Chanel Makeup#1: Chanel Makeup Collection

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Chanel Makeup#1: Chanel Makeup Collection

hello I’m going to jump straight into the video this is a Chanel makeup collection video and so I have quite a few items here that I want to show you and I’m gonna try to breeze through this as quickly as possible but at the same time giving you a feel for my Chanel makeup collection I also have quite a few Chanel items that I’m not going to include in this video like my Chanel brushes and my Chanel nail polishes I’m going to do separate videos for those items so let’s start with the Rouge Coco lipsticks I have the number of wine this is the packaging first very sleek black you have a gold strip here with the Chanel CC logo and the first color is number 448 in Elise which happens to be my middle name so you see that’s better that’s a better color payoff so that you can see now the Rouge Coco’s are come on a bit sheer they are not met they’re not cream they’re kind of like a wash of color which I like sometimes when I’m just you know rushing out to go to a store and I don’t want like a full glam look my next color is the number 450 Tina or ina very pre fuchsia color my next color is 454 Jean what I also like which you won’t you may not be able to see no this one is rubbed off this chanel is embossed right here but I’ve used it so much and this is a very pretty purple color lavender violet color not lavender more of a violet this one home we’re gonna have a Tara story for you this one I broke so I have to fix it I saw some videos on how to fix lipsticks this is in the number 454 author and it’s an orange look at that it’s an orange shade oranges were very big these plans to seasons and I love that color the next one is in the number 452 and this is my last reach cocoa color this one is a wine plum –is– burgundy color and you may be able to see Chanel written there not sure okay so we’re going to move on to the rule or velvet lipsticks that I have just look at the packaging black sheep Chanel always does it and also have the gold lettering of double C’s right here and this is how the packaging works you just push it down and it pops straight up very Chanel very chic the first color is number 46 allowed my lysias I may not be pronouncing that correctly but as you can see this Chanel isn’t scripted in there this color is kind of like a muted coral I want to say the next color I have is number 37 Elle exuberance and this one is definitely a fuchsia these are go on very matte the color payoff is great on these the next color I have is number 50 la Romanesque this is more of a dark pink plum II almost plum shade it’s very beautiful especially with liners for me and the last rule or velvet I have is the number 38 like fasten it and this is a deep red and it’s gorgeous so it’s very nice for a glam look very pretty I have just one root allure and the rural or are a little bit different from the Rouge Velvets because the Rouge Velvets are matte but the roots of lures are a little bit more shame this one is in the number what number is it number

132 impulsive but it’s um it’s kind of like a pinkish coral shade on me and I like to wear this like a wash of color when I’m running out to the store that’s all for my Chanel lipstick and we’re gonna move on into my Chanel with glossners I just have four glass immers but I love them so this one is in the number 206 beige star this is the packaging typical Chanel lovely packaging which I love sorry for this light in the way with the double seas this is a nude color it’s on good on top of new colors I use all of my gloss summers paired with a lip color I never wear them solo unless I’m running out to the store although I always use a wash of color if I’m going to the store I don’t really feel like putting on a full face the next color is the number 172 Roche Savage I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly and a lot of the glass simmers even though you see like this full-on color they go on very clear if they’re used in isolation but once half of a color they really complement the lip color the next color is number 447 Rose parodies and this looks more of like red tone on me I usually put it on top of a red color and this last color is a pump a plum color and it’s number 182 told Cod very pretty very pretty I love wearing it on top of Romanesque very pretty and you can see these open up they have like a sponge applicator the consistency is you know non sticky it’s not like extremely sticky like matte lip glasses that’s what I like about them okay so we’re gonna move on I just have one Rouge double intensity lip color and it’s in the color darling red this is what I’m wearing right now it’s a dual applicator with a typical sponge this red color and then the other side is just a clear gloss that you wear on top of it so that’s why my red is very glossy because I have the gloss on top of it I love this color I just bought this about two weeks ago and I really love this color okay so now we’re gonna move on to my illusion the arms and we’re gonna start I have six of them we’re gonna start with the number 85 mirifique this is the packaging it looks like a you know unusual eye cream eye shadow packaging but with the Chanel logo as usual double C’s very chic and this is I can’t even hang up I cannot believe that just happened this is I’m gonna hold it in this is the UM this is one of the first ones that I used and this is why I think they changed and I’ll show you in the later ones why they change these used to have like a bubble they used to I flattened it because I was trying to prevent it from falling out it’s still it’s not dry as you can see you know it still shows color this color it’s like a I want to say a pewter gray with a very pretty shimmer to it and although it looks very shimmery it doesn’t show that much which I love cuz I’m really not into glittery glittery eyes anymore as I’m aging I shouldn’t say age that’s terrible as I’m seasonally maturing and growing and getting older it’s nothing wrong with being old that’s in the number number 85 mirifique or a Mara think you know this is French right the number 91 is apparition let’s hope this one doesn’t fall out this is this is one of my recent purchases this is I’m gonna pull it a little bit closer it’s a navy blue and it’s very gorgeous

like I can’t wait to use this again for a blue smokey eye the next one is number 83 now I have crumbled this up so I don’t know how I’m going to show you because I actually tried crumbling it to make it like a pigment almost here it is it’s gorgeous it’s like an iridescent color it’s gorgeous this is the number 83 le soir it’s like silver it has some purple tones in there it’s gorgeous I this is one of my favorite illusion Deion’s the next color is number 416 I’m sorry 116 Rouge Gorge and it’s a orange shade it has a little Sheen to it but not too much not now it’s not very noticeable I like wearing these as bases under my eyeshadows for the most part this one is one of I think this is one of my also another one of my recent purchases this is number number 857 ruj Noir or Renoir very plum very fall color it’s gorgeous you see the shimmers in there and I just as you can see I’ve basically murdered these things just digging my brushes in here when I really wanted you know I used my things I don’t this is not just for a collection you know just to have it sitting and collecting dust the last one I have is number ninety ninety convoy teeth I believe this is number 90 comity so this is a very pretty I want to say ivory gold I want to say it’s like a ivory gold and I always lay this down fresh as a base when I’m using a gold color on the eyes so now we’re going to move on to some eyeshadows some single eyeshadows that I have by Chanel and the number forty the first one is the number 47 evany which is my first name and it comes with a plastic over leg and a typical sponge with the Chanel logo on it but this is the color I have it on my eyes now it’s in the crease that’s what I’m using the bottom color that I have which is the deepest darkest color it’s Urban Decay blackout but that’s what I’m wearing this is the soft touch I shadow so it’s this one it’s supposed to be soft it’s not supposed to be deep dark extremely pigmented even though Chanel eyeshadows aren’t really that pigmented especially if you’re my complexion but I do have a few that I do like and this is one of them the next one I have is in ivory and it’s in the number 60 I completely bought both of these for the for the names mostly but at the same time I these are numb these are colors that I use a lot okay so this isn’t a color ivory ivory tone I have just a little bit of it in my brow bone I didn’t want to make it harsh so I blended it out really really well I didn’t want my my brow bone to jump out and protrude or anything but this is another shade that I love I have two more eye shadows those are the end that’s the end of my single eye shadows now I have a powder blush this is in the number 270 vibration it’s very bright and you would think that it’s almost too bright for me but it’s not and I’m going to show you using a chanela brush that I have this is the number 4 blush brush by Chanel which is perfect it’s perfect and here I’m just going to show you the wash of color it kind of Jessi it’s beautiful it’s not to break it just adds at the little warmth it actually adds a little warmth to my cheeks okay so that

is in the number 270 vibration I’m trying to move fast but I forgot to show you that it does also come with a applicator brush if you’re using it I guess traveling work your out and you want to touch up which I never do I never touch up okay we have a few limited editions and some of those things that I showed you may be limited edition I really didn’t go into this but I do know for a fact these are why I purchased these because I’m always looking at Chanel items are a limited edition and then I don’t get them and then it’s like I wish I did you know I I resent that I didn’t so I just want to point out that these three this is a Quadra eyeshadow look at this or just gorgeous gorgeous this is four colors gold plum it’s like a pewter gray and a muted almost grayish ivory color it’s gorgeous it’s gorgeous I have uses as you can see I have used this I love it it’s one of my favorite eyeshadow quads and I love the packaging as well I didn’t show you any of the pouches that I have for any of these things but they all come in pouches I’m putting them back in the pouches as I’m talking to you this next one is a 5 i shadow palette by Chanel this one came with two brushes I believe or either I miss placing a brush somewhere I’m not sure but there’s a brush on this side and a sponge on the other and this one is just a double sided sponge with the name Shannon I want it both as a name Chanel and this is the intra lacs Oh gorgeous the intro I’m going to take the plastic off the int relax i shadow pilot this is the best pilot for next to the Urban Decay Naked for an everyday look you cannot go wrong with these you can wear these day or night you can take it smokey I have what colors do I have that I’m actually helling on today I have this color a little bit mixed in with the Chanel ivory color and I have this brown color also I mixed in with my crease that’s what I’m wearing today for this smokey eye look which I rarely wear smoky but I’m starting to I’m starting to experiment with my makeup more because I want to utilize it I don’t want to just have it sitting here looking pretty I have one more item and I will show you the pouch here gorgeous Chanel packaging there’s a band on the back to keep it on and you just open it that way lift it up actually a pretty big brush for a compact right very fluffy this is one I might use actually because it’s I love big brushes when it comes to these type of applications and this is the Chanel illuminating powder this is the packaging it has a plastic cover with Chanel double C’s on it gorgeous and Lumiere yet gorgeous gorgeous it has this camellia the legendary signature Chanel camellia flower and boss in it and I’m actually wearing it on the bridge of my nose I have it under my eye I had some on my forehead and some on my chin so I wanted to display that because a lot of people think that Chanel isn’t for women of color but you can wear you know you can wear it and wear it well and it’s not going to give you a washed out look and you know you really can’t get away with a lot of things the color I’m wearing on my nails are also Chanel it is in dragon the number 457 Lebanese

nail color by Chanel I also have the bottom coat the base coat it’s a protective base coat well if you can see that but that’s you know and I’m wearing the top coat which is extreme shine nail lacquer these are all very old so I had to renew these be especially dragon and the extreme top coat the base coat um which I’ve cracked the top two I had this for about I want to say six months but these two are this one this one is four years old I like this is my last time wearing dragon I have to buy more it’s old I’ve let it go too too soon I have used a lot of it but it’s too sticky and I’m not really into putting something into a nail polish to make it thinner so that’s just all of my Chanel makeup collection and I hope that you tune in to more videos thank you