Applying expert system technology to code reuse with Pyke

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Applying expert system technology to code reuse with Pyke

okay led by Ben came from Frank oh boy they need to reuse the P function but the new program but there’s another possibility in that set the 22 is really a function but it would be this situation are forgetting all these solutions are refusing that but most regions all have a little patience to come in to be function that now that they want to call these boxy wispy forces of you probably know about plants rigid block users each use motion directly yes we think the first one and when a person tries to call the C function that we discovered this is going to work this point is limitation because continued on earth example what we need to do is back it up from the b1 function and try the second feed function when we do that all travel conditions that what’s needed are two things first of all functional accidents happen prior to calling in the other phone this is very different they found a little spring second thing we see here is that what you probably like prologue is a very different program is very procedural together so next we’re going to look at how the backing chain works involving table in the solid box with only 180 consciousness on the one ruler here for the fight be all there yeah

the client three here and so we need there’s no other rules for fine seats the fine people of the table which means the up1 wolf by the next people that means the solution finding by the first rule there that bills for clients the second role and we have exactly okay hi for easily done and procedural work inviting my promo so the rules look like that the three words are reserved refer to dip and roll and with that bikini the fetch a receipt from the devil in a reversal or which is what we have here so that they used causes at the end part of the room and the wind bothered because particles one read this has been rolled with my three or muesli do and say if and they urge in two of the beatbox what these money that we’ll see go out and buy five can find a solution to find the fine people over this client they or the rule we have a solution to the pine beetle and then basically have these rule-based systems work sim will have showing rules for the use be wanting you to be too the next question is okay now how do we attach our Python script we do that way the initial thought was micro wind claws and with the lip gloss I can have any number of lines of pipeline one point there and either all you know what else Wi-Fi could want a fight but I could not try to party it’s all going to do here is that he one month is just going to be one and that’s okay so far but when we go back to the next rule the USB tool we do the same thing therefore the presence of crispy now the problem here is my five applying Depot is going to also have this Python function associated but either the d1 and that’s that why including final Python code underneath the sole function takes no arguments the returning things

we just call the function this is largely behind you as well compartment function but then in general the wind kaze observable function this guy that’s gonna be function to be called before we see the 52 so Mike provides an alternate way of dealing with this as me what we’re seeing here it was in the Python you ever seen the dollar feet pattered variable and that would be to use other variables in that’s why I love my appointment correction within the PRP sort figure these by descending variables other if you want functions do our creditors even had a taking they’re the function Oh the function where’s all this supportive playing also supports forward chaining rule and this means large or service then where the room the reason I’m using for each because there’s multiple factors that may be matched in multiple different combinations of these patterns the would be fired service all the Mauretania the backward the basin characters to death that’s the single inheritance and that means that the rule base of the rule base is used to define a rule-based category you might have multiple new rule bases the name of the rule base category repeat rule based category you take one rule basis didn’t have some characters created by the activate for each execution of music you make different rule base you use that for example if you wanted to have special freeze you can have a okay aerosol the rules for my business equal day you might also point out proud proud of the bouillabaisse and ie the

fire far away then you can choose which activate you call tonight to create a plan the college baseball provide for accessibility is right that is blind the concept and this is the regime okay I can also use it with something like a template – name – as well as on the process whole practical like form accident that’ll do Oh we turn second goal between goal that takes that was the collagen if you look up the facts of the environment in return the dictionary that process goal in the place now let’s find the place far more capable than I have one what do but it’s an observer morning of that show me your feet what’s more my country

going forward when I’m working at the contractor contract working with generating singles day three in front of this heart a new president he came from with Java bathroom so I’ve not yet taken re-implement the expert system from stress the second generation by the court made a lot of lessons learned place out there’s an open source product entity like assured if there’s other people that could take that in use that’s why I’m here at Python as those people are sitting out here in this group and so up until this point of this on this product at the contractor different move forward lot of people here if I have to but everything is working and knowledge given yeah traceback module so that if you get exception it will translate the Python information into the campus operations those people mentioned ERP file where they they kind of changed really yeah your plan right now value like number screen or

and when you specify do you think okay might be interested okay okay that problem or okay