Edge of the Empire | Second Sunrise 00

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Edge of the Empire | Second Sunrise 00

Seale: What’s up everyone? This is a new a podcast project we’re going to do and it’s called Tabletop Galaxy. What it is is we have several players, several GMs, and several folks working together and we’re going to be using the Star Wars roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games. Instead of just doing one long campaign, we’re actually going to be much more modular where we rotate through a couple of different GMs, do flashback episodes, have guest stars, and just explore all kinds of stories that take place in the Star Wars galaxy So, that guy [Stephen] is gonna be GMing half of our first arc. I say half because, well, he’s going to tell you why I say half Stephen: So I’m Stephen. I am going to be the GM for for this first arc for this group So we’re running two groups concurrently together the other GM is RobBRollin’ on Twitter… or “rolling” there’s a G at the end. It’s not “rollin”… it probably is now. Sorry, I ramble too much.. you’re welcome for this intro Seale. You guys have never sat down and recorded with me but this is pretty normal Greg: Shout out to the editors! So,for this first arc we’re calling it ‘Broken Space’. I’m not gonna tell you why because secrets and stuff but there are two groups that we’re going to be kind of running storylines parallel to one another that are working for different operatives and and to give you a little more background as Seale said we’re using the the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG rules specifically we’re doing the Edge of the Empire stuff so the fringes of the galaxy. I’m holding this sharp thing for no reason. If I stabbed myself in the face, it’d be a great first show eh? So, fringes of the galaxy kind of… the black market… the Hutts the Black Sun and like all the criminal organizations that’s the world that were exploring in Star Wars. Which I’m really excited about! Yeah so we’re gonna We’re doing a session zero right now just to kind of get our characters established. We’re all pretty stinkin new to the system I’ve GM to the beginner box and I’ve played one one shot um actually with with Nick and bounty hunter and what is what’s the rest yells experience why don’t actually let’s backtrack for a second let’s introduce each other ourselves no let’s introduce each other so that’s Gregory I found him on Twitter it started strong arm hang strong-arming him into some of my one shots because I was doing these one shots where I just grabbed five random Twitter people and after a couple of one shots I was like dude you’re pretty awesome and we should play in some stuff together so I continued to strong-arm him into my D&D essentials kit game and from there led into like some more genesis one shots and other great stuff and he’s just he’s my favorite hype man the the the amount of excitement that Gregory puts out is just why I had to have him on this show and he’s doing this cool thing right now it’s called Dean daily where every day he has a RPG related vlog and you know 3 to 10 minute vlog where he puts a topic and just talks about something in the tabletop hobby and it’s really awesome and you should check him out Wow somebody introduce somebody else no I do want to say that by strong-arming me he means like beating me off with a stick as I begged him for you know like let’s play another game dude he wouldn’t even let me finish the last game before this one tried to get started thank you for that awesome intro yeah you have to introduce Nick now who you’ve met for 16 minutes sniff that would be a little easier but that’s okay I can do Nick this is what this or cuz I’ve seen Nick play and I like Nick style Nick brings a really amazing character to every game that I’ve seen and he is part of the initiative roll crew or roll initiative depending on which platform you’re on which is confusing so you have to straighten us out with that Nick but they are an amazing group that does incredible games actual play games and some really fantastic videos on YouTube especially specifically around role-playing and creating interesting characters monsters and so forth and I love everything they

are doing and I’m thrilled that Nick is gonna be our muscle for this game because I think he nails that character and I’m excited to see what he brings to this table so but you do need to clarify for us how do we know where to find you most of the time it’s going to be roll initiative unless you’re on Twitter and then it’s at initiative roll I believe because roll initiative was already taken as I’m sure most content creators understand as the one crit wonder TV can attest to there’s a space puppy behind you you need to put a green vest so just yeah he’s a big by the way is that check check check better yeah you’re good cool all right never wait who am i introducing not me I’m not Greg you can’t introduce yourself right so wonder ever except for twitch which we already talked about he’s possibly active on Twitter and puts a bunch of these cool games together and he’s done D&D and he’s done Genesis and he’s done a bunch of different things and he’s almost done doing dragons of ice fire peak he got like one more episode hopefully and he also does like a bunch of really good tabletop RPG puns all the time and he also says sarcasm is strong and yeah I’m kind of a jerk if I weren’t so witty and funny hashtag Punk rape wonder conquer wonder well right now no nigga to introduce never yeah we have never at Kniffin if she is all around the internet you can find her everywhere doing all kinds of as she likes to say and I quote creeping on other people’s fun stuff but she has lots of fun stuff of her own all the artwork for our characters that you see today was done by the NIF yeah and yeah so it’s super fun imma get I’m really excited to get to get to play with her and see where this space kitchen and space puppy lead pull her idea yes I’m responsible for most non storyline shenanigans I think plot twist the most important storyline is the kitchen and the puppy puppy do in the space kitchen you guys are gonna be searching the galaxy for something and then all of a sudden it’s gonna be space puppy yeah our version of a shopping episode is just a puppy episode I can dig it solemn plains yeah so that’s it we are doing what you got to introduce yourself i’m stephen i that’s okay i yeah i do stuff on the internet and basically anybody watching this so i how about one of us says one thing about Steve that we know that might be cool I’ll first go Stephen is an amazing DM and you can find him at not quite heroes podcasts it is unbelievably fun everyone on that cast is incredible and he is running a phenomenal game that’s how I found out about this wonderful person they’re doing this really cool like community built world podcast thing that I learned about when I dragged him and his whole crew on my like well role hide don’t die interview show and got to learn about how he went through the steps to set up the crew that he has right now and the world that they are playing in and it was very interesting he also just released something on DM skilled for the Bard College of nightmares home brew things so that’s pretty cool everyone should go check this out because it’s awesome it’s spooky it’s gonna beat you hiss really good yeah I hit copper in like 24 hours which was cool and kind of really weird so I should do that whole like writing

some of my ideas down yeah and I got I so I’m gonna say this about that I’m really proud of it I got so much help from Robby roll and his over there on the chat lots of lots of help from him and Emily who’s on the podcast I’m not quite heroes who plays Firefly and drop the die or drop I never know if it’s drop the diode drop the dice even though he was a guest on our show for like four episodes guy drop the day sorry JB you’re probably not watching so it’s fine I watched once that I got it come on you can do this I I have a lot of talents but remembering anything is not one of them so you’re gonna forget that you didn’t give me through space puppy’s real soon I think I already did give you three space puppies oh yeah he said it it’s cannon I recorded it it’s it’s yeah if you wanna find anything all of our credit they’re gonna go to dog food if you get enough space puppies you don’t need dog food that got dark much like your garage I know isn’t it cool I feel like I look really when we were playing college and I had this lighting that was perfect anyways so Star Wars broken vase wait Nick has to say one thing Nick has to say one thing damn well I played a game I played Steven played in that one shot with with us and has a really awesome energy and I think you guys are really gonna like him as GM and I’m I’m pumped to see what he does really awesome I’m excited this is a really really fun group as I mean we’ve been on while we’ve been on line now for like 50 minutes or something like that way but we’ve mostly been laughing and so that’s a good that’s a good good good sign for a group so we had that little outline that we wrote somewhere we had structure once yeah structures y’all ignored all my hard work you know what you are the glue that keeps us together so amazing yeah let’s check off the boxes yeah I found I found the list so the first thing was explain our goals what the podcast was and I think we I think we nailed that and we know who we are and some people maybe we could get more specific like saying that we are gonna play our sessions every other week and the other the group too is going to also do every other or they might do every week yeah I think they’re doing they’re doing every week but they’re doing shorter sessions Robyn mine schedules worked out perfect and there are Tuesday nights that sound right Thursday nights at 9:00 CDT until it changes to CSD to our sessions early week and we are a three-hour sessions area or week we’re also going to intersperse that with an amazing talk show that is going to be headed by none other than if ur she’s over there right that’s I’m trying to point across that way or that way I gotta figure this out we’ll figure it out it’s fine anyway so we’re gonna do a talk show where we’re gonna like recap the sessions talk tactics talk mechanics and then just generally geeked out about Star Wars because we are like he said kind of new to this system and so if you’re new to this system you will see us going hey I would like to run to take cover and in a timeout let’s talk about how cover works while we’re playing but we’re also gonna do things we’re in the talk show we we say hey remember in the last episode where somebody decided they wanted to you know fly the ship through that super narrow canyon and we got into flying through terrain and that kind of stuff well let’s let’s go more in-depth on that and so we’ll talk about that a little bit discuss the the recap from the episode of why certain things were happening and then maybe possibly do like training scenarios where it’s like okay here’s you’re all in a ship and you’re flying through the Death Star trench let’s let’s talk about the different mechanics of that so yeah cuz like we said we’re all we’re all pretty new to the system and I think like the more I’ve dug into the system and started going through the core the core rulebook and some of the expansions and stuff if it’s really cool the mechanics

are really fun it’s very narrative in nature but we are new and and there’s it doesn’t get as much as as much publicity as something like the indie where you can also do things like spin an entire campaign on a planet surface and not really touch on space combat rules and stuff so you can beyond session 30 and then suddenly have a bunch of rules that no one’s really messed with before and you’re like why didn’t the pilot read how to drive the ship oh no cuz y’all made me shoot guys for 40 episodes see for now having played this SL that sounds really deeply personal I’m hinting very slightly at someone who may or may not watch this show who was in the group that IgM for and spent 12 sessions as one of two pilots in the group and had a whole side arc where they went and stole another ship so I was like oh no the group has two ships this is going to be like easy mode for them they have twice as many ships as the module is built for but then never spent any of the time between sessions to spend XP and like get any actual piloting skills bounced it off every jagged piece of metal on rest arrived left the ship would one whole whole point left like it had one hit point before the ship blew up parked it and then they left it there because when it come time to leave the planet they didn’t want to be in the smoking wreckage that was because I don’t have time to fix it it’s amazing yeah so the pilot didn’t read any of the piloting parts of the book and then proceeded to bounce a whitey 2400 off of everything they could find yeah so I’m gonna do a little bit of a GM thing real quick and say well we that’s the those are our those are our kind of goals for the show as a whole I do want to ask you for like do you guys have specific do you all have specific goals for your characters for what you want these sessions to be like and that that sort of stuff just just to kind of hash out that maybe cuz I my biggest goal as a GM is always that the the players that I’m playing with whether it’s for a show or just at home are engaged and having fun so the things that get you excited about this game are important to me the things that if you go like if we run into this stuff it’s just gonna bum me out like I’m not into whether it’s like mechanic like I’m better at doing this in D&D because I played a lot more DD but like if someone’s like someone’s like man if we get stuck in like a three session dungeon crawl like I’m out like I’m not I’m not gonna be engaged I’m not a part of that so that’s that’s really important to me so I just want to throw that out to you to you all and and to hear your thoughts on on that anyone want to go first I mean if we can find a three session dungeon crawl in this setting I’d be impressed but there’s lots of ruins and Star Wars you can also end up on some really good planets and where things I’m looking for I dig the like shady underbelly edge of the Empire kind of stuff which is why I so much enjoyed this specific piece of the system since the system spans all of Star Wars as much as I like Star Wars I care much more for the bounty hunters and smugglers and like I like Firefly like the TV show Firefly I like those kind of stories of this is us on our ship and we’re just trying to make it to the next point and yeah we’re not quite heroes a bad guys but whatever it takes to keep the boat in the air and flying and get us to our next mission and and the way that obligation can kind of play into that and stuff so as long as we’re exploring that kind of part of Star Wars I’ll always be happy and that’s why like the solo movie I dug in a solo movie that they started introducing crimson dawn and the Pyke syndicate and all these great things about the Star Wars galaxy when the movies usually only follow the Skywalker family and focus on the the black white or gray aspect of space wizards when there’s all this cool stuff that no one ever talks about and Disney went and deleted the you know the EU and and all that sweet backstory stuff so yeah fringe survival stories is my jam but I’ll be happy no matter what we do yeah and our long lines with that too is that you know I’ve sort of designed Zarko as as a survivalist we were just hanging out like a week ago and I was going through the equipment list to sort of get prepped and ready and I sort of realized as I’m putting together Mike Wow this is weird this guy seems like he’s a survivalist like like a like a doomsday prepper almost kind of feel so and with his you know his idea

of scouting obviously that sort of ties in to what I like in games I think so I think pretty similar to what just what bounty hunter just said is like I would love to do the sort of somewhat survival against all odds kind of feel Firefly is a perfect way to say it of like you know we’re just out here in our tiny little ship just trying to get by and and you know make the next job happen that would that theme would definitely appeal to me yeah so sort of like small fish in a big pond he told us sort of a few ya know I love I love all of the aspects of this game so like I’m just as stoked if we have an entire session of just social stuff we’re just role-playing and maybe meeting NPCs that’s just fine with me and if we have an entire session that’s like entirely combat be it space combat or on the planet or whatever or in a space station or however it plays out I love all that so yeah I like a nice mix of like I’d love to get a little taste of the whole bouquet or the whole banquet mmm perfect Nick or Never I don’t know kind of everything they’ve said like I also really like just the survivalist aspect of like we get to be in charge of like okay we’re gonna go out and make our own plot and stuff like we’re not just following oh the Skywalker’s the force whatever like so I like that we kind of can go where we want there and like have agency to go interact with the world and stuff I’m gonna have to change all those Skywalker NPCs I made I won’t like six more space puppies and maybe another space kitchen you can get whatever you want with enough credits it’s yes so I’m literally just in in your what you want section on my notes I’m literally just writing space puppies like so far the lister says Firefly Firefly so lazy space Buffy but also like actually getting ten direct like I really love sudden like unique NPCs and like getting to have really crazy social interactions and like wacky ideas and stuff but also like getting to see like what we can do with combat is also fun too because like the dice system in this game is so much more adaptive and so much cooler than because like India be it’s like oh you pass fail whereas here it’s like well we can come up with something creative together for whatever happens that’s what I’m I like that that’s what I’m so excited about the system is the dice pool and the the like kind of cooperative building out and telling of the story of what the dice pool represents is not it’s not all on me to be like this this happens or this doesn’t happen I also enjoyed that it really gets player buy-in like indie and need a little bit of that the rogue is always trying to say that there’s a telephone pole in the middle of that cow pasture that he can hide behind but like I feel like this system much more facilitates like can I get a boost dive I all I’ll hold out my hands and try to push them up so they get a boost died on their climb or no my shot may have missed but I wanted to distract them so bad that they turn over here and look and then you know cane runs into the group and throws a grenade yeah whatever that’s what I’m looking forward to is that is the dice setting and stuff too so yeah so I definitely dig the the survival aspect too as well but as the combat heavy person I would also like some combat some as all of my skills will be tailored to shooting people I mean it’s Star Wars you can’t you can’t not shoot stuff yes also in the last game system that I played like this I literally stared somebody until like stared at somebody until they bled so like you can make combat out of anything noted awesome that’s intense therefore it was intense I think I think the stuff that we’ve that Robin I’ve been working on will fit really really well into that to kind of the the games you’re describing in your hopes so I’m I’m really excited about that is there anything that you’re just like like please know like don’t do this don’t don’t go there I I just want to throw that out there especially especially from like is there anything that I could do that would shut you off of role

playing and engaging in the story that’s that’s what that’s really important to me to avoid that kind of stuff does that make sense er anything that I would have to answer that question with would be like less of a an RPG theme and more of like don’t be a dick yeah don’t be weird and creepy to the female of the group don’t like you know those kind of things like let’s avoid certain red flag topics yeah keep it like fun I don’t mind like serious moments and stuff like that but especially depending on how you choose to drop that severity on people make sure that you have a good read on that person before you like your character the person that they super care about dies and I didn’t like bring it up to you at all but like your brother’s dead yeah brother already is dead Shh okay well he’s suddenly he’s alive and he don’t run that by you yeah but yeah I mean that’s I leave it it like don’t be a jerk yeah you need anything else I will adapt to and I I strongly believe in feedback both in like my real life like job thing but also in gaming feedback is how you learn if you were having a good time tell everyone that you are having a good time you are not having a good time tell people and they will know that you are not having a good time and can work on adjusting that so it’s less about avoiding everything and more about a being open to feedback and be giving feedback both from all of the players to the DM from the players to the other players and DM to players so be normal humans and talk to each other yeah yep yeah I’m on that 100% I like it I think there’s probably like one or two like real hardcore red flag the topics that we can if we stay away from that stuff then we’ll probably have a good time I’m fine with things getting intense like life and death like where you know we could have like lots of seriousness and and heavy emotions stuff that’s cool is I think the way I get a read from this group there’ll be enough light-hearted moments in between that kind of thing that you know a nice range of like whoa this is real deal stuff and we better think about this and I mean I’m gonna try to stay in character as much as possible and I’m okay with being pushed you know and made to feel uncomfortable to a point but yeah I think like CEO said as long as it’s not like really sinister dark nasty stuff yeah let’s have some fun and see where things go perfect I that that’s how I feel about gaming in general I just I I really think it’s important to establish the those kinds of things very very early on and then I will also say as we’re playing you guys are all welcome at any point to to message me wave at me do this any way that you if you if there’s something that you are uncomfortable with I steer things away and move on from things and and if something comes up that I feel is not appropriate I will I will also just move on from that yeah we could maybe off off screen the four five of us can work out a signal or something that that way this is like this is why I had she’ll make the big goof emoji for me sent it to you guys I will say that yeah despite the fact we are live-streaming the plan is for an edited show and I’ll get better at editing as we go along but if we wander into a point and need to be like alright time out let’s read Kon let’s let’s back up before we go into that room I’ll chop recordings and adjust so that the final product both the audio and the video side don’t necessarily have to have that baby in the background when they’re time when someone made it that’s what she said joke I believe brought us into another be that’s a really good idea yeah yeah I and and I just lost track of what I was going to say so I agree stay away from my space puppies cuz I’m sure they will this might this might also be a good time to bring up we had talked about sort of like a rating system on our on the podcast and on our stream did we nail down we were looking at pg-13 if I remember I yeah and I was thinking I’ve actually put a little bit of thought into that because this is Star Wars and they do use fun language to like basically swear without really swearing and I love yeah and I definitely plan on getting plenty of it who do ya

Star Wars swearing cool if yep I’ll probably be the one to do it because I’ll give you a run for your money I cuss a lot of my job I’m sorry but I need to learn how to make that cool beep noise so if Nick and I cuss I’ll I’ll get a nice grab of never looking straight at the camera and just saying Chris and all that over the top I’m for that that’s cute I think that’s absolutely important can we get a few of those now just for editing purposes you need to also like do that icon over their mouth but just have it be like big yikes it’s gonna be Oh No cheapy oh no going you could have you can have different you can have different symbols based on what the word was so then people who really care can decipher your system and then they’ve been really good session zero and we’re not talking about our characters or building world just discussing how to edit out and the inevitable cussing yeah we’ve got two hours we’ve got plenty of time we got time and he says with that but I will say reaming baby upstairs setting speaking of characters I think we should talk about those so for people listening why don’t you guys well I don’t know if you guys have read each other’s brief backgrounds or not I have yes like we all know everything about each other already so why don’t you why don’t y’all introduce your characters a little bit of their background where they’re coming from and then we can talk then we can start having a conversation of why why are you for a tea together use these just as a quick aside there you told us that we have already met each other and already working together at story start yes right so episode 1 we will already know each other we can we can interject things like oh well the reason is because as we are meeting but we don’t have to roleplay out the you meeting at average actually let me let me before we do that I’m gonna give the people who are listening a little bit of background for what we’re for where and what’s kind of the state of the galaxy that’ll probably help as we describe what our characters looking for to know why we’re here yeah so the the tougher timeline this is just after the first Death Star has gone boom and is no more we are starting on the plan of Socorro which if you are familiar with Star Wars lore you will know that that’s where Lando Calrissian is originally from it’s a Outer Rim planet it’s very volcanic in desert II and basically like 3/4 of the planet is just like this giant black wasteland of volcanic ash what’s interesting about Socorro is that it’s kind of primary function in the galaxy turns into modifying ships illegally um his is their main source of income and that has created a system where kind of all the major I can’t think of the right word like ship your actions factions like a so like the huts the black sons the Pyke’s independent bounty hunters they all have kind of stationed here and and there’s not a actual set government over over the planet there’s kind of a loose alliance or kind of uh might make sure you yeah yeah exactly there’s like a loose treaty between all the factions it’s like hey we all we all use this area but but nobody nobody really necessarily runs runs the planet but what that does make it good for is it’s good for picking up odd jobs it’s good for finding mechanics it’s good for earning a quick buck doing things that the Empire is not a super big fan of there are lots of different people who would come in and out of the planet even the occasional imperial ambitious Imperial who wants to mod something specific for themselves someone who’s associated with the rebels might come here you’re looking for some sort of tech to help in there in the rebellion there’s a whole kind of diverse group of people who will be here though all of it is black market related so that’s where you’re starting the city you will be in is in my notes I mean like to the Wikipedia page talks about ya know it’s you’re gonna be in the capital which is session zero

mmm on Vicky’s ax is how we’re gonna say that is the city that you are all starting in so I’m happy for however you all got there to be either together you can meet on the planet you can meet off planet you can have run some jobs together that’s kind of open to you to y’all’s an interpretation so why don’t we start whoever I’m on I’m on the zoom chat right now know whoever’s right there start now we’re gonna alphabetically because Ellie’s character also leads into my that’s Mary two ways so Ellie goes okay so I am gonna be playing Ellie full name oh no Ella kami she’s a twilight she’s purple and she’s a colonist for like the career type and then her specialization is political which basically means she is from the core planets and so she’s a lot more like interactively talking with people and like kind of more the face of the group and so kind of the backstory that I have for her is she was part of the Black Sun organization like this huge interplanetary mafia type thing and she was kind of like all set up with like okay she’s gonna take over for the family and then she decided that she didn’t want to be part of the mob anymore so she stole a lot of their property and right away and that’s how we got our spaceship so and that always ends positively you know what I’m trying not to think about and I’m gonna backtrack real quick because I don’t know how many of our listeners or viewers have played the Star Wars Fantasy Flight game so every character has a species Twi’lek and a career and a career specialization so that’s that’s kind of the language that then if it was using their twice like just forgot what you are colonists Oliver career which means like from the inner planets and like started in the inner worlds and made it out to the outer rim somehow for some reason so yeah if you want to think about it in D&D terms for anyone coming from that particular field your species is like a race it’s it’s the the type of person you are your career is your class and in your specialization is your subclass so she is a colonist but there are six different kinds of colonists just like there’s you know multiple kinds of fighters so there you go and the way that I got awesome so so I my character started on Khorasan actually like the most well known biggest city planet in the world it is a semi accurate so the way that she got off of course that was she essentially said like put out a public call of hey I have a ship I can’t fly it somebody fly me off of this rock and I think I’m pointing right way yep no down here that’s it yeah so Zarko is a I’m playing Zarko cruise and he is a human and the career is Explorer and the specialty is scout and so Zarko story start basically is that he was raised by sort of like middle s law and family where they were basically like mothers a scientist fathers an engineer they’re skilled workers essentially have a comfortable lifestyle and all he could ever think about was like the stars and what’s out there and get me off of this crazy city world with too many people and species from everywhere so he became he also was fascinated by like archaea and ancient civilizations in this whole you know just all this kind of mythology so he decided to take an imprint of ship or internship or something like this and went out with an exploration crew out to the Outer Rim and when he got out to the Outer Rim he studied everything he could he learned everything he could in particular he learned how to like be that guy who like drove the forklift and and the you know – you know piloted the

ship or whatever needed to be done he would put his hands on it if he could look tried to learn from everybody and when that ended they brought him back to Coruscant and he was like you know miserable like what the hell am i doing back here I can’t stand this place I need to get off of this this rock and well it’s not even a rock get off of this you know giant metal sphere of people and then I saw this saw this ad that said hey I need a pilot so he jumped at the opportunity and met up with le and and basically he was like hey I can fly your ship let’s go and I and so he again I sort of figured out this he’s kind of like a survivalist so I had it in my mind like yeah you know what he’s ready for anything so he literally like had a go-bag for just such an occasion like on a drop of a hat he was ready to leave and so he literally picked up his backpack he probably responded to her ad and said like yeah I’ll be there in like five minutes and we can go and so grabbed his stuff went met her and they left the planet then he found out about what he got into oh great game where they opened the trunk of the car and just like a billion space puppies the classic space puppies if so kind of wrong place wrong time sort of places what happens when he’s there jobs off of space Craigslist and so I so we had so this is kind of gonna tie into one of the discussions we have to have tonight about our ship because we had sort of toyed with the idea that the ship that she didn’t really know what she was doing maybe when she was checking a ship or went into dad’s like collection of old spaceships or something and when we got on it we’re like this thing’s a wreck we need a mechanic probably then found I think the idea is that maybe I had some connection we haven’t worked out the details but I definitely know V as a mechanic out on a rim so let’s work out those details I know a guy yes as far as a previous back story between Vosk and Zarko I am cool with that I am also cool with you literally arriving on planet and needing to find someone because Who I am playing is Vosk boss is a duros they’re the green alien guys with no noses and ears and stuff the species as a whole though is they’re the people who first did hyperspace travel in the Star Wars universe like they’re the ones that brought that technology to the galaxy and so like they didn’t know yeah yeah they there they’re kind of like natural-born pilots and and they have that like look to the Stars wandered lusts about them and he has the same thing he’s a native of their homeworld duros and I’m still working out some of the kinks I had a story back when he was originally a human but then everyone was playing humans and I was like I’ll be a cool alien guy so I changed it and now my well I was going to join the Empire doesn’t really work because the Empire tends to be very xenophobic and not want alien officers so I’m gonna I’m gonna tweak that slightly but what I got so far is bosque was on the durov’s homeworld and he wanted to get out and explore and he thought a great way to do that would be to to become like a real pilot and I don’t want to like jeez too much on the Han Solo kindness of it but he he headed out to the archanis sector which is kind of near where we’re at and there’s a there’s a lot of piloting schools and stuff out in that area and that life didn’t work for him whether he thought he could join the Empire and didn’t realize or whether there was another fire this girl nippers dead yeah hi it was puffing and figured you didn’t want to hear it yeah we all did effort to conceal it was nothing whether I do the Empire or like a private organization or what the plan is is I was gonna work for someone and like learn the pilot and stuff like that and it didn’t work out so instead I I took my knowledge of ships and started kind of working on them and found that I liked that much better yeah I can fly it’s a thing I can do but I like the actual nuts and bolts working with ships

and I would like to own my own ship someday and to that in kind of found myself working for Hutt cartel not directly like for a hut I wasn’t you know directly hired by Jabba the Hutt but it’s a crime family and somebody kind of crossed my path at some point and I started working with them and next thing you know like they provided the funds for me to get like actual schooling and then the funds if I take more obligation we’ll get into that when we talk obligation but they basically gave me training like real training instead of like whatever space YouTube videos I could find and so now I find myself indebted to a Hutt cartel and not something I’m extremely against like I’m not on the run from Black Sun level of like obligation but definitely owe some people and so I feel like one y’all showed up with your busted ship whether it’s just old or actually busted hey a chance to make money and pay off that debt that I have is what ropes me into this thing and we’ll get more into that when I talk obligation but that’s who I am I am I didn’t do all the things I am a duros species technician career mechanic specialization nice I can kind of fly I can kind of activate the computers I can kind of work on ships you can definitely use duct tape I can point a blaster towards people well I could probably help you with that and that’s why we found you so I’m playing Cain McAllister he’s a human hired gun career with a mercenary soldier specialty Cain was born on Corellia to a pretty standard military family he was an only child and kind of grew up with this overbearing father he ended up joining the Empire and at pretty early at the age of 18 and eventually worked his way up into a into a command and he was actually on the Death Star when it did its test run on Jeddah and seeing the horror that that the Empire could cause and their ability to just devastate a planet he decided to flee the he decided to flee the Empire so he stole plans for their next mission to warn the rebels before the Empire got to them but before he left that Death Star that day he sent a message to his dad the message said I’m sorry and then he stole a he stole a ship and flew away and he flew to the rebels who immediately didn’t trust him but he managed to convince them and get them out before the Empire showed up to destroy them and he worked for the rebbe he worked for the Rebel Alliance he was actually leading a black ops mission and in that mission they appeared to be betrayed and everyone except Kane is murdered and he manages to escape with his life but is warned by one of his old friends in the Rebel Alliance on the way back and so he manages to not go back to the base and not an evade capture and now he flies around the galaxy running from the empire and the rebels trying to clear his name so that he can go back to working for the Rebel Alliance and now joining the crew I guess I’m also on the run from Black Sun so there’s that that’s a perk of the job three people that Black Sun hates a guy who saw both the rebels and the Alliance somebody who’s working up a sizeable bill with the Jabba the Hutt cool and space party dog food we need to buy mmhmm yeah so which that’ll lead into the obligation conversation which I didn’t even think about how fun of a rhyme that is so so that’s nice so one of the things that I love love love about the system is obligation because it’s a game mechanic that is designed to push character backstories and narrative and storytelling which is really really cool so the way it kind of works actually you know what so you know how

to do that you know the system better than idea which is always good when you’re DMing why don’t you why don’t you give the more knowledgeable explanation of how he’s leaving he doesn’t like the idea nope nope I’m out I was gonna post that YouTube video again it’s a great YouTube video and you watch it I’ve acted meaning to make my own YouTube video which is why I have like the scripts my YouTube video says that you’re gonna make me explain it I was just going to go well here’s this video that I’ve been too busy with baby in school to actually it might infinite GM knowledge I knew that you were prepared I literally have including page references obligation is one of the like group rules you use it for character building but it helps kind of tie the group together and the group interacts with it eats each session because each third of this role-playing system has its own rules so edges Empire has obligation age of rebellion has duty and enforce and destiny has morality obligation specifically is some kind of debt or favor or something some something that you’re tied to in the galaxy so you could Oh somebody money you could oh somebody a favor or maybe you just have this very strict set of of codes that you’re obligated to like you’re part of a military organization or something like think of it like paladin oath almost and each obligation it consists of two parts it has the the name and narrative like story part but it also has a mechanical numerical value to it so my obligation for my character is that I owe the Hutt’s money right that the name in the narrative is debt the that I owe the money so that’s the name and the narrative there the numerical value is it starts off being based on the number of people that you have in your group and there’s a chart around page 39 edge of the Empire and what it is is you look at the number of people that you’re playing with and it tells you we recommend that you have about ten as your starting obligation so my starting obligation is 10 because I owe Jabba the Hutt some money cool is this specifically Jabba the Hutt or you just thrown it’s it’s Jabba the Hutt’s family I don’t I don’t know if you’re hip on all of your your Hutt cartels but Java is actually part of the I’m gonna butcher this been done cos yeah it’s it’s the worst it’s the cyllage ik hut family and so my starting obligation is 10 but when you are making your character you can choose to increase your obligation up to a number equal to how much you started with so if you start with 10 you cannot go over 20 obligation and you can increase your obligation to get more money and more XP when you are creating your character and it’s one of those things of like your character can be better right out the gate if you start by owing people favors and and having a drug addiction or having this really constructive oath that you’re bound to and that kind of stuff so it forces you to be like you want stuff you better put yourself into the story and so you it’s fun because it’s a mechanic that forces you to roleplay oh that’s a great that’s a great question if er why don’t you go ahead and answer yeah I chose to do that there were a couple different options for taking extra obligation you can either take extra extra extra expertise like different skills and stuff that you can by kind of like the skills and proficiencies in D&D or you can take extra money which helps you buy equipment and stuff and so I chose to take extra credits extra money so I now have double the obligation that everyone else does I left it open I haven’t decided to take or not take obligation yet I figured I’d see how session 0 went as to whether I started with 10 because nifflas got daddy’s money and she’s paying the bills or if it was 15 XP that I could get I would know exactly what I would do but with only 10 I’m like yeah back to the rules Expo in there you can like I said you can increase it by the number that you start at so if you have a larger group everyone starts with less obligation because one of the things that happens

is at the beginning of each session the DM rolls a D 100 or percentile dice or whatever and you take everyone’s obligation and you put them in order of who has the most obligation all the way down and whoever has the most starts at zero and counts up so mmm le has 20 obligation so right now she is the numbers 1 through 21 and then the rest of us all have 10 so we would just beat the next 10 numbers sequentially and Stephen would roll it D 100 and if he rolls the number that you are assigned to like if he rolled on 11 that would be Ellie’s character and since the obligation role targeted her she has her strain threshold reduced by 2 and the rest of us have it reduced by 1 for the rest of that session and it’s important to note that it’s reduced by 2 not you take 2 strain because you can’t just heal it for the rest of the session your cap is always lower let’s talk real super quick what is strain that’s so very important there is kind of two different ways you can get hurt I guess in in the the Star Wars RPG and strain is one of them but it’s more like mental damage and you know there’s there’s different things that you can actually spend strain for intentionally to do extra extra maneuvers which are like maneuvers are like the movement elements – not just mental it’s it’s physical stuff to defend the term sprinting it’s it’s your your hardiness your Constitution so yeah both mentally and physically how wore out are you instead of are you bleeding out yeah it’s so it’s it’s that it your strain leads to unconsciousness once you maxed out your strain and the the other thing that’s interesting so how we said your strain threshold lowers in the Star Wars role-playing game instead of like in D&D where you have 39 hit points and you subtract from that and you subtract to that and you subtract to that you have thresholds so if your strain threshold is 13 the first time you take strain you have one strain you have three strain you’re always moving towards that threshold and once you hit that threshold strain and particular things happen not not once you hit once you exceed and that’s very important thing that that we need to watch because I find myself messing that one up yeah if you have 12 wound threshold and you have taken 12 damage you’re still up when you take number 13 that’s when you go down yeah got it well because one thing I was thinking about it is like wounds are your your physical capacity whereas strain is your sort of mental and emotional capacity like think of it like stress or something like that yeah stress is a good way to think about it but there is physical stress too right so so your wound threshold is literally your ability to be alive yeah where is your your strain threshold is where your body like like it’s you fall you fall unconscious at the end so your body’s like nope I’m done you need to reset I need a nap before we do anything else so and I really like that they have both mechanics because it’s like hey if you know somebody’s chasing you down across the galaxy you’re gonna be a little bit stressed which is why I really like that it has like a separate mechanic and then there’s things like it has like their stun grenades or you can set set your your weapons certain weapons to stun and you can specifically attack the strain threshold which is sort of one of those unlike the indie like D&D you can say like oh this is non-lethal damage like if you’re shooting someone with a blaster you’re shooting someone with a blaster unless you said it’s a stun you can be like okay blaster like be a little nicer awesome so with obligation what so this was one sort of one of the things I needed to specifics you know to get more specific about because I was looking at the oath for Zarko and not the way I was reading it was like it can be sort of a personal code and that’s kind of how I was initially thinking of his obligation is like he’s he’s like made this like self declaration or this commitment to himself but it’s I probably haven’t had a chance to kind of express how it manifests for him so it’s like he’s that kind of dude that like he’s so obsessed with finding a planet and exploring it and claiming it or getting credit for like being the first or something like

being that Explorer that found another habitable planet like he would do stupid things if he thought he was gonna find out information that would lead him to like if he thought there was a data pod that had that that critical information on it and and it was in a mind field he would run through that minefield not walk he would run through that minefield like tell me to grab that data so I’m yes sort of like it took ranks in medicine again I thought about making it an obsession but I felt like obsession was more like drug addiction that was how I was reading it was I guess it could work either way yeah I think it’s one of those systems where you can you can do that kind of thing a house can be to an organization or I mean it’s it’s up to you it’s narrative so yeah and I so when I was reading your background I your so the other three characters have pretty they’re not shallow they’re they’re really interesting backgrounds but they’re very easy to be like okay cut someone someone from Ellie’s past that’s part of the Black Sun organization shows up and she’s like oh crap like we got some problems guys whereas your your character what’s so interesting is it leads a lot of opportunities for me like to be like at the beginning of a session to be like oh and I might like whisper this or do this off camera or even like record with you prior to us actually all meeting being like you find like you said a data pad with coordinates to somewhere you just do you think that yeah you should do things where you say at some point tonight you’re gonna see a data pad and you’re gonna know it when I say it but it’s the one yeah and that way you don’t have to interject it so the rest of us know what’s going on yeah all of a sudden that’s exact of something yeah that’s that’s my two cents on that yeah no I think that’s a really good idea the other thing too is like again we’re we’re I said like he’s sort of this survivalist so like hypothetically we have to make an emergency landing on some planet uncharted or chartered whatever and we definitely want to get the hell out like outside of a city or worse if there’s no civilization where we won’t be easily found he’s the kind of dude that would he would probably wander off and not even think of like oh I should tell the others I’m gonna go check this thing out and then like they all wake up the hell is on go and he’s out you know there’s some dragon so that’s that was sort of the the thought I had for why is this both a problem ya know and I think I think it leads a lot of a lot open to you role-playing that that like deep-seated desire to find something at the expense of those around you and at the expense of yourself and that’s I think that’s gonna be that’s gonna be really fun and that’s gonna throw some really interesting wrenches into you JJ no jealous oh yeah don’t worry there’s plenty of wrenches for you for all of you I actually have a couple of complications that I’ve been thinking up as well because I mean Elly’s character already had the debt thing going and I wanted money from the Hutt’s just for my for my thing but if I took that second obligation chunk whether it be XP or money to I I’ve I’ve got some things where it’s like alright well we’ll all just take the extra obligation and there’ll only be 10 numbers that he can roll it to begin in there were taking all the strain but I wanted to hear how bad Nick’s character was gonna be hated by every governmental force in the galaxy that is maybe this like actually genuinely good guy but just stuff has just like followed like I think it’s born under a bad side or something is not working out wrong place wrong time is my life I also considered being the jerk that’s like okay I’m gonna list know who everyone is hated by but then I’m gonna be buddy-buddy with them at some point I find out that Kane is the guy that thing like I’ve toid that school would be cool or like Black Sun offers to pay off the debt with the the huts no questions asked if I provide information you know those kind of things I like it well I was the other

thing we haven’t mentioned about obligation is you can accrue it all so yes yes which is you you get rid of it and you can get more like not just that character creation yeah so for instance if they if the group wanted to I don’t know buy buy something for their ship they wanted to upgrade their shields or something like that but didn’t have the credits to do that they could take on obligation in theory right just why it’s important to have not everyone pissed at you because right now I’m indebted to the huts but I can go to the huts and be like hey my ships falling apart I could really use five thousand more credits and then Stephen can be like alright it’s only 15 more obligation yep so so it’s it’s it’s it’s my favorite it’s my favorite mechanic in this game honestly socially for longer run stuff anyway go ahead Greg well I was just gonna say let’s let’s dial it let’s make some decisions like so did did my initial thought was that that they’re gonna it’s gonna happen soon Z and V met out in the outer-rim like when he was out there cuz he was I just had this idea of him like he would talk to anyone like he would just he just wanted if he saw you tinkering with the ship he would literally just walk up and start talking to you and I so I had this thought of like he might even not even know how good that Vosk is but he just knows vah he knows his name like oh hey wasn’t that wasn’t that duros dude out there somewhere and like maybe we can look him up do you have any specific planets that you went to on your sweet internship I don’t know enough of the outer rim to have decided that so I have to win Dantooine can’t alene Shh right on all the all the wings not something that we need to work out just a second but we can just say there is a planet that we were both at and you know he it could have just been the port that you came into on that internship before heading out somewhere even further and I could have just been there yeah but we could have we could have worked for the same place I don’t see why why not if you were the forklift driver I could have been a truck driver or whatever cool and I can like I said I left mine open to kind of patch in as we needed once I changed it off of I’m a human I want to be as if I can be aliens I guess I’ll be aliens yeah no I think that’s a great that’s a great connection point especially it works for me especially as art goes like kind of personality of just like like hey you’re doing something tell me what you’re doing fascinated by everything yeah because that’s how I so so then we need so what about how do we know our muscle man yeah we the kicker here is getting cane in the group yes so I’ve actually I’ve been thinking about that a little bit and I think that since I’m on the run from both the rebels and the Empire’s I am taking odd jobs or doing whatever I can to kind of survive in the meantime while trying to look for my you know my secret and so I think I would have actually picked up the bounty contract from the black sons and would have gone to hunt oh no down and for some reason you know I either you know met for some reason I got I got convinced not to turn her into the black side well I haven’t thought about that is because I feel like your your care background and Ellie’s background have some parallels in that like Ellie’s like my family is doing some like like like not into that and you were in your character Zayn is like like hurricane excuse me Kane was like like the Empire like I’m not about that like this is bad stuff and so you pick up this contract just assuming contracts are for bad people and you’re like okay like at least I can at least I can do something good and then you meet this Ellie and you’re like oh you’re not a you’re not a bad person that’s better than what I had cuz all I had was then seen from Firefly we’re mouths on the loading ramp and Jane’s right there and they’re like I’m gonna have your own room so ya know I really like that a lot I think that I think that I would have I I think it’d be cool if everyone’s cool with it you know if I actually would have managed to capture oh no and then on the way back like as we’re flying back you know we kind of have this dialogue by the time the other

two managed to sort of catch up with us as they go to get Ono back if we’re at that point where I would assume that you guys have already because you Greg were the pilot they got her out of there to begin with right muted you is still me thank you what I said was he doesn’t necessarily think of himself as a pilot it’s just one of those skills that he has picked up along the way and I have I kind of have this thought of like Zarko and vos just sort of like okay you’re driving neither one of them is particularly is like I’m the pilot or so I don’t know but neither of us are the pilot specializations but as we get into spaceship stuff at some point in the game we’ll have a teaching moment about that but there the great thing about spaceships is everyone can have a job and if both of us are in the cockpit you can have pilot actions and copilot actions so there are things where if the pilot is focused on getting from point A to point B the copilot can be plotting the hyperspace jump and all those Han Solo and Chewie things like while Haun is getting away from TIE fighters Chewie is flipping on the other half the switches and stuff like that so it will work in tandem you know while Cain is on the dorsal gun and Ono’s in the kitchen trying to get 15 cans of dog food from rolling down the hallway the most important job the other the other thought that to kind of piggyback off of all of that idea Nick is if you if the contract would take her take you and her to Socorro is where he would have turned it in mm-hmm then and because there’s black sanam Socorro yes because there’s everybody else of course so that’s this so he could pretty naturally he caught the two of us right yeah so like how is just there have your escape route from Coruscant be Socorro have your escape route be somewhere else that works Caine catches you and brings you to the closest black sunl maybe well yeah what were you on Corellia or no this was after that this way yeah yeah let’s get somewhere near Socorro so that Socorro was the closest bounty turn in point because he doesn’t want to have to ship her all the way back to core systems to Rinne told if he can just you know run down to the closest 7-eleven meet a Black Sun guy outside of it and hand over the hostage yeah yeah how things go and when y’all come to Socorro zharko can have that moment of well now that we’re here I at least know a guy cuz Zarko and boss could have met on Socorro before and you knew that I was here that works yeah I think that ties everything in really in a way that makes sense and I think it could it could particularly I feel like like Cain and Ellie would have had time to have the conversation obviously that Cain’s like oh maybe you’re not so bad but I think it would be really interesting to like Zarko and Cain might have some beef like particularly Zarko I could see just like not being cool with Cain like even though eventually he let Sally go like still being like wait a second like we can have this cool yeah because I mean we’re all y’all show up and you’ve decided that you’re gonna like work together you’ve convinced Cain not to turn you in and you’re like well since we’re here and the ships beat up or whatever that we figure out y’all come get Vosk and bosque isn’t aware of this weird triangle that y’all have created yeah he’s just here to fix the ship next thing you know about a triangle yeah and then it’s like well what the heck have you got me into like and that’s that’s like the question for all of us we’re all like looking at each other each other yeah like circles like what the heck like oh I know a planet nozzles are cause like like wait why are people like hunting you like it’s just dad it’s just dad from story of my life I could see that perhaps what happened would be like so Cain probably Zarko has a little bit of ability to defend himself right so cuz he has to he has to be able to survive against just about anything and so probably when Cain tried to capture

Elly maybe zarqa was like doing the stupid chivalrous thing or something or even if he was trying to protect you right and then and then just Cain just like easily overwhelms our Co right and so there’s this kind of sore spot of like you bested him but then on top of that maybe you knocked Darko unconscious and was like out of it for like a day while you and she like so now you two have all this time to sort of interact and and and so when Zarko kind of comes around there’s this whole new dialogue of like oh we’re friends now and he’s just like ya know what this is that no way I’ll trust you yeah yeah yeah I think that’s good and I think it really fits the like just kind of the whole edge of the Empire feel right of even even this group that’s working together is everyone’s like kind of giving each other the shifty eyes yeah well I mean whose side is he really on yes at the Empire the rebels are you out for yourself because obviously you have a thing about alliances here when yeah those are out reship that’s another just interject with another story no I thought we were done thought we mailed it I’m I’m asking if that’s the plan because remember that the excess stock freighter is technically 4,000 years old so we need to figure out whether it is somehow one that has survived for 4,000 freaking years or whether like somebody somebody mentioned it where they had a whitey 1300 or a whitey 1000 that they’re like I’m gonna add a body mod on this to make it look like the pictures of what the excess stock freighters used to look like and so we’re like one of those people who got a 15 Camaro but then modified it to look like a second gen Trans Am I like the Bandit car so we are we going with the stock freighter I I’m a kid I’m gonna come in and say I think it’s a really cool idea for it to be like from Ellie’s family’s like classic larger yeah but like it’s just so we are going with my she didn’t go to the garage she went to like the Jay Leno garage and God like not away and zarqa was like this is what we’re taking and then got out here and was like hang on I know a guy cause like probably would have freaking felon and fallen in love with it too because he has this sensibility about like like ancient stuff and old tech and and probably was like oh hell yeah style but damn do we need to fix some stuff and I I imagine it I imagine it looking like super nice on the outside like yeah pristine but it runs like like yeah like nobody touch the engine except him like make sure like it has to work well enough to like get it serviced every once in a while that’s what I’m assuming happens to start but like it’s not in it’s not like he’s out there driving it there it’s literally just like I have this thing like yeah you know put it on a trailer and get it to a car show but like it’s not gonna make a trip across state lines on exactly for a bit of rules there for anyone that’s new to the system your group can start with a ship depending on what kind of story you’re telling and there is the the caveat that it has to cost less than one hundred and twenty thousand credits are GM’s plural since we have multiple we’re cool enough to be like we’ll let you go slightly over that number but it’s gonna come at the cost of there’s something Genki with your ship it’s gonna be the Millennium Falcon where the hyperdrive acts a little wonky and the AI is a little temperamental or some and I think we are taking either the whitey 1300 or whitey 2000 stat blocks and just mapping them on to the excess stock freighter which is from the Old Republic era hence being 4,000 years old yeah it’s a pretty cool ship which we’re gonna use 13 or where’s the high I would have to look at the weapon loadouts and stuff I think the whitey 2000 is technically upgrade across the board on most things over the 1300 in that it’s also more expensive but I did not actually look at the oh you’re right it’s it’s marginally better it has like

five more payload and it had like a tiny bit more of the body or the hole or whatever it’s called it was better yeah you have your whole trauma and you have your systems train because starships like characters have two sets of hit points or thresholds you can have your ship shot to death but you can also strain it out too much by doing two tight turns and punching it too fast too often and you know doing crazy Ivan’s where’s this starting shit I’m trying to flip through this what are you looking for this starting the starting ship stuff do it like specifically the stats of the YTD 1300 yeah okay so the 2,000 here I got it written for me the 2000 the silhouette is for I’m not sure what that means is that like the size of the ship yes so silhouette is essentially your size how easy you are to hit so the night fighters can hit carriers easier than carriers can hit Tie Fighters yeah okay sweet so the whitey 2000 is got a silhouette of 4 speed 3 handling 0 the defense I don’t know what these mean but it’s FPS a is 1 and one a farmer three-word a starboard port perfect okay thank you that makes perfect sense so one in the forward and one in the aft Armour is 3h t which is hull hull trauma yeah is 24 and the SS threshold is 14 system strain system string so it’s got uh are you get but I have different numbers than what you’re saying oh well then I’m I’m just using the one that’s on online so we use a book tell us what the books so the yeah so what’s the same speeds three handling for the 2400 is zero handling for the 1300 is minus one the defense is just for and aft is one on both of them armor three for the YT 1300 armor for for the 24 oh is it the 24 of the mm oh the 24 is like way more expensive it’s 13 yeah the 24 is thirteen hundred credit so what I was gonna say sorry I might have missed I’m 130 no yeah excuse me is if you were interested in the the whitey 2400 you’d need we’d need to up obligations stats or up obligation well we can’t really up with the obligation that much that’s like where we get 10,000 is it all to me cuz it’s my ship and I’ll just always take all the strange whitey 2000 was the ship that I threw out there yeah as a 2000 there it’s it’s it fits under the 120 bubble I believe it’s in the Far Horizons book I can go look I don’t want to like detract too much from progress to go look at ship stats but I was just saying are we going with the Jay Leno car story and if so I love that you’re absolutely yeah and we can we can figure out this the the Macan DX okay you don’t need to have that conversation ething under 120 now one thing to think about that though this is legit is like that is going to be easily marked like everyone’s gonna be able to know as soon as we get into a spaceport they’re gonna know we’re there I mean yes that’s that that’s one we’re super awesome and we’re like hey you haven’t heard of the second sunrise and we’re starting our bounty hunting gig and we want a name for ourselves we’re not just for jerks who showed up in yet another whitey 1,300 how many people are gonna be talking about those four jerks that showed up in a 4000 year old spaceship and then caused a ruckus you know that thing that happened at one time with the 76 nerfs and the space puppy yeah I’m all for the old ship okay well we’ll figure out sideboard and we will announce the Twitter or at the beginning of episode 1 of this show which which actual ship stats it’s gonna be something that makes sense we’re not gonna take an x-wing stats and map it onto this thing it’ll be one of the Karelia systems like freighters like a 1300 or 1,000 or 2,000

so well I mean so legit afford the 2,000 that seems like the most sensible one you get the 2,000 without having to look at the froggit and it’s weird stupid fuselage cockpit that makes no sense for a space ship because anything would rip off every time you broke em oh yeah just saying somebody has some thoughts back before we decided star crater I was just going to get a 2000 but asked to connect the mandibles to the cockpit so that it didn’t have those stupid gaps and sorry I need to step away real quick I’m having some at home kid issues so I can write back understood let’s take a ten-minute bathroom break perfect it’s been like an hour and two hours okay I like that plan awesome BRB yo Timmy Hey so we’re doing that extra 400 credits did y’all already buy gear that’s four or less yeah I did okay I’m actually like you forget he’s back on topic sorry all viewers Shh it’ll all be cropped out so only the people who were putting up with his live had to deal with that but I was gonna get a slightly yeah yeah gear gear good because I need to get upstairs at some point and so like you getting the intro hook from Stephen is the last real thing that I need so I’m gonna discuss weapon type things and so much so that I grab the book off the shelf cos it it’s for faster flippin stream what what are y’all looking at in terms of weapon and armor especially Nick’s and sees both our weapon and our armor so I was actually thinking due to my backstory that I was gonna take obligation just because it seemed to make sense story-wise so I was kind of looking at some of the like weapon modifications but nothing specifically but I was thinking about spending money making my gun super cool well are you taking the ten on vacation for a thousand yes so we start remind me again so you said we start with four four credits obligation for what credits sorry it’s the 400 in your own I want my money back yes this is where we diverge from the rules in dinner homebrew because the starting characters should only ever start with 1500 credits if they take full obligation and full credits our GM is nice enough to let never spread the money around so the character who’s probably not buying a whole bunch of armor and guns anyway gets to spread those credits out across and lets the shooter people be able to actually afford their weapons because you’ll learn it unlike D&D it’s actually pretty tough to start with too much stuff in this game yeah like if you go for like good stuff you start with like a leather jacket and a blaster pistol and a comlink that’s lower on that we’ll start with Cain you’re starting at 1900 money’s so you see is it a is it 5 or 10 obligation he can for an extra thousand it would be 10 I feel like because what I’m looking at is 5 obligation for 1000 credits yeah yeah because it’s 10 obligation for 2500 yeah 10 for how much 20 for 2,500 oh my god how much for a jet pack hold on and it is 4500 we were talking equipment because I came back and they were talking AV stuff is apparently nippers been using a wrong microphone this whole time so that’s the thing we should work out before session 1 nice hence the COFF the infamous cough I was letting the group know that wife’s getting tired and the baby is getting restless and so I would like to do the hey here’s the hook and at that point I

can high-five and leave and if y’all want to keep talking I welcome you all to do so but I needed the hook from the DM and I’m gonna skedaddle ok well let me pull up what I wrote ok so this is exciting we’re gonna officially be back Gregory I just wanna let you know that you spend a greater part of this session like in the lower thirds are your frame Kengo your camera down or sit up straight there bud because we get solid 45 seconds of just your forehead sometime thank you which is I tend to look because I it’s high and I’m looking at stuff I’m shy mine is on a tripod mounted above a 40 inch TV enough so I’ll aim it better oh yeah we’re we’re officially back from our break now despite the fact that we have been for several minutes but now our illustrious GM is gonna tell us what all of these crazy characters have got themself into on this planet and we’re gonna fill in the gap between all of us meeting and taking whatever job he’s about to tell us so go okay so you are on Socorro and arid desert planet in the outer rim Socorro is a harsh volcanic world that has become the center for black market trade and technology in particular particularly high-end illegal ship modifications the various criminal organizations such as the Hutt’s pikes and the Black Sun all have operations on the planet and live in an uneasy truce you are the crew of the second sunrise a small enterprising band of individuals all with your own motivations and obligations to the galaxy that has found each other useful you all have performed various odd jobs made some credits here and there and are at least surviving the harsh life out here on the edge of the Empire recently however the jobs have been harder to come by the Empire has been tightening its grip on the galaxy and retaliation to the destruction of the Death Star the criminal organizations are more and more careful with who they hire assuming anyone is from a rival organization or an undercover cover Imperial spy working towards the organization’s disruption so here you are in fear talks longe you’re one of your favorite hangouts in in Socorro when you’re off off looking for jobs the four of you are seated around a booth there’s there’s just a few people scattered throughout the bar if your talks actually a rookie who runs this this little Cantina is his older her her furs graying and she’s back kind of across the way and as you all are kind of sitting there discussing amongst ourselves various odd leads and jobs through the door burst in a woman heads mostly covered she runs and sits down and says still be still nothing’s happening it’s fine just be still and immediately afterwards walking through the door are three humans and particularly Vosk you recognize them as hunt Hut bounty hunters they look at you one of them pulls out a blaster and that’s where we’re gonna start the story next time the lady who sat down at our table what species is she and do I recognize her or anything that she’s wearing and and what not I will say you know what for the sake of this let’s do a roll what would you like me to roll I don’t remember the skills like a street what’s the is there is it the equivalent of perception there is literally perception perfect role perception and I’ll just see what you can do and let me set the difficulty this is the first official role of tabletop galaxies and if you are ready I will click the button I I think it’s saying don’t mess it up remember to click out of the box so that it accepts it okay three six so as you look over at this female figure who sat down you notice a few spikes coming out of your head and you recognize that she is a za Brock and she

also has a small necklace and as you look at that you recognize a little rebellion symbol of the rebellion around her neck I need to look up with it there’s an actual name for that symbol I know what you mean but I don’t know it’s called like the ruble crest or or what but that’s what you see and you will all have to figure out what’s going on next time on tabletop galaxy hot start all right so that’s where we’re that’s the hook oh boy like I said the group of y’all are welcome to keep chatting and stuff if you want I’ll leave the stream going so that it records and that people can hang out I just gotta go but up to y’all yeah I probably have to go do some dad stuff as well welcome pedia says it is the Alliance starboard also known as the Phoenix yeah all right okay so you see the Phoenix got it yeah all right well we’re gonna wind down here I have some audio video feedback to give folks I got I’m gonna play around with my overlay a little bit before next time I’m going to do a little bit editing I’m getting newer I’m getting more experience with resolve and music and all that cool stuff so this was a very bare-bones like let’s test stuff yeah I feel like we learned some good stuff about the group about the players about the setting about the system and I’m looking forward to stumbling into it to full speed next time especially now I have more ideas for my my tweaks to my back this is a rebel agent I feel like I can get more wrenches in those spokes nice well yeah I’m really excited I think this is gonna be a really really fun group so I got to spend an extra obligation on something is he’s gonna try to buy a jet pack as soon as possible I gotta get there before he does I think I really missed something three more space puppies with jetpacks and some triples at this point yeah you can’t count them jet pack space puppies is something I’m definitely interested in testing that’s our first album that sure sounds like a bad news gonna be the band that band is gonna appear at every canteen that you guys ever show that’s gonna be the npc’s band the one that’s we’re creating on Twitter yeah they’re gonna be the frontman you’ll see SPAC space puppies yep all right well we are going to go ahead and shut down here thanks everyone who hung out and thanks everyone’s listening we’ll be back in two weeks at six o’clock PDT if time zones and time change is still a thing affricate we’ll be back at 6:00 Pacific time whether it’s daylight savings time or not so good night everybody net good night space stuff