Cruise Gifts For Him, Her and Kids

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Cruise Gifts For Him, Her and Kids

hey cruisers whoo we made it it is day what 18 day 18 of Vlogtoberfest whoo so excited tonight we are talking about gifts for her gifts for him and gifts for kids and teens and we’ve created a fun little shopping list for you amazon united states that mr. cruisetipstv has already linked to in the description but we can pop it here in the chat for you if you want to follow along and watch and look at the shop while we talk you’re welcome to do that it’s forward slash is that a forward slash or a back slash forward slash okay it’s it’s in the chat if you want to watch what I’m gonna tell you all about tonight you can do that we’re gonna start by talking about gifts for her and then we’re gonna move on to gifts for him and then kids so go to that link and look at the gifts for her first and that’s where we’re gonna start talking about all these fun things so it’s so good to see all of you thank you so much for your understanding about our reschedule for those of you who have been fully alerted on this situation tonight my mom is totally fine everything is totally fine my mom was taking the train to come visit us which is already a very long day for her and about midway through the trip they had an accident on the train where they hit someone that was in the tracks the person survived miraculously they were with another person in a tunnel which sounds a little bit sketchy to me but the person was life-flighted they survived however it created a three-hour delay for my mom and her train had to be reversed out of this tunnel and they had to take her to another train and it was just a very long day so I couldn’t come home until I picked her up and made my long commute home and that is why we’re an hour late I am still in my work clothes I freshened up my powder on my face really quick and the lipgloss grabbed a nice hot cup of chamomile lavender tea because it’s been a long one and we’re in it to win it friends let’s have some fun tonight it’s wonderful to see all of your faces thank you all for the well wishes over the last few hours we’ve kind of been keeping each other all posted on social media and really a really appreciate all of you so kalsa I have no idea how anyone gets hit by a train normally I will say that unfortunately it is generally intentional in California with Amtrak usually it’s people stepping on the tracks to end their life sadly and this time it just doesn’t seem like that was the case there was something kind of found a funky going on I’m sure that it’s going to come out in the news but we certainly hope that the person survives and that everything is okay Thank You Cindy I feel like it’s been a very long day and I really want to change out of my clothes we just didn’t have time for that so let’s talk shopping everybody so for those of you who want to follow along we’re gonna start in the gifts for her store so when you’re on our Amazon store click on gifts for her and you’re gonna see all the items that I’m going to tell you about that we think would make fun gifts in that little store I’m so sorry those of you who are from Canada and the United me and Australia and the UK we can’t create a shop for you yet on Amazon we want to but Amazon just doesn’t have that set up for us yet so really sorry about that if you have Amazon Prime most of the items in the store tonight are prime not all of them but a very very good portion of them are so one of the first things that we have in our store is a hat it is all the way down at the bottom and it’s a kind of a floppy straw hat that says do not disturb and I think that would make such a cute gift so if all of you see that let me know what you think about it then one of the next gifts we have is actually a Klean Kanteen insulated mug I actually owned the mug that you see in the store here in a light pink color the one that you see in the store is teal because I prefer the teal color I just bought the pink because it was on sale at Target but it’s wonderful for cold and hot beverages particularly for coffee it is my everyday commuter mug and I do love it for cruises for taking my husband his hot coffee in the morning so I think it’s a wonderful gift I put it in the gifts for her but it could absolutely be for anyone it’s just sometimes it’s hard to categorize things you know these gifts could be for anybody the next thing in the store is a ravpower 4 port USB charger white in the ladies store we put the white model in it’s very pretty and it’s an excellent deal it’s only $20 and instead of taking extension cords or you know power strips most people these days are just taking USB charging hubs because most of the things we need to charge are USB and so I think that’s a wonderful gift for just about anyone so I threw it in the women’s store as well then we have a funny thing that I put in

the store you guys can laugh at me but I put a set of carabiners in the women’s store because I think carabiners are one of the best things that you can take on a cruise there obviously if you don’t know what they are there are these those little things that you see they’re like they’re hooks that you can hook on to anything so if you have a water bottle with a hook on top of it you could put the carabiner through it and then you can attach it to your belt or your backpack or whatever you might want to attach it to so that’s another item that’s in the store tonight I also put a really cute pinkish rose gold passport holder that’s only five dollars in the store that I think is really really cute so if you’re not cruising with the family and you just have one passport and you can do something for vanity I wish I could but I’m the mom and I’ve got everybody’s passports oh I love this rose gold passport holder it’s so cute next we have a travel on jewelry roll it is my jewelry roll of choice and is only ten dollars on Amazon its prime and what you do is you pop your jewelry into it you roll up your jewelry and you stick in your suitcase but then here’s the secret folks you take that sucker when you get on the cruise and you hang it in your closet it has loops and you can just hang it in the closet on the in the like clothing area and you can see all of your jewelry I think it’s so cool what do we have after that okay after the jewelry roll we have oh oh I love this one and our longtime subscribers have probably heard of this before but it is the Amazon luxury women’s beauty box now this has a combination of Sun care items and tanning items and other things in it that are sample size so you can take them on your cruise even has a tanning towel in it and if you like the items in it you can buy them full price it also offers you a credit for a full price item I believe I think this one still offers that credit it’s really really cool so you need to check out the luxury women’s beauty box excellent fur crews I think that’s something that we really really like to share often I also put a really cool tanning kit in the shop this is the San Tropez San Tropez self tan starter kit and it’s a little 3-piece kit it’s really really pretty I think Santa would definitely want to get something like this because it’s very cute to wrap and put under the tree and it’s a nice size so if you’re a little leery about self-tanner centra Pei is a beautiful brand to start with if you want to go straight for the brand that I use on the regular on the daily that’s gonna be in the store – that’s the Neutrogena micro mist ladies and gentlemen it is a wonderful subtle self-tanner I do spray it on my face as well and it’s a mist so technically you don’t even have to rub it in you spray it on and it’s just done I do rub it in I spray it on and then I kind of give it a little rub in but there’s no streaking with this stuff it’s wonderful I don’t care for the smell but I’ve never met a self-tanner that I liked the smell of at all so we’re about halfway through the women’s items hopefully everybody’s doing OK in the chat I will check in when we’re done talking about the women’s store next up I put my my favorite new set of packing cubes from Eagle Creek in the store and these are very unique because they’re very lightweight they’re called the Eagle Creek packet Specter starter set they are a little bit more expensive I hope they’re not sold out I’m not seeing a price on them and sometimes that means they’re sold out this is the hexagon a design and they come with a what do they call that a packing triangle the folder the packing card folder it’s so cool it’s a folder so it helps you to fold your clothes so it has two packing cubes in it I also put a mini set of cubes there mid they’re called the mini cube extra small to two-piece set for $19 in there the print is gorgeous so gentlemen if you’re looking for a really pretty print for ladies it’s also very high quality the Eagle Creek exogamy is way more feminine than anything else that Eagle Creek makes there’s really no other designs that I consider to be even remotely like cute or pretty they’re all just really utilitarian except the hexagon me I love it I think it’s beautiful and it’s tissue weight it’s very very lightweight and they’re really gorgeous I love them I use them our last cruise all right next up I put a good old classic a couple of sets of shock packing cubes so some four set packing cubes in purple and pink that come with a laundry bag those are fantastic they’re $25 for a set they’re an awesome awesome starter kit for someone who’s never had a packing cube before next up I put in my favorite cruise book it’s called the woman in Cabin 10 it’s definitely cruise related tons of you have already read this because I have never been quiet about this book I love it it’s about a woman who goes on a press trip in northern Europe like up in Norway and the fjords and it’s just a crazy mystery that unfolds basically a murder mystery it’s fantastic I’m not even a reader and I love this book so hope you enjoy it I’ve also added a few fashion items we have a summer shift dress which really folks it’s just a cover-up it’s a beach cover-up I own one of them and I think it’s great and for eight bucks you can

pick your design in your size they’re really good kind of nice throwaway type of cover-up I know buying things on Amazon is kind of sketchy sometimes but these cover-ups are really cute and I do own one of them we also put in a couple of our favorite anchor hats from super happy they’re baseball hats and they’re very very cute next up something I think is really critical for anyone who’s sensitive to the Sun we put some rash guards in the shop so if you’re looking you’re gonna see that there is a plus-size model model plus-size there’s a plus-size version of one of these really cute rash guards and then there’s more a little bit more of a junior size in the rash guard one of them is short sleeve one of them is long sleeve if you don’t like these we get it there’s tons of designs that you can check out but I thought that the two that I put in were really cute and there’s something that I would certainly buy the plus size one is really cute and it has like a it’s teal on the inside and then the sleeves are short sleeve and they’re black and it has a little I think it’s a little palm tree in the middle it’s really really stylish and pretty so that pretty much wraps up the women store the new little women’s store that we’ve created so now I’m going to jump into the chat and say hello to everyone before we jump into gifts for him I thought I had my gifts for him pulled up here but I don’t see them oh there they are yeah there’s my gifts for him all right let’s chat for a moment see everybody’s doing how’s it going in there mr cruisetipstv yeah so um mr. Chris tips TV wanted me to let you guys know that you know our son is getting a little bit more involved in the cruisetipstv hobby and business it’s kind of a combination of a hobby and a business depending on what day it is right a little bit of everything and junior editor created these shopping pages for you guys so mr. Chris if Stevie has taught him how to take a link that I choose so I create the list I say oh this is the stuff I like let’s make this a little sub store on our Amazon store and he has learned how to do it it’s it’s pretty simple but it’s a nice repetitive task that he can do and he can really learn something new and grown-up and we think it’s really cool so thank you for reminding me about that what are you laughing at huh he complained the whole time yes that’s a real life real life in the cruisetipstv household he complained the whole time no it wasn’t that he was not he didn’t approve of your selection bullshit oh my why is mom picking this oh no no no tell me she should have created it we didn’t have time no that’s you know what okay we are doing a junior editor list then we should do a store in here that says junior editors picks what do you think would that be fun okay well he doesn’t get to complain I’m a little scared about what he’d put in there what do you think he’d put in there you don’t know boys boy stuff so he did not approve of my gifts for teens and kids he probably didn’t approve because it includes clothing and he said he said too many packing too much packing stuff too much packing stuff yeah he’s he’s nine going on 17 guys let me tell you he’s he’s a sweet kid but he got a little attitude sometimes so funny yeah tarah he does need to make a page of his own let’s do it let’s do junior editors picks we help me remember that honey and he’s creating a page I’m gonna make him do it that’s his punishment for complaining about his crews to see household duties right guys Elvie yeah there’s public restrooms on the ships there are near the dining areas and public areas they’re all over he likes doing it he just was mad about my he’s mad he didn’t approve that was really really funny you guys okay I know Angela good help is hard to find he needs to be he needs to be involved he’s doing he’s doing well my husband’s definitely the techie and a family his background is in network admin and an IT and web development and so he isn’t natural so I actually have two III get without a doubt I’m outsmarted in this household but my son sometimes knows 10,000 times more than I do about things like programming he’s already learning to program a little bit because the way that there’s just a lot of online availability for things these days that combines programming with fun for kids so he sometimes looks at me like seriously mom you don’t understand that and it’s just it’s really funny I know Diana typical boy right oh my stars all right so seize the day we’re gonna make that junior editors picks a a shot Oh Joanne I’m so so glad you brought up the choose Cruz thing because I keep forgetting to tell you guys what choose Cruz is it’s terrible of me what kind of a vlogger am i choose Cruz is actually CLIA which is Cruise Line’s International Association which is

basically the Trade Organization for travel agents and the globally really it’s their global they have dedicated October or they should I should say they’ve designated October as choose cruise month so it’s a way to celebrate travel agents and the travel industry and to choose cruise and I it’s really funny story though how I ended up with the banner clea did not directly send me the banner as part of the campaign I got it because I participated in a Twitter chat a few weeks ago and they selected a winner and I was the winner and I got a little swag bag from celestial cruises but Clea had put on the chat it was a Clea had sort of sponsored the chat so it is from Clea but was kind of a gift it’s a weird it’s a weird story but we thought we would display it proudly in honor of choose cruise month because we always choose to cruise and so we are believers without a doubt thank you for asking appreciate that oh my gosh Wayne says what do you do when your cruise is a month away and you need the vacation now you know what Wayne you hang out with us because we feel the same way let’s just put it that way all right what do you think is the time to look at gifts for men so does it has anybody been following along and looking at the shop with me can you guys see it it’s way more fun when we do that so if you are just joining us what we’re doing is talking about gifts for him gifts for her and gifts for kids and teens which my son does not approve of anything that I’ve chosen and now we’re going to go to forward slash shop forward slash cruisetipstv click on gifts for him and we will get right into the list I’m actually just gonna think I’m gonna just look at my computer and send of this giant list with fancy notes I print it out I don’t even need that quite so much okay first thing in the in the list is one of my favorite Eagle Creek packing cube sets and I love the print it’s crazy it’s called the Eagle Creek packet Specter sack set and it’s a three piece set it is pricey it’s $40 but again these really really lightweight Eagle Creek sets are super high quality and they’re very unique so I think that one’s gorgeous and then right next to it you’re gonna see a little oh I’m sorry that there’s a cube set and a sack set I have never seen packing sacks before I started researching this episode and I love those packing sacks and I may invest in some of these for our next cruise I think they’re gorgeous the next thing that you are going to see in the shop is a men’s travel kit it’s $17 it’s available on Amazon Prime and it has twenty necessities in it like toiletry items for men and it features lots of Dove men and care products it has mouthwash deodorant shower gel shaving cream a razor some Advil band-aids a comb toothpaste it’s just it’s a wonderful toiletry kit for men and I think that it’s just a super all-in-one kind of box that you can purchase for someone and I think it would be great under the tree or sooner it’s $16.88 Plus free shipping so I like that I thought that was kind of a good gift mister Kristoff’s TV did you approve of my gifts for him or you can’t say your contract forbids you huh from commenting would you tell me if you didn’t like the stuff okay did you really like it okay yeah he’s simple guy though he just you know if you yeah if he needs something he gets it but he doesn’t really need to buy much all right next up is definitely GoPro accessory we talked about GoPros the other night so I didn’t put them in this store because you guys see them all over our site you don’t need another GoPro but I put the GoPro shorty mini extension pole tripod into the store it is $35 it is a very solid GoPro accessory it’s pocket-sized it’s extendable it is not it doesn’t float though so this is not the one you want to buy if you need a floatation it’s the one you want to buy if you need a little tripod or a little extendable action now we do recommend the flotation device and that is in our other in our in our store here so just go find that in the store if you need it but I like this one it’s just kind of a general pop it in your pocket type of GoPro accessory next up is a really cool GoPro thing that I put in this store for men and it’s an Amazon basics carrying case for a GoPro that has all the foam and the dividers and everything in it and it comes with a 32 gig micro SD card 422 98 so it’s a carrying case for a GoPro with an SD card and it’s padded I think mr. crew subsidy would like that but he has he already has something like that but I think it’s really cool then we put in a really nice basic set of pretty kind of

cobalt blue shock packing cubes those are gorgeous and then I put in a toiletry bag from Amazon basics if you’re a guy that likes toiletry bags great if not if you don’t need one if your wife takes care of you great that’s fine too but I put a couple of them in there next in the list is a set of packing pouches for men this is definitely for my metro guys in the house for my slightly more high-maintenance dudes who would like some packing pouches because these are very very cute but they’re very masculine I should never call them cute they’re totally masculine they’re actually gray they’re pewter gray with kind of leather accents and a striped interior they’re really really really handsome let’s just put it that way I love them they’re 1987 for a set of three pouches and they do guys they do have RFID blocking to protect from pickpockets and things like that there are three sizes they’re kind of you could nest them if you wanted to but the idea is to kind of use them to organize so you could put electronics in them you could put Willy trees in them they do have a soft inside they’re really really cool okay Millie I’ll try to find you a larger jewelry roll message me on Facebook if we forget and I’ll try to find it for you okay I did see that comment mr. Chris have Stevie feel free to throw some more of them in there if you want we put another toiletry bag for men in the store that matches those travel on pewter sacks and it’s actually called a travel on heritage top zip toiletry kit and it’s just unique looking I really like the way that it sits I like the way that it looks and I like the gray with leather I think it’s really masculine and really great however they do have it in other colors they have it in like a camel color and a navy and that one’s $17.45 it’s a really really good deal so that one’s nice really like these pewter sets next up we have a luxury men’s grooming box that has some very nice luxury items in it and you get the money back as credit when you buy a luxury men’s grooming box you get to apply the purchase price towards a full size item of something in the box I believe that they’re still doing that don’t quote me double check it but the box has a variety of different items in it and the the items kind of rotate so you could end up with different things so probably best just to take a look at it and see what’s in it but it has everything from facial moisturizer to an exfoliating facial cleanser a cologne for men some I complex for men and some other toiletry items like a hair flattener some toothpaste things like that it’s a really cool little box if you’re looking for a little surprise okay three more items tonight in the men’s shop we have some hybrid shorts which are quick-drying shorts that go from wet to dry very quickly they’re wonderful for Beach days Caribbean ports warm weather spots and the size range on these goes from 28 to 40 inch waist right now they’re running about 24 to 55 dollars depending on the size you pick and some of them are prime some of them are not they come in lots of colors but the brand I put into the shop is the Volcom and they’re a 21 inch hybrid short mr Crewson Stevie swears by them he loves them you’ve got to get some hybrid shorts if you’re cruising to a warm weather destination we also popped a rash guard for men in I put the one in that my husband has it’s a Quicksilver short sleeve rash guard but really it comes down to probably mid elbow and that one runs probably 23 to 30 bucks depending on the color it comes up nice and high on the neck like kind of right here on the neck so that you don’t get super burned in that area so again we’re really into sun protection in our family and I thought that belong in there today and then the last item is a good old ravpower charging hub gotta have one everybody’s got to have one men women kids it’s in both stores because you got if you’re a smart Cruiser you gotta have one of these items it’s very nerdy and very great so pop it into the chat before we go on to kids see how everybody’s doing we’re gonna stand for about seven to ten more minutes but I want to tell you about the giveaway tonight we do have a giveaway we have a beautiful set of packing cubes that are unlike anything I have ever seen they’re from a company called propeller they are in our store however you can go straight to Amazon and look for these guys if you’d like this is a three piece set of compression packing cubes and here’s what makes them unique they have these this beautiful print of an elephant a lion and a snow leopard on them and they’re just really gorgeous when I first was contacted by propeller and I saw them online I thought they were really beautiful but I didn’t know what they look like in real life so I’m gonna open them up and show them to you because they’re actually very beautiful this is the presentation by the way look at the box you guys this is gorgeous I didn’t put it in one of our stores tonight because I’ve been putting it in other stores for a while now but really nice gift presentation and then when you take them out of the box they’re there just I’m trying to think what that effect is honey what is this effect called holographic is a hologram it almost looks like a holograph to me when you first look at it but this is the elephant one and

again these are a compression cube and it’s just gorgeous I think these are actually really nice for children or someone who’s just maybe who’s been on a safari or is going on a safari and really loves animals of Africa let me open it up and get the rest of them out really quickly I need to figure out what zipper to open so that’s the elephant cube and then there’s some paperwork in here which I will definitely check out for you okay Oh cute it comes with a little postcard and then the the next size down here we go is the lion and the eyes are just really beautiful what do you guys think about these aren’t they pretty I love them I mentioned that we’re giving them away tonight but what I didn’t mention is that we’re giving away two sets this is the United States only because they’re shipping from an Amazon seller I’m really sorry about that but we’ve been doing a pretty good job of alternating it up this month and we’ve had several winners international winners this month so hang in there with us we’ll keep trying so this is the second one and this is the Snow Leopard so the smaller one is the Snow Leopard I think they’re so pretty I’ll let you know how to enter let’s go ahead and get started on that real quick we’re gonna do the entry and then while we’re doing that I’m gonna jump over to the kids store yeah are they’re really pretty aren’t they so just as a reminder everybody you do need to be in the United States for this so I’m just gonna assume that if you enter that you are going to that you’re going to we’re going to assume you’re from the US and please hang in there with us if you’re international please don’t thumbs the video down we love you and we’ll we’ll try to keep bringing the international prizes I promise okay so the way that you are going to enter is to let me know what is the number one gift that you want this year what’s the number one gift you want this year go we’re gonna keep it open for two minutes we’re gonna do this rapid fire tonight number one gift you want this year it could be just a gift it could be from Santa it could be from the elves it could be not related to the holidays at all I just want to know what you want okay yeah if you have if you have a United States address you can certainly enter I’ve sent things to people before who live in Canada but that have like an address in New York or Buffalo or something like that Niagara I don’t even know oh Henry wants to know how the compression bags work I’ll show you Henry so Henry you fully open the compression portion of the bag before you pack them so you unzip both zippers and then the cube is deep and full-size just like this okay so you open it up and then you put your stuff inside of it you zip the top and then you zip the compression portion and it shrinks down to a more flat bag that’s how it compresses I hope that was enough of an explanation Wow some really cool things coming in I know a cruise Apple watch I’m seeing a lot of Apple watches an iPhone XS that’s a good one I’m loving the iPhone XS for those of you who are interested in it I hate spending more money on them but because of the amount of photography and video that we do we do spend the money on them and I’d say it’s worth it strong magnet hooks set just wants a group cruise all I want for Christmas is a cruise cruise oh my goodness okay you guys are hilarious all Stephanie a GoPro seven good choice very good okay we have a few more minutes I am going to jump in and start on gifts for kids which my son has blatantly said he hates all of them so now I feel like a bad mom so we’re gonna make him create his own cruise gift store to prove me to prove me wrong and I guess what we’ll just we’ll just have to see so those of you want to join me let’s jump in to gifts for kids and teens I’m gonna try to go through them pretty quickly here I put several sets of luggage tags in the store I have some kind of cool hawaiian looking luggage tags for teens and then I have some more juvenile luggage tags some super cute superhero luggage tags they’ve got Batman versus super hero and the Avengers travel ID luggage set luggage tag set for $13.99 those are prime they’re really cute there’s a million different selections of luggage tags available did you your editor add some things in here on luggage tags mr. corrosives TV I did not put that in there there’s a set of Hello Kitty luggage tags in there that I did not put in there I think he did it I think he did it I think he put them in there so you’re gonna see lots of luggage tags we’ve got unicorns we’ve got Hello Kitty my favorite though is the Star Wars set so we have a set of four star wars bb-8 travel luggage tags they are adorable you guys have to see them they’re so cute light side and dark side equally represented and they are 1369 for a set of four so apparently he thinks that my luggage tags are not cool next up I put a small and very lightweight tech accessory organizer

which I think would be great for more teens it is $10 it is prime and it comes in four colors and I like it because it’s more lightweight than kind of the grown-up version of it great for a teen who’s like maybe taking their own backpack on a flight and then I put in a travel on floating waterproof smartphone and digital camera pouch in a really great color of blue that would be great for boys girls teens big kids little kids it’s only eight dollars and 87 cents I think that’s a must for any kid if they’re taking a smartphone if they’re old enough at 13 if they have a smartphone they need it then we popped in some swim water shoes that are very very cute they come in a lot of different sizes the size range on these is I’m trying to figure it out but it’s not selecting well let me just say this there’s at least 30 different color selections on them and I think the sizes go from a three for toddler all the way up to a 4.5 big kid so if you got a big kid or a little kid those swim shoes are a great choice if you’re going somewhere where you need them a rocky beach a coral area or like we always say at ledges waterpark yes two winners tonight and you need to be in the US if you’ve entered we’re counting on you to be in the US and we’ll choose in just a moment I also put some swimwear in the store because I think that’s great again my son doesn’t approve and I put loads of rash guards boys and girls one of my favorite rash guards that’s in the store is a girl’s rash guard and I don’t have a little girl so to me this is just so cute and I would want it if I was a little girl it is a a an aqua really pretty aqua rash guard that’s long-sleeve that says mermaid vibes and it has a little mermaid swimming on it and it is so cute in fact if it would fit me I would buy it so there’s a bunch of beautiful Billabong rash guards for little girls in there if you need to invest in one the Billabong brand is great and it’s the one that I have I also popped a few backpacks in for kids and teens that I think are really cute one of them has pineapples and cactuses on it and the other one oh my gosh junior editor added something in I know I can tell he added in a backpack with cats on it I did not put that in the store that little devil it is so cute though but he loves cats and babies his screensaver on his computer is a baby and he likes it likes to watch cat videos on YouTube so I’m not surprised that little stinker he just did it he did not ask that is so funny all right I put a set of travel on piped pouches in in really nice bright kind of colors there’s a turquoise chartreuse and pink set really good for kids and teens they would be great for any age probably better for a girl than a boy because there’s some pink but anyway I think they’re I think they’re pretty cool and then I put a lightweight backpack in and the last thing in the store is a Kindle based on my son’s love for Kindle which I would think she would at least have approved of my Kindle thing that I stuck in there we put in an e-reader at $79.99 plus free shipping I do think there’s some new Kindles coming out though so you might want to go with a better model if you want something new like the Kindle paperwhite for example but I think I put the one in there that my son has so that sums it up for the kids now I’m free to jump in the chat for the next few minutes probably not gonna stick around for too long you guys because as usual we haven’t eaten dinner and this time it’s really late and my mom just got here and we got to take care of so let’s hang out for a few more minutes and see who our winners are hi melody thank you so much for the super chat really appreciate it okay yeah Cindy he wants a little sister he would take anything but we’re too old and that ship has sailed so yeah poor guy we waited a little too long we we were too busy doing the you know working and traveling and not having kids thing for too long we waited too long but he’s a good boy he has lots of friends and he has loads of cousins and he’s gonna be ok isn’t only alright mr Christmas TV I’ve had a chance to pick our two winners tonight okay so the winner is once you’re selected you will email me at sherry @cruisetipstv calm it’s sherry SH er I at cruise tips TV com don’t leave your address in the chat and we have two winners our first winner tonight make sure you’re listening everybody listening our first winner is Melanie J Melanie congratulations and our second winner tonight is Krystal Sims congratulations to you both so Krystal Sims Melanie J you are the winners of these beautiful sets of cubes they will be sent to you directly by the seller and I think they’re absolutely gorgeous I love them William Andrea Schultz you love being and only you had the best time with your parents I hope that’s the case with our son – I think he really does Millie I would love to tell you more about the eye gel on my list ah the eye gel found me I did not find the eye gel last August so a little over a year ago I got very very sick

throughout the summer my whole family did there were fires in California that were very very bad and I think what happened is that we all continue to remain sick because of the fires lo and behold we went to Alaska on our cruise and I got the worst of it but it was more like an allergic rhinitis kind of illness it wasn’t the kind of sickness where you’re contagious all the time it was this horrible sinus thing and my eyes just became very puffy so mr. Chris’s TV set out to try to find you thing to find me something that would deep Huff the eyes and that’s what he found and I use it every day now and I love it it’s very mild it seems to be aloe based crystal please email me your address at Sheri sh e RI at cruise tips TV comm and we will have the seller send that to you so I need your name and address oh my gosh so funny Jim our son is an only child and he just loves us and can’t stand being away from us you know what Jim our son actually doesn’t like being away from us he’s very attached and we love that that’s why I got emotional when on Norwegian bliss he actually wanted to ditch me and stay in the kids club because I was not used to it and being a working mom I really miss him when I’m away so I really cherish that time and I was actually kind of sad but he has to get that independence at this age you know it’s just really really about that time I don’t know Sean if strollers are available to rent on Carnival victory but I’ve never known them to be I’ve never known them to be I don’t think so Diana I don’t have a recommendation for you on a ladies waterproof boot but I think if you were to dig around call your doctor’s office and maybe see if they have something for you or a recommendation that might be better mr. cruisetipstv you wanted me to answer Gail’s question no I actually wanted to say that well yes I do want you to answer Gail’s question but since this is such an Amazon focused episode I think that we should probably clarify and explain how the shop works just so there are no there’s no confusion about the affiliate portion yeah yeah okay sounds good I can definitely explain that so we are what Amazon calls affiliates or influencers they have an have an influencer program and an affiliate program what that means is that cruisetipstv can we have the freedom to create shops out of any products that we find on Amazon and we are paid a commission from Amazon anytime you purchase starting at our store no matter what you purchase even if you go in and pick one item and then proceed to purchase diapers and you know a pair of glasses and anything else because you started your shopping there we do get a commission for that you do not pay a penny more for anything ever whoever you’re supporting as an influencer or affiliate or even if you shop Amazon to donate to nonprofits there are ways to shop Amazon to donate to nonprofits you are not paying more for that that is just a great program that Amazon has and that’s one reason I why we love it and that is because it allows us to reinvest in our channel instead of taking cash from Amazon we reinvest we take it in the form of gift certificates and we reinvest into cameras almost always it’s camera equipment and gear for the channel because it’s easy for us to purchase things like that on Amazon so if you choose to do your shopping there it really helps us out and we super appreciate it and we think that it does bring a lot of value and we really appreciate that it doesn’t cost you guys anything it’s just a really nice logical way for us to kind of partner together so yeah Gayle said what’s the name of those packing cubes again Gayle I will show you they are from a company called propeller and they are in our store but I can give you the name of them they are called the propeller compression packing cubes and this is the this is the look at the brand box and they are very very high touch awesome customer service really really good people they really want to delight you they want to keep you as a customer for life that’s definitely been our experience so you’re gonna be happy that’s the box and this is the set again so congratulations to our winners tonight we are going to have some fun back here on the channel tomorrow night at 6 p.m. Pacific we’re going to talk about pro dining room tips so we’re gonna try to really get into some detail about what you need to know if you’re going on a cruise and you’re gonna be eating in the main dining room eating specialty dining or buffet but we’re gonna try to focus more on the main dining experience because it’s the most popular but yet it’s the most confusing thing for people so come see us Angie definitely miss junior editor ABB’s

benefits from anything that we do he’s pretty spoiled so you bet we’ll we’ll get that back to him all right well thank you all so very much for joining us tonight and also for allowing me to reschedule I’m really surprised so many of you showed up even though we were an hour late I’m really really sorry about that Joe Zell I don’t think that you can buy them from our store in Australia you can try you can visit the shop and see what it allows you to do through the checkout process but I don’t think that you can do you know it’s probably not going to work where we’re so frustrated that Amazon doesn’t have that capability yet because we know that not all of our audiences in the United States we have an Amazon Canada just an affiliate link that you can purchase from in Amazon UK but I don’t think Australia is allowing us to do it yet we would do it if we could all right thank you all so very much for joining us see you tomorrow night at 6 p.m. we’ll talk all about dining and until next time we’ll see you on the high seas bye bye Hey click me to subscribe