FAVORITES: September 2013 [Base Makeup, Lips, Skin Care, Hair]

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FAVORITES: September 2013 [Base Makeup, Lips, Skin Care, Hair]

hello everyone today I’m going to share with you yet another monthly favorites and I just can’t believe how fast this year has flown by I know I see that so often but as usual I have a ton of products to share with you so let’s get started first they’re actually going to talk about fashion because some of you have mentioned that you missed my fashion halls but I have been trying to spice up my fall wardrobe and try different things so I have been loving this green racerback for fall is from swank and hate and it has these really edgy studs but there’s not too many of them so it’s still subtle enough that you can wear this pink top to school or even under a blazer and this army green color works really well as a neutral so I’m really into green right now green and cream I also have this knit skirt that i got from slinkin heat as well and I really love this skirt because even though i don’t like skirts it’s because i tend not to wear minis I do like longer skirts like maxi skirts but this is a great compromise for those that do you want to show a little bit of leg but aren’t so comfortable with wearing a full-on miniskirt now for another basic i usually don’t gravitate towards print but i really do like these along a linear prints because it kind of makes your torso look slimmer for the most part especially if you’re petite like me i’m only five feet so anything that gives me a little extra height i’m all for and this tank top is from daily look it has the cutest racer bag it has these black mesh panels which are great if it’s hot outside I live in Southern California so we have very long summers and it’s still really hot during the day so that’s why I love to pair this tank top with black pants denim shore and even Lululemon pants now for my favorite new heels these are by Chinese Laundry and I purchased them from daily look they have zip up facts and a pretty tall heel they’re actually a little taller than I was expecting but this cage style lace up bootie is really popular and sue or trendy right now as I’m sure many of you know but I’m honestly loving this style I did not even have to break these in the only issue I have is that the laces are really long so I have to tuck them into the top of the booty when I wear them but I wore these in the Instagram picture that I just referred to when I was talking about the skirt so definitely check these out they’re really cute and still a little bit edgy but feminine enough that you can pair them with skirts I wouldn’t wear them with shorts but I love wearing them with pan now for my favorite cardigan of the moment believe it or not I found this cardigan for $32 at forever 21 and it’s a hundred percent cotton so I don’t like to buy forever 21 pieces unless they’re cotton because I have really bad luck with forever 21 but I decided to be adventurous give forever 21 another chance and my sister helped me find this sweater I like that the print is small enough it’s not too graphic and most importantly this sweater is long enough so that it covers my bum now let’s talk about some makeup I’m going to be doing a lot of base makeup talk today so I hope you are interested because I’ve been getting flooded with questions about foundations and powders recently i’m going to start winning the most highly requested to i talked about this in my last favorites video but i didn’t really touch on it and it was at the very end so the wise value ‘the liberator serum foundation with an SPF of 20 is one of my favorite new foundations I much prefer this to the the tin chu she clawed just because my skin requires more coverage these days my hormonal acne scars are finally healing so my skin is smooth but they’re still red so I really do need a little extra coverage and this is great for normal skin but if you have oily skin I don’t recommend it because it might make you look a little shiny especially midday or after the workdays over a great perk that I didn’t mention the last time that I talked about this foundation is that when I wear this I don’t need to wear a makeup primer so a lot of times these days I do tend to reach for a maker face but when I wear this foundation because the serum in it really plumps up the skin it doesn’t accentuate any open pores and it just helps to really smooth out and plump up my skin so even though this is a serum foundation and you do pay the extra price for it I have truly come to love this foundation and when I want to wear it more surely I apply it with a Beauty Blender but when I want medium to full coverage I have been using my Sigma flat angled kabuki and f88 brush and I haven’t talked about Sigma in a long time but I have personally found that this flat top is the best for placing the foundation and blending it in without removing it because this is infused with skincare it has a tendency to look really share when applied with fingers or a Beauty Blender so if you want more coverage out of this foundation then definitely try a flat top kabuki like this one and now we’ll talk about the Tom Visionnaire from Lancome which so many of you have been asking me about I use the color 250

bisque which is the warm tone and this is a lot more red than the be 30 that I used in the wise Val this particular foundation is great for those again with normal to dry skin I do recommend wearing a primer under because this formula is more sheer and it’s not quite as long lasting as the YSL forever I find that this lasts about anywhere from six to eight hours if you do powder on top so it’s great for those of you who like lesser coverage and just want to even out the skin I actually really love the precision spot corrector which a lot of people said that they didn’t liked but it actually helps to reduce redness really well will it help to cover flaky acne not really but the foundation itself is gorgeous and it’s lovely in fluid and this one I do recommend applying with your fingers between the two I still prefer the wife L just because it does do more for my skin with less work the Tom Visionnaire as much as I do love how glowy the finish shift it simply doesn’t last long enough for me because I don’t want to touch up my makeup during the day I like for my makeup to last a good eight to ten hours without a single touch up so that’s why I Tom visionary is great for those who have a very minimal makeup routine and don’t mind a sheer foundation if you have great skin and you’re just trying to smooth out some dark spots or fine lines and this is definitely one to try when I wear this foundation I don’t add Visionnaire underneath now for an HD foundation that I’m absolutely in love with so I talked about ghettos aqua foundation before and they’ve released it in a new bottle with a new formula and it is amazing it looks so good on camera today I’m still wearing the yfl but I have talked about this before and it photographs beautifully it also looks great on video so i will show you a tutorial on how to apply this foundation sometime soon but i love that it has a red ring around the bottle it’s very striking on a vanity of special if your vanities white like my this product isn’t made with any artificial color fragrance petroleum-based mineral oil parabens or alcohol which is great for sensitive skin I use the color in 213 and it’s a great match for my skin I just add bronzer around the outside of my face to warm things up but more importantly I am really loving the aqua foundation illuminator and it’s basically the cream version of Tom Ford’s fire lust illuminator and this particular product was a limited edition release from the summer collection and it sold out super quickly because the quantities were limited so if you want to try a supremely blendable very natural yet still effective highlighter then try this champagne version by cagando because it looks so beautiful on the skin I just like to Pat it around the tops of my cheekbones at first and then just blow ended in this entire triangular area underneath the eye and it just wakes me up and refreshes my entire face so I do highly recommend this if you work at TV if you work in makeup it’s awesome for clients that need to be photographed or are on camera often now for some must-haves for those of you with problematic skin I am first and foremost really in love with this it cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer and until recently I haven’t worn under eye concealer regularly but this concealer in neutral medium by eight cosmetics is so fabulous you need maybe a pin sized amount on your ring finger and I just Pat it in the coverage is just so phenomenally good so if you have really problematic dark circles this will definitely help to cover that it doesn’t make your skin look dry or flaky so I love that concealer and it’s really affordable so now for another it cosmetics product this one’s called bye-bye redness and it’s a neutralizing correcting cream and my friend Jessica abusing calm introduced me to this product and it has been making a world of a difference when it comes to the redness and concealing brighter acne marks that haven’t healed as much so it almost looks like a foundation in the pot there is a white plastic shield so that the product doesn’t spill all over the place I actually just like to take my ring finger and Pat it on the spots that are run and then apply concealer on top if necessary it’s really not too much trouble to use and the texture is so creamy and blendable yet covers amazingly well so this is totally a game changer for me and I’m hoping that my scars and redness will clear up as soon as possible but until then this it cosmetics bye-bye redness is going to be my best friend now I’m going to talk about the regime on eccie lipsticks that I reviewed on the blog but I haven’t talked yet about on youtube so I’m loving these Armani lipsticks because if you haven’t tried our monument six before they’re super moisturizing and they look great but some of them especially the nude colors have longevity problems so they don’t last very long a lot of them won’t even us through a meal so that’s why I love talking about these rouge Armani CC lipsticks because I have two pale shades I have the beige one hundred and coral

302 coral 302 is a color that I know many of you will love it’s a quarrel with a strong ping clean and it’s very bright but i love it because you could top it with a neutral cloth and that’s why you can make it wearable for date the beige 100 applies more nude on my lips and it looks in the tube but overall it’s one of my favorite nude lipsticks because it lasts all day I don’t have to touch up I can pair it with gloss for even longer wear but it just lasts and lasts even on its own it’s not as creamy or as fluid as the other Armani lipsticks are but I love the long wearing aspect of it and I think that’s what makes these lipsticks more worth the money to a lot of folks i’ve also been loving the armani flash lacquers i purchased the color 300 but i’m not crazy about it on my lips it looks good on top of a lipstick but a lot of times I like to wear gloss on its own so this one just doesn’t work for my complexion so if you’re around light medium skin tone as I am then you might want to avoid 300 instead of 300 try the bare minerals marvelous Moxie lipgloss in party starter I always get asked questions about what lip gloss I’m wearing when I wear this one out because it’s the perfect coral shade I’m actually wearing it on my lips today and I can’t get enough of it I wore it over the weekend when I was filming a project with pop sugar and the makeup artist was raving about how great this smell the slanted door foot is perfect for on-the-go swiping and it just is a lovely pigmented product I also like the pinks of the line the party starter version has a slightly less visible shimmer but it just makes your lips look full and bright and juicy so I highly recommend the party starter is without a doubt my favorite bare minerals product now for some more lipsticks I have these and Michelle Phan lipsticks in Wow pink and kiss me I really love her creamy lipstick formula because they’re very soothing and comfortable on the left many of you are aware that I have very sensitive dry lips and as much as I love the Armani lipsticks in the ruched Armani and reached our money share formula they’re very expensive and they don’t last quite as long the end Michelle Phan lipsticks are most like the first hour of where with the Armani lipstick but that moisturizing silky feel lasts all day and these are only sixteen fifty whereas each Armani lipstick is over thirty dollars so these are a great Buy and I actually don’t like the packaging it’s a nice cool metal it has a nice solid click and the bullet doesn’t come loose from the cap in your purse so I think the lipsticks are probably one of her best buys from the entire makeup range I also filled one of the refillable compacts from the light palette with my favorite products from her Beach life palette and I just reviewed 3 of them on the blog so definitely check them out if you’re interested in seeing what I think about them and now we’re going to go back to bare minerals because I wanted to address the question that a lot of you have been asking me I am using the bare minerals matte foundation the loose version and the bare minerals ready powder foundation so in compact form and a lot of you wanted to know since I like matte finish which of the two that I prefer and I’m using both of these products in the color golden medium w 20 and the bare minerals products are really lovely because they don’t break my skin out the original formula i did have issues with but the math and the ready are perfect on me the only problem with the ready version is that it’s almost too yellow for my skin and I have very strong yellow undertones and I have never met a powder that’s more yellow than me so as you can imagine I was really surprised that this was more yellow than my complexion but the mat version the loose powder which has SPF 15 is the perfect match for my skin I love using this to actually set with good foundations even and I do wear it alone but I highly recommend having a moisturize base so that the powder doesn’t stick to any dry spots that you may have again I have normal skin so if you have oily skin you’re going to love now for some eyelashes I as many of you know love my eyelashes and I’ve been trying out this new brand called mink I was most interested in their lash leto and amp it up style but turns out I really like their links and kisses lashes the best a lot of you asked me for recommendations for shorter eyelashes because a lot of the lashes like ended up that I love so much are too large and too voluminous for many of you so winks and kisses is the perfect compromise if fluttery at the ends they’re not too heavy I was really excited about the lash leno pair because they look more unique but lash leno actually doesn’t look quite as unique on my eye it always comes down to personal preference but for once i found a pair of short false lashes that i actually like and will wear and of course we can’t forget my tom ford bronzer i have been using the bronzing powder in 02 Tara so there is a gold dust color that I chose to skip out on because it’s a warmer tone with shimmer and I already have so many warm toned shimmered bronzers and besides I pro always prefer

a matte bronzer this bronzer is a little difficult to open you just have to grab one side of this extra-large saucer-like compact which the upper half of the lid to open up the compact so it is a little bit more difficult but honestly it’s worth the trouble the Terra color is actually more pink than any of my other bronzers and it does run really cool so I love to wear on the sides of my cheeks for an added contouring of fact I can brush it up top here where my temples are but this one I like to work strictly around the edges of my faith also if you haven’t seen the video yet I went ahead and created a tutorial and comprehensive review for the Tom for fall 2013 collection so if you haven’t seen that video or any of the blog posts definitely check them out because everything has been reviewed already now last but not least for some skin care and body products I have been loving juice beauty reen apple peel in full strength so my best friend Tammy introduced me to this because she used this in college to get rid of her acne scars and now that have hormonal acne and serious acne for once in my life I’ve actually needed to use appeal regularly and this green apple peel has been helping to smooth out the surface of my skin like I said my skin isn’t bumpy despite what it may look like on camera because of the redness but I do largely attribute the improving condition of my skin to the G speedy clearing mask as well as this green apple peel i also created a juice beauty organic makeup tutorial in case you have very sensitive skin or you’re just looking for more organic options to shake things up in your makeup routine I’m really loving their mascara and their powder and their lip products so please do check out that video if you’re interested but again i highly recommend the g speedy clearing master i use as an overnight treatment or this green apple peel that i use twice a week now for long combed ring tone I wanted to talk about this product eight weeks after using it but I’m just going to talk about it as since i have used it for a good three weeks i have the dreamtone one and i know this is a very expensive product and i got mine at nordstrom but i love it it’s slightly shimmery it does remind me a little bit of Lancome Visionnaire in the fact that they feel so good on the skin and they make my skin look so much better after application I haven’t seen mind-blowing results but I have seen the reduction of my redness so it used to be really bad four or five weeks ago and now it’s tolerable when I don’t wear makeup unless I’m on camera you can’t really tell my skin is super inflamed so that’s why I’m loving the dreamtone because when I first started using it I was desperate and I needed the help reducing the redness so even though it is an expensive investment i’m so glad that i did decide to purchase it because it works for me now i’m going to talk to you about my teeth before we finish off with my hair I know it’s a little strange but I do get quite a few questions about my teeth so I did have braces as a teenager first off and until recently I had never whitened my teeth they get older it just makes me realize how much I took my teeth for granted and that’s why I’ve started to take care of them more and the first step is to whiten them to reduce all that piece and I’ve been using this dial a smile kit by whitening lightning and you just put a gel on top of big teeth and you turn this blue light on so cool right and you just hold that there for about 20 minutes and after one treatment my teeth were significantly wider so much wider that all my friends asked me did you widen your teeth so it was a noticeable effect and I really love how it did not make my gums really sensitive so I have very sensitive gums and very sensitive teeth in general but whitening whitening did not irritate them whatsoever so I was really glad about that even though there is a little tingling and slightly numbing sensation after the whitening process but it’s so quick really easy I just did it while I was watching an episode of bone and I was done with the whole process before the episode was over so they also have a whitening pen too it’s just as easy to use and it comes with the same gel which you can see here actually it comes with the same gel from the dial a smile kit that I just talked about which comes with the gel the LED light and this little kit to show you how much your teeth have whitened if you don’t need to whiten your teeth too much definitely try the pen first and last but not least to wrap up this extremely long video are my hair products i received a flood of questions from fellow beauty bloggers as well as my viewers subscribers and readers about Mason gears and hair brushes yes this brush is ridiculously expensive and i have be handy mix which is for and nylon so it’s great for those of you who have tables in your hair and my hair used to be really tangled before i started using this brush especially after having my own brand highlights put in oh man my hair was a disaster but after using this hair brush my hair has become so much softer and a lot more manageable which is more important to me in the long run i do plan on trying the full bore version just so i can compare the tooth one day but for now the handy

mix is perfect and this ghd is my 1st two inch flat iron but this is hands down the best flat iron we used it takes me about five minutes to flat iron my entire head and it makes my hair look and feel so smooth and silky even when my hair looks really dry at the ends once I straighten my hair they just look flat healthy and revived so that’s why I recommend this not only is the black and gold packaging super cute it’s very practical because it comes with this protective cover for when you’re traveling and I just again worked on shoots so that’s why I had to travel with it and it was perfect for protecting the place so you can also curl your hair with this if you would like but for now this is my dedicated flat iron and I have no intentions on using anything else for a long time so definitely give this one a try because it actually works and it doesn’t damage your hair and finally that is a wrap to this epically long favorites video and you know I’ve said that several times before but this was really epic so thanks so much for watching everyone and i’ll see you all very soon bye you