Pop of Colour Spring Make Up | Chit Chat – Talk Through Tutorial

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Pop of Colour Spring Make Up | Chit Chat – Talk Through Tutorial

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I am so excited to finally be filming I have completely changed my setup I got two new soft boxes will have lighting coming from here I have my ring light which I usually have and I’ve just switched up where I’m pretty much filming on it because that’s filmies film feeds these two massive lights somewhere so I am so incredibly happy I think the lighting looks so much better from what I can like see here on my viewfinder I’m at a perfectionist and I wasn’t completely happy I mean I cannot even tell you how many videos I have films that haven’t made it like on to my channel because something was wrong like whether it was the lighting usually it was the lighting because lighting effect on makeup does look so I thought stop it I’m going to get these soft boxes they’re going to make me happier they’re going to make my filming look so much better so I bought them and I am so happy because I think it looks really good from what I can see here so yeah that’s my little update for you guys i hope you can see the change in the video quality when I do put the video up I mean I can’t tell right now because i’m not you know editing or anything like that but from what I can see here in my viewfinder it does look like a UH a lot better so fingers crossed that when I actually upload the footage I can see difference as well so yay i will be doing a spring inspired look for this video i have kind of an idea of what I want the look to be like but then at the same time I don’t so we will see how this goes and sometimes when I don’t know what look I want to do that’s when it turns up like better when I don’t have a set plan what colors were faced with that that’s like usually when my hooks do turn out better when I am happy with them so hopefully and this look turns out great so first I will be going in so first I will just be applying some lip balm this is the skin lip six xbox this is one of those lip balms that like actually lasts it’s just one of those glossy ones that you put on in five minutes later it’s gone this one actually likes like lasts I cannot get that word out that actually of lawsuits um it’s like you like when you don’t have the product on your lips anymore you can still feel your lips they’re very back moisturized yeah I can’t poke so I will prime it I will be priming my eyes first we’d be urban decay naked skin concealer in the shade light neutral just so we have a base like a perfect base for your eyeshadow to go on obviously i love this concealer when it says its whiteness it is weightless the only way I can describe it is you know when you put on like the map for a long way one and you can kind of feel it does that make sense it’s hard to explain if you don’t have the mac pro longwear one though because that’s also a really good you know concealer but it is heavy this one you’re like where’s the product so first I’m going to take hmm let’s take this shade here on my Sigma e25 and I’m just going to apply that as my um transition shade so did anyone’s need that Jaclyn hill that just got her dream a car I just got like a notification because I’ve got my turn on poster because I love her I’m so happy for her so beyond happy for her and she mentioned that she was like scared to post the photo which is so sir she deserves everything that comes her way because she has worked for it and whether you like her or not just don’t hate then I want to take let’s take this color these this palette is super pigmented I mean I don’t really take much as you can see so just going in and blending that back and forth I love this morphe brush it is the morphine em 513 it’s just a great blending brush but it also because it applies the color really well like it’s a 2-1 I don’t know I love it it is good Ted and it is really really soft I am only love it is one of my favorite brushes I did purchase some new and morphe brushes which I am waiting together they should have been here by now I’m just like no come hurry up and

but I got a few brushes I got the weight which color am I going to go in with first before I keep speaking um feel like it’s orange enough i want to add in a little bit of brown but like a nice brown let’s do this brown um and this is my sigma e25 and I got the oh god see I figure how pigmented these guys I’m just going to put it on there add a half and then blend it I got the new like the you know the goat’s head the bronzer brush I think it’s the m5 27 and the m5 23 or I might be so wrong but you know the big bronzer brush and the smaller contour brush the one that jump and he’ll users that she says she loves for contour and so she says she likes something I’m like whole I have to have it don’t I that’s just how it rolls um but yeah i’m just taking that red shade and blending it out god I hope this talks who is ok because if I upload it and can’t change it because I told by an idiot this is gonna suck I do want this look to be really warm so that’s why I went for more of a bike warm brown this is really this is a really nice at brick brown color I do really like it um so I’m just going in and applying that color little by little and I get again the desired desired disruptor desired level of like color I don’t it to be too crazy on the eyes I want it to be pretty soft on the eyes and like more of a ball deliver see I’m thinking of doing a couple because i did also get like a young copper glitter so don’t want to go cop because i will be doing a couple look soon let’s take a bit of this shade shall we just a bit for some shyness and i’m just going to apply that right on top of where up with that brick color just to make it a little bit more red nothing too crazy just a little bit i will be taking this this gold on the same brush and just applying that on this half of my lid on the this half on the other half I think I’m going to go in with this color now it is lovely by color pop it’s kind of a mix between a gold and a silver I just want to make it a little bit lighter not to gold just give it a little bit of a part just apply it on that half of my eye and I’m going to blend it out with this clean e 20 Oh as you can see i did just go in and apply my falsies off camera because that’s always just a challenge um you know why it’s a challenge actually because of my eyelash glue ID purchased last week the house of lashes blue which I’ve heard is incredible beyond anything so I purchased a fuel there because i don’t like this flash glue it just it makes it harder to apply my lashes because it just doesn’t stick on the outer half of my eye so waiting to get that and when I do get that I can apply my lashes on camera get it to start off the face i will be using the Olivia men’s post shave balm in sensitive because this stuff is amazing it is a great for oily skin because it just keeps your makeup in touch for so much longer than it look– would normally and I think it’s like fifteen dollars I’ve got a not even I think it is but still you get so much of it and it’s an amazing program Westeros is your skin at same time nikka tutorials is the one that came up with this and she deserves full credit I think Nivea should send her like a lifetime supply of this stuff because and she put them on the map for this stuff that’s as far as I know but you know what do you want um you want to make sure that you get every inch of your face for foundation i will be using the maybelline fit me matte and poreless oh boy boy boy laughs a lot came out i have heard really good things about it so i am excited to try this is the first time i’m going to be using it so we shall see and i’m applying it with my more free em 439 yep so to check but this is the color 220 which is pretty sure it’s like natural beige I’m just buffing that into my skin cannot wait to put concealer on you have

no idea I find that when I go over my foundation with my MIDI blender it just helps make it look heaps more natural and just fix up any excess foundation that you have sitting on your skin that doesn’t really need to be there and just pushes everything else into your skin as you can see the bags under my eyes are on point today I hardly slept last night so they’re just out to play and you get to like join them Oh concealer i will be using the urban decay at one again this is i’ve probably mentioned it on my channel before but my favorite part of doing my makeup one off because my bags are so flicky recent I’m that this is also where by the way you can like clean up your eyeshadow and that I feel so much better once they conceal and out with the Beauty Blender you always want to stay looking up before you go in and set it my eyes are crazy but the actual makeup doesn’t set in those creases if that makes sense just one final dab and then sitting it I am using the two highlighting shades in it the Kat Von D shade of light bulb which I will show you in a second and yeah i’m using these two shades here the banana one album i’m using these two shades here so lyric and levitation oh oh oh um that you know will go in and highlight the rest of my face with the maybelline fit me concealer this is just in the shade light will go in and highlight the rest of the face with my maybelline fit me concealer in the shade light now the reason i use another concealer this fight is because i don’t see the point in using my expensive urban decay one on mochi nose and forehead when I’m really just using it to highlight I find that that’s just probably better for me because there’s no need for me to use that concealer because I’m not concealing anything I’m just highlighting and I don’t want to waste most 31 then I will set it with those two shades as well today for bronzer i will be using the make up for ever profusion because i do want this to be an altogether warmer look I love this bronzer love it actually I’ve been used it in a while and I forgot how much I genuinely loved it it just adds color with that product that if that makes sense as i mentioned i hardly slept last night and wake up this morning at five o’clock so and argue that the Kylie glosses were coming up this morning nice to get my hands on baby food yeah when I saw them on her Instagram yesterday I was automatically like I need to have them they just there were just really nice new colors that I what wow like they’re pretty and I wasn’t expecting how to come up with losses but good on her I love them I got all three i got like literally so cute those names are amazing i love them and and I’m just so excited to get them I haven’t gotten any of her liquid lipsticks because whenever they do come out i’m at work so this is the perfect time for me to actually get them because they came out on a saturday morning well this morning and i was up so i was like well I have to get them there were 15 goals which i think is actually not bad because a matte lip gloss is like thirty thirty-five dollars and you know it’s a decent size I wasn’t mad i thought that that was it like a normal price to ask for so i was happy i mean drugstore um I think I’m OD’ing on this bronzer am I know drugstore lip glosses are like more expensive than that anyway so I’m not hating um but yes I’m so excited to get them so I can start using them in my videos because i love nudes nudes give me life I just I’m just a neutral person

in general then I’m going to be taking some of lucid and then just clean that area up right there because I did forget to apply powder before I went in with my brother gosh i’m going to use milani luminoso and my favorite blush brush of course the morphe or for this is just a really beautiful blush I understand the height I got it when I got my queen bee lashes from Lady mice I saw it I was like all I’m gonna have to buy you because you’re in stock a lot of the time it’s not in stock when I see it on websites so when I saw that it was you know available for me to buy I I went in for the kill for highlight the first product I will use is Mac oh darling just a really really nice gold and my coffee m 501 oh yeah his heart is amazing so happy I got two of them because it’s limited edition so you know when it’s limited edition you always have to get to I think because you ain’t gon get it again and then of course i have to go in with a little bit of champagne pop as well i’m just going to actually use my 20 because i don’t want I just want to place like right on this here there I want to be glowing from within going to line my waterline with color pop crybaby which is just a really nice baby purple lavender I thought this would just be really cute pop of car but still sleeps I’m going to take a brunch from colour-pop and just apply that then on top of that I will be applying candy lip gloss from anastacio Beverly Hills and then on top of that i will it take Bellini from Joseph colors you really don’t have to do all of these steps you can do one the other or the other it just depends what you won this is just I’m going for a really bright orange kind of lip but I just didn’t want to make it a little bit light up and golden I’m just going to take some of this designer brands cuz makes amplifying mascara

I think I’ve done them ah so this is the completed look as I mentioned in the beginning of the video the looks that I don’t actually plan properly are they looks that I end up loving the most and I love this look I think it is such a wearable spring look but you still have those little pops of color any kind that we leave any cover any color really goes with brown and gold as a pop of color so you do you and pick any color that you want I just liked the lavender also paired with the orange coral lip and I think that’s all I have to say if you enjoyed this video please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe down below um and that’s about it thank you so so much for watching and I will see you in my next video