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Hi My Beautiful Love’s, and welcome back to my Channel! If you’re new here my name is, Faiyza Beg And with this video, we’re starting the first season of the Wedding series on our channel Today I’ll be doing Mehndi look and teach you how you can do the mehndi look yourself I’ll be sharing tips on how you can do it if you’re a teenager or if you’re the bride and would like to do it yourself After this, I’ll cover Shadi, Valima, and all the other wedding events And as we move forward, we’ll cover more wedding events So if you want to learn, keep watching But before we start please subscribe and turn on the bell notification so you’re notified every time I’ve uploaded a new video Because EVERYONE deserves to look beautiful! With that, let’s begin I’ll begin with my favorite primer, that is Tatcha Silk Canvas And I am applying all over my face If you’re unable to find this, you can use any primer that helps smoothen your skin Do check that before buying, and definitely try it before the event Now I’m applying the second primer This is Makeup Forever Step 1 Nourishing Primer I’m applying it to my complete face so that the skin stays moisturized throughout the event No, not throughout the event Yeah, throughout the event Now since its’ a mehndi look and you want the skin to look glowy So, for for that, I’m using Smash Box Primer Oil And I’m applying it onto the high points of my face The cheekbone area Here and here This will make it look more glowy beneath the base I’m spraying Caudalie Beauty Elixer spray And you can use any If you’ve made it at home with rose water and aloe vera, you can use that too It will keep your skin fresh Now I’ve put some foundation on the back of my hand I’m using Too Faced in Vanilla and Nude Now I’m applying it with a foundation brush This brush is from IT Cosmetics It depends on you how much coverage you want Don’t forget to apply on your neck too Now if you want to do your makeup yourself and you are the bride yourself, it’s up to you if you want to keep it light or heavy Some brides prefer heavy full coverage, while others prefer very natural So it’s up to you I’m using a beauty blender to blend the foundation I had applied I want more coverage So I’m doing a second application, a second layer Because of the pigmentation on my skin, I prefer a light-medium coverage Not full though, so it doesn’t look cakey But full enough to cover the scars I’m using the beauty blender again Now I have two concealers here First I’ll use the Makeup Forever HD in number 21 I’m applying it under the eyes Along with this, if you see me talking, my niece is here and she is sitting behind the camera watching how I’m doing it She’s also guiding me that I’m doing good Either speak louder or softer Now with a beauty blender, blend the concealer Now with a small brush I’ll feather it This is from Morphee’s Jacklyn Hill Collection

I’m just wiping off the powder I applied Wipe it with a very light hand Now with a Morphe Brush J7m I’m applying the powder to the areas I want to set with a very light hand Don’t do it with a heavy hand otherwise your foundation will move Do it in a stippling motion Remember to apply powder on the neck to avoid creasing I have also made a separate video for full foundation and contour I will link it here. If you want to watch it in more detail Now I’ll quickly do my eyebrows off camera I have a separate video of the eyebrows tutorial too I’ll link it here for you to watch after this video I’ll be right back after doing my eyebrows Now, we’ll work on the eyes As you can see I have zoomed in since we are working on the eyes Now I’m using my MAC Soft Ochre primer By the way, let me know if you guys are okay with the zoomed-in view while I’m working on the eyes So, do you prefer it to be zoomed-in so you can see the details? Or should it be zoomed-out a little bit? Now I’ll set it with the powder to avoid creasing If it has started to crease, use a small blending brush and pat it to fix creasing Now, on the browbone I’ll use this color from Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, Primavera I’m using a very flat brush And since I don’t want it to look very strong, I’ll apply it in patting motion Okay, that looks good Now from Anastasia Beverly Hills in Norvina palette, I’ll use the color A4 And apply this on my crease with a big blending brush Now, from the very first palette, Modern Renaissance, I’m using the shade Realgear With a blending brush we’ll apply it very lightly in the crease If you wish to make it darker you can mix E4 and D5 It will give you a nice dark color This is from the Anastasia Norvina Palette and we’ll apply it in the corner of the crease and create a V Keep a blending brush close so that you can blend it along I think this look is fine for Mehndi I mean the depth we needed for the crease looks fine for now We’ll work on the lid now From the Modern Renaissance Palette, we’re using the color Tempera We’ll apply on the lid with a flat brush We’ll dab it like this In fact pat If you want to add a little more depth, use this small pencil crease brush This is Sigma E36 We’ll use the shade B5 from the Norvina Palette We’ll apply it here lightly to create a line here and to add more depth in the crease

I mean look more defined You have to apply very lightly, not too much See, it looks so good Now we’ll do the cut crease And for that, I’m using the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer I’m taking a small amount on the back of my hand And we’ll apply a small amount of it on the eye with a flat synthetic brush This is MAC 242 Work the product a little bit on your hand And we’ll apply it right on top of this color You must be thinking why I applied the lighter color when I wanted to apply this over it The reason is that the color we have applied underneath will give a pop and will make the color highlight better and make it look good So it’ll look nicer if you do it this way Now using my ring finger I’ll take the shade A5 from Norvina Palette We will mix it with A1 I’ll dab it with my finger so that it sticks Oh my gosh, this looks so pretty! Now we’ll do the same on the other eye This looks so nice! I love it! It looks so pretty I’m using a very small brush to apply glitter on the inside properly so that it looks even I actually realized after starting that we’re doing glitter Usually, when we’ve to apply glitter, we do the eyes first, before applying anything on the face But I’d forgotten since it’s a habit to do the face before eyes So when you’re doing it, reverse the order Do your eyes before you do your base Now I’m using A4 and applying it to the areas where I feel the need And blending where I want to I’m using my translucent powder We will clean up the eye area We’ll make a line here as we do Now we’ll brush it off so it looks proper and neat Okay, like so Now it’s really up to you how much you want it to be I’m keeping it in between From the Modern Renaissance Palette, I’m taking Burnt Orange on a flat brush We will apply it under the eye Now, you can use B3 and apply on the lower lashes Then blend it Now I’m going for a pink shade and I’m using B2 I’m applying very lightly And again, as long as you can find these colors you should use them I think this looks nice! My tip would be if you’re a teenager, like Tayabba requested for a teenager makeup, you can keep the crease color light as well as the bottom lash color I have made it a bit darker, not too much but in between So if you’re a teenager my suggestion would be to keep it lighter That will suit you more I think teenagers are naturally so beautiful, they need very little makeup And I’m saying this as a makeup artist so you can imagine that you guys need very little product Just the application has to be correct and your face will glow even more So my eye makeup is done I’ll do my eyeliner and I’ll be right back I think I’ll put on the fake eyelashes today. I’m not too sure I’ll be right back after doing the eyeliner Now coming back to the face, we’ll start with contour I’m using Huda Beauty Tan Tour in Medium We’ll apply it here And the same thing on this side Now we’ll apply the remaining product towards the top

to give it a complete look Okay then, of course, don’t forget to do this area Contour this area too Now we’ll blend it And I have a separate video for contour too If you want you can watch that Again, I’ll link it here on the screen Now from my Kat Von D Palette, I’m using this color in the middle to set the cream contour I won’t contour on the forehead, I’ll use a bronzer instead So, contour here is done Nose contour is important I’m using my all-time favorite, the palette I always use for nose, This is Kevin Aucoin in light color When you’re buying contour powder for your nose, go for a cooler color See how cool it is, right? It’s not warm So buy such powder for your nose to avoid a muddy look and have a natural look You can use eyeshadow too, as long as the color is similar to this, on the cool side For the forehead, we’ll use a flat non-shimmer bronzer You can use any bronzer of this kind I’m using my all-time favorite by Charlette Tilbury Using a fan brush, this is Morphe M310 to apply it on the forehead Apply very little and not too much Now, the bronzer we’ll use for here we’ll take the one with a little bit shimmer in it so that it looks glowy Especially since it’s Mehndi I prefer to add shimmer so that it looks glowy This is Too Faced Sweetheart Bronzer in Sweet Tea And as you can see this has two colors so I’ll mix them like this Like this And then we’ll apply it here Like that And the specialty of this bronzer is that along with shimmer this has a cool and a warm tone which gives a good color combination I mean, it makes your color combination nice Looks so pretty, okay Now we’ll clean up our contour If you have watched my contour video, you would have noticed that I clean up this line This helps clean up your makeup, at the same time defines your jawline and cheekbone more Okay, that looks good You know what? I just realized that I didn’t apply bronzer here No wonder it seemed a bit off I’m taking a bronzer again And for the jawline, I won’t actually be using shimmer I’ll use the flat non-shimmer bronzer Now with a small brush, we’ll clean up from here If you want to let it sit for 5 to 10 more minutes, you can If you’re going to a wedding do let it sit for 10 more mins Since I’m not going and I’m at home, I’m wiping it off Now for the highlighter, I’m using Marc Jacobs Dew You Drops And we’ll apply it here On the nose There quite a lot of product on the brush so I’m wiping it off And now, here on the forehead And as you can see I applied oil beneath the foundation,

that is visible. It’s coming through We’ll just pat it Now on the same brush, I’m using a highlighting mist by Patrick Ta And I’ll just pat it with a very light hand to make the glow more visible Now I’m using a powder bronzer and this is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess This is very nice with a lot of highlighting power We’ll apply it with a light hand See. And the special thing about this is that it gives you a very nice bronze as if you’ve just come back from the beach Like the bronzy highlighting look Especially the kind we see on the western side, and especially in the editorial This is that kind of glow We’ll apply the highlight on the chin Now I have this clear Fenty Beauty Highlighter in How Many Carats And then just like right on top of it Now I’m taking a Patrick Ta blush in She’s Passionate It’s a peach-pink shade We’ll just dab and pat it in And our blush is done Now we’ll just set our face with a setting spray I’m using my all-time favorite, Caudalie Beauty Elixir Now I’ll use another setting spray Smashbox Weightless Setting Spray This one is very nice and it’s long-lasting Now firstly, I’ll do the lip liner This LA Girl in Nonstop Nude Second I want to add some pink here, so I’m using LA girl Enduring Mauve For the lipstick, I’m using Lancome Creme Color Last Minute Now I’m using a glitter lip gloss This is Patrick Ta Lipgloss in She’s Expensive Okay, our makeup look is now complete Now I’ll be right back after putting on my dupatta and jewelry Okay My Beautiful Love’s, now we’re completely ready I have my jewelry on and my hairs done I have kept it very simple I’d curled my hair and then tied them into a braid, and then tied a ribbon on it I have left the curls at the bottom You can’t see it but let me try Can you see it? This is what it looks like You can do this yourself if you wish to or if you have a sister or a cousin and you want to do it on them, you can do so by watching this video Before leaving please subscribe and turn on the bell notification so you’re notified every time I’ve uploaded a new video Because EVERYONE deserves to look beautiful! See you in the next video Till then, take a very good care of yourself! I love you guys so much! Bye! (Punjabi) Oh! I forgot my rings in the bathroom! (Punjabi) Please bring it for me My Bling, My Bling, My Bling! Happy?