Airline: Elderly Woman Denied Boarding Flight – Full Episode (S1, E12) | A&E

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Airline: Elderly Woman Denied Boarding Flight – Full Episode (S1, E12) | A&E

family ties come undone on airline i’m going to require oxygen in 10 minutes a daughter won’t take no for an answer she has to travel now she has to travel now and an angry grandmother lays it on the line i’m going on that plane whether they like it or not lose my mind families bring out the strongest of emotions stick them in an airport and you’re asking for trouble at chicago midway supervisor viola norris has raised a red flag on a potential problem with deborah dahlia’s mother-in-law about if we know that the customer requires oxygen prior to them getting on the plane we can’t transport it i came to chicago for vacation i ended up in the hospital had an operation and they just let me go today her release papers have to state that she is fit for travel i didn’t bring yeah i i don’t even know what to say i don’t know we need to get something fast from the doctor or something like that i’m an american citizen i have a right to be on that plane all the hell of breakfast if i don’t get out of the state the state is bad luck for me get the doctor’s address and see if we can yeah we need a phone number i just need his number we can call him he can fax us with that information okay don’t whether they like it or not in los angeles rob and jenny rasmussen are on the first leg of a journey to remember we’re on the way to chongqing china to pick up our our baby rebecca chu her chinese name is huitsu and it means wisdom and song so we’re really excited we’re finally going we’ve been waiting so long we have to both be 30 to adopt yeah that was that was the thing that was stopping us for a while was just the age thing i can’t wait to go you know try and speak to some of the people in china because we’ve heard that they are really excited when they find out that foreigners are adopting the babies because girls in china have a hard life so they’re happy to see this fit family can’t believe we’re finally going i don’t have any more seats in chicago ten-year-old daniel lanier is booked on the midday flight to tampa to visit his grandmother but denise has some bad news for mom catherine hi the situation here is that we’re in an oversaw situation we’re going to go on the plane and ask someone to give up their seat the flight was overbooked everybody showed up didn’t she buy one that where you didn’t have to do standby yeah that’s not what it is airlines on a regular basis overbooked their flights i’ll go on the aircraft and let them know we have a young child i need to get there maybe i can get a volunteer to give up their seat okay i don’t understand as far as paying for a ticket and then having to wait oh okay after i’ve already paid for it four hundred dollars and then have to wait we’re looking for one volunteer one volunteer we’ll put you on the 525 flight 200 plus the one-way price your ticket and uh voucher for dinner can i get just one volunteer just one volunteer i got them you will yeah what are we doing no no no no no no no no no no no i was waving at the camera but breaking the news to mom is going to be no laughing matter she’s going to be pretty upset back inside these got through to grandma’s doctor um we would need a doctor’s release from from you stating that she is okay to fly and that she won’t be requiring oxygen during flight i’ll see the whole state of illinois i’ll tell you i don’t get out of this town she needs oxygen and you will not give her that release okay sir okay we have this board in here okay we just spoke to the doctor and he’s saying that he will not give her a release because she does need oxygen to fly he knew all this they knew this okay i had to sign her out against medical advice to get her out why did he release her at all why maybe you didn’t know she was gonna fly

he knew she was gonna fly i mean we’ve been talking about this trip to las vegas for for months uh she’s going to have a heart attack when you tell her she can’t leave i’m telling you now you’re putting her health at risk right now we’re going to go into the classroom right now i’m very angry she has her own doctor dr kenny in boston can we call him oh um is dr kenny on call today v gives deborah the green light to call the family doctor but then starts to have second thoughts we have a customer francis dillia basically she had a surgery and she was in rehab they released her today okay you know what ma’am i hate to um stop you from calling but i did speak with our customer service coordinator in dallas again and he reiterated to me that the only person that can release her to travel is the doctor that’s treating her right now but she doesn’t even know him he’s seen her like three times since she’s been in manicare and all he ever seems to do is try to cover his own ass no matter what thank you bye she might not like him but the chicago doctor’s her only hope back at lax disaster has struck what can she do what can she do now this time the passengers vital supply of medication made it onto the plane but she was left behind she’s she’s handicapped she’s over 170 years she has traveled by fast she asks me what can she say without mitigation we realize our mistake here the mistake is that the the wheelchairs did not get there we wait for more than one hour for waiting for the wheelchair and i remind the lady three times she has hypertension she has a base maker she’s diabetic so she had she took 16 bills every day what we can do is send her out on the first flight tomorrow for her to be able to meet up with the luggage i know that doesn’t do her any good as far as the medication goes today i and i honestly tell you i don’t have the right answer that you want for that as the medication wings its way to new york it’s a standoff at lax once again we’re just looking for one volunteer one volunteer leaving at 5 20 it’s another flight to tampa you can give it as next year’s christmas present i’m not getting any bites i’m going to go out and talk to mom again in chicago there’s still no one volunteering to give up their seat for ten-year-old daniel i’m not getting anybody not one volunteer to give up their seat he’s gonna get on a flight today yeah at 5 20. i can’t bring him back at 5 20. well did you like to stay here we’ll give you a meal voucher no i can’t that’s not the point i can’t stay here i’ve got things i have to do i have places so what else would you like us to do um he’s gonna have to switch days they all they over booked the plane so i’m serious is still stranded without her medication which was checked on board a plane bound for new york can i at least put you all up in a hotel right here by the airport so you don’t have to travel all the way home she has she has to travel now she has to travel now it’s not my fault i’m so sorry who can do it who can do it i understand the luggage is gone and we cannot retrieve that she has to travel now she has to travel now no way to stay until tomorrow this should send her to new york and any other airline actually we don’t we don’t transfer our tickets out to another airline they don’t accept our tickets and i’m not authorized to purchase another ticket on another airline supervisor to get here i am a supervisor and i i cannot purchase a ticket out of their airlines rules may be rules but a severely ill passenger has been parted from the pills that keep her alive okay you want to try again okay back in chicago denise is planning to unleash her secret weapon we want to take him with us on the plane just maybe we can get a little more somebody to give up their seat do you mind i don’t mind i’m gonna use him as my bait to see if i can get somebody to move come on let me see the status real quick you got into the sandies come on but it seems daniel may have been granted a last minute reprieve you don’t know who we have i’m gonna find out there’s some that’s what i’m gonna need to find

out who we’re missing will you find that out for me please if he has number 55 who is number 34 please well i was missing number 34 but they’re all on my board so i’m crossing my fingers we got an empty thing here no one seems quite sure what’s happened but it’s good news he got he got a seat okay hold on honey hold on give me a kiss we’re happy we got him on we found out we had an open seat somebody didn’t show up and mom’s happy and we’re happy what is the problem with granny getting on a plane i meanwhile debra is desperate to convince the doctor to let grandma on the plane without her oxygen nothing will you know if you tell her she can’t get on that plane she may have a heart attack please please let us get on this painting nothing is going to happen to her and if it did it’s our responsibility as her family for putting her on the plane i will call you okay hold on if he is going to release her then i i need to talk to him because he has give me a fax number uh james okay you need to fax that she will not require oxygen during flight now let’s say when they’re over um i don’t know omaha he’s not talking about it no no no i’m trying to let him know what’s going on he’s telling me that she may need oxygen she won’t well as long as you think she’s just sitting in a chair okay as long as he gives us that in writing i have no problems putting her on that flight i don’t have a problem we just need to know that she’s not going to require it on the plane you you her doctor you’re the one that can say that you cannot put that on there see and that’s and that’s what we’re saying that’s what we’re saying she’s sitting on her ass what can she possibly do that she needs oxygen 239 3627 and the skies above arizona rob and jenny rasmussen are on their way home with newly adopted baby rebecca so we have about what an hour left until the rest of the family meets our our sweet girl and the day that we got her picture the whole family was you know it was like a birth everyone crying in the family yeah it was very emotional grandparents crying for hours you know they were so excited back at midway naval cadet melissa weeks has a problem her dad brian we came to the counter and he started looking for our tickets and they were gone southwest airlines does not replace lost or stolen tickets so you are required to repurchase the tickets if you lose them but without your paper tickets we do need you to purchase a ticket to get on the flight are you going to bunny i don’t know i’m between a rock and a hard place here you’re claiming that the tickets are lost at this point and at some point in your possession you can find the tickets you can mail them into us and they’ll refund it we’ll give you a receipt well i’m not going to locate them you just try and look that’s all right no the essay i’m just explaining to you honestly i gotta go ma’am i’m not she’s issuing all the tickets you really don’t care no we we do care we do ask you to rep you know to read purchase tickets am i happy with southwest no i’m not happy with southwest southwest is not the low-priced airline they claim to be because because they’re telling me basically to walk don’t give up dad better make up his mind fast their flight leaves in 20 minutes but i don’t understand why we have to have a freaking doctor’s order for two liters of oxygen you get that much in the air in chicago grandma is blissfully unaware of what’s going on at the other end of the terminal okay we cannot you know indefinitely delay that flight obviously it needs to go with the people down there so where are you at with going on that flight not going on like so good to me she won’t leave me we’re very close myself and my son have to go okay i have no choice there is no place she would have to go somewhere you’d have to bring her to a hospital or back to manicare or wherever we can’t take her well you’re the one who got involved and stopped

us from getting on the freaking plane after i went through weeks of planning this if that’s even the slightest possibility that you could require oxygen i’m gonna require oxygen in 10 minutes it’s time for v to find grandma and break the bad news we’ve talked to your doctor and unfortunately he’s not willing to sign a release he’s a jerk he’s an athlete not my doctor i know he’s just not willing to say that you can go without oxygen because he’s injected or released or signed a release why do they really speak i don’t know man actually with their my grandson olive said he’s crying he’s white as a sheep no good to do to ten-year-old child i was looking forward for this for nearly a month for for a week but the dahlias won’t be going to vegas tonight is stopping her from getting on this airplane looks like the mom’s going to be going back to the hospital and we’re going to get the daughter-in-law and her son out tomorrow so that’s what’s going to happen it’s been a long day she’s yelling excuse me attacking a 78 year old what am i not trying to be a champion that’s airline stinks yeah i don’t know what you’re trying to do you’re sure that she got on the flight sylvia saravia is at lax to meet her 12 year old daughter off the incoming oakland flight but there’s no sign of her you have a cell phone can you call the people that dropped her off and make sure so she’s tall and blonde okay we can walk around and see if we can try to find her but honestly i don’t know where she is i’m scared you know too many things happen i’ll walk down with you let me let all the other soups know that you’re looking for her okay attention uh everybody with a radio if you happen to find a biaca garcia 12 year old blonde tall brown eyes with her mother still separated from her vital heart medication enos has reached breaking point i can’t speak now but it appears the airline has had a change of heart america even at 3 30 that connects in las vegas and then the bags will be the once they come into islip um they will be delivered to the house is that okay do we go ahead and do that brian go ahead look at that so we were able to get the go ahead for um a 3 30 flight on america west another carrier just because this is a special situation in fact where the medications in the bag and she needs that medication are you happier i wish the offer is you know probably the beginning but you know they give us a hard time if you want to get on that flight of louisville you will be repurchasing tickets there’s not any policy back in chicago much to melissa’s relief brian agrees to purchase a ticket i’m sorry i’m sorry i didn’t get it i apologize i hope you find your tickets he may have spent 162 dollars more than he wanted but at least brian’s mood has recovered she came he talks too much he just doesn’t know when to shut up yes it’s kind of stupid to lose some tickets i’ll go along with that but i felt that like i was treated like a sub human like i didn’t exist i know how to treat people and you know again the customer may not always be right correct however the customer is always the customer stuff happens and i get to go home so that’s all that matters i get to be with my family the daughter was very sweet i mean she’s just apologizing and you know she i think she was trying to get her dad to be quiet for a little while does it ever stop the southwest they just want to keep agitated back in l.a there’s still no sign of the missing 12 year old blonde who is calling for yolanda on

the uh she’s here yeah she waited for me there and it soon becomes clear why is this her yeah she’s not blonde i thank you solved mystery solved in phoenix rob jenny and rebecca are approaching the end of their 6 000 mile journey i’ve wanted to become a grandmother the moment i became a mother i knew it was next and that’s the greatest step i’m gonna wait for you oh i’m just thrilled to dad she’s wanted to do this for a long long time no the mascara starts to drip then it’s off to the hotel for a celebration thank you so much love you guys you