smashbox Tutorial 1

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smashbox Tutorial 1

okay the first thing that we’re going to do we’re just rub it on some smash boxes photo finish primer we’re going to get that nice and rubbed in now I’m just dotting the foundation all over my face today I’m using L’Oreal True Match Lumi foundation um I didn’t want a really thick heavy coverage so this is a good foundation to choose I’m paying special attention to my nose because my nose does tend to get ready than the rest of my face and then now we’re just going to take a damp Beauty Blender and we’re just going to buff all that in all over um I do put a little under my eyes but not much and the reason is that the reason for that is right now I’m using Smashbox is under eye primer and this helps the this is perfect for if you have a dry under I like I do and you don’t want the makeup to settle this is perfect for that now i’m using the Maybelline age rewind concealer once again just going under my eyes and around my nose to clear up some of that redness and buh-buh-buh-buh fit in with the Beauty Blender you can also use a foundation brush whatever you like best it’s perfectly fine and now just for a little bit of highlight I’m going to use the maybelline dream lumi concealer and nude and that’s why I’m taking that out so far on my face it’s going to add just a little bit of highlight that little triangle little down my nose and a little on the Cupid’s bow and that way if you decide to contour a lot you have that kind of lighter on your face and if you don’t it still looks nice after we get all that we’re going to buffalo in after we get all that bufton i’m using nicks stay matte not flat powder and I’m using a real text Real Techniques powder brush for this and I’m just going to bring it down on my neck a little bit so everything matches and nothing’s funny looking now i’m using in stasia’s brow Wiz pencil and I’m just going to come out my eyebrows I really take a long time doing my eyebrows believe it or not I have edited a lot out of this video because it I take terribly such a long time to do them but what I’m doing right now I’m just outlining the shape of my eyebrows my eyebrows are very light and towards the end the hair is almost not there so I am following along with the true shape of my eyebrows but if I don’t color them and if I don’t pencil them in then they are non-existent so we’re just going to fill all that in and like I said I like to stick with the natural shape of my eyebrow the front I do like to make it a little bit lighter I think it looks a little bit more natural since my eyebrows are so heavily filled in just get them all colored and after I get them all shaped and colored in how I want the way I clean them up is I’m using a small angled brush and this is one I got at the drugstore I think you can use any tiny brush that you want and I’m using a concealer palette from BH Cosmetics and i’m using the very lightest shade to do underneath my brow and i’m just tracing along the whole bottom of my brow and then i’m going to use a shade that is almost the color of

my skin just a tiny bit lighter to go right on top and clean them up you want to go as close as you can to your eyebrow without touching your actual eyebrow and messing up your pencil now that lighter shade I’m going to blend it in and I am going to bring it down just a little bit because this will also serve as a brow bone highlight so I just kind of buff it out with that little brush and then you can use this this brushable is dual ended and so sometimes they use the other end of buffing that top but most of time and just wipe it up with my finger and get it all nice and blended in and then I’m going to use the clear brow gel just set my eyebrows we don’t want I browse sticking out everywhere nobody wants to look like a crazy person and this lighting is a little um I have new lighting and so this lighting is a little bright I kind of do look washed out a little bit I apologize for that my camera wasn’t focusing but you can see how I’ve got them you can see how that concealer helps clean them up now I’m just going to use any old I shadow primer this one using is actually Lorax I shadow primer but most of the time I do use urban decay but this is a sample I’m trying out you right now what I’m using is Sigma’s I base and persuade and I’m just blending that all over the I pay make sure you get it in the corner there and the reason I use this it helps your eyeshadow stick butter and it just helps even out your skin tone now i’m going to use Urban Decay’s dual ended brush eyeshadow brush and I’m just using the taupe color and that’s going to be my transition coloring you’re going to start in the crease and you’re just going to blend it up towards your brow bone you don’t want to go all the way to the brow but you want to get it nice and up there because this is going to you need it um the point of a transition color and so your eyes don’t go from one color to the next with harsh lines the transition color helps at fame now we’re just going to take the shimmery taupe color and we’re just going to put that just a little bit more concentrated in the crease just to darken up the taupe color that we already have and just to add a little bit of shimmer we’re just going to brush that in and buff it out not too much we just want to darken it up just the tiny bit now i’m going to take sigma e30 pencil brush and I’m going to use a dark green shimmery color as the first color that we’re going to put down for our little smokey eye and this is going to be also like a transition color it’s just something that’s going to be in between the taupe and in between the darkest color that we use we’re going to make it a circle I usually go right above where my eyelashes stop make it a little thicker on the outer corner bring it in tighter on the inner corner she’s going to keep smoothing that out this is a 845 small tapered blending brush from sigma and i’m going to use this brush to kind of pull the color up a little bit more and out pull it up and out right there on the corner so you get that nice smokey effect you can use a little bit of product if you need to I’m just going to keep pulling the color up buffing it up this is a blending brush from BH Cosmetics and we’re going to use this to just pop everything out and make sure there’s no harsh lines take the cream color from the palette and any brush that you want this is just another brush from Sigma as a brow color I’m going to take Sedona laces 305 eyeshadow brush and I’m using makeup geek shimmer shimmer and I love this color and if you

guys seen my summer favorites you see how much I love this brush and we’re just going to pack this color right on the lid now don’t worry about if you get it up in to that green we’re going to fix that in just a second just pack it all over the lid get it in the corner for a little highlight to your inner corner and then take a little bit more that green color and that same pencil brush and see how I got outside I came up on the green a little bit you’re just going to take that and just go right over that and smooth that back out so there’s no funny edges now I’m going to take the black color in the palette the glittery black and I’m going to use the e21 smug smudge brush from Sigma and we’re going to do the same thing we did with the green color but you’re going to make it a tighter smaller line and you’re basically just going to trace the shape of your eye and you’re going to go just in a nice small line and this is what is going to give us the depth on the eyeshadow because you have the three colors that blend into each other that go from light to dark you just want to make sure that it’s nice and rounded you don’t want to go out and above too much because we are going to blend it then I’m going to take a little bit of the same black and I’m just going to smudge it on the outer corner of my eye you can go in as far as you want I usually only go in about as far as the whites of my eyes go and the reason for that is so you can still see plenty of the lid color and it just creates a nice smoky effect if you just do it on the outer corner and you don’t go in too far now I’m going to take this Real Techniques blending brush that I got in the eye kit and we’re just going to blend the black but you don’t want to pull it up too far and that way you can still see a little bit of the green and you get the nice smokey effect that you’re looking for so we’re just going to blend that out a little bit try to keep it in the same spot but erase all the harsh lines now i’m using the eyeliner brush from sigma and then it’s the e 05 sorry and I’m really sorry about this is I didn’t realize I was leaning in so far but this is the tarte amazonian clay eyeliner and we’re just going to create not really a wing but you do want it a little bit thicker on the outer corner make a real thin line as soon as you can get as thin as you can get to the lash line and then we’re just going to thicken it out just the tiny bit when we get to that block now get a tight line then this is the Smashbox waterproof eyeliner the their big eyeliner pencil the one that came with the collection that they release with the collection we’re just going to tight line and that just makes our liner look a little blacker it just makes our lashes blend in better it just darkens everything up but in a real neat way this is my tart eyelash curler we’re just going to curl our eyelashes I’d like to do five little squeezes on each side and this is the Too Faced better than sex mascara in black you can use same with every product I’ve used you can use the same you know similar version um same colors you can bury the colors but this mascara I have loved it I got it the day it came out I’m already on my second tube of it three cups of this and your eyelashes are fantastic so I’m just going to layer that up now for my bottom lashes would have been using is the Maybelline big eyes mascara and I’ve been using the little bottom brush which I absolutely love it makes my bottom lashes it’s the perfect brush for it the other side of the liner isn’t isn’t too bad either but I’m really just like the bottom side so whatever mascara you choose you just want to put a little

I don’t line the bottom of my eyes usually and I never put water on my water eyeliner the eyeliner on my waterline I feel like it closes in my eyes too much and I don’t like it now what I’m doing right here is I’m taking a little bit of liquid bronzer i’m using lorax tanta wider tantalize ER and i’m just putting this on my cheeks before i put on my bronzer don’t ask me why I’ve always done it I feel like it makes my bronzer stay better it feel like it looks better now I’m getting now I have that fabulous FB 0 1 Sedona lace fan brush and I’m using the bombs mary-lou manizer you can use any highlighter you want I’m just brushing that at the top of my cheekbones a little bit i’m using one side to put the color on and then i’m going to flip my brush over and I buff it out with the other side you don’t want a real strong white wine at the top of your cheeks now I’m going to get Sigma’s powder blush brush I don’t know why I just pause saying that it’s the f10 brush sorry and i’m using the bones bahama mama bronzer I do a tiny bit of contouring here if you can see it’s just a small small amount when you have a strong I look you don’t want to have a really strong contour it’ll just clash you want your face to look really flawless so I’m just using that bronzer putting a little color to my cheeks a little room my forehead my nose my jawline a little on my neck I’m a little ahead of myself here forehead there you go but you just put a little color everywhere you just want to blend everything out like I said you want everything to look seamless flawless so that your face is not the focus of this look your eyes are like I said you just want to make sure to get that on the jaw line I put a little bit more under my jaw as you can tell it just makes um your bone structure staying out a little bit more you don’t obviously you don’t want a big bronzer line right there but it just helps to tighten up your jaw make your chin look a little stronger now i’m using the large concealer brush from sigma that f65 and I’m just doing a tiny bit of contouring on my nose using the same exact bronzer just a little stripe down each side to make my nose look a little bit more straighter it also makes my nostrils look a little bit smaller you can tell I got them big ol flared out nostrils just want to blend that out and tongue them bad boys down a little bit now i’m just using this callus stippling brush i believe i might have got it at walmart or Sally’s I cannot remember but i’m using the tart airbrush the mayor kuja i know i’m saying it wrong blush and shimmering peach and i love this blush with this specific um blush brush that i’m using it really does make the blush look airbrush it’s that cream to powder formula and the peach is just perfect because it adds just the right amount of color without being too strong now we’re going to take one of my most favorite products lately if you seen my summer face i said i was going to have everyone and i am on my way and this is the Urban Decay lip liner and also i’m going to be using the lipstick the color I’m using today is native it is a beautiful soft pink goes perfectly with the look we’re going for right here you’d never want to have smoky eyes in a strong lip you always want to do nude eyes and a strong lip or a strong lip and nude eyes you never want to do I don’t know if I just said the same thing twice but you get my point you never want to do them both together looks a little hookerish nobody wants to look like a hooker so and make sure you get the corners of your mouth a lot of girls tend to forget to to get deep I know that’s a horrible face but a lot of girls forget to get way in the corner and then when you put on your lipstick you got these two blank spots on the corner of your mouth like I said this is the same color and I love this pink it

is so gorgeous it’s a perfect soft pink now if you don’t want to wear the lipstick and go all out you can just add a nice nude lip gloss on the lip gloss I’m adding to this is victoria secret beauty rush lip gloss and mocktail and like I said if you don’t want to go full out lip lipstick lip gloss lip liner you can just do a nice nude lip gloss and this would be this color is very perfect for that it’s a nice new but it’s got some shimmer not too overpowering but it still adds a little bit of color to your lip so I’m just applying that with a lip brush so let my lips are nice and shiny and pretty and there you have it guys that’s the look let’s take my hair down and let it dry up in a ponytail while it was what oh my goodness crazy girl hair well let’s do a little camera magic one moment and voila a little bit of camera magic my hair is done I don’t look like a crazy person anymore thanks for watching guys bye