UIUC COLLEGE DORM TOUR/TIPS (University of Illinois Urbana-Champiagn) 2020 | RatchetCade Relates

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UIUC COLLEGE DORM TOUR/TIPS (University of Illinois Urbana-Champiagn) 2020 | RatchetCade Relates

oh hey what’s up and see there I was just doing normal college kid things like laundry Oh Who am I kidding no college kid does laundry it smells like ass around here anyway welcome to magic it relates for another video our a tthe T you already know it’s me I’m a whoa I’m Kade buttons in my humble dorm I always see these girls doing their dorm tours and stuff and I’m like [ __ ] where the boys where the boys that so I’m gonna do a boy dorm tour now I will admit boys usually do have a way more boring or boring gir dorm but that don’t mean it’s not interesting so welcome to my humble dorm here’s my roommate let’s get right to it and welcome to my humble dorm welcome to my humble home she’s got pretty oh my stop don’t think yes [Applause] and then we get to my roommate Oh Wayne doesn’t exist I forgot so yeah this is my roommates side of the room but he left me so I live alone now isn’t she a beaut [Applause] now I know a lot of people’s biggest fear when coming to college is communal bathrooms that word haunts people that word literally all summer I was like so scared but let me just say guys first of all I’m gonna give you a tour of my communal bathroom and second of all it is not that bad at all especially coming from a germaphobe who is thinking that like I can’t share a toilet with these nasty-ass people I can’t share a shower with these nasty as people but oh my god let me just tell you especially from the University of Illinois they clean it daily they keep it really nicely stocked with soap and put the paper and all that stuff and it’s actually not that bad because if you think about it you’re only sharing it with like ten rooms and what are the chances that all 20 people are showering at the exact same time and at the exact same time I’ve never happened I usually determine take a shower I’m alone so don’t be worried I’m here to give you the inside scoop okay okay calm down geez oh my god which i think is great I guess to see the environment save the chosen everywhere dryer if this Genie has fan and caution time that’s always see region on the floor isn’t not wet so I really understand it that is more more there’s not no air coming Alec it’s so moany nothing comes out not even blowing so this is our dish sink even though people always just clog the drain with ramen noodles because college life but this is this thing I use every morning because my shower caddy only fits here it doesn’t fit on that they relate to your nose I’m what so weird about my college is even the girls bathrooms of journals I don’t know why just to remind us to be nice toilets that are being shipped in there’s always one farting and it sounds like a truck driver or like humans should not you gonna have that look at this very professional official note says don’t throw toilet paper on the floor right here the middle one because they don’t want that wall nasty you want that one s if you want this middle one they do clean the bathrooms basically every day and restocked in terms of

paper in the soap constantly which I’m so happy about so to them it’s almost burnt please don’t get myself so I always just this showers the middle shower I’m actually surprised no one is walked in yet someone shooting or peeing here like every five seconds but looks like here we have this cute little name tag that they made me a move-in day it is so cute my door was called Snyder this is what it looks like so there’s my name on it he’s 78 if you get this room at U of I literally you’re blessed okay because you are right Nick’s of stairs that are right next to the laundry room you’re binding subtraction recycling your Bendix the coldest being about in the building and right next to that is the best is bomb on a lovin it what sucks though is that you have to come here and put our trash in here and our recycling in here which most people don’t so every night I come here and I actually sort through the trash recycling just putting the cans in there the boxes in there because college kids are dumb AF and I’m an environmental freak don’t be making over to my closet you can see that there’s plenty of room for shoes I have bunch of shoes down there backpacks suitcases laundry bin there’s plenty of room for all your clothes now I know I’m a boy so you think I have less clothes but I actually was able to fit all my summer and all my winter clothes I have a drawer for all my sweatshirts and for all my pants and jeans right over here and it’s actually really nicely sized like you could probably fit a dead body in here if you want you know and yeah I’m actually I was really impressed with the size and there’s a huge there’s a huge area up here to store your stuff I got some snacks some Kleenex it goes way far back like I fit my whole suitcase back there and there’s all these really handy hooks because look I have my rub my jean jacket my sweat my jacket jacket my raincoat and my winter coat you she goes here but it’s over down my chair so I’m really impressed and I don’t used to be too worried but if you think of a lot of clothes I would just take your summer clothes for the first couple weeks and then go home and get the rest for winter or whatever but bring up a winter jacket in a couple coats no matter what because it’s gonna get colder before you think it is okay especially for coming to Illinois luckily I brought everything though we good so if we move on to the closet as you can see like I just said it is beautifully spaced I even have this giant a spot this giant ass box um so my mom and her mom group of friends are the biggest moms in the mom world so as you can expect they sent me a Halloween care package blue love your mummy how cheesy with snaps got alors we got chips we got cookies we got a belfie does my favorite we got candy and you know what I’ll be made snacks in my room so feel free to come over and get them this is working Mike more of my company comes over but that was still really nice and she also sent me he’s like really cute Halloween window things that are on there for so long but I had to take them off because I’ve been taxed ft/min mom sent me anything because as I really hours away and see them all the time but she was convinced by her mom friends because you know white moms and they’re like crap you get one so I mean good in the neighborhood some next we have bedding I gotta take back Bath and Beyond for this beautiful spread now being a boy there’s always that fear like oh I can’t be too girly it can’t be to this to that because you don’t know who made it judge you don’t people to judge you but I thought this is a really nice simplistic design and I go to University of Illinois at urbana-champaign so I love the champagne color in it if you can see that

beautiful champagne color it came with this cute the blanket it came with this really fluffy pillow came with this decorative double sided pillow which and I got this on black party three years ago and never used it and I was like oh my god it matches perfectly in yellow my favorite colors of course and incorporate yellow and gray so basically I decided to yellow and brown my colors from the room so that’s what I went with and most guys just do plaid or the little thing so I want to spice up a little bit and my options were very limited because I’m literally seeing anyone from this is like impossible because but I love it I jump on it I’m gonna use the step noticing my mom time you know this was the funny thing ever – she was examined like I’m gonna get on but um well I love about this is having your own bed you can do it everyone you can jump on it you can have your own fun you can literally sprawl your sofa you can do anything in the world because there’s no rules it’s just your own rules and I’m probably the only boy in the entire University I’m like 40,000 people that makes their bed every morning pleasing okay judging me I like it look at this so yes I do make my bed every morning but that’s completely optional trust me basically everyone I know you just walk in and they’re like it’s very another ball yes fine know anyone’s over anyway suggest V on OCD and me coming out liking it to be perfect and fixed so thanks fed Bethany on hashtag sponsor me please I wonder what I mean by you know working out my bed I would give you an example of what most people do my friends my mom shorter people they all go like this they literally can’t jump because like look if you just try and get up on it it’s like literally impossible let me look at a fish so you gotta like go to the other side room and you gotta and try not to get your head because I don’t look got a concussion way too many times come over here they give you these super handy to little shelves that are perfect for storing everything yes it looks a little messy but like no matter what you do it’s gonna look messy to be honest so you just got to put your stuff here and forget about it yeah your essentials don’t forget paper towels wipes cleaner lint roller sunscreen garbage bags I basically never used anything over here besides these fabric softener because like I mean how often do you really need that stuff and now being in a communal bathroom you definitely need your shower caddy and your shoes okay you need a shower she was you need these I’m telling you right now you need shower shoes because you do not want to put your feet on that moldy ass floor okay I just have my lotion my soap my shampoo my hair brushes my razor my mouthwash my toothbrush myself my toothpaste my more my my moisturizer my sunscreen all that stuff all that good stuff love it this is your lifeline right here now also I got my deodorant my band-aids maybe a sporran my extra stuff I got contacts Oh alcohol swabs food laundry stuff you know my contacts again hand sanitizer and honestly just keep some snacks on hand because you never known you’re hungry now also they give you these really handy big drawers and small sort of drawers so like I said my theme is yellow and gray so I have oh shoot I’m washing on my yellow towels right now but I have yellow towels and gray towels and yellow washcloths Oh miss where I keep my underwear pajamas it fits perfectly this is where I keep all my socks and ties perfect my pants all fit in here my sweatshirts all fit in here this is my miscellaneous drawer it’s really embarrassing I don’t want to open that because that’s right shove everything and you know they give us our recycling bins and our trash can be yours and we have our own a/c unit if your comedy University Illinois I highly suggest getting a room with AC I mean sometimes it can be hard to get it here a bad time slot but definitely is a lifeline the lifesaver it also ruined my relationship with my roommate that’s against the point but like I loved it so and you know I got a free room out of it so yeah you [ __ ] all right actually just got my laundry these are my beautiful yellow towels I love them also forgot to mention guys laundry here is actually free in dorms you don’t have to me anything for laundry or dryer and there’s a bunch there’s even an app that tells you which tries are available and which ones are taken so take advantage of that love it all so please please please make sure you do your laundry there are people that I know that go months without doing your laundry and they smell like absolute so I mean I do it every week you don’t have to do it that much but please do your lunch it’ll make everyone else around you so much if you look over here we have our beautiful desk you can put anything you want on the wall this is from by climate strike that I went to this is someone made of me and my best friend ratchet and punch of the ratchet like I’m sad my gear is

still out it comes in a really big drawer right here oh my god a lot of storage down here Oh everything that’s down here I’ve gotten for free at barbecues or like free events at the University hosts like every weekend so I stock up and you’re probably wondering like oh why isn’t it in the fridge right I mean here’s the microwave where’s the fridge yeah my roommate took that when he left okay he took the ragini took the fridge so I bought a new rug but I didn’t get a new fridge because I didn’t really use it that much to be honest I’ve never used my microwave and I never really used the fridge but I only eat snacks or anything in my room so if you’re gonna eat ramen and you’re gonna eat like macaroni in your room that I do suggest it but for someone like me I just really make sure you’re all stocked up on pencils and pens and scissors these come in handy like more than your dark sheep’s back cutting off tags just cutting paper or cutting posters little bit anything a notepad my scrapbook oh my god just zooming near is literally goals love it my beautiful MacBook and yeah there’s plenty of outlets but I would suggest being a power strip power cord all that stuff so here’s what all of my messy miscellaneous stuff but one thing that has been a lifesaver this winter a space heater because especially here you can’t control the heat it’s just like one September’s myth in the university does so when I’m cold this baby is sitting next to me by here you know I’ll do my homework highly suggest now over here we have this Bosch me post anime because I’m a graphic design major this decided to get out because I wasted $3.50 I’m printing it on glossy paper and then I bought this at Bed Bath & Beyond is so cute just reminds me to enjoy life and remember all my friends from back home and family because they’re really what means everything to you when it comes down to it you don’t want to forget your roots or where you came from because I’m sure you gonna go home and you can’t forget about them because they love you and all of that good stuff now lucky me I have a perfect view of the art which is the activies and Recreation Center which is the workout center it’s really nice really big this view is pretty nice because the Sun shines in and it’s really warm and also you have adjustable blinds you can open them clothes and do whatever you want when you open the blinds the rooms have really really big really good thank you guys for tuning in to my dorm tour here at University of Illinois if you get room 378 at Snyder tell me because that is crazy and you’re lucky to get Z I didn’t spot so let me know your answers thoughts if you have a beautiful bathroom to yourself in your dorm I would love to know so I can cry myself to sleep if you have any college questions ask me below comment like subscribe all that stuff because I would love to answer you back and help you remember communal bathrooms if you have it don’t be scared don’t be nervous it’s not as bad as you think everyone does it every day so if you’re going to college right now good luck I wish you so much luck in your major in your life and everything and if you’re not in college yet just be prepared to dry out of college then thanks for coming in and watching my experience I guess but don’t forget the number-one rule is to stay ratchet bye guys