CHATTY Shay Mitchell inspired Autumn / Fall Makeup Tutorial 2015 | Kaushal Beauty

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CHATTY Shay Mitchell inspired Autumn / Fall Makeup Tutorial 2015 | Kaushal Beauty

hi everyone and welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be doing my hair so today I’m gonna be doing a shave Mitchell inspired autumn fall makeup tutorial I was really really really loving what she wore too I believe it was the Streamy Awards and she’s basically got this gorgeous like dark wine lip and a very kind of gray warm eye shadow that going on so I wouldn’t wanted to recreate this look for you guys because I’ve been loving wearing dark colors on my lips recently and I am feeling at the autumn/winter makeup looks so I’m a kickstart off these looks with an inspired look by the gorgeous Shay Mitchell she is like one of my favorite PLL’s and I think she’s just stunning and I just love her personality but this is the look that I’m going to recreate I’ll find a picture of it somewhere up here and yeah I’m just going to get straight into the tutorial I’m going to make it as chatty as possible because I’ve missed talking to you guys so much recently I’ve already moisturized my skin and I’ve used one of my favorite facial oils of all time and that is the josie maran argan oil and I’ve kind of let that sit for a few minutes I’m actually going to tie my hair up because it’s really annoying me I rarely have my hair down in tutorials these days and just in life in general and just because it just annoys the heck up I’m gonna do off my base and everything first and then I’m going to do my eyes and lips right the end so I’m going to start off with my primer I’m going to you so let’s start off with my L’Oreal infallible primer to prime the kind of general areas of my face and so I’m gonna do my forehead and my cheeks and my chin and I’m just going to press that I am going to be mixing my by Maybelline fit me foundation into 20 with the Maybelline matte and poreless into 20 as well and I feel like this is slightly lighter than they fit me original but we’re going to work with it so I have recently come back from New York it was so much fun I was there for New York Fashion Week it was so much fun but it’s quite nice to be back home I’ve got to say and see I’m just pressing this into my skin using my damp Beauty Blender it really helps blend all of the product out so well as you can see it’s like totally like the wrong color but we’re gonna work with her and we’re going to kind of bronze up the skin because Shea look like she was quite like highlighted and contoured so we’ll fix all of that also I’m thinking of doing a new filming setup and so let me know what you guys like whether you like kind of like a plain like one color backdrop or whether you like stuff in the background like I don’t know a table pictures lights let me know um so I did a huge kind of Sephora Ricky’s drugstore haul while I was in New York so if you guys would like to see a bit of a haul video where I like try the products on as well because I’ve put loads of lipsticks then please let me know in the comments below because I feel like I haven’t done a beauty haul in a long long time especially like an American one what I like to always do is I like to like check up close to make sure everything is looking blended as possible because we’re going to be going for like a bit of a matte lip I’m going to put some lip balm on so I’m using my lip glam lip balm for concealer I’m going to be using my Maybelline aunty aged over wine and C you know the one that I always make up the name for I’m going to put it in the usual places that I like to highlight and conceal and so that is a triangle shape underneath my eyes and what I’ve been doing recently is kind of really bringing that up on the sides of my nose and I’m making sure that it’s a nice kind of triangle and same on the other eye I’ve actually kind of changed my like highlighting and contouring technique so I only put like a little bit on my forehead because I feel like the phrase to put it everywhere and I just used to make it look really big and it already was and so I only put like a little dot and then drag the rest of it down a little bit on my chin around my

Lao and I keep its way as always I’m going to blend all of that out with my Beauty Blender a lot of people ask me what my skin shade is especially in Mac and that is NC 35 and I generally use a face and body by Mac and for that I am c3 and when I dried tan I use c5 and right now I like I’m in between like a c5 into c3 um but I just make sure that my highlighting and contouring all of that kind of balances out the foundation that I’m using I am going to now go in with my cream contour and I’m going to use the la girl and this is in beautiful bronze I’m going to draw the contour lines on my cheeks and then I’m going to draw two lines on the sides the rest on my forehead and then chin and jaw lines in between my keeps way underneath my lips and this just makes your lips look really howdy now I’m just gonna contour my nose and I’m just going to draw like a straight line from my brows one thing that I hate about contouring my nose my nose goes red really really easily so even when I do contour it I feel like I’m not really doing anything so it just makes the whole thing red but we’ll work with it you can blend all those lines out using a brush and I’m going to find my fixed place right I like spraying my brush with a fix my spray just cuz it helps it kind of like blend out easy be easier I feel like I can’t talk but like this is the wrong time to do a chatty tutorial so I’m just blending this I know it looks a little bit messy right now but we’ll go in with our Beauty Blender and make sure that everything is looking good I feel like I haven’t done a cream contour in so long I’ve been like loving doing powder contours recently I still love a cream contour I just feel like it lasts longer it looks really like natural I’m going to blend the nose contour out with a smaller buffing brush just so that the lines don’t move around too much and then what I do like to do is I like to go on top with my concealer again I’m just going over all of the contouring with my Beauty Blender just to make sure everything is nice and seamless looking so there’s no like harsh lines anywhere I’ve been doing this weird thing where I’ve been mixing powders and creams but it seems to be working so I’m going to go with it and I’m going to show you guys exactly what I do now I’m going to set all the areas that I’ve highlighted with my kick-ass powder I’m using my zoeva luxe face focus brush just to kind of set all of those areas in place and I really like to push the product into my skin because I feel like this lasts really well and don’t worry about if you pack too much product on because it actually photographs really really well it literally makes you look like you’ve been like photoshopped if that makes sense underneath your eyes especially when you kind of like press the product in I had like majorly majorly hit pan on this I feel like it’s taken over my love for a Ben Nye banana powder which is very very good but I feel like it is quite heavy whereas this you can like layer up and make it heavier if you really want to and then setting all the other areas as well now I’m going to set all the places that we contoured and the thing i’ve been using a lot is this bury em chisel cheeks contour kit i’m going to go in with a darker shade first I’m going to set where we’ve contoured if you like you just need the tiniest amount of this as well it’s pre powdery and pigmented so you want to go in bit by bit like don’t put too much on because otherwise it can look a little bit too much I’m getting a smaller kind of fluffier brush this is the Sigma e-40 and I’m just going over the nose contour I like to take my Beauty Blender and just kind of dab over it just to make sure everything is looking blended because we want blended we don’t want too much and then I’m going in with that same brush and just kind of deepening up where we contoured and don’t worry if it’s looking crazy we’re going to go in and blend it all up because it looks way too much right now gonna blend all the lines I feel like

with contouring with powders you can literally like blend away the product until you’re happy with the way that it’s looking so now what I’ve been doing just to kind of clean up the contour I know you’re not really supposed to mix creams and powders together but we’re going to break the rules and I’m basically going to take that same Maybelline concealer and I’m just going to clean up where we contoured just to kind of make that line a little bit more defined but then I like to take my Beauty Blender again and I just like to blend the line down you guys going to be like why is you’re putting so much makeup on her face but I’ve been doing this quite a lot recently and you’ve probably seen in my Instagram pictures that my skin looks like I’ve faced ginned it but I really haven’t I promise you it’s just this kind of new technique that I’ve been doing mixing powders and contours and all sorts I mean powders and creams so once I’m kind of happy with it I kind of go over the actual line that you can see just to kind of make it less harsh now that one of that is done I like to make sure that everything is kind of looking blended and what I have been using is this the four micro smooth compact powder so it’s basically in the shade sixty deep and it’s just your kind of powder setting powder but it works as a really good contour for me or bronzer should I say and what I do is I take the tiniest amount and just help blend everything together and there we go that’s like the base done it did take a good 20 minutes but when I’m not explaining stuff it can take like 10-15 minutes on the picture that I’ve got of Shay’s what am I talking about it looks like she’s got a really kind of warm orangey looking kind of blusher so what I’m actually going to do is I’m going to take this blush color right here because by the time it goes in my cheeks it will look quite similar and I’m just gonna add that oh my god I’m just going to add that onto my cheeks and I’ve clearly added too much this is what I mean about it being really really really pigmented we are going to blend all that away and so it’s not too harsh so I feel like for her highlight she’s got quite like a Goldy undertone to her highlight so I’m going to be using the lovely champagne pop by Jacqueline Hill and Becca cosmetics I have been obsessed with this I feel like ever since I got this I have been using it almost every day and so I’m just putting this on the high points of my cheeks as always you guys know the drill I’m also adding just the slightest bits of this on the tops of my eyebrows I’m going to take a little bit down the bridge of my nose and on my chin so now that like my cheeks and everything is done I’m going to move on to eyes the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to prime my eyes and then do my brows but I’m going to do that off-camera because you guys have seen me do that a million in one time but for primer I’m going to be using my Too Faced shadow insurance so I’m just going to do all of that off-camera for you I have built my browsing and primed my eyelids I filled my browsing really heavily and I made them thicker just because Shay Mitchell has really full eyebrows and I am NOT less with that my eyebrows are naturally really thin so that is why they are looking a little bit bigger than usual um the nights just so bad in this room but you can kind of see they’re a lot thicker than they were before now that my eyes are prepped we’re going to work on these shadows so I’m actually going to be using this morphe palette here which I believe is the 35 neutrals a palette that’s what it says on the back which are basically these gorgeous gorgeous matte shades and I’m going to go in with a mixture of the first two shades here as my highlight on my brow bone brow brown on my brow bone I really envy the people who have naturally thick brows like my brows just suck okay they’re not filled in I started using castor oil again on my brows to make them hopefully grow so from here on that if you see any of my tutorials where I am really disgustingly like overly hairy eyebrows that’s why I’m just not going to try and tweeze them or do anything to them until I am happy with the growth of them before I kind of shaped day look like she had a really nice kind of gray kind of color going on on her eyelids so I’m

actually going to use a mixture of the grey and then this brown here so it’s kind of like neutral ducts I don’t want it to look like majorly grey so I’m going to add those two colors together and I’m going to add them on to my eyelid I feel like even when I get ready like off-camera whenever I do my eyes I like don’t talk which kind of makes it annoying for a chatty tutorial I don’t like clip not talking I guess watched these pallets on my hands and also oh my god these eyeshadows are so crazily pigmented I think this whole palette was like 25 dollars or something like that I’m pretty short in the UK you can get them from I want to say Beauty Bay but I’m not entirely sure I will leave links to where you can get more fee like eyeshadows and stuff from so now that I’m done with my eye lid I’m going to go in with a crease color and it looked like she had a really nice kind of warm shade going on and warm tones going on in her eyelids so I’m actually going to use a mixture of these two shades here which are kind of like a purpley ready Browns so I’m going to take them on a blending brush so this one is the Sigma diffused crease key 38 brush and I’m just going to start blending that into the crease and we don’t want to make like a wing or anything we don’t want to bring the color out too much because it didn’t look like she had but she kind of had a very kind of rounded looking eye this eye is definitely something that I would wear for like winter autumn fall I find it really weird when I say fall because it’s such like an American term um but yeah I would totally totally wear this for this time of year so I’m just fixing up any kind of gray area on the eyelid that’s been kind of taken away with the crease and now I’m taking a clean kind of fluffy brush and just making sure everything is nice and blended away I’m so glad that I got this I got this from Ricky’s and when I was in New York and I actually got another one as well let me show you the other one that I got which is the 35e palette and they’re slightly more shimmery and the shades are a little bit more brighter but just amazing my swatch these as well I was like oh my god I need my life so yeah I got to know now that we’re done with the top part of the eyes muscle up the lower lash line and I’m going to take the same these two shades here the gray and the cooler toned brown that we used on the eyelid and I’m going to kind of smudge that on my lower lash line because it looked like Shay had quite a bit of that going on and we’re going to try and make it look as similar as we can I find it really weird because I’ve filmed so many voiceover tutorials I usually have like music in the background and I’m usually like dancing a man so it’s so weird to have like me filming with just me talking oh cool so now that I’m done with this I am gonna wear falsies so I’m just going to add a layer of mascara and I’m a scar and I’m actually going to use if I can find it is this new Maybelline one that I got when I was in New York and it’s called the push-up drama mascara and the reason why I like this is because I feel like I just don’t need to call my lashes um I don’t think it’s taken over my love for the lash sensational because that stuff is just it’s so good but this just basically means that I don’t need to carb eyelashes so I’m going to go with this one and I’m only going to put like one layer because we are obviously going to be putting falsies on so I’m not going to worry too much about it looking perfect or anything like that also I’ve just got a nice layer I said like I was only going to put one layer but I’m like going to town with this so I’m gonna stop right right now I was going to add this mascara to my lower lashes um because we don’t want them to get hidden away so now we’re going to do eyeliner I’m going to put a little bit of my perversion eyeliner on

my upper waterline Jane was wearing a gorgeous like nude eyeliner on her lower waterline so I’m going to go in with the Charlotte Tilbury nude eyeliner and I’m just going to go ahead and line my lower waterline so now I’m going to grab this nude shade here from the same morphe palette basically you’re going to pack that shadow onto my waterline and this is hopefully just going to set all of that in place so that it doesn’t budge so now I’m going to move on to the lips and Shay was just wearing this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous lip shade so I’m going to be mixing two colors together so the first one is my current obsession and you’ve probably seen this all over my Instagram but this is the new matte lipsticks from Maybelline and this is in the shade divine wine and I am going to go ahead and take my time and line my lips with this and then also fill my lips in I’m actually going to take away the lip balm because I don’t want this lip to look glossy if you know what I mean I always start with my Cupid’s bow first oh my god I look so funny right now so and once I’ve got my Cupid’s bow how I want it and then take the product down and I always work in like small strokes I kind of like build the lip up especially when I don’t have a matching lip liner this is what I do and then I fill in the bottom lip now that I filled my lips in with that lipstick I’m just going to take all the excess off wipe that away and then on top I’m going to go over that with this Kat Von D shade and it’s called Vampira which is basically very very very similar to what she was wearing I was wearing this in my non beauty favorites video but it is quite drying and it cracks quite a lot um so I’m actually layering this so that it kind of lasts longer and so I’m putting this on top Oh one thing that I did forget to do I always like to go in with kind of like oh just a clean brush this I’ve been using for quite a while so it does not look clean I just like to kind of like clean up any lines that go along now that the lips is done I’m just going to make sure of nothing on my teeth I’m gonna kind of clean up again just to make sure and yes there is lot of lipstick going on still so once I’m done with that I am now going to put on my falsies and I need to find them falsies that I’m going to use these hood of beauty falsies and they are in the style Samantha I have been obsessed with wearing these and since I got them when I went to Dubai so I am going to put these on and I’m going to be using my Escudo lash glue for this so I’m going to put my lashes on off-camera because otherwise I’m going to be so close to the mirror that I’ve got here that you guys are not going to be able to see anything so I’ll be back in two seconds once I put these on so you guys this is the final look of the Shay Mitchell inspired autumn winter makeup look awful makeup look whatever you guys like to call this time of year but I really hope you guys did enjoy this chatty tutorial I personally love this look because I feel like with this eye you can get away with wearing so many different kinds of dark lips but personally I love this lip kind of look with this eye because the eye isn’t like too too too deep so I feel like the lip just complements it really well but I really hope you guys enjoyed this video please do give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy chatty tutorials because I would love to do more of them and don’t forget to also leave me links to images or color combinations that you would like to see for the autumn winter full time and yeah I guess I will see you all in my next video bye