Las Vegas Haul Video Inglot & Chanel

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Las Vegas Haul Video Inglot & Chanel

hello my lovely beauties greetings from Las Vegas this is your girl Lisa from Lisa beauty and today i am doing a haul video on some items that i purchased on my trip today’s the last day me being here in Vegas I’m really sad about it but I’ve had such a wonderful wonderful time so if anybody’s been to Vegas you guys know what I’m talking about and for those of you have not oh my god this is a vacation you should plan the shows are wonderful and it’s just an amazing thing to experience this was my first time and i’ll definitely be coming back in the future so um the hall that i’m going to do for you guys today is on some ulta products henri bendel chanel and engli so i’m gonna get started with the inglot so let’s get started first of all I don’t have any brushes from Inglot and I use a gel liner and I I don’t have that many of the liner brushes so I went ahead and picked up this one this one is in the number 23 t as you can see here now let me go ahead and pull it out for you guys you guys to get a closer look at it and it is a very very fine eyeliner brush and i believe i paid nine dollars and fifty cents for angler and I only picked up one brush because I want to purchase them Adele IAM brushes at the i’m a show in january in LA and this is what it looks like such a gorgeous really fine tip um bristles so i love it so I’m excited to use this I’m excited to this oh yeah I can always use an extra eye liner brush the next thing I purchase and I forgot from what video but one of my lovely beauties had told me that I should try the gel liners from Inglot and I went ahead and picked up this eyeliner gel Matt number 72 and it is in a pink color I wanted to get something that I don’t already have to go ahead and try and look at how gorgeous this color is it is a very nice deep pink so when I’m wearing a pink eyeshadow look I’m definitely going to go ahead and use this to see how it looks and a fit you know stays well i’m definitely going to pick up some more I’m my show and I want to thank Brandis so much for helping me at the English she was so wonderful and I loved it because engli that particular England I believe is in the southeast section um in Las Vegas off of Las Vegas Boulevard and it was not busy also I was able to take some pictures do a little bit of recording in there and I was really excited so Thank You Brianna and the next item I purchased was just a beautiful brown with gold shimmer single eyeshadow and this this goes on my freedom palette this one here is the AMC shine and at number 21 and it is just such a pretty pretty girl I’m not going to do a swatch because this one actually have to peel off the back of this and if I do that then it’s going to get ruined in my luggage so yeah I want to go ahead and open that now in the next 11 I shadows yes that’s right 11 I shadows are being discontinued from Inglot so I was able to get them at a forty percent discount which was awesome because I already felt like I was at the i’m at show because i know that they give a discount but apparently when i asked her they’re only going to do a thirty percent discount at the LA I matts this January but if any discount is good to me so I’m going to start off with the smaller I shadows and this is what they look like very cute packaging and it has the clear on top to it hope I’m not blinding you guys and the this one here is a shine eyeshadow and it is in the number of 48 you can see that right here and it is a nice beautiful rose color with shimmer to it and I will swatch that for you my lovely be geez and that’s what it looks like look how gorgeous that is it is such a pretty pretty color and let me go ahead and do a swatch on my hand and this is what it looks like right here very pretty color these were only seven dollars so I was really excited about that the next one is in the number gosh I don’t know tibia in the number 51 and it is right here this is the number right here and this is a nice orange color right here and this is from day and this is an AMC let me swatch this gorgeous color for you

guys look at how pigmented that is very gorgeous and I’m going to place this oh yeah right on top of the rose pink color nothing to look like I really didn’t ask for weather discontinued it um these eyeshadows I was just excited that it was forty percent on the next color is in the number 50 that’s right here and when I saw this color I actually have it but I have the single that goes into the freedom system palette and I picked it up because it reminded me of I believe sugar pills um color that they had brought out for the june i’m at Sandell way that was just for that show and I could be mistaken but look at how gorgeous this color is so after watching the I math la hall for this past June I saw a couple of people show this and when I saw it it reminded me of it now i’m not going to do a swatch for the simple fact that i do have this already in the single form so i do not want to do is watch because this will be in my giveaway along with some other colors that i’m not going to show today because i have to go back to England today to purchase it but i just thought this was such a pretty color so this one will be going into giveaway that i will be doing later on the next color is in 68 just right here and it is this deep royal blue color and this is an AMC because I don’t watch enough for you guys very beautiful color that’s what it looks like and the next two are kind of similar and they’re right here and I’m going to go ahead and start off with this one here and this one is in the number 65 right here that’s very beautiful black color and it has a lot of like silver shimmer to it it is an AMC very gorgeous and oh my god watching and it’s so smooth look how pigmented that is very very pretty I am so excited and this is what it looks like so if you’re going out all dressed up at night and you just don’t want to apply glitter or whatever this is the way to go it has that nice look to it look at that so I pick that up and the next one I picked up is the number at 62 right there and this is also a black one but it has more of like a burgundy maroon shimmer to it i hope you guys can see it and i am going to swatch that as well and that’s what it looks like oh very pretty and you can see the sparkle to it which I love and like I said it has that nice shimmer and it doesn’t feel when i went ahead and swatch it doesn’t feel course or you know how some glitter eye shadows to it is very very smooth i was happy to get that so those were the six that um i got for seven dollars now they had some other eyeshadows that are being discontinued in there actually in containers as well and there are a lot bigger for the same price seven dollars so i ended up picking up five and this is what they look like and they actually have the twist off cap so this is the top of the eye shadow and the truth eyeshadow and this one here is a double sparkle and it’s in the number 4 66 and i love it because it’s a nice light like vanilla color with shimmer to it has a nice Sparkle so i’m going to go ahead and do a swatch and it’s going to be used as a highlight color inheritance down here very very gorgeous and you get a lot of products i was actually shocked at these for seven dollars the same price as these little ones but i really like the container for this so i picked up these and I wanted to get these now i’m also getting some more of these today for my giveaway for you love their duty both us and international beauties so i got that one i’m gonna go ahead and get it for liberal writes like next week in my chain really well so you guys can see the rest of these swatches and i’m actually filming this in my hotel room as you can see and this is kind of like where i have a separate thank you know big mirror and the rest rooms back there

so this is the best buy because it is kind of gloomy and where my room faces there’s not too much light that comes in so that’s why i’m doing it in here now the next one is this nice pro finished color and it is in the number four hundred and it is this nice deep banana yellow color which is a song and there it is kind of looks like a matte finish but it does have a little bit of that pearl on shine to it and you can actually see it once i put it on my skin that nice pearlized color very pretty so if you guys have access to an angle on air you you really should think about going to pick these up because like I said they are going to discontinue and I don’t know if they’re just gonna um make all the eye shadows into the refill pants I’m really not sure why they’re discontinuing maybe it’s new formula maybe it’s new packaging i’m not sure but a third of these are something you guys have been using and you like go ahead and get them on order i don’t know if you can get them online or if it’s just in the stores but it should be online as well but i have not checked because i did not bring my laptop with me but i’m going to continue on with the next color it’s in a pearl finish and it’s number 408 this is like a nice topi with a hint of gray to it which i really really love and of course i’m going to do a swatch and look at how pretty that is that’s almost like a putty gray with suntan to it’s very pretty i know i’m not like describing these right but um just but you can see the finished put that nice silver in it so I’m really impressed with these like I said the only eyeshadows I have are the single ones for my freedom system power now the next one is another Pro finish in the number four three two and it is this nice couple color like a deeper lilac very gorgeous and that’s what it looks like very very pretty and here it is right here and the next one I have is a double Sparkle and number 4 84 and it is a nice boil it as well this is what it looks like and this isn’t swatch very gorgeous it’s kind of similar to this color here but this color comes off a lot darker than this one’s very excited and let me swatch that oh yeah it’s a nice lighter like electric blue very gorgeous and that was the last one I picked up from as far as eyeshadow and from the discounted of section well it’s really not a section it’s just she went ahead and told me they were discounted and the next thing I am going to talk about a couple of nail polishes that I bought now the first one is this in LA 02 m breathable base and this is what it looks like I already have one but it’s like almost halfway done and I did want to pick another one up I love this breathable base it protects your nails and it prevents them from getting yellow and everything like that so it may sound weird to you guys but when I do go get a pedicure and a manager I do bring my own base coat and this is the base coat I always bring is my engli and I do bring a top coat the top coat I do not have from England I actually bring a different kinds of it’s really shiny top coat and I love it so have a couple of bottles of those so I’m not going to purchase something that I already have so this is awesome and they also have a bunch of these in different colors that are not just breathable base coats they actually have colors in this 0 to M so you should look it up and they’re so pretty actually have one and it’s like in a deeper pink like deeper than this one and this color that I have on is that engli it is number eight for three very gorgeous and I love it I know my nails are chipping sorry it’s having a list of all my luggage from going from place to place well on this vacation so I do love it that does not have a number like I said it’s an 02 m and it is the breathable base coat the next time I purchase is this one which I love I saw it online and I was going to place or a while back then like no I’m going to hit up in engli and this one here is in the number 225 and it is a nice color it is nice a shimmer pearlized color and I love it my god I love their nail polishes they last and they are wonderful and that’s a closer look at it so I love it so I picked up this one and

it picked up anymore because i have so many at home but i wanted to try this color I’ve been eyeing that online for a while now ever since it came out because it’s fairly new and stuff like that the next thing I purchase was one lipstick I should like activities one for my friend Alexandra and this one is in the number 282 and when you see this you’re going to love it it is this nice deep purple color very very gorgeous and I will swatch it because this one is mine and this is what it looks like very pretty and I do have a lot of England’s lipsticks and they are so smooth moisturizing long wearing and I don’t know if you can see the shimmer today and it’s gorgeous my friend said she was looking for a purple lipstick I think this is a little bit darker than when she was looking for but I decided to get it for her anyway because she can make it you know lighter you know however she wants to manipulate the color she can definitely do it with this color so I hope she likes it and then the next thing I purchased was this ink lot iridescent lip gloss and this one here is in the number five for one and when I say I thought it was really really cute because it hasn’t nice iridescent glow to it I hope you guys can see it in saying i love about it it has the nice felt applicator i’m not a fan of the brush applicators for the simple fact that i feel that using the brush it just gloves it on your lips and it shows the like a straight line but when you have this felt tip applicator you can actually you know blend it into your lip so you don’t have that gloves of lines or missing lip gloss in it so yeah I picked this up and I was really excited about this I also picked up a silly lip gloss and I don’t have it it’s in my person I don’t want to stop the video to go ahead and show you but I will show that later on and I love it because that one has like this vanilla scent to it and it’s wonderfulness a nice coral color so yeah so that is it for my inglot all that i purchased and i’m going to just show you what i purchased from Chanel it is only one item because i’m going to go ahead and probably make this a 2 per video and here’s my Chanel bag and I love it because it has this nice rose this nice little flower right here on the corner of it sound very excited and let me go ahead and I thought and I got a pair of sunglasses okay I already I have a pair it there might leave the town ones but they’re so scratched up I’m like so bad I treat my glasses so bad so um yeah they’re like all scratched up and stuff like that sighs so I just decided to get another pair so what this Chanel and I think it’s so cute how they went ahead and wrapped it and both for me and everything I’m gonna go ahead and finally wrap this and show you what I got now my way vuitton sunglasses there and browse they usually buy brown glasses but I ended up getting a black hair yesterday and i love it how’s my friends are so wonderful they just they’re such great tour guides and they don’t mind me like shopping and stuff like that and this is what the case looks like very cute and I like it a lot better than the way the time case for the simple fact that my lawyer the time case was like that thick and like that’s why my glasses got so scratched up because i was just like tired of putting that big bulky thing in my purse any time i took my glasses off and stuff like that so this is a lot more compact so i love it and has a little logo right here and i also have a little planning Greg in hair very excited and these are what my glasses look like and I love them and then they have the nice chanel logo on the side and then let me go ahead and then right here in the little plating it has Chanel as well so I thought they were really cool go ahead and put him on for you guys you guys think I don’t know I like them I love bigger glasses because I have so much space between my and what I live for my eyebrow so I always liked by bigger glasses to kind of cover that up but yeah I love these in like I said I got him yesterday and um that was it well that wasn’t it that’s it i’m just going to show you the England like I said my Chanel for this hot video and then I’m going to go ahead and do another video for my Alta and Harry bindle products so if you have any questions or comments on any prices or exactly what store or where I purchased them here in Las Vegas just leave me a comment below and remember

like I always say busy takes time money and pain bye guys