Quarantine Chit Chat GRWM! Dealing With COVID 19 Patients, Music, etc. 2020 I Music2makeup

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Quarantine Chit Chat GRWM! Dealing With COVID 19 Patients, Music, etc. 2020 I Music2makeup

my intuitions telling me to have you better days what’s up guys so today I’m not really sure what I’m gonna be doing I have a general concept I definitely want to do a blue look so I’m just gonna see where the colors lead me and just talk and hang out so if you’d like to join me then let’s get into it alright I have my ice prime I just used some concealer and I’m gonna go in with this color pop shadow in flower boy and use that as my transition shade with this Farra blending brush just put that in my crease so I was watching little fires everywhere with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington I love both of them but especially Kerry Washington actually a really good show but it’s set in the 90s so there is a lot of like 90s music in it and the last episode I watched they played uninvited by Alanis Morissette and I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I heard that song like probably 15 years and I could still remember every single word so I have like a little 90s throwback party with myself and it was listening to Jagged Little Pill oh my gosh I and it’s same with those songs like I can remember every single lyric and that was like that came out like 25 years ago that blows my mind and I can so vividly picture like waking up and getting ready for school and putting that CD of my CD player and just like jamming out and when I was thinking I was like how old was I back I kept wanting to say fifth grade but then I was like why was i listening to this in fifth grade because I remember like understanding like some of the dirtier things she was saying to be like oh but I didn’t think I was that young like 10 and you ought to know you know two things she’s like would she go down on you in a theater and I remember like knowing what that meant and I was like why was i listening to that at 10 years old but that elbow that CD it was like one of like the biggest influences in my younger childhood and it’s just crazy how when something like speaks you so much you know I could remember the lyrics 25 years later and then so and uh oh my gosh so what was that and then crazysexycool by TLC I guarantee if I play that now I’m going to take poodle from colour-pop with a morphe r38 and just put that tighter in the crease because this is a more tapered brush it’s easier to do with this type of brush okay now I’m gonna take the nor veena pro pigment palette Volume one

and we’re gonna go in with b1 and morphe JH 33 which is basically the same thing is like a morphe m4 33 or sigma e25 back in with our transition color just to kind of help blend that outside for the lid I’ve been debating about what color to use I think I’m gonna go in with my color pop blue moon palette and the color tidepool which is right here what a pretty color this is exactly the color that I wanted and when you’re putting like a glitter shadow on your lid Pat it instead of swiping sand that way you’ll get the most intensity of that shadow I just love like blue and purple and blue and paint together now I’m going to go in with a three with a pencil brush that a three in with some of aids for just because I want it a little bit darker oh that was v4 I’m sorry all right now I’m gonna go in with some and back in with that blue shade so I wasn’t really thinking about how dramatic this look was because I there’s still a possibility that I have to go into work tonight my unit well my unit is composed of like two units actually there’s CCO and CSU but the site I work on CCU has been closed because they just combined the two units because we haven’t had many patients since you know elective surgeries can happen and I had a rough night last night so they were saying they needed to push someone back to 11 and I volunteered so I’ll have to call in at 9:30 to see if they need me but yeah wasn’t really thinking about that when I decided to do a bright blue and purple eye shadow look all right for the lower lash line I’m gonna go in with this color pop BFF cream gel liner in Boots for the lower lash line first I’m going to go in with this hot pink 85 and then I’m gonna go in with b1 and put that like mainly on the outer portion of

the lower lash line I’m gonna see how this looks first I’m gonna go in with a little bit of blue ice for my honest thoughts yeah you need a trial palette you’ll see see how that look okay that doesn’t look too crazy I’m just gonna do a small band of liquid liner using my benefit roller lash all right so now I’m gonna cry I’m gonna use my touching sole no problem smooth and poor covering right I really do like this it’s like a silicone base you can feel like that kind of like smooth slipperiness but it also preserves pores and it’s not drying for someone with extremely dry skin like me so yeah I had a rough night at work last night so I haven’t even been there in a while so of course I was floated to the Cova 19 unit and I was originally supposed to be the runner the runner you know doesn’t go in patient rooms and they you know are able to go throughout the hospital freely and get any supplies that you know the nurses may need since if you are having direct patient care you’re not allowed to leave that unit and then they got I had an ICU patient coming so I was the only ICU nurse without any patients so I got them oh my gosh this guy was so sick I would tell you his blood gas results but most of you would be like I don’t know what that means like you know just such the severity of it oh I forgot to put my scare on hold on let me do that I’m gonna use this Lancome monster big mascara and I already curled my lashes I go with my makeup revolution fast basic foundation first okay so this patient he’s found unresponsive at home by his wife and they already had to code him three times in the ER he I mean he had all the symptoms of cope at 19 and he had the critical presentation of it and I’m also gonna go in with my Urban Decay all nighter foundation in shade one and I’m gonna mix it with this Becca ignite later and so because he had cardiac arrested they ordered for the hypothermia protocol which is where there’s two different ways but the more common of the two ways is it’s called Arctic sign and it’s basically these pads that we wrap you wrap around like your torso and your legs and it fills with cold water and hypothermia we bring the body temperature down to 33 degrees Celsius and i hook it up my patience temperature was thirty point four degrees Celsius that’s how cold he was so that’s definitely not a good sign right there why is it that whenever I feel a hair it’s never like where it is on my face it’s always somewhere else so this guy was 87 degrees definitely is not a good sign he was also he had already been intubated and on a ventilator and was already on there called vasopressin which are basically what we use to help maintain someone blood someone’s blood pressure he was maxed out on one and almost maxed out on a second one and usually like if when you go on a third presser it’s rare that I’ve seen a patient be able to come off those now I’m gonna go in with my ELF 16 our camo concealer so his we um you know it will do when someone’s been

unresponsive like that and we’ll do blood gases to see the amount of like oxygen and the amount of carbon dioxide the amount of bicarb in someone’s blood and then also the pH because the more co2 there is the more acidic they’re going to come normal pH is 7.35 to 7.45 this man’s pH was six point seven I have never seen a pH that low before in my entire life the lowest I had seen was six point eight and normally once they’re intubated and the ventilator has been breeding for them it comes up you know to a normal level we kept repeating the blood gases and the highest his pH ever dot was seven point zero and on his original blood gas his po2 was it said less than 25 your po2 is supposed to be which is your oxygen 80 to 100 I’m gonna go in with my hyouta Beauty easy-bake setting powder in a cupcake ah trying to maintain his blood pressure and all of a sudden it drops down to the 40’s I had to start a third visit presser was maxed out on that then its heart rate started to drop and I’ve been a critical care nurse for so long I know when a patient’s about to code and I was like get the code cart he’s about to go down and it’s like when they couldn’t even bring the code cart into the room because he was under investigation for code of 19 so um you know in there like trying to run the code and there’s like a line of everyone like someone has the code cart outside the room handing someone inside the room the meds to administer and had to shock him a few times so this was the fourth time he he had coated the fourth time his heart had stopped and after I think it was about 15 minutes literally um the doctor was like we’re gonna do one more round and then I’ll call it and then we’ve got him back but I mean he’s already gone like the only thing that was keeping him alive was the ventilator so we called the wife and the doctor talked to her and was like there’s you know there’s not gonna be a meaningful recovery and of course she’s heartbroken and she was married to him for 40 years but you know when I was asking about I was like this he has a living well which you know it says what you want done if you want compressions I mean because we break ribs when you know we do compressions and at what you know basically living well is what extent do you want extraordinary measures done to you in situations like this and she’s like no he doesn’t and I’m like well have you guys ever talked about it and she was like no I kind of blew my mind but then I also realize how common that is it’s not for me and cut it’s like shocking to me because I am a health professional and I’m like I do not want to be kept artificially alive and be coated over and over and over again and so my just one thing I want to say to everyone is even if it’s just a conversation like let someone in your life and you care about know what your wishes are okay I’m going to go in with my Tarte Park Avenue princess bronzer so yeah the patient ended up passing and it was crazy just how quick it they’d all happened okay I think I want to try this highlighter that I mean now it does not look very smooth or pretty but the color is pretty so let’s do it and I did make a video about how to make your own highlighter mmm that’s really pretty much all Jacqueline there’s and you have that every bitch in town it’s really crazy hmm I’m also gonna use this to highlight my inner corner but so after that night like I was in the room almost my entire shift I was

like I will be pushed back to living because I had a rough night last night I keep filming video and just kind of chill for a few hours yeah Govind or possibly I’m gonna go in with this phase zero cotton candy blusher I got this from if my memory serves me correctly I don’t want to do anything too bold since this I look is extremely dramatic so I think I’m gonna learn how to so my friend offered to teach me if you guys know how to sell was it hard to learn I was I’ve been watching making the cut you just kind of like fashion right away again and there’s a lot of people like that design clothes but they’re not so ER so I’m like is it that hard I’m gonna take this makeup revolution vivid based highlighter in matte lights and buff with this setting spray this one theme jeffree star setting mist okay For Lashes I think I’m gonna use these Sephora collection pop fizz wing lashes so I’m gonna go up put those on and then I’ll be back on my doula I had just taken like the most beautiful thumbnail pictures I had my own like photography studio going on I had the fan going my hair was blowing and it was I was killing it and I realized that I didn’t have my lip on so I had to take more but I’m gonna put a little bit more on to show you guys what I use in because I can use a little touch-up so for the planner I am using this Urban Decay 24/7 lip pencil in double team so first I’m gonna go in with this bare minerals mineral list Hydra smoothing lipstick in creativity I actually really love this color and this formula it’s like a very pretty pink berry spring appropriate and then on top of that I’m going to use this offer and Madison Miller lipgloss in sugar Cup by Oprah and this is the completed book alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope I don’t have to come into work because it’ll look like I just came from the club and I will see you guys next time bye