U.S. Open Classic Finishes: 2018

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U.S. Open Classic Finishes: 2018

hi everyone I’m Dave Giancola joined as always by Mike Trostle for another US Open Classic finish the US Open returned to iconic Shinnecock Hills on the eastern end of Long Island in 2018 it had been almost 30 years since a player had successfully defended his US Open title but that’s exactly what Brooks koepka aimed to do at Shinnecock Dave Dustin Johnson led by four strokes at the halfway point but tough conditions late on Saturday allowed both Tony FINA and Daniel Berger to surge up the leaderboard to Ty Johnson in Kefka now kefka pulled ahead with three early birdies on sunday but would need to hold up Johnson as well as late charges from Patrick Reed and Tommy Fleetwood to win his second consecutive US Open let’s catch up with Brooks on the 10th for 165 a little bit of heart out of the white this has got to be a big 8-iron Oh he continues to hit cook shot got the good side that’s better than good Curtis if you missed this screen today you’re going to be 30 to 40 yards from the hole it doesn’t matter where you miss it it just runs away now Dustin Johnson 61 yards closer to hole 104 that was average at best not a very good shot at all for the best player on the planet back at nine Tony Finau for birdie the only player we’ve seen today spit that ball between the flagstick in the front end and Cody P down still hanging in there like a bulldog his third birdie on the first nine look at the performance over the last nine holes here this week Kefka has played them at 6 / DJ even Patrick Reed for over and Tony fee now and he is headed there after that birdie 3-under you might not think that means much but it actually means a lot that we’ll play we heard that comment that’s going to be in the thick of stuff that thing settled right down to the bottom now fee now at 10 and he’s got the power to get dis iron right down to the bottom that goes Tony fee now he apologizes to the sweet spot before he draws it back that was blasted moment ago at 18 second shot Matthew Fitzpatrick shot he’s had a rough back nine but as good as you can hit it here at 18 back to the green at 10 and Dustin Johnson well flag high again which is the good thing the bad thing is he’s at the hole and it loses speed it’s going to move pretty hard from left to right well what’s that technique that Austin’s using pain point yeah that night my eyes glaze over so I’m not gonna try to explain it actually I think it simplifies things for the players faxing those it’s way better than anybody on this broadcast team but you know not a very good wide shot sandwich shot for Dustin Johnson down there Curtis no but I think nozanne going to completely blind Shawn I think if you make a mistake here especially in the last nine holes has to be toward the middle of the grain any mistake now is so magnified to

the optimized child his brother talked more on the greens the last day and a half or so Joe then maybe all year but I think a big part of the reason is that Dustin Johnson’s lost sight of the line you know when that happens you have a blank spot in front of you instead of something specific he’s gonna grind it out to try to see if you can see that line again to find that so they’re looking at something in books kept his line this for birdie he’s leading by one five – that’s a strong yappers right there you missed three putts inside 10 feet for birdie already today Joe and I can get in your head a little the head here’s Patrick Reed at 12 an aggressive play off the tee at driver I needed it there and the only solace he can have is his hole locations way left later Brooks Kefka Dustin Johnson two shots back yes majorly stands too ahead of this button you know he was in the clubhouse the head Stinson has this short one for a par Justin we really had no opportunities today made a bogey from behind the green on 10 after missing the fairway just neither one of these buddies can kind of ride some momentum off the other one at all in a struggle from both that car goes cheapo these two five round six and ten out of her yeah now kefka okay as a pitching wedge I didn’t think they’d put this flag stick here but it is on a back tiny little shelf as far back because they can do it Oh we just hit it’s hard not to be aggressive when you have a pitching wedge in your head but you and I have seen what happens here middle the Greens short this ideal I know the pitching this from 159 uphill you think that would be perfect now Johnson

likely from that distance good safe and smart play for DJ now up ahead it will be Patrick Reed’s third look at this chunked it out of there I just think he made a little tactical error off the tee should have been a 3-wood this whole plane downhill downwind we’ve seen so many players just play irons off the tee second shot Tony fee now at 10 run put a spot on that ball that’ll go 50 yards backwards if it goes another 2 inches now Fitzpatrick for birdie at 18 I’ll make him feel better knock it away he was 4 under 310 was 5 over over the previous 7 holes until that now it’s 12 that’s Reed’s fourth shot let that left court road beckons over 11 feet in trouble here at 12 and Tommy Fleetwood is enjoying the couch at the clubhouse not off and you have three shots out of the rough like that and only going to salvage boat he could have gotten a lot of trouble with that second shot even if you’re not able to make it out the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club this week you can still find a way to get in on the experience check out all the official US Open gear now at USGA shop calm back at eleven in Brooks koepka surveying that lie here for his second gentlemen this is the toughest shot ir seen all week long around the grain in the high grass it’s up live he’s 40 yards off the surface and the slope up to the green is very steep and then the flight is only about three steps on Curtis is there a safe place here I’m sorry’s are safe plays yeah safe play safe play safe place I think go home i I just honest-to-goodness this is I think you got to play it along the ground to make sure number one and hit the ball solid and clean out of this rough because anything this hits not gonna get up on the greens judge eclectic notices only there’s only to one player over here that’s got up and down was Justin Thomas but he wasn’t back to this stuff looks like he’s doing low and real low make sure has speed yes what a mission bread such as played to the bunker and that’s a good indication of what great Patrick Reed got by rattling the flagstick that must be the safe player safe play space you know Patrick Reed was back there on the group in front when the luckiest slammed it into the flagstick or would have had the same thing happen now back to fie now for birdie at 10 looking for three in a row and coming up well short well that’s way short we saw two really poor shots in a row from way down at the bottom of that hill from two superstar players now read for bogey we’ve got away with one there that could have been way worse has agreed all of a sudden showing his human for five on eleven and twelve back over at 11 rooks captain well he could barely see the flag of this top of the flagstick this is how deep that bunker is but has plenty of green in which to work any good shot such an uphill I’ve gotta sand in that bunker hard to get it all

the way there and I got cut for kepta bogey soft that sand is I love watching the sin and a ball come up at the same time clubface wide open facing right back out Brad I’m surprises any sand left in it bunkers many balls as we’ve seen him to this way Daniel Berger at 10 for birdie Daniel says don’t forget about me I’m Fein out just to over for in their rounds today which is not bad kepta danger making double and suddenly these two guys could be within two thoughts tank the lead back at eleven and Dustin Johnson to try to birdie this hole for the fourth straight day up in the entire way it doesn’t look real tough but it goes up a little bit of a slope last three or four feet so it has to judge that speed flattens out the whole really makes it puts them in the lead kept about to make OD at the best call that one before exhibit so you’ve got a wave data Corinth fur like he knew it right away our plot for Tony fee now at ten well as we mentioned 10 through 14 of the nightmare holes in the middle of this golf course that’s a good save there he’s got four really tough ones to go I think if you break the course into three whole segments maybe you know can i play these holes even par 10 11 12 13 14 15 and then what do you know 16 17 18 1 under 2 under and all of a sudden right there kappa this is critical here hot mic works careful some facts way this guy’s got all parts working the tenacity to do it and experience last year playing alongside his best friend was a day ago on 14 when he made that bomb to save par today it’s a bomb for bogey and now Dustin Johnson’s got to save par and remain a shot outside the lead really nothing to this one expect to soon I’m sure that putt by kept gonna fix it Johnson there there’s no doubt Yuja mistake there for Dustin Johnson as we go up ahead to Justin Rose sniffing that was I’m better he knows he needs to play these last seven holes for under par Patrick Reed Cu 13 back at 11 Burger King 159 is he going to be

aggressive or play for the wide bit of the green which is bad yards on you send this after those birds to take it online there and get it all the way back there’s Brooks koepka on the TNT driving and those that faces both these players play with kind of a fold left wrist clothes basically get the kick back there – hey Sean where Leeds was doesn’t look quite as thick though back 11 fee now you get a little grip on the sky part where the thing has gotten five yards left $5 right there next room little good shots here telethia Texans off these guys a little bit start to play a little bit better and relaxing now Dustin Johnson a fourth straight day along gets that ball at the last minute to kick and dive back to the middle of the fairway still talking to herself about that’s three-putt bogey at 11 you saw that great approach from Rose this for birdie to get within four my guess is he’s looking at two is his target now it’s three birdies he really messed himself up on the front nine with six six on the fourth and the fifth hole you back here at the 12 and books cafe the second stick to laughs right with his strength took the big bounce off a downslope really unlucky there Curtis you’re writing it right on a downslope earth it would have been perfect I didn’t think there’s any way he thought he could get it over this screen back at 11 feet out has this long look for birdie yes he did he left at the end like Dustin Johnson’s puck should look like it goes to the right for those players that we shot a long time since we see the two here three birdies in his last four holes for Tony fee now back up at total Dustin Johnson and then sent me eight straight being this John agrees again grant 8 to 10 this is Natalie now burger for birdie at 11 that definitely jumped when he did it yep that’s what he said you saw a kick say right immediately maybe the power being a little bit uneven later in the day Patrick Reed for birdie at 13 it’s two over on the back nine one more hole

to go and he’s through that five whole stretch of the most difficult holes on the course on the tee here Tony’s fee now turn professional is a seventeen-year-old tell stories of plain skins game being down $800 with only 20 bucks in his pocket and catching a hole in one to win it all back he knows pressure he’s feeling it right now this guy’s so tall and spin so close to the ball it helps us swing right smashes its second driving distance on the PGA Tour that’s the look of come right back there here’s and irshaf late for birdie at 18 yeah Rooker’s tee shot on the way here 12 No both will be in the short stuff go up to the green and Brooks koepka well he’s got two things working for him straight downhill the whole but he’s got a good line has to be keep hit it cleanly and back into the wind this is very doable nice play by taco it’s a big player that’s impossible well staircase big swing confidence to get underneath that green look at that green just gnarly pointing right at him well does he touch a club face there a second shot for Justin Rose at 13 does any air back into the breeze come on help us push it Riley that’s a good shot Steve Flesch right there and off a birdie at 12 trying to make the late run and back to 12 we go busting up a really good shot here just a little bit beyond now coming back down a slope just ever so slightly first these two guys talk to each other at all I haven’t seen one word but and that’s that’s okay but there might be a little bit on the team but I really don’t think so and it’s nothing other to say they’re really into their own games right right now and should be so we don’t think after that sweetie Potter 11 gonna talk to anybody furgus you’re right he’s delivered on the greens right now isn’t it really is that shows me that he may be struggling just a little bit you know where this feel and I’ve seen I’m gonna bet that this looks to be exactly often it when it gets all the better half once a trust is line Gudrun air by Dustin Johnson to have to go a little bit to the right let’s do not buy a putt right now Dustin Johnson now Brooks kepta Brad let me ask you when you when you seem like you’re struggling just a bit on the grains as DJ seems to me it’s almost better to speed up with you would you think or slow down slow down you sometimes bog yourself down with some mechanics I agree we do so much Curtis but I think when you’re struggling the tendency is always to slow down and get you worse it’s harder to free yourself up you got to talk to yourself about his more mental thing exceptin to find logic here

with some of these up and downs he’s making no but he’s gotten up and down from over this screen today well if he goes on and wins his championship he’ll look back on the 11 save for bogey and here safer par – tripod for dusting hurt a little war in the background there here’s henrik Stenson for birdie at 13 now a live look at Justin Rose trying to make it back-to-back birdies Joe we got a great read from Henrik they’re on the exact same line and this half the distance that Henrik was gonna be downhill about two balls off the left edge gotta be careful pretty quick little putt Justin’s a good lesson just being patient out here it is the US Open don’t force it let’s play your own game just really didn’t feel it on the greens yesterday when he started to hit it a little better he made a ton of saves early nothing going in for Rose now second shot here for Patrick Reed at 14 yeah he drove it in the bunker and had a call official over about a loosing stone there most Americans I’m used to moving rocks in the bunkers it’s kind of shy you can do here his bogey this 13th all three days he did sits there too go back to 12 Daniel Berger second I learned in 66 yards there’s the fade where there’s been trying to hit it up just gets the other side of the ridge there needed to fly it about a foot farther hit into that little upslope now Brooks koepka on the tee at 13 exploiting that driving on Joe and that’s a terrific shot right there it’s gone par bogey par whoops through the first three rounds in good position here on Sunday now DJ who’s part this hole as you look at this swing by Brooks yet again look how far in front of the tee that divot is these guys are trajectory mongers Joe they like to squish that ball on a certain trajectory they see it coming out maybe different windows put the ball on the fairway at 13 it’s a pretty big deal at this house right in the middle of the green to good drives there back over at the 12th Tony fee now is a foot here yesterday came out a little bit lower than he wanted at 18 its Webb Simpson for birdie players champion with a head shake and tap-in before here at the last seven over a round of 1-under today back over at 12 that’ll be Tony female first for birdie he’s playing final keeper video and what happens to this part of virtually next to each other

until a bit they’ve got a bit strengthened you like to lift a little bit but nowhere near as bad as yesterday yesterday we started a bitch sign this report refers to puting reasonably well on both little surprise appeal actually he’s intelligent to defeat who’s gonna look for a point to get it over top of the crystal either they turn to the left one in the front of the Pacer yep good putt by Fino duster at 13 from 133 back up the hill just a bit into a little breeze sure you hope for better than that not done yet that quite all the way off the green gathering speed one of the few shots he hasn’t been able to get in there pin-high pay the price for tempis if it went on it hit as the ball continues to move he’s hit at pin-high all day today there’s another beautiful shot gotta believe Tommy feet with sitting pretty right now tough as these holes are it’s hard on a guy like Kepco Dustin Johnson when somebody’s posted like trying to win an over/under bet 12 burger for birdie well you have the teach from fee now didn’t learn anything nothing dov’è cross both players now the short putts for par this for par for Patrick Reed at 14 he’s only missed two greens in regulation he hadn’t gotten either one up and down not bad up and in one on 11 is impossible what a start five birdies through seven holes and he was still hanging in there now fie now for par 12th I was just about to slay it looked like Dino is getting his swagger back huge huge boat right now see where the ball ended up for Dustin Johnson here at the 13th well about turning thing that viewers don’t know about this is a the whole episode a second side but it’s it’s or less such a sudden thing whose acquisition of accuser in the most rocks because his plan can – like it well this could be a two-shot swing here – Curtis was checked his ass in the catbird seat right now so much don’t a chance to practice

was completely left the best is done in the water any of those lab parts a couple short shots left for Dustin Johnson and he’d be on 15 the other be on 16 his 14 downwind with their power maybe but for teens 512 yards long there’s our leader for partying and we have to figure is feeling pretty confident right now with the good Oh be safe at eleven and a good par save 12 is from about 10 feet and just on the right edge he’s basic beautiful cuts of about this length today this would go a long way you get this one just kidding really say this is huge right here way out to the right and way too hard last year in this championship last five or six holes or so is when whoops Kent has separated himself from the field that’s it was a real dogfight and then he started making those cuts about that light and longer he’s got his work cut out to mr. to pie maybe it’s Tommi Fleetwood in the catbird seat Dustin now to save par he’s missed some short ones here this afternoon that the center will hold air still pre-order Brooks koepka was six shots back off the lead after an opening round 75 5 back after he shot 66 on Friday tied for the lead after the third round put together a 72 right now his lead is one trying to keep it that way and trying to successfully defend his on the back nine let’s give you the third shot out of the bunker when stimuli because he’s been able to get these up and in and that really was that tough part of what way more left than anybody thought this forty already yeah and it just pretty strength but I never seen that puts left to the left and it cost a couple of players tee shot to the right are twelve in that deep rough was really you felt like was gonna be his undoing and they did some good could fly out of there to the back of the green this looks short when it left this clubface and tickles on it up and down that’s why cactus still hanging in there with a 1-shot lead what a putt this was we have a sense that he was going to make that pin put her there on 13 and increase his lead to two but wasn’t meant to be good two-putt though it was Joe Buck and Paul Azinger with you as we are watching the drama here down the stretch at the 118th US Open just to go back with Kefka on 11 he had driven it over the green impossible position into the bunker the shot out makes the putt so he saves a bogey there saves a par just missed a chance for birdie at 13 who would you rather be would you rather be the guy still out on the golf course in Brooks koepka who’s leading by one or the guy who shot 63 today he was already posted two over for the championship and Tommy

flea well one guys in control and the other guys posted and he’s done so I think I always would like to have control if I could but you know it’s tough I mean every step you take your mind is thinking and wandering and trying to get out in front and you want to pull yourself back you know we started the day talking about big dreamers but that these guys have to dream small and for Kefka right now he’s got to stay in the moment he’s got to visualize this tee shot and just play this hall and not get ahead of himself thinking what could be well this has been the hardest hold this week Curtis who would you rather be the guy in the course or the guy in the clubhouse well the guy in the clubhouse has no control whatsoever this guy it’s his week if he can get it in the fairway a couple more times today he did this last chair he knows what it’s like coming down the stretch so important and into the heavy fescue down the right side you want to stick with your answer well I have to I be hypocrites give me the Lexus tracer on Dustin Johnson get in the rough Johnson in the fairway pretty discipline this Dustin Johnson not going to change the way he thinks they pressure on him now all the pressure on Brooks koepka a 15 patch of green second shot good conservative play luckily to get the three over and make this one big again 16 at the two holes you got a birdie here’s Daniel Berger a second shot at 13 this is holes just waiting for you right in the middle of the green another good shot he’s hanging in the birdie tent it’s gone far far too good look at birdie at 13 for Daniel Berger right now everyone is chasing Brooks kept gun as a one shot leaves and plays the difficult 14th here at Shinnecock there is DJ at 14 199 up the hill faster and the fight stays somehow he’s managed deposits for all three rounds but this may be his toughest chance yet way back there here’s cap gun well it took took about three minutes to even find this ball this is not a very good line forgot with a left wrist injury courtesies just swing away with rent disadvantage is vigilance up but his national championship just do the same thing he’s foyers Connor that field he’s got his work cut out for him there to skip that in close rankling up to one hop that just short of the green he wants to save par here back to 13 and Daniel Berger for birdie wow that’s a paint job all the way that was to get him back to par for the day three over and two back now at 15 Patrick Reed for birdie get within two champion Patrick Braden let’s see then two of techies in trouble at 14 the reaction from Patrick Reed trying to be the seventh player ever to

win the Masters in the US Open in the same year sixth birdie of the day they’ll go to the par-5 3rd shot coming up for kept cut only 67 yards up the stairs a little bit flagstick says is fighting on it doesn’t five just really a delicate all shot it has a couple of changes could try to fly it on the green or bounce it down and it’ll be out of five a little bit of downlink tortoises dreams actually repelling the ball not really receiving it see what he decides here go ahead and go it alone that decision a beautiful one hopper off the collar they’re super shocked back to 13 and Fein out the par gotta have it are you guys just one over to that at the moment three back here the sixteenth Ryan gay has this short putt for a birdie Jay’s playing with Jim Furyk these guys are struggling today okay when the best putters on the tour straight hitter game mate for US Opens violence made for us over to 7,500 yards who can watch this for the players coming up what does this ball do around this hole straight in today maybe gets him to ten over back on the tee is Patrick Reed see what his numbers do he’s just so adept to be able to be the ball in two different directions that will the good pitcher he’s got all the command that clubface and another one right in the middle of the fairway there at 14 a long one for Dustin Johnson a very long one up the hill the first half levels out and then the whole straight downhill well Curtis 72 almost 73 feet and showed good touch there on 13 being able to two-putt boy look how straight this putt is and there’s not a whole lot to it but I think it has to move his right to left concerning priorities the speed right here it’s been kind of the story of his weekend it’s not that guy Steele yeah coming up for Brooks captain clinging to a one-shot lead tempest played this back nine six over par for the championship zing I can’t help a thing with four holes to go huge huge difference in having a one-shot lead and being typhoid it’s not easy downhill another clutch putt protecting the guests keeps going up and down again

this time from 67 yards away save the party yesterday here at 14 how about that that’s a big putt Bank hurt is summed it up nicely it’s just punch cargo I gotta go fifteen fall is one of the short the course 16 gonna be a wedge yeah I mean I got it just off fuck it’s an absolute must for Dustin Johnson Curtis monster putt and he knows it that’s twice after captain made the putt on 11 and 14 that Dustin Johnson followed up with a Miss know if that has any bearing on it or not but significance of that putt right there for Dustin Johnson it’s pretty easy to see this three putt over the last two days the Dustin Johnson who was lights out with a putter Thursday and Friday at 16 that’s a good name back to the right there wrestled to get it up there Winnie’s picking up against the players back at 15 Stinson for birdie this is Jayden – yo guys not much to this but drove it down bottom of the hill I just hit a perfect gap wedge from 122 mr. birdie in a row 33 for a long time he’s fine always and rolling out of me those chances are starting to fall away here five over par needs to get to two just imagine that have Quebec in Norway yeah I know I know T a leader by one yeah I can see my hundred yards this is an iron and I’m not sure it even is driving I are only 242 the crest then don’t run out another 30 yards you’re right Curtis it’s not that big driving irony he hits take any time to hit this don’t wait to take it and sit yeah that down slow yes sir that sir forty yards their way down channel it’s got to be pumping after that save oh I just can’t help it thank you know the saves on this backside that’s what you have to do is how about making all the birdies so I save in those pars way right here yesterday gotta get up the fairway let’s picture perfect as well post e2t shots for any chance for birdie to read shots into this hole okay see what Kefka clinging to a 1-shot lead over Tommy Fleetwood who shot a 7-under par 63 earlier today take you through how he did it this at the second the par three Longwood for birdie at this point nine over for the championship

now with the third the very next hole another birdie law well one of the par 4 is it’s the most difficult on of course all went wrong this one is good to that all leaking and it looked easy to this start pars at 45 now it’s 6 of ye shot zero there’s stuck it right there over the background slowly climbing up this leaderboard was Tommy Fleetwood he’s 37 now at 13 after birdie at 12 say this hole can wreak havoc if you’re not just so precise to kill you spin better to kick in number 12 player in the world was dialed birdies at 12 birdies at 13 now at 14 you’re going after big catches the edge he’s feeling it you could see it right there in his reaction if you have a chance what about it 15 getting 34 in a row diffident Express from the fairway making phony feathers hair on his nose is sticking up there standing on end now at 18 a chance to make history this 462 his patents say inside the hole and eat it a little more folks they’re a little more 401 around 63 look at list Tommy Fleetwood just join Weiskopf Jack be chasing Justin Thomas and Johnny Miller Tommy Fleetwood has been sitting for quite a while watching the leaderboard back up towards him there’s one man ahead of him in its books kefka alright wondering agreed a shot back at 16 the wind here it’s in off the right and after really made birdie on 15 he had a long look at that leader boy so he knows he needs to make a few coming in to have a chance to win this championship look down a little bit more than he what I thought we’d see a little more driving south of Apache brilliant that is one of the weakest shot we see him with an iron well short really misjudge their four-patch agreed 23 now at 14 second shot three hundred and sixty eight yards and I kinda miss it you heard him groan a little but did he get away I’d say so kick that in with the bottom of your shoe three over 15 captain gunner target right 1:12 with some help pretty simple shot here first closely semen hit it’s out to the right see the wind blowing nothing he had to hook it into the wind they’re a little and the other part for birdie now Dustin Johnson for one step closer 111 plenty like just a little bit of breeze behind I stopped good I’m lucky though I hit the flagstick it would have stopped a little closer there you flier by Justin Johnson look at that Dustin Johnson needs at least two birdies on his way in and see it right off the stick still got a chance here at 15 yeah that would have stopped and been closer my to come back even Tomiko in the bunker third shot Daniel Berger at 14 see that mark close to the hole that’s Tony phenom

where he will putt from to knock it in to get three over now at the 16 Patchett reads got a long look for birdie and all 55 feet straight up the hill really not much to it just trying to get the speed correct I think that if we apply the most one we’ve had all day right now what do you think happened on that third shot Brett into the green this has been pitching wedge and it’s probably right between the wedge and the 9-iron trying to flight it down and you’re always protecting against going past this hole location so maybe just trying to squeeze a little bit too much out of it and it’s swung back and caught the ridge you talked about how much Bubba Watson moves the ball around if you watch this guy’s tracers he’s always fiddling around with it doesn’t have technical thoughts I was a good putt can expect to make it five here for Reed back over to 15 and kept our leader by Bradley this all about speed here stop us gentle little slope good level at the hole just a little bit for his life he batted now his approach the best today Botox from the fairway huge improvement from last week to Memphis while capital is punted this is Daniel Berger for par 14 I says I keep his folks alive that’s for sure two wedges back-to-back at 15 and 16 for Daniel Berger now Dustin Johnson lost made at this point for birdie here 15 yeah I think that’s a car accident I don’t like something looks pretty simple made it’s time right I think at this point you might be second-guessing yourself leads us to go the habit of God at Dustin Johnson now just too funky Cutco I like that he didn’t putt that to his ready we took a while yes AJ do you like with that lions point he draws the line on the ball like so many players do today finally committed to one gets him to three over and to back of this man right here it’s all a farce a good two-putt therefore flips kefka unclear a Fleetwood now to clear of Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed while they were putting this is so many fee now that’s his fifth birdie 2 matches five bogeys and he’s

back to where he started three over two back leaves field most birdies the vigil action person pitching Hydra trip they started flight ops at 1:52 and deliver actionable sixty-eight explain the final two holes here at Shinnecock at 2-under for a week birdie for 17th yesterday it’s and that was just a 9-iron – oh now look that’s a pretty good shot not a great shot but honestly if it lands about whether shadow that light is on line ricochets off that green even with a shortage but Patrick Reed with a chance for birdie here at 1718 he’s a bit of a bear today probably a six or seven iron second shot if he hits a good tee shot back at 15 Tony fie now and baloney down the hill just like defconn DJ before it’s the down slope wedge shot coming up and up ahead at 16 Dustin Johnson – 72 just 310 yards yep he’s gonna need all this Mike for two shots here to get there two uphill against the wind 621 yards now Brooks Kafka Trackman in the background this adenosine overseer check his pulse of light eat 173 I got you Destin I got took my two shots I gots it by two yards three holes to go Kefka leads by one fleetwood shot back and done Dustin Johnson trying to chase down his buddy just three holes left Bill’s here at Shinnecock kept a one-shot lead 2:42 the bunker on the way for Dustin Johnson just letting up good position there little bit farther up he pushed it then Patrick Reed did just put the fairway here now the birdie plot for Patrick Reed at 17 and he got a bit unlucky enough to shot that ball go sister your father it’s right next to hole now 26 feet down a zonal real they couldn’t conjure up the magic that he needed there to hold that he seems a bit of a monster of a par 4 after he passed a birdie at just to tie

Tommy treatment he’s been in the clubhouse for nearly two hours get out of the round started for Patrick Reed the Masters champion what happened in the middle a birdie at 15 he needs one at 18 it’s just a moment ago with the 15th Tony fee now that’s shot we’re gonna head off the driving range was this dissing wench no it’s like a pretty similar spot Dustin Johnson gave 30 more weeks ago be sure to tune in to the u.s. Senior Open from the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs June 28th through July 1st on fs1 presented by Rolex beautiful look at the Stanford white Clubhouse built in 1892 your Shinnecock Hills have a great friend of Mines Jane that came today is a well-known architect at knowing that I said what do you like about that clubhouse when he looks at it you know what he said it’s America beautiful back here at the 16th Dustin Johnson nice turnout we can send it up a little bit part of the patch of green XP about 1.4 saw how Saudi King they didn’t estimate looking like these now they look at that to find out the slope they play the slope on these shots it depends on whether it’s into it what kind of flights are gonna give them to it now Dustin any other first we’ll talk about flying here 131 back into this litigate pre-exposed are you 10 or 12 mile an hour a little heavy breeze coming off of the sound it’s always best to keep her with a good Shack pep Quigley’s say it’s hard to get two of us to go his backside all goes back to the flagstick to get it closed for these guys now two steps closer capped up 1:29 once again Laurie was the more control we had just passin he had the courage to fly all the way doctor can’t believe a squeaky setting instead that’s so bad in this bath today there was Raymond Floyd from 128 yards here at the 16th to wrap up that 1986 US Open Cup go from 129 might have just done the same one more look at this now at 15 Tony fie now this for birdie and that was character really quick Dustin Johnson’s just rolled over the front edge here’s Patrick Reed at 18 he’s got to hit the fairway he’s got no chance to reach five police on the 18th hole all day today that’s exactly what he needs the sixth back at 15 he now must make for par beautiful stroke for Tony you know full of confidence right there he walks off

this be the good part you saw him hit it too close on 14 now it gets to the par-5 16th right here where we are now in Dustin Johnson first apart look it’s our first shot in here just boria’s just a bit short in the right position we just move it too far maybe twenty to twenty thousand focus just 20 mornin Seez much to go cinnamon is short all week long has to get to all at this point see Dustin Johnson still hold not that greens but that tells on the slope put sensitive I just did a little while to understand Feliz whoo bit differently make whatever last AJ is the one that uses that the employment system and they use seek to measure the snip and hands and fingers to measure it’s like a modern-day plumb bob he again has taken his time well he’s taken his time because he’s waiting for the group of ten right there Justin Rose on a nearby 72 so they’re gone so here he goes just got a glimpse of Tommy fleek clubhouse for some two hours at this point what capital do but it will be dusting first well let’s see if Dustin can turn the tides kept is conveyed a couple putts first on Dustin and he’s missed a signal huge pot for Dustin Johnson who put the pressure looks good we thought that misread all that time you had mrs. Higgins gonna break to the right and saw Brighton days but earlier there was no break at all now we watch boots captain and this is to take a two-shot lead and how a two-shot am to the go he knows what’s going on just quiet your nerves do what you know how to do and this cat that takes a big step move back to back US Open Championships Sony at 16 I just can’t believe how many times these guys must have playgrounds together where they’re playing for fun at home I don’t think he feels the pressure like anybody else does he’s comfortable dusting cleans up the paw all of a sudden few holes to go he’s three back Kefka don’t need some help look at that man walking off there defending champion and two shots ahead two to go we were watching the birdie for kept go he said why did I make that fun an HEC how did I get it harder when you think about Bruce kefka he will tell you that he owes a lot of his success to playing professionally in Europe really all over before making it on the PGA Tour so there’s a lot of guys that are mentally weak and couldn’t cut it they’re gone for centenary weeks to country he can’t get over food in we’re out of your comfort zone the entire time and I don’t think many Americans can do it he has taken all of that experience all that glue it all to run away with a championship a year ago at air hills and now a 2-shot lead here at Shinnecock Hills the following

here Curtis asked you this he birdied 16 in 1989 to take a two-shot lead was it like for you to play those last two holes trying to go back-to-back my one priority was to keep my mind straight ahead of me slow breathe deep breathe and not try to think to what’s going to happen with two holes itself it’s tough but boots kept that looks like to me although it’s not over with yet you know whose visa jobs to introduce I became close to her and the biggest aid you just gotta go down we check back with Patrick really needing a birdie here at 18 that stay the club needs to have a cloth anyone uninterrupted coverage of the USGA championships on fox is presented by Rolex we’ll take you the rest of the way the conclusion of this US Open back at 17 here is Justin Rose for Park yeah hit a little bit too much club that 8-iron just bumped over the back right spinach struggle for Justin dial it in today and three over for his day seven over for the week expected a lot more out of rose and Stenson today to really most accomplished players that were lurking mister couple shots behind Tommy Fleetwood his career the last five years is straight up see Tommy Fleetwood who 45 years to the day Johnny Miller 63 at Oakmont posts 63 here in the final round today there’s Stenson for birdie proof that you can actually get it close at 17 it’s a dangerous hole location that big bunker looming short and to the left of the flagstick you cannot go in and expect to get the ball close the better off going over the green kept the I feel that’s this point depth is gonna have game over there somewhere at the middle that is just a fourth birdie of the day at 17 playing tough 18 playing the toughest out here today here’s kapkan now our leader by 2 Paul are you so right a dangerous shot here 171 is this number that carries the left bunker it’s an honor a shot for Kefka that’s championship stuff right there hit it where you want it to go you gotta see where you wanted to go a concentration to learn behavior Joe a visualization is as well here’s Johnson now at the part of green just takes a lot of guts to start it over that left edge of the green and let the wind blow it back to the right to get it close that’s what you have to do well short Lobby when a US Open TEPCO statistics this week first in driving distance second and strokes game punting tied for third and grains and regulation long ago thing over 67% I mean every facet of the game you need and every facet of the game was working for Brooks well he’s got the mind to go

with it and stated before this championship he was the most confident player in the field bode plot for Patrick Reed a valiant effort by Patrick Reed he came out of the gates with both barrels blazing just gonna come up short we’ll go back to 16 Dean fee now second driving this ball down there oh she just carries over the bunker gets up to the flat a nice welcome up to the green here at 17 to both Dustin Johnson and the defending champion Brooks Kefka I don’t know what’s going on on the inside but on the outside he looks pretty composed Frank will almost go back to 18 and Patrick read this for par he birdied five of his first seven holes one point was in a tie for the world the three putt 18 as you said made a valiant effort to start his day keeps 2 under today for over for the week here a check up the Masters champion the head here at 17 Dustin Johnson will be first caught he has a first pot that’s for sure but it is not an easy one open over a shoulder in this green so many of these greens sloped to the back of the green which is unusual and this is one of them just goes to show you it doesn’t have to be 260 yard par 3 to be tough this only one hundred and fifty or sixty or is it so hard to be too close to the home I can’t tell you how good a shot go ahead in here get in the left portion of the screen but I look back on DJ I had him the first round and yesterday he’s really played quite nicely and a lot of stretches he just hasn’t made the putts and as we all know to win any golf tournament you have to hold some putts you can’t ball strike your way to the winner’s circle Curtis you know bring that putter we’re just not going to happen and DJ commented afterwards wanted to that a short game really was the reason he had the four shot lead and 38 putts yesterday led right into today’s round and it happens you know he’s only three shots behind but he’s hit the ball quite well but he’s going to go for 33 or 35 putts of him today and that’s just not getting it done well I think it shows we’ve got how good the ball struck that he can be but like you said nobody’s been victorious by strong call Paul you still have to make a few putts well while this is going on on 17 it’s worth the chance to revisit what happened with Tommy Fleetwood today I mean just brilliance and as we said the first to shoot under 65 the past three US Opens here at Shinnecock Hills and he had legitimate final three hours of his day as well Salman is nine month old Frankie married to his manager Claire Craig in November and you know it’s golf go and then he shoots 63 and a US Open first guy under 65 which in effect of the water just one of the 62 here’s DJ now after long look at this putt his only hope really mr. Ranas that man well said after completely would finish can’t imagine shooting 63 and be a disappointed but he definitely was a little disappointed you can see on his face when he was done and maybe two

after work to the park back at the sixteenth on the females third see if we could have the coins look how close to the ball he’s still in the courage to get it back there tells me really disappointing shot there for Tony few now and he had to make birdie on 16 now kefka slightly down the hill a little bit miss what to write this is all about touch and feel get it down there close it be wonderful or don’t disappear but make it easy on yourself I’m using a little bit easier no mark and we see if Dustin could make par now it’s 16 virtually a must-make for Tony fee now just now a puddle in a hot but you have to make so few players have gotten it up their approach in the putt from that far away no now I have to settle for a par on the par 5 system doston at 17 yes mr. Pinkus tablet no three pets the first two rounds for Dustin Johnson his sixth three-putt the last two rocks like I can’t be here so the 2016 US Open champion Dustin Johnson slides away – over on this second 9/4 over for the championship and at the moment for back out captain not to be anything there’s only been five birdies on 18 there’s been four double bogeys I can assure you that if you miss this fairway you’re not going to hit the 18th green in regulation this is a critical tee shot with a two-shot lead for Brooks koepka coming up fee now still out there he sneaks that in the side door he now has two birdies last year two holes in Hope Brooks koepka bogeys the last mile he now leads and birdies this week with 17 there’s rose at 18 and then in midair came by Justin Rose David – come on please that’s a great shot the champion back in 2013 at Marion but now a leader whoops cap got heads over to the tee at the 72nd or big stick here

Fareway for Kefka what pressure well he look more free on that tee shot than any tee shot all day and didn’t that the key when the pressure gets on you know the good players will tell you that sometimes they swing harder they release the club more it’s all on the line nobody stay all right of Shinnecock took clothes for it side-by-side off the tee here at 18 Tony fee now gonna do here at the par-3 17th he needs a magical finish that’s a good start right close to where Kepler was just a minute ago so in position there at 17 is Tony fee now our leader is Brooks kepco you see the name Patrick Reed who is sitting by with Shane O’Donnell who he isn’t he’s in the tie for 4th at the moment but can you compare yesterday with today really I felt like they’re two completely different golf courses yesterday I thought was just really tough and you know honestly I felt like it was fair except for maybe two pins on 13 and 15 if those were two yards closer to the middle of the green the golf course we’ve been completely fine but you know I expect them to water it starting today so I expected to be soft and and gettable and especially early on when the greens weren’t drying out at all I mean early on you’re able to really attack you burst after the traps though five birdies in the first seven talked to us about those yeah you know I knew that at the beginning front nine is Golf Course you can really attack and get going and I knew I had to go out and you know post a number and especially early and try to get get started to put some pressure on the leaders and you know I was able to do exactly what I needed to do early and then you know unfortunately I just made too many mistakes come down the end well you’re the Masters champion you put up a very valiant effort here congratulations and we look forward to seeing you and have a beach next year thanks I appreciate go back to you alright thank you guys well done today for Patrick Reed here is Justin Rose for birdie at 18 really those were great comments by Patrick Reed not a lot of guys were complaining that the course was unfair but they didn’t like where some of those holes were cut package we confirmed what we’ve been saying the Greens you were seeing ball March so the ball wasn’t bouncing flagstick high and unless you had a you know crummy attitude Patrick Reed does not maybe then you thought it was unfair but it wasn’t unfair it was ridiculously hard no or a couple holes cut in places where they probably need to be a little more conservative there’s henrik stenson now for par at 18 these guys had the big dream of winning this championship Dustin rose for the second time Stenson for the first time but it’s not to be this year and be looking forward to Pebble Beach next year I’m sure Seaside golf course should be right up both of their alleys aiming for his third top ten finish in the US Open and made the champion from Sweden winner the 2016 British Open that wandered by he was in a tie for sixth

and he’s gonna make for a time 4/7 at the moment and the fairway waiting for the action up at the green is Kefka leads by Tommy Fleetwood by two just got to be mindful exactly where he wants this shot to go not where he’s afraid it might end up left bunker you see right there at the top of the screen is a no-no for the two-shot lead we’ll be finished with Stenson one over today six over for the week I showed this at the start of the day those who have won back-to-back US Open Championships made the mention that Curtis Strange the only picture in color where’s your glass-top do it longer 39 yeah all right just three car okay join that list first captain of b201 up the hill a little bit he does not want to hit it – OH – keep it below the hole look out left bunker crap great break off the grandstands it’s not engraved that trophy just yet job guys nothing easy about that next shot to get it close we’ll discuss it back to you ski down now here in Auckland I like that country first we’ll watch Dustin Johnson but fee now is back in it don’t forget Tommy Fleetwood what a shot and Dustin Johnson that Capote big putt here four feet out this for birdie and burns the edge well it appears his hopes are going to be dashed this is a long walk now for Brooks kept he does not know where this ball is yet had to be a excruciating wait for him back there in the middle of that fairway Joe you mind this was wild I don’t care what the tournament is whether it’s a championship or live your mind doesn’t ever slow down I have to always pull yourself into the moment throughout history this game is lips in the hearts out on the last hole I remember all up Alma back in the sixties losing the Masters in heartbreaking fashion Calculon cannot let his guard down here if he wants to win this championship down in three would do it Curtis well he does have some work to go but he does not have to pitch it across the bunker that’s the good news he could putt it he can play it along the ground which I’m sure he will and just let the slope of the green take it toward the hole if he plays it wobbly he can get it 10 or 15 feet from the hole a lofted Club welcome over the screen there is a great look at what he faces because of some kind of flatstick Curtis it looks like there’s some kind of imperfection of a feather or something over there books has been so confident

with this shard all week long slipped it off this tightly mode fairway with it walk to clubs he has to do it one more time you’re pulsing your fingertips now would be the time so take a deep breath contain yourself here just put this ball on the green nicely done what a shot fantastic shot we hit it big shot when you needed it the most just don’t want to spring the bad ones together this course is like a giant chess piece this week for these players Joe back onto two years Tony fee now here we trying to get a good tee shot away there’s big ones and he finds a fescue Dustin Johnson will be putting for birdie Brooks Kefka for par and fee now in trouble back off the tee that there will be in a position to get down to to win it a 2016 US Open champion Dustin Johnson what’s worse for burger about that a clarity at the last for DJ and even par round of 70 wasn’t meant to be for Dustin Johnson made two putts really on the weekend I won’t get it done outlook skeptical two putts should lock up the US Open and if he makes he wins no matter what happens with C now behind him but a good part to leave it right next to the hole it’s all we needed Fein I was in the rough you can’t reach the green and what a sentence by Brooks cap got a hug for Ricky Elly you know it’s like the me against me when you show up at these championships and he played he was the most confident player coming in so the me against me party got that heads be against the face his caddy had a terrific strategy they picked this place apart and then you can only control the controllables jomi against the field you can’t control what anybody’s doing with you look stepka back to back the United States opens phenomenal hunkers father Bob not official yet we will be promised seven to win back today he will sell pens and hugging the last man to do it

Curtis Strange on his way to sign his scorecard what up player we touched on the week about the new game made on the old course here at Shinnecock that dates back to the late 19th century hug for Blake Smith his manager this is the poster boy for the new game he’s got the power but he’s got the short game to go with it for less man power and finesse ends up taming Shinnecock Hills it’s not always what you accomplish either Joe sometimes it’s what you over carny overcame a career-threatening wrist injury to go back-to-back we’ll go back to the fairway here at 18 and Daniel Berger his second shot rolled a little bit below his feet he’s got 244 yards so a long way back has drilled a lot of good answered a requires another one breathe into him slightly off the ride this is a late hit and drills it through the breeze to the front of this green and running back down toward the very front maybe just off and Ken this has got to go in you couldn’t reach this green with a holitzer from that lie its burgers ball they’re rolling back off the green settling into that spot so it’s over Brooks koepka is the US Open champion back-to-back years the 118th the United States Open champion it was six back after a first round 75 he was five back but he jumped back in it shot 66 on Friday tied for the lead after the third round and now he is our champion here in Southampton well it’s no accident you don’t fluke your way into this position nobody worked harder while he was injured you know his fitness his cardio you know concentrations a learned behavior Joe you don’t just get lucky and out concentrate the field that’s something you have to learn how to do figuring out how to steady his nerve today he made one clutch putt after another on this back nine I got to think that that putt he made on 11 was the big key the up-and-down on 12 was absolutely amazing from 67 yards short of the green and it was a hard-earned victory for Brooks koepka and a long time waiting and sitting around we had a cast on your wrist Brooks kept his name and face to this list made a terrific par save at 14 as well his five was enough at 18 and he is the champion here at Shinnecock Hills the third shot we have a fee now how FAR’s it’s about right here today yeah I know 112 that’s front yeah that’s cover in the book er yeah I mean covering the bunkers in this yeah we don’t want to cover that bunker we want to be right of it the winds a now to the right yeah yeah lucky to find a decent Lodge a half a chance of leaving it somewhere on the green and three five to the flag how’s your ankle good and came up short don’t think about cap gun tare and his left wrist bothered him since Kapalua had the torn tendon bone marrow from his hip injected into the wrist to help with

recovery originally heard it at the end of last year wasn’t ready for the masters turned after in New Orleans and there were glimpses Paul Azinger there were glimpses of greatness from Brooks kept kept at different times his third event after his return of course record tying 63 on Sunday and an albatross in the par-5 16th at the players couple of sixty threes at Colonial the third week of May but he put it all together he had a rough first day rough opening round but then fantastic starting on Friday and he got robbed actually out of being introduced as the reigning US Open champion for weeks and weeks and weeks while he rehabbed is his wrist and that kind of stinks for him but you know he’s qualified from the neck up in knee he’s got the physical skills he’s built like a linebacker Addie back and but it’s also a great game of skill but if you don’t have a good head on your shoulders you might as well forget about it and that may be his strong we think it’s physical strength and strength let’s able to egos ears it’s not a fourth shot for fee now good shot there he did a four in a tie for third a bogey gets him a tie for fourth with his first real time on the big stage yeah pressure really it’ll heighten your awareness become more self-aware every little tick your strong mentally you don’t hear the crowd this was a boisterous crowd and a lot of things a lot of comments coming out of these galleries this week that I’m sure was irritating to some players and but the level of support for these guys as well they love you know they love golf you know let’s just say that well we saw that one Tommy Fleetwood came through they were chanting his name they knew that history was out there for the taking certainly would have been a different story at Tommy’s been able to make that putt on 18 for birdie to shoot 62 but he did justify all it’s good third shot for Berger thumbs up this was so fun to watch and you know coming after after yesterday all the talk ball but the golf course set up in the wind and conditions controversy and all that what stood front and center in a heart of the stage today was just great golf whatever and you know ended up being survival of the fittest I think and just the enormity trying to pull this off when it’s all you think about you know growing up as a kid I mean I made so many putts to win the US Open as a kid so many putts them wouldn’t of masters as a kid and then when you have a chance to realize that green that’s a big dream man and he just came in with a philosophy and a strategy and attempted came right out of the gates and said I’m the most confident man here that’s a big statement there’s 66 on Friday got him back into the conversation weathered the storm so to speak yesterday and of those four golfers that came here to the final round tied at three over par to start their day Brooks koepka was the only one on bar shot 68 well he deserves it we made some really clutch putts just like he did last year now we’re looking at Daniel Berger I’m not sure what he felt on the inside but this is a great learning lesson for Daniel Berger I think when you put it all together and realize how hard the course is and you know you played pretty steady he was only five over there just an hour to ago with an outside chance I think he showed pretty well today with the pressure that was on to Florida State golfers in the top 10 including our champion Brooks koepka they were on the same team for short while collegiate Lee and a round of three over par for Daniel Berger this for bogey for Tony phenom

can’t help but think when he missed the putt on 17 the wind just kind of went out of his sails a careless tee shot at the last good terrible wide I wasn’t able to get it back on the fairway but he got a real taste major championship pressure and it’s a sad finish for Tony FINA even for his day before that it takes a devil he can defeat 72 however his best finish in a major he’s a young man he’s a powerful player and you have to feel the best is yet to come from Tony FINA he’s one of those guys who hits almost every shot solid we’re gonna take it to break and then come back and we will have the ceremony here at Shinnecock Hills and hear from our champion as we did a year ago in Wisconsin Michelle now in the state of New York Brooks Kefka back-to-back US Open Championships you Fox Sports coverage of the 118th US Open Championship is sponsored by Lexus experienced amazing by Titleist the number one ball played at the US Open for 70 straight years and counting by American Express by Deloitte there’s opportunity where you least expect it look again whoops cap goes talked recently about how he feels he’s underachieved in his career now he and Jenna again celebrate the US Open Championship will give you some of the highlights today he just can’t say not bad for birdie at 14 it’s two three over for the championship here he is at 15 for birdie he was part of the group that we included as the potential or the most explosive players boy did he exploded today with 7-under par 63 he hits such a nice shot here to the last they misread this part they wanted an inside the hole and started it inside the hole it wasn’t enough attention Oh Donohue he was aware of the history that was out there form that close to the first 62 in US Open history he has to settle for these 663 Patrick green just on fire to start his day here is at the 5th for birdie he’s doing like a rodeo bull is it 7 for birdie this was a great putt Sidewinder that’s his fifth birdie through the first seven holes on Sunday at the US Open every shot Ken Hodge kept hitting him inside 10 – it’s not 16 inside 33 one after another after another that looked like the Masters champion was going to get after it all the way to the end but it didn’t happen Dustin Johnson lost his touch lost his feel at some point during the round yesterday it was not able to get it back today since the par at the 7th he misses it goes to three over here he is at 15 for birdie this is a must make and it felt like maybe he took the lid off here but it just wasn’t meant to be for Dustin Johnson he’s only gonna lose this chamber chip by two shots and he just couldn’t put it in the ocean the last two days but the story of the day of the wig for a step together a champion you go back to the tough part three second is tisha right a bleep top hole their most difficult all week it just missed a short birdie putt on one and after sticking it close he makes birdie to get the two over now here he is a 12-4 farm go when you’re stacked in there with four guys tied for the lead it really is a race to see who can get the most comfortable the fastest and tricks caster Shogun he is pretty comfortable physically and mentally I’ve got this shot third shot at the par-5 16th this is a shot of the championship I feel for Brooks Kafka

today in the last three hours that we watched except except them it turned out to be a big shot because he made birdie to get to them and extend his lead and now here at 18 after an excruciating way the fairway tug did Wayne Gerlach got a pretty good break off the grandstands two putts to win just kidding that right up there no problem we tap that in for bogey at that particular moment back-to-back US Open Championships those cafe they find their way to the finish line in his last seven major appearances see what he’s done it has been an incredible body of work