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– My lips are dry, wait a minute Hi guys, welcome back to my channel Thank you so much for watching another video Today I’m just gonna beat my face with you guys, so yeah, if you’re new here, please subscribe to my channel, like and comment if you want more makeup videos or just more videos from me in general and for those who are returning, hi! See, I’m being consistent, I’m not going, guys, you think I’m going? I’m not going anywhere Okay, I was gonna do a voiceover but I’m not gonna do a voiceover ’cause I think it’s nicer for us to, you know I’m using my front camera and I look at myself when I record, when I should be looking here This is where the lens is, this is where I should be looking but I can’t see myself when I look over here, so I’m always looking over here Anyway, when I can afford a camera, I will get a camera First of all, I’m gonna put foundation on and I’m gonna use a powder brush from Real Techniques I’ve had this powder brush for ages, I just like how it’s applied I’m gonna be using this mirror here I’m gonna be looking into here, so do excuse me I’m gonna try and actually do it like this, can you guys? Yeah, you guys’ll be able to see, you guys can see me, don’t you worry! Okay, so I’m gonna be using the Luminous Silk foundation, Giorgio Armani, and this is in the shade 8.5 I used to love this but then I feel like it’s too light for me but I’m still gonna use it anyway because oh well Can you see, guys? Can you see it’s quite light for me? And I don’t use a lot of foundation because when you contour and highlight and put blush, you just don’t you’re adding so many different layers on to your face that you don’t actually need to put a heavy layer of foundation I haven’t used this foundation in ages My hair’s getting on my nerves, I can see that it’s already gonna be a problem and can you see it’s taken a while to blend in? And this foundation isn’t cheap It’s not a cheap foundation I think it was like, £45 or something like that Guys, my hair, I can’t, I can’t Guys, I can’t I like it down but it’s getting on my, let’s see if this pin will hold it in place Yeah we’ll leave it like that I’m now going to highlight, so what I like to do when I’m really rushing, I will use the Tarte Shape Tape concealer and this is in a Tan Sand, is it? Yeah a Tan Sand color Now I’m just gonna use this to put under my eyes So when that’s drying, I like to do my brows This is multitasking, this is how I do my makeup when I’m going out ’cause I’m always being rushed by someone I won’t say any names, he knows who he is On a normal day, I don’t actually wear a lot of makeup, I just put foundation on but since this lockdown, I feel like I don’t know how to do my makeup anymore So you’re gonna be seeing a lot more makeup videos from me, just for me to practice and if you’ve got any tips, do let me know ’cause And I actually have a video on my channel where I’m tinting my eyebrows, so do go and check that video out I hope you guys are doing well, I feel like things are getting back to normal I’m filming this video on the, I think it’s sixth of July and it’s now about nine o’clock but I was like, let me do a video I hope you’re liking my content guys, sometimes you might have a video idea and you’re like, yeah this is gonna do well and then you get 30 views and 20 of those views are yours (laughing) Oh God Guys, why am I looking here? Look here! So these are my eyebrows done Now I’m gonna highlight underneath my eyebrows using the Studio Fix concealer in a NC45, which looks like this and I’ve been using this for so many years now

and I’m gonna a flat concealer brush from Real Techniques and it’s here and I’m just gonna put a little bit under my eyes, just to highlight it and I don’t go on top When I do my makeup on camera, like, off camera I’ll be like “yep!” (shushing) And then in front of the camera, I’m like “oh I need to do this perfectly “or YouTube, they’re gonna laugh at me.” So yeah, what else can we talk about, guys? I’m not really a talker, I don’t know, I don’t like talking all the time It’s not every day talk, sometimes we’re quiet Sorry guys, I’m using a blending brush I don’t know, this was from a fashion or makeup event I think it’s IMAT, yeah I bought it from IMAT It’s not a name brand one This eyebrow is short, what do you think, guys? I don’t conceal the top of my eyebrows because I just don’t like how that looks anymore When I was younger, I was always doing that and now I just, I don’t do that So I’m gonna go in with this beauty blender and now blend the under eye concealer and if I really wanna be fast, what I do is I will quickly go in with this and this is the Nars, is it a foundation stick? This is the Nars Velvet Matte Foundation Stick in Dark Four and I will quickly go round, something just dropped, typical I’ll quickly just go in with this and I’ll contour my face So you guys can see and I just do a three Guys, when I’m rushing, I’m rushing, this is what I do This is my every day makeup, when I’m bothered obviously So I’m gonna quickly go and blend that in When I don’t let it sit, it moves around a lot and it doesn’t give me coverage I’m now gonna go in with the back of this and just end the contour bit here, so it doesn’t go all the way up and I feel like this end of the beauty blender just soaks in any excess products I’m filming – [Fiance] What have you done to your face? – I’m filming! That’s my fiance, guys – [Fiance] And how am I meant to sleep? – You can sleep soon but don’t make noise because they can hear every little thing, I’m not doing a voiceover And why’s the light off? It actually looks better, leave it like this Leave it, it actually looks better like this Please don’t make a lot of noise, please, please, please (singing in foreign language) Okay, so I’m now gonna use a brush I don’t know where this brush is Guys, I’m so bad with brushes, I never know what brush I need What brush is this, guys? Can you tell me? The Real Techniques by Sam and Nic Chapman Oh, it’s a buffing brush, it says it on the brush, duh Okay, so now that is done, I’m gonna set my face with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and it’s this one I’m not gonna go overboard with this ’cause there’s no need I’m gonna blend that in properly You, don’t you run I never get this area right, it’s either too low or too high (blowing kisses) Now I’m gonna do the other side Don’t wanna get my hair in the way This hair is so long Guys, when should I take out my hair? Do you ever ask your girlfriends that? Always like, when should I take out my hair? Or what shall I do next? So I’m gonna let the powder sit here and then what I like to do to save time is already pre-glue my, pre-glue, (laughing) I’m gonna glue my eyelashes and this is called,

I think it’s called Fluffy or Fluff Me Up or something like that So I’m just gonna glue these and let them dry, so when it comes to me putting them on, they’re already tacky So guys, I have glued my lashes, so now I’m gonna just remove the powder and I’m gonna use a powder brush Again, I don’t know the name of this particular powder brush, can I even find it? So this is the powder brush I’m gonna use, again, this is like a no-name powder brush I mean, I hope it’s a powder brush So I’m just gonna brush that all off And can you see, it just gives you that (sharp inhaling) it just gives you that (sharp inhaling) that (sharp inhaling) that (sharp inhaling) Guys, this area of my mouth is quite dark, so I’m gonna conceal that as well I’m gonna go in with a concealer that is a tad bit lighter to my skin tone and this is the NABLA, is it NABLA? NABALA, no, NABLA Don’t know if you lot can see it but I’m gonna just go in with it just here and I’m gonna let that dry for a little bit Okay, so now I’m going to, hopefully my lashes haven’t dried I’m going to put some blusher on I don’t know where my brushes are, this is so bad This is what happens when you don’t prepare for a video This is Mac Raizin, I always use this powder blush, I really love it, it just goes with every makeup look and I’m gonna use this angle brush Again, this is a no-name brand one and it’s just slanted like this and I always use a slanted-style blush brush I sometimes go ham with the blush Actually no, I’m gonna powder my face again because I feel like I look quite light, so let me powder my face again and I’m going to use the Mac Dark Deep Mineralize Skin Finish I love this powder Okay, so I’m gonna remove this concealer, well, pat this concealer in and I’m gonna use a different sponge Yeah I’m gonna go back in with the Nars Foundation Stick in the color Four and I’m going to contour my nose This is a life saver I bought this on sale, Christmas sale Just And I like to sometimes go a bit over because it acts like an eyeshadow This has another end to it, so I like to sometimes use this to blend in my nose contour but then I will go over it with this blending brush as well and the shape on this is really weird, so it doesn’t really cut in to my eyelids the way I like it to, so I have to go in again with a brush So I’m just blending that in, I hope you guys can see My lashes are probably So now I’m gonna put my lashes on, so let’s see Okay, now that my lashes are done, I’m gonna go back in with some concealer and just conceal the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow and my chin area, just to bring a bit more definition to my face and I’m gonna use the NABLA, I think I’m pronouncing it right, Close Up and this is in the Warm Honey I bought this from Beauty Bay and it smells like chocolate, it’s so nice but it just doesn’t act well as a under eye highlighter, so I just use it for areas like this where I don’t want it to be too light I’m actually not gonna go there ’cause I remember we put that other concealer on and I’m gonna just leave it there and whilst I leave it there, I’m now gonna go in with some blush It’s not every day eyeshadow, sometimes blush and foundation and concealer and contour So now I’m gonna go back in with the beauty blender and just blend out the concealer I feel like I put too much here

So I’m now gonna use the Mario Badescu Setting Spray (spraying) And I like to go ham with this Woo! I’m now gonna use the Nyx Worth The Hype Mascara, I’m just gonna use it on my bottom lashes Actually and my top Look like concealer Guys, this is annoying Okay, so now that I finished doing my eyes, I’m not gonna put any eyeshadow but I am gonna put some shimmer in my inner corner of my eyes I’ve seen so many people do this and I really like the way it looks, so I’m gonna go in with the Huda Beauty Rose, Rose Gold Pallette and I’m gonna use Blessed, which looks like that Can you guys see? I don’t know if you I don’t know if you guys can see but it just does something, you know? It just opens up your eyes a little bit Okay, so now that this is done, I’m going to then highlight the bridge of my nose and I’m gonna use the Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills in the Medium to Tan I’ve had this for so many years and it looks like this I’m gonna then go over my nose contour ’cause I feel like I rubbed a lot of it off So Just gonna use a little bit, a little bit, a little bit Then I’m gonna put some at the bottom I’m now going to line my lips with Chestnut I’ve kind of got Vaseline on my lips, which I’m gonna wipe off ’cause I hate when my lips feel moist under lipstick, I don’t know why Just gonna go on top And on the sides And then I’m going to go in with Spirit, I always Shall I wear something else? Let’s try something else I’ve got a ton of Mac lipsticks I’ve actually changed my mind and I’m gonna go in with the Too Faced Long Wear Lipstick and this color is I actually don’t know what color this is but I bought this from Sephora abroad ’cause obviously I’m from the UK And I’m just gonna use a little bit I love this nude, this is like, my favorite nude I’m gonna go back in with the liner and then I’m gonna add some lip gloss ’cause I really like lip gloss these days and this is the Nyx Butter Gloss I’m gonna put some right in the middle Actually, I’m gonna put it everywhere Okay This is it, guys This is the final look, it’s very natural, very neutral I hope you guys like it This is Jen, like when you see me in my videos, this is what I like to look like because it’s just, it’s simple but glamorous and it took 10 minutes or so, it doesn’t take long It obviously took longer ’cause I was trying to record it and everything was everywhere and I didn’t prepare and ugh

but I hope you guys liked the video If you stayed until the end, please make sure you subscribe, like and comment if you want more videos and hopefully I’ll see you on my next one Bye peeps, bye guys (blowing kiss) Hmm? Why’s it not stopping?