Get Ready With Me || "Only Cute on Instagram"/Cherries in the Snow. Lips version

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Get Ready With Me || "Only Cute on Instagram"/Cherries in the Snow. Lips version

Mmm~ Happy New Year! From me and my old braids~ Don’t look up here. Look down here We’re gonna start this with the Micellar Water Today’s concept is going to be as the title said ‘only cute on Instagram’ aka cherries in the snow Now, it’s not what it sounds like Sometimes people say that kind of thing to people on Instagram Some of us delete those comments. Others (?), leave it for the world to see So that they can show that they don’t care what other people think (?) But. I know other people are coming to my page to have a good time and to relax Nobody’s coming there to be…like, sub-attacked So, if someone’s coming to your page because they identify with you, the last thing they wanna see, is somebody talking about how you look Because that…is kind of a direct reflection—they’re gonna take it, subconsciously, as a direct reflection of them Like, if somebody watches me because they, um, identify with my face shape or my lip size or my nose size or my skin tone or something like that, or my eyes, or my—you know, whatever. Just my general appearance Like some—‘oh! Those kinda like mine!’, right? And then somebody comes under my comments talking about ‘ay, look at these fish lips.’ ohh—etc etc! like you know, whatever Like, you know, ‘you only cute on instagram In real life that shit ain’t cute.’ Okay? Someone’s gonna take that. Something they found solace in. Something they said ‘oh! That looks good on her! I guess I can wear that color too!’ and then somebody in the comments talking about ‘that shit ain’t cute in real life.’ Ummm. ?? It’s gonna make that person feel some type of way They’re gonna feel like, ‘wow, was I crazy for thinking that I could wear that?’ ‘This person’s saying it’s only cute on instagram. This person’s saying it’s not cute for her in real life, and…she… looks like me…’ so I don’t want people’s—other people’s negativity— directed AT me, for whatever reason they have towards me, to reflect and affect the people looking at me for..*smacks mouth* some kind of solace. I wanna say solace and not guidance because, I don’t think I’m really in the position to guide anybody-but I am here to offer, like, communal, kind of…thing. You know? So if you’re looking for solace, this is the place— Because, I don’t allow people other people to come on there and just say what they want And yes. It’s a free country You can feel however you wanna feel. But you need to feel that way, alone Because I didn’t ask for your opinion. *laughs* Moving! On! And that’s how we’re going into the new year by the way Like, y’all. You don’t have to—just ‘cause it’s a free country does not mean people can say whatever they want to you And don’t let people, try to tell you, how to live your life! Unless you asked them for it! There’s always a different way Even when people you care about are giving you unsolicited advice, there’s a different way that they talk to you compared to when someone who doesn’t really care to-care about you and is just, wanting to tell people what to do There’s different tones Because—your family members— If you’re on good terms with your family members— Might give you sol-unsolicited advice, often If you have that kind of relationship with your family where you guys talk to each other, like, ‘you know? I been thinkin about something And it’s something you said the other day.’ Blah blah blah Because you guys might vent to each other, and that person went away for a while and thought about what you were saying because they really care about you! So they’re really thinking about the concerns you expressed to them. Seriously. And that’s why they come back Unsolicited That’s completely different because you’ve aired your grievances with this person and they came back later, whenever that is, to tell you about the thing, because they seriously took the time to think about it That’s different from somebody you don’t know tryna tell you how to live your life and how to wear your face, and how to wear your clothes, and where to go and how to act and what to eat Anyway, so that was just some Innisfree nourishing cream with Canola Honey I got that back in the summertime when I got all those other things Like my toner and that, um, cica gel. That cica gel is…amazing Anyway! So we’re just gonna go on here with my favorite toner in the—I mean—whoops! Heh heh— primer in the world Because, this one is the mineral infused primer (ELF) ‘cause one again, it’s winter We just had a snowstorm! It was really nice Me and my sister were outside shoveling When I lived in an apartment. That used to be the worst part Because. My apartment wouldn’t shovel the parking lot. Until da~ys after And you trapped. You trapped in it because you’re in a parking lot So you can dig your car out all you want But unless you dig your car and then a path all the way into the street—*laughs* Back to the concept So~! Since we’re doing cherries in the snow, uhh we want to keep our make up really fresh and really…*sucks teeth*

mmmmmmm… I don’t know, really fresh with that pop of color Honestly, now I’m re-thinking what I’m going to do here I’m just gonna, like, keep my eyebrows really light (?) I think I’m just going to take away the bottom, not to do anything to the top, and then try to fill them in But what I think I wanna do-now! I’ve changed my mind— Is, make my, uhhh, instead of my lip (?) making it the cherry? I kinda wanna make my cheeks the cherry And then keep my lip nude (?) Why don’t we do that later So now we’re gonna have two videos everyone You’re going to see this one. Cherries in the Snow-the lip version Cherries in the Snow-cheek version I like that So I brought both Warrior palettes up here And we’re gonna start inside the Warrior ii—and I know I said I wasn’t going to turn the ‘Shawata’ into what I did to ‘Chad’ but, I didn’t bring the Saharan with me so..*laughs guiltily* I’m gonna use ‘Walzana’ actually, because it’s like a warmer, greyish, black? We’re gonna make our eyebrows kinda greyish today. See how that works out for us Using a brush I don’t normally use (ANYMORE) It’s not sprayed because I don’t wanna do that And then, we’re just gonna get in here…and fill in those brows! Yaay~ MM~ Okay! Soft eyebrows! Almost done Because what we’re going to do now~ is actually tighten up the end There Okay? There *music making once again*Ddi ddi ddiiii~ didi! There. Soft, very natural eyebrow Thanks Walzana! Now Like we’re gonna keep this makeup very, very easy Look at that, like, when I have too much salt before bed, when I wake up my eyelids are all puffy Sometimes my nose and my lip-but today my nose and my lip aren’t, um, swollen it’s just my eyelids. Boonk boonk So~ now we’re going to conceal~ For fresh, even skin What’s y’all’s favorite conceaner—conCEANER?? *smacks mouth* Yep What’s y’all’s favorite concealer? I~ this is a running favorite, but right now it’s still that Black Radiance. That’s in my “to-go” bag And we’re gonna tap this in with our finger But this NYX one, I really like, too When I first got it, I wasn’t sure about it but- I’m glad my sister talked me into getting it Baum~! Moving on to the eyes We’re gonna give it a slow massage *laughs* With Mmm? The thing about cherries in the snow-is I’m thinking we’ll do warm cherry? Or a cool cherry? I think we’ll do cool tones today(?) And well…’Yodit’…and ‘Kufuru’ are kind of..they’re kind of neutral Don’t you think this is a cool to neutral palette? Or is this a warm palette? I don’t rightly know Anyway So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take ‘Yodit’ And we’re gonna massage our eyelids with it And also, set that under—set—SET *pauses to calm down* And also. Set under the eyebrow Massage, massage. Rub, rub Treat yourself gently. Treat your face gently It works hard Mm! Make sure you get down the bridge of the nose Not the whole bridge, just right there in the eye Bring all that forward. *laughs a little* Or at least to the same playing field—wow! And then, honestly, we’re gonna just set right under the eye a little bit Just right-right under the eye mm~ Okay! Now! We’re just gonna add a bit of shine because, you know, cherries glisten! What we’re gonna do is—that’s the Warrior palette I was talking about Which, honestly, they go very well together! You can kind of mix and match everything inside the two Warriors, with each other So that’s nice. Anyway I’m always in ‘Moremi’ and ‘Amina’ Like, all the time. Like almost as much as I’m in ‘Benin’ But it’s, like, kinda necessary (?). *laughs* So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this and we’re gonna go into ‘Amina’ Just a little bit And we’re just gonna go into this inner corner here And kind of, do that Bring it down to the inside inner corner—just a lil bit And then like, be kinda ridiculous with it on the inside of the top though

And then just kinda put it like that, and then, because what we’re gonna do is…! Woo-hoo~! Okay? So we’re just gonna take a little more. And bring it a little closer to the middle Okay? So it’s like, splaying. You know? Then we’re gonna take the bigger brush and…smooth it out Mm~! Mm! Alright? So We’re gonna put that on hold. And throw some eyeliner on it That was tightlining. What we’re gonna do is just a little bit of, um, top line But only on the outside. Or! On the end. I mean Okay, there you go~! Easy, little short ends! I can’t get them even but it’s fine Mascara~ I just decided I’m making this a three-part series Lip version. Which you’ll get today Eyes version. Cheek version I think it’s deserves such The cheek version will be really cute for an—for a snowy day. I’m excited to do that one I need more mascara! Let’s put some foundation on. Finally! Eyes! Done! Eyes are now neutral and bright (!) Got it~! Just opened it out the package! *tosses aiming for the bag on the side, package clatters to the ground instead* Oops See, it’ll come like this, right? It comes like this What you do is you take it, slide it down and it becomes that Kay? Oops! I broke the back. Hee hee!! Anyway! But yea. you just snap it all in Boom! And then you got this I love this! This is like, the original packaging And I don’t know if they brought it back or what. But Yea they must’ve brought it back because these are new Anyway. This is the original packaging this is the little pearl…mm, purple color that my mother used to have And I got mine in Q550 Mm~! so shiny you can see the camera Look at that. Look! You can see me! Hi~! And it comes with this little sponge. Which is what we’re going to use And you know I had to get this foundation again because I love it so much (!) like… Done It’s cream to powder so it usually doesn’t give me any trouble, powder-wise- Like I never used to powder it before and it was okay. So I think I’m gonna leave it I was gonna highlight, and you can choose to highlight if you want to but—and I mean like, concealer highlight but I think I’m gonna leave that step out. Umm And we’re just gonna go straight to—since we wanna have like a, a healthy satin Kind of like a cherry. You know? They do shine because they got like a satin sheen to it So That’s what we’re going to do We’re gonna leave our face like that But we are going to dab the sweat from our lip. *laughs* What we’re going to do now is…put a base Oh! Umm Let me show you what I exfoliated my lips with So I exfoliated my lips with this, vanilla coffee scrub By—oops! Wrong way. By Mare(?) Naturals It’s made with Ethiopian honey I did not know Ethiopia made honey So. *smack mouth* I didn’t know they kept bees there Anyway. Like I know they’re known for coffee but not..i didn’t know they were known for honey Anyway! The point is (!) it’s vanilla coffee scrub and it smells good and it tastes good *laughs* So it’s made with honey, coffee, almond oil, sugar, and vanilla I do it, like, on top of Carmex. I put the Carmex on overnight and then when I wake up in the morning, I took this lil scrub and I just lightly exfoliated with it You can use a toothbrush to do so… My sister! My older sister got me that for my birthday Anyway! So now we’re going to put this base on We’re gonna spread it around Mmkay? Ookay. And then we’re putting our red Just how I used to. Which is just carrying it towards the inside

I just wiped that with a cotton thing. So there’s, like, pieces of cotton coming off—haha! Anyway. Because I exfoliated we’re not having so much problem on the bottom See that? See how smooth that is? *happy sighs* So grateful Because usually. When I’m tryna put this matte lip on? I ALWAYS forget to exfoliate And it’s ALWAYS a s*** *self mute* show Okay? Mm! So creamy And I’m just going to that…do the same at the bottom. Clear the line Clear the natural lip line And… What we’re gonna do is, blur the natural lip line. Like I used to Mhm hmm~ *hums a tune* oo whoo oo whoo oo whoooo~ Put some more Oka~y And now we’re just gonna add a bit of ‘Diva’ to the inside to make it more cherry-ish You know. Get that go~od. Good deep color Of a cherry Hm Diva’s not cooperating It’s just rubbing off more… Okay. Let’s try to do it with our finger hihihi Take ‘Diva’ here and…there it is! Okay You can leave it like this. Or you can put a little, um, gloss on it My original intent was to put gloss on it, but… So there you have it like a softer lip, ‘cause there’s no lines I like it. I really like soft. lip So we’re gonna put gloss on it. See what it looks like. But here you are. Without gloss And that’s it! So. Cherries in the snow A very natural. Easy. Face For, you know, ‘Only cute on instagram’ but not really. Because you’re cute in real life too Okay? With or without makeup, even though this is a makeup video but yes So aka Cherries in the Snow Okay. So what we’re gonna do no~w. is try it with gloss *gasps at gloss dripping* Oop. Heh~ Anyway. Real gloss is a lil thick. You know what I’m saying? A lil tacky A little…what people might call sticky But that’s real gloss See that? *laughs* Real gloss

So there. This is it. Glossed You guys like that a little better. A little more cherry-ish? *high-pitched “raspberries” vibration noises* I didn’t gloss my whole lip, I usually don’t gloss the cupid’s bow, but… So that’s the end. Mhm~ I really like it Hope you did too mm—if not? don’t worry. There’s two other versions coming up Maybe you can find something that you’re more comfortable with K. Happy New Year again bye~ hyah!