Seminar Ladies Night Kelley Beck 083118: A Mother's Love, Sexual Abuse, Rejection, Verbal Abuse

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Seminar Ladies Night Kelley Beck 083118: A Mother's Love, Sexual Abuse, Rejection, Verbal Abuse

We will run through the breaking Come and see look on this man Stern The Lord of the universe Nailed to the tree Christ our God Spears His sacred head Seem to Jesus Lord of our che Lord of our central Is a great – Jesus his name Singing of his faithfulness In his life And he will Lay on his prayers Rise to Prison Give her a mercy Give her Soon to Jesus, this is the And for Is the king See to Jesus And for Sing to Jesus Lord of our shame Lord of our sinful Praise God

Hallelujah Hallelujah Come on embrace him tonight women, come on daughters of Zion Amen, come on now, praise God Who’s here visiting tonight? Visitors hi visitors were you from? Dewy oh my gosh, where’s Juliet? Preska oh nice. Have you been to the the glow? You have okay good good anyone else visiting? Hi, how you doing? Where are you ladies from? Mesa yay We got some people from Mesa, praise God anyone else No visitors, well, praise the Lord you’re in for a treat tonight women Hallelujah You know you are too cuz god he’s gonna love on all of us tonight Hey, man, we’re gonna let him to we’re gonna let him we’re gonna praise him tonight We’re gonna allow him to just touch our hearts. We’re gonna be open to receive whatever he has for us. Amen So just a couple announcements. Um, we have our bookstore so if you guys want to get some some goodies before you go or even now you’re you’re welcome to um, Well, actually Laurie you’re in the I don’t know if you could do that right now Maybe after we’re it’s sorry because she mans the fort and she’s here tonight doing all kinds of stuff man She’s you know, we’re kind of short-staffed tonight. So that’s okay though. But um, thank you for your prayers, brother Mike is doing he’s doing better Amen, he’s doing really well. Hopefully he’s been he’s able to watch us tonight So they just continue to pray Just continue to believe God the for his healing and and everything that he’s going through right now It’s it’s all for the good right. He God promised it for those who love him right? He’ll turn whatever evil for good so, um And then the second announcement. We’re doing a the Healing Rooms. Anyone been to the Healing Rooms No weed Connie stop it. Okay, so we have Healing Rooms too sister. We have Healing Rooms Every second Saturday, so our next Healing Room will be September the 13th and we start at two may go to two We start at ten and we go to two o’clock that’s walking if you’re if you’re if anyone, you know that wants to come and you can walk in and we have you fill out some paperwork and then we just take you to the back and pray and it’s it’s a lot of it’s More personal than being up here in the altar. So It’s it’s nice, you know you get to sit down and just talk and In explain if you if you like that if you’d rather do that that way that would be you know Or if you know anyone, please send them our way Okay. So, um Well who’s ready to worship? We want to lighten up the mood in this house. Amen I feel the spirit of heaviness trying to come down in this place and I we’re not gonna let it happen, right? We’re not gonna let the devil have his way right Come on ladies By the way, brother, it’s ladies night tonight. So there’s an overflow sanctuary down the hall To your left all the way down to your left That’s okay brother, that’s okay. You’re still the Lord’s gonna still pray with you All right youtubers so get ready we’re about to worship the Lord So if you you want to come up and I mean if you want to just stand up and just honor him tonight there’s a special selection that um That Kelly she’s bringing the word tonight, by the way Yeah Is it yeah, this is a special selection for all of us tonight So you just want it you wanna hang out with us and we stand up and praise the Lord worship Him Anyone knows this song please sing along All right, turn it up girl Praise God My mom saved me have you raised me how we filled me with the Holy Ghost? Healed me to the uttermost when I think about How we please

Oh you raised me With the Holy Ghost To the other How we feel I’m sorry How we feel with the follicle to be He raised me Hallelujah Makes you wanna shop He saved me he raised us he saved us he raised us I always say this there’s no greater place I’d rather be on a Friday night than an ADC With the Holy Ghost, especially a night like tonight the ladies night the women’s night Women are bruised they’re battered. They’re shattered and like psalms 147 three just like this verse here. It’s very similar It says he heals the brokenhearted he binds up their wounds What a great verse that is. Hey, I want to apologize her brother might not being here tonight. It’s been an emotional week

I’m sorry. I’m operating on a lotta lack to sleep this past week But I know it hurts him not to be here tonight because this is his favorite night Women are his favorite thing like the Holy Ghost. He cherishes you He cherishes women and it hurts him not to be here as much as it hurts us for him not to be here I think if someone would to offer to will him down I 17 from Beardsley in his bed He’d be here, you know, but I don’t think his wife or the doctors are gonna allow him to do it That’s how grateful he is. That’s how much he loves this night. So tonight. I just ask you he may be watching tonight I don’t know but this is This is that the ladies are in the house. This one’s for you If we can just give them a shout out to brother Mike on the count of three Whatever you say brother Mike we miss you. We love you. This is for you. This is the ladies night We love you get healed get healed get healed get healed. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for this night father Thank you lord if you want We just want to get praising and glory to him we say this is once for you brother Mike But really this is for the Holy Ghost, we’re here for him. We’re not here for man We’re here for the Holy Spirit and he loves this place. He’s gonna move like no tomorrow tonight. We’re so grateful I thank you Lord for this night. I thank you for this opportunity Thank you for your understanding for what he’s going through. Like I said, it’s been Been a hard week, but we’re going to get through it And tonight we decided that you know what we need to go through. We need to go through ladies night So just before we get started a little bit, we just want to go through our usual gamut of Announcements you can see the website. I’m not sure about the next seminar whether it’s gonna be September 21st or 28th But it has a listing on Oliver Services on the website. You can listen to brother Mike weekdays on 10:10 a.m. Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m 5:30 p.m. You can also go to SoundCloud or go to the the website and listen to the archived radio shows You can listen to them on our me again 24/7 hardcore Christianity on the website. He plays they play constantly, so you’re never without He’s also on internet radio dark sky Sunday nights 9:00 p.m. If you so desire to tune in and You can help us out by well, that should be smiled. I believe if you search and put in hardcore Christianity for the charity this ministry gets a portion or proceeds of Everything that you buy so it actually helps out the ministry. No one takes its hour here So everything that goes in goes into the ministry fund to help others to also further in advance to the national delivered center That’s what we’re praying about right now. This tonight’s training is gonna be on the first one number two I’m sorry number two house a healing AZ Tonight’s teaching. You can check that out miracle list You know somebody who is mentally ill or has general just troubled Christians as he says you can email him at Mike at Harcourt Christianity calm and He will send you out the miracle list and it really is we’re getting a lot of testimonies about going through this list I mean people don’t even have to really come for a counseling appointment cuz they’re going through this list and they’re getting delivered They’re getting healed just just from going through it. So go ahead and send him an email on that donations We have PayPal donation secured on the website. Thank you for all your support. It means a lot to this ministry $5.00 is a lot to this ministry. So everything that you can give we really do appreciate that That doesn’t go without saying okay. Here we go ladies night Brother Mike when he always starts History, he always says I’m going for the carotid artery the jugular A mother’s love it always says that I’m going for the juggler When I first had seen brother Mike with this Seminar this particular seminar. I Had just come I was six years six years ago when he had his first Women’s seminar, and I wasn’t part of the team yet I was kind of in the background But I was a praying for people and I wanted everything that I could get my hands on that brother Mike was teaching I wanted to or absorb everything that he knew about the spiritual world and thank God That that spirit of shyness that spirit of insecurity got casted out cuz I sat on the front row I would never have done that. I sat on the Frye we sit in the back But I sat on the front row that night. You know what I was I was eager I was waiting and after the teacher Mike started to do the altar call and of course the lights are down low They’re dimmed and he’s pacing back and forth and he’s talking about a mother’s love and his voice I remember that night was It was real soft. It was real gentle. It was real calm, you know, and I’m Sitting there, and I’m I’m watching him and I’m listening to what he’s saying he just kept saying those words, you know, my mother’s love and I Kind of had this something in there It had been 16 years During that time that we had lost our mother to lung cancer and So I thought I was all through with sorrow all through with grief. I went through demonic grief of five years I lost my best friend and I stacked through that for five years. I lost my life to that but 16 years later

I didn’t know I still had a spirit of sorrow and grief in there so as as Mike was going along he was doing this this loving voice at Mike has that comes over with especially on Women’s night and all of a sudden I just started weeping. He wasn’t even into prayer yet he was just talking about just say in the words a mother’s love and I remember him at the time Earl was there and he he’s he’s like get on her get on her, you know And I got healed that night, you know, he’s always that way he’ll stop everything He’s like go go to her the hole he goes on go to her and I got healed that night So when he talks about a mother’s love it’s the most powerful emotion the most powerful emotion in the human world Not in the supernatural not in that the spiritual world. We’re talking in the human world. There’s nothing greater mother’s love our mothers touch And growing up I was the I was the youngest of six and family of six I was a baby and I was supposed to beat well, my mom wanted 12 kids, but she settled for six She wanted the Brady Bunch, so she wanted three girls, and she wanted three boys I was supposed to be that third boy and I was the fourth girl So everything changed we had to move I mean air, you know the sisters. Thanks a lot You know great now we have to move, you know, I didn’t they meant that lovingly I never took that as a fence growing up, but everything changed we had to do everything different So I grew up as a tomboy because I was supposed to be that third boy understand that now brother might get explained that to me but We moved I was born and raised here but we moved to New Mexico during my kindergarten ear and mic and up to third grade and My parents bought this house. It was a 5,000 square foot house. My mother loved people a mother wanted to Help people and I could remember when up up and the people up up with the people I don’t know. If you remember that group. They would come into town. She would have them stay at her house We always had people that she reached out to you know, and they would stay in this bitch So that’s why she wanted a big house. She wanted to have a place for people to come. She was a Serb She had a servant’s heart. Well, we had a five acre playground with a working cotton gin on it So here I am. I’m like Sally with lioness Oh Aidan, my brother He need the cutest thing, you know file I did whatever my brother said to do I wanted to be like him I even dressed like I you know everything about my brother I wanted to become well growing up. We had this natural playground filled with horses cows chickens You name it Pig? We had we had the full gamut the vietname. They would be pleased at our Ability in her skill to dig tunnels because we had we had five acres that were ours We built forts under there. We built underground cities under there We just had fun and this cotton gin and it had this rope that would hang down from the top They had bales of hay on this side and a mountain a pyramid of alfalfa So of course brother Rick, hey Why don’t you go climb up and see make sure that that that that rope is his attached tight to that roof Okay, you know sure it wasn’t Weed tumbled down, you know every time he’d get a BB gun for Christmas. I would be his his target of objects, you know Hey, why don’t you go out there? Ten yards and let me see if I can hit you? Okay, that sounds like fun How far do you want me to run? You know, oh Yeah, I got guys loaded with me. Oh you that good shot? You know I’d do anything my brother So growing up I had a lot of battle where I had a lot of scars on my body my horse would throw me in in the barbed? Wire you know, but what I remember about that is I remember my mom, you know I had this cut that looked like it felt like I was cut from my throat down to my navel It felt big it felt like I had been through a war zone It was maybe a scratch like that, you know, but it was it was detrimental to me I was turbulent for me. But all this dried blood was was I still have the scar today from that horse? I walked into the kitchen. My mom was on the phone. My mom was a very career business successful woman everything she did she put her heart and soul into but She always had her family come first, you know, I don’t to this day. I don’t know how she did it having six kids I can’t imagine Having one kid much less six kids wanting 12 having three miscarriage as in still going on with that sixth one I can’t imagine I don’t know how she kept her sanity, but she was always on that phone, you know There was important people in her life that were on that phone and I remember coming her into that kitchen that day And looking up in her at her eyes. You know that Song can fill in you know Pouting crying, you know important to me, you know, she’s on the phone I’m going you know hurt and I remember her looking down, you know, and she said hey, can you just hold on one moment Can I just put you on hold for a moment? It’s a phone now. She said what’s wrong? I said Horst a man sim1. He threw me in the barbed wire. You know, I’m crying now. It’s big now This thing is huge and she said okay. Just hold on. She went to the medicine cabinet

She got that little neosporin thing put that little string about that big little string band-aids it over You know gave me a kiss kiss kiss my little world I was good to go pat in my rear and she goes I’ll get out there go play, you know I was back back in service back in charge, right? So that’s what I remember. My mother’s love is so so great. And then we were sitting around the family table You know how you gather around and you start talking about memories of the family if my childhood I was a baby So I was very sheltered as a kid you know when you’re the baby you always want to be protected and so I grew up with not knowing a lot of things about my family I grew up at a time where Everything was better. You know my first my sister who was who was born first She’s got very different experiences and different emotions than when I was you know, my parent they were financially secure She went through some hard times, you know, so, of course, we have different emotions and different feelings but we were sitting around the table one night the family table and she that we were talking about memories and someone brought up about when I was four years old and in a canal and Coolidge we Had lived in Coolidge before that before moving to New Mexico, and I said well, I remember Pieces of their story that they were telling me and I said, well, what was it what happened? She said well you learned how to ride a bike and I don’t know if you’ve ever when you first start to ride a bike Can you get that motion going they tell you hey? You want to keep pedaling because otherwise you’re gonna fall over you’re gonna lose your balance and you’re gonna fall over So I never wanted to stop paddling, you know, I was worn out I kept pedaling all the time Well, I figured out that this bike had a gliding mechanism You know when you stop and you get that Glide you start riding for a while You get that little reprieve it feels kind of good It’s like a hitting us tennis ball on the sweet spot of a tennis racket. It felt good And so I said well what happened? She said well one day you asked if you could go riding that bike. I was for my best friend Michael Henderson, Mike Henderson He was for two and I said hey, can I go ride the bike and reluctantly? She’s like, okay why cuz I have this sense of adventure, right? Okay, but you can but don’t go on that canal. All I heard was canal. I Like even that Apple all I heard was can I hear the word don’t guess what? Come on Mike Let’s go he gets on that bike and he says where we going. I said follow me We’ll go into the canal but your mom said don’t go there. I know we’re going anyway right here We are we’re going down that canal but I remember I remember pieces You know that canal that day was flowing really heavy. We’d stopped along the side We throw a little twigs out there a little wood We watch that flow by you know, Mike didn’t know how to swim. Mikey didn’t know how to swim So, you know it the inevitable happened. He’s on the inside part of that water area the canal hit the gravel You know now they now they’re all paved. No, it’s like a road way back then it was all gravel He hit that thing next thing. I know I look over. Where’s my friend? He’s floating down We’re both for four years old Till this day this person said I don’t know how you pulled your friend out. You should have both drowned that day Should you both should have been dead? What I do remember is when when I was able by the grace of God God gives you that strength There’s nothing along the side I couldn’t reach down I don’t know how there must have been something along that I could I could kind of get down and lean and pull him out There it’s all smooth down there. I find the grace of God. He pulled that kid up But what I do remember is beating the crap out of his chest and beating his his back up I think that’s where I got that deliverance method. It’s for I’m I’m trying to They I think I said, I think it was Mike Anderson that day getting on I’m that was my best friend, you know So as I’m as I’m talking to my mom I said, well, what did you do? You know, I wanted to know I’m like, what would what did you cuz I’m thinking like, yeah She’d beat the tar living tar out of me or she did something You know, she said I did the only thing that I could do She said I wrapped my big old arms around you I didn’t wanna let you go She said I could have lost you that day. You could have lost your best friend that day I wanted to know what it was like to feel your hug you again. I said you and then what’d you do? She said I spanked your bottom and then I scold you I said you did She said then I taught you the reason why I told you not to go on like canal on that first day. I Disobeyed my mother’s orders, but do you know what if the arms of Jesus were that? I would picture that’s what his arms felt like mother’s love She didn’t want to let that go. I still feel that love today from father I still felt my mother’s up, but even greater I still feel the Father’s love. It’s so much greater is so much more powerful But the devil takes a mother’s love and what does he do he? Uses it against the mother He takes advantage of a mother’s love why he manipulates it. How does he do that? Well you Know the story of Jenna’s 2528 and Isaac loved Esau because he did eat of his venison, but Rebekah loved Jacob

The devil managed to manipulate Rebecca’s love for her favorite, son Jacob she favored him and What he does is he? makes and turns a mother into a Codependent mother Oh God. What’s that happens Wow. You become a disaster for your child. Why? When you give a child too much, it’s as bad or even as worse as not giving them enough that Sounds weird. Yeah, you can actually give your child too much love as Though it were worse than giving a child not enough. So what happens then when they grow up? Oh, hi mom. I’m home. I Got a couple of people with me welcome to entitlement why Because you didn’t teach that child that the world eats its own to fend for himself or herself To take responsibility accountability why you were too busy? spoiling that kid Next thing, you know, they’re getting married to someone they shouldn’t have their divorce now They got kids and the whole enchilada is coming home And guess what they expect you mama to carry the burden to carry the load all because they grew up in this Disciplined environment. That’s what Rebecca had Rebecca loved Jacob. She was a manipulator. How did she do it? She lied and cheated She stole Esau his birthright favorite son sent Jacob away from the wrath of Esau. She was a manipulator I don’t know if you know anybody who were manipulators don’t raise your hands But Jacob did whatever mama wanted him to do I did whatever my brother wanted me to do. No independent Thought no thinking for his own self. He just obeyed whatever mama wanted Jacob did Giving everything to her child Rebecca gave everything to Jacob and eventually she lost her son You know that 90% of your kids 90% of them are either gonna turn on you or they’re gonna disappear from your life Why the enemy perverts a mother’s love he rocks it to the core? He takes out love because he knows that enough is never enough. It’s never satisfied in the kingdom of darkness. It’s never satisfied For Satan never lust has no limit to be satisfied Les always has to be satisfied. It has no bottom That favorite son of Rebecca Jacob. She lost him Why you’re gonna lose your children if you’re a codependent mother You give them too much you Worship them. They become your idols in your family Do they become your idol you place them before God, they’re gonna lie and cheat just like mama light and cheat Why Satan is a trickster? He’s smarter than we are He’s not smarter than the Holy Ghost, but he is smarter than we are Mike always equates it to Satan plays chess we play checkers He’s always one step ahead of humans, but he’s not more powerful than God Almighty. He’s never a step ahead of the Holy Ghost He’s always got this thing covered, but guess what? he takes the strongest most powerful emotion in the human world a Mother’s love and he turns it and turns her into a burden carrier. He’s not stupid because he knows that mothers love to love Why we’re built for love, we have the nurturing spirit We’d love to please people don’t we we’d love to take care of those who are in need But we take it to that extreme you love more than your husband you love you. Love more than your father He tricks you into being a burden carrier for your loved ones your parents your grandparents your grandkids Right he bent against you to talk you into Carrying that load why he tricks us then guess what happens break down break down starts to happen You’re now carrying the burdens of your whole family upon your back. Why because he knows how much you love to love Eventually your life starts to deteriorate Can’t identity theory. It starts to go downhill spiritually mentally emotionally physically why? Everything will develop in that body later in life. Physically the devil will bring you all kinds of pains and aches He tries to convince you that love Your love a mother’s love has to do with carrying burdens. He tricks you into that I’ve had moms come into the counseling session with brother Mike, you know, and they think they’re a bad mother, you know Hey my kids out on the street. But meanwhile, they’re stealing their Robin and they just can’t let that go The devil’s been lying to him tell them that they’re a bad mother if they discipline their kids if they say hey like the prodigal Son, you’re not broken yet. You need to release that person from your soul You need to release it why they’re gonna take you out That’s the devil’s plan is to take the mom out why she’s spiritually quiet. She’s she’s a spiritual leader Sometimes at the home women are very spiritual, but it’s a guilt trip that the devil heaps on you to the nth degree

He kills you and it’s all a lie The Bible says we are to cast all of our care onto him because he cares for us nowhere in the bible Does it say that we are to be a burden carrier why it’ll run you down. I Know so many caregivers moms that are rundown Caring for the home. God loved them. It takes a special person to person to do that but tonight you got to let your parents go you got to let your Kids go you got to release him into the hands of the Almighty Lord tonight We’ll show you how to do that. Later If you stay okay, those wounds on that soul tonight from carrying the burdens of your family. Holy Ghost is gonna lift those Right out of your soul either emotionally or physically later in life, you’re gonna pay the price for carrying that burden like I talked about people develop sleep apnea chronic fatigue syndrome aches and pains weird aches and pains pains that the doctors can’t even pinpoint They can’t even diagnose these things why it’s not a physical matter. It’s a spiritual matter It’s not it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of When you’re gonna have to pay the devil back for carrying these burdens and it’s your job as a mother is not To carry that burden your job is to love your job is not to carry the burdens of your family as soon as you start carrying a burden the devil will be Bringing you back Just one more and then another until your plate is so full your cup over runneth with worry and frustration So how do these spirits get into the home Well, that’s why just walk away Go away from you. You see what you’ve done this time. This is all your fault You’re ruining this family Noli selfish Wait a minute, let’s have a read shall we? He says I’m really mature for my age Looser more like Boyfriend he sits next to me in English glasses What boy would want to sit next to you? I can’t believe you write this drivel. It’s pathetic pathetic Do you think I’m here to clear up after you you’re useless? Do you know that? She’s not here anymore. She took after you and it’s not my job Grow up you worthless idiot Whether its words constant criticism or even a silence if you hear it often enough you might start to believe it This is emotional abuse if it’s happening to you don’t ignore it you can talk to child line Number one way for kids to pick up spirits in the home is verbally abusing a child yelling or screaming What that does to a child it opens up the door to the monster the monster the king of demons The mother lode the rejection demon. It allows that rejection spirit to come in and If you grow up like this in this family If you grow up in a dysfunctional family part of that dysfunctional family gets absorbed into your soul You become part of that family. It starts to become a piece of you right, but when they’re dumping word curses if the parents come into the home and they’re infected with spirits and they’re throwing and dumping all These word curses onto the child. They’re literally opening up the door to the spiritual world for the spirit to come in the demon of rejection and What it does is he targets that child when he comes in he wants to tear him and rip him apart He moves in to the kid to give him a poor self-concept. His goal is to Beat him down and once he accomplishes that once that spirit of rejection gets into a child You can sense it in that person You know, the shoulders are kind of a little bit round at their eyes are low They kind of go on suffering for the rest of their life. That’s why your daughter why your son? Date those kind of people right? They date those kind of people why the look on your face a scared look When that scene guess who’s coming to dinner the look of terror comes over you oh, no, why? Because you lowered your standards

You let a Stinky smelly footed man into your life rather than waiting on God who had someone picked out for you? If he had only had waited God had someone picked out for you if you’d only waited. Nope, I can’t do that Nope, that rejection. Demon is right in there in your mind in your head telling you. Hey, I’m worthless I’m never gonna amount to anything. I’m a nothing. I’m a nobody. I’m no good. You’ll never find a man who’s gonna ever Love you in that way. Hey, you better get him now. You better hang on to him. I better settle for this one You’ll lower your standards because you devil keeps telling you these lies that you’re no good that you’re worthless I better settle for this one God’s not gonna give me a man out there. He’s not how could he do that for me? Look at me. I’m worthless you’re receiving that spirit of rejection, and it doesn’t happen overnight This spirit this behavior doesn’t happen overnight like the spirit of addiction. Nope. Somebody spoke word curses over you just Like in this video they degraded you that spirit that came over that boy bullying is his sister apparently It has a dramatic effect on a person’s heart that pain it moves in ever so slowly and You start to settle in because I’m a piece of chute Piece of crack so a crap, so I settle I settle for things I lower my standards why you don’t get healed Why would God want to heal somebody like me? Those are the thoughts that the devil pumps into your head? Why would he heal somebody like me? I am I am worthless. I am useless Hey, my brother just told me that my mother just told me that I’m coming you’re coming into agreement with the devil’s lies I’ve witnessed brother Mike when he goes through some counselling practices and a person I just went through this just last week a person came in and you know you go through the history of an Individual and and you can see this demon of rejection at work the pattern the behaviors over their life You know when you look at that sheet you go home Wow, you know, it’s amazing that they’re living It’s amazing that they really come in walking and breathing to have a life on the sheet before you the history but if you don’t fix that thing your brother might if he doesn’t get that word of truth into That person who’s so wounded so ver it says God can’t love a person like me I I don’t deserve to I don’t even really think I’m gonna be healed, you know once you start to see that in a in a person and come through through counseling you got to cut that deliverance off you got To stop proceeding further until you can get God’s Word God’s truth in there Because otherwise that deliverance is gonna fail if you can’t get the truth of how God sees you It’s gonna go bad deliverance is gonna go really bad and chances are you’re not gonna get healed why? There’s a scar that forms on that heart through wounds. I always think about Hugh Jackman in them and the Wolverine you know those Scarring that heart Scars it. I got all kinds of scars But scar tissue is hard on the heart. Have you ever watched it or looked at a healed cut? You know you get that little hardening of over that cut it seals it shut but it’s hard It’s not it’s not real soft as it was before Something is formed in that part and it leaves a scar of hardness It’s that part of that soul that opposes the part of the soul that the Holy Ghost controls The soul is either under the influence of the Holy Spirit or he’s under the influence of your old sinful nature They don’t operate at the same time. You’re not 50% carnality 50% spiritual what’s the divine solution? Repentance is the key Scar tissue is not part of God’s Divine production good production why as soon as the Holy Ghost is lost The old sinful nature under the influence of the wound I’m talking about the scars on that soul the wounds of That soul start to take over and it’s likened wounds are like alcohol wounds their scars on the soul or like alcohol alcohol that causes drunkness It dulls the brain It drives the soul out of control. That’s what a wound does. That’s what scar tissue on the soul It drives that soul out of control Drunkenness affects the different areas of your heart drunkenness is much like a wound on the soul It’s a sin. It says in Ephesians 5:18 Stop getting drunk with wine by which is debauchery But keep on being filled with the spirit suppose a drunk comes in and confesses his sin He could be filled with the Holy Ghost in an instant just like that. I’ve seen it happen In fact, I’m the old house of healing on 11th Street every time there’s quite numerous times I’d leave out of there at midnight and here would come Eddie He’s got his beer Hey, how you doing? I said Eddie come over here. Can we pray for you? Yeah, and you know he’d said that but Bud Light can on the back of the truck and I just pray over Eddie and

He would sober up a little bit and he would Cry in tears for an instant. He got the Holy Ghost. He got the moment. He left sober for an instant He was in his right mind. That’s that beer stayed on that truck as he walked down 11th Street can’t tell you how many times I prayed over Eddie and each time There was less and less beer in that hand So I know that the work of the Holy Spirit was operating in Eddie’s life but there again, okay So an instant before his mind wandered out that drunkenness the alcohol in the brain renders that drunk Dysfunctional until it wears off. Okay much like a wound. The drunk is a holy spirit loss the drunk He’s the holy spirit loss Drunkenness, is there the wounds the scars they remain in there to quench the Holy Spirit They’re there to keep that thing like burning embers to quench the Holy Ghost and through every test cycle each time you go Like I talked about Eddie each time. You you fail you kind of go through this bad choice, okay I’m my wounds flaring again. And guess what? I got to go medicate and the recovery process of repentance has to be reapplied again It’s the cycle that continues and each time you go through that cycle after you go through that willingness to reject that Drunkenness reject that wound that sinful nature that’s coming across you It’s like it’s going through endurance brother might cause it getting the gift of hate for the sin Getting the gift of hate for what the devil has been doing He’s been running you down ruin your ministry ruining your calling on your life And so the good Lord gives you more grace the Holy Ghost will remove that wound He’ll remove all of that sinful nature from you. That’s why he’s the only person that can do it He’s the only one that could remove the scar on that soul. No man can do it You can’t do through through the wounds through just coming to God repenting opening up your heart He’ll remove that but if you don’t allow the Holy Spirit to remove that scar that wound on your soul us women, especially We’re we have big huge limbic systems where emotional beings. We’re the caregivers. We have big men of this small We’re big we’re huge we’re different. But if we are allowed to do it on our own, okay? We’re leaning on our own understanding. We don’t use the Holy Spirit to take care of that Whew? We’re left to manage that pain on our own. We’re left to self medicate. What does that look like food sex drugs alcohol? Whatever your vice is. Okay, whenever we do as women, we want to keep that thing down We want to bury we want to keep our emotions down why it’s painful it hurts Those wounds that come up it’s painful to go through that again. So we self-medicate so It works for temporarily it works for a while you know when you go have an abundance of food your gluttony you go out and You have sex to release sex food drugs. Whatever your vice is The devil will temporarily back off why these unclean spirits back off you temporarily While you’re going through this process why? These phases of release when it’s all said and done this temporary comfort it gives you false comforts that sprouts up again like a weed Okay, you never dealt with it. You medicated it. You banned you put a bandaid my mom put neosporin a band-aid You bandaid that one for a little bit of time. You got a temporary relief temporary comfort You got the Holy Ghost. You got comfort 24/7 we don’t need self medication But yeah, if you continue on this path guess what happens what the devil wants you to become an addict? He wants you to be addicted why to get you separated from God the devil understands. It knows what he’s doing He’s a cold-blooded killer. If you look at Hollywood celebrities today. Look at most of them They’re deeply wounded people I you have to do is pick up a star magazine or US people whatever it is I don’t in touch whatever it is and you see them everyone’s talking about the shrinks. They’re going to the drugs They’re on hey, I haven’t slept. What drug do you recommend? What medicine are you on to make me sleep? Okay, they’re doing whatever they can to remain Sane they’re doing every day keeping they can to self medicate why wounds from childhood and Those roots that still remain the wounds of that soul those roots that remain they have to be dug up Only the whole ego he has to dig those up and he’ll dig up and reveal some of those things that you have been buried like denial We’re always in denial, aren’t we? We don’t want to face it. We’re in denial. They have to be dug up it means a blind spot denial means a blind spot and Denial can be casted out. It can be delivered but spiritual growth praise God for deliverance. Thank God for the children’s bread Now we can embark on that Exodus journey. Okay, Lex how they crossing over the Red Sea Wandering that wilderness wandering being separated from the world Digesting on God’s world on God’s Word. I’m sorry. We’re wandering being separated from the world going through our tests

Digesting God’s Word digesting the truth. And guess what? We finally come to spiritual warfare Taking up on the offense no longer defense. We’re taking up on the offense praying that for Arizona Cardinals this year. It’s football season That’s for you Cardinals. Yeah, but hopefully, you know We’re coming against him. We’re attacking him. We’re not on the defense anymore. We’re no longer taking punches by the devil. We’re attacking it why because we’re getting spiritual wisdom Okay, it says in Jeremiah 6:15 were they ashamed because they had committed disgusting and vile things. No, they were not at all ashamed They did not even know how to blush at their idolatry the women of Judah had wounds Their hearts were hardened. They were insensitive to shame They were set upon the things of the world and carried away by the love of it The problem is never with God the day is coming when careless and security in the world and our sinful ways are Going to visit us be sure your sin finds you out. It was the normal response It was like as if the normal response of the consciousness was damaged of these people They were seared as Paul called him and a seared conscience Campbell Morgan writes about Jeremiah he says his business is to create a sense of shame in the souls of men So the place the corruption before them to compel the hot blushing of their faces. Yeah The problem isn’t on God’s end. The problem is on our end why the people weren’t ashamed? They didn’t even know how to blush which is a sign of emotional release of worry and embarrassment That’s a normal response. We get convicted over that a person who has scars are hiding on that soul is Insensitive to any normal response. It’s a sin It says in the Bible to be Anxious or worried for something the wounds in the soul make it difficult to overcome Even the normal responses of the emotions and the sin We become as brother. Mike says systematically desensitize over a period of time our Conscience gets here we become Systematically desensitized to all the pain all we become numb to it But you know your heavenly father he has all the answers God our Creator has everything through repentance turning away coming out of the world being obedient applying spiritual warfare with deliverance with violets Those are the first steps to getting healed tonight. Okay, we’re gonna show you how to do that tonight But here’s I want to show another video that’s coming up. And I apologize. There’s there are a couple of words that I that I Decided to leave in for a full effect Okay, so eyes might want to be cut, you know I pot but it really was necessary to kind of get this blunt effect in so I’m just Putting that out there for you you tubers I’m here Oh Oh Just yeah Oh May

What’s going on there you’re letting in the spirit of rejection words are powerful They have meaning behind them. They have a spirit behind them it’s their speciality They specifically want to demolish the kid They got a plan for your life God has a plan for your life. The Satan also has a plan for your life to kill steal and destroy He tries to convince you to lower your standards about yourself low self-worth was a poor self-concept He tries to lower your standards in life in men health matrimony ministry It doesn’t matter what it is. He causes you to seek the lower How does he do it by speaking lies into the mind. You’re not worthy God can’t love a person like you you call yourself a Christian when you’re out doing those things It could never be forgiven. You could never be loved by God. He says brother Mike always talks about a constant refrigerator motor running in the back of your mind constantly nagging the person in their soul and If you come to God and you want to be healed and you’re not coming up if you’re coming up with a I’m not worthy Kind of attitude. It’s gonna block your healing It blocks you healing why because in your back here mind. You’re thinking why would God want to heal a person like me? Cuz you’ve been sitting back there listening to the lies

He’s been speaking those lies into your mind and you’re not getting healed. They caused the people to become physically ill How do they do that like autoimmune diseases? We talked about a little bit fibromyalgia lupus chronic fatigue Any other illnesses that attacked the body they picked these illnesses up these spirits up when they were children They these things just didn’t happen overnight. They picked him up as a wound from childhood spirit of rejection These diseases are where their body sees itself as an enemy of the state. It turns on itself. It comes to destroy itself. Why? Like diabetes and MS Diabetes for everyone out there. There is a spiritual root connected to diabetes and it’s usually self guilt It’s usually comes down from self-hatred it it has to do with the father men, especially who were never ever brought up I always had to perform they always had Expectations for the kid they never met those for their dad You’ll never meet your expectations of people we can only please God that’s all that matters is pleasing God but diabetes does have a spiritual root of self-hatred and it usually has to do with the father so check on that if someone there has diabetes, so I don’t know what you’ve got but While you were degrading yourself beating yourself down running yourself down negative thoughts All these sensations in your body are confirming it they’re saying yes, and you know what you’re thinking Every time you think I thought your body follows the fun that gives up and it says you know what you’re right You’re right. He comes into agreement with your mind in your thoughts. Your body will follow your mind where your mind goes your body goes Proverbs 17:22 says a happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing your emotions are products of your thoughts If your thoughts are godly if they’re positive your motions are gonna be the same your behaviors gonna be the same If your thoughts are negative if they’re sinful your emotions your body’s gonna be the same. Dr. Caroline leave. She’s on YouTube now She’s a neuroscientist and science is now proving what the Bible says that a happy heart is good medicine and the cheerful mind is healing She mentioned in her studies that 87% of all diseases are a result of what goes on in your thought life every time you meditate on a thought It’s actively changing the brain chemistry the body chemistry the physiology the neural chemistry of your body your mind It’s that powerful It’s your choice as to what you’re going to think about if you’re bringing every thought into captivity To the obedience of Christ as it says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 if you’re meditating on whatever is true admirable lovable of good report Philippians 4:8 Guess what your brain is gonna respond to? Those thoughts in the body The response is gonna produce what health it’s gonna produce health in the body 3 John 2 says beloved. I wish above all things that You may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers In other words the quality of your life and health is brought about by the quality of your thinking the quality of your life Is driven and converting by the quality of your thinking ask this question? What is it you’re thinking about because your body’s gonna follow what it is you’re thinking about Okay, we’re gonna switch gears here to another area men are from Mars Women are from eNOS anybody ever remember that book I think I read that years ago mills and femurs are built different. No kidding and There’s our book understanding women I think it’s if you were that If you were to ask your husband or your spouse or your lover your kin or any man, they would say no it’s revised It’s getting bigger That’s that’s nothing But here we go Genesis 222 the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man made but naw he a woman and brought her to the man that word made in Hebrew, but not Means skillfully made something complex It takes more skill to create a woman than it does a man Take that devil women have something then don’t have why they’re technically superior women have a Living place to create the miracle of life men don’t have that they can’t do that Without women’s moves, there’d be no brother. Mike will be none of us would there that’s why we’re technically superior we got wounds Hallelujah Here’s a difference between men and women men. Yeah Women are physically weaker. Yeah men are much stronger. They’re bigger bold Sometimes you may go the gym and that might not be the case there’s some women who practice body built and they could probably they probably are stronger than some men but women tend to endure pain better than men do Short term pain when it comes to men They fade. They they’re out there done. Women are more tolerant. They’re more immune to pain

Why they’re more spiritual Because they don’t have testosterone They don’t have that machito factor. We got progesterone. We got estrogens. We’ve got pregnant alone So we got DJ we our tester owns our very very very low the emotional attitude of a man is very different than that of a woman because of that testosterone Dries him. And is that machito effects that pride that the holy ghost hates. He hate pride That will keep a person a man from getting healed is that machismo spirit? There are people who are desperate for God There are people who are brokenhearted Those are the one who gets the miracles from God Humble before God Token before God godly sorrow they get miracles God Holy Ghost runs over to them first you see a person who’s got the anointed person who just breaks down desperate for God the Holy Ghost will pass over every Theological person a person who is living a righteous life and he’ll go to the bottom of the barrel first. He seeks him out first Right. Yeah, they’re the ones who get all the miracles these people have machismo who have pride they sit in the back Waiting for a touch from God they’ll sit in that pew year after year after year Waiting going through the motions waiting on God and still coming up empty why no brokenness machismo No godly Sorrow only arrogance only vanity only fear only Timothy these things will rob your calling to rob you of your ministry Faster than the 401k dropped on their last hit thank God. It’s it’s not that way anymore, but it goes quick. It’s sad thing It’s hard to witness to that because when you see people who are desperate for a touch of God And you see that they’re not moving they don’t care And they have that fear that that Timothy it’s a spirit of pride that’s going in there It’s gonna be broken tonight. If those are who are listening tonight women have are more prone to anxiety disorders depression. Yeah, no kidding Where the burden carrier we’re nurturers our olympics are this big we take everything in those words that you just saw I apologize for that but Those two words hit at the very core of a person. I hate those words with a passion I hate it and whenever it strikes that soul. Wow it really just Makes you feel this big but women have anxiety disorders. They’re waiting in that You know that we take on a lot more than men do we’re codependence women as we saw in the beginning Also our that the men are more physically active in their dispute responses, okay, they’re loud They have to express their emotions and whatever comes out. They’re very physical in the way they respond Many people have gone through this is a victim of spousal abuse, but tonight everyone’s getting healed. I Wonder I I want to share this story. I kind of set this video up for my husband. He didn’t know it but We used to work Together and on projects. Okay. My mother used to always have a saying it’s not what you say. It’s how you say it. Okay It’s the tone of voice that you use There’s a spirit of volume behind that much like that word Okay, we looked at every other word, but you come to that word and oh my god, you know It hits you to the core. Well when I’d work with my husband, you know, if There were a glass of water or something I’m talking water and it spills on the floor and it ruins a man’s a day Oh God their whole day is ruined By this, you know over spilled milk. Hey, it’ll dry up There’s it didn’t fall on papers that you needed or a check that you got to go catch. Hey, it’s just it’ll dry up It’s 110 out. No problem. No, but it’ll set. He’ll set that fuse off Right so over the course of the years my husband, you know, when we’d work together. He’d he would be underneath the sink So he’s fixing the sink and you every few ever seen the trap of a kitchen sink or even your bathroom sink It’s tiny its small your head. Can’t fit in there a Dwarf a midget is the only person that can go in and really do plumbing The right way because your head you’re trying to you’re torquing your body, you know It says sets men up for just an awful experience Well, I would be outside, you know, and he go Can you hand me that crescent wrench over there Oh God pressure would come on Well, there’s six of them there, you know, can you hand me that? Can you hand me that right? You know, there’s no there’s a closed one or there’s an open Which one do you and I have this sense of fear because if I get the wrong one, oh gee Physically active he would react, you know, so I didn’t want to make the wrong choice So I kind of go what which one are you wanting the big Crescent the small the medium? You know, do you want the open one? Do you want a 5/16 you want a 7/16? You know, can you just be a little bit more specific so I don’t have to carry the lashing of this wound That’s about to happen, you know, you know, so I got him a screwdriver one time and it was a wrong one, you know And I paid for that. So the next one I gave him. You know, he you do with that kind of thing That’s an unspoken word of abuse right there. They don’t realize that men you’re not realizing that

So the next time I gave him a screwdriver and he’s in a hurry as impatient I prayed for patience and he was trying to grab that Street and I held onto it like this, you know and he looked at me like the fear God, you know, and he goes So I took it back from my mind and I go You know, I know that drove him crazy But while I was going through this presentation, I was playing this video My husband was sitting in the back and I said hey, I want to I want you to watch something Will you tell me if I need to take this word out? You know, because I was I was really having issues with that word Because I really wanted to see So he watched that first video and I’m watching on my computer screen He’s sitting in the back behind me in the office and he’s I’m not watching him He’s going through it in that second video, you know, and as soon as that video was over I looked back tears He said Wow, I’m guilty Crying I’m so sorry. I didn’t know You’ve been telling me for years the tone of your book to tell it but seeing that came Convicted and I said, thank you Jesus. He didn’t know it was a setup. You didn’t know I had that all planned out But you know what? I didn’t tell it because the Holy Ghost convicted him his heart He felt he could understand what was happening by watching these videos and that’s powerful We’re gonna go to sexual abuse. This is another way that These monsters the demon of rejection comes in with loved is damaged in your childhood years we grow up as women as searching for love in all the wrong places Hello. Mr. Goodbar The worst place to look for it is human sexuality Someone who has sexually promiscuous is in As an adult it’s very common with children who have either been molested. They’ve been raped. They’ve been fondled You can always go back and trace that to Really somebody in their family had had raped them and blessed them They wrecked a person self-concept. They begin this teetering back and forth of I Don’t care attitude sexually whatever it is The enemy gives them a sense of relief a temporary relief temporary comfort So they go out and find sex wherever they can get it anything to have that touch acceptance love It’s short-lived because it’s really not love It’s really lust it’s not love But we’ll do anything we can to get that nurturing to get that feeling of belonging a sense of love but the kind that you’ve longed for your whole life is a kind that the Holy Spirit can only give you the kind like I Said Jesus’s arms came through my mother. That was great, but it’s nothing compared to father’s loves nothing compared when the Holy Ghost grabbed you and Wrapped you around your arms when you’re going through the most biggest greatest test at the time and he wraps you in your arms Nothing, like it. It’s doesn’t greater but a promiscuous woman will go for man to man having sex Orgasms, whatever she can do to temporarily get out of her miserable life All she wants to do is get out of the paint suffering of what started in childhood not as an adult Childhood those things got out there why low self-esteem. Your attitude is one of who cares? No one loves me anybody and no one loves me. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I’m worthless I’m no good with he who cares the Holy Ghost. He’s just the opposite the Holy Spirit. He’s just the opposite He never looks at you that way in fact, he cries over you constantly He has so many tears built up for you while you’re going through. This says he collects all of our tears, too He thinks of you as unconditional love he can’t stop thinking about you. You’re his favorite thing Do you know where humans are his favorite thing? He can’t stop thinking about you But the devil he does the opposite he tells the person. Hey, look God doesn’t even love you God’s not even here He doesn’t care. So he sends in rebellion and injustice demons rejection always has a bodyguard rebellion and They come in to protect that spirit like Jekyll and Hyde now rebellion takes over Hey Look at what your stepdad did look at what your cousin did look at what your uncle did look at what your dad did look At what your brother did? Are you gonna accept that? Are you gonna go for that really and you get the sense of bitterness and hardness and injustice? Hey, yeah, you’re right That was wrong what they did and in the process you start to blame God What happens next you turned your back on him? It might only be for a season but it’s just long enough to allow more sin to come in why it’s a play of Satan He’s trying to use that emotion of that person of rejection to later come in to take her out and guess what if you’re sleeping around with a lot of guys a Lot of men who have spirits they’re being transferred into your body. I had a person that came in one day and and a

Life just like we’re talking about a lot of sexual abuse a lot of a lot of I mean it was just it’s one of the worse I’ve seen and She said I said, why are you in here? She says well, I’ve wanted to commit suicide she said I’ve never had a spirit of suicide and so going down Lewis I said, well did Did one of these bill Mike Joe did they have do you know if they had a spirit? She said this look of shock came on their face. They said well, yeah bill As a matter of fact, he tried to commit suicide. In fact, that’s why I was called over there See the devil set her up. She went over to take care of his wound suicide. It was a setup. They had sex and that spirit of suicide jumped into her She’d never had a spirit of suicide. Not until she slept with that guy. Ladies Spirits are being transferred in your body. They’re gonna wreak havoc. They’re gonna give the illnesses mental emotional They’re gonna give you weird physical pains anything that they can keep you from stopping of a relationship with God Why he can get you searching out for doctor searching for help always going through tests always Looking at your own self circumstances. Okay, it’s all about me now He gets you to turn inward to look at yourself and not to look up him Okay, anything he can do to get your eyes off of him? He’ll do it why he could no he can’t you knows he can destroy you He tries to get through it every sexual sin fornication helps to let unclean spirits into the family tree if you were born Before you were born actually if you were Before you were born you had in your family tree lots of divorces mala stations in it These spirits were let in of lust and perversion If you see in your family Your grandkids are being targeted if you see this spirit operating in your family tree somewhere Your grandkids are on the menu for termination They’re gonna hit those curses are gonna fall down that family tree I’ve had really the privilege of witnessing a lot of children’s deliverances two-and-a-half year olds up to four years old that come in and they’re masturbating them two and a half three Masturbating 24 hours a day. I’d never heard of that peak at never forget that love. I talked about it in spirits about seminar But these spirits come down two and a half really they can’t send they there they don’t have any clue about sinning Of course this came down the family tree when we started to go back into the roots. Yeah. Mom grandma great-grandma They were all involved in brothels prostitution that Door got open to allowed these spirits to enter into the child Can you imagine that as a mom and dad watching your your child two and a half years old masturbating over and over? They’re Constantly trying to kill themselves. That’s what I witnessed that day. But joy and speakable to come in when the Holy Ghost delivers that kid Breaking off those curses that kid didn’t do that. That kid didn’t start that it came through that family tree. Why when you’re young Nightmares come in sometimes it’s a spiritual matter. They don’t understand they take the kid to psychiatrists. They take him to doctors They don’t understand that there’s a spiritual root. There’s a curse that is coming down that family tree I’ve witnessed that you’ll see a lot of similar patterns in any tree the Jukes family I talked about in the in the narrow way. The Jukes family was a criminal family They had 400 members family members that were affected by murderers thieves. They come down the tree You’ll see sex addiction sex addicts alcoholism somebody up there before you were born in that family tree let these spirits come in and now they’re following you like a stalker waiting to get in and their assignment is To take down the tree Their assignment is to kill the rest of the family they come down for your grandkids If you don’t break those curses off of that tree, they’re coming for your kids So now we’re going to talk about spirit spouses another thing We’re just kind of kind of do a brief on this. We did a teaching on this back in January Which is kind of more thorough so you can go to the YouTube channel But we’re just going to kind of touch on spirit spouses these spirits lust after humans Again, they’re looking to be satisfied Craving their flesh. They’re unclean spirits They are going to be satisfied no matter what it takes. They’re super-powered lustiness. Their agenda is to sleep around with men and women Constantly tormenting harassing all hours of the night now now they’re unashamed They just come to you during the day now people are at work. They’re like I’ve got this going on during the day Usually it’s at night. They’ll wake you up in the middle of the night get you sleep-deprived to get you emotionally worn down so they can come in and target you and Their assignment is to cause you frustration Many women think nothing about fantasizing about a person a celebrity someone close to them But it’s very dangerous when you open the door to these spirits Because they’ll impersonate the very person that you’re thinking about you’re thinking about You know you might fantasize about my we used to joke about this and I brought Hugh Jackman up again my sister you say she’s like Oh

That was her favorite rock you check you know, and you would see this Fantasy, I know what that is. Now I get it now but back then we joked about it. We laughed about it We’re like, yeah Hugh Jackman go for it. But the spirit it’s dangerous Why because you know what Hugh Jackman’s coming in your dreams, believe it or not? You’ll see the face of Hugh Jackman in that dream and if you give power to that and if you give power over that devil All boy hell’s coming to breakfast the next morning You’re gonna pay for that somewhere, but a lot of women love that why it’s the only time that they feel loved It’s the only time that they can feel touch even though it’s a spirit like Anna Nicole Smith, even though a spirit is literally Having sex with you. That’s how powerful these things are. It gives you a temporary relief a temporary comfort They target marriages their marriage breakers If you have a lot of divorces in this you can look for one of these spirit spouses the spirit husband of spirit spirit wife Just doesn’t target women men are also on the on site of abuse This is a women seminar men So don’t you can send Mike an email just don’t send me one but he’ll have the men seminar yet because you’re right men Become abuse to women women are hard twos and they’re they have abuse in there, too But we’re talking about women fights will rise out of nowhere stupid stuff stupid stuff, you know Give me that fight trivial stuff things that the enemy uses against you You always targets the people who are closest to you. The people who love you the most that’s who say Satan uses and if you are to Allow the spirit he’ll also Get your needs met filled by your wounds He will bless you financially. I’ve heard of people getting checks in the mail and They get you to look at your husband and see all his weaknesses all his faults. You can’t provide for me. Look at this Look at this. He loves to bless you. The devil will bless you in in places that you have never even thought of But he’s getting us to focus on the weaknesses of our men I’ve heard of a guy that had a successful business. He called me one day He said I don’t know what’s going on. He had a successful practice a business He had he was fantasizing in the stream. He had sex with this woman in his dream months later his business failed He could no longer provide He opened that door one time his business Dropped just like that why they expect pay that they the devil expects payment sooner or later You don’t care. He’ll take your business. He’ll take your finances. He’ll take your kids They’re gonna bless you, but they’re also gonna lead you to a cliff of highness He always blesses you and he’ll lead you up. He’ll back off for a little while He’ll reprieve he’ll let you think you’re doing really great. Ah, everything good life is good. Oh, love you Lord Love you, praise you Jesus. Hallelujah But as soon as you reach that mountaintop what he does, he comes back and pushes you off He loves to bless you and lead you to that mountaintop, but he also loves to kill you. He only has one goal in his And that’s to destroy What does it say about the body Oh 1 Corinthians 6 1320 the body belongs to the Lord he claimed it for himself He loves it so much and he’s gonna raise it from the dead That song says when I think about the Lord you raised me up Save me he’s gonna raise us from the dead a member of Christ. It’s a temple of the Holy Ghost purchased with the precious blood dripping crimson blood of Jesus Christ and when he comes to take those who are in Christ to be with him forever their bodies are Gonna be changed and made Under his glorious body. That’s what it says about the human body Everything Jehovah does everything your heavenly Father does the devil tries to pervert it for his own sick pleasure Sick sickening the children of the devil are the Bride of Lucifer But everyone here tonight is a child of God. Yeah Right. We’re all children of God Thank you. Lord you see and you know what he can’t touch you He has no right to touch it children of God, unless you give him permission to okay? We have free will and if we open that door if we flirt with the devil one time He can’t wait to come in he can’t wait to give you lust he can’t wait to give you perversions and it’s this reason why Christians can’t Let go they’re holding on to him. Why well, it’s hard to live a sanctified purified. Holy life In today’s world, especially wow. It’s hard to put restrictions on their entertainment on their pleasures. Yeah We’d like to seek the things of the world why temporary comfort it’s hard to walk in holiness and impurity It’s hard. We all face that every day all saints of God go through that why kind of lukewarm Christians simply refuse to do it if you’re a desperate for God You’re gonna do everything you can to get away from the world But they go on carelessly casually With their head nurse and 1 John 2:15 says love not the world neither the things that are in this world If any man loves the world the love a father is not in him

when these spirits when they defile you their goal is to defile the person Through the body they wanted to file the body They stimulate you they stimulate men they wake up with wet dreams science says it’s all related to the bladder the internal system But spiritually speaking these people they the men wake up to wet dreams leading to what? addiction again what chronic masturbation He wants to get that man driving to get a spirit of addiction of lust Perversion chronically mastered fantasizing its adultery in the Bible It’s a dot now. That’s a great area it’s a hard area because it doesn’t specifically say in that Bible but it does say Fornication poorni and sexual sin of any kind when we’re fantasizing about another and we’re having sexual dream Hey Hugh Jackman, we’re committing adultery Okay, he wants to get you to defile the body You see some of the same family members who will go through broken marriages bad relationships miscarriages hormonal issues of all kinds fibroids tumor cysts Sometimes they’re all related We had a person that came in with a fibroid tumor one time and I had asked her what was going on I said what’s your related? No, the doctor diagnosed. I got fibroid tumors You know, I’ve got high estrogen levels and you know I said, okay great That’s all medically true, you know, but how about spiritually what’s going on in your spiritual life? Do you have any any odd or any bitterness any unforgiveness towards towards a relationship with any female member? That you know of doesn’t have to be related. It doesn’t have to be mother It could be any female member that you are friends with somebody that you love somebody that you care About and and she again she has this look on her face. She says well. Yeah, and I said well, who is it? Well, it happened to be her mother-in-law And so as she explained what was going on. She was holding on the seat She said no, but I mean it’s it’s solid in there I said yeah, that’s what spirit spouses feel like with a woman who’s had abortions Just I’m talking experiencial going through thousands of spirits pounds look it’s just like a brick on the pelvic bone and Even though the person or the woman, you know, because sometimes they’re they’re ashamed or they they think they’re gonna be judged There’s no judgment here. There’s only the love of God here. There’s no judgement Sometimes they won’t tell you those things, but while you’re going through that prayer, you know, and you late Whoa, you know, I that’s about it. And when he talked to that person say hey, did you have an abortion? Oh, yeah. Oh, I forgot to mention that. Oh, okay. Well, that’s him in there. No, that’s my pelvic bone No, I know what your pelvic bone that he Impersonates because he knows that we accept the medical part. He impersonates So he masks he masks silver the the pelvic bone of a person he gets you to stop the deliverance He doesn’t want you. So what the devil does is he starts talking to that person going to deliverance now? she had a fibroid tumor some of these they feel like crystal balls in the Womb of a woman so weirdest thing. I don’t know why that is but When you lay a hand on that thing, you know the devil will speak to you. No say no you’re hurting me you’re hurting me and We now have grown to just disregard. We don’t play that we don’t listen to Devils. We don’t listen to demons we go for it When we started going through delivered, she said I got to go the bathroom I said, okay. She went to the bathroom this big Big ball of blood came out and she was I think something came out she was I don’t feel that her stomach was completely that hardness that ball that fibroids here gone and She had proof of it. She went to the doctor and medical. He said what did you do? And she goes I didn’t tell him They would have he would have prescribed psychiatric man, he would have sent her to the psychiatric ward But do you know? That thing had her fooled he had her going from doctor the doctor and here it was was an ounce a bitter spirit of rejection That got in why she held bitterness for her mother-in-law once she released her mother-in-law like we’re gonna do tonight We’re gonna release these people from our souls Okay, that thing will come out like no tomorrow Okay, we’re talking spiritually speaking. Yep There’s some people who have had broken marriages are they’re working on their third fourth fifth marriages sometimes in their family tree they’ve they’ve had somewhere and then people who belong to Freemasonry Eastern star daughters of Joe Mormon cults of all different kinds you look up that family tree idols idolatry and you could start to see that in your family In your family tree that women are all married to the same Idol. It’s weird spiritually speaking They’re all married to the same person in this family tree They come in at a time of breakthrough. Just when you’re about to get ahead. You’re about to overcome you know that excitement when you go yes, I’m Overcoming it comes right behind you and pushes you off of that cliff He always gives you a temporary reprieve and then he comes right back. He’ll lead you up the whole way. He’ll bless you And then go back down to the mountain

Bottom pit back and forth this yo-yo back and forth never advancing Why we got to be responsible. We got to stop letting these things come in We’ve got to start going through our life repenting. We got to start going through the list, brother Mike’s list is a great way to start. Sometimes they’re responsible for infertility A woman will seek out medical answers that the doctors can’t find and all of a sudden You have a child you go through deliverance and all of a sudden the baby is born when they told you that you couldn’t have A baby we had a team member here who they told him. He wouldn’t have I have a child He’s got two beautiful children today, you know Thank God he didn’t listen to what the doctor said and he went at it and they went through delivered They started praying about this. Hey, like Hannah open my womb. Well, they’re come against that spirit of barrenness right now They started seeking out God preying on their knees coming to him and thanking him. They weren’t mad at him They didn’t complain to him that they didn’t have any children. No, what did they do? They praised him like Paul and Silas boom child The most common is sex in your dream sleeping with someone marital distress Fighting over trivial things that don’t amount to a hill of beans give you the wrong screwdriver stupid stuff You can’t even believe that you argue over that stuff. These are all indications of the spirits at work if you’re dressing Pretty Leslie provocatively, you know good cheeks hanging out breath. Everything’s hanging out it skimpy outfits Yeah, you’re opening up a door to these things why they like to be satisfied. They’re flirting with disaster They’re playing on your wounds of rejection. They know that you want to be noticed They know that you want to be loved they crave fleshly desires. They’ll do anything to get satisfaction Okay, they’re not like the Rolling Stones where they can’t get no satisfaction They gonna get satisfaction no matter what they do, and it’s eMED They bring these lustful thoughts if you’re starting to see men and they’re bringing in lustful thoughts Guess who’s coming to night time Hugh Jackman? If you don’t deal with them, they’re gonna deal with you now I’m putting that on everyone’s gonna have reason about he’s dead Lord. I’m sorry I come against that spirit right? No stop They’re gonna deal with you if you don’t deal with them sooner or later What’s the root again? The mother lode of demons the monster rejection. We have to learn to fight our weapons of warfare are not carnal They’re mighty through God and pulling down the strong. Our weapons of warfare are spiritual. We’re running a spiritual battery Hill We’re talking about things. We can’t see we walk by faith not by sight We can’t see that war that’s going on, but we know what’s going on. There’s a beautiful picture of a man walking He’s got his hands in his pockets and he’s walking down the street like nothing’s going on Oh, he’s reminds me of Mad Magazine for some reason again That’s my brother coming out madman as if nothing’s going on and it shows that angels in the background Thrashing swords fighting off of him getting to him unbeknownst to him this battle waging war Ministering angels warring angels fighting on his back while he casually walks around doing nothing We got we got God’s army on their side. He’s doing our battling for us, right? Yeah The grace of God is being taken advantage of why it’s time we started taking Responsibility for what? We’re allowing to come in through our eyes through our ears what we’re speaking words speaking words Emotions all those things they all have effect on our souls It’s not for us do it for your children stake But there’s a way out because why God Himself shall destroy his enemies He’ll destroy our enemies for us like that man walking down the sidewalk battling going on warring spirits warring angels So, how are we gonna take care of that tonight? Taking the Lord’s path We all know this first 1 Corinthians 13 4 through 8 I Asked Micah one time. I asked a lot of business people with the success is what does what is they? What is success Was that look like and they all gave these carnal answers? What is success to you? They all said the same, you know perseverance determination Passion all worldly stuff. I asked brother Mike that that same question. I said what what is success in your mind? and he said 1 Corinthians 13 To the max. I wish I had it to the max. I know it’s like wow spiritually 1 Corinthians, 13:48 Wish you had it to the max why love is patient and kind love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude Does not demand its own way it is not irritable It keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices Whenever the truth went out God’s definition of love. This is the standard that he has set for us love never gives up He never loses faith. It’s always hopeful it endures through every circumstance Prophecy speaking in unknown languages special knowledge will become useless His love lasts forever Abuse happens when a person reacts with another one over and over and over and over and over again in an unloving manner Over and over and over again, I Didn’t recognize that didn’t realize that that put a scar my soul every time

Taken out of my hand registered click record record of that emotion Abuse this abuse violates God’s ways of how we should treat one another If you question whether you are being abused verbally ask yourself How do I feel does this sound like good conversation to us would my Lord and Savior talk to me this way? the language of love is Patient are these words spoken in haste? Love is kind are these words unkind love is not proud are these words being spoken to me right now? Are they prideful? Love is not rude are these words being disrespectful to me Love is not self-seeking. Are they self-serving? These words love is not easily angered. Are they hostile? Love does not envy are they becoming possessive these words they’re being sent to me Love does not boast are they bragging love does not delight in evil. Are they malicious love always protects? Are they attacking me? These are all warning systems love always trust. Do they create doubt in me? Love always hopes, do they create despair? Love always persevere. Do they created me and lessen my motivation? Love keeps no record of wrongs. Are they storing up offenses? Are they stored up offenses? They’re speaking these things am I storing up all these offenses? Rejoices with the truth do they reflect a spirit of untruthfulness love never fails. Do they reflect a loss of love? Wow How do we really deal with this? How do we overcome and persevere Pretty easy. Actually, I want you if you don’t mind We’re gonna speak this healing recognize these truths if you don’t mind Just speaking out this out with me. Okay, I’m powerless to heal direct emotion stemming from my abuse, and I look God to make me whole I Accept God’s plan for my life to include victory over the experience of abuse the person who abused me is Responsible for the acts committed against me and for words spoken to me. I will not accept the guilt and the shame resulting from those acts or words I’m looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and His Word to Find my identity as a worthwhile and loved human being I am accepting responsibility For my responses to being abused I’m willing to accept God’s help in the decision to forgive myself and Those who have offended me and trust him in the process of doing so Trusting in him. I’m willing to mature in my relationship with God and others I’m willing to be used by God as an instrument of his healing and Restoration in the lives of others. Yeah Psalms 37 into dancing you removed my South cloth and clothed me with joy that my heart may sing to you and not be silent O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever We come with prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving I Know what you’re going through might seem like the darkest hour and their point and unseen unforce. Akin tragedy struggles that we’re going through 1 Peter says that we are to Persevere in the faith. We’re not to focus and get our minds set upon all these wounds all these abuses that came down We’re to get our eyes unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith Hallelujah, we’re gonna let the healing begin You’ve carried the whale you see before weights along If there is please don’t forgiveness you dog The freedom can never be found behind those walls So just let them fall Just let them fall The healing has become Whoa, the healing has begun Oh Lift up your eyes cuz mercy remembers your name You

As big Full of peope times from broken Holding on to the kill thinking they feel so far So don’t be afraid to show your beautiful sky Oh the healing has begun It’s become The healing has begun That’s gonna conclude our seminar for tonight and if you have to go we’re gonna dismiss you now Thank you for coming but if you’re something that resonated with your soul tonight you were here tonight that there’s something that touched you if there’s something that You know in your heart you’ve got wounds It’s got to go. We’re gonna go to our healing service. We’re gonna ask the ministry team to come up Quickly, we’re gonna ask this ministry team. We’re gonna pray for you, but if something resonated with you tonight We’re just gonna ask you to come up Holy Ghost is gonna heal your wounds tonight. He’s gonna Release you of all the pain that you’ve been holding on to tonight’s your night to let that thing go Tonight is your night to be healed You’re not going to carry the burdens of your family. You’re not going to carry the burdens of your grandkids your spouse’s your grandparents your parents You’re gonna release these tonight. You’re gonna let them go and it’s easy to do if you can just open up your heart If you could just let these things go just open up your heart have godly sorrow He’s gonna take those things. He’ll lift that right out He’ll do it and it’s easy to do you tubers we’re gonna go to her healing healing service right now And if you just follow along you can get healed you can get delivered and it’s very simple tonight I want just everybody who’s here. You can stay in your seats if you like. That’s no problem We’ll just have our team kind of come pray over you but just close your eyes and take a few deep breaths And just start coming out. So Father forgive me Lord. I repent father. I’ve been carrying the burdens of my family. I Repent Lord for sowing seeds of bitterness and resentment in my heart and in my soul I’ve been carrying the burdens of my family. I’ve been a caregiver a caretaker Tonight I’m gonna give these to Jesus I’m gonna place him on his back Sweet Holy Spirit. You’re the only one that can remove the pain on the soul tonight. I am choosing to forgive Choosing to forgive myself so many people have hard time forgiving themselves Lord tonight. I am choosing to forgive myself I’m choosing to release my abusers tonight. It says hey, I’m not going to take responsibility for the acts of the abusers I’m not going to take responsibility and ownership of all the abuse that came down through word curses through sexual abuse molestation

And rape no, we’re giving that we’re placing that tonight. We’re placing every spirit of molestation lust perversion rape Abortions, we’re all of it tonight. It gets wiped clean Lord I’ve been holding on to these wounds and pains for too many years now, they’ve been robbing me of my ministry They’ve been robbing me of my calling in life. They’ve been blocking me. I haven’t been able to advance I’ve been stagnant in my spiritual life. Why because these spirits these wounds on the soul that have left a scar there It’s got a little bit of hardening on my heart and just like that video that we just played those walls I built up walls Around my heart I built up these walls of protection and tonight. They’re gonna come tumbling down Tonight we’re gonna tear down those walls of rejection tonight. We’re gonna tear down those walls of rebellion and injustice Tonight tonight. We’re getting paid back tonight. The devil is in fort he’s in for payback Why because he’s been running you down negative self-talk poor self-concept low self-worth low self-esteem He’s been telling you these lies in your mind and you’ve been believing the lies You don’t repent of the lie to repent of believing those lies thinking that you are worthless thinking that you were no good You’re nothing you’re gonna have an amount to anything. Nobody’s gonna love you. Nobody’s gonna watch you. You’re gonna die alone You’re gonna die. Sick. You’re gonna die alone. Nobody’s gonna love you. You’re not gonna have any husband That’s a lie of the enemy and tonight lord I ask you to forgive me for believing that lie and not trusting in you a Spirit of doubt and unbelief that came over me God forgive me. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry for doubt and unbelief Lord tonight tonight Lord I’m laying and I’m placing at the foot of the cross all these ugly men all these ugly men that came into my life I slept with so many men Lord. Kelly just explained to me that Transfers of spirits can come in and I got this spirit that came into me I can’t explain spirits of suicide depression anger. Some people get a spirit of anger and tonight. I’m releasing this anger tonight I choose to forgive my abuser tonight. I’m gonna Matthew 5:44. I’m gonna love my enemies. I’m gonna bless those who curse us I’m gonna do good to those who hate us. I’m gonna pray for those who despitefully use us We cannot serve two masters. We must serve one and hate the other two that Lord. I’m turning my life to you I’m submitting and surrendering all of it to you tonight. I choose to be serving the master the kingdom of heaven. I’m serving him I can’t serve God and Mammon at the same time sweet Holy Spirit I ask you right now just to come in I’m pouring out my heart right now. Holy Ghost is moving right now. He’s gonna come right in sweet. Jesus sweet Holy Spirit Sweet Holy Spirit come in come upon my heart right now Lord. I’m releasing my parents. I’m releasing my kids I’m releasing my stepdad my uncle my cousin My my dad I’m releasing. I’m releasing them right now. I’m removing them right now from my soul I’m asking you Holy Spirit come in and remove that scar Remove that ounce of bitterness remove that wound from my heart tonight. Take a deep breath in you tubers I want you to just take a deep breath in Let that out, come on speak the names Martha Billy Jimmy Larry Marcia Martha I’m releasing these wounds right now. I’m releasing. I’m letting him go right now I’m letting them go right now. I’m letting every every wound Every scar every wound on my heart I’m giving it and I’m placing it onto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. I Ask you to cut me I’m asking you to help this mighty woman of God sits before you right now Lord And help her to receive the Father’s love Her to receive the truth that you have never had one bad thought about her Spirits have doubt and unbelief spirits of shame or guilt have come in And I’m asking you Lord right now just to loosen her the truth the Spirit of Truth the spirit of love Your spirit of light over her life. I don’t know how much you love her Let her know how much you are thinking about her and how much you’ve thought about her Help her tonight Lord to release and let go Comfort a night Lord to release the wounds from her soul Take a deep breath in Betrayal every spirit of betrayal every ugly man ever laid a hand on me Every person who spoke deceitful words over me lies My husband was a cheater who’s an adulterer. It left me for another woman You put a spirit of fear On me that I was gonna be left alone. I was gonna be left alone to myself to fend for myself Spirit of fear worry anxiety and anger and injustice came in And said not what I’m releasing every single man every single person who has betrayed me Every single person that I thought I cared about you

Tubers if you cared about somebody you loved It’s easy to get a warning If you don’t care about somebody and they say those things Chances are you didn’t get a woman when you love somebody you Care about somebody and they say those things they were rude They were malicious. They were attacking you. They were boastful. They were angry. They were envious. They were jealous. You took in a wound there Tonight you’re gonna get rid of it. Jealousy and envy right now. I release these spirits of worry anxiety rejection from my soul Monsters you tubers place a hand over your womb and command you’ve been sleeping around been promiscuous You’ve been seeking love in all the wrong places You’ve been seeking love in all the wrong places trying to find love anywhere You could get it this unloving spirit that came down through your family tree tonight We break that curse of lust and perversion off of that body right now We break off every spirit of lust and perversion right now every sexual immorality Spirit right now go in the name of Jesus and every spirit of sorrow every spirit of grief that came in My husband somebody that we love dearly left us Left us early and we came in and got a spirit of sorrow and grief and right now we command that spirit of sorrow grief rejection Worry fear go right now in the name of Jesus Christ come out right now in the name of Jesus Come out right now in the name of Jesus come out right now All the wounds all these pains go right now come out right now come out of this woman of God right now go come out fear fear spirit of fear spirit Oh boy a spirit of anxiety come up and out of these lungs right now come up in all these lungs right now every pain every Pain that I took in the scar on my soul right now I’m asking the Holy Spirit right now to remove come on you tubers. Come on people saints of God come in Come on, just release that person. You know, who it is that hurts you release that person tonight release him and let him go Father’s here. The Holy Ghost is moving. The Holy Spirit is moving in this place and he is pouring his love He is courting his anointing. He is pouring his spirit of deliverance and healing right now over every person. Come on Come on, let it go. Let your tears flow. Let your tears go come to God on your knees. Don’t come to him What the Spirit that I’m not worthy the lyza says I’m not worthy No Don’t come to God that way come to him with a broken spirit a contrite heart Come to him with godly sorrow and he’ll come right over you spirit of offense Spirit of offense spirit of jealousy spirit of envy and jealousy and envy rotten the bones you got osteoporosis. You got arthritis You got bitterness you got resentment There goes come out right now bitterest resentment go come out jealousy and ego come out come out in the name of Jesus Come out in the name of Jesus come out in the name of Jesus go jealousy, envy bitterness resentment Come out that joint come out that buddy right now in the name of Jesus Christ go Come have the tissues of this body right now come out of the joints right now You rot and filthy unclean spirit go you filthy unclean spirit of rejection right now. I bind your power Satan I bind you and I command you I command you by God’s Word. I command you by the blood of Jesus Come on, you tubers you are given the authority turn on him You got to give the gift of hey, come on lay hands on yourself You got paid anywhere in that body lay hands on yourself and command that pain to go. You’re not gonna believe his lies anymore You’re not gonna stand for it any longer command that pain to go in the name of Jesus Christ’s betrayal Every spirit of betrayal go every street betray. He’ll go every spirit of betrayal gold. My husband cheated He left me and I got that wound. I took an offense I shut off from the world I I saluted myself the devil the devil Isolated me from people He gave me social anxiety disorder through fear fear of being rejected fear of approval fear of seeking man’s approval Fear every spirit of beer. I buyed you in the name of Jesus come out come out those ones come out that chest right now Come out of those legs come out that chest go come out spirit of fear come out Come on luring loads right now in the name of Jesus carbon dioxide you got asthma You got a spirit of asthma going on. You can’t breathe you feel like a choking sensation is coming out That’s a spirit of fear chronic fear chronic worry chronic anxiety It destroys the immune system and then what happens what comes in asthma bronchitis? All these spirits and infirmities that try to choke you They try to kill steal and destroy they try to give you a spirit of infirmity They know you’re gonna go to the doctor Come on fight back fight back You know that asthma can be healed today cast out any spirit of worry fear and anxiety go back to its roots When did that fear come in? When did that worst nightmare you were having nightmares you saw stalkers? You saw shadow figures in your room as a kid and you you got a spirit of fear right now You just go back go back and uproot that thing Lord. I lift the situation when I was scared of the die I was scared that my dad he was physically abusive. He used to he hit on his kids. He used to beat us up Physically, he would hit us with a belt he would slap us with the back of his hand He would hurt us so bad. Physically. I took in a wound. I took in the spirit of fear

I was afraid so I hid underneath the covers I hid underneath the bed I locked myself up in the closet so that he wouldn’t find me that he wouldn’t be looking at me so he couldn’t take out his Drunkenness, he couldn’t take out his alcoholism out on me Father God I just forgive these people today. I forgive my dad. I forgive my dad I forgive my dad Lord. He was made he was wrought to the core that wasn’t your dad You tumors. Are you hearing me? That wasn’t your dad? You never even met your real. Dad. You never even met the real dad. The one who loves you so grateful so much You met a very wounded person you met a very wounded man in your life And the devil came in through rejection the devil got your dad when he was young and he took it out on his kids He took it out on you He took it out on you, but tonight we pray for him We don’t want one to perish God doesn’t want one to Pearson. I know you don’t either We ask your father God to magnify your presence upon our dads upon the evil wicked men in our lives these men were disappointments discouragements to us every single day had Protected me. All I wanted was love How I wanted was love and all I got was rejection All I got was physical verbal emotional abuse and returned my heart got hardened I checked out for a while. I became isolated I didn’t want to see people I don’t want to talk to people and then I became a food addict gluttony Bulimia, anorexia said in why I was trying to please man. I was trying to please man through comfort Comfort satisfying the flesh come out right now boat come out self-hatred come out self-hatred Self-doubt blames self condemnation go come out right now Come out go come out come out come out of that body come out that pancreas right now Self-hatred come out cut out self blame come out self condemnation. Come out self-hatred self-denial totally go Come out of that body come out of papers demonic poison come out of that liver anger anger anger come out of that liver Anger for the injustice anger anger for about anger for what they did to you Hey, I’m taking responsibility for my actions not their actions. That burden is not mine to carry I’m not taking the burden on of my abuser any longer. That is not my job my job My job is to praise the Lord my job My job is to seek Him. My job is to trust in him not in man not to seek the things of Below but to seek the things above we are to seek the things and the kingdom of heaven To seek righteousness and all the things shall be added According to his glory the richest the richness of heaven not the richness of this world. There is no witches in this world There’s only evil wickedness despair confusion chaos Turmoil torment and these spirits that came in the spirits that harass you at night they come to seek pleasure They come to give you temporary comforts right now lay a hand on your wound women will lay a hand on their you’ve got some Hardness down there. Come on lay a hand before so be violent with it the violent take it by force It says in revelation the violent take it by force. Come on You got to get it get to pay for what the devil’s done to you. He’s been destroying your marriage He’s been breaking up your marriages. He’s been sending you bad men bad relationships people that he knows are gonna reject You just release him to God your heavenly Father has never never had one bad thought about you It’s his love that you need to seek first. You need to fix that thing through father’s love You need to know that he loves you that much that he’s never had one bad god He’ll never forsake you he’ll never leave you do You know your heavenly Father will never leave you he’ll never forsake you and all the while Well, we thought that was our dad beating on us abusing us. It wasn’t him it wasn’t him I never even met my dad I all I met was the one who was filled with wounds at pains a Spirit that infected this family tree came down and he took it out on the kids He took it out of me God. I’m so sorry all these years. I’m so sorry Lord, all these years I held in bitterness I hated that man. I held in hatred and now I’ve got all these physical ailments all these things are coming upon me cancer infirmities aches and pains that are Unexplainable God forgive me Lord. I release him tonight Lord. I asked you to give me a heart of compassion a heart of flesh Breakdown like your plenty right arm with a hammer to it Take my heart with a hammer to it Lord and chisel away that hardness break it Lord break this hardening of my soul Break it down father break it into pieces Lord that you can fix it Lord. You can mend it back together You can pick up every fragmented piece of my broken heart tonight I ask you Lord Like a surgeon’s hands to come down from the heavens above I asked you like a surgeon’s hands who holds skillfully the tools Skillfully Lord hold my heart into your hands mend This broken heart mend my broken heart mend it back with your liniment of love agape. Love unconditional love the love of father

Help me Jesus tonight. Help me Oh God, help me God tonight. Help me to seek your love. Help me Just help me to release and let go Help me to let go of all this pain help me. Let go of all this insecurity The suffering this torment that has been going on inside help me father to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ Help me Lord with the voices in my head Help me Lord with the voices of my head rejection these lies that keep coming there day at night I can’t stop listening to him They come at me constantly like that motor that motor running in the back Nagging at my soul. Come out come out devil. Come out lies. Come out lies go. Come on come out life Come out lies. Come out lies come out right now in the name of Jesus lies of that Enemy, go come out right now. Go come out come out. I’m not believing your lies anymore I am no longer serving the master of Satan. I’m no longer gonna serve him. I’m not gonna be his slave anymore From this day forward I choose whom I must serve the day the day this day I choose my house will serve the Lord forever Joshua said As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord As for me and my temple my body we’re gonna serve the Lord no longer Am I gonna let that rotten? Filthy spirit that rotten Satan defile me the spirit husband the spirit spouse that came in through my parents They opened the door when they spoke those things over and they spoke word curses over me No longer no longer. Am I gonna believe their lies that I’m unloved that? I’m not wanted Now I they didn’t care about me that I wasn’t loved they didn’t care about me no longer Am I gonna believe the lies of that enemy? I’m not gonna listen to his lies because that’s what he is. He’s a father of lies He’s been as abou he’s the father of Doug and if he sends you a negative thought it’s him. It’s always him God will not send you negative thoughts gods are very loving God He’s a very jealous God and he wants you to worship Him. He wants you to praise him He wants you to come to him. He wants you to seek Him first He doesn’t want you to go to Mandy what she doesn’t want you to go to anybody else like King David when he was crying out in that cave and he said I Longed for your presence O God, I longed for it. It’s greater than Everlasting life. He didn’t want food. He didn’t want water. He wanted the longing presence of his Lord He wanted the longing presence of Jehovah. And right now that’s what you want to you to her. That’s what you want You want the touch from God you want to touch from God? You’re not gonna be like that person We were talking about that sits back waits for it fearful timid. Shy know You’re coming up to the front you’re coming up to the altar of God you’re coming up and laying this wound You’re nailing this wound tonight to the cross at Calvary because it’s finished You’re nailing every pain every wound every scar that you took upon this soul tonight and you’re gonna place it on the back of Jesus You’re nailing every spirit of abuse every word curse that was ever spoken right now. Mom and dad I love you, and I released you and I let you go Mom, I did everything I could to please you. I did everything I could to serve you I did everything I could to be your loving daughter your loving son But nothing mattered to you nothing was good enough for you and I developed a performance spirit I had to seek out your love by performing so I got great grades I got straight A’s I did those things that made you love me more. I thought those things would make you love me more But in the end it didn’t matter to you. You couldn’t see behind the deception your eyes were blinded. How could you know? How could you know what you did when you were deceived? I’m so sorry mom. I know I know you were hurt. I know that mom hurt you. I know that grandma hurt you I know that in this family tree There were wounds there were spirits of rejection that came down and my mom was wounded She was very hurt and all she could do to make herself feel better Was to rise above her Situation and make the daughter or the son rise to the performance lever her standard. Her standard was set higher than than Jehovah standard Jehovah only has one standard there standing you can’t meet man standards You can’t meet man standards, but you no you could meet gods through love through praising him through worshiping him There isn’t anything that you can’t do to make God. Love you any more than he does right now You could go out and send your life away you Could go out and reject God you could give him a good cussing You can blame him you can point that finger at him You could doubt him you can mistrust him You could go out and commit the most vile of sins. You could be a murderer You could be a thief a robber a destruction a destroyer of life And he’s not gonna love you any less and if you were Mother Teresa And if you were feeding the poor feeding the homeless you got this great ministry that you’re doing Do you know that God is no respecter of Christians. Are you listening to burrs? Are you listening to us? God is no respecter of person. You may think that what you did doesn’t deserve his mercy or His grace

Well, you think that what you did doesn’t deserve you don’t deserve to be healed We’re gonna tell you stop listening to the lies of the devil He wants you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers He wants you to prosper and be in health even as your souls prosper. So tonight Lord. We are releasing every wound from my childhood We are breaking free from this spirit that has held us in captivity in bondage We’re coming against every spirit. Every lie had told me I’m worthless. I’m no good I’ve got a poor self-concept low self-esteem. I hated myself I’m like, my body is turning against me My mind is turning against me and these thoughts they seem real to me, but they’re lies these thoughts they feel real to me Because I feel these emotions. I really feel like I’m not worthy. I really feel worthless That’s what the devil does He likes to heat these feelings on you so that you take the bait of Satan You’ll take his hook and start to run yourself down He wants to run yourself down. But God has bigger plans for you. It says in John 10:10 The thief comes to steal kill and destroy, but do you know that job? Ken, says I come to give you life and give it to you abundantly Praise God, that’s hope the woman at the well John for the woman at the well, oh Thank you. If you just drink from this cup of living water you shop. There’s no longer. You shall thirst no more Take a drink of this living water There’s a living water shall flow out of the belly of man I just turned my thought life Over to Jesus. I’m looking to Jesus Looking unto Him the author and finisher of my faith the one who has never condemned me There’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus for those who love Christ. There’s no condemnation No, and I know these people here these saints of God, they love him They want to serve Him but they’ve been blocked. They blocked their own healing They’ve been blocking their own healing by receiving these thoughts of unworthiness self-hatred go right now Self-blame come out right now self-hatred go come out come out go go your outlier come out You rotten filthy devil come out you unclean spirits come out you unclean spirit you lies Get out of that body right now spirits are self-hatred self-rejection self unforgiveness Go right now with the mighty name of Jesus Christ every spirit of unforgiveness right now. We command you to go go Go come out of this woman of God come out of the womb come out of rebellion Come out her uterus right now every spirit husband right now We put a curse a failure on you right now come out. You brought filthy spirit rejection We divorce you we break every marriage contract every valve Every covenant ever made you in that spiritual Kingdom right now. We break it we tear it. We rip it up We burn it we come out of agreement with every vow and every covenant that we made on Satan’s behalf We listen to his lies. We became a slave to him and we were like his puppet We did what he told us to do. We believed what he told us to believe We were like Jacob and Rebecca. I believed him. I Believe Satan in his lies. God have mercy Lord, forgive me I release every spirit of abuse sexual abuse verbal abuse right now I command every spirit if you got molested or if you had a spirit of incest come in My family members is a curse of Moab. There’s a spirit of the Moabite Remember Lots daughters remember lot and his daughters We break off every curse of Moab right now in the name of Jesus Christ We could break off the spirit of lot Benna me right now Come out of that womb right now Benna me the curse of molestation the curse of incest right now We break we break it by the power of God’s Word We command this spirit of incest plus Moab come out right now spirit husband come out right now go rejection go cut up Come on, that won’t go uterus right now. I’m coiled that filthy televiewers from her leg I’m coiled from her leg right now in the name of Jesus Christ go Come out and coiled from the hips and coil from the spine and coil. I’m coil Every spirit of witchcraft right now is spirit of rebellion witchcraft spirit spouses They all come down and root it in witchcraft rejection the occult all of them. They’re rooted in witchcraft Somebody opened the door to psychic readings tarot card readings Crystal ball, whatever it was, you played Bloody Mary light as a feather Ouija boards just repent of it Just repent of it. I Don’t know anybody who hasn’t done that as a kid We were all curious but we had spirits that entered in and we are paying the consequences of it now Mental illness emotional illness right now. We put a curse of failure on every spirit of emotional illness mental illness that came in Through the door opening of the occult Rejection spirits rebellion spirits right now go we break off every curse of witchcraft operating in our family tree We break every ungodly soul tie to every ungodly man that ever laid a hand on me. Never touched me Never entered me right now. We break every soul tie come on youtubers Just name the man you slept with many men. You slept with many women. You got a lesbian spirit

You got a homosexual spirit. Come on just come out of agreement with it You got a spirit that came in of lust and sexual perversion. It isn’t you that’s not you. You’re not homosexual You’re not lesbian. You’re not a pervert. He the pervert He’s the one that perverts everything the spirits give you what they are If you’re lesbian, if you’re homosexual, that’s what the spirit is Come on fight back start cancelling you got spirits that are that are nagging at you at night Getting you to try and have sex and drink no come against you got to fight During the night when they come in at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning You got to get em, you got to start doing spiritual warfare. You can’t allow these things You cannot flirt with them one time. You can’t allow them to infiltrate to penetrate to stimulate you can’t do it You can’t let them infiltrate penetrate or stimulate. Otherwise, you’re gonna pay for it You’re gonna pay for it sooner or later weird pains joint pain, and then they’re gonna give you spirits of addiction right now Come on, lay hands on your body. You got pain you got spirits spouses You got mala state just release the abuser release these wounds out of your soul right now in the name of Jesus Christ I command every unclean filthy foul spirit right now. I Command every filthy foul spirit from my childhood right now the demon of rejection the monster these spirits that came in Through family members. They abused me. They hurt me. They wounded me. I took it an offense I took in I took in all kinds of things defilement of my body my bio My body was defiled against my wishes against my will. Hey, you got to release it You got to repent of it the injustice. It wasn’t right what they did to you But do you know that the Cross will take that rape? He’ll take that malo station. It’ll take that spirit of incest He’ll take that wound. You’ll take that pain right out from under you he’ll remove it off of your heart The pain will be gone the memory of it will still be there But the pain of it will be gone If you’ve got aught against any of your accusers that off will keep you from getting healed He’ll block your healing on is a yucky is that yuck factor when you think you say? Hey, I forgave my mother I forgave my stepdad. I forgave my uncle who raped me who blessed me I forgave him you only forgave him with your mouth But when you go around them You got the sense of yuck feeling in there your stomach starts to turn your stomach starts to make you sick You feel like you’re gonna throw up. That’s hot. That’s hot You saw a bad feeling you forgave with your mouth But you really didn’t truly forgive with your heart and it says in the Bible that we must repent We must forgive we must if we confess our faults If we confess our false insisted one another he is just to forgive us of our sin and cleanse us of all unrighteousness Tonight we’re not taking these burdens. It’s not our job. We don’t want those sins remitted back onto us We don’t want those sins remitted back onto us and when we don’t forgive when we don’t release that out from our soul We keep that person from getting healed and delivered their scripture ignorant. They don’t know they even have spirits You have no excuse. You know that you got him. You have no excuse. You must release them out of your soul tonight You must release that out. You must release that resentment You must release that anger that has been pent up the emotions of anger that you held back You’ve built up these walls and you’ve got social anxiety disorder right now We command every spirit to leave this woman of God right now in the name of Jesus We ask for healing to come through we just Go Jasmine come out of her throat come out of her throat Jasmine go come out come out in the name of Jesus come out Right now come out uncoil from this esophagus right now Jasmine oral sex come out right now Every spirit every sexual demon come out right now unclean spirits come out on coil. I’m coil from her throat I’m coil from her throat Jasmine come out right now go a coil from that throat I’m core from esophagus her lyrics to fairness right now. Go in the name of Jesus go in the name of Jesus I see him come out. They’re coming out come out right now I’m coil from that neck come out of that neck come out that neck come out that neck right now come out right now every Mind Control spirit right now come up and out every mind control spirit come up and now that frontal lobe right now Come up, and now that frontal lobe right now mind control spirits, right? Yeah We cut and release we cut and release that spirit of mind control that’s operating right now come out the nose come out the forehead come out the frontal lobe coming out the nose come out right now come out of my Control release Lenise let it go. Let her go here he comes here He comes come out come out Lord. There it goes. There it goes Come out demon spirit of mine control come out right now We break it cancel the assignment in every marine spirit every water spirit. We drive every warrior We dry up every watering hole of every marine spirit every water spirit the spirit spouse right now We dry up his watering holes. Come out come out come out come out right now Leviathan the spirit of pride come out right now We pull every scale off of that back come out come out every religious spirit Church demons You took in a church wound every religious spirit. You took in church fools youth you because you wanted youth groups

She went to in and somebody said something to you that you didn’t like Pastor said something you didn’t like and you took in a church Would you took in a religious wound and the spirit of offense right now? We released that pastor from our soul We released that youth group the worship being the praise I was let go from being praise worship her why because the spirit of Jealousy a spirit of Jezebel was operating in that church and this spirit comes in and wants to always be in control they always want to be the leader and I took it in a spirit of jealousy and the they were envious they were jealous of Me and they got me to divide myself against that church they come in and they they divide the church They come in with a spirit of confusion and division and what they want to do is get you separated They wanted to bite they come in to divide the church the next thing you know, your church is out of commission and there’s chaos You took in a womb every religious spirit right now come up and out of this back spirit a Python divination You sought out psychic tarot card readers you open up the door to Ouija boards tarot card readers You sought out fortune tellers right now. We just release that kingdom of darkness over to you Lord We repent we repent for our and says we were pant Lord if they ever opened up the door They came down that family tree. We repent of it right now. Ask your Lord to forgive them on their behalf They’re not here any longer Lord, but we come against those spirits operating the spirit of a cult new-age witchcraft right now We sever every communication line to witches We sever every chord in every tie and break off Every chord every reign of theirs we break off their covens their witches They sit back and they they root out and they speak out spells and hexes hoodoo Voodoo the charmer and hoodoo the bringer of bad luck you got tattoos you got piercings Okay, you know the evil spirits can come in through tattoos and through piercings evil spirits come in Stresses of the body tattoo we are not to poker or prick ourselves on the body. You got a tattoo Hey just repent of it. Just repent of it. Just lay your hand over that anoint it with oil Anoint that tattoo wherever it it’s at anoint it with oil just say Lord forgive me. I repent father. I was marked by Satan It’s almost as if you were you haven’t have a tattoo a sacrifice or say that’s really what it is. You’re outwardly saying Hey, I belong to him. I Belong to him, you know, you could just repent of that anoint it come out of agreement with him You’re not his boy. You’re not his girl. You are a child of God. You are not the bride of Lucifer You’re not going to serve the bride of Li you’re not going to be the bride of loser I’m not gonna serve Satan you are a child of God and tonight. You are an overcomer Why because the Bible says we are to overcome these things we are to come to him in Psalms 100 We were to enter into his courts enter into his gates with Thanksgiving with praise It doesn’t stop there. We worship Him we worship father in spirit and in truth We come to him with our whole heart. We don’t come in him with 50% cardinality and 50% spiritually. No, you can’t do that He wants all of you. He wants a hundred percent. Nothing less. He wants all of your heart tonight and forget it to him He’ll heal you And it’s a process. It’s a process like a layer of an onion that gets peeled back tonight You tubers you’re gonna go through a process of healing You’ve got some deep wounds You’ve got some deep scars on that soul and it’s gonna be a process that you’re gonna have to go through a process of Accepting God’s Word God’s truth God’s love This is your wilderness wandering time you’re being separated from the world Separating form adds identity separated from what man thinks of you what man says you are That’s not our identity. Identity isn’t what Christ says we are. We are the apple of his eye. We are his favorite thing Our image is graven in the very palms of his hands he can’t stop thinking about us he takes us with us wherever he goes Isn’t that beautiful Street that beautiful YouTube he takes us? Wherever he goes There’s so much comfort. It had to know that those arms that get wrapped around us the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost Jesus I Stanley gap for death I stand in the gap for those persons that she brought or that person that she wanted that love from And I’m just gonna pretend like I’m you I want to pretend like I’m your dad. I’m 10 like I’m your mom son daughter I Ask you to forget me tonight. I Ask you to forgive me for my behavior I ask you to forgive me even for all the moons all the pain that I have caused you over the years I should have Told you how much I loved you. I should have told you how much you meant to me I should have told you that I was so grateful that you were born that day But instead I was yelling. I was complaining. I was angry these spirits these wounds that came from me I released on to you, and I’m so sorry. I’m asking you tonight to forgive me

Forgive me Please forgive me Lord. I forgive my dad. I forgive my mother And I accepted the Father’s love I accept his path of healing I’m willing I’m willing for God To use me as an instrument for his healing I’m gonna allow God to use me as an instrument for his healing why he gets all the glory no man saves. No man heals Only Jehovah Rapha the divine physician and healer. He’s the one the heals. Holy Ghost heals. Not not man lord I thank you for healing this beautiful woman. I thank you Lord for Mending that broken heart of hers picking up every piece. I come to dumpty picking up the fragments of her soul Your soul gets fragmented like the fissures of the brain. There’s little cracks in their fissures that seep in wounds Little spheres they flow out Anger frustration frustration is not keeping God’s law frustration is trying to keep man’s law you get frustrated that somebody blocking your way Somebody or some person is blocking You keeping you from fulfilling your goal keeping you Keeping you from that goal to be achieved in frustration and anger there God’s distress warnings Okay, when you see something rise up in your anger frustration, you say hey, wait a minute. Where did this come from? Start going back looking at somebody got in Somebody caused and put a scar on that soul Somebody wounded you and you got to go around in there you got to dig in there You got to get to that root You got to dig it out of there like a garbage man who empties the garbage truck? You got to go in there like the garbage man or like a surgeon and start cutting that root out with God’s Word the sword Of the word is like a double-edged sword. It’s powerful. It’s quick. It’ll cut to any route It’ll cut and pierce the heart. It’ll cut it will sever divide the joint tomorrow mom and daughter father and son Jesus came Jesus came He came to save the Lost He didn’t come to bring peace He came he came with a sword of fetch it he came with a sword of the Spirit to divide and conquer Didn’t come to bring peace He is the Prince of Peace. Yes, of course he is But he also came With that sort of that spirit to pierce that heart like salt it preserves it Penetrates. Oh it stings for a little bit you get a cut and you get salt on that on that wound You pour a little salt and there Lewis stinks, but it also heals the Word of God is much like salt It stings a little bit it pierces that heart the truth hurts sometimes Truth always hurts. What is the truth? The truth is father loves you. He’ll never forsake you He’s never had one bad thought about you and if you look in that mirror and if you just see what God sees Don’t see what you see is. We don’t walk by sight we walk by faith See yourself as God sees you with unconditional agape love Ephesians 1 is a great chapter to go read if you got a spirit of rejection or low self esteem self whereas poor self got read Ephesians chapter 1 It’s the rejection chapter and when you read that you’ll never look in your mirror. You’ll never look in that mirror again, and Talk self talk to yourself How worthless I am how awful I am. I’m a nothing I’m no good and nobody I’m never gonna you’ll never look in the mirror the same again You’ll never have those sides come in again When you start to worship your heavenly father when you start to receive his truth right now Spirit of Truth Listen to this woman right now Listen to her the Spirit of Truth becoming us every spirit of air every spirit of delusion and deception She’s lived a life of delusion living a life of lies She’s been sitting around listen to lies listen to demons and instead She should have been focusing her eyes on you and hearing the truth of God, but she couldn’t she was blinded She was in denial She lived a life of delusional right now father God I ask you to loosen to her a spirit of truth a spirit of love The sweet Holy Spirit come in right now Sweet Holy Spirit come in right now help them help these people help these women empty their cup their cup over runneth with frustration with worry with Anxiety with shame with guilt with embarrassment help them today father – empty empty their thoughts of the world Help them Lord. Help them Lord to be filled let their cup be filled with you with your love Nicodemus Jesus visited nikko dim. He said hey if you can just empty yourself of yourself I can come in you make no room for Jesus. You make no room for me to come in Hey empty your cup of sorrow into your cup of self-pity empty your cup of lies self-denial cellphone forgiveness self doubt self blame self-rejection all the South spirits empty him out tonight and allow the Spirit of Jesus allow his spirit the love of Jesus the love of father to come in the truth as he Loves you dearly he collects every tear in his bottle He collects every tear in his box and he’s ever shed that you’ve ever shed And he makes no mention of any sin that you’ve ever committed. You are washed clean

Do you know that when you come to Christ when you are truly saved it’s a born-again experience. It’s a supernatural divine experience It’s supernatural. It doesn’t happen by mouth. You can’t just say the words the sinner’s prayer It has to be a supernatural experience One that moves you one that moves you away from your wicked behavior one that moves you to have godly sorrow that you hurt God That’s how you know, you are saved that’s how you know that you have had that supernatural experience is new You’re new you no longer behave the way you you have to repentance not remorse. You have a penitent heart That you hurt God First and foremost you didn’t hurt that person that you spoke those words that person didn’t hurt you He hurt God first you hurt God first by receiving the lies in the enemy. He hurt him You hurt him because what you’re telling him is God’s deficient God’s a little higher. I don’t trust you to provide for my needs I don’t trust you to provide a man. You said in Genesis that you will provide Adam and help me. I help me You said that you would provide somebody for me? I didn’t trust you. God Sarah didn’t trust him either Sarah said hey go get Hagar. I need a baby and I need a son now. Look what we’ve got today. Yeah Yeah, he also blessed Ishmael. He also blessed that nation. Yeah You’re gonna pay for the consequences of doubt and mistrust and unbelief. You’re gonna pay for it somewhere By listening to lies the enemy you’re gonna get these spirits that are gonna attack you of self-hatred self-disgust self-worth lack of self-worth poor self-concept Self-denial right now. We’re just speaking the love of God over this woman of God. We’re speaking his love To come in every cell in every atom come in right now in the name of Jesus Put the father’s love the father’s heart come in Sweet. Holy spirit take a deep breath in and exhale right now Holy Spirit coming loose loose joy unspeakable Loosed a peace of God to roll it rain Loose a peace of God to rule and reign in your servant’s heart Loosed a peace of God not that the peace of this world gives there’s no peace in this world There’s only peace that you can give Lord Let her morning will be turned into laughter. Once again, let her put on a garment of praise Let her put on the garment of praise She had an unforeseen Tragedy she struggled in life She’s carried burdens of this famished kid burdens of her past for too many years now and tonight We’re releasing them and letting them go Tonight we got a spirit of adoption you’re adopted into the For the father’s kingdom you’re adopted None of us deserved his mercy. None of us deserved his grace But because God so loved you He gave His only beloved begotten son To become a ransom for many he became that sacrifice for us. He became that cursory you and me. I didn’t deserve it None of us did but because of that shed blood the remission of those sins. He carried the weight of his back he carried the weight the burden of the world the sin of the world on his shoulders he Carried every spirit of sorrow and grief. He carried my mother sorrow that was in me I dumped it on him that day. I chose 16 years later. I chose I chose I chose it to leave. I Chose it to go. Why because I made a choice to dump it on him He’s the burden carrier Psalms 37 says to trust and to trust in him to delight in him he’ll grant us the desires of our heart to roll and cast all of our burdens unto Him and To wait and be still on God Wait and be still on him if you need patience. Hey father. God helped me with my impatience. Help me Lord The man who came to Jesus he said help me with my unbelief son got healed You don’t need a measure. You don’t need any more faith. You already have been given a measure of faith what you need is to remove that spirit of doubt and unbelief from your body in your mind a Little leaven will leaven the whole lump You must have pissed s0 doubt and zero unbelief a little leaven is gonna leaven the whole lump a little 11 a little doubt Will keep you from being healed. He’ll block your healing He wants a hundred percent not 99 percent trust He wants a hundred percent trust and if you could just remove that doubt and unbelief from your mind He’ll come in and he’ll give you a faith experience. Like no other you overcome You’ll be looking at this from a year from now six months from now you’d be like wow I can’t believe that I succumb to that. I can’t believe that I thought my life was at an end I can’t believe that I took that pain so seriously, and it is serious. I’m not degrading I’m not downplaying it It is serious But a year from now when you’re walking in the spirit when you’re sowing and reaping the things of the Spirit Wow You become stronger in faith your walk with God becomes stronger that wilderness area now becomes and turns into spiritual warfare we now go on the offensive we go now and attack that enemy that has been blocking us binding us giving us mental illness giving

Us emotional illness giving us physical illnesses and pain. He’s the one that does it. God does not do that God is not judging you judgment already felt at the cross at Calvary judgment already fell on the blood of Jesus on the cross Judgment already fell he’s not judging you. He’s not condemning you the devil. Does that the devil always loves to heap guilt? He’s always the one who’s judging you father’s not judging you. He’s already he’s already judged you and found you not guilty Come on, youtubers say it. I am innocent. I am not guilty. I Thought I was responsible for my parents divorce. I thought I was the reason why they broke up they certainly had so many arguments So many fights over me. I heard him yelling. I heard him screaming in the night. I heard them fighting Over me. Hey, I’m not taking ownership. I didn’t cause that I had been judged and found not guilty. I am innocent That was their burden. Those were their wounds were coming out not mine. I’m not gonna take responsibility for their actions I’m not taking responsibility for their pain and for their burdens that they chose to carry and dump unto me Did it hurt of course it hurt Those words hurt Peter when he denied Jesus three times, Jesus said you’re gonna die me three times the cock crows Peter couldn’t believe it. This was a man who walked with Jesus Who’s the disciple He was right there with Jesus And he said certainly I am NOT going to deny you Guess what? He did. He denied Jesus three times But that look of Jesus that he felled on to Peter That hurt him so much if you ever had that looked from somebody that you heard I have I know what that’s like I really do know what it’s like to have That spirit that came won’t repeat her that day. I hurt someone dearly that I loved very dearly And I paid the price for it but instead of having remorse like king saul did you know what I Said you’re right lord. I’m so sorry. I hurt you first I heard the very person that I loved the most and when he gave me that look it pierced my heart it convicted me And I repented for it. I came out of it stronger than ever. I didn’t go into self-pity. I didn’t say Hey, I got caught I did these things. I feel bad for myself. No, I felt bad for God because I heard him That’s what Peter did he turned and it became one of the greatest disciples his shadow fell on people and people got healed Yeah, that’s the kind of knowing we want here at the ADC and we’re praying about it we’re praying about we know that God is is Increasing increasing his power his love in the saints of God He’s doing it because we’re used why we’re instruments of God. We’re vessels of God. We’re to be a light bearing vessel We’re to carry the light mare to be that beacon of hope We are the be the beacon of hope like Ronald Reagan said the United States is a beacon of hope that shines It’s like why because we’re a Christian nation. So called Christian nation It’s an oxymoron but ok Hey We’ll take what Christians we do have that are that do believe that we are a beacon of hope why? We got the love of Jesus. We got the gospel of good news It is good news don’t believe the lies of the devil. It is good news. You might read the Old Testament You might think hey, wow. There’s the wrath of God. Yeah, he did that because he loved his children He had to discipline them with harshness. He had to discipline them with a mighty hand a powerful hand He disciplined them with his mighty right arm Why because he loved him same way as my mom loved me first, and then spanked me. She scolded me Discipline is a pays a heavy price, but it’s out of love that they do it It’s out of love as your parents discipline you it’s out of love Sometimes that your parents seek to correct you correct your misgivings, correct your wrongful ways. Hey, they see their children. They’re adults They see their children walking down the wrong path. Yeah, they don’t want you going down the path that they took They want to help you. They don’t want to see you go down that path to misery and suffering Spirits of rejection that come in feeding feeding the cravings of the flesh. They already know those wounds They’ve already gone through that pain and guess what happened you grow up Just like mom you grow up just like dad You said and you those valves? I do not want to be my mother. I do not want to be my dad And guess what happens you’re exactly them you grew up to be exactly just like them why spiritual ignorant? You grew up in a dysfunctional family grew up in a spiritual ignorant family. Okay. I didn’t know how the spirit world works I was fortunate to grow up in a very loving family I was fortunate on that end But for those who didn’t Wow when you’re spiritually ignorant and the devil comes in there’s a cost to pay when you serve Christ There’s a cost to pay for sensitive a systematic desensitization when your heart becomes hardened, there’s a price to pay because why? God’s love it’ll seem like his love isn’t there because you have decided to block him out It’s the problem is never honor in it’s always it’s always on our end it’s never on God’s end the problems on our end and if we just face them today if we just confess our faults and say

Lord, you know what I screwed up I Doubted you I didn’t trust you. I blamed you. I pointed the finger at you. I gave you a good cussing I said God my God. Where are you? What kind of God is this that allows these things down? Hey, hey the devil the devil you allowed it to happen why because you had God’s Word you had the gospel of good news right there in front of you and You decided not to open that book. You decided not to believe his word and instead chose to believe the lies We’ve all been there. I Do it We’re not susceptible. We’re not perfect being there was only one who was perfect. We’re not immune to the devil’s attacks were not immune to his devices and Snares a trap that you don’t see coming Pegasus a snare a trap that you don’t see We’re not ignorant of it any longer because we got God’s Word Now you have no excuse now you have no excuse. You’ve got God’s Word You’ve got the spiritual warfare of Ephesians 6 armor the Word of God the helmet of salvation the breastplate of righteousness the shield of faith the sword of the Spirit Dirtiness dirtiness and righteousness our loins girded in righteousness our feet that are shod in the gospel of peace Those are our weapons of warfare not commonly speaking. Those are our real work weapons of warfare We don’t fight in the physical. We don’t see the things in the natural any longer. Hey, you’re a child of God You’re a spiritual be you know – the thing spiritually you don’t see the things with your natural physical eyes You are a spiritual monster you now see the spiritual war going on and if you don’t if you don’t take care of those things The devil is gonna make sure he’ll take care of you Father god I just thank you Lord for tonight. I thank you for the seminar tonight lord Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank you Lord. It’s a privilege to preach your word Thank you lord I was nervous about tonight it really was I only had a couple of days to prepare Lord I’m not a preacher. I’m not a pastor but you use some of the people they Some of the people that you wouldn’t expect to use use me you use me tonight Lord, I Thank you Lord, for every opportunity that you’ve given Lord. We raise up brother Mike We lift him up to you tonight Lord And we just speak your healing touch right now to flow through that man Flow through that room dry up dry up every fluid that is being built up in that lung I know that you can create new organs You healed a man with a withered hand I’ve seen arthritis. I’ve seen joints. I’ve seen curled up hands extend outward when the root of bitterness and resentment Was released from that person soul. I’ve seen you do it. I’ve seen you do it I’ve seen people be healed of kidney cancers. Thyroid cancers fibroid. Tumors fibroid says breast cancers Lord nothing is too great for you to do nothing is impossible for you to do your url Shaddai you are god almighty, you are almighty God at Lourdes and Tonight Lord. I thank you Lord for creating a new organ new gallbladder creating that new heart a clean spirit Oh God and a renewed spirit within We just come against right now We’re doing spiritual warfare right now for brother Mike we come against the attacks of the enemy of the spirit of death the spirit of doubt the spirit of Confusion the spirit of depression right now. Hey when you’re on taking medicines bags of fluid of antibiotics Pain pain to two degrees to pay there’s gonna be a spirit of heaviness That’s gonna fall upon you. We come cancel the assignment at enemy right now that speaking lies into that line of depression confusion Heaviness right now some of you are going through the same thing some of you have visited the Hospital and it’s not what you expected it to be you thought you were gonna get out the next day and you were in there for four or five more days and you really wanted to and that spirit of doubt started to come in and started playing havoc on your Faith it started to test your faith but you know that God’s gonna allow this testing this trial to Overcome and God’s gonna get the glory of it God’s gonna get the glory for this healing a brother might God gets all the credit All the glory for that Healing Touch of God. He’s the one who heals He’s the one that sends out his word and he heals us of all of our diseases He heals the brokenhearted and he binds up their wounds right now. We command every spirit right now We command every spirit that’s trying to attack right now the spirit of death confused right now to leave that body Leave brother Mike right now. Leave your saints of God leave these youtubers right now There’s a spirit of cancer heart disease rage and anger. There’s a spirit of anger in their heart disease high blood pressure You didn’t deal with that anger tonight is your night to deal with that anger tonight? Is your night to lose that under God? You are to release that woman the Bible says we must release we must repent we must give that to God and forgive We must forgive. Otherwise he cannot forgive you You’ll take that hold of that thing and he’s gonna wreak havoc in your life tonight Lord We just released every spirit of rage and anger of my dad. I’ve got anger towards my kids Anger towards my children Lord that came down through my dad not being able to please him enough. He was Rachel He was angry and he was physical. He spoke out all the time, and I took in these offenses

I took in these wounds tonight I released that anger lay hand on your liver and command that spirit of anger and rage to go out You’ve got some unresolved issues in that soul. You got some unresolved dealings and circumstances that you refused To come to God with well tonight is your night tonight. Is your night to be healed? You can get healed tonight If you just come with a broken heart a contrite spirit godly heart father gotta thank you for healing Mike I thank you tonight Lord that you will grant him restful sleep Restful sleep father that he could restore that mind that body that spirit that soul Lord Restful sleep that he can restore himself back to the way you created him a mighty man of God His work is not finished like Elijah who was running for Jezebel. His work is not And we just speak a spirit of adoption We speak a spirit of healing Loosen to him your healing balm your healing touch right now the healing touch of Jehovah Rapha Let it flow through the vein. Let it throw through those arteries Let it flow through every cell in every atom we speak healing restoration into that soul Psalms. 23 says he restoreth my soul I shall not want I shall not want that rod and thy staff they comfort me he prepares a place he prepares a place before my enemies He maketh me lead down lay down in green pastures It’s not what we think about that, but he leads us beside the still waters. He makes us lie down in green pastures He restoreth my soul folks if you’ve got mental illness you got emotional illnesses bipolar schizophrenia starts speaking Psalms 23 starts speaking Psalms 23 That’s first when it says he restores my soul he restores my soul. You’ll start seeing breakthroughs Lord. Thank you for restoring brother Mike soul and all the people who are listening today all the people are here tonight Thank you God that we were not given a spirit of fear, or of cowardice but we were given a spirit of love of power and of sound mind a Disciplined mind one that Texas tells us that we have to take responsibility of our thoughts taking Responsibility of what we enter into our eyes into our ears what comes out of our mouth what we are receiving in we have complete Control, we have responsibility over that Lord and I thank you Father for your healing touch tonight I thank you that diabetes got healed because they release the hurt they released the guilt They released that performance spirit of trying to please their parents trying to please their loved ones trying to please their spouse They can’t please anybody if our life depended upon it I can’t please my spouse of my life depend upon it we can only be pleasing to God Lord I thank you for healing cancer cancer right now diet. It’s roots We we just break off every life-giving force of that cancer breast cancer liver cancer kidney cancer right now We break off every chord every life-giving force to cancer right now. We break down in shells of protection right now We love the holy spirit right now to come in and uproot that thing. We lay that spiritual root We lay that spiritual axe at the root of cancer bitterness unforgiveness resentment We lay that spiritual axe at that root and we cut it out tonight We cut out that spirit of infirmity spirit of cancer spirit of disease heart disease High blood pressure we put a curse a fairy on you right now. We come out of agreement We come out of greement You must come out of agreement with these diagnosis if you accept the diagnosis once again If your mind goes there if you start thinking about death if you start saying hey I am this or I got this I have diabetes. I have a zit You start to become that that is your identity your body will follow what you are thinking your thought life your quality of your thought Life will determine the quality of your health determine the quality of your body Start speaking life over yourself start speaking the truth the Word of God Until I start going to the Psalms start speaking the beautiful word of Psalms and proverbs. There’s so much wisdom in Proverbs Jealousy and envy they rot the bones you got osteoporosis Hey start getting start getting to that jealousy and envy Start attacking jealousy enemies start releasing them out of your soul YouTube You hear me start getting you were jealous of your sister your mother or your father they favored they favored you over your your siblings one of your siblings and you got a spirit of Jealousy and envy now sudden you’ve got the porousness of your bones. You got osteoporosis Hey come out of agreement with that just release that jealousy and envy it’s a lie your father your father loves you He’s a jealous God. He can’t stop thinking about you. Just release those wounds tonight. I thank you everyone for listening and watching I thank you for every every Prayer every ounce of support that you have had poured over brother Mike. It means a lot to us here it was it was a difficult seminar to get to because I Myself have gone through a lot of emotional turmoil through this thing a lack of sleep a lack of deprivation But I know that I had a lot of people that were worrying for us here a lot of fakes Everyone was worrying for this place, and I can’t thank you enough for allowing And giving the opportunity to allow this seminar to go forward. It’s such an important seminar It’s one of the the best ones why because wounded are so heard they have they have taken in spirits of abuse like no other Men men are easy ly to deal with it You know and what drives that will down what weakens that will men have no problem. You’re releasing it. I’m not saying all men Yeah, men do get-get spirits of rejection. They do get emotionally wounded, but but speaking Mostly I’m talking about mostly men men will be able to release that thing. Let it go women

We take it in we have to analyze it for weeks for months And then we keep record of it that verse tonight says love doesn’t keep any record of wrongs. Yeah. I’ve been guilty of that I kept record of wrongs Because it was a defense mechanism to come against the attack from my spouse My enemy the enemy was using my spouse one day and and I succumb to that and I I kept a record of sin I repented of it I did repent of that, you know and the devil the devil goddess he comes in but you know He won’t get it on the next turn. Why because it’s a process. It’s a spiritual growth that we’re going through We are on this journey. We’re all at a level spiritually speaking different than anybody else Okay, some people say hey, why am I not delivered? I should be delivered right now That’s another lie of the devil the devil will tell you. Hey, you should have been delivered right now. Hey, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with these people what’s wrong with it’s the ministry what’s wrong with it? They always tried to keep you and and get you determined on finding fault finding criticism and hey You got to catch that spirit right away because then the devil will send you all Around the nation trying to find help seeking out when it was right there all along if you would just be patient and not listen To the lies of the enemy about these things. Hey, God knows when the deliverance day God knows the very exact day that you’re going to be delivered, but you know what you’re gonna remain faithful unto death You’re gonna persevere to the end running the race for the mark for the prize. It’s an endurance race. It’s not a sprint race We’re here to learn God wants to prune off every dead branch in your life every dead branch at his very bad fruit We had to bear good fruit. And so he’s trying to bear. He’s trying to cut that thing off to help you grow He wants to grow you into the spiritual monster what so you can have the life of the fruit of the Spirit. Love joy peace gentleness kindness meekness forbearance long-suffering Faithfulness Self-control he wants you to have the life of the fruit of the Spirit not that the fruit that the world gives confusion chaos Regrets disappointments Discouragement those are all symptoms of the world Hey the life of Christ the life and the fruit of the Spirit is love and joy And peace joy and speakable will come upon you when you start to turn your eyes when you start to really serving God and serving Christ the joy of the Lord is my strength. He’ll come upon you. Okay, the joy, the reward was my strength today I need every ounce of strength to come in today and do and do what we do here, you know Because the devil tries to come in and attack you but I knew that the Holy Spirit He’s the one that’s in control. Not me. I knew that he was the one that would come through I knew that he would provide me with every ounce of strength every ounce of word to come through It wasn’t my way. It was his word and I thank you Lord I thank you Father for that tonight youtubers. I thank you for listening Go to the go to the website and download the the deliverance tab go through the post deliverance and again If you know mentally ill Christians if you have troubled Christians go to the website and email my cat my cat hardcore Christianity calm and And ask him to send you one on one or two of those lists and go through that list diligently Don’t just get through it to get through it. It’s not about Rituals, it’s not about tradition. It’s not about going through it in emotion It’s about really serving and letting your heart go out to God It’s releasing It’s going through these steps not as a ritual not but really taking them to heart and going through them my brother Mike will be out for the next couple of weeks in ministry. So we do thank you for your understanding I think you know we know that some appointments had got cancelled. I apologize for that We’re trying to get on top of everything as much as we can. But if you can just keep them in prayer We thank you tonight go to the teachings tab and download how Satan controls the mind the negativity of cancer your negative thoughts negative words spoken over you go through those teaches are some great teachings on the website and go through the Testimonial page and really look you think sometimes that you are on an island that you’re going through these things by yourself I guarantee you not alone There’s many people like you who are going through the same issues the same circumstances of life same rejection spirit Same denial spirit same bitter the same resentment, but start going through those testimonials and start receiving the blessings You’ve got to start believing those if you don’t have enough faith to believe yourself then believe for somebody else’s belief It says go to the elders we are to go to the elders we have faith The prayer of the righteousness the prayer of the righteous availeth much Seek out someone who has more faith than you do and just believe in their faith in. Thank you tonight We love you and we thank you for for sticking around being healed delivered tonight. Just praise Him We ask Lord that your face be upon your children I grant them rest night Lord at your face your light your love your truth Lord come in come in to your people tonight, raise them to be mighty women and mighty men of God The laborers are few. The harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few father I pray Lord for people who have been on the fence Lord. They’ve been they’ve been disobedient. They’ve been wanting to step out Lord I ask you to give him the courage tonight I ask you to give him the straight tonight to step out walk out on that faith tonight I ask you Lord to help them to step out from fear from cowardice will feel a fear of failure We already know you got this in the bag. There is no failure according to your word, but it’s testing it’s trials It’s a spirit that you’ll allow us

It’s just testing in these trials that you allow us to grow as Lord and we are to praise We are to be content in all things to enter with Thanksgiving like Paul and Silas. Thank you God we’re gonna praise you in our times of trouble. We’re gonna praise you in times of distress we’re gonna praise you in times of our circumstances when they seem bleak when they think That when they seem like they are dark that you’re never gonna get through that you’re never gonna get over it. I Thank you Lord. I’m gonna praise you for it Anyway, why light comes there’s a light at that end of that tunnel, but he’s testing you to see if you’re gonna remain faithful He’s testing your faith at times. Sometimes he tests that faith to see if you’re gonna wail He’s gonna see if you’re gonna waver like James said double mindedness double mindedness is wavering if you’re wavering Hard hard time making decisions. You got a spirit of double mindedness, you know how to take care of that tonight You know how to how to take care of that plenty of YouTube videos go to YouTube channel and start looking at rejection videos women start looking at Ephesians one videos and start really living the life that God has called you to live a life of Joy a life