Everyday Makeup March 8, 2016

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Everyday Makeup March 8, 2016

Aaron welcome to my first video today I’m just going to be doing an everyday makeup routine but ever when I go to work on the weekends it’s just nice and simple usually takes me about five to seven minutes obviously it’ll take a little bit longer in the video because I’m walking through step by step but once you have it done pad it should only take you a few minutes and it’s just a nice way of looking made up without looking like it’s too much so I’m just going to go ahead and get started I will post a link to all the products i’m going to use in the video unfortunately the auto zoom on this camera doesn’t work very well so we’ll hold it up so you can see the product but it might not focus very well so like i said i’ll have a link and you can check all the products out in the blog post alright so the first step is to put primer on and the one I’m currently using is the makeup forever step one in the pink and I use the paint because my skin has yellowish undertone so the paint kind of helps to balance that out I just put this on with my fingers so I just put a little bit my finger like that and then just put it on my face now I’ve recently actually started patting it into my skin and the reason being after talking to a couple vested estheticians they actually said that it works better when you pat product in your skin because it helps your skin absorb it so they weren’t at the time talking about moisturizer but I do find that it actually works for the primer as well so I just go ahead and pop it in everywhere okay and let’s let it sit for a few minutes because I’m going to move on to my eyes first the reason being when you apply eyeshadow a lot of times you get a little bit of fallout on your skin so it’s a lot easier to just wipe it away before you’ve done full foundation everything else you’re not smearing it off alright so forget to the eyeshadow I’m going to put some primer on my eyes and the one I’m currently using is just the Urban Decay primer potion in green it does come in just like a white i guess i’m currently using the grapes they do like that has a little bit of sheen to it underneath the eye shadows so that’s why I’ve kind of done with this one as opposed to just a plain but they both work just as well my eyelids are pretty oily so I’m not gonna lie and say that this gives me you know 24-hour wear anything like that but it definitely does give me a few extra hours then if I didn’t have anything on I do actually find that it works really well underneath I because I put a little bit of eye shadow underneath my waterline and because I don’t get his oily in that area then it does actually help extend it if I don’t put it on it’s pretty much gone within an hour or so but when I do put it on I find for example today I had it on by the time I got off work at about five it job there was still some eye shadow left there were usually that would have been long gone by then so it doesn’t work well in that regard alright so once that’s on I’m just going to go right into the eye shadow the eyeshadow that I’m currently loving our part of the urban decay naked palette the first one and i find this palette is awesome as i’m sure many of you are aware it just has everything from daytime all the way over tonight so this is kind of what it looks like for daytime i tend to stick to these colors over here and then these ones if i want to add a little bit of drama tonight then i’ll go on the baton so my favorite one as you may have noticed is half-baked and i say that just because it’s the one that’s almost half way used as opposed to the other ones so i actually just use the brush that came with the palette is i find that it’s dense enough that it packs on the color pretty well and I just kind of Pat that onto my lid and go a little bit higher and I’ll do the same on the other side here and again this is when the greed primer potion works well because it has a bit of kind of metallic sheen which goes really well with the half-baked so again just kind of put that on there and then just add a little bit of dimension I go in with the buck which is the color to the left of half-baked and it’s just kind of a matte brown color but um like I said I just like text you a little bit of dimension so I go kind of on the outer edge of the eyelid then just into the crease there blend it in a bit and same on the other side all right and from there i use you do going third color just dabbing into the crease again tad just a little bit more dimension so i’m just going to go with the smog which is the one to the right of half-baked just kind of tap it into the crease there as you can see it just adds a little bit more color there and it makes your crease here i look a little bit more hooded which i like just going with that so that’s kind of it for

the eyelid area from there i go on with the highlight i just use version which is the one on the very left so right here and i just go up to the brow bone area to highlight that and also help blend a little bit of the color there is that little bit of Sheen same on this side all right and then don’t forget to put it in your inner corner because that does help brighten the eye and open it up a little bit so just to have it on the inner corner there and then if I want a more soft look I’ll just line my eyes with the eyeshadows themselves I’ve been doing that the last few days just to give it a bit of a softer look as opposed to the black eyeliner which is a little bit harsher so I’ll go ahead and do that for this video but if I am going with the eyeliner then I do use this Tom Ford I defining pen and I use the end with the gold circle around me I just find that it’s a little bit longer the tip of it is and so it just goes on more smoothly I find but like I said for this I’m just going to go ahead and use some eyeshadows to give it kind of a smokier feel so I’ll just go in with dark pores and just kind of tap it all along there I just kind of smokes it out a bit alright and then I’ll go a little bit darker and add hassle to that and this all just kind of smells it over I just kind of blends the two in a little bit and like i said this gives a little bit more definition but isn’t as harsh as a black liner would be all right and for the bottom one I just use the other edge of the pencil and I start with buck and I just go in under my waterline so if I go right on the water line I find my eyes get pretty teary and then it just ruins the effect right away so if you go a little bit lower and I go in about three quarters of the way instead of all the way in because i find that makes your eyes of a little bit smaller if you go all the way into your waterline to keep it on the outside it keeps your eye looking a little bit more open so I just went in with smog and then dark horse on top of the book alright that’s kind of it for the eyes a little bit of Fallout nothing too crazy this time which is always good I just kind of wipe it away you have a makeup wife obviously that works really well as well so I’ll just jump into the foundation the one I’m currently using is the Georgia romani luminous silk in number five I really love this foundation I’ve used a few others i think i use NARS I’ve used the bare minerals powder an hourglass tried the two-faced yeah I’ve used a bunch of different ones but I keep coming back to this one because it just goes on really nicely looks really natural not caked or anything like that and I’m just happy with the way the color matches my skin tone so I’ve kind of stuck with that one and I do use a beauty blender brush sorry i forgot to get that damn beforehand so i just use the black beauty blender brush and usually put a squirt on to my hand I’ve now taken it off but I put a screw on my hag the helps warm the foundation up a bit so I go from there and just dab dab dab with the Beauty Blender onto my skin now I do find the Beauty Blender soaks up product more than the Fighting’s you know my hand or even my foundation brush so I usually have to do a couple of sports to get my whole face done but that’s alright because I do like how naturally goes on with the Beauty Blender so again just a dab dab just make sure you get it in I went your

nose and then last but not least top and make sure you go all the way to your hairline so you don’t want to have that line where your makeup ends and your skin stirs so you just go all the way up down and then right below your jawline you just want to go a little bit down your neck to stop a blend so again you don’t have that kind of harsh line where your makeup ends then your skin begins okay so I was kind of it for foundation if you want more coverage to try and keep it light and you could do another layer like I said I kind of try and keep it like natural looking so from there I’m going to go on to the concealer and right now i’m using the NARS radiant creamy concealer in vanilla I actually got color matched at Sephora the first time they said vanilla the second time they went was custard so I do have pho but I do like the vanilla is a bit lighter and i find it brings up the eye area a little bit more than the custard does so i just go in a triangle shape under my eye like so and then just a little blemishes and then i go in with my Beauty Blender again and just blend blend blend and with the blemishes I do find it helps to go farther than just right around the blemish so it’s not just a big dot then I’ll it’s kind of blend it in a bit more alright so that’s it for the foundation so I’m just going to move on to the bronzing and blush i’m currently using the hourglass ambient light palette and i absolutely love it i can’t remember if it was a special edition or not i think if it was you can get still get two out of the three colors and something similar from sephora or from hourglass sorry so this is what the palette looks like and i absolutely love it so even on days when I don’t want to do full lies and I just want my scare out a little bit of concealer I still put use all three of these on my face because it just gives me a nice glow I find and the color works really well so i’m just gonna start with the darkest shade over here which is dim light and i just use that kind of in the contour areas so i go beneath the cheekbones there and then up and kind of a I don’t know maybe a reverse alder is key shape and what you want to call that and then same on this side so just under the cheekbone and then go all the way up and then just along the jawline a little bit I take a bit more and go along the hairline and down a bit and then just on the other edges of my nose okay and that’s it for that color from there I actually move over to blush and right now i’m using the NARS orgasm blush which is a pretty standard one a lot of people have it I do have other ones that I just love how it gives me kind of a natural glow so I just do that right on the apples of my cheeks and then I go back to the ambient light palette and I actually use this one on the left here which is called radiant light and I layer that right over the blush because I find it gives me just a little extra glow I really like it it just kind of enhances the blush color so I just go right over it like that and then the last thing i do is the highlight which is the middle one and can definitely just go kind of right up and down I guess that and then go above the cheekbones over here and then brow bone area there and for all that I use the pro precision powder 59 brush from Sephora actually should say for all of that that was for anything within the hour glass palette and then to the blush i use the pro airbrush 55 brush from Sephora and I find those work really well so that’s kind of it for the face from there I go into eyebrows and I’m using the Anastasia perfect brow pencil and dark brown I did have the pomade I can’t remember what it’s called honey dip brow or something like that and I would use it with an angled brush and that worked well but i like how convenient this is because i can take it

with me anywhere and i just pencil it in and then this brush works wonders at getting the product into your brow and then cleaning up any kind of access that got out of the area where it was intended so i’ll just go ahead and fill those in a bit just go all the way out here and i just like to follow where the hairs would naturally go so i’m going to go up here out to the corners and then like I said this brush looks beautifully because you can just brush it through clean up the other edges a bit alright and then I always use this Maybelline great lash mascara on top of that because it just helps set the brows in place I probably started penciling my brows in last year or someone before that I just exclusively use this because it would hold the hairs in place about adding color but I did notice that actually penciling them in help break my face a little bit more because I do say the brows are will frame your face so I a little bit of color just gives us that extra definition so just go ahead go over it a bit like I said it just helps keep them in place all right so that’s it for the brows then the last step is just see mascara I never used to be a eyelash curler but I kept reading reviews and you know people raving about this I don’t know how to pronounce a shoe the mirror eyelash curler and how its life changing and whatnot so that I’d give it a go on I did try the tests of doing one with the eyelash curler one without and I definitely found it did make a difference at just making my eyes look more wide open and my eyelashes fuller so definitely recommend that i have heard you can heat it up with a blow dryer and that helps it stay a little longer and give you more curl i haven’t actually tried that but i will give it a go one of these days i just go in and i usually do five seconds with it just like that and then another five with my eyelashes lifted a bit and then same on the other side and from there i just recently started using this lancome i believe it is product and it’s just a super enhancing mascara base I got it one of the use of forest samples and again I did it on one I just to see the difference when I with when I was out and I definitely found it made my eyelashes fuller so i have been using that every day and i really like it and it’s great because it goes on white so you can see exactly where you put it on where you might have missed then the mascara i’m currently using is from tom ford it’s the extreme mascara in raven this is a really great mascara it goes on really easily it’s not clumpy at all and you can layer it really well again without the clumps um unfortunately the price is a bit steep i think this one was fifty dollars so i don’t know that i’ll repurchase just because of the price gloom i’m going to keep trying a few other ones and see if I like anything just as well but if the price doesn’t deter even this is definitely a great mascara to try out then on I do tend to focus a little bit more on the outer edges because I feel like that opens your eye up a little bit more I tend to do just a little bit more on that other edge gives it a bit more lift I find okay and that’s it for that the last step would just be the lips I’m just going to go with a nice neutral color that I would use every day and for me that is the NARS belle de jour it’s a nice peachy neutral color obviously depending on your skin tone it might not work for you but I find it works really well for me and gives me a little bit of a sheen because it’s kind of a glossy

your lipstick and then from there I like to layer a gloss because I find it helps the lipstick say a little bit longer so the 1 i’m really loving for neutral looks is this marc jacobs and add murder lip lacquer and sugar sugar absolutely love marc jacobs lip products i have a couple of lipsticks in a hot pink and a red and just love how they go on super smooth they last for hours i think mine lasted about six hours today that was after eating drinking going to the gym and actually dabbing it with a napkin I was sure it would have come off by then but went back to my desk and it was still there and full force so can’t recommend them enough this lip gloss works really well as well love the color it’s got great Sheen to it and a couple of my girlfriends are constantly coming in to borrow it and have actually purchased it for themselves as well so just go over with that and that is it for my everyday makeup look the last step would be to spritz with a setting spray I just use the Urban Decay chill makeup setting spray I know there’s a few different versions this one says is cooling and hydrating which I like because I have fairly dry skin so I spritz this on help set my makeup helps that last a little bit longer and I have a vitamin E spray from the body shop at my desk and I kind of spritz that throughout the day just to keep my skin hydrated so I’ll just spritz that and that is it for the everyday makeup look if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the post below and let me know if you want me to do any other specific videos and I’ll work on those like i said i’m going to link to everything in the blog post so if you didn’t catch it in the video and you’ll be able to see exactly what i used thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you again soon bye