How to Make Lipstick & Lipgloss

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How to Make Lipstick & Lipgloss

hey everyone is Martina I am back again with another tutorial and today I’m going to be talking about how to make your own lipstick slash lip gloss and basically I don’t know y’all out there but I know for myself personally I’ve always had a hard time finding you know professional or drugstore brands that are the exact thing the exact shade or pigment that that I would like to wear me personally I tend to go for more of a I really really really really love heavily pigmented lip gloss and lipstick and since I can never find that I figured you know maybe I can make my own and so for maybe like I want to say like 4 years or so I mean I still do buy drugstore brands I’m not gonna lie I did that don’t but for the most part I did make in my own for about 4 years or so and I usually I wear that a lot more than I do where the drugstore brands just simply because I feel like I can have more control over the pigment you know how liquidy how thick the texture consistency all that stuff I feel like I can control that better if I make my own product so say in this video I’m going to basically walk you all through how I do that and hopefully after this you’ll be able to give your own little makeup go in your own lipstick and then if you’re like me you have a hard time finding something that is just right for you hopefully this video will help you make your own so let’s get started so you have to start with a base and what I have for my most would be a troll enjoy this is not you know it’s not like a name-brand or anything I actually got this from my local dollar store or just people and as you can see this is cocoa butter scented so the actual smells really really and also some I love dolls I wanted to add a little bit of a flavor to it whose just because you know usually that makes it obviously makes it taste better and a pentacle so I got some peppermint extract which is really pretty strong it’s basically it smells like there’s pure butter mint extract and that’s exactly what it smells like I got that from my local block over-over store and as you know or maybe you don’t know the peppermint doesn’t really have a sweet flavor so really kind of bring in some kind of like a sweet kind of you know a nice sweet flavor I got some imitation vanilla flavor that I’m going to be adding tomorrow as well just to kind of make it taste good and smell good as well especially with it being winter time I know peppermint peppermint I love the scent of like you know in the holiday season so I figured that would be good along with that vanilla sort of flavor so I think that will be also a few other things I have here obviously you’re going to need some kind of powder or something to create the color that you want to go to now lately I’ve been experimenting with finding the perfect the perfect nude lip color and so I have all these old eyeshadow well a shadow like bronzers and things like that I’m you know I was just going to throw that anyway so I figure I can actually use some of these to go here and create my lip gloss with them you don’t have to use a shower or bronzer we could actually use whatever kind of powder substance you have you have the kool-aid powder drink I’ve even heard of people using shaved up crayons to make lures so there’s a lot of other options you can use this is where the glitter the purple purple glittery Oh we’re so that’s why I’m gonna use a little bit at say yeah you can use more than just saw a shadow and bronzer you can use anything powdery cool a tabla where you can find the powder and color that you’d like to uh whoopsie whatever you like to use but I mean some people even take them they even take actually lipstick so they don’t wear and cut off a little bit of that that way maybe if you if you have a favorite lipstick color that you might wear and maybe if you want to make a gloss out of it you can use that and just sort of make it more lip gloss instead of a lipstick but and here’s another one of my favorites it’s a darker color I don’t wear it but um I’m gonna go ahead well that’s why I’m gonna go ahead and make it into a lip glosses I don’t wear any of this hotshot I wish I also need to have on here something to sort of like wash your ears off with obviously this is a foaming facial makeup remover from clean and clear so

that’s not you’re going to need something to also kind of mix up a little concoction in so that’s why I have these little clear clear balls I have two of them just in case you I need to any more room or something I have a backup you’re going to need something to stir to share your concoction with so that’s why I have this sort of like a bird whatever this thing is called that’s why I have that here and if we would also use another hole brush to come store anything up it you’re going to also need a teaspoon to sort of you know scoop your ingredients out with and put it into a little mixing thing and of course you’re going to need something to put your final product in and these are old they’re minimal check them in a little container so I don’t have anything in them right we’re pretty cool you can find things like this I think like Michaels and other places are essentially just empty into containers that you can buy but I mean right a lot in volume if you already have some makeup you’re not using you know just clean it out who’s that if you’re going to be doing this a lot then a little turn Eclipse and sort of like go out and buy a pill a pill container which will they have like seven different little for the openings you can use in a complete seven different lipsticks or lip gloss with dresses and here that way you know if you like me I change purses quite often and that way you can have all your lipsticks in my little container you can just take this out and put it in your person and sort of have everything you need right there in one simple container so I think in the future I’m definitely going to be to be filling this up the third leg for today in Starbucks 30 day I think I’m going to go here in the stick without filling up this one okay first thing you want to do is go ahead and start measuring out your base which is for me like I said earlier I’m not petroleum jelly I’m going to go ahead and I’m scoop out I’m gonna scoop out about little egg not even have a teaspoon I’m gonna go away like there no I guess I really like you can see that it may be like half of a teaspoon vinegar this is also a pretty small teaspoon so wherever I am had a foot that put that in there I mean of course later on you can add more depending upon how how bad or how pigmented you want the product today like if you want more color then you can go back and add in more powder later on but for me since I like mine to be more you know more pigmented or heavily pigment that I’m going to start off with not using not using as much of the petroleum jelly and like I said in later on if I feel like I want to add more petroleum to it sort of should you just go back and redo that and I’ll tell you more about that later on but keep going okay now that I’ve added what I want to do is go ahead and put in a I want to go ahead and add in I’m going to do a 1/2 of a teaspoon 1/2 a teaspoon of my peppermint extract so let me go ahead and put that there are just a few really drops cause I mean this peppermint stuff is a really strong which is probably why it comes into such a small container you probably don’t need much of it to get wherever you’re trying to get done so a couple more drop the next thing I want to go for is my imitation value imitation vanilla vanilla flavoring and I want to actually want to add more of that then the extract just because I want my flavour to really come through so I’m going to add a full teaspoon of that area once you serve that put that back where it was and now I’m going to start taking my collection of all these little colors I have that I want to add to it all my eyeshadows bronzers and whatever else I have that I’m going to mixing over and

start adding that in and like I said for this part it all depends on how much pigment you want in it if you want to be more of a gloss and we just don’t really need that much in there but if you wanted to be more like a heavy don’t like a lipstick then you do need more and I’m going to put put how much most of that is here and I want to get rid of this because I bought this bronzer um a few months ago and I thought it would be so cute for me but honestly all is a little bit I found it for my skintone it just does not agree with me it’s more of an ashy instead of more of a bronze look I look like more of a like here we do put some lotion on kind of look so that’s not what I’m going for so I figure I would count even if the lipstick kind of dipping in there but I flew here today I might as well go ahead and actually make some lipstick with it so I don’t have to keep dipping dipping in there everyday and kind of cleaning so now I can just do a little bit and just make one big batch so I’m going to add a little bit because other said I like my nude lips to kind of have a little shimmer to them so and Animus gold I think this was eye shadow I think that’s what it was I think that’s what that looks like so far you can see the colors is kind of like some pinks in there some kind of a little bit of a hint of a brown a little purple and now we have the devil on it okay I want to put a little bit of Lissa glowing purple stuff in here I don’t know what that’s gonna look like but I figure why not you know too much and a little bit of this subtle stuff called the Lee by bare minerals I think it was like an eye shadow I think maybe it was a blush I don’t know but it’s like a darker paint so I feel that would kind of help with the new look nude otherwise sounds what I’m still new but new to look and I have some other bare minerals stuff called clue radiance and it’s basically like a clear all-over face color that has a little bit of a glitter to it a little bit of a blur but to me I see a little bit like paint a little bit bold but whatever it’s supposed to be clear I don’t really think it’s clear whoopsie so as you can see this is what I’m working on right now is pretty honest shimmery color in there you see some pinks and some pipe a little bit Brown really pretty okay I’m going to basically I might I’m probably end up having to add a little more obviously a little more of the petroleum jelly to that because that’s not gonna yeah that’s not really going to mix up well so I’m gonna have to add more of it before I melt it down so let me go okay so I’m going to add it around no more petroleum jelly just a little and you like a half half of a teaspoon in there really are not I even need that much I guess I’m going to not do that much I’m going to do like one for I think I’m gonna start light because I got told you doing if you need more you can always add more but I’d rather have to add then then D separately no too much all right now I’m gonna basically go to do this take my little um better oh maybe it’s like a brilliant butter thing you go whatever this thing right here I’ll call it my little mixing thingy gonna take that and go ahead and start start mixing as you can see it is kind of starting this have fun together yeah I’m going to probably add in a little more a little more in vanilla and a little more peppermint as well so this will be an additional teaspoon people so so far that will be two teaspoons of vanilla extract or vanilla flavoring mother we’re going to put in a little more of a peppermint extract and this would be my second teaspoon of that as well there it’s really clear about the pepper Britax striker that it does make when you put it on it make sure looks kind of tingle so that’s kind of cool it’s almost like almost like having like a lip plumper or like a convex or something like that all you feel like

your lips are kind of tingly and it it kind of cool it uh good sensation so yeah just kind of like I said before mix it on up you see it starting to come together here quite nicely another little thing of the petroleum jelly stuff so all the way all right now so far that will equal out to to about 2 teaspoons of a petroleum jelly in here okay so so far I’ve used to t 2 teaspoons of all the other of the extract and flavoring and the petroleum jelly and then for all the powdery stuff of course I’m just kind of doing that on the wind I don’t really have an exact measurement for that and you at home you can figure out your own exact measurement like I said earlier just kind of based upon of you know help pigment it you want it to be okay Jabbar I think for now I think for now that’s mixed and as soon as I wanted to do that as I wanted a and what I’m going to do now is I’m going to take the list and I’m going to put it in by microwave I’m going to put in an air about 40 seconds and when it comes out it’s giving you hella liquidy and then I’m going to see if it’s a good color and whatever else I want to add or take away so I’ll put in the microwave just a little longer and you see now how it totally didn’t already and literally that’s exactly what you want what is it is running I mean it’s pretty sort of kind of a beautifies itself that’s exactly what that’s good sign and keep on mixing in the crews making until all of the ingredients are you know always listed together sort of it helps with them and just sort of them plop it down in there even it out and now that you have it in your container we wipe off any excess and just make sure that it’s nice and neat and then you want to put your top back on hmm that’s what it looks like right now perfect a little bit you want to put your top back on like so and then go ahead and just put it in your refrigerator or your freezer I’m going to put mine in my freezer because I want it to get done quicker so I’m going to put it in there now that it’s all done and I put it in there for maybe like probably 10 to 15 minutes and just kind of let it set and then I’m going to come back and show you all what it looks like all right you guys I am back to show you all the final product I know you want to see this okay and I have been wanting to show you so let’s get to it basically this is actually the color I’m wearing down by the way I have on a lip liner it’s by let’s see Jordana it’s made by the company go down it’s called tawny ta ta w in Y tawny and so obviously put on the lip liner everything and then just put this on over it I don’t have on any lip gloss or anything I just have on this and it’s sort of like it um how like a pale pinkish with a little bit of brown and gold in their life before undertone so it’s not too light for my complexion I think it looks pretty good I mean if I wanted to I could put on some clear some clear lip gloss over it but I mean my legs feel pretty cool right now so I don’t think I really I don’t really think I need it but if I did you know nothing wrong with will then I made another color here which is a little bit of more of a darker pink color I don’t know if it’s going to pick up really well on the camera and it’s definitely more of like a rose like a blush II kind of color that it’s still not dark dark it’s like a medium medium pink is what I would call it really cute and I’m going to show you almost to watch it while this at the end of the video the way and this is my third taller that I made it’s a even darker pink so it’s the darkest one and all the colors I made and it is more of a deep kind of blush rose pink kind of color but not like them how to describe it it’s not

like a hot pink or anything like that it’s more of a subtle rich pink rosy rosy color there you go and let me go ahead and give you all some swatches of all three means these are some swatches of all three this one right here the lightest one is number one and that would be number two and number three so it’s different like the dark and then the coat across a little more pink or a little more I guess like lighter pink and what they really are but they’re definitely not as not as bold as that but I mean they’re they are pink but they well I don’t know either way it goes they looked at it when I put them on so yeah that’s what they look like so like dark one two three and there you go so I hope that you all have enjoyed this video hope that you learned something there is not our I least hope you had fun watching it so like I said I think this project our this project I guess you call it would be something fun you could do if you have a children or if you’re babysitting if you want to make a fun gift for somebody it sure is an inexpensive and fun gift or if you just Archer like me and you have a hard time finding that perfect shade of lipstick this would definitely be something that I’m you can do to to get that thing Jarrow so I hope that you will enjoy the video feel free to comment rate subscribe and see you all in the next one take care thanks for watching