I think the Sony RX100 or the G7X, I’m not even kind of concluding those in this conversation Number three, I think the GoPro Hero 8, the Osmo Action are some incredible cameras that can be multi-purpose But I’m talking for like workhorse, photography video, vlogging, all around lineup of cameras And then really number four we’re not talking full-frame If you move into a full-frame sensor, sure with the EOS RP you could touch on that, but with full-frame you know we love the A73, I think that the USR and the new full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon is something to consider One other thing to consider here is of course lens mounts For the Sony cameras it’s all the Sony e-mount, for the Canon 90d and like the SL3, you have the EFS mount So you have a ton of mounts For the Canon mirrorless cameras, you just have the EFM mounts but you can put an adapter on and get the whole EF mount So there’s a lot of things to consider as I mentioned We’ll talk about that in future videos But I wanna now go through the rest of this gear setup But my question for you is; what do you really think is the best camera for YouTube this year? Let me know in the comments section And then next once you’ve got your camera, and a couple basic things we want on that; we got our flip screen, we’re gonna put up a tripod and we’ll go through that in this video, we’re gonna do audio and talk about a super cool hack for audio in this video And you’ve got your camera maybe just the kit lens, we’re starting with that Next we’re gonna go with lighting And what I would recommend right now as it’s a little bit budget, but it’s not a low-end kit, it’s very nice, is the Neewer 660 light kit I think for price point, bang for your buck, this is the one I would go with And so I’m gonna connect with you in the comments, check out a little bit about the Neewer kit One of the best ways to level up your videos is lighting And in this video we’re gonna be taking a look at the Neewer; NL660s A budget bicolor lighting kit that’s packed full of features, has a pretty solid build quality, and we’re gonna see how these compare to some of the other lights on the market coming up (upbeat music) What’s up Sean Cannell here with Thick Media bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video And I’m excited to be looking at the Neewer NL660s today and doing a quick review Now we’ve had our hands on these lights for a while now, and we’ve been able to use them in a couple of different situations, and they’ve been holding up great and producing some really cool results So let’s break down all of the features, the price and everything that you need to know So the retail price for this kit is right around $160 Of course you can always find coupons and sales,

and it sort of hovers around $130 on Amazon That’s how much we paid when we picked up this kit And that is for the Neewer NL660s Which means you get 660 LED bulbs inside of the lights And so what you get is the two LED light panels, you get the barn doors that come mounted on the lights These are detachable, you probably need a flathead screwdriver to loosen up these four screws right here to remove the barn doors Of course bond doors are nice for controlling the direction of your light and eliminating spill So we leave those mounted on there You also have the diffusion plates which come mounted on the lights, and you’re able to remove those by pressing in this little plastic piece right here, and then the diffusion plate slides out revealing just the raw LED bulbs underneath And when you order the 660s they come with a couple cases for the LED lights themselves Pretty basic but a nice way to travel with these, put them in this padded case and then you can keep the lights protected Then you get the two power cables and power adapters so you can plug these into the wall, and two light stands included in the kit Now the reason we love bicolor LED lights here at Think Media is because it gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to your lighting What bicolor means is that actually out of the 666 bulbs, 330 of them are kind of a white daylight color temperature, 5600 Kelvin, and then on the other side you’ve got an amber color temperature which is gonna match maybe the lamps in your home and sort of that warmer evening lighting You know when you’re paying around $130 for a kit, you miss out on some of the features that you get in a more expensive kit, which is sometimes a digital LED screen which allows you to know exactly what color temperature you’re at It’s not a big deal, you can always set your camera to auto white balance or set custom white balance And if you wanna watch a video about how we like to do that with a white balance card, gray balance card, then just click or tap the YouTube card or will link to that video in the description below, so your colors always look perfect Now one of the things you wanna look for when investing in a light kit is the CRI rating That is the Color Rendering Index, is what that stands for And if that number is lower, it typically means you’re investing in a lower quality light kit, and it’s going to affect how good All right And so these are the Neewer lights that I would get if you were building a YouTube studio this year And so you’ve picked out your camera, I made a couple different recommendations; we’re picking out the M6 Mark II, and next up is our lighting, so we’re gonna get this light kit Now the cool thing about this light kit, and by the way all of these are part of the giveaway we’re doing at But the cool thing about this light kit is it’s usually on special So over here on Amazon notice there’s like a little coupon you can actually get an extra 18 off I bought these during Black Friday But that’ll bring it down to around 130 And so a very versatile light kit One of the questions we get a lot is, what’s best for beauty and skin And you may wanna get softboxes, which you actually can add to these So you don’t have to get giant softboxes, you could get softboxes that are kind of like these collapsible ones right here And so that’s what I would do with next, although I’ll use the panel’s consistently just by themselves The softboxes can sometimes be better for just having better light in general And these are nice ’cause they’re pretty small I heard someone mention the Elgato Key Lights, those are great, but those kind of only mount to the back of your desk These you could put behind a computer monitor, you could put them in a small bedroom, like a very versatile light kit and really well for the price It’s pretty impressive from Neewer And so you got to get your camera, you got to get your lighting, but then of course next up you’ve got to get your audio Right? And so there’s so many great different mics we cover We’re gonna be giving away a Rode mic, but it’s specifically the Studio Boom Kit Today on Think Media we’re gonna be crossing one million subscribers So thank you so much for being a part of the community here Still a couple hundred away Thank you for being a part of the journey In fact tell me in the comments or in the chat, how long have you been a part of the Think Media community? And I really wanna talk about audio, because to get your YouTube game right this year, it’s cool to have a shotgun mic like this And by the way someone was asking, what’s the piece that you’re using on the M6 to move the mic out of the way It’s a little small rig piece, that is a shoe relocation plate So you can still flip the screen up So shotgun mics are great because you can put them on camera

either on the side of an M6 with a little plate, or of course you can put it on top of your M50 for vlogging or any other camera with the screen that flips to the side So whether it flips to the side or flips up, just know that there’s workarounds in any case, and you don’t really have to ever when it comes to the Sony’s and the Canon cameras And so that’s awesome But when it comes to shooting your videos in a home office, in a bedroom, in your living room, you really I think should use a Boom Pole setup And so today I’m excited we’re gonna do a throwback All of this stuff that we’re talking about is the giveaway that we’re doing at So I just wanted to pick out And I hand-picked out this stuff specifically for, like this is the YouTube set up I would wanna build, right? And so again you can see a summary of all the gear in the description Well let’s check out this studio Boom Kit with a little throwback video you see how long I’ve been recommending this, and then we’ll talk about how you can modernize it or use or build one for only like 20 bucks with whatever shotgun mic you have Here we go So what is the best all-around microphone for making youtube videos? We’re gonna talk about that as well as a few tips for getting the best audio possible coming up (upbeat music) Hey what’s up guys, Sean here with Thick Media TV; help you go further, faster in media And on this channel we do tech reviews, video gear reviews and audio reviews So if you’re new here and thanks for stopping by and definitely subscribe for more videos just like this And hey, just like in all my videos, I always put like a show summary, an episode summary in the youtube description So what is the best all-around mic when it comes to price, performance, value and all the above? Well definitely one of the best is the Rode VideoMic, but specifically with the Studio Boom Kit So why do I think that this is one of the best? Well number one it’s a super solid shotgun mic just all-around It’s really well-made, it picks up great audio, it has cool settings and Rode backs it by like a 10 year warranty, so you know that you’re investing in quality right off the bat But number two when you give it with the Studio Boom Kit, it becomes very versatile First, you can put it on camera Now this makes it great for YouTubers specifically if you’re using like a wide-angle lens This lens is the Canon 10 to 22 So it’s super wide, I can be right here in front of the lens and you’re hearing the shotgun mic right now picking up the audio on camera So it’s super simple and easy to just plug it into the mic input of whatever camera you have as long as it has a mic input And then it’s got two different settings on the back You can just turn it on to the middle and that’s just normal or you can turn it on to a high-pass filter, which cuts out like air conditioner noise or road noise and stuff if you’re outside Now I love having an on camera with a wide-angle lens ’cause it kind of gives this cool effect here; I’m close to the camera, the audio sounds good, and I don’t have to worry about hooking a lapel mic up and the wire and things like that I just kind of know it’s gonna be solid Plus sometimes when we do video influencers shoots on my other channel, we use a wide-angle lens and we have two people on camera, the one shotgun mic and it just sounds really good But here’s why you wanna get the Studio Boom Kit to round out this mic, because a lot of times people don’t want this super wide vibe, or they can’t be close to the camera because of their lens options, whatever lenses they have And so with the Boom Kit you can now get a lot farther away from the camera whether sitting or whether standing Like this shoot I just did with my wife So in this video we talk about how we managed to make time for each other – Breakup advice – So my wife Sonya and I shot a video for one of my other YouTube channels And one of the reasons why I love this particular mic, but particularly with this Boom Pole setup, is to get the kind of shot that we wanted here and that a lot of people want on YouTube, I’m using a 30 millimeter Sigma 1.4 on a Canon 70D Because using a shotgun mic, but putting it on top of the camera with a longer shot like this, of course is not gonna be good enough for great audios And so this kit comes with this extension cable which is really easy to hook up And then a tip here is to use manual audio settings and not the auto settings And so then you can see that it’s only up at about 25% This is huge When you have the auto settings on, you won’t get as good of audio, it’s what AGC auto gain controls; when it’s quiet it’ll add a bunch of noise searching for the audios And so this cable is great and you just run it up and can set the Rode mic up and hook it in right here, and I get great audio for the two of us nice and simple And side note, if you’re curious about the lighting kit, it’s a to softboxes and then this cool kind of third hair light thing I’ll link that up in the description as well if you wanna check that out, it’s by Westcott And so for the all-around needs of making youtube videos this is a great setup Audio back on, thanks for your patience

Yes, so we are giving away the Rode VideoMic Pro, and just a good classic amazing sounding mic, but the big key is make sure that you know get the Studio Boom Kit for it And that allows you to get further away from your camera, still get incredibly crispy audio And you know a couple disclaimers in this whole video, I know different people are coming on the stream, thanks to before and after day mix for the super chat and the love Hey we’re on our way to a million, that’s crazy And I wanna thank you There are a lot of different questions about, you know, you saw in that video I was shooting with the 70D with my wife, that cameras still good too man Like the best camera to have is the camera you already do have Start creating content and then level up as you go Furthermore there’s always alternative options Like this video is just kind of like, if I wanted to invest a good, you know, a solid newer gear, like the newer camera offerings, 70D is an amazing camera 70D is awesome, T7i is awesome Like there’s a lot of good options But if I was getting one of the newer models, what are the best cameras for 2020, plus what are the best gear? But you don’t even necessarily have to go with like Rode level, you could go with Takstar SGC 598 We talked about this a lot This guy is like $25 for a shotgun mic And what you can do is you can turn it into a Studio Boom Setup And I’ll just show you actually I want you to see this because every single one of us in the Think Media community should be able to do this, and you only need like a few dollars to do it Check it out – On a Boom Pole to get the best audio for your YouTube videos, let’s get into it You gotta just press record Hey my name is Nolan Molt with Think Media And if you’re using a shotgun microphone for your YouTube videos then you’ve already taken your audio game to the next level Now a lot of the time people use their shotgun microphones on top of their cam for vlogging, but then even in sit-down videos like this they just leave it on top of their camera And that’s not the best thing to do So here’s what the audio sounds like with the shotgun mic placed on top of the camera And here is what it sounds like with the microphone placed just out of frame So if you wanna get the best audio, then you wanna bring the shotgun microphone as close as possible to you All right so I’m gonna to show you guys all the gear that we use for this setup And really the base of this, the main thing is the mic stand We got this for $15 And you notice the end right here it’s a large step size, its 5/8 inch And you can actually just screw that off And then our Video Mic Pro Plus can screw right onto the end of it And so we have that thread size here And if your microphone does not have that thread size, you can get these two little adapters here This right here is a 5/8 inch female thread to a quarter inch male That then allows you to put on this adapter for a cold shoe, so then you can screw this on to the original 5/8 inch thread size on the stand So if we put this piece right back in here, this piece now can go on to our mic stand And now with this end piece, you can use any microphone with this mic stand Once you get your microphone on the mic stand, you’re gonna need a long cable in order to connect it straight into your camera And so here I have this cord by Rode Very reliable, I’ve been using this for over four years and it’s been working ever since This will be linked in the description as well And it’s 10 feet long so it gives you a good distance to put your mic as close as you can to you And the final piece to the setup is the sand bag which we are gonna use for that extra stability, so that nothing gets knocked over and everything is safe Let’s jump right into the tutorial, and I’m gonna share some tips on how to set this up So the first thing you wanna do is – Yeah So that was again a list of gear And you can check out all these videos links in the description below to watch the full tutorial But you saw Nolan on the think media team there breaking down how you could order like the $14 Boom Pole, a few pieces, an extension cable And so you could create a Studio Boom Kit for total, using like this $25 shotgun mic, probably for like 50 to $75 Now for this setup we’re giving away the proper Studio Boom Kit off of Amazon with the Rode mic And I saw a great question come in from Eddie;

“I’ve got 1500 to 1700 to buy new gear, “and I was looking at the M50 with the Ville trucks “and the nifty 50 lens “I currently have the Canon T6s.” Yeah I think one of the weaknesses with the T6s is I don’t think you have dual pixel autofocus I don’t think it’s meant for video as much But I’m pretty sure it’ll have a mic input So that’s the game changer, right? So that you can have a shotgun mic or a Studio Boom shotgun mic, and just really streamline your YouTube content I wanna thank everybody for the super chats and the support on the hype train on the way to a million Jay, thank you so much for the super chats that have been coming in Dragon movie guy asks, “Can you use your voice over mic “attached to a Boom instead of a Boom mic?” Yes if you were using a USB mic like this you could, you just got to decide if you can connect it to a camera And typically mics like this are meant for recording closer to them, kind of podcast style They’re fine if you move a little bit far away as well, but she’d wanna be sensitive Yeah if you can get it on a boom pole and get it connected, then yeah you could put it on a boom pole And the point being is you want the mic as close, almost no matter what mic it is, you want it as close to the person’s mouth as possible Love mic right here USB mic kind of it’s always kind of awkward It is sort of blocking the shot here on the live stream or whatever you know Trying to like flex the Think Merch Red Box logo, right? And so you’ve got this arm, but this is where the magic really is for these types of mics And so with the studio boom situation, you wanna get the mic right out of frame and essentially you could put it up right here, cord would not be dangling down, and you’d have like a directional shotgun mic picking up really good audio So that’s what we’re doing next And by the way you know this whole setup that were giving away is $1750 or so Is what it would cost new So to your point Eddie, if you are looking for a set up, this is kind of the video for you All the cameras we mentioned or at the beginning, there’s you know three at the 500 to 700 level, three at the kind of 700 to 1000 level, and then from like the a thousand to 1300 level on the cameras are there And then everything else I’m talking about in this video is related to lighting and everything else There’s certainly more affordable options On Think we have a video I think for under a thousand, the best set up, so you got to determine your budget That’s probably question number one; what’s your budget? I mean shoot If you got five grand well we could be talking about different cameras But like what is your budget not just for the camera but for all of the gear that you’re going to be needing to build out your YouTube studio And if you want to check out the giveaway we’re doing of a full YouTube studio with an M6 Mark II, Which brings us next to the tripod And you know we recommend a lot of other lot of tripods There’s good Amazon basics tripods, you can spend around $25 But there is no question that the tripod we use the most, we’ve bought the most, we’ve bought two or three, is this K&F concept tripod I’ll run a little video about it in a second You don’t need to spend about 80, it’s around 80 You could catch it on sale for 70 or 60 especially like Prime Day, Black Friday Cyber Monday, coupons Aluminum just great for Here’s the thing if you ask yourself this; are you just gonna shoot at home and never move your camera? You don’t need that nice of a tripod But we like to throw this in backpacks We take it to NABCES, throw it in cars I just took it with me to Park City just so I had a tripod with me on the journey through into my clothes bag, and so we can take a group photo, like just planning ahead There is again ,there’s a lot of great tripods You don’t have to spend $80, you could spend more But I think this is the one I would definitely recommend It’s called the K&F Concept Let’s learn a little bit about it So I’ve been looking for a lightweight compact budget travel tripod that is over 60 inches tall, ’cause I’m a taller guy, and I think I found the perfect one from K&F Concept And I’m gonna be doing a quick review in this video (upbeat music) Hey what’s up, Sean here with Thick Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video And on this channel we do a lot of tips and strategy videos as well as gear reviews just like this one So if you’re new here, consider subscribing And hey at any point during the video we’ll link out show notes in the description below; any other videos, resources as well as the products we talked about So check those out at anytime Let’s jump into the review So having a great tripod is super important, and I’ve been on the hunt for a great budget travel option

and I think I found the perfect one Now this is the K&F concept; KF-TM2324 And let’s check out the specs Now the entire weight of the tripod comes in at 2.51 pounds or 1.1 kilograms So it’s super light Yeah, it doesn’t compromise on its ability to hold up gear and be really sturdy Now when it’s folded up, it is only 18.1 inches long So I typically will throw this in my clothing bag I usually bring my gear on the most planes in a Think Take bag, I check that in the overhead ’cause I wanna keep all the expensive stuff you know with me at all times But then I’ll put this bag in any kind of other suitcase, and at 18 inches it pretty much fits in any suitcase And then the capacity on here is 22 pounds or 10 kilograms So that’s way more than we would typically use ’cause we’re shooting DSLR’s, mirrorless bodies, things like that But if you wanted to do up to 22 pounds, it can hold that Now as far as the build quality goes, it’s all aluminum and magnesium alloy So you know we’ve used up their budget tripods that have a lot of plastic pieces There really isn’t much plastic, if anything maybe the clamps here are plastic, but still very sturdy and well built, but all the build quality is pretty exceptional especially considering the price of this tripod Now that’s just an overview of the basics of this tripod, but it really it’s the little details that make all the difference when you shoot a lot So let’s talk about some of my favorite features The first is this hook right here Now the reason this is great is because this is such a light tripod, you can hang your gear bag or you know sandbag, anything else If you really wanna make sure that your camera is safe, you’ve got that hook there Not all the tripods include that, so it’s a nice attention to detail Additionally you’ve got this spongy grip on one hand which is also nice Now some tripods that are kind of built like this allow you to turn it into a monopod, this one does not, however if you kind of just go into like monomode, it still can function very much as a monopod And it’s just two and a half pounds, you definitely can move around and do some running gun shooting But I like this spongy grip for always grabbing that one handle; just a nice attention to detail Additionally you’ve got these rubber grip tips on the end here I like these for a couple reasons: One, these are good if you’re off-road, gravel, dirt, things like that, but they’re also great for like concrete tile shooting at events We’ve used this now at multiple different events and for multiple different projects And they also just kind of stay on there I’ve lost the tips of tripods Maybe you have, let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had tripod issues I’ve seen lots of pieces like this fall off of tripods So the build quality is good Here I’ve got a little bit of detail for a grip, and because it’s rubber these pretty much work on any surface Now the head on here is not meant for like smooth panning video or anything like that, you could ultimately swap this head out and put a video head on there if you wanted But what is nice is it does have really buttery smooth movement at least from pan left to right, which is kind of nice if you just wanted to get like a nice shot, you know, left to right of any kind, you can do a little bit of video work just with that head there But typically, we’re using this for static lockdown shots whether we’re shooting it like CES you know events and things like that, and we wanna really like tripod that we can bring on the go with us And so the head is nice and then you also have the ability to you know loosen it up, get whatever angle you want with the ball head there, tighten that down It’s also nice that they’ve included the leveler right there, so you’ve got that ball leveler And then the plate you know is great, just pops on and off; attach that to your camera, little rubber detail on there as well, very thoughtful, easy to put on your camera, to take on and off And so the whole tripod mounting head ,all well built, good tactile features, it’s really great Additionally they’ve made it really easy to get an inverted or bird’s-eye shot All you have to do is unscrew this bottom piece with the bag hook on there And you can take this out and invert it really easy And what’s nice about that is not only could you do lower shots like this, but with the ball head you could also get your camera to do nice inverted shots So if you can imagine whether you’re on the floor or potentially even on a desk, now you can get that perfect top-down view So a nice feature and thoughtfulness And you can see how quick this all works together Just really like plug and play and you’re set up and ready to shoot And then one of the last things that I intentionally look for when looking for like the perfect tripod are these clips here Now you’ve probably seen a lot of tripods that are similar to this, that are more that screw mount And for me I just don’t think that’s as fast What I liked about these is you can just click them all and just you know contract the whole leg and boom you’re ready to go; very fast to setup and tear down as opposed to rwe rwe rwe, then you know tighten it down again And so this is my preferred tripod leg locking system And so I like that they included it on this one

All right, let’s talk price Now the time I’m shooting this video this tripod Yeah, so that tripod comes in at right around $80 And if you’re wondering why we’re going through all of these, a couple reasons Again this is the kit I would build here in 2020 And we’re also doing a giveaway of all of this gear And so if you would want to be entered to win, we’re giving away a Canon M6 Mark II, the Neewer lighting kit, the studio boom pole kit with the Rode mic, the K&F tripod, an SD card, and we also are giving away Canon M200 trader kit to second place All of the details are at And we just you know myself and the team out of deep gratitude wanted to say thank you for a million We’re not there yet, I’ll probably gonna do another livestream in a couple hours But yeah second place is gonna be getting this M200 tripod grip kit Kind of as a runner-up prize you get the SD card You know all-in-one at least so that you can vlog interchangeable lenses, super cool But really I wanted to build out like the ultimate YouTube kit for around 15 to $1700 The kit we’ve built is $1776 Ad if you want to enter to win, you know just something fun we’re doing, a few actions and you can see the details; I also wanted to answer a couple questions and share something really quick about, how you can get more out of this channel Think Media First of all thank you for being a part of this community And I know there’s a lot of good questions coming in I saw one coming in about royalty free music And I’m wondering Oh I wanted to show you something cool on YouTube You may not know that there is a search feature inside of every specific YouTube channel So if you go to Think Media and you go to this little search bar, and you were to type in something like roy, I don’t know how to spell it, royalty free, then what you could do is see, is there any videos on Think Media covering that, and you actually could see we got a couple big ones right here If you wanna learn everything that we’ve taught on the M50, just type in the M50, and you could see all of the various videos we’ve done about the Canon M50 Pretty cool, right? And so I heard someone just picked up an A6400 If you type in A6400, you can check out the videos we have done on the A6400, and there are many So definitely tap into our library, type in mics or microphone, and you can see videos about the different microphones of course we recommend on Think Media So that’s kind of just like a little insider tip You know our mission here is to help you with the best tips and tools for building your influence with the online video, and help you with cameras and lighting and tripods So tap into our library and on the behalf of myself and the Think Media team from the bottom my heart, thank you for being a part of this journey Dan, really appreciate, shout out to creator fundamentals for the super chat, hitting million subscribers soon, appreciate that And so let me hit up a couple of the questions that have been coming in Bert said, you know the tripod I was talking about doesn’t have a fluid video head You’re right if you want a good video head tripod which means typically these video heads are gonna cost anywhere from $150 to thousands, it means you’re gonna get smooth, super smooth, like filmmaking hopefully quality smooth And then it depends on the weight of the camera is what can make tripods cost more But when it comes to a YouTube tripod like this, I’m typically only using it static What’s nice about this one as it goes pretty tall And so I can even solo do an event at CES or NAB, put the tripod up, flip screen , step away with like a wireless mic or even a corded mic, and film myself And it’s a lightweight tripod that fits in your bag At home again static shots Maybe talking head, beauty, lifestyle, makeup, cooking videos So yes if you need a video head, almost like you’d be doing more video production work behind the camera, or B-roll so that’s fair is to maybe do really smooth B-roll that you add into your edits Then you might not need a nicer tripod, this would it certainly be that Lonahu asks, can you rank the top three gears by importance that you must have to start YouTube Well AVL Lonahu is the letters we need to memorize And if you’re getting value out of this video, hit the like button I actually think the first thing you should think about

it’s audio, because the first thing you need to start on YouTube is just your phone So if you already have a phone that shoots HD or 4K video then you don’t need to buy a new camera to start, right? Maybe ever But I do think you should invest in audio So I would say, what’s your A, what’s your audio? Are you gonna take you iPhone dongle, turn it into the little headphone mic jack and then just plug in a $20 BYM1 live mic? Boom, you’re good to go Stabilization, because if you can mount your phone and put it on a tripod And if you haven’t seen our how to make a video with a smartphone series, it’s the ultimate So if we say if you could type in like smartphone, we have our best smartphone accessories, those types of things that are here in the Think Media community So yeah, these little accessories is what I would start with when it comes to everything But this is a video I definitely recommend that we did with Heather on the Think Media team And you’d be you know getting some lighting, getting a tripod and getting a little phone mount, not unlike you sort of see there, it’s kind of hard to see with the books But something that’s kind of like that So that’s what I’d think about next is I would be thinking about your A, then I’d be thinking about your L, your lighting So get the Neewer kit, get a softbox kit Lighting is gonna make your smartphone look even better And then your V, your video And if you’re thinking about investing in gear, I saw another question, Yvonne wants to spend $1000 to start the YouTube channel This camera is already over $1000 You’re right the M6 Mark II, which you don’t need this level, ’cause this is 4K, new school, new sensor, 32 megapixels, sick But M50 is Old Faithful man, still my favorite all-around camera for YouTube of all time 2020 it’s still my pick So here’s your breakdown Yvonne: 479 bucks, and this is if you wanna check out support by affiliate link I’ve got it This is to the refurbished Canon website Still get the one year manufacturer’s warranty So it’s $240 off, okay? So budget wise, $480, get the Canon M50, and then you could get everything else I recommended in this video for the other 500; $80 tripod, the studio boom kit is around 180, you don’t have to get a huge SD card, SD card 25 or 50, depending on size, Neewer light kit 150 So for around 900 or $1000 with the M50, you could build the same kit I’m recommending What pushes the price up is just the new-school M6 Mark II And why not give it a shot? Maybe you’ll win either the M200 we’re giving away or the M6 Mark II in box right here, I’ve got it, we’ll ship it to you, and as well as the rest of the studio All of that’s at So grateful for the day that we’re hitting a million subscribers And we wanted to put together a fun giveaway plus just lets you kind of know some of our favorite gear that we’ve been looking at lately Is the kit lens good enough bearded horse power for the M6 Mark II? Yes, I think the kit lens is good enough for the M50 or the M6 Mark II to start with Even to use for a long time and then of course there’s new exciting lenses like the Sigma line that’s now for Canon M Thank you Dean Iman for the love Can you stream with the M50? People have done it I’ve heard it’s a challenge, I don’t Mcam Tech’s got a good question M50 or 90D? Well, it’s a hard question to answer Why? Because one costs $700 more than they have their camera So it’s not really apples to apples You know just as a quick recap of my top picks for 2020 If you’ve got 450 to $700, grab the M50, grab the A6100 or grab the Canon SL3 And we’ll do future videos with more in-depth Obviously I’m not gonna go into all the nuances of those But these are my top picks at that price range Even SL2 if you wanna drop down and still a good solid one Although for the refurbished Canon price that I’m obsessed with at $480 on the website, SL2 is 550 on Amazon And so you might be able to save a little on that too if you were to pick one up somewhere But next up, if you got 800 to 1000, I’m going Canon M6 Mark II or the Sony A6400 I like the ergonomics, the experience, the speed of the M6 Mark II, the larger megapixels, the photos, the uncropped 4K The A6400 crops a little on 30 frames You know Cannon back future, back proofed, 24 frames into cameras so that whole drama was resolved

It was only 30 But I think the A6400 that’s still one of our top picks too No record limit And that’s actually what we use to film events I’d rather be vlogging and shooting YouTube all day long with the M6 Mark II If I wanted an all-around powerhouse, I’d probably get to A6400 for more slow-motion opportunities and a few other We’re not even actually they’re comparable slow motionwise I think you still have autofocus and slow motion This video is not about details And then you said 90D RM 50 Well dude it 90D, if you got 1,200 bucks, you know compared to 500 I mean 90D or A6600, it’s been interesting; Canon was so like lagging behind and really went through kind of this crippling era They’re coming back now Ibis has come into their new camera, they’ve already got a patent submitted A question came in about, “Do you think the M50 Mark II “will have dual pixel autofocus in 4K?” There’s no question in my mind that it will be uncropped with dual pixel I don’t even think that camera will maybe come out in 2020 though I think that they’re gonna ride the M6 Mark II I think it’s one of the most slept on cameras A lot of people don’t know about it yet People just didn’t realize I think that like the image is great, it’s uncropped 4K, they’re added 24 back to it, slow motion, ergonomics, amazing photos You know every camera has got weaknesses It doesn’t have Ibis but either does the A6400 And the A6400 doesn’t have electronic image stabilization but this one does, and you can check out our video where we turn it on with the Sigma or the wide-angle lens It’s pretty good And so it does definitely take out sort of that shake in that vibration that makes vlogging more pleasant Hey, if you’re grateful to be alive, smash the like button If you wanna enter the giveaway in celebration of hitting a million subscribers soon or by the time you’re seeing this, definitely check that out And the details there Let me see here Including in the giveaway is the SD card, the K&F tripod, the Neewer lighting, the studio boom kit, the Canon M6 Mark II with the 18 to like long lens and the EVF which is separate But it’s all gonna come in this box Oh it’s right here The 18 to 150 ISSTM So yeah, out of just gratitude Gonna be going live later, probably around the million subscribers But here’s the video that you’re gonna want to watch next Because if you’re trying to make a decision, this is the video that’ll break it down So you can think about the 12 things you should be thinking about So this is the 12 camera features to think about so you don’t buy the wrong camera You could click the YouTube card to watch this video next And definitely check it out because it will educate you, if you’re like, man, you just through like all kinds of videos You know like, Sean which one should I really go for This is the one or definitely the video that’ll break down, I think, the distinctions about does it have Ibis, you know is it 4K, do I need 4K, is the sensor crop sensor or you know full-frame and all these different questions And so I’ll link to that one in the description below as well Thank you again so much for being a part of this community Smash like if you got value out of this video And check out the video with the 12 features you need to know Just click or tap the screen and I’ll see you in the next one So what is the best camera for YouTube, and how do you add we choose the right camera out of all the different cameras on the market? Well in this video I’m gonna be breaking down 12 camera features that you need to know about, so you don’t buy the wrong camera We’re also gonna