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2015 Best of Beauty | Holy Grail Products

hi guys welcome back to my channel today look a bit different no I didn’t go blob I’m just wearing awake I don’t know I think I’m in a wig phase I just like wearing wigs it’s fun it’s not permanent today I’m really excited because I’m doing my 2015 favorites I have a ton of products next to me it took me like one hour to like find all of the products because I hope the setup is okay out the lighting is ok please give me feedback this is artificial lighting I usually prefer natural lighting but I know that in one hour it will be dark outside so I backed my artificial lighting up and yeah I’m going this week quickly before I jump into my Holy Grail products this I don’t think like blonde is a color that suits me best but I really like this on ombre style blonde this wig is from uni wigs they send it to me and they also gave me a discount code for you guys sandals so many people wondering about my last week that I got from Amazon but this is like a specialized seller of wigs and it’s actually it’s a little bit better quality than the grey one that I have and I also have a discount code for you guys so I just threw it up there anyways let’s just jump into my Holy Grail products of 2015 I am also going to be doing a little giveaway at the end of this video I’m going to be giving away one of the products that I’m showing you guys so stay tuned to the end Friday I’m going to start off with skincare and no particular order because and I have so many products that I wanted to show you guys and I was like I wiII be tried to pick out my mm it’s like products that I used over and over in 2015 so even though I might have like current favorites they haven’t been my favorite story like the whole year you know what I mean so I really tried to choose products that I use for months and months and months the first product is the Murad skin smoothing polish it’s an exfoliant and I use just like almost every day wherever God a day is very gentle and it gives my face such a great glow and I feel like it’s I love we were at products they are pricey but I feel like they are definitely worth it so this is like my favorite skin polish of this year her mask I had to mention glam glow I just love glam glow I have been using a ten of these little jars this year especially this one I just got the small size one right now I went through three big toys this year plus this one so I feel like once or twice a week as a mask and then every time I needed as a spa treatment overnight this mask really does wonders it’s always sold out at Sephora it extracts every single thing in your pore and you can actually see it it kind of gross but I really love this mask it is definitely worth the price and then I also show you guys this one that’s called a thirsty med which I like a lot I don’t use it as much of the super mud but this one is supposed to hydrate and it makes your skin really smooth especially in winter when your skin is a little bit drier this one is great I hope this video won’t feel like I’m rushing through the products but I just have so much to show you guys that I’m like who trying to speak fast then I have this retinol anti-wrinkle facial serum I am huge on retinol I love retinol makes your skin look very luminous and very young so if you don’t know what retinol is it’s basically vitamin E so this one I’ve been using a lot I get it from Amazon I’ll try to link everything down below as usual and yet this one keeps my skin looking young that’s a brightening serum I mean I used this Michael Todd ultra bright anti-aging and tone corrector because I do have some like sunspots around the eyes if you have like acne scars or hyperpigmentation you always want to use like a brightening serum to illuminate your face and to you know make that hyperpigmentation fade so I use the Michael Todd one and it’s all organic that’s what I love about them they’re cruelty free I know that if I’m putting this on my face I’m putting you know natural products on my face as a moisturizer I’ve been using my Big Mac moisturizer their continuously and I feel like it gives great results it has B my name in it manuka honey shea butter and it makes your skin really like glowy and you’re fresh and it just makes it

look really good you know what I mean it also smells really good it smells like honey I’ve been using this a lot as a moisturizer and I really love it so another product for skin care is actually like a tooth which are these here let me write a brush okay I will show you so these are actually face and body brushes it’s a multi task brush you can use it for your face it comes with a normal one and an exfoliating brush this one is for the body and then also you have light where are you also get like a few minutes tone for your feet so I think that’s great they are battery-operated and I’ve just been using these continuously in the shower on my face it will really cleanse your face deeply rather than if you just you know watch a race with you with a washcloth really does make a huge difference in your skin care routine physical products will be better absorbed and your skin will be deeply cleansed so I’ve been using that you psyche all year round especially when it travel they’re really comfortable but not alternative to face brushes is this brush here this is the mini pro 3 100 360 and I like to take this with me when I’m traveling like for short stays because it’s very small it’s very handy you can recharge it here with like a USB cable and it does the same thing as has been for perfect skin it also has an exfoliating brush and it also spins in two different ways it spins clockwise and counterclockwise which the spin for perfect skin doesn’t but then this one doesn’t have like a body attachment so both brushes are great I love both of them and I’ve been using them continuously I feel like like I cannot go without these brushes it’s a major key in my skincare routine I do have this kind of coat on my face brushes which I will put here just forgot to show you guys what I use to wash my face I use this probably all you long since March or if this is a Neutrogena deep clean gentle cleanser it’s just a very gentle cleanser it does a job it smells good because some of the Neutrogena cleansers I don’t like the smell this one smells kind of a bit oranjee great prudish saying I like it because it’s a very gentle cleanser and it doesn’t like it’s not too harsh for my skin one last concur Arden that I really love is the Estee Lauder advanced Night Repair Serum i uses every night I’m going to take it to the smell of it I love the consistency it’s it’s non greasy it’s it sinks into your skin very nicely and it’s just I feel like my skin is asking for it every night I feel like it’s a must-have in my skincare routine it’s like I don’t know it just I love the consistency of it I love the smell and yeah so on to tanning the past month I’ve been continuously tanning was loving tan I love how they’re tan fades like you have so many turns that fade blotchy and just you know or it’s like you know your skin coming off it’s just weird living 10 is the only Tanner that I’ve found that face super super super natural it doesn’t block in any way so I really like that about this they also have me to our express one which that develops faster I just wish they would have travel sizes of these I’m not sure if they do have any but I have had bad experiences with traveling with Tanner’s if you ever dated you know what I’m talking about but pressure in the cabin makes everything come out and if you don’t put it in a plastic bag you can have Tanner all over your clothes trust me girl I’ve been there so I feel like this pump actually if you put it upside down or you know in a flight it would actually come out so otherwise I love this tighter it’s actually very moisturizing and it dries in 60 seconds it’s dry and you can put your clothes on it’s not sticky because let me tell you I’m a consistency girl with makeup food beauty products anything if I like the consistency I would like the product you know what I mean so the consistency is really nice it’s not sticky if you have a discount code on the Loing 10 products which will give you I believe it will be a free applicator mints so onto the actual deal which is many kind of so I’m going to start out the primaries the

only primary that i-i’ve continuously used the past years is my benefit professional and just really loyal to this guy because i liked it i continue to use it it works for me and i love it foundations i do have four foundations that continuously used this year i’m going to start with drug stir these are in the fit me foundations from maybelline i have one which is matte poreless and the other one which is dewy and smooth i could do you one when i’m kind of dry i like the matte one in summer and when I’m good I like to mix both of them so I have one in the shade 238 which ten on one to forty golden beige and honestly it’s such an affordable foundation and it does such a great job it makes your skin look flawless especially vMac Corliss one is amazing for the price it benefits hello flawless oxygen Wow foundation I’ve used this so much I’ve been through like three bottles of this one I really like it it has great coverage and it’s very dewy very hydrating and very lightweight and I also loved you make up forever Ultra HD foundation and the regular HD foundation they are just great for a nation’s and I love mixing these two together because this one is a bit light this one has been on the Tanner side so if it makes both I get a great result and if you want a really really natural finish Make Up For Ever HD it is the way to go this baby here came into my makeup section but this is actually skin care this is the benefit it’s potent eye cream I love this cream so much I feel like my eyes have been listed in the past month months because of this which obviously is not possible but my eyes I I have slightly at eyes and my eyes have been a lot less hooded ever since I started using this so it’s amazing I did recommend it to my mom and she bought it and she did not like it it irritated her eyes so it made her really puffy I think she just she didn’t react well to it so you know done a great job for me and for now like I don’t want to go back to any different I cream because I really love this one I’m surprised the only product that I’ve been consistently using this year all year long is you probably know where they can see honest eyes out Beverly Hills their brow pomade I love on its other Beverly Hills her products are just they are just so good like the quality you can never go wrong with uh nastasi Beverly Hills so I have mine in the shade dark brown and I’ve had it for more than a year now and it’s still holding up like it’s still I haven’t hit pan yet so they are pricey but you get like the props lasts really long and it’s what I always use on my brows it’s what works for me onto concealers I love concealers so much and I have a lot of have a lot of concealers that I really really like but for the year of 2015 the concealers that made it into this video are two concealers one is a high influence drugstore so the high-end one is the NARS creamy concealer which I’m winning out out it’s an amazing concealer I love it it’s like oh it’s just covers so well like the coverage of this one is bomb and it’s not making you look cakey because I feel like I have like a hydrating consistency so this is bomb and the other concealer you probably know it’s truckster it’s the Maybelline age rewind concealer it has a sponge on there but I do take it off because there’s a lot of bacteria into the sponges you leave it on there especially if you don’t go through these very fast like take the sponge off because it can make you break out but I also do love the consistency of this it’s also it’s not as creamy as you know Iceland but it glides on very well it’s not too thick it’s not too thin and the coverage is also great and also doesn’t smudge under my eyes is set with the right powder that is really important it doesn’t settle into my fine lines so which the NARS radiant creamy concealer kind of does settle into my lines on tomatoes I only have one I have two and so excited about this product I love this product so much Akeem must have in I was gonna say in your wardrobe in your vanity makeup station drawer bathroom

whatever it’s just keep it is so good it does not make you look cakey it’s translucent it does it photographs very well plus you really get a lot for your money like I’ve had this how long have I had this since June and I use it every day like I use it so much it’s so household so it lasts me I feel like this foot Lots me almost a year I’m making weird noises when I’m talking about that it’s like that’s how much I love it if you want more coverage my other Holy Grail product is the Mac mineralize skinfinish in Nashville this is what it looks like I almost hit pan I’m gonna shade medium dark but I feel like this gives a great coverage and it does not ever make you look cakey I am huge anti cakey team so this won’t make you cakey it gives a great coverage so very smooth it’s not how do we at all like it’s really I like the consistency how about how many times did I say consistency in video like on to bronzer is my favorite bronzer this year and my holy grail is the NYX matte bronzer I’ve used it so many times I use it in all my tutorials I love it so much I’m actually running out of it and this is in the shade deep 10 I also really love nostalgia Beverly Hills bronzer in the shade Havana but I lost it while traveling but this is also a great product if you want a more high-end product for blush I have only one blush that I’ve been continuously using this year and this is what it looks like it’s the Milani Luminoso blush it’s a really pretty pink color it has some shimmer in it but not too much and I feel like it suits many many skin tones onto highlighters you guys know I love highlighters three highlighters that I’ve been continuously using this year so first is a liquid highlighter this is Heidi from benefit I love it I love to use it on your Mac foundation you guys have seen me do this it gives the perfect nice glow and it looks really radiant and healthy and then for powder highlighters I really love this one oh it’s from laura geller this is in gilded honey and I just love this I have it on my cheeks today I don’t know how the lighting is actually like I just prepared a light because it brings out the features better but it’s what I have on my cheeks right now and then my other Holy Grail highlighter I actually loved to layer these two is Mac’s soft and gentle and this is also gorgeous it’s more in the cool side it’s more it has more like a champagne white undertone while the Laura gala one has more the golden undertone so it depends like what finish you want and this one I like to put this on top because and I have like a golden base and this one really makes the highlight pop Eve is the extra bling on two eyeshadows I actually don’t own a lot of eyeshadows like single eyeshadows because who has time to buy single eyeshadows when you can buy palettes so I chosen two pilots that I’ve continued to use this year so the first one D&C lorac Pro palette this is what it looks like oh the colors are so gorgeous I love all these are matte colors I feel like lots of pilots don’t have enough matte shades in them and this one has like all the first the whole first range is matte and then in the second range that’s like shimmery ones and I love taupe a little stable I love espresso I love gold I love garnet garnet it’s so gorgeous especially if you have blue eyes it really makes them pop and cream is like the perfect match brow highlight so these shades are poppin and I love how sleek this palette is lots of people don’t kind of like this material because it looks almost like dirty but I really like it it’s very sleek so in second palette that I’ve continuously used this year as you probably know uh nostalgia Beverly Hills Miami opponent and this one is also gorgeous and I use it especially because of these four shades warm taupe caramel caramel and Sienna are like my Holy Grail I shadow ‘s and deep brown like these for shade I use all the time I’m addicted to them kind of like a lot of matte nude shades but if you want to do something poppin you

have paint and if you want to do something cool tone you have aqua which is a great summer color so the only color that I don’t like is a gold bar I feel like it’s pretty but it just doesn’t suit me with my blue eyes um but yeah this palette is on two lip products now I don’t have a lot of the lip parts fragrance or holy grails because there are only a few that I like continue to use especially lip liners I will see have the finer I mostly have a lip liner i red lip liners are Mac lip liners I feel like in general Mac lip products are just like I love their colors there does just something about their colors they always look good on many skin tones so free lip liners I love this one this is in oak I use it so many times it’s almost similar it’s very similar to strip down it’s almost the same color so if you can’t find strip dunk it oh if you can’t get oak get it stripped down and then another color that I might cheat on this one because I didn’t use it the whole year but this color I really love this is world from back it’s the perfect kylie jenner lip liner it’s the color is perfect so this is what oak looks like and then whirl this is what world looks like it’s more like on the knobby side but these two I’ve been really loving I did look like me I’ve continuously used in 2015 which I don’t have right now with me it was this small and I think I lost it is NYX lip liner in natural perfect nude shade and it’s very inexpensive and then another one that I love is NYX also NYX lip liner in soft brown this is what it looks like it’s a very warm nude brown color my next lip product is a sigma lip phase and this one is in go dutch it’s a perfect pink nude color I love it so much I wore it a lot in summer like it’s kind of like a matte finish and for a summer it’s a great cover two of my favorite lip glosses are in Mac I’m not a huge lipgloss girl but these two I love so much the first one you can actually tell that it’s already like I’m Jesus max pro long wear lip glass in ready or not I love it so much it’s a perfect nude color and then we have this one which is called oyster girl from back I’ve habits for a long time a perfect color I feel like wearing the lip gloss right now but I can’t wear it on top of this liquid lips on two lipsticks I feel like the myth had to be in this video because like I’m almost running out of it you can see I use it so many times I love MAC lipsticks I love their smell I love the consistency obviously of the shades I love the pigmentation some people say they are a bit drying but to me they’re not so this is a perfect nude color or whenever you want to tone down a color if it’s too bright you can put myth over it and it will tone it down another color which every wearing so much the sphere is kind of sexy this is what it looks like I’ll swatch it I forgot to swatch minutes okay so this is kind of sexy and it’s a perfect nude color it’s a bit lighter than velvet teddy but they are both great shape and they are pretty similar and then we have this which I forgot to swatch there is miss which is a pretty light color I hope you can see that I feel like the lighting is really bright and then it’s washing me out because I look super pale which I’m not we’re just gonna work with it there’s like this one child and like whenever they come in the hall he’s crying he’s crying all day every day okay back to my products so my favorite mascara this year has got to meet L’Oreal telescopic mascara the wand is pretty thin so you kind of can go everywhere I used to prefer thick ones than the thin ones because I don’t know I used to prefer those but now I feel like when I have a thick want I can like almost poked my eye with it so I like thin ones and you guys this mascara is a must-have like it’s I’m not going back to anything else I gotta stay loyal to this guy and rely near I always use my own wild me eyeliner it’s just so easy to do any liner with

it and it’s super inexpensive whenever I’m in the u.s. I like buy five of these I snuck off on these all looks pretty more if you can Challa dive like done a lot with it but yeah last thing for makeup is setting spray and you guys know I love my mac fix+ setting spray gotta have this this one is almost empty it just makes your highlighter pop it brings everything together it melts all those layers foundation powder concealer blush highlighter it blends everything really nicely together and makes it look seamless major key I also did want to include some nail polishes that I’ve been wearing a lot this year the first one is OPI someone sends its a perfect nude color I feel like it could be a little bit more covering because it’s kind of see-through and you need to do like a lot of layering but I love the color and we have my vampire is buff which is a really light nude color another one it’s from Essie this is fine million Oasis and it’s a super super light almost white Balu it looks like around calm but it’s actually lighter in person okay so on to brushes I quickly wanted to mention my favorite part shows this year first of all we have this one this is a real techniques powder brush I love to uses for my bronzer Real Techniques powder brushes are really nice you guys and then also from Real Techniques we have this one which is a concealer brush I mean I use this to set my concealer you’re not to apply my concealer and I love it it fits perfectly on them right on their eye then we have some stigma this one which is the 3d HD a kabuki brush by the way my brush should learning to use they are not clean at the moment it has like a geometrical shape and it’s perfect to fit under your cheekbones to carve out your contour and then you probably know I always use my duo fiber brush to kind of blend all my makeup together and this is this stuff makes such a difference in your makeup routine another major brush is these Sigma e-40 tapered blending brush this is just perfect to get into the crease and to blend everything out and then if you have like an outer V to do or like more precision blending then this one is great this is the Mac 217 brush and I use this to do like my outer V if I have like dark eye shadow to blend so that’s it for my Holy Grail brush it for a products I only chose true hair products because I I know I’ve switched out my hair products a lot but something I always use and it’s actually empty it’s my macadamia healing oil spray i spritz it on my hair after I come out of the shower and it makes your hair look really shiny without making it look oily and I feel like it keeps my hair healthy and then what I like to do before blow-drying my hair sometimes I use this big sexy hair Lieut pump plus I’ve had this for a long time you guys I used to apply way too much and then it would look really bad but if you apply only a tiny amount like on your roots it really gives that nice pump so this is like a mousse we should spray it on your hair before you’re styling in and perform a little drying it it can make your hair a little bit dry and tangly but I feel like that’s where you have to balance it with the act like volumizing products I feel like they always make the hair very dry and tangly if you use them too much so if you use this in the small Matt this can help wonders if you have fine hair like me okay you guys that was a before my 2015 beauty favorites Holy Grail products I feel like it was a lot I’ve actually sat here more than two hours but I feel like it’s also because my battery died like three times I have to recharge it but I was really excited to film this video or to share everything with you guys let me know what your favorite Holy Grail products are of this past year if you guys a wonderful new year I love you guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you soon bye okay you guys so this video was so long I completely forgot to talk about the giveaway but this is a product that I will be giving away the products that I will be giving away this is the spin for a perfect skin brush it’s one of the brushes I showed you guys it’s brand new I haven’t touched it yet so it’s international I’m gonna put all of the information in the description box I will announce the winner on snapchat around this weekend just took it out for you guys to show you I haven’t touched

it I haven’t done anything today I just took out the plastic it comes in this amazing gorgeous blue color I feel like this color is actually way more prettier than the ones that I have but yeah so it comes with the body brush the face brushes and stone for your feet so yeah I will announce the winner on chat check the description box below for the rules thank you for watching and good luck bye