Destination: Destin Florida Bull Sharks How to catch them with the Western States Sportsman

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Destination: Destin Florida Bull Sharks How to catch them with the Western States Sportsman

Oh hi I’m Ken veiny from Westar state sportsmen calm by Dave Langston earlier this year I had the privilege of interviewing Craig man the charter boat captain in destin florida we did a video on how to shark fish and I expressed interest to him that I would love to catch a shark well next thing you know I’m on a plane to destin florida after a bunch of delays finally touched down the fourth wall Craig man was able to pick came in handy it sales do happy about that but I’m glad to see him we went back to his place you have to grab my luggage next morning we got up headed over got the book cleaned up got herself some chow I knew we would at the Western State sportsman prostaff campaign in the house I alright guys let the games begin you shove their own food and I would be aware that Daniel Kyle danni brandon and kyle lowe the go pre Barney it’s a symphony whatever filleting them the other one’s skin enter the boat was cleaned we went the buddies boat and got our Chum and out to the Gulf we went let me tell you something it was beautiful we got out there he dropped anchor and he’ll give us a rundown on how to set yourself up to properly catch a shark and this man knows what he’s doing okay now for the jump I got my onion

sets you can take burlap take anything just got a mess to it fine mesh but remember you don’t want to feed them just want to attract them so you want little bits and pieces I got my black gloves on you can see through that I fill it up just restraint that’s all back bones and all that may or may not cut it but no reason I’m dumping it up self-restraint it’s got the car of a catch customs black cats bunch of fish we’ll just take this out of nothing absolutely perfect for a short trip take those carcasses and fill up this bag I chain as much as I can still here in tie the bag My Kitchen last a little bit longer little tip I didn’t give you about your jump on my how-to video now I didn’t tell you that time for Chum to use its best oily greasy but you can use what you have those of you have access to mint Haven oil shorts love can’t stand take whatever you have and hey loyal just increases your chances that much more then we have back photo pretty simple anybody can do on that road through push the Russians bag Luke and more in that’s a life inside got fleas on your boat take that back throw it over I like I like to let it sit at the top of water top the water’s going to slap it around a little bit turn it up oh you may or may not be able to see the little particles in the scent coming off it that’s what’s happening just push it to bag one time you got a tag in here just got to make a dog right here simple squaring off call it anything that’s going to haul that’s good to go we have now started our tumblr I’m going to do the same thing on one on the other side just a way to get that set out in the current so if anything swimming around out there he’ll follow that sound all the way back to the boat okay guys we got our Chum out showed you how to do the chum bag we got a real real pretty slick going now we’re going to tire here it’s just like I showed you the how-to video coming off my school Ron rale got a hundred-mile test monofilament first thing I’m gonna do is put this weight on there put it on first slip your monofilament through there saturday will get it out of the way next thing you want to do is put your plastic meat on again this plastic beads is going to protect your not so that weight be gone wait then your plastic bead and you’re going to tie a swift barrel swivel this barrel swivel is not very big but it is a 400 pound test so relatively speaking it’s pretty strong push your line through months push it back through sleep on them with a loop where you can just take a look for a real simple check that blue taking over hand knot

just regular gray Nina take the loop over top here swill full time real simple not real strong not rarely rarely rarely doesn’t super tight just tight enough to make sure it’s inch take that tag and what’s left over Tim it up about a quarter inch God doesn’t stretch to bus so you’ve gotten fairly close I leave about a quarter for hands of an inch today we’re using marvel monofilament because we’re going to catch and release when i’m going to keep these sharks so again take your monofilament leader to be wire could be cabled to be whatever you have I want it to be strong this is again another pound test pretty strong but we’re not worried about losing again gonna catch another palomar not put it in the other in your swim of course running through make yourself a loop so you’ve got a loop there again just a regular overhead or any not just a regular overhead grating up like that and now you have to take the other end look in and push it to the knob through that yes i can take that look whatever you not found a cinch down time real simple tell more neurons they’ll hold a lot if you want to see it slow motion you want to get a really good idea just google a lowborn vol they are callable real simple not to use run away again trim it up so you got your main line wait again that bead is there to protect your not see how that weight be bouncing on that knob you didn’t have that beam when you’re in the water water’s going to bounce you up and down it’s going to be peanuts going to get that be steady or not for me pretty critical piece of piece of equipment so then we have our leader without circle again that’ll more he’s any notch more so that’s how you set up a shark our break this is a Bonita remember the tuna family the lonely lonely bloody member who do a lot of people like to eat them any fish is pretty much edible personally I don’t like great shot really bloody really greasy this is what I use to talk target my big shot very very boy very very very active too short okay now to where we’re going to take this made it real simple never try to get up here nice and a thin without a big flood again on one side of the backbone try to go up underneath the back something like that then that’d be very deep just long she got real good Oh get it get a warrant no one just to take it cool throw away now that’s what we got this one we’re going to drop all the way to the bar when that a it all the way the ball got about a three and a half four foot piece later on there he’s gonna win his bottom what a real line until you feel that way try to get that weight up off the bottom try to get that piece of day just just bounce near the bar don’t have to be

right on the bottom distance off the bottom just want that weight then that piece of this big near or we got set up here it couldn’t be any simpler we got the gear got the Cho got the tackle we’ve got the bait got the water and I know the sharks down there now it’s a waiting game but it couldn’t be any simpler shark fishing it’s like catfish get away this may little better set house-town yo Nicole drink sit down have sandwich turn up the tunes enjoy i live to our life didn’t I tell you knows what he’s talking about but now it’s my turn I can’t wait to get a shark on this poll but when it happens I’m so excited I don’t even want to grab the pole at strings repin I think so fast is not all right tighten your drag a little bit all right follow try to follow him over there oh oh we got off I saw it pop all right come over come underneath it already don’t that’ll water all right there’s a good example what I was talking about we had cam hooked up with a shark hope I got the video of the shark bite the hook hope I got the old man and down he did that circle hook and shocked at a given you start to swim away you see that all old man down camp was able to get them I’d really like to give them start fight this shot well we had a monofilament later on velvet later is it the hug it’s a little bit deeper in his mouth that you want it to be those teeth are going to cut that mana a good example release your arms are really really good it’s going to come in the monofilament leader he’s really really tough line pound test goes to show you those two make that choice either face with the monofilament and being prepared to lose a couple with a piece of cable have something to cut that cable let that hook up with so now we’re back on the track again ha now he’s all fallen oil hey guys Oh I one way you Oh

you’re already on yes Oh God well got off are you very good terrible yes sir way to do it get it done and get it done today I have privilege and a lot of people don’t guess we’ll show else to live up in the middle of states I got the mantle charter boat remember 100m captain any treatment today by hey put me alone two sharks first bit the line off secondly we got right up here to get good video of them as a bull shark I’ll tell you I can’t thank you enough rush for shed can do that you gotta come see Craig man Frank Man Overboard calm I’m campaign this is right man Davis let’s go state schools was back down after that incredible experience a great memory and I’m thankful to have it on video we headed into the docks grab some lunch at ajs and then headed in the Destin he gave me a tour let me tell you something it’s a beautiful town but being a charter boat captain he wanted to make sure you guys knew if he got down there and you catch too many fish or you’re not staying long some of the things you can do with those fish so we stopped in a destination see hey guys craig man here with the western safe sportsman as you know we’ve got kenbe knee down here in destin with me we went out fishing the other day got great footage catching a shark he never caught a shark before but we got it done nice little shark didn’t take long just as easy as it could be just like I showed you now what we’re doing is going around Destin and we’re highlighting some of the features at destin offers that you won’t find in Pennsylvania Idaho all those places we don’t have salt water salt water fish that you may be able to find out here in destin where we are now is at destin ice seafood market in delhi and with us we have James up manager of the destination seafood market Bailey James thank you sir appreciate the time you give them to us today not a problem now what we want to talk about is working here in destin running a charter boat we both know you’re working in the the other part of the industry here that we get a lot of people that come here they visit they love it they want to come back they visit not only the charter boats to fish but they also visit your store if they don’t want to fish they’ll come and buy some food from you some fresh seafood now I know already that you carry the press attendance how long how long has destined I’ve been here we’re going from going on 27 years 27 years so you guys started back in the day oh yes back in

the day good so you’ve seen a lot of things come and go what how seasonal is it from destin ice you know it’s it’s very seasonal we haven’t you know we call it a hundred days of summer but we have so many you know loafers that will hear that you know come to me you know in the hall and all season that i really i have all season but i’m not a dead you know a lot of a dead season January February now is kind of still bad but you know we sail we run seven days a week 365 so you’re open almost all year almost all your highlight all year three days a year you close three days here and that’s grevioux employees a break probably for holidays yeah give them something to eat I hear you right here yeah well uh again I’m looking around and I see some pretty good stuff we’ve we’ve come in and one of the questions I think that most people would ask is when they come in to look for seafood or French fish fish specifically what is it they would look forward to make sure that they get a fresh piece of fish well the first thing you look for you look at the eyes you look the cloudiness in the eyes if you’re cloudy you don’t want that fish that means the fish is not fresh you look you know how clear the eyes you also open up the gills if you see some brown in the gills that means the pressure is not fresh that’s what you mean that’s intuitive destiny says so much to choose from lobster fresh for ladies fresh fish all brought in from the Gulf you can’t get any better than that and you can’t get any fresher tonight so come on down and check them out and I guarantee you won’t be able to resist their shrimp and crawl day Destin ice hasn’t forgotten us you like surf and turf there are plenty of cuts to choose from and when you’re done with that you can move over to the desserts look how great day look not only does dustin ice have the freshest fish and the freshest shrimp they have all the condiments to go with it they got all the cajun for your fish and all the old bay to go with your shrimp and when you’re done with dinner you can sit down and relax with a bottle of wine come down to destin eyes see what they had come see james he will definitely take care of you and again we appreciate your time no problem anytime it’s been great there you know and there you have it folks western states forsman and Destin Destin I see food mart seafood market in Delhi James hough getting it done hey doll i’m ken Betty from Russell Steve sportsmen calm this is craig man from Russia she was calm and let me tell you something we had a fabulous trip down here Craig put me on 2nite sharks I lost the first one fit through the line filament line is that what you call them down monofilament yeah at moment then he gave me a steel leader and we brought it right up to the back he could a shot at we could have yanked it right out of the water with a great outfit here with Oldham armor Destin Florida Olins been here a long time all kinds of fishing here different seasons for different fish shark year-round to blast some of the easiest things we can do is catch a shark one of the most fun things we can do is catch a shark you can put you on a shark but you better hold onto that pole because it’ll drag you all over and do not wear flip-flops wear sneakers yeah well suggest you know if you guys watch my how-to video i did a how-to on shark fishing and what we did is brawl came down here to destin to try to put some of that too to use i showed you how to rig it I taught you about the gentleman talked about everything I could think of and then we got out on the boat the Gulf win since here and got it done thank you for your time thank you for viewing this thanks Steve Langston Thank You Craig man I’m kendini and we’re with western states sportsman dicom see there Oh