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Good morning plumbers, as you know we do everyday plumbing the good the bad and the ugly All what training my kids the trade This next vid, it’s continuation from an ugly crawlspace We repaired to water main while we were looking for a sewer break Couldn’t find the sewer break until we really dug deep and found another lateral that we didn’t know was there under the dirt It’s a doozy and we appreciate you guys tuning in See ‘ya inside How’s she lookin’? “Ok” “So far this pipe looks all good” I’m a little concerned with this back toilet man I’m not sure Ok we have a little twist to what’s going on, we found an additional line in the back So we’re trying to figure out where this problem is To me, we still have a sewer leak You alright? Alright folks, we determined that the sewer’s good We cannot find a broken sewer. We found an additional bathroom back and we’re just gonna make sure Yeah, let it rip Oh, George Now I know what you’re talking about I just found the Y you found Wow Alright, I thought the Y went straight off of the stack I’ll tell you what, we would never get a sewer machine up this line. We would have to clean the sewer from the back “Yeah, I think you have to pull the toilet from the back, right? Yup “For that line, that would just be that one” I didn’t even see that dude uh Tell you what, I gotta do a recon. I’m not liking what I see back there I got some plant life growing back there folks I really need to get back there and see what’s going on with the sewer I’m not out of woods yet on this one We’re gonna fix this water leak next. Can you run the washing machine with the hose in it? “Ok, it’s running now” Alright He denied the replacement, so he got the repair Now on the other hand over here, we got some plant life “You know what that’s a sign of” Silent sewer leak Georgie “What” It’s definitely broken over there. I can hear it “Right back there by- it looked like a 45 or something?” Yup Yeah, there was a broken pipe here, uh Chuck? “You know what you might have to do?” What? “What might be better, if we can cut a hole in the back” No no, we’re doing it right here. I’m telling ‘ya it’s broken right where that paper towel is. See the paper towel hanging? “I see, right up top” Yup So that’s gonna be the problem Set up the Sawzall and I’m gonna dig this up. It should be two sections between the 45, this should be it “I’m gonna need the Sawzall with the Diablo blade” The good thing is I still love plumbing! Alright *George laughs* Oh here’s our hub, alright “Is that the hub?” I got the hub, right here Oh look at that crack! Oh Georgie, we got it! “Alright”

Geez, alright, good Nah, I’m good dude. I’ll be honest with ‘ya- Chuck CB2: “Yeah?” Give me that white tarp right by the door, the entrance and go grab another blue tarp for the doorway CB2: “Got it” What’s that? “Do we have everything?” Dude, alls we need is two Fernco clamps and a Sawzall “Ok” There it is folks. We found the culprit Listen, two Ferncos, oh a tape measure, and uh- we’re gonna get the measurement here. I’m gonna make two cuts I might use the 45, I might not, I’ll let you know in a second. And I’m gonna need the other tarps I’m gonna lay that up here on the side, I’m not gonna lay in this crap That’s a big crack boys and girls Hey George, I will take that little shovel man. The little army one We’re making a cut here After the hub, this is where the crack is right here. This thing’s been cracked for a long time, Georgie First of all I wanna thank Milwaukee for all the battery operated tools under here I’m afraid we’re gonna get some back up here, dude You ready bro? “I can’t, I can’t-” Here, give it here “You get it, it’s got the nuts all the way in the back, I can’t” Oh here it is George, it’s a slot, right here That’s it This slot goes up. Alright, we’re having a learning curve down here folks with the f***ing Milwaukee saw *both laugh* Alright now it’s in, now we can lock it I think. Boy that was luck “Is it in?” It’s in. Alright, here we go Lemme get my gloves back on “Want me to go on the other side?” No, not yet dude It’s f***ing gnarly over there I need that other tarp. Hey Chuck, where’s the white tarp? The one you’re sitting on by the entrance I want that down here, ok? Here we go boys and girls Diablo baby! Ah dude This just snapped There’s so much pressure on this, that it snapped, on the good piece Snapped so I gotta dig back further, but that’s okay for now. Just got to get the other side Alright so here’s what we’re gonna do folks. We’re gonna cut on this 45, cause here’s the end of the crack Here’s the crack into this hub Ain’t got time for all the pretty pictures today boys and girls, I could tell ‘ya that right now, cause this is… What do ‘ya call this George? Alright, now At least we found it, but I knew there was a break somewhere dude

You know? “What?” I knew there was a break I didn’t think water can make that smell, you know what I’m saying? “Mhm” And then the plant life That didn’t make sense I got my brand new Sawzall down in this mess. Thank you Milwaukee I’m gonna cut it right on the hub Come on baby! Well, I’ll tell you what the fitting’s sticking in the pipe It’s in better shape “What?” The fitting’s in good shape Let me see that other blade dude, I don’t know what’s going on here I ain’t playing with this Oh there we go Come on baby! Be good to daddy right here! “Who’s your daddy!?” Who’s your daddy!? Who’s your daddy CB!? Here comes some water Ugh! “Through?” Yeah Can I roll it towards you? “Yeah” There it is “Alright, I wanna pull it out. Hold on” George, push that joker right against that wall out the way, that ain’t going nowhere “Ok hold on, I got some rock here holdin’ me up” Alright Right there’s perfect “Can you hold it up there?” Uh “Hold on let me get this-” Alright, look at that crack bro “Huh?” Think that was a small leak or what? “Let me get this rock up against it, stay where you’re at” Tell you what George, can you help me pull it? I’ll push it over that hump, it’ll stay on your side “It’ll stay there now, go ahead” Alright, it’ll work. Now- “Do we have the measurement?” Nah, I gotta re-cut that, remember? “Where’s that?” Right where you’re at “Oh, I see” It’s spilt, there were some pressure on that joker “Ok, let me dig around it” “He’s having the electrical and building and all, Thursday” Ok “So if she could get it all it’d be nice, you know?” Yeah You gotta go back like two foot Georgie “Ok, no problem” Yeah “Just wanna get there first” “I don’t know if I’m in a better position than you or what, hold on” Let’s just cut it “You want me-?” Watch your eyes Alright, go ahead “Want me to give it a try?” Yeah “I don’t know about… let me get on this side” Tell ‘ya what, let me- “If I get on this side-” No, watch this, I’m gonna just kneel in this s*** right here and get it done “Alright” Here we go. Let’s go I got it George How’s this battery looking? One battery, I need a new battery “Ok, I’ll get it off of the light, we didn’t bring any” Ugh, lay that down 61

CB! CB2: “Yeah?” 61! CB2: “61?” “6-1, yeah” CB2: “Alright” Jorge is preparing the pipe *laughs* Are we having fun yet? “How’s your end over there?” I gotta make a 360 somehow “You gotta make a what?” I gotta do a 360 Like a turtle on its back. Alright “I’m gonna take the Sawzall back and bring the bag back, how’s that?” Ok, sounds good “You wanna make sure that fits right before I take the Sawzall back?” Uh, yeah “It’s in a nice spot” Perfect, perfect cut “Perfect?” Yeah, we’re good “Just like his dad” *laughs* Yeah, just like me “Uh huh” Alright This is gonna be… This is gonna be a wrestling match dawg “And we’ll get another light here, I need batteries” Alright Now, come on now, be good to daddy “I’m gonna give you a tube of this grease I use, alright?” Yeah Oh, for caps? “It’s multi-use man” Where’s that f***ing screwdriver “Here you go, I got it right here” “Lucky you have three hands today bro” Dude “Two would’ve never made it *laughs*” Nah, I knew it was gonna be… the entrance made the job so much harder “Uh huh” You know what I’m saying? “Yup” You can’t get in here “But once you get in here you wanna stay here” Yeah “It ain’t a spot that you can run out of all the time, you know?” Yeah CB2: “There’s the bag and a cup” Alright Alright Georgie “Let me give you some light there man” Guide me on brutha “Alright, you’re in there” Should I go more? How much is on there? “I think you’re all the way. Hold on” Tighten her up “Alright, push in” Should I give it some more? Hold on “Yeah” Let’s see how much we got on there Yeah, let me give you some more “Yeah” I’d rather have more on the cast than the ABS “Mhm” There we go “Alright, looks good there” Alright Ok “Ok” Now, ugh Give me some light on the pipe “Ok” Give me some light There it is “How’s that, alright? Put it where you want” There’s a toilet bolt inside the… *chuckle* “Yeah, it’s alright, it’ll stay there. Not gonna hurt nothing” *laughs* You see it there live people, that toilet’s gotta be 50 feet away *laughs*

Let me get that joker outta there. Anybody need a toilet bolt? How ’bout that discovery? “Take your time, we’re at the end now” I know, I know Grrrrr! Phew, I gotta change positions, Jesus Christ Alright, Georgie tighten up yours “Ok, got it” Alright It’s perfect dude Alright brutha, here we go. Let’s get this joker on here. Come on! Ugh, there we go. We didn’t bring a hammer, did we? Ugh! “I’ll get one. I got one in the tray, I didn’t bring it- I mean it’s here, but I didn’t bring it in” Hold on “Want me to get it?” Nah “You sure?” Give me the screwdriver Oh there we go bro, come on! Be good to daddy right here Need the hammer George “Alright” Chuck! “And that big screwdriver” “CB!” CB2: “Yeah?” I need a hammer! “I’m coming over to get the hammer” Ah there it is Georgie, there it is! Alright, now- “It’ll work” Haha, it’ll work, haha I had somebody- First of all, let me give a shout out to my boys down in DC. He just used our favorite line Georgie. What is it? “It’ll work!” It’ll work! I gotta patent that joker! “You forgot about that job in Brigantine, how many years ago, fixin’ all them leaks?” I don’t remember “And all she heard was, ‘You may have to turn the water on and off’ ‘How’s that?’ ‘It’ll work'” *laughs* “She said ‘Please, shut up!'” *laughs* CB! CB2: “What? Fill that pedestal son, we’re ready! “Make me proud!” Make me a proud plumber! And I wanna spread the lime on our way out “Ok” Oh, here’s your hammer, I don’t need this no more “Alright” “I’ll go back and then I’ll bring the bag, alright?” Alright Here comes the flush Here it comes It just went by brother “Did it? I didn’t hear it” Chuckie! CB2: “Yeah?” One more time Fill it all the way up, ok? CB2: “Alright” Thank you I’ll get one more flush, I’ll give it some dirt around the sides Then we’ll come back with the lime, we’ll work our way out “Got it” Now I know you plumbers out there gonna wonder where CB is, but we need to get this done and he was a great support upstairs But I’ll be honest with you, he needs to be doing this And uh.. I’m supposed to go pick up a new van today I don’t know if I’m gonna have time We shall see Come on Chuckie let it rip Here it comes Good job CB! Alright let’s give it some backfill Alright let’s get the frig outta here boys Oh yeah, good That’s all you’re gettin’ right there dawg Let’s get the hell outta here Good work dude! Oh lord

I’m right here bro Alright Phew That’s it folks. I’m gonna pull these tarps out too because they’re gonna stink, you know what I mean? “Yeah, we’ll pull ’em out” We’ll pull ’em out and throw ’em out “Here, here’s the bag” Alright Ugh I ain’t got no mask either boys Oh you got it? Alright cool Some pulverized lime on all this crap on the way out Coming at ‘ya “Coming back down. There ‘ya go” I can only push it by my feet George, I can’t turn around. Alright, I’m gonna spray as we go brutha “You’re in charge of the light there” I got it “Alright” Oh yeah “I’m gonna come over your feet” Go ahead man Here, got it? Alright “Yeah, I got it” “Coming back CB! Coming back” “Is that the end of it?” Yup, oh “Coming back for more?” Who me? “Me” Uh, you’re good man “Alright?” Yup “You want me back? You alright down there?” I’m good brother. I’m backing right out, right here now Right here, right now *laughs* Matter of fact, take this white one “Alright” I’m done with that joker Who’s having fun today?! Ugh! Backin’ out! “Bring it home” Bring it home daddy! Oh, you forgot the Sawzall you goon! You forgot the artillery! “I got it” You got it? Let me get some lime over here I wanna give a special shout out to a man, Tariq “Are you gonna pull the blue one out?” I’m gonna pull ’em all out brother “Alright, stay there, I’ll stay over here” Alright Seeing your advisor, refering me to this job, I thank you brutha. I want to thank the people *laughs* “Thanks folks for watchin'” *laughs* Ah, yeah! Look at it! Alright boys and girls, coming out! Climbing out! I love it! Alright, we’re outta here As you see, everything is nice and dry. Limed up, no leaky leaky Man, what a mess And for that, I thank you and have a great weekend