Возрастной макияж 35+ | Age makeup 35+

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Возрастной макияж 35+ | Age makeup 35+

Hi all, my dear friends, I have today a guest Oksana Terekhova. I watched her last video, and I saw the video of Tanya And I found out that they are “so old” :))))) They said that YouTube is unopened for ladies 30+ and now they will punish the top. So I got the idea to fulfill your request at the age makeup By Oksana, of course, not age makeup in its classical manifestation, because Oksana is not really elderly woman, as she presented herself in my video So makeup will symbolically age, but I’ll give you all the information that I wanted to give you a make-up according to age And you compare what I’ve done for myself and what makes Nina, find the differences and draw conclusions Here is you very much homework :)) The first thing we’ll do – we’ll work a little tonic Oksana came with makeup, so I have to remove makeup First, I will use a base for make-up. I want to quote from it Taisiya Vasilyev Master Class: “The age a woman should a little gleam” This is not to say that the face must be an active Shimmer or glitter! This suggests that the skin needs to shine from the inside, as if the skin is well-groomed, polished This effect gives us a luminizing base for make-up. This base is applied before the foundation and gives the effect of polished skin. Very few, not on his face, but only on the T-zone with a thin layer we put this base – And what I need to buy a base to look polished? – Buy any, is not necessarily to be professional cosmetics. I have this base SMASHBOX and I would say that this is a semi-cosmetics With age a woman is better to work with your hands. No brushes, but hands, and certainly not a sponge. Better stroking movements warm hands, but not in any way trying to move sponge and I can not really recommend the brush – As well, I do not have to spend money on MAC brushes – Yes-yes-yes – These savings! – It is rather to make up artist. Herself a woman can apply makeup as she likes. This is more for energy makeup – age women like to be stroked, erase, tempted :)) When we do make-up age woman, I’m talking about a woman 50+ years, because in the 40+ woman is still a very young age and I can reclassify she only carried the condition of the skin, but not in terms of behavior From the point of view of behavior – is 50 years old and older. When a woman is old enough and she’s trying to find you a friend. She tries to make friends with you Taisa Vasilyeva strongly advised not to make friends with them, because they are very fast, “sit on your head.” They may call you and ask very quickly, fast and free to come and do her makeup. Because they think you have very good friends – Well, when learning these psychological things tell.- We did not tell it in training, I learned of the master class Taisiya Vasilyeva – You do not sunbathe this summer? – No, almost no tanning I use a light foundation. It is not fluid, it’s a classic foundation, but I use it quite a bit and quite zoning. That is not to gloss over the whole face creams model Here I am also trying to work her fingers We reimplemented creams gloss base that we have inflicted on the face

That is, we remove the glow inside the base, through the foundation, it looks like the glow of the skin from the inside It looks as if the skin glows itself, as I said – as if the skin is very well-groomed and polished If a face has some sort of pigmentation – we also remove the foundation. Professional foundations pigmented enough, its has a lot of powdery constituent and often for light pigmentation that Oksana is at the edge of hair growth, requiring no additional concealer You can often see that the makeup artists do not put women age foundation, but they do just concealer and only on the T-zone This can also be used if there really is a problem and pigmentation on the T-zone – it covers vessels and different spots But we do not forget that Oksana is very young and she has such problems do not exist, so I use a foundation – Tell me about the vessels. No makeup on my skin visible vessels – because of this I have red cheeks – You have a wonderful red cheeks – I agree with you! :))) – I have a really close vessels, it can be seen from afar – Yes, I see that you are located near blood vessels, I see the red stars on your cheeks – Because of this I do not like bright blush. I tend to use them quite a bit – If you’re really worried about your red cheeks and you want to block this redness – I just want to use blush Redness can override such a base under foundation – is the base of green. This base does not look green on the face, it looks transparent, but it covers redness I strike my finger in your eye – honest! :))) Very carefully working on the zone shade slightly eyelids movements. If you’re comfortable – use a soft brush for concealer I have brush MAC 195 – brush for concealer. This is a very soft flat brush, I am gathering a bit of foundation. Here I am going to use a concealer, because Oksana slightly depth eyes and I want to visually pull ahead So I’ll take the concealer, which will make the skin around the eyes is more matte and lighter Especially in this part Oksana has small bruises and small purple spots – Oh my God! You told me all about! We take enough liquid concealer – one that uses the eye area. Solid concealers are used to cover point effects, such as red pimple, and liquid concealers are used to cover a larger area I’ll walk a little to the bottom line of the century and finger shade I use quite a bit, do not smudge too much, it is working – you can see the difference between the first and second eye – If I can learn – how long does this make? – Maybe 30 min – I look 10 years younger! We see that we have removed the darkness around the eyes and the eyes have now become visually less because we visually compare them with the color of the face

And now we are going to create volume on your face We will use the mineral powder. As you know, we do not apply the mineral powder on top of foundation, because mineral powder – this is the foundation Mineral powder coated finishing powder But in order to return the shine face, so as not to face too dull, we will use the mineral powder, it gives a glimmer I’ll cover it on top of the final powder, I only use this powder on the places where we paid a foundation The age a woman should not be powdered and matte I use a kabuki brush ArtDeco – it is very hard, but it can be used Typed powder such movements: I have to get wet brush into the powder. It turns out that the villi were opened, and when we take up the brush – and pull hairs close to the powder brush We shook off all the excess, causes no mineral powder movements, not rubbing, but as usual powder. Fanned those zones that, we want to restore radiance I always say that the powder does not need to put a lot – literally a couple of sweeps of the brush and that will be enough. No need to take a powder 10 times, 5 times to matt and 7 more times to powder The face should look alive. The fact that a woman is makeup should ideally only know the woman We correct the little eyebrows. First Oksana knows what the correct shape eyebrows and she observes. In addition Oksana has permanent makeup eyebrows We just add a little bit long eyebrows, because it is very short As we remember the classical scheme – here must end eyebrow Oksana Here we will bring it. Too long, too, is not necessary. In age makeup eyebrow should not be too long, it should not be too short, it should not be fine (it looks silly in the age women), and, of course, not Brezhnev’s eyebrows :)))) Oksana I use eyebrow pencil Make Up Atelier. This pencil Make Up Atelier released only in one color, they do not have layout “blond, brown hair, brown hair.” They produce only one color, which is used for all – it is gray-brown. They produce only one color, which is used for all – it is gray-brown Also, it is different from any other eyebrow pencil that normal eyebrow pencils powdery solid, and this pencil – soft and oily I fix her eyebrows. It’s like hair gel. You can take your mascara that is over, wash it and pour hair gel We smoothly moved to eyes – we will do it in pencil technique. It’s easy to do, even a little easier, the shadows Convenient to make form a pencil, it is convenient to fix the form of a pencil Широкая плоская кисть MAC 227 и белая матовая тень MAC Gesso In age makeup matte white shadow is applied only to those places where there is a pencil. That is not completely all the eyelid, as we do in the usual make-up, but only in those places where there is a pencil I put on the outside of the movable and fixed century. We apply well in all the folds and morchinki. A pencil we will “dance” between the folds and wrinkles If there is a woman aged skin bag, we will in any case not vybelivaem shadow, so as not to highlight it even more, because this so looks volume Oksana has no this – it is very opposite that part deepened, so we have this Highlight the part

– And what about that woman? – Do not touch it at all! Let it will look naturally than it will emphasize or deliberately hidden Because this is not going anywhere If your concealer roll up (I have here do not exist, but if it happened to you), it’s nothing to worry about, you do not have a bad concealer, it’s just a property of liquid funds Just finger shade it and it will no longer to slide into a crease. Unless of course you have not put it into three layers As always, we start with the lower eyelid to direct makeup Because the line of the upper eyelid is directed downward, and the line of the lower eyelid goes up And we have to make to raise up and not come down, why we mark precisely this line I put a pencil beside wrinkles. That is wrinkle – is deepening. If I have to “pull” the wrinkle – I do not have to paint it dark to deepen even more I have to keep it light on the contrary, because it is applied to the bright white shade I “must dance” around these wrinkles and creating a shadow pencil I draw the line of the lower eyelid and shade slightly. Flat brush – in my case it is the MAC 231, I love the shade pencil synthetic brush because the pencil is oil-based, and all oil products easy shade synthetic brushes Flat brush – in my case it is the MAC 231, I love the shade pencil synthetic brush because the pencil is oil-based, and all oil products easy shade synthetic brushes Deepening – volume, respectively, of the deepening on the volume of shade on the edge of the pencil What we need to do next: then part of the deepest and we need to push it more How does it work? Here I will explain to you how to deal with overhanging eyelid Which means “to remove the effect of overhanging eyelid”? “Overhanging lid” means that this volume is too much, it is too low and we need to create the effect that this volume begins above We need to make it appear that crease is still going up, that the volume has not started yet. We need to darken the output of crease up and thus raise the volume higher At the output from creases I put a pencil. Here Oksana very young skin and no wrinkles. Here Oksana very young skin and no wrinkles. All I am doing very determined If there are a lot of wrinkles, we do not draw inside the wrinkles, and wrinkles around the paint, barely touching the skin with a pencil Oksana, we see the effect – from here the line drops sharply. This point is very high respect to this point I bring up this part of the visual. I will shade to the top, but only up to here Working plane pencil tip is inside the crease. At the tip of a pencil color intense, further from the tip – the color more divergent Repeat – grab the edge of the tip of the brush color and shade to the side volume. Deepening – volume – deepening – volume Always work on the volume of the deepening. Just as we were located our natural shadows – these are not on our volumes, these come out of deeper and softer, softer, softer come on the volume and turn to glare – Fundamentals of visual art – That’s right! Because the make-up – it is the visual art Now we need to go to the moving eyelid – we shade the outside of the eyelid the movable diagonally to visually pick up on the outside corner Again we skip around wrinkles Now we put together the top line with the bottom line. From here between the wrinkles here

Oksana has a large ploschat moving eyelid and I will add more pencil, that he came almost to the middle of the eyelid And now, just as I grab the edge of the plane of the brush color and draw off the volume. The volume in this case is on the bull’s eye One can see the difference – here eyelids lowered and lifted here Go to the shadows. I will use the shade of pallette Make Up Atelier T22 This pallet Oksana wants to buy, so I’ll make up in these colors First, I use the second dark shadow color. Start from the outer corner to the middle. Dark spots go to the light I take the plane brush color on the brush, wet paint a shadow on the movements the lower eyelid, the same place where I drew a pencil. And the shade Also paint a dark shadow anywhere there is a pencil on the upper eyelid I’m also not drawn in wrinkles, and only a pencil Shade slightly edge Put the brush with shadow edge in the direction creases eyelid. Dabbed and pulled the color on the volume Duplicate shadow pencil The edges of the color shade slightly too The most beautiful and beloved by all peachy color. The most beautiful and beloved by all peach, for which many people buy this pallet. He is very refreshing, looks wonderful on the eyes Color to paint a bull’s-eye. This make-up I will not use the lightest color, because it is almost white, and in the age make-up is not very welcome. This peach I extend to the inner corner of the eye Now I take the color transitional (average color palette) and it is to paint a line between dark and light color I shade And the edge of the color here

It is important to take very little shade, so it does not look a different color, but only a transition in color of the skin Please note – I have not used here in place of pearl pencil shading and shadow, as it is in pencil technique. I decided to leave the makeup rather matte But it is not required, it is only my view this specific make-up. Because this part is very convex, Oksana and I do not want to highlight it even more, and not to pull forward I use a little eyeliner. If we talk about the classic age makeup – eyeliner rarely needed Do not draw a high arrow! Let the tip of the liner will go into the shadows Oksana convex lid and allow it to do less, I will eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye, which visually “cut” the eye, to make it smaller At my suggestion, Oksana took her mascara and will paint their eyelashes mascara. You can also advise your clients to use the mascara which they love ere it is our beauty, eyes were obtained chic – a compliment to myself 🙂 As you can see, I’m a little longed eye form shadow – not were obtained round eyes, and elongated Beautiful radiant complexion and generally Oksana – Beauty Little pink lips If we talk about lip gloss – do not get carried away with those for age makeup. Lip gloss can be applied near of the mucosa Last – this blush. Here I use this color – it’s cold, but it is a bit warm It is a neutral color blush for women cool colors I take off all the excess on hand All variants of pink, peach clean earthy tinge to the skin and makes it more fresh. So I do not advise to use make-up to age sculpting because the contour has a natural color shade and it highlights wrinkles

Well girls our age make-up for today is over. Oksana, I’m waiting for your comment.Отменить измененияПример использования слова “”:автоматически переведено системой Googlewellну, что ж, уж, фонтан, садок, резервуармеждометиеwellнуheyэй, нуgadну, да ну, вот – I hope you counted 10 weighty difference, because I counted more. Nina completely disproved myths. I realized that half of my makeup kit should be removed to the side, including a bronzer Need to buy another half, but completely different. And a million little prompts for my makeup. I’ll add this video to your favorites and I’ll watch every day – Thanks for being with me today! Put a “Like” this video, subscribe to my channel and be sure to ask your questions in the comments – I’m happy to answer all. See you, bye!