a date with myself at home: among us, blanket fort, painting, self-care (& a yesstyle giveaway)

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a date with myself at home: among us, blanket fort, painting, self-care (& a yesstyle giveaway)

oof, my room is kinda messy, we’ll take care of that later hello my friends it’s nina 🙂 today is actually a pretty cloudy day there’s just big fluffy clouds everywhere and today’s also the first day of actual sweater weather for the last month or two it’s been 80 degrees fahrenheit then before that it was like 100 so finally we have entered the 60s that is pretty cold for me, for where i live i’m so excited i can finally wear a sweater today’s going to be basically a chill day i don’t really have actual plans except for being my own best friend i’m basically going to take myself on an indoor date at home for myself because self care and self love so i think the first thing i’m going to do to treat myself is not put on makeup i was considering putting on makeup but honestly it’s 1:30pm i don’t feel like doing that i think i’m just going to put on a lip color where’s my mirror i know i have a giant mirror but i also do have a smaller makeup mirror i’m just going to put on a little lip color and call it a day with my makeup this is a day for myself for me myself and i and i say no makeup today i love putting on makeup but honestly it’s kinda late today i’m gonna tie my hair up so it’s out of the way this is going to be a chill day in my life as i do what i like this morning i had breakfast and then i watched a kdrama today i started watching start-up which is a new kdrama a lot of people i know are watching it so i kinda wanna be in the know i didn’t expect the first episode to be so sad but then i should also realize by now usually the first episode’s gonna make me cry ugh kdrama first episodes are always so sad ugh the tears are still falling, ugh so that was fun i haven’t watched a kdrama in a very long time just because i’m focused more on other things i’m watching youtube, i’m scrolling through tiktok but i did get back into kdramas and i might watch some more later on i also recently got back into reading i love reading i used to read a lot more back in the day but i found other distractions so i haven’t really found the time to read books even though i buy a lot of books and i just keep them on a shelf but yesterday i was just sitting in bed reading a book i finished an entire book in one night i didn’t think i was capable of doing that it usually takes me a few days to read a book maybe even weeks sometimes years sometimes i’ll pick up a book, read it, then forget about it for a year but i’ll actually show you the book i was reading so i just finished reading almond by sohn wonpyung this is the english translation, the original is in korean but i read this all last night, one sitting technically i finished 50 pages the last few days and then read 200 more pages yesterday but this book was interesting, sometimes it gets intense but i tend to read books like that i don’t wanna spoil anything so i won’t talk too much about it but i literally just couldn’t put the book down so that was fun to do and yes indeed this book was the book namjoon and yoongi read in bts in the soop this is just the english translation what else have i been doing recently? hello my friends, i’m going to be playing among us with my friends i’m excited but also nervous because i’ve played this game a couple times i’m not the best at it i’ve been an imposter 2 times the first time i lost then the second time i won because it wasn’t a really hard game i am currently waiting for 8 o clock we decided to schedule it at 8pm pst so i’m playing with amanda, jo, elliot, ashley, jennifer, and there should be more people depending on if they get in the discord chat i’m excited i’m also kinda tired it’s 8:22, oh wait no it’s 7:22 for me, daylight savings i’m so confused, wait wait what time is it,,, it’s 7 then it’s gonna be 8 i got scared for a second i have to change the time on one of my clocks i’m just gonna watch youtube videos until 8 o clock and see how this goes hopefully i don’t get imposter, i actually like playing a crewmate being an imposter kinda stresses me out i like being a crewmate and just trying to find the imposter i think that’s more fun we are playing in 7 minutes, i’m excited and scared hopefully if i do get imposter i will be a good one some of my friends are streaming on twitch i don’t have a twitch so i literally can’t see how the game’s going except for on my phone i will get to talk to them in the voice chat on discord but other than that i can’t see anything else so i’ll just be here, by myself letting the game go and then i have a headset just to see if the audio will sound good hopefully this works, maybe i should test this out now there’s a lot to do i don’t know if i could be a twitch streamer it seems like a lot of work even just doing this is a lot of work do i look like a gamer ok i’m gonna check my settings hopefully i don’t accidentally join the voice chat i can’t hear myself it works well, i’m testing my mic hopefully i don’t scream or anything during this game

it’s 8 o clock now ok here we go ahhh hello huh wait wait oh sorry can you hear me? this is nina, can you guys hear me am i talking to anyone ok hi am i super loud ok so am i good should we do the first one? like the easy one wait i’m gonna change my thing i’m a tomato i’m on mute no one reported my dead body how dare they now i’m just hearing it i hear you ashley 😉 ok so i didn’t record any of that it was very chaotic that i couldn’t focus on filming and playing the game so i didn’t film any of it but it was a lot of fun, it was,, intense i was imposter way too many times and i was also dead first a lot of the times but it’s okay i was happy to help i didn’t mind being a ghost i just did my tasks, did what i needed to do tried to get my team to win but then when i was playing imposter,, ooh i was basically just running around, not really doing anything doing the wrong fake tasks apparently but overall that was fun, it was a fun experience and yea, that was that i’m gonna go to sleep now, bye anywho i think i’m first gonna clean up so i can be in a clean space something i like to do so i can feel better is clean up my space it’s the most immediate thing i can do so i can feel instantly a little better so let’s do that together also from time to time it’s gonna get bright and then dark, bright and then dark because it’s cloudy today the clouds are so cute they’re moving very slowly across the sky sometimes i like to follow a cloud and just watch it go sigh, the miracle of nature time to clean up i also recently got a little speaker i got myself a little speaker kinda like an early birthday gift i never talk about my birthday but it’s coming so birthday gift i’m gonna just play some nice tunes while i clean up yay, what should i listen to i think i’m gonna play, oof i don’t know what to play i’ll play my bts feel good playlist, that’s what we’ll play time to clean i’m currently on my floor and i am wondering if i should make a blanket fort i literally haven’t made one since i was a kid i’m not really sure how i’m going to go about making one but i think that’ll be fun that’s a fun thing for me to do i think i’m gonna try it you know, i’m gonna try it i have these tripod stands if you see them right here this is just one of my lights for my videos then i have my regular tripod i’m gonna attempt to make a blanket fort. let’s do this i never really sit here i went to look for a sheet i found a sheet and i also found a hairband because why not, i think it’s cute how adorable i have succeeded in building my blanket fort this is my house i haven’t made a blanket fort in probably 10 years or something this took longer than i thought to make but it exceeded my expectations it’s actually so cozy in here, i’ll bring you in a little closer so here’s our little situation got a nice comfy ground i layered a quilt and then a sheet

so i got two layers here got some pillows all around me i got my galaxy night light projector here and then i strung up my led lights and then i have my tripods all around me to keep this fort up and here are the lights i think this will look cooler at night but this is my view this is a great way to treat yourself i have built my blanket fort, now i have a bowl of fruit got some persimmons, got grapes and then i have chamoe, or korean melon i got hungry here you can take a nap, read a book you can watch some movies some k dramas, paint you can do anything you want bless me so the night is quickly approaching it’s only 4pm but because it is almost winter the sun goes down way faster i think next for our little indoor date i’m going to paint i’m going to paint something very easy this is mostly going to be about color and the satisfaction of painting on a canvas i like the feeling of paint, especially acrylic paint i think it’s satisfying and relaxing to smear acrylic paint on a canvas so that’s what i’m going to be doing i’m going to paint a nice sunset it’s literally going to be the easiest thing to paint but i’m excited so that’s what we’re going to do soon but i think i’m going to end the night with dinner and a face mask and some kdramas while i sit on my bed i’m gonna take this down because i do like sleeping on my bed and i do like watching tv from my tv but i am going to have to clean this up soon it was really cozy though especially since it’s getting colder in preparation for tonight i wanna pick out a face mask or maybe another product i got sent this advent calendar from yesstyle it’s their jet set glow advent calendar i got this a few weeks ago and while this video’s not sponsored i am going to host a giveaway basically the person i work with at yesstyle reserved 2 of these advent calendars these are not sold anymore so i still have some so i’m going to give those away to 2 winners i will leave the rules somewhere, maybe in this video but it’s going to be on instagram i just thought this would be a fun little surprise/gift for some of you so if you wanna participate in the giveaway and get this advent calendar, the rules will be somewhere this isn’t sponsored but i was able to reserve 2 advent calendars so good luck to the 2 who get this i need to choose a face mask for tonight by the way this is my advent calendar, you’re going to get a brand new one, don’t worry i’m just going to see where the face masks are i think it’s this one hydrogel eye and cheek patch, ooh that’s cute maybe this one i can also show you the other products in this advent calendar i’m kinda going out of order actually i’ll go by order i think it’ll be more fun number 1 we have a cleansing balm i think the products in here also make good gifts for your friends, your family, your loved ones this is a fig cleansing balm i’ll actually show you the entire thing 2 we’ve got a rose infusion cream cleanser this is all eye and cheek patches 4 is right here, aw cute yes i’m assuming this is an eye shadow palette, it’s from romand 5 right here cell energy mask formula what’s this, ooh yes klairs watery oil drop it’s a serum ooh this is cute, what is this, i think it’s a lip product this is so pretty it’s from moonshot and this is a black tea eye cream a foot peeling mask if you need to peel your feet it is a medicica calming cream from skin&lab ooh this is an eye glitter this is an eye glitter, a brown orange color collagen curling mascara this is from wishtrend, it is a clean gel got some pimple patches black snail restore serum this is a purefit cica powder 17 we have a brightening sleeping mask we ‘ve got a lipstick a nice cool dark red it’s like a berry red berry jelly? what does that mean this is from i’m meme omg the cutest little lip jelly ooh hyaluronic acid water essence this is a spot magic powder we’ve got a mask, this is a probiotic relief mask i think i’m going to use this tonight primer for your makeup 24 where are you. the big one, i think i opened this already yes, this is a contour lookbook, it’s got some contours on it

and that is the advent calendar if you wanna get it for yourself i will have the rules in the description and somewhere in this video and i’ll see you on instagram for that giveaway also thank you to yesstyle for sending me this, it was a pleasant gift but now i think i’m going to- aHH ooh i need to look at the sunset i’m going to go admire the sky for a second and then we’re going to paint i forgot about my cup of tea oh no ah delicious the sky is so pretty the world is pretty right now i tried to go a little abstract with this one