Christmas Party Make-up Look

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Christmas Party Make-up Look

hi everyone today I film this Christmas party makeup Luke and if you’d like to see how to get it to just keep on marching so first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to pop on some of the body shop coconut lip balm just to keep my lips moisturized whilst I do the rest of my makeup because I’m going to be doing a red lip and you want to make sure that your lips have no dry patches so since this is our Christmas makeup look I want to have flawless skin so I’m going to take my Laura Mercier silk creme foundation this is actually the old formulation of it and I’ve got mine and I think alike to shade which soft ivory and so would to get that shake I’m going to apply that with this more of your branch just like a buffing brush and when you pop a bit onto the brush you’ll need a tiny amount to disk so let’s go the long way so I’ve only got about that much on the brush and I’m just going to draw this about my face I like this foundation because it’s a really good pale color that’s a good match for me although this has given good coverage I do have some redness I’d still like to conceal I’m taking this 17c time up to 18 hour wear concealer I think this is just in the light to shade as well and I’m just going to pop that on any areas of redness go to put a little bit on the back of my hand first and then just use a brush just to disperse that where I need it just usually run much in and teasel okay so now that we have those on I’m going to set that with some powder and for this I’m using the body shot on one face base which is a really nice powder as you can see he’s quite a lot a bit I have gotten into color and this one I got in shade 02 so for that i’m just going to use this clinic powder brush just swirl about just gonna dust that over the teasel so I’m going to start off actually doing my eyebrows and for that i’m just going to use this anyway I broke it I’m just going to take the light brown shade for most of my eyebrow just start to fill that in I think because it is a Christmas lick and the movie cups going to be and then if it’s going to be quite strong you can get away with doing a stronger eyebrow than you might normally so I’m just basically filling in the whole thing focusing more on the arch and the tail of the brow gang slightly more soft towards the beginning of the brow because you want it to look natural okay so moving on to the eyes you’re going to want to prime them so that the makeup lasts all night long so for that i’m using the Urban Decay primer potion I’m going to pop that on toilets and to shop in my finger but this is really good to stop your eyeshadow from creasing and to make it last all night long so next I really want to pack on the color so I’m going to use this flat brush from ELF just looks like that just a nice firm flat brush so really pick up the color and pack on the lid and i’m using this mua shade which is a nice frosted white and it’s called she to pearl it’s really quite iridescent and perfect for Christmas time so I’m just going to make sure I’ve got a lot product on the brush and then just pack onto the lid you want that to go all over the lid

one because when I think of Christmas looks I think I’ve gonna frosty iciness snow you kind of want to emulate that with your eye makeup like so I said just pack that all on the lid just really get in the color on there we can’t look nice and vibrant we’re going to go back and blend out the edges slightly with a nice transition shade so for that I’m going to take a nice fluffy brush and I’m using this one that i got from PT bay just looks like that and i’m taking this bobby brown eyeshadow in 21 blonde popping that through the crease I’m just really blending out this gives the eye a little bit more dimension instead of just even though we’re not using a lot of colors it just gives it a little bit more depth and then after that you can even go back in with your flat eyeshadow brush with the white eyeshadow and just pack it back on top for anything it’s quite good as well to put the most color in the center of the lid so that really bring this into the inner corner for a really nice bright in our corner highlight it’s just in the same shade just bring a neck around it to your duct area and that really opens up the eyes and make you late it makes you look really nice and awake I’m actually going to take a little bit of this black eyeshadow which is just from a natural collection I just want to deepen up with the HIV and the crease just to give it a little bit more interest so just really gently take a little bit and blending that in just in the outer third that makes it slightly more smoky you can keep going back in with the white and just topping up if you lose any of the intensity just like that and I’m just going to pop a little bit of that what’s left on the brush under my bottom lash line I’m going in part i’m going to do a black winged liner and i’m going to use the collection bus trip line your foot little trick if you struggle with getting the wings of your eyeliner even is to take a brush or pencil or anything I’m but from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye an angle kind of meeting the end of your eyebrow and then just marking the angle and the my lights do is just take your eyeliner and basically drawing from the end by up to her that like moss and go from the tip and you pull it back onto the eyelid connect and as this is a partially I’m going to bring it all the way across my eyelid the good thing about this type of brush is that for the state can just lay flat along the eye I don’t really go close to the lash line and don’t worry if you made any mistake so we can go back in with a cotton bud and clean anything up it’s easier if you tilt your head back slightly and leave a brush blood these ones are from Marks and Spencers

and the mascara correction cotton buds one end has got a little blue line at the top and you just snap it and then the liquid goes down into this bit and a try makeup remover so we really good to have in your handbag but when you’re out for a party and you want to correct any mistakes so what I’m going to do is just basically from this along the edge what I always like to do as well to really pull it together it’s too tight line my upper lash line just so that there’s no gaps or anything so I’m just going to take this bourgeois Kohl Kajal which is quite chunky eyeliner and just basically run that along with top lash line so since this is a Christmas look as well I want to add some glitter so I’ve got some litter liners here silver and gold and I don’t know if I’m going to gym mixture of the tooth and just maybe see how it goes i’m going to add the silver one first so i’m just going to put that directly on top of the black winged liner that we already did and this will just give it a really nice bit of interest and sparkle and if you can’t do christmas time when you can need you can really pack that on silver officer matched up with the frost eNOS of the white eyeshadow that we used already all we need to do now is add lots of mascara or false lashes if you prefer I just tend to wear mascara so for that i’m using this Maybelline lash sensational mascara which has been my favorite this year it really gives a lot of volume in length to the lashes we like this in scar because it actually does give quite a good curl as well they’re not even curl my lashes the good thing with this is the carpet the brush fits really nicely done to the bottom lashes and just follow the curve since we are going back for all see Christmasy Luke I’m going to add some white eyeliner into my lower waterline just to really brighten up the eye and this one is an nua eyeliner pencil zoom back out again so you can just see that’s the eyes done but we also need to get the rest of the face done because I’m looking very flat at the moment so I’ve got this really handy contour kit from revolution which stops to got your contour highlight I’m blush in one and this is really good again to throw in your party makeup bag for any Christmas parties I’m going to take the contour shade on this illamasqua contour brush you can see it’s really dense and flat I’m really good for creating a sharp line so I’m just going to dip it in quite lightly in top off and then basically just draw a line lobster Glenn tight if you don’t know where your cheekbone days you can usually feel it even by rolling up a brush but a good guide is going from basically the top of your ear but you don’t want to bring it further than the outside of your eye and then you always want to line up the wakes you don’t want to pull your face down so just light strokes blending off the way and I usually been this but are in the temples could you want to make sure that

everything is quite seamless and flows not around the temple area and then also on the jaw line and the good thing is well with any point or if you feel you’ve gone a bit heavy or it’s not blended because this isn’t blinded properly just take your foundation brush we’re no extra product and just buff out going to hit this elf complexion brush and just take the blusher from the palette and just pop that kind of on the apples working back into the contour as well and I think as well I want this to be a really glowing lick i’m going to start for the liquid highlights benefits moonbeam which is really nice gold shimmery highlight and pop that in the top of my cheekbones well knows that she found the highlight and I’m just going to blend that with my finger I’m going to use this as a base for my powder highlight as well because I really want us to be really going christmas look I’m good up somewhere that’s on its own if you oh if you feel that it’s too much to do both as it’s Christmas I’m going to do so much gonna take this elf the fan brush these are really good just for picking up a little bit product and just dusting it on the tops of the cheekbones and that’s really highlights you can glowy which is what we want scarran tops the phone knows all the bits wats catch light and even pitting it above the brow little bit it’s a really nice Sheen I wasn’t so Fair I still want to warm up the face a little bit so I’m going to take my to face milk chocolate soleil bronzer it’s just it’s a really nice figure color and I’m just going to take the same brush that I used for my blush just swirl it in a little bit and just again warm up the face this is really nice because it smells of milk chocolate and again chocolate christmas all its good thing so just to bring a lot of my life to the face okay so next on to Canada main bet which is the lips so it wouldn’t be Christmas in my opinion without a red lip and I’m going to take this Rimmel red lip liner just called 024 red Tebow and these are good because they are retractable else you don’t need to sharpen them so if you’re throwing them in your handbag again for going active person party you don’t use the word of taking a shock review so just going to apply that it’s really good to wear lip liner arranging a bold lip just to stop then near the color from feathering and just to make it last all night long if you want you can fill in your whole lip just to give your lipstick something to stick to as well I’m just gonna do that and then on top of that I want to use this topshop lip cream just think it’s in the shade fox and again this is room and this is really pigmented so you don’t need a lot usually pop that’s tree on top and the nice thing about this is that it’s not completely matte this what gives a little bit of interest and Sheen to match the eyes okay so there’s my completed Christmas makeup look with the smoking a glittery eyes and the red lip and the really highlighted glowy skin I hope you’ve enjoyed this Kristen see makeup tutorial

and I will see you next time bye