Makeup Starter Kit Recommendations + Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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Makeup Starter Kit Recommendations + Giveaway! (CLOSED)

hey dolls from gym so today I wanted to come to you guys and let you guys know what I would include in a beginner makeup kit or collection I know when you first start out your makeup collection it can be very overwhelming you have a ton of products that you want but you might have limited funds so I’m just going to show you guys the essentials and you can kind of start to build your makeup collection off of that and you know a makeup collection is something that you build over time it’s not something that you just have overnight so over a course of years you will get the amount of makeup you desire and you probably will never be satisfied because once you start it’s like hard to stop I also wanted to do a giveaway at the end of the video for someone to begin their own makeup collection or maybe add on to their makeup collection so definitely stay tuned to the end of the video to find out about the giveaway okay first we’re going to start off with the facial items it’s very important to have a facial primer in your makeup collection because this is going to help all of your makeup to last all day all of your facial makeup your foundation your powder your concealer so some of my personal favorites if you’re looking for items from the drugstore I definitely like the l’oreal magic perfecting base it comes in a pot like this it’s a very thick primer and it helps the foundation to really stick to the skin I love it and I also like the hard candy shirt and the primer so these are too nice drugstore primers if you’re looking for something more higher-end I would go for the eve pro priming moisturizer and this one is more so for dehydrated and dry skin but you can use this if you have oily skin as well now also love the tart this is their clean the slate poreless primer and this one is great on the t-zone area if you have large pores it really helps to minimize the appearance of pores when you apply your foundation or your makeup next we’re going to get 12 concealer for concealer i really recommend getting some sort of pellet that’s going to have a lot of different colors in it so you can figure out what colors you like to highlight underneath your eye area to camouflage dark circle or for just your skin tone your blemishes your pimples any scarring that you need to cover my personal favorites is this l complete coverage concealer palette I love this because it’s relatively inexpensive I mean this thing is three bucks and you get four different shades you get some lighter shades you get some darker shades so you can highlight you can contour with it or you can cover up your blemishes with this another favorite is this one from Coastal Scents this is their camera quad they have this in different shades minus and dark it comes with the white color a light color of medium color and a darker color so you definitely can it’s a match to get your perfect shape that you may need if you’re looking for something more high and i definitely recommend starting your own mac concealer palette now this is from the mac pro store but you can customize this to the colors that you need like i have an orange one in here this camouflages dark circles I’ve got a darker color which is great for contouring I’ve got a peachy shade and then I’ve got a skin tone shade so this is perfect for doing whatever I need highlighting covering blemishes or contouring my face now if you really have a problem with dark circles I definitely recommend a corrective concealer and one of my personal favorites is this bobby brown corrective concealer this one is in deep this it’s expensive but I really love this and I’ve had this for over a year and I mean I’m going to have it for quite some time so I really love this you guys next we’re going to talk about powder now I’m not going to talk about liquid foundation cream foundation of any of that because honestly my skin was his best before I started to wear those products so if you can get away with just wearing concealer and powder that’s what I would definitely recommend so when we wanted to the powder if you want something more heightened I really love the mac mineralize skinfinish powder this one has a very light coverage and it offers a lot of glow to your skin so this is really nice and it comes in a variety of shades now if you need more coverage i definitely recommend the Makeup Forever duo matte foundation this foundation is the main thing I mean you don’t need liquid foundation with this this will cover whatever you need it to cover and if it definite you definitely can use some consumers now if you want something more affordable from the drugstore I really like the black opal these are their loose powder earth I use this shade for my whole face and then I use a lighter shade for underneath my eye area and this is what

i use today so black hole or give me drugstore power can get the job done just as well but this is one of my favorites from the drugstore in the last part of the face is blush now personally I have found some great drugstore blushes but I normally go more high in for blushes just because it seems to be more pigmented and I use less product that way from the drugstore the hard candy blushes these ones in the box are really nice it’s called this one is called Fox in the box it comes with a darker shade and a lighter shade one for your blush and the other for contouring it’s a really nice color I mix these together to get the perfect color because of my deeper complexion but if you’re up a lighter complexion you can definitely use this for blush and contour I also love Milani blushes Milani our hands down one of my favorite drugstore blushes I love their mineral blushes I think these are discontinued now unfortunately but I really love these this one is my tie it’s a beautiful color and I also left our baked blushes this one is in tariff cool I have several of their big blushes they are just absolutely pigmented and they’re just amazing you can also go for out blushes these are three dollars i mean you can’t beat that price and they are pigmented now for more high-end blushes I love NARS blushes and ours blushes are one of my favorite I also love tart blushes but I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys with a lot of products so I’m just going to show you guys some NARS ones today this one is exhibit a absolutely love this blush I’m a sucker for orange and crow blushes I think they look absolutely gorgeous on those skin tones and I love Gina blush as well now you can’t talk about blushes without which means a mac one so i’ll go ahead and show you guys one of my favorite matte blush palette and I’ll go through the colors that are not grow or discontinued because that would be kind of sucky for me to mention the ones that are pro or discontinued but some of my favorites that you guys can get is this one right here raisin format which is a really nice kind of it’s like a bronzer instead of a blush but I use it for blush sometimes and this one is Amber Rose love brush and fever the other three are limited ition or just come to a wolf the other three are limited edition or their approach I dem so I’m not going to talk about those if you’re interested in finding out what else is in here I’ll let you guys know I’m also going to quickly talk about highlighting and bronzers because those I think are a key for a makeup starter kit as well this isn’t something i had when i first started out I think it’s absolutely gorgeous for the summer time and I think that it’s part of my everyday kind of blush so I’m going to mention highlighting and bronzer but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to so for highlighter some of my favorites are this one from the bomb this one is mary-lou manizer it’s just a gorgeous kind of white pool highlighter absolutely amazing on all skin tone also the infamous NARS this is there a boat Ross a highlighter and it’s absolutely gorgeous it’s like a white gold color as well like the mary-lou manizer and a drug store equivalent I mean it’s not equivalent but it definitely is still a highlighter some people can use this as a bronzer this one is a wet wild color icon bronzer and ticket to Brazil and you get a lot of product here and I think this was like 299 so really inexpensively with the bronzing with bronzers my personal faves are covergirl bronzer I mean it comes in three different shades I have the darkest one and this one is the lightest one I believe I don’t have the middle shade but I use this one for highlighting but if you’re of a lighter complexion you can use this for bronzing and I use this one for bronzing I have it on right now as a contour this is ebony bronze and this one is like Ron’s okay now we’re going to move on to the eyes and the first thing that you need is definitely an eyeshadow primer this is going to help your eyeshadows last all day prevent them from creasing and if you’re using more lower end or drugstore eyeshadows it’s really going to help the eyeshadows to get the best color payoff and for your eyeshadows to look up to par so some of my favorites from a drugstore you can get off this is one dollar this is their eyelid primer and sheer some of my other favorites are the Urban Decay primer potion this is

the little baby one and two faced shadow insurance now for eyeshadow you have a ton of different options with eyeshadow it’s really your personal preference whether you want to do more high-end I shadows low in our shows but I definitely would say if you’re just starting out I would definitely recommend a palette something like the 120 palette this one is from bhcosmetics because it has a ton of different colors and you can kind of play with these till you figure out what your favorite shades are this one has colors and it also has neutrals so you get the best of both worlds in this palette so I definitely recommend a 120 palette for sure when you’re first starting out you also could customize your own eh cosmetic palette they have a 15 color palette and you can pick from warm shades to neutral shades to pool shades and different colors so this is one that I picked up myself I’ve got some neutral shades here I’ve got some colors as well so this is a great kit as well drugstore wet’n’wild they definitely offer so many different palettes they have trias they have quads they have just talents that have eight pans and six hands as well so really love these urban decay has their naked palette this is amazing it’s cocked neutral colors for smokey night or even for every day and then obviously if you want to start a math palette you can go ahead and do that this is my neutral palette so if you want to start your mac palette I think a piano eyeshadow is eleven dollars and if you have a pro discount it’s less than that and some of my favorite single eyeshadows I would have to say Norris has really nice I shadows as well if you want more high-end I shadows okay eyeliner you guys know I love dark black eyeliner my favorite eyeliner pencil is the mac few learn I pole it’s just a dark eyeliner it’s absolutely amazing a drugstore equivalent is this rebel I writer this is their kajol eyeliner in black so it’s a great drug store one and then if you want to do winged eyeliner when I was a beginner and makeup I really didn’t know how to do winged eyeliner but the L’Oreal linear intense liquid liner is really nice you guys know I love lashes I love mascara but let’s be real when you first are starting out you don’t really know how to apply lashes I know that took me forever and I still take a little while to apply lashes so you want a really good volumizing and lengthening mascara so you can get that full flash look without having to apply false lashes so some of my favorite drugstore mascaras are the L’Oreal telescopic this is great for lengthening your lashes and this one’s on carbon black I love Lori on mascara that is they’re very dark and dramatic and I also love the voluminous mascara this one is absolutely great for volumizing your lashes it has a thicker brush to it really drops all your lashes and it lengthens and apologizes them so these two together are amazing if you want a more high-end must fear i definitely recommend the Dior show black out mascara it’s got a huge wad on it like that and it’s absolutely great for lengthening at volumizing and darkening your lashes I also would recommend a mascara primer if this isn’t a necessity but I definitely love it because if you apply this one first it’s going to condition your lashes and it’s also going to make your lashes more long and it’s also going to volumize them better it’s going to basically boost your mascara to the max and one of my favorites is the Mac prep and prime I think they also have one from else I can find that one but I have that one here and they also have a Lancome I think it’s still act hour or something I used to use that but I use the mac one now because it’s more inexpensive I mean I go through this sofa yeah thick full brows you may not need an eyebrow pencil but i have to mention this because this is something I have had even before I really were makeup I always had an eyebrow pencil I don’t know why maybe because my brows have always been jacked up but I really love the max spike brow pencil it’s really great and one of my subscribers sent this to me they use so much Denise Kelly I love you so much and an equivalent to it is the define abroad by Maybelline

and this one’s in dark brown they’ve discontinued this color I don’t know why that’s why I haven’t opened this because I’m like I need more before I started losing this because I really love this it’s like a cheaper alternative to the max spike brow pencil and you can also go for something like this Milani retractable eyebrow pencil this one has a spoolie on the end and then it has an eyebrow pencil on the other side and the lighting is starting to get wonky so sorry if it gets darker in here you guys I’m trying to finish quickly I’m trying to finish quickly hard for me to talk about lip products because everyone likes different things some people like nude lips red lips purple corals whatever you’re into go for that but I definitely thought this was worth mentioning first of all you need a moisturizer you need a lip conditioner I love the EOS lip balms these are absolutely great at moisturizing my lips I love them use whatever love conditioner you want it’s a great prep for any lipstick lip gloss or lip 10 you’re going to apply also really happen loving lip tense lately and the tart ones are absolutely amazing and they smell really good so I love these tart lip tints and I mean it really doesn’t matter about the colors what color is this um this one’s pouty this one’s MZ one of them is macked in the other house shimmer to it but use whatever clothes you want but i really love lip tint you’ve gotta try a lip tint and our drugstore equivalent to those are the Revlon just bitten kissable lip 10th these are stains lip stains or whatever but I had opened these because i already have duplicates of these because i love them that much i think i might do a review on them if you guys want you to but um some of the ones that i have this one is rendezvous this one is lovesick I’ve got a door I love a door it’s like a dark stain radlett love it like a vampy lip and cherish lastly I’m a firm believer you can use your hands for most things that some things you do need makeup brushes for so i definitely recommend you can start out really low you can go for help brushes which are like a dollar or you can give their studio brushes for three dollars each or you can go for something like Sonia Kashuk which is in target it’s a little bit more high end but it’s still drugstore still affordable or you can go for sedona lace or sigma brushes i have this sigma brush set here this is their midnight lace brush set it comes with pretty much all the major brushes that you would want in need or you can go for a hike in brushes you can get Mac NARS laura mercier Bobby Brown has really good ones as well so it’s whatever you would like but i definitely recommend getting some sort of brush kabuki um powder brush some eyeshadow brushes because I shadows really hard to do without brushes you can do it with don’t put applicators but it makes life a lot easier if you do have some brushes now i also have a brush 101 video click back here that’s going to give you more information on each type of brush and what I would really recommend with Russian so I hope that you guys really enjoyed my recommendations for a makeup starter kit I know that was a lot of information a lot of products i showed you guys i tried to show you guys the least amount of product but really get a nice makeup collection going for you guys and i really wanted to help someone start off their own makeup collection or add on to their own makeup collection so i had a bunch of items just sitting around that i have bought and almost like you know what so i could use this to start their own makeup collections so we’re going to do and click giveaway for this video so i’m going to show you guys the prizes and then we’ll get into the rules okay so first I’m going to be giving it away a brush set from coastal set this is their 12 piece brush set I’m not going to open this but basically it has 12 brushes that I have to get the powder brush it has a foundation brush a blush brush a bunch of eyeshadow brushes an eyebrow and I’m like eyelash brush and it has an eyeliner question it so absolutely amazing you can go Coastal Scents calm and see what this brush that looks like if you’re interested you’ll also be receiving an eyeshadow palette this one is from Sedona lace this is

their 168 I shadow palette and it’s all wrapped up I’m just going to show you guys the top layer of it really quickly I was going to get her you definitely want to play with a lot of different colors and this is going to give you the chance to do that I’m also going to be giving away a napoleon perdis autopilot foundation primer a carcass weight blush this one is the Monte and it’s just a really pretty kind of pinky tone blush it’s gorgeous and I know someone’s gonna love it cargo has really nice blushes I haven’t really talked about cargo blushes but they are very nice I’m also going to be giving away an eye liner pencil and black this one is from knit Rimmel scandaleyes mascara which is a really great volumizing mascara and the elf eyelid primer and sheer so really great prizes one of you guys has got to win it I’m going to tell you guys the rolls really quickly and happy commenting you guys so rule number one it must be a subscriber to my channel make up doll of course rule number two you must be 18 years or order or have her parents consent rule number three of this contest is open internationally so no matter where you live I will ship this out to you and try to keep my contest open internationally because I know not everyone lives in the US and canada rule number four like and share this video rule number five I want you guys to leave a comment below basically telling me what was your first makeup item purchase ever I mean was it a lip gloss do you remember what brand it was let me know below that would be really interesting to know what you guys first make a purchase with enroll number six I want one entry per person please please don’t spam this video with comments okay this giveaway is going to be open for three days only so it’s going to be a really quick giveaway I will announce the winner at the beginning of my video after the three days is up the winner will be generated randomly from and there will be one winner some hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you guys enjoy the giveaway and I will catch you guys in my next video bye guy