Dell Precision 466_v Windows 95 Installation and Computer overview Part 1

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Dell Precision 466_v Windows 95 Installation and Computer overview Part 1

hello go try to show you a couple of videos here on the 486 machine i showed you earlier running rhythm so i’ll go and try a few things with it and we’re going to start from the beginning and show those you have never seen before how an operating system is installed now i’m going to stick wins on the five on the machine simply because unlike the likes of Windows 3.1 and understand that you can actually do something windows 95 hover to formula go on the internet see how slow it is and you know run a few games and that and if you want to set up a dance machine I’m sure there’s plenty of other videos here showing of the data and we will be using dust for some of this video and we’ll show you how to use the fixed disk commands which you’re very handy if you have a brand new hard drive and and you know are starting off from the beginning then one word of note windows 95 would accept the larger hard drives and you can also put fat32 onto windows 95 providing you have version see if you have a version ARB a may not read it and be will read it but you won’t be the format within windows 95 version B you have to format it in for example windows version c and or you can also format in windows 98 and then basically migrated back to the previous version now one of the other things is the hard drive itself that we’re going to use today is a 504 megabyte or 504 megabyte hard with its originally at five ADM egg but due to formatting constraints and up its going to reduce it down so we’re going to start off with basically a fresh hard road that has been used before so we start off by formatting that hard drive and getting it ready to run in windows so the first thing you have to do a course is get the actual operating system to read the hard drive and see what’s going on so a lot of times in higher plants what you can do is you can actually set it up on a monitor and now as i mentioned before on some operating systems it’ll ask you some bias air problems it’ll ask you to you know set up the cylinder of the heads the pre conversation landings on the sectors and so on right now what I’ve done here as you can probably see in here is I was very wrong tried to set up for the fee of the make sure everything was working ok yeah so that’s it another hard run so I’m just gonna see what its chances what there we are sensing do I handle it’s an 8 gigabyte hard drive hey well so actually read there’s Mickey we heard of a sort of bizarre reason which it isn’t and sinless has pre-competition sector as an investor ok I was basically reading is a large hard drive and the one of the hard drives themselves a lot of times you will have actually the recomposition the landing zone knowledgeable handle myself physical and for example on this hard drive here you see this on the lead caviar there i’ll bring in as close to account should think about a zoom as you can see on the neat here we have similars his sectors and size of hard drive ok this software here automatically detects the size of the art of in this case here it’s detecting an eight gigabyte hard drive ok I’m just going to turn the hard drive over to see what it is because I don’t think it that soon ya know what is that size oh sorry wrong hard drive and doesn’t matter that’s one important actually piece information they’re funny enough the fact that you see that written up there I’ve only put in a bigger herd of like a 20 gig or a 10 game or a fortigate into a 486 computer a lot of people say we’ll run it will run on a high drama and this herd of here in the example of a 40 gig hard drive from seagate which have actually run successfully with this computer and as you can see in the back of actually written on the back of it this is the very hard very same hard drive that I actually around the ribbon demo in which you’ll also see on my page okay that’s my rollers in the back doesn’t know which I drove it is and not the format and play it out and I have a hell of a lot of hard drugs so I’ve probably got to be careful now if I detect this hard with automatic in the bars as well it’ll come up with the same result although what’s bigger so you got to use a special piece of software to install that and what the software legend reuse is easy drive easy / drive look it up you’ll find on the seek aid website and more just you know type of Sarah to the yahoo you’ll find that as well okay so anyway this heart of happens to be a key a car drove so it’s detecting you’re correct it’s automatically detecting it so i might detect in their heads the cylinders the sectors and so on so no need to add the information most of the older hard drives will give you this information will tell you what the sectors are two cylinders are and so forth if the boys itself doesn’t have another my protection feature this does

so we’re on the pigs back let’s continue what and just to let you know I’ve actually installed a floppy disk in the drive just take it out wires building it’s a windows 98se startup disk okay i use the winners on the eighth startup disk even to install windows 95 because it just just it’s it’s a better start up just a 95 on and if you don’t have a 98 12 hand that’s fine you know user wins notifiable more gonna use windows 98 one simply because it allows us to do a few things with the machine what we’re also i’ve also got this machine is we’ve got the creative labs sound blaster a doubly 32 soaker we have got a at ether link 3 based network card which will allow us computer to actually go on the network i’m actually born the blob on again you know back in the day and then 6 News machines a lot of people said oh before it suks with love we’re going in you can’t use blob armed with that you can use broadband with a 486 providing you have an ethernet cable and you can’t really deal with the USB inhibit is a pci based machine which this isn’t it savvy lb base michelle and because it just doesn’t have enough power to really real and you’re going to get terrible results whoever you run the 486 with a network card and you know you’re quite capable it’s all good at a focus there again for some reason i try going to focus back in there ton of information on the screen now what you can see up here is you can see the the three options pick the top because the eunuch are not have in here is a scuzzy SCSI small computer systems interface let’s go see Carrot is driving another hard drive and which I be honest with you I haven’t got a clue what sizes i think it’s about two gigs in this area you’re seeing here pci is because there’s no pci card in this machine it’s it’s a VL debased 486 and these drivers are starting here it is a speed driver and the stuff i will all here is all basically belongs to the network card it’s in here again if you do the 486 closing machine get adaptec because i get that text like the credit of labs it’s cozy it’s all we got to be support so that’s why i have an adapted car plugged in here the video card finally is an ati 32 vlb which to megs of ram and it’s a very good carrot I find and I find this an excellent card and you may want to use a different type of character it’s up to yourself and i use the 32 it scares my pops is fine huh we’re just waiting for this thing here to boot up may take a few minutes well that’s what that says I’ve boom ok now we’re ready what we’re going to do first is we’re going to run run a program called fixed its core fdisk and fdisk is designed for the original when you get a harder than the shop and the other base except the hard revoked actually run within your computer so you type in the command for fix this which in this case is fdisk it’s not called fixed disk as you can see a pair of fixed disk because it’s too big it doesn’t meet with the parameters of the file name association that das has which is eight dot 3 so in little words you can have eight characters plus ab dot or a period of your america i meant 3 + 3 x at the end for example auto a 0 UT 0 EXE c-dub box has one of the father starts of the computer it meets the demands of the 8.3 yes it’s using the models everywhere so the first thing we want to do is have a look at the petitioners actually there already we actually have one already installed because again before i start this up and i wanted to basically get one organized now as you can see the sit servers me reading this hard drive as a father looking for megabyte hard drive okay with a fat 16 on okay that is incorrect okay the machine the actual machine is reading it correctly at for physical Harvard reading cracker but the operating system is reading it incorrectly so we’ll have to roam the easy at software on this machine together to run right as you can see this is our totally messed up and it shouldn’t be reading of that now I was going to go try to get the floppy disk for this Oh give me a second oh whatever luckily i have it on top of didn’t bury the damn thing what now this is maxtor max blast 4 and this will work with any hard rod the harder that’s in the machine in the moment is the western digital and but this will work with no problem at all and that’s why years this is basically a dynamic driver overlay that allows your hair growth actually read and you know these these larger fun but you’re still going to need this disk so don’t put this away too far so we’ll

stick it now put this disk in and restart the computer do a warm restart yeah they lived in a warm restart the cold we start a warm restart has control out in the lease cold restart is turning the Machine off or reading the reset button on the front of the machine as you can see it’s not running the RAM test this time which have run the last time this camera by the way i’m using is a very high tech tree CMOS camera from Panasonic and the cameras using my other videos was the sanyo camera and i’m just using this one because i have a tripod that lets me stick it at the bottom of the other one does have a tripod a building on the boat i think i sent another video i’ve actually sellotaped it together so you know if this is the software here that allows hard drives at be configured automatic rather than having to use fixed it’s keeping you can configure the hardware’s automatically so bigger hard drive will run on the 486 no problem at all and some of the people that don’t like this software don’t like it because of you know information can be lost because if you know because of the way it operates if they if the software disappear you lose your information your data but like you would with double space your drive space i’ve used on a lot of machines never having the trouble with it and just back up your information like you would in the normal hard drive at this stage these machines are legacy these 486 is so you know the chances of using it for everyday use are not going to be very high and it’ll let me get your stock and this will happen on some video characters players don’t worry about it so much not the end of the world and there is a more fancy graphical user interface that’s available at you’ll see it’s lovely got little buttons of carved was also the dell wireless has happened sometimes it happens it doesn’t now we’re going to continue on their this is all you know south-south explanatory format installed on they see it’s at the detecting there’s the western digital harbor and the samsung cd-rom but also got the cd-rom drive here we’ve also got a scuzzy hair plugged in here as well but it won’t see that because the net the actual car that runs it isn’t detected yet so that’s format the installed we can do advanced options come over there and if you’d be so much like if you’ve got a machine that’s in the in the database you can do a few drug jumpers and it’ll give you a jumper setting for the harder that’s understand okay Oh as well you’ve got some other information here that allows you to if the if the Machine happens to get corrupted with this software you can then recover it hasn’t so unless it does a cap really demonstrated he I’d like to but it’s sort of only really works if learning really works if hey what’s the word from probably worked if you have a problem to show you how to fix it and this is your little options you have here which can be interesting to see all the stuff that’s here the second one here can be interested if you have an emergent as I say an Irish arrow or an idiot it’s gonna be using your machine and playing with floppy disks if they booked the floppy disk it’s going to cause problems with this machine because what’s going to happen is you’ve gotta be able to boot off the floppy disk it might not see the C Drive and illegal played around and trying to fix them the easy bias has to be installed first now the thing with it is will you see it in a second is when the easy boss is installed on the actual hard drive you can give you the option to boot from a floppy disk anyway so you know you can enable or disable protection that’s really up to yourself and it won’t make any difference if you won’t actually move from a floppy it’ll still let you you just have to wait till easy boss tells you to do from a floppy not the actual hair your computer’s bios okay and this one of our stands there you can you can play around what if you want that’s that that’s what that basically means there are multiple transfer Tribbett transfer and the times are there you get this is dilute the floppy disk it’s you know we with the details here but it’s no real point look what I mean much the most people out there you’re watching this okay let’s say let’s set set this up for much install drive we want to raise one ye-es where we go services are false we’re not installed windows nt4 with us always 35 checking system fault doesn’t have them we’re going to use the winners at the a disc system files are on the butyl disk system forces looking for iOS vs system sys config sis that sy syms exists and then the auto but I’ll exact back files that are exists ok so sorry for them now see this this is quite a lot used fat32

partitions on all use fat six-step use the 432 petitions because as you can see there it’ll allow the heart of to be you know utilized minds I’m actually will run faster and using 32 petitions rather than 16 unless you got me running dust on the machine which we’re not we’re going to use mins and defiance machine to sort of player ballot and go over the fat32 partitions if you go fat16 partitions it’ll basically partition the hard drive up into two gigabytes sectors so you’re eight gigabyte hard drive will be split up into abcdefg in other words it won’t be an eight gig complete heron drive if the sections are these now you can also use fixed is to do this but it’s so annoying as a best forward to use it that’d be better after you to basically use fat 32 and install windows 95 if you’re going to make a dust gaming machine and get your hands on a 540 megabyte or you know one point something gigabyte hard rock go get that because you’re better off you better off actually use a heart of that is the right size for the job Roger and put a jumbo hard row then and then petition alarm up it’s very messy and that’s my that’s my opinion you know it’s up to serve if you want to go and do it but you can do it here it will let you actually choose the size we want fat32 use this partition size again you can enter new petitions you can make it smaller but you’ll have to make sure you do in 16-bit not 32 but ok we’ll use a partition size is hitting yourself it’s now step up that hard drive it’s copying the system for their here CIOs why us that’s the interrupt the desperation see the computer talking to the hard work that’s without those I all stands for input/output and that’s why as a system for ms-dos sy yes is the second foil that runs come on calm is a basic set of command lines and that bus will have even if you haven’t installed yet for example dots 3 4 5 6 6.22 it’s a basic set and for example it said using delete tree you’d use already removed directory so for that I think I’ve shown it another video so have a look at the AST video I think I show them enough and if you want to know anything else extra you know just let me know on our goal outfit yeah but I exit this before we exit it’s going to ask you to any but just take out the floppy disk ok they are say but take it up because again what we’ll do is we’ll try to boot from that floppy disk either one now this should basically bring us into a command prompt situation hey yeah there now it’s initializing the easy by us now they are to install the system os from a floppy and set the four floppy disk in the drive a type-a begin the OS installation or type see the Skip always insulation and boot to see then we boot the C Drive and adults that’s on this below us actually see the full hard drive size which is eight gigs so we can do that now we want to and or we can go ahead and try install the operating system we’re going to go for options a so your winners at the eight startup disk which you’ve already created now if you want to create this by the way if you have a friend or anybody like that that has words of the air machine just go into my computer go into the floppy drive right click on it and it’ll even option there to format and the format command then you can you can base the asker to make a start at this come in there and I might be able to show your means and if i havenít boots up how to do it as well it’s the same idea let’s go with that keys installed it starts right just testing senior civil way salaams the board the cpu is inside this machine is a 486 DX 2 DX stood for the idea that must not be a double speed to pay CPU one of those it uses a clock clock doubling technology and the doubling technology basically allows the 33 megahertz front side bus to be translated into the 66 megahertz internal voice on the processor this is the actual CPU itself not the one from the pc because if it was the machine wouldn’t be running in the background ok so that’s the actual processor let’s just dropped and hit the floor don’t worry it’s already broken you can’t break something is already broken as you can see there’s a few were bent pins are not there and use you can straighten them up no problem but there is one pinner that’s falling over in half so I think I’ll be repaired and my

cat Posada to chew it so they are you know most like the taste of gold in any way that’s the processor and something else I have here in my hand while waiting here this here is a chip removal tool can be handy for these older machines if you want to be basically taking chip syrup on chips in store for that said chip removal tool and it’s also very good for scratching things you know puts again you know for a very fine colne alien holds anything else ok so here we are operand system ready to go let’s go to the deed of the cds already in the dr dr your /p that maybe gives you a list of what’s on the hard roof that’s the ram drive and we don’t want that which ye drive the guy or /p not door let’s posit interest retention tax gone over that over ours I’m set up right now actually one thing I always do this is one thing I always do I recommend this instead of setting above the CD and what I do is and I’ll show you now is copy everything to the hard rock and I’ll tell you what so first thing to do is to make a directory keep everything caps off make a directory call win95 hey gwyther the directory CD is with the directory and then copy so cop1 start star head e.e colon backslash win95 backslash start our star I need an answer huh papii colon backslash win95 backslash star not stir to see Cole backside we night before backside star star the reason why I right under that is is sometimes what happens in some more upper assistances they don’t put the twos that the startup stare at the end here it could copy everything old from that into that but we’ll make a wandering far and so with that like that it’s just it’ll override everything it Allah scoffer president vehicles now the reason why i recommend you do this and I just I just remember there a moment ago is if you installed from the hard drive the reward I’d like to test your ancient heart over this stage it would be agents because it’s gonna be you know going around the hard drive and the heads gonna be gone luxman but what it also lady to do is if you have another heart which we do here scusi hard drive and we may be of install the windows 95 on to that and what never minding that even installing on the actual main heart of the seed of is it who worked the name no 8k