3 Signs You Will Be Successful on YouTube

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3 Signs You Will Be Successful on YouTube

– In this video, I’m gonna be breaking down three signs that you will be successful on YouTube, as well as a cool trick for coming up with video ideas and titles that get views, and how to build unstoppable momentum of subscriber growth and views on your YouTube channel But, hey, if we’re just meeting, my name is Sean Cannell I’m the author of the best-selling book “YouTube Secrets”, and my passion is helping you with the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video I have been on YouTube for well over a decade now and I have interviewed along with Benji Travis, the co-founder of another channel of ours, over 100 of today’s top video creators and video influencers to learn their secrets and their strategies so I could pass that information along to you and help you succeed faster So thanks so much for being here on this video We’re gonna dive straight into the content If you’re here live, what’s up Phazzy? What’s up Mehul, Mark, Tamil? Good to see ya Hey, we’re gonna dive into this What are the signs that you’re gonna be successful on YouTube? We’re gonna get to those today But if you’re new here on Think Media, our mission is helping you build your influence with online video and social media We actually are based here in Vegas and we’re a movement of creators based in Las Vegas, reaching around the world, and we’re building a community of purpose-driven, future-focused entrepreneurs and business-minded content creators that realize we’re living through the greatest communication shift in the last 2,000 years and wanna maximize this moment in history so that ultimately we can grow our influence right We can generate income and make a living, but also so we can make a difference And so, I thank you so much for being here And in this video, we’re talking about the three signs that you will be successful on YouTube, how to build unstoppable momentum, and then this cool trick for coming up with video ideas that get views and stand out And also, I’m gonna be giving away two copies of YouTube Secrets There’s details in the YouTube description about when the contest will end All you have to do is leave a comment, answering the question of the day, and I’ll be picking out two of the best comments about that and we’ll send you out a copy of YouTube Secrets to the winners of that Hey! Three signs you will be successful on YouTube Let’s get into it Number, wait, before we get into it, hey! As we get into this, if we’re new and maybe you’ve been here for a while, in fact, let me know how long have you been a part of the Think Media community or maybe when we did first meet? Maybe over on Video Influencers Hey Mathemagix, good to see you, Alanda, let me know when we first connected But as I think about, you know, what are the skills, what are the attributes, the habits, the mindsets? What are the signs that you’ll be successful on YouTube? And we’ve had the privilege now, not just from some content on this channel but over on Video Influencers, we’ve been interviewing some of today’s top creators, we’ve been connecting with different entrepreneurs at different events and really studying the best practices as well as we’ve got to now work with thousands of creators like you that are in our communities, that are part of our courses and some of our advanced training, and so we’ve been able to identify some of these signs And I’ve been studying success and I really believe success leaves clues, and so whether that means who we’ve interviewed, or whose books we’ve read, and on that journey I’ve come up with a couple of signs that are sure-fire signs that will make or break you, when it comes to YouTube and so the first one is they start before they’re ready They start before they’re ready might seem basic and I’m talking through the seven Cs of YouTube success, this one’s based on courage They start before they’re ready What’s amazing I see a pitfall that a lot of creators fall into is they compare their beginning to somebody else’s middle And so what we see someone today now that we’re subscribing to them, now that they’re getting views, now that they’re blowing up, now that they’re business is growing, and we’re like man they’ve got a skill set, and man they’ve got intelligence, and they’ve got knowledge that they must have just been born with, and we compare ourselves when we’re starting to when they’re in their middle and that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make Behind anyone who’s now currently successful is a lot of stress, sacrifice, failure, to be honest, those short-term failures that happen over and over You’ve probably heard me say that the master fails more times than the amateur has even tried So those that have reached that, man, a lot of people that may have a successful YouTube channel, they might be like me, they have four other ones that failed, that were lessons that helped me learn the paths so I could help you go further faster And so they start before they’re ready and we’re not gonna spend too much time here, but you gotta just start You have to punch fear in the face, punch perfectionism in the face, and here’s another thing I want to challenge you with, is what I mean is they have a habit of diving in before they have all the information

You know, I heard about Amazon.com, that aggressive, hyper-growth businesses sometimes make critical decisions with lots of money on the line, with lots of resources on the line, when they have as little as 60% of the needed information You might ask Sean how can I know for sure what my future holds? You can’t How can I know for sure if I invest over 100 hours in YouTube this year, a couple hundred hours in YouTube this year, if it will pay off? You can’t know for sure but what you can know is that this is one of greatest moments in history, to be a creator What you can know is that with, there’s people that have paved the path, and so you can follow a proven framework to help you go further faster, and nothing’s for sure but you’ve gotta start before you have all the information, you’ve gotta start before you have all the confidence, you’ve gotta start before you actually have arrived at that place, and it actually kind of reminds me because sometimes you might think Sean you were like just born with a video camera and like speaking on stages? And it’s like absolutely not Of course different people have different starting DNA and proclivities and gifting or whatever, but I was like no I frikin worked bro I’ve put in the time, man, I’ve listened to communication CDs, and been involved in my local church and spoke a bunch of times real bad, and then put out a bunch of videos Your first videos are gonna be your worst videos, and even after I was on YouTube for years, I eventually uploaded a video to my Sean Cannell Channel, which I don’t do a ton on today, and I just want to play this briefly for you, just to encourage you again, start before you’re ready Check this out All right so this is I guess the first Sean Thinks Vlog and I’m gonna try to vlog every single day, mainly so I can remember what I’m even doing, and what’s going on because I just feel like I have a lot that I’m thinking about, and I figured hey why not share it And if you find something interesting, that’s awesome Now this is definitely as real as it gets, so I’m not gonna try to be energetic or entertaining, though maybe sometimes I will But anyways I tell you what man, your first videos are gonna be your worst videos, but to be honest that is one of my favorite videos Why? Because is so ridiculous “I’m not gonna try to be energetic,” by the way being energetic and being entertaining are two good things You know what I mean, like my strategy was clearly wrong with my first video, but I started and then I just kept posting, and then I just kept going, and so in our book “YouTube Secrets”, the first C of the seven Cs of YouTube success is courage You have to just step out, and courage is not something that’s just gonna pounce on you one day, that’s just gonna come from some ethereal place Courage is not the absence of fear Courage is actually saying, I’m scared, I’m worried about this and that and the haters and what my high school person might think about this, that does even know what you’re doing, and I’m worried about what other people are thinking It’s like no It’s moving forward despite the fear you already feel So punch fear in the face, punch perfectionism in the face and press record Which brings us to the second sign that you’ll be successful on YouTube after you just start, and you start and you start messy and you start ugly, is you’ve gotta start with the end in mind The creators that will be successful start with the end in mind They don’t just start randomly Now actually they probably do just start randomly, because you don’t need to have the end in mind to upload your first video You can upload your first video today You got a smart phone you can do it Shoot it, go to a Starbucks, upload it on WiFi if you don’t have WiFi, but if you’re watching this you obviously have some sort of WiFi So get your first video up, but then you need a plan You’ve gotta have, what is the end goal of you being on YouTube? What is the end thing that you want to achieve? Because having clarity is the key to organization in your life, and success and momentum Having clarity about where you want to go, because if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? And if you don’t where you’re going, listen to this, how can anybody follow you? To be honest, to be a YouTube creator is to be a leader, is to be a thought leader, is to put your ideas into the world, your voice into the world, your message into the world, and to ultimately serve other people, therefore people need to follow you and subscribe But how can anybody follow you if you don’t know where you’re going? And if you know where you’re going when I land on your YouTube channel, does it make sense? What this channel’s about? What kind of content it has? How it’s going to help me? Where you’re going so I can say okay I want to follow you Maybe I want to get in shape, okay your channel’s gonna help me get in shape, I wanna follow you oh you’re gonna help me learn about the news and current events and help me avoid all the BS, and get right to the important information?

I wanna follow that, but if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? And when I think about this I think about the difference between going in circles and going in a clear path A lot of people that are struggling on YouTube, are kind of just going in circles It’s like Albert Einstein’s quote of insanity, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result And if you feel like you’ve been stuck and going in circles maybe it ’cause you’re just wondering doing the same things Well Sean how do I get out of just the loop of circles and then on to a clearer path? Well you gotta actually, I would say, look to pioneers who have pioneered different paths Who are you studying? What are you reading? Why try to reinvent the wheel? And at some level everyone’s paths’ different because there’s different business models We teach like 10 different business models you can build on YouTube You could be an entertainer, you could be an educator, there’s a lot of different paths but guess what? There’s someone who’s written a book that has created that comedy channel, that has done that vlog, and you know what you could do, is you could reach out to them You know what you could do, is you could start a podcast and start talking to all of the people and they’re not all gonna say yes, well reach out to 100, 10 will, and talk to all of the people doing what you want to do, and they could say hey oh no no no don’t do that, that caused me to go in a circle for two years, do this instead, and that’s gonna save you time Your goal is to compress decades into days because there are people, I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the books I’ve read that are all behind me on this shelf and over 2,000 in my house, for the conferences I’ve attended, to the YouTube videos I’ve watched, to the podcasts I’ve listened to, to say I want the short-cut, I want the clear path I don’t just want to wander in circles If someone has already spent 10 years wandering, 15, 20 years wandering, and they know how I can speed up, not make it overnight, but just go faster, avoid the pitfalls, avoid this thing over here The best investment you can make is investing in yourself, your skills, your learning, and ultimately making a decision to start with the end in mind and then be fierce about pursuing clarity for your YouTube channel So we’re talking about what are three signs that you’ll be successful on YouTube The first is one is you’re gonna start before your ready, you have that courage, because if you never start you can never succeed The second one is starting with the end in mind If there’s no clarity then there’s only gonna be confusion, and there’s no way you can win online if you’re confused your followers are definitely gonna be confused You gotta push for massive clarity Hey if you’re getting value can you smash like of this video we’ve got another tip, and actually, in just a second I’ve got a cool way to come up with video ideas, that bonus strategy I told you about, and so hey if you’re getting value, smash like Super pumped to be hanging out with you all Joshua good to see ya, Pat, Coffee with Kayla, let me know what you’re thinking about this content, and number three they commit to the process This is the consistency C that we talk about in “YouTube Secrets” They commit to the process There’s five reasons why consistency is so important in YouTube that we’re gonna get to, but a sign you’re gonna be successful on YouTube, is a commitment to the process A commitment to the process It’s knowing at the beginning there’s actually a verse by Jesus that says hey if you’re gonna build a tower He actually says this, “Nobody builds a tower without counting the cost first,” because you might start the project and then run out of money before you can complete it So it’s like if this tower, If you’re gonna build a house, it’s gonna cost $100,000, and you don’t have the money, you wouldn’t just start and be like oh shoot we ran out at 60,000 There’s no roof, whatever we’ll just live here So there’s something about a mindset shift that show me, ’cause I’ve now got to connect with so many in the Think Media community and so many in our Video Ranking Academy community, and all these different people, I’ve got to connect with so many people, and I can tell if someone has kind of a, just kind of a dabbling mindset versus the people that have a dominating mindset, and it’s just a mindset, it’s a decision, it’s like a switch to say you know what, I’m gonna stop playing safe I’m not just have this be a hobby anymore And it’s fine if it is a hobby, I’m not trying to tell you to do anything, but if you just want to have fun on YouTube, then you should, but this channel and especially who we know we can serve the most, are those people that are serious The people that know I’m moving out of a dabbling mindset and I want to start dominating, and I’m gonna commit to the process If you research starting a small business for example, it’s well known knowledge that you invest money in a business and it won’t be profitable for two to three years It won’t be profitable for 24 to 36 months So what that means that when a couple gets a dream

to start a local business, when an individual gets a dream to launch a business on Etsy and starts selling some of their artwork, when someone wants to start doing any kind of entrepreneurial endeavor, going into it you know if when you make that decision that I’m gonna have to put my blood, sweat, tears, into this project and then I might not see the profit for years to come This is common knowledge That’s just like the cost of entry, the success tax, for getting honestly into anything significant, it’s gonna take time But what happens is when we’re just kind of in a dabbling mindset, we post a video here, we let ourselves get talked out of it here We know we have, I’m empathetic, but we know because we’ve got school and we have all these other things, YouTube’s not really a priority, but the problem is if you’re not showing up consistently and committing to being consistent when it’s hard and when it costs you, and when it feels like it’s uphill, and when honestly it’s harder than it ever will be, to be honest, because you’re doing 14 things and trying to build a side hustle But if you don’t stay committed, then you’re never gonna get that momentum So I want to encourage you A sign of those who are gonna be successful on YouTube, but someone that said, I’m not just dabbling anymore This isn’t just a hobby I’m turning pro And that’s actually a book I really loved to recommend by Steven Pressfield, its call “Turning Pro” and it’s choosing to finally say I’m gonna take responsibility for my art, my message, my voice, my channel, and I’m gonna go all in on this thing Thank you so much Trevor for that super chat and thank you Book of Alpha for the super chat as well Appreciate it And so stop dabbling and start dominating And here’s why consistency is so important and why this is such a sign of success, and I’ll share that title and video idea hack in just a second The first one is that consistency builds confidence Consistency builds confidence You might say, “Sean how do I get confidence?” You actually don’t get it sitting on the couch You don’t get confidence, really reading about it, that can help You get confidence from taking action and psychology has revealed for us what’s called the confidence competence loop, that when you step out, and you put out a bad video like I did, then you go well at least I got a video out, and you might feel embarrassed about it for a second, but then you’re like wow I got a video done I actually put something out And then you get your second video out, and then after a year if you put a video out a week, you’re like I have 52 videos out man That’s more videos than my neighbors That’s more videos than my lazy cousin That’s more videos Even if you’re not getting views, you’re putting in the work So confidence is like a muscle, it grows over time But how it grows is a little bit of information, but a lot more of action By taking massive and perfect action you start saying man I’ve got something to show for this Now I’ve got 100 subscribers, man Now I’ve got 200 subscribers That momentum builds up your confidence just like going to the gym and lifting weights would build muscles The second thing is it does build you competence I put out, I hope, decent videos today Because I put a lot of videos that were really bad out, in the past I now know that I’ve done over 2,000 videos for myself, for clients, for my church, edited, exported, uploaded, accidentally had the computer crash, forgot to save, forgot to have the mic on, whoops shot again I’ve put in some time and so my competence, my skill level grew because I was passionate about mastery and studying the greats and success leaves clues, and I was passionate about taking massive action So this is what I want to encourage you I think that we need to just plant a flag and say if you’re going to be move from dabbling into dominating, you’ve got to upload a video a week Let me call you out You’ve gotta upload at least one video a week You’ve gotta commit to that, ’cause that is, you need confidence so you’re like but Sean I need the confidence That’s how you’re gonna get the confidence, because you’re gonna say I, you’ll have inner integrity that says I committed to something, I followed through with it, and guess what? If you then go ah I missed a Tuesday, and your videos always come out on Tuesday, but then you just jump right back on the horse and you’re on it Who cares if you miss a week, we’re talking about macro consistency If your goal’s to do a video a week, and at the end of this year you only upload 48 videos and not 52, frikin’ pop the bottle and get the yacht and fly the, what am I even saying? Celebrate it man Just go crazy, but you have to take action, and that’s why consistency is so important When you commit to being consistent on YouTube, the first thing it’s gonna do, it’s not gonna get you views, it’s probably not gonna have growth happen, you’re in a season of growing your confidence

You wanna actually use your season, when you’re not getting views, to prepare you for the season when you are Use your season in obscurity to prepare you for popularity So when you’re consistent and you commit to posting a video a week, consistently sharing that video on social media, building up your skillsets, that’s gonna grow your confidence, that’s gonna grow you competence, it’s also gonna grow trust It’s gonna grow trust with your audience The only way you can be trustworthy, is if you ultimately are a man or a woman of your word True right? ‘Cause if you say something and you don’t do it, it’s like you’ve got that friend who’s like “Yeah man you’re moving this weekend, “I’m gonna come help you.” And then you text them that morning and for some reason “Oh my phone broke.” Well dude you knew I was still moving man But if someone says they’re gonna do something, and then they do it, that’s how you actually build a brand of trust and integrity and a reputation, that’s the key to success in any kind of business or endeavor If I pay money at Chipotle today and I order that extra guacamole, I want to get my burrito, my guacamole and my chips, to dip all the stuff that fell out of the burrito, it’s kinda like the second meal right after that first meal, let me know if you can an amen to that one and you love that Chipotle Okay what are we even talking about? Trust So we want to be followed online We want people to watch our content, like our content, know we’re good for it We want to be known for something, but if you’re not showing up regularly, it’ll never build that trust When you become predictable, you’re starting to get closer to momentum on YouTube Here’s what I mean When someones like oh that’s the guy These days people are like oh that’s the guy that talks about video, oh that’s the guy who helped me find my camera, oh that’s the guy Who are you that’s the guy or that’s the girl Who are you oh that’s the, that’s that homeschool channel that’s really helpful Oh that’s that channel that helps my with my nomadic lifestyle and helps me covert my RV bus That’s the channel that helps me with my taxes Oh that’s were I get me new Oh that’s the But the only way you can become known and trusted is if you’re consistently repeating something specific By the way if you’re talking about 100 different topics, and we always talk about the power of focus, and having a niche and clarity, then I don’t know even who you are One day you were talking about this, and one day you were talking about that, and I’m like oh she’s kinda like a personal development person that’s sort of about beauty and is now into keto, and apparently she’s vegan too, and she’s helping people manifest their dreams, and there’s different things like that that could work, but if you confuse, you lose And if you want to build momentum in a brand, you gotta keep showing up consistently The forth thing is your brand My belief is that a brand is built strongest, not by a website, dude my website kinda sucks, maybe my brand does too, but your brand becomes strongest by content that’s consistent That what you do is you say okay this is what I’m talking about And then what you do is you keep talking about it, and then after a year or two people go oh that’s the person that talks about that thing all the time and that’s when you’ve done it Now you’re the brand You’re like oh that’s the person, you know what I mean? By that repetition of a clear and concise message and so now that I’ve been doing this for a couple of years the best tips and tools for building your influence is online video Video influencers is aligned Help you build your influence and coming in pack with online video If you come here you’re gonna get video I’m not gonna help your chess game get better I’m not gonna help your chest game get better, ’cause I don’t got the muscles and I don’t go the strategy on the chess board, but I’m gonna help you grow your YouTube channel I’m gonna help you build the business around being a content creator I’m gonna help learn to affiliate marketing, how to create multiple streams of income, how to learn your camera, how to find the best tools So I found my niche, that’s not what we’re talking about today, we have content on that, and that’s what you need to do, and you build a brand because guess what? After 100 videos of a consistent message, trust me, you’ll have some momentum in your brand But let me tell you this, if you went and spent $10,000 on the perfect website and the perfect photo shoot and the perfect whatever, dude that’s not gonna matter man Because when you start putting out content that gets an end result for people that’s what builds a, I don’t care about your website, Lisa, sorry I just made that up But I don’t care But when I start seeing your videos like oh man that guy just keeps popping up in my feed She keeps popping up in my feed with that consistent message oh I’m starting to recognize her for that I know her for that So build your brand Five reasons why consistency is so important on YouTube is it builds confidence It’ll build your competence, your skills,

your mastery, your abilities It’ll build trust You want to have a predictable interaction with your audience and over time they begin to trust you and know you for something, and it will build your brand But the fifth thing it will build is momentum And this of course is just the fact that you can trigger the YouTube algorithm, and a couple of reasons why it will build momentum, YouTube does want consistent content And too often, I’m gonna call you out again, when I do channel reviews on Think Media, when I see people in our community, they’ll ask you a question about YouTube, “Sean can you help me get more views?” First thing I do, they’ll ask in a YouTube comment, I click through I read our comments, I read all of them I go through, I can’t necessarily respond to all, and eventually, I probably don’t read all of them on older videos, but in a window of time on the newest videos, I’m reading and I’m seeing so then someone says, “Hey can you help me get views?” Click through It’s been six months They have four videos One five months ago, one two months ago, one a couple of days ago, about five different things Why? Because in a sign you’ll be successful? It’s not if you’re just chaotic and everywhere, but you’re clear and going in one direction, so then I’m like okay so you’re not actually posting consistently and you’re not posting with any clarity Tip number one and two is do this before you even want the advanced stuff Look, you can go deep with us in our business, we’ve got some advanced, we just finished recording the YouTube Hyper-Growth Blueprint This thing is insane I shouldn’t even be telling you about it It’s the most proud accomplishment I’ve ever made so far, as far as how good I feel about the training and the content but to be honest most of you probably shouldn’t even watch it yet Because if you aren’t doing courage, clarity, and consistency yet, then don’t start looking for some other tip Maybe you need to even turn this video off and do courage, consistency with some clarity first because then, look, we’ll help you tweak that thing We’ll help you scale and add gasoline to the momentum you build by taking action But the reason consistency is so important is you’re gonna trigger the YouTube algorithm, and there’s a compound effect When you put out consistent videos, maybe they’re just like getting 100 views, wherever you’re at, 1,000 views, 1,000 views but when you’re consistent is your greatest opportunity for a viral breakout I’ve just committed a consistency here on Think Media I never knew what would blow up, what wouldn’t I’m mean I guess I actually have known and I’ve been very intentional, but I guess I never was putting all of my ducks in one basket, all my eggs in one basket I was like look I just need to get consistent videos out A couple years ago put out a video called How to get free stuff on Amazon, it got three million views So weird like I didn’t even know that’d be the one But what did I know? That I was always gonna do my research before I press record I was always gonna be strategic I was always gonna hope and pray for a viral video, but I wasn’t gonna stop there I was gonna roll up my sleeves and get to work right after that and just keep posting consistent videos, and by doing that I’ve had momentum And some videos blow up and get 50 K, these are our numbers these days, and some might get a hundred, and some might are hitting 500, some hit a million right now, and some hit 2,000, but I’m just committed to consistency And so a sign you’ll be successful on YouTube is being committed to the process and being committed to being consistent Remember overnight success never happens overnight So I’ve got that bonus strategy for you in just a second If you wanna win a copy of YouTube Secrets, just leave a comment answering the question of the day That will be available when the video’s on replay because the live chat gets locked down, so come back to do that If you’ve actually already invested in YouTube Secrets, whether the ebook, the audio book’s out now, or the physical book and you’ve never heard about the bonuses we have, like maybe you’ve already got the book and you didn’t hear that we have over $100 of bonuses including a free action guide that will help you get massive clarity You might right now be like well Sean, I want that boost of courage, I do want to figure out my clarity, but I don’t know my niche, I’m not actually sure what I should talk about, or I’m not sure There’s 46 different things, this action guide will help you It is like a multi-page you can print it out or just use it to trigger questions for you or whatever, but that free action guide, it’s all free if you’ve picked up a copy of the book, ebook, audio book, whatever, as well as some advanced training, an hour long video you get you get with that TubeSecretsBook.com to claim your bonuses And so check that out But hey, check out this bonus YouTube strategy that answers these questions Here’s some questions that people have that makes sense What videos should I make? What topics will be popular? And then also, what videos have the most potential to get views? Good questions, yeah

And so, if you think about, like, what videos should you be putting out there into the world, what videos have the potential to get the most views And so, here’s just a quick power tip that you could apply Four steps for quickly and easily coming up with strong video ideas and titles Number one is identify a growing channel in your niche or an adjacent niche Okay, so, number one is identify a channel related to, what’s niche mean? In America it’s niche people say, and people, it is niche technically Identify a growing channel in your niche, or in an adjacent niche So, if I’m just starting, and I’m talking about gardening, I wanna go look at what channels are growing talking about gardening or similar things that I’m talking about Now you also might say, if I mean like, let’s say home gardening, or floral arrangements around my home, I actually might go look at a wedding channel because they might have topics related to mine as well So for me, I could look at other peers of mine and some of my friends like Sunny, or you know, Roberto, or Tim, or Darrell, or Owen, or you know these guys, and I could look at the topic they’re hitting as I should, and see what’s, you know, or if they’re growing, I could look at their channels But I also look at like entrepreneur channels and of course business channels, because that’s also for us But even adjacent, shoot, I’ll look at channels in personal development, even traditional YouTube channels So first of all just identify a growing channel that’s related to yours, okay? Number two is go to their videos page on YouTube Their videos page on YouTube Number three is you wanna sort by most popular, and then number four, look for smart video and title ideas So let me show you how I did this today for this very video So this video is called Three Signs You’ll Be Successful on YouTube And I was running this morning trying to come up with a video idea, this is a tip, you could see it in action as you’re watching this video, right? So first of all I went to Google and I looked up some of the people I like to study, studying headlines And I was like, how can I communicate what I want to communicate with the Think Media community today, how should I package this presentation? How should I title it? And so then I went on YouTube and the first channel, it was lucky, it was the first channel I thought of but I was like, I wonder what Valuetainment, let me go to Valuetainment, a highly-recommended channel for building a business, I love Patrick Bet-David, great content And so went to his videos, and this is the tip, right? So this is like an adjacent channel I talk really about video, and building influence with video but you’ll learn too that if we go into business and entrepreneurship, they’re pure entrepreneurship and business building So then I would come over here and I’d say, put an order of most popular Most popular What have I done here? Now, we know they’re a proven channel, we know they’re a growing channel, and we know these are the most popular videos now on their video page So now what I’m gonna look for is the video ideas that stood out the most that got the most views, because if these videos are proven to work on someone who has a larger channel, then the topic, the subject matter, and the title has, at some level, proven to work Follow my logic here? So you can then immediately see what happened was then I was like okay boom, first, second video that is their most popular, two years old 7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful Welcome to my video called Three Signs You Are Going To Be Successful On YouTube So see what I did there? Is, you know, you might be saying, well, you’re like, ripping him off Well, it’s an entirely different video Dude, nothing new is under the sun Steve Jobs said, quoting Pablo Picasso, “Good artists copy “Great artists steal.” Right? And so, I think you gotta give credit and whatever, but like, it just, what I used was I kind of used it as an angle I knew that it was proven because I saw it here, kind of catchy And so I got a title idea, I got kind of a topic idea of how I was gonna arrange this, but then I pulled it into my own niche Obviously a completely different video He’s talking about like life and business period And I’m talking about three signs you’re gonna be successful on YouTube So that’s just a quick way you could go kind of pull some inspiration, think about how you could look through people’s videos and then be like, so, 12 mistakes I made on my first year as an entrepreneur, I just got another idea Two weeks from now I might be like, seven mistakes I made my first year as a YouTuber Wait for it You know what I’m saying? Like that’s probably, and that’s just another one I just saw So I hope that serves you just as a way, of course, always, you know, don’t just exactly copy, but get inspired Success leaves clues And what’s cool about YouTube is it’s like a database of what’s working, what’s not working So, you don’t wanna just create content in a bubble without looking outside of it Think about how you can actually create content

that’s been proven to work If you enjoy that tip, smash like, you can screenshot these tips because I’m moving on That’s the four steps for quickly and easily coming up with strong video ideas and titles And that took me minutes, right? So it’s like a fast kind of a cool way to do that Remember this, Zig Ziglar says, “You don’t have to be great “to start, but you have to start to be great.” In the book, first C is courage We shared a lot of value in this If you’ve got value, tell me in the comments But you gotta start If you haven’t started, get your first video up this week, and if you wanna check out some additional value, the YouTube Secrets, it’s kind of a big announcement This is our launch week for YouTube Secrets, the audiobook And that’s out now And what’s actually cool is if you don’t have an Audible account, you can get YouTube Secret for free if you just sign up for a free 30-day trial on Audible you can download it to get all the details, just got to TubeSecretsAudio.com, and that will serve ya and help ya there But I wanna say thanks so much for being here on the live training Thanks for the feedback I see people saying they got value Proline, thanks for picking up the book Jason, thanks, I’m glad this was valuable Honey, thanks for being here Simple Woodworking, really appreciate you Yeah, if you wanna check out Tube Secrets audio book check that out, and then I’m gonna do the question of the day, I’ll give away two copies of the book You can see the terms or when it ends in the YouTube description, and so all you gotta do is answer the question of the day in the real comments of this video once the replay is up Which is, how many videos have you uploaded on YouTube? How many videos have you uploaded on YouTube so far? Let me know in the comments And subscribe if you’re not subscribed And if you wanna check out a video on our whole playlist on how to start and grow on YouTube, click or tap the screen right there, if you wanna watch another video, click or tap the screen right there Remember this channel’s all about helping you with the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon