MILANI DOCUTORIAL History and MakeOver!

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MILANI DOCUTORIAL History and MakeOver!

hello and welcome my name is Cathy a and today I’m gonna do a video all about Milani cosmetics and I know a lot of you are curious about the brand because it’s kind of the higher end on the drugstore lines and they’ve got some beautiful bold colors and an unusual assortment of cosmetics and a lot of you are big fans of the blush especially luminoso and don’t rolls Dulce pink I think is the other one they have but I went on the website and I’ve got a few other kind of fun things I want to talk to you real quick about the nail polish I’m not as happy with that but I can tell you this stuff stays on like glue oh my god this is the I think it’s called party well anyway this particular nail polish I put it over a pink I think things like this that are like 3d glitter I think they go better if you put them over a solid color and I used to pink for this so close-up it’s kind of funky it looks like little pieces of confetti stuck to my nails looks like I did an art project and it went bad I don’t know that is the the nail-polish I’m using some products today that actually I couldn’t find in the store so I went on to their website Milani cosmetics calm and it found a lot of things like the liquid foundation which you rarely have ever see in the drugstore I noticed different drugstores carry different Milani products some of them didn’t have any of them some of them didn’t carry the eyeshadows these are the eyeshadows strips kind of an unusual format and some of them didn’t have all of the colors of the eyeliners such as this beautiful almond which I used as an eye base in the tutorial but first I think like I do with these one brand specials I want to give you a little bit of a documentary and talk a little bit about the brand so we’ll be back right after that the Milani story actually begins with this company Jordana cosmetics Jordana opened its doors 27 years ago in Vernon California CEO Ralph Basu and his family owned the business and he wanted to produce high quality cosmetics for low prices in 2001 with the success of Jordana sales Ralph and the president of Jordana Laurie mink were inspired by the fashion-forward city of Milan in Italy to create a bold and edgy line of cosmetics the name Milani is a tribute to that city I’m not sure however if Jordanna is a tribute to Jordan in 2002 Milani cosmetics opened its doors right in the same building as Jordana Milani has gained popularity because its products are versatile and so women of color and fish-belly white girls like me can all find products in the line that work well with our various skin tones Milani cosmetics as well as Jordana cosmetics are cruelty free so there is never testing on animals the sheer beauty and variety of colors is amazing and the quality of their blushes are wonderful also to the variety of nail colors and lip glosses are amazing their eye products and face products are wonderful as well as their powders and their innovative brow products especially the nuclear wax brow crayon and they’ve added recently hair products to the line the new Milani group is the new corporate name and this mothership has added some new faces we have in addition to Ralph Bijou and Lorie mink we have Rhonda brown Cindy Serling Gena Hagen Sara Otte Tora and Mona Monahan Kelleher all of these folks are from OPI and L’Oreal and Estee Lauder and almay and Revlon and Sally Hansen Milani continues to find the most advanced ingredients to update their cosmetic line they mirror the growing diversity in the US market offering fearless color cosmetics with technologically superior formulas for all races kudos definitely go out to the Bijou family for Jordanna and Milani cosmetics well I wish I had more information for

you but I’m not the National Enquirer you know so I don’t have anything there’s nothing and maybe no news is good news but I think the fact that they’re cruelty free and that they’re high quality and that they cater to all races and colors of skin I think that that diversity is is to be commended so let me start off with where I was you can watch me do a little tutorial on how I got this face and okay without further ado a magical video there we go okay here we go definitely the before picture this is a Sephora super nourishing lip balm I’m using as a lip primer and then the Milani eyeshadow primer just using a little bead on each lid and just a little underneath my eyes because I do use a liner underneath and it helps it stay now Milani does not have a face primer so I’m using Bare Minerals primetime face primer this is the original formula it’s kind of like a watered-down Smashbox Photoready primer a little on the oily side I’m not sure if I like it or not now let’s get going with the makeup this is Milan ease glow natural brush on Foundation and it actually twists up and the goop comes out of the top of this brush and you’re supposed to brush it on with this little brush on the top of the bottle I don’t like that so I’m time glopping it onto my hand and I’m going to spread it around with a stippling brush just my preferred method of playing foundation on now because of the sunlight coming in the window I look like I’m putting my makeup on but actually it’s a really good match for my skin tone now I did actually try to brush it on with the brush thing and I didn’t like it so now I’m just trying another method which is my fingers just putting a second coating on it’s a very medium coverage foundation like it blended really nicely in it didn’t sink into my wrinkles now we’ve got the secret cover correction stick it’s kind of like a concealer and I’m using it in that little Kim Kardashian triangle thing in the front I’m going to blend it out and put some powder over the top so it’ll blend in nicely but it’ll be slightly lighter in the center of my face then on the outside and I’m just using a foundation brush I think it’s a real techniques foundation brush to blend that in using some multitasker powder and this is number zero two it’s medium light and I’m just going to press it into my skin and it gives it a really nice even finish almost a flawless look it’s really nice powder now for contouring I didn’t want to use their bronzer because I’m going to use this multitask powder as an eyeshadow and as a brow powder so I’m using medium tan number zero eight and making that fish face this works really well as a contour powder it’s actually a face powder that’s meant for somebody with darker skin but I think it works really nicely as a contour powder there I am getting rid of one of my double chins stir it up that age spot so I just covered that over a little bit for a blush this is a very wild color is called Coral Cove from their roses series that came out last summer I’m just tapping it very lightly into the product it’s very very strong and I’m blending it in as much as I can and for a highlighter I thought I’d use Luminoso which is a baked blush very popular using my fan brush but I think the Luminoso is actually a little dark to use as a highlighter that just seemed to add more blush to my face so I’m going to just put a little powder on there take care of that excess look tone it down a little bit that’s the Sun again now we’re going into the eyes and this is a fairly new matte almond cream color it’s a very light white girl flesh color it makes a really good eye shadow base so all of your colors will go on a lot more even you don’t see the gnarly old veins and everything else going on in my eyes and I’m just lining underneath my brows as well going into the tear duct area which always is a

little darker on older women now we’re going into the Milani runway eyes shadow palette and this is number seven it’s called ready-to-wear these are all like neutral brown colors but they all have a slight shimmer to them the very lightest I’m putting on my lid not going any higher than the lid with that and I’m using the little applicator that came with it to do that now I decided for the crease I’m going to use a brow powder because it’s matte and it’s just the right color so I’m going to use the little applicator that came with it and I’m going to go into brow color number one and I do a comma comma comma comma comma camellia looks like I’m drawing fake eyebrows I’m really just circling the orbital bone with the brow number one color I really like it and I’m taking the highlight color now and just going in to the underneath the brow a little bit and on the inside corners going back to that ready-to-wear palette I’m going on the outer corner of my lid with the darkest color and the pigmentation is fabulous with this particular eyeshadow palette I don’t know why I haven’t tried Milani shadows before this I’m going to use a blusher now this is warm petals from that same spring rose collection that they put out there’s only four shades on that and you can still find it on their website now the shadow eyes crayon is very strong and I decided to make a little outer V with it not realizing it set so fast it’s nearly impossible to blend it out so there I am struggling to blend it out before it drives too hard and I think the more blending you do the better with something like this because it really shares it out on the edges and makes it look a lot nicer it’s kind of weird watching myself in fast motion so it does blend out really nicely but it takes a little bit of work I think other crayons probably would work better in this capacity now I’m going to take this is a brow pencil and to do all ended this is a brow and eye highlighter so I’m going to just kind of fill in my brows with the brown color this particular duo is called vanilla and then I’m going to turn it around and go over it with a lighter shade which is also on that color just to make it kind of a lighter brown color now I’m going to go back into that little brow fix packet and pull the little brush out and have at it try to kind of swirl it up so it looks more natural now we’re bringing out the liquid eye pencil and I’m just going to do my upper inner rim or waterline as they call it I tried two different ways yanked out my eye light to do it and then actually if you just do it underneath while your eye is looking straight ahead now this is the ultra fine liquid eyeliner in black vinyl and I’m just going to do kind of a semi winged outlook this is in black vinyl which is a shiny black color I just want to make sure each side looks fairly even my eyes are shaped slightly differently and I was so shook up over getting everything settled there I forgot to curl my lashes I’m gonna stick a little Luminoso in the corners the ten o’clock in two o’clock areas of my eyelids it adds a little bit of spark I’m gonna do I mask a different mascara on each side on the first song I’m gonna use the runway lashes mascara which is probably my favorite I forgot to curl my lashes it would have looked a lot nicer had I done that but I can’t go back and do it again I’ve already filmed this like four times and on the other side I’m going to use the total lash cover mascara that has three different types of brushes in one and if you turn it around you get different effects with each each side or each angle of the brush but it doesn’t make quite as big a hunk and lash as the runway lashes so it’s taking me a little longer to pull

some volume out of that puppy now just underneath my eye just to the halfway point from the outer edge I’m just doing a slight line with cafe au lait which is a shadow eyes crayon and going into the lips assist the color statement lip liner in nude lining the lips and we’re going to be using the statement lipstick which is in number 27 it’s Dolce Carmelo since I had such a strong eye I didn’t get too strong a lip and I’m gonna throw some hot flash lipgloss on top of that that’s number 106 it’s called quick flash not happy with that look I am going to try the new power lip gloss stain in Mango Tango it’s a wild dark color for me to use and I actually didn’t like any wound up taking it off for the final scene so there’s a lot of fun you know checking out these products they’re a few hit or misses I really liked the broad kit of course and I think it’s so versatile because you can you can use the well of course you can use the implements this teeny tiny little booboo tweezers are kind of unusual but the brow the little brow brush is cute and it works and of course the the eye shadow brush and these these can all be your eye shadows or brow shadows so I mean you can use it in in your brow as a brow powder but I used it actually in my eyes as an eye shadow so I think that this is probably one of the most versatile pieces that they have in the collection this is the brow fix kit and I think this runs I want to say around $6 so that’s not bad now all of these shadows I found that they were really nice a little bit they all have a slight shimmer to them and I like I like a matte somewhere in the day I wonder if I can do this one oh if I can swipe all six at once yes isn’t that cool I’ve heard people complain that they can’t get like their brush in here and I’m like really you can you can get a brush in there and I actually on purpose used you know I didn’t use a you know a technical brush for these and I could’ve but I mean I think it can use the little applicators that come with it just as easily it really you know not that snobby about it I’m not doing this this was fun um but I mean they great colors nice pigmentation and they have about ten different assortments of eyeshadows so the only thing I have to say is that we’re not looking at any matte shades here they’re all shimmers and you know I love shimmers for you know lid use or the corner or just under the brow bone but nowhere else and so I like to see a combination and I don’t see that in their in their eye shadows but there’s such a diverse company I really enjoy this particular line of makeup and I love that your dog does stuff as well I mean you can’t go wrong between the two of these absolutely fabulous stuff so I think they’re lip products and their eye products are outstanding their mascara the runway lashes is my favorite probably of all time I think it’s just a perfect mascara and this runs probably around eight dollars really good these power lips are just a little strong and a little dark for older complexions so I would hesitate to recommend these although the staying power and the staining power are really strong so they’re really good if you’re a younger person I would say have at it because these are fun these are really fun and on a young person that would be really great their lip liners are perfect but I have to say that Jordana is still my favorite lip liner and if you do them like side by side here’s the Jordana in rosin natural there’s the rose and then you do the Milani it’s just a slight creamier texture to the Milani lip pencil which I like but I find that the Jordana lasts longer so I don’t know if that softness kind of

means that it’s not as you know strong but anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this and a lot of fun bringing it to you and I’m actually not returning anything which is a really big surprise because I always return something oh I wanted to mention that this I was really surprised at how close this was to matching my skin tone because there are other makeups don’t the powder makeups I didn’t like I actually did return the powder makeup so I didn’t just I didn’t even show them in this but this is the glow natural and this is I think the lightest shade number oh one fair to light I used and I’m usually like the second shade in from you know most lines or the lightest shade so I’m kind of a pale fish-belly white girl so anyway that pretty much does it for me today everybody have a wonderful week and have a beautiful day take care toodles