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Profusion "Glitterazzi's Journal"

welcome ladies and gentlemen today i’ma do this look using this palette that I’ve had for a little while already it feels like a while it looks like one but it’s a pallet ten eyeshadows when you if you see this and you purchase it when you open it to look at it you’re going to see that’s all glitter I mean a bunch of glitter it all it is a spray it’s just a spray when it comes with this beautiful mall applicator so I’m going to apply this color right here then like dark gold color on my lids this color I hear that Brown is going to go and Malorie increase this like copper color is going to go right behind that dark brown color and this black it’s gonna go to line my eyes okay so I’m gonna start now and I grabbed this off eyeshadow brush and I’m going to begin by picking up that like dark bold color and I already applied my sure data eyelid primer and my NYX eyeshadow base and skin tone so pick up that dark bold color these are powdery that’s one thing I can say but they work nice done and we’ll apply that over the NYX eyeshadow base and spent on and I tight line my upper lash line ago off eyeshadow eyeliner personal excuse me perfect down that’s so and tapping out as you go along because these are hollering well at least that dark this dark cold ones I don’t mind he’s always a baby website like beside me to him doesn’t bother me and least not at all pick up pick up this this came from an elf kit I think has six shadows one of them go back to school all things and I’m going to pick up that black not that black used to have multicolored glares all over it more like shimmer cuz is very fine my blue pink purple but speak most of it at least so we pick up that black and it’s very matte place that under my lashline and my lower lashline I mean excuse me oh my gosh lie my soul flick it up it’s a little cat eye do the LV just shape it with us in this clinical a I could feel this little area right here total time sir we’ll be picking up that glass see a copper color excuse me right there with that same elf eyeshadow brush but I’m going to turn it over pick some up copper color tap it out who is this above that black shadow makes so and also in the outer take this LA Colors crease brush just to blend this out I already have going on

you take this elf crease brush I’m going to be picking up that ground there that right now revealed soon drag it in to the crease some more what blossom I was Liam Tesla laughs in Beverly get that back I mistakes really cleaned up later so I don’t worry about it this is also a neck inside the basement that’s so to define it back with the elf crease brush it’s just a soft and everything up blend everything out run at all have a whole coming up all the way back at the oath on shadow brush write a book not before I forget and grab a clean of eyeshadow brush that I used the slight with and it’s going to go on the brow bone just a highlight color the sorrow we are ready soft being harsh lines you may notice well this look is just for fun i’m supposed to be going i’m suppose being the post office delivering a package for somebody special and I have to wait for the plumber and since no one’s here I’m stuck so anyway some also take that white to pop it in my tear duct area like into here and I’m not happy about that but I have to deal with it so yeah and took off Chris brush one more time to make sure let me take that brush from the elf kit go in and pick up that black line top lash line

don’t want that black up there to look as natural as possible and a liquid liners you’re not going to cut it now that’s what I want at least of the lash line softline soul I’m going to go talk with that and I’ll fly shadow brush will pick up that like old gold dark gold color out there pick that right back up tap it out and they see it right back your inner portion pressure not to lose some of this special double it’s not the need is look I said this is just for fun I just wanted to finally use this palette finally so oh yeah and I’m going to take my Rimmel lash max and i’m going to add mascara so my top lashes first and this mascara is in black not figure you know you wouldn’t believe what I found that Polly oh it must have fallen out one of my boxes under the bed because that’s why I found it under the bed Lucy I must have fallen out one of the boxes um it was purchased at a beauty supply store I was a dollar 99 it was little wallet looking for fusion powers like that don’t go for no more 99 you might find it for tonight nine some work but I’ve never seen them for that much they are pigmented the other pantry you want to go somewhere you want to take more than one or two little pots of eyeshadow we need a lock the bulkiness of a big giant palette or little tediousness of all those little round parts all over the place to sleep it’s thin it’s light and the best part is much ten shadows so and they’re all satin as you see these are all settings trying to see the cyclone trying to make me look something like you know felines I try this with the small brush again because I noticed this one’s thinner than this one I’m just going to even about when leopards under-eye area is so let’s take that off for shizzle elf eyeliner some black in the line my waterline

the scar will lash max lower lashlines it’s already applied to lower lashline river I don’t have to be you know the eyelashes after you saw spiky eyelash like this you got a lot of later going up anyways so I’m not really worried about it so that’s it booga could miss one more coat it looks quite Rufus with that PC that’s good line proved so far still be for the I’ll have a halt coming up as I said all on my nails I don’t have a basic topcoat knows I just want to try to solve my husband purchased this for me he said it deals and this is in honeymoon about this discount store just put it back to second show you the name I’m gonna have to cut that new mount and tape it on the Neath or something because the name is nowhere on the bottle to be found lower so I can’t throw that out till I get that memo and this is it right here is his honeymoons by aziza honeymoon I haven’t opened this one yet but this one is in champagne toast it’s also by Aziza what wasn’t in champagne toast it’s a neutral color I pretty on my lips I’m going to be applying a gloss and this is by Jane and my friend anna has sent me this not too long ago and since champagne this one looks like ok this is I’m gonna run my lips for this look and while this was fun so you know I had the first time i used the gloss and I lose him off this very pretty actually like a pinky quarrel there was literally more and the profusion glitter Otzi’s journal and leopard looks like it’s this is plastic but it’s cushioning it has a little black bow very cute turns again these are the colors and the Liddy’s swatches right now this is what’s on my eyelids as I mentioned these are called real I

said they don’t bother me cuz i usually have on a face anyway so to stick me and it sticks up and besides that that doesn’t work out always have my trusty baby wipes this is what summer out of him little crease I chose these colors because I was trying to think about the colors Leopard’s skin you know and this is a close as I came and then I’ll be dead on that Wow is actually a gorgeous hope all good is amazed at alone and black it’s not really pigmented like its black is actually maxed it’s why it’s kind of a hassle to blend okay so that’s a mile it’s a semi-auto you increase these all and that’s under my lash line or lash line here we go right there this color is absolutely gorgeous soon right here I am so loving that wow that’s a taupe so brownish grey and it’s like a almost a dual chrome I see something hopefully near the lilac person that color is this one right he doesn’t even look like that in the pair looks totally different it’s more beautiful actually so that’s all let me give you a swatch of champagne by chain it’s pretty so yeah my fren anna ABG 1971 and they this gloss right there that’s by jane and then I move it is champagne so meet up baby wipe so hope you enjoyed just look for today and that’s from the profusion 10 pan palette and glitter Otzi’s journal in leopard again yeah hope you enjoy I have fun doing a few guys I’m not going anywhere it is not yet at least oh and my husband does come home I’m gonna wash me first okay cuz I’m not running to the post office like this I’m sure I’m not next door neighbors renew yours he’s a police officer who there’s a few nurses and he does a lot of professional people here I’m just not gonna do this it’s so used to see me in a suit and looking so demure and elegant classic anyways that’s it snappy to do this look who I’m looking in my teeth no okay so you all stay blessed and beautiful and take care and the hall and I get that ready in a minute so ciao