(Eng) A WEEK IN MY LIFE in Paris • a lot of Love, discoveries & celebrations 🥂~ Ursula

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(Eng) A WEEK IN MY LIFE in Paris • a lot of Love, discoveries & celebrations 🥂~ Ursula

hi everyone I hope you’re well. This is gonna be my second video in English on this channel My English is not perfect but I really want to practice more and improve my English so I need to speak I need you to do things like that and that’s really interesting for me to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone so yes that’s not easy but that’s interesting that’s not my hair I have extensions on my hair is like that so today I’ll start the vlog I’ve just filmed this makeup look I put you the link right here if you want to see how I did my makeup I had some mails to go through and answered so that’s done later I have a meet-up with Dior and 2 subscribers it’s like a VIP meetup but I think it’s great because we will really have time to know each other to spend time together have a quality time, have quality time together and we’re gonna have our makeup done by Dior and I can’t wait to see my subscribers so it’s always nice to meet you in real life because I don’t know who watch my videos and I love getting to know you so that’s great I can’t wait I have to go in about 40 minutes so I think I’m just gonna yeah just relax a bit before going out and I’m gonna make a cup of tea because I’m cold so let’s make a cup of tea together Music by David @nvthlss I’m wearing this jumper which is from Bershka from years ago maybe two years ago and this velvet like corduroy pants from ASOS and my Bobbies boots which I love we have to wear white black or neutral colors for the shooting you can better see my hair on white top of course so I think is nice and it’s better for me to wear I white then black. that’s my look for today I’m going to take this bag which is from Parfois and this scarf which is also from Parfois and my winter gloves. let’s go! Music by David @Nvthlss 1, 2, 3… (laughs) hey! Ursula : So what did think of the event? Ode : It was awesome! We had such a great time! We were pampered! We did a great photoshoot with Ursula and seeing her in real life it’s just beautiful! Voilà! Ursula : Aww that’s so nice! Thank you for coming! Jennifer : Just like Ode I had such a great with Ursula! Thank you so much! It was awesome! Jennifer : we leave with hairstyles on fleek! (laughs)

We loved it! Such a great experience with Ode too! Beautiful people! So happy! Really! Ursula : It was so cool to meet you all! We had a great! Thank you!! Thank you for coming! Thank you so much! I’m back home with this beautiful makeup I really like the result I don’t feel the foundation on my skin it’s the new one the forever mate foundation yeah I think I like it a lot I need to try it by myself but I think it’s pretty nice let me know what you think but yeah I really like the result. My subscribers were so cute and so nice and so sweet it was so nice to meet them and have a nice moment together. Thanks Dior because it was really amazing! yeah we had a great time together so yeah and one of my subscribers Jennifer she brought me flowers I love flowers she remembered that yeah that’s so sweet and they’re so cute I need to put them in my vase with water olala and I’m so happy right now mm-hmm thank you so much!! Music by David @Nvthlss yesterday and the day before I worked all day long on my video my very first video in English it’s almost done but not yet especially the subtitles which take time but that’s okay and I’m happy to do them but yeah I just need time to finish everything but I’m quite happy with the video I can’t wait to share it with you and have you return like you reply on it and today it’s our five year anniversary with David I call him David (french pronunciation) so yeah David in English. It’s been five years since you we’re together and so we’re gonna go to the restaurant and spend time together tonight so I just got ready. What do you think of my makeup? I quite like it today I have an event with the brand Nude by nature it’s an Australia Australian brand I don’t know how to pronounce correctly Australian Australian yeah I hope so and then I’m gonna see a friend so let’s go Music by David @nvthlss Hey! I’m back home! um it was cool the event was interesting and I met a subscriber (in the street) who spoke English I don’t know where she’s from it was cool and surprising to meet her but she was so sweet and so cute and that was interesting for me and I’ve seen my friend we went to take some pictures and yeah just wander around and yeah we went for… I was going to say drink but no it was so just a cup of tea and hot chocolate I’ve almost done all the groceries for the week so that’s great we will be able to eat properly and healthy so that’s great that’s a goal for 2019 actually cook

more at home and eat a little bit healthier that would be nice I don’t know what to do now I want to wash my hair and do all my hair care because my hair so dry and I haven’t washed it since… for a week and half I think so yeah I really need to wash my hair I also have to finish the subtitles on my videos so I don’t know what to do what time is it? 7:15 I also have to cook mm-hmm need to cook should cook (laughs) It’s important important I don’t know how to pronounce important I don’t know I pronounce it like Spanish that’s weird! important important because I know that you don’t have to pronounce all the letters in the word so… and I use this word a lot so I need to know how to pronounce it properly and I use properly a lot so yeah I think I have it right “properly” “properly “so that’s good (at least)! (laughs) and I also have to plan my next week classes English classes so yeah I have to do that this weekend Hey hi guys (laughs) Hi everyone I hope you’re well um today olala… David is watching football soccer so yeah he’s very into it right now which annoys me a little bit because it wasn’t like that before but now he loves soccer so that’s okay I guess (laughs) Today we haven’t done much we were at home and I’m still on my video and that’s been a real struggle to finish the subtitles and I still haven’t finished yet so that’s really really annoying that’s really annoying (laughs) I have a problem but I think I figured out I hope I can finish everything tomorrow at least next time I won’t have this problem this issue so okay I’m learning I’m learning that’s okay and now as you may guess I’m gonna do my hair because that’s a mess that’s a real mess!! so don’t mind my face and my hair I’ve made a haircare video in December you can watch it here I’ll put your link here it’s in French but you can turn on subtitles feel free to check it out! I’m still using the same product so you will have all the information in the video so yeah I’m going to do exactly the same so I’m not gonna show you it again but just so you know you have everything in that video so yes let’s go let’s do it Music by David @nvthlss (I’m listening to SZA) my hair is done so that’s great and I’ve also washed my extensions my hair extensions I use the same products except that I added shea butter on my hair which I didn’t use on my extensions I did it pretty quickly because I just had to do six twists I just use an elastic and I fix it on this so I can easily do the twists I’ve finished my conditioner and my leave-in conditioner so next time I have to find new ones to use and I think I’m gonna film another haircare video soon I don’t know when maybe next time when I’ll wash my hair I don’t know if I’m gonna film it in French or in English maybe in English to… for a bit of change. I’ve never done that so that could be interesting maybe? Tell me in comments if you would be interesting in seeing my haircare in English maybe next time I’ll film it for you. Now I think we’re just gonna chill David and I and watch maybe a movie

Or a TV show oh yeah we’ve just finished Elite. I don’t know how you to pronounce it because it’s a Spanish serie it’s about a group of young people they are in high school new people arrive in their high school. They are (the first ones) rich kids who are going to this school and new ones who are not that rich are going to their school so yeah they’re really in the same world at first but then they try to know each other and spend time with each other because they are in the same class I don’t want to say too much about it because I don’t want to ruin you the suspense and everything but it’s very interesting and I think it changes because it’s originally a Spanish serie or TV show maybe you’ve seen La casa de papel it’s different of course but two actors that are in La casa de papel who are also in Elite so oh yeah a show to discover if you’re interested I’ve finished my subtitles today I’m so happy oh my god it took so long I’m so happy now I’m going to go to go to a store where I can have my computer fixed because I need to change the battery of my computer because I can’t use it anymore without the charger I have to have the charger plug in all the time to be able to use my computer and if I just move a little bit the charger it can just turn off so that’s really annoying and I hope I will be able to change the battery Macbook pro an old one so yeah I know I should probably get a new computer but it’s so expensive and I don’t use it that much except to do to make my videos so we’ll see and I’ll explain everything later let’s go out and and it’s sunny outside today which is so great because Friday there was sun but except that it was so long since we haven’t seen the Sun in Paris so yeah so I’m really trying to enjoy the sun whenever I can actually at the moment because I really need more Sun in my life and I really need sun to be ah to feel good and be happy so I’m happy today let’s go out! Music by David @nvthlss hi everyone I hope you’re well this morning I’ve filmed a part of my next video which is a bullet journal video I have to finish that but I’ll do that later because it’s snowing outside so I’m gonna go take some pictures with a friend and yeah it’s so cool so pretty I love that so yeah we’re gonna go take some pictures and I’m gonna show you Paris with snow let’s go! Music by David @Nvthlss it was super cool to see all the snow in Paris even though it’s already gone but it was nice and we took some really nice pictures so I’m really happy about that you can see them on Instagram on the gram. So yeah it was so cool we went

to Starbucks to get a mocha and that’s my favorite beverage at Starbucks so nice! so happy! (laughs) that’s it for today I hope you liked this video thank you so much for watching let me know in comment what you would like to see next in English. Like this video if you do, let me know in the comments. Subscribe and turn on the notification bell if you want to see my next videos see you soon bye