Everything you NEED to know about UIUC: admittance, scores, etc.

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Everything you NEED to know about UIUC: admittance, scores, etc.

hey guys welcome back to my channel so to give a little bit of a life update this past month i just finished my internship and i’m super excited because i got a return offer for next year in their technology consulting practice in new york city and i got the software that i wanted so i’m super duper excited and i’ve been really busy with that sort of these last few weeks um but now going back to squonks getting sort of back in that school mindset and so i wanted to film a video sort of everything that you need to know about the university of illinois um i want to do this in two parts so i decided the first part’s going to be sort of an overall profile of the school this is probably more before you get to school and then the second part i want it to be all about the student life the campus and sort of what there is to do so let’s go ahead and jump right in so i just really wanted to add really quick i know that students are now doing virtual learning and so that’s obviously going to impact your experience within a university um but this is sort of imagining that everything is back to normal and so hopefully if you’re a freshman that your sophomore junior and senior year will look like this everything that i have i have the notes on my phone so if i have my phone that’s why and then also all of the facts and the numbers that i have are from the university of illinois website and they’re for the year 2020s so i’m sure that within a few years these numbers can change so just keep that in mind starting off i’m just going to give an overall profile of the school so right now there’s around 34 000 undergrad students and around 16 000 grad students so compared to other universities this is a very large university if you’re a kind of person that likes to be a big fish in a small pond this is definitely not for you um but i think something that i really like about this school is there’s so many clubs and organizations which i’ll go into depth later um so it’s really able to make the bigger school feel small for the classrooms there is an 80 to 1 professor ratio and i’m sure that this is also going to vary across the various colleges within the university because honestly as a business major at least within my first few years most of my classes were big lecture halls and so that is going to depend if you’re a person that likes and thrives sort of in those smaller classrooms that definitely is something to take into consideration because at a big university it’s definitely more of the pressure put on yourself to make sure that you’re going in for help when you need to and to make sure that you’re sort of staying on top of those deadlines the university of illinois is also known for what being one of the most diverse schools within the big ten and this is something that i as a student really value within my college experience and when i was looking into colleges i actually really wanted this because when you’re working on a project it’s so important to have people that come from various backgrounds because they provide so many different perspectives within the work that you’re doing and i can say that university of illinois is extremely diverse whenever i’m put on a project there’s always someone who comes from a different cultural background and i’ve really been able to learn so much about different areas across the world so i definitely say that that is something that i’m really proud of and to be at that university really quick i’m just going to touch on a little bit of what there is to do at school again as i mentioned i’m going to make a whole another video on this but basically there are over 1800 students run organizations rsos and so this is a really big thing at the school is there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get involved there’s literally so many things there’s even a pretty short club that’s like the october lovers club so if you like the fall that’s definitely going to be for you so there’s literally always an opportunity for you to find something whether you’re in engineering or you’re in um sort of going more of the medical route or when you’re within business there’s always an organization for you to join and again this is really important especially within a big university because those smaller communities are what are going to create and foster that sense of home for you on campus and so it’s really important to push yourself to be involved within these organizations the next thing that i want to touch on is that the university of illinois is a d1 school for sports and so i will mention that while sports are very big at this school it isn’t the driving force for the student atmosphere i would say there’s definitely other things that i feel like students are a little bit more involved with the sports are very par very big role of it but i wouldn’t say it’s as big as other schools such as the university of michigan or ohio state where sort of those football games are the place to go on weekends so just something to take into consideration if you do want a school that has a really big um sort of school spirit within that end i think for the university of illinois it’s reflected in other aspects now i’m going to go into talking about admittance into the university i would say that the university of illinois is ranked pretty highly internationally because there are lots of international students that come to the university of illinois and i think that really speaks to the value that they see within the university so i will just start of giving some

statistics about the overall students that go to u of i i saw online that the university of illinois on average tends to have for incoming students a 3.7 a gpa so what this means for those students that are in high school it’s roughly having a mixture between a’s and b’s in your classes of course if you’re taking ap classes that’s going to bump up your gpa and if you’re sort of taking regular classes that’s also going to affect where you fall within that spectrum so just something to take in consideration the university does have a holistic approach to admitting students into the college so just make sure that you are understanding how you can develop yourself as an overall student because that’s going to be really important they’re going to want to admit someone who they think is going to give back to the university who they think is going to be involved and who’s going to really sort of stand out and so they really want someone who’s an overall well-rounded person so the average act score of the students that are admitted is a 28 to 34 again this is going to vary between the various colleges that you’re applying to so keep that into consideration and then the average sat score is a 1290 to 1490 so again this is slightly above i would say some of the averages at other universities so if you’re in the process of sort of taking those exams make sure that you’re really trying to push for these scores because it can really make a difference also within the amount of financial aid that you end up getting so now i’m gonna go into specific colleges so i would say at the university of illinois the geese college of business and the granger college of engineering are the biggest colleges within the university because they are very highly ranked the geese college of business is ranked number 19 within their program in the us so it’s done very highly for itself and its accounting program is actually number two in the us so we get a lot of recruiters that come to u of i to recruit these types of students and so the rigor of their um scores is a little bit higher for the gpa they do request a 3.6 to 3.95 of typically the students that get in the sat scores the 1390 to 1470 so that is a little bit higher than those who are admitted to the university overall and the act for those in the geese college of business is 30 to 33 so that’s again just something to be considerate of when you’re trying to look into a school is if your requirements if your statistics sort of fall in line with the general students that are going there and again don’t let these numbers that scare you or intimidate you because if you make seed in one area may compensate for another area that maybe you don’t do as well so just keep the hope and just apply because you’ll never end up knowing now for the grainger college of engineering it is ranked number six within the program in the us so again it’s very very highly recognized and a lot of recruiters do come to the university of illinois for those engineering students and so the gpa to get into the engineering program is 3.7 to 4.0 this is all on a 4.0 scale so just keep that in mind and the sat is a 1430 to 1540 and the act is 32 to 35 college of engineering is harder to get into than some of those other colleges so maybe just keep that into consideration if you would like to have a back-up plan so now i’m going to begin to discuss their honors program so once you’re admitted into the university there’s different opportunities that you have within their honors program so if you’re within the top 10 of the incoming class of your college then you’ll be considered to be a james scholar so for me going into my college i was in the top 10 of my class and so i was considered as the james scholar and then i think if you’re part of the james scholar program they’ll send you an invite to apply for the honors program i never applied to the honors program because i was committed to another school before and so i missed the deadline but i do know other students who are within the honors program and basically i don’t know exactly the extent of everything that they do but i know they have an extra class and they have other opportunities available to develop and grow as a student within the college so if that’s something that you qualify for definitely look into it it’s a great opportunity and i know that students who are in it really form sort of their own community within the school i again i’m not too sure on the exact timeline of all of this but i’ve heard that basically you get an invite to apply to the honors program then you interview and then you end up finding out a few weeks later if you get into the honors program so now i’m going to discuss financial aid and sort of the price of going to the university and i know that this is a really really important factor in determining sort of the place that you want to spend the next four years and so i know at least for me this completely changed where i ended up choosing and at the end of the day where i ended up going and where i am now so i am going to sort of go through the numbers of the price for various students so if you’re in an illinois resident for tuition it is around 16 000 to 21 000 depending on the college that you apply for also various colleges have different prices so i know specifically that the college of business and the college of engineering are a little bit more expensive to go to

so again something to keep in mind for room and board it’s roughly around twelve thousand two hundred fifty two for book supplies and other expenses this varies significantly so again this is just something that they’re estimating um which they estimated around three thousand but depending on how you budget and where you live that can obviously vary so overall they’re estimating that for an illinois resident it’s going to cost 32 000 to 37 000 for a non-illinois resident they’re estimating tuition is around 34 to 39 000 room and board is again 12 000 books and supplies and transportation is 4 000 because there are assuming if you’re not from illinois you’re going to be paying a little bit more in transportation sort of going back and from the university and so the total would be fifty thousand to fifty five thousand for a non-illinois resident for an international student tuition is thirty five thousand to forty four thousand room and board is again twelve thousand books and supplies are four thousand and the total for an international student is 51 to 61 000. so that i would say in comparison to other universities is very high um and again i think it’s really important for you when you’re determining where you want to go for the next four years to understand where you want to sort of distribute your budget within your money how much loans you want to be able to take out how much loans you’ll be able to graduate with if your parents are going to be able to help you pay for or if sort of you’re going to be having to supply the money for most of your education and so that’s something that’s really important in understanding sort of what you value um i have heard of students that will also be able to leverage financial aid packages from different universities i personally wasn’t able to do that i think that probably works more for private universities but that is definitely something to look into if you um maybe get a better financial aid package out of university again that was the case for me and i wasn’t able to leverage that but that is an option to further explore and also from financial aid i would say it’s super duper important to submit your financial aid in the very beginning so i believe the application for fafsa comes out in october in october and submit your application as soon as you can because my counselors and advisors in high school used to tell me that you’re more likely to get more money if you submit it early because if you think about they have this budget that they distribute to their students at the beginning sort of they have everything and as sort of more applications come in they start giving away the money and at the end they don’t have as much money to distribute so try to get your application in as early as possible so you can really maximize the amount of financial aid that you can receive i’d also highly recommend to apply for scholarships within your high school and within your local community that was an opportunity that i personally took advantage of going into college and it paid for a significant part of my freshman year because i was always applying i literally submitted so many applications and i was always doing interviews within my senior year and yes at the time it may seem like a hassle you know you’re in the senior year mode you’re not really wanting to submit these applications write these essays but at the end of the day it will pay off when you graduate and you won’t have as much money in loans i do know students who work at school and if that’s something that’s available for you definitely do it i personally wasn’t exploring it during my freshman year i sort of wanted to focus on more leadership positions and getting involved in various other other organizations but there’s always opportunities to find a job if that’s something you want to do and i have plenty of friends who have done it and are very efficient in managing their time which is extremely important so when it comes to determining the financial aid for schools i know financials are something that are very personal and so again sit down have that conversation with your family and you sure you’ll be able to make the best decision for yourself and again if it comes down to maybe choosing a cheaper university than what you originally wanted i can say i was in that position and you’ll be okay and if anything you can always end up transferring so no worries it’ll all work out lastly i’m gonna quickly touch on study abroad because i know when i was looking at universities i was very focused on study abroad ever since i was in high school and i saw my sister study abroad i knew that that was something that i was going to do it wasn’t even a question for me and so i really wanted a school that had plenty of opportunities to study abroad in various countries across the world and so the university of illinois has 400 programs in 65 different countries so that is something that’s extremely important to consider if this is something that you’re looking for in a future university and i personally felt that i have plenty of opportunities to study abroad i have plenty of options and i think even now within crone i know that travel is a little bit more sort of open and in sort of up in the air um i’ve heard that the university is working really hard to adjust those programs and make sure that is safe for students so although i don’t know if i’ll study abroad in the spring i for sure will study abroad my senior

year because it’s just always been something i wanted to do but i know that the university is really accommodating and making sure that those opportunities are available while still making sure that the health and safety of their students is at the forefront of their decisions so that is going to conclude my part one of everything there is to know about the university of illinois as i mentioned again i am going to film a part two on dorms student life what there is to do on campus so if you like and subscribe if you want to check out that video in the future and i’ll see you guys soon bye you