jpeg2RAW Podcast – Show #19 – White Balance & More

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jpeg2RAW Podcast – Show #19 – White Balance & More

this is the JPEG the raw podcast on my coward I’m broadcasting from the basement of non studios here in sunny and hot Atlanta jpg to raw spectacular podcast for the amateur photographer you find us on the web at and you can contact a show by emailing us at podcast of knob studios com you can also find us on facebook flickr and twitter by searching for jpg draw or just follow the links on our website ok this is jpg ross show number 19 one more we’re hitting 20 and tonight we have temp carefully co-host back Tim good evening everybody I think we missed you last two weeks yes you did and then we have returning um guest maybe more than that in the future Kathleen I feel a session coming on about you asking me to be on the show again well you know I was gonna do this in a pre-show but since we had so much trouble with the pre-show i’ll go ahead and do it right now Tim I’ve been working on trying to convince Kathleen to become a co-host oh yeah absolutely so she’s she’s got a number of things going for one she’s a her she’s a girl just like is a good you know counter to us two guys and two she shoots cannon which is good because I shoot nikon you shoot sony so now we have three perspectives there tonight looking for two people upgrade or all right i have to convert to she’s a pro which neither one of us are yes and as a good photographer at that too and not that this is really a plus i see it warrants a minus but it is give a different perspective she uses a mac yes i do says is nice to have you know the the other side on there too but get as close as close as i get to a mac is my ipad Oh ipad he’s not a mac user yeah my son’s not home he doesn’t know but we got him one for christmas oh he’s getting railed yeah we told them were being center again this yes sir yeah yeah that’s awesome i kind of want for christmas too but i’m not sure Santa’s gonna deliver we’ll see what she also has something else I didn’t know this until recently but she used to be she used to have her own radio show at back in college oh wow yeah I did I am I had a radio static show on campus where I did the morning show and then because I was a broadcast major I had to do an internship and I got to do it with clear channel and I was able to do morning show with an oldies station so it was me and this other guy who is the regular host and I did it before I don’t know five or six seven months something like that after my internship was over they hired me so it was a lot of fun I loved every minute of it well see there’s all reasons why we really need you in you know your husband is a police officer right yes uh maybe if Tim will come speeding down here then your husband can write a New Yorker a ticket yeah that’ll be a gift to him okay for you to come on the show how about that Tim I’m on that I know a bunch of people down in Atlanta heaven if I have them dry fast well you know I told you I chat before the before the show started I had I was in the market to purchase something and not this is a little off topic but coming home tonight I my truck started I have a 93 4 runner and my truck started to smoke pretty bad from the engine Rises getting off my exit and you know it’s bad when the cabin is filling up so much you can barely see out in front so and it just came out of the shop last yesterday hmm so I think it lost all of its coolant and now i need to work you know try and get that home and into the deal into the shop to see if i can get it fixed but you know it broke down right in front of a church and i’ve only broken down one other time in my life that was on my very first date back in high school and the car broke down right in front of a church I wanted somebody is trying to send me a signal yeah SL he’s gonna like listen if you can’t drive yourself I’m

gonna drop you off here other other boat both times church was not in session so okay anyway so uh tonight we you know we’re gonna I’m working on but something came up and Kathleen was gonna be next week so she gracious graciously accepted converter change into tonight and we’ve been thinking about topics but i have a few you can still think about that what we’re going to talk about i have a few new stories one of them by steven steven is out there and chat right now and he sent this he said in this new story which is is pretty cool it’s uh I canon canon uh what what what model is it uh yes what that says 1000d is there such a thing I’ve never owned it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist yet well apparently a firefighter was vacation with his family and dropped it lost it something like that in the ocean and has spent a year at the bottom of the ocean until a diver was out there just happened upon it and found that the Canon came and I got it there and uh in chat right now and of course the camera in the lens or I think you no good at all there that completely destroyed their toast but the memory card it was a SD a secure digital memory card still had 50 pictures on it that the guy was able to retrieve out of the camera in and it gets better than he took the 50 images and posted him on Google+ and asked can anybody help me find the owner of this and they ended up finding the owner and and I don’t know if they return to camera but i believe they returned the the photos i can’t I mean that’s just unbelievable that it would last for that and the funny thing is is if anyone drops their camera in the water especially in the ocean like that the reason they didn’t go after it is because they know the lens the camera and everything about it is done right did the salt water kills it pretty much instantly I mean who I worry about just taking my camera to the beach about just the salt water hitting it cuz I’m so nervous I’m gonna mess something up I agree just a Ledge salt salt spray will kill a camera whether what the most durable thing in your whole camera is that memory card those memory cards are are pretty durable so yeah if you drop it into water if you drop it on this pavement the one thing is probably gonna survive is that memory card but this is pretty extreme at the bottom of the ocean I don’t know if it says how deep that was but you know still at the autumn of an ocean in the ocean is salt water it’s been a long time down there and to be able to recover those images is incredible mm-hmm I remember seeing a couple years ago they did a test on like compact flash cards and SD cards and what it would take to destroy him they had cars drive over them trucks drive over them cold hot water pretty much nothing destroys them I mean it’s just a memory it’s not it’s not i think there was a prior to compact flash cards were those they had their with a little aa little hard disk yeah little hard drives within the compact flash card I can’t remember what they were called and they were they would get destroyed because they had moving parts and no moving parts and that’s right especially and secure digital those are even the thinner and smaller than compact flash and there’s no moving parts like you said might drive that’s it I think the biggest problem with the SD cards and I even have those micro SD cards the size of them I mean how easy is it to lose one of those all right now that’s my biggest fear mm-hmm does yalls camera both use camera [ __ ] with the secure digital no I have compact flash now my next step is gonna be a SD card what I place mine um compact flash as well seen it looks like everybody’s switching over to SD cards I think that’s gonna be the way of the future yeah sadly what’s an interesting story yeah that that they were able to find that person and you know through google plus they were able to find that person I know that’s just insane yes that’s great I mean find him mm-hmm yes I don’t know if there’s any you know time you know any photos on there that were priceless to the guy or not but it’s still pretty neat they were to find it yeah um as I can have my camera back you don’t want it yeah i think i read that the guy was gonna use it like as a mighty cleaned it up a little bit but use it more like a coffee table you know i know for something like that it’s got the saltwater really destroys it just corrodes to pieces yeah it’s kind of cool you know Kathleen you mentioned about the beach and I was reading something about I think Burning Man you ever heard a burning man that is kind of a big event that happens out in the desert somewhere out west is definitely not a family affair okay if we adults type thing haha um but you know one thing’s is in the desert in there just sand blowing everywhere which you could have the beach in the one thing they’re her if you go to Burning Man this may hold a little bit to the beach not quite so much less is really

windy is you know one never take you lens off your camera yeah forget absent if yet if you’re at the beach or in the desert in whatever lens you came with that’s the lens you needle it years cuz there’s saying blood all around you not want that to get inside your camera uh and then to if you’re out if you happen to go to Burning Man you definitely want to take a cheaper Cameron a cheaper lens cuz i I’ve heard that even if you never take you lens off the steal the dust the fine particles get into the camera anyway oh yeah okay so that’s the question is what lens would you take what lens uh obviously had want some kind of multi-purpose maybe like a UH you know something a little bit of a wide angle maybe 28 to 200 or something like that okay what about you Tim yeah I would most likely have my 16 to 105 on okay I I hold strong at my 50 millimeter 1.4 holding strong really the one point would you really need the 1.4 at the beach I mean yet other than to blur out the background you’re not gonna need it wide open 24 light that’s a certain I wouldn’t think unless you’re out of the beach during a sunset time well I think she’s talking with Bernie man right already made our Beach oh I don’t know we’re just saying in a location where you shouldn’t be switching lenses i think this case right that’s that’s yes we just take it because it’s what i’m most comfortable with you know yeah it’s a good point that the at Bernie man to bring something like the 50 because another reason is it so cheap yeah that’s what I was thinking of when you said it inexpensive lens it’s not that expensive yeah okay well that’s news story number one news story number two is google plus related and they have some prize going on i think this is for more for students it’s not an essay for ten right I don’t think you’re in college or anything are you Kathleen out now I’m Way too old for that yeah you younger the nest but the prize let me go to prizes the prizes if you are a you know uh a photographer who’s like you know kid who’s trying to get started the prizes are you know top 100 entries earned get a Galaxy Nexus phone which that’s not bad yeah the top 10 finalists get other work shown at some galleries of fancy Gallery in London which is awesome yeah even though the grand prize is uh what you get you get to go to London yeah you get to go to London plus 1 and then I think that you also get to pick a place where you want to go shoot with a pro photographer mentor coming with you and teaching you the whole way yeah wow that’s me I mean forget being a student I want to win yes it’s a it’s a really cool prize I don’t know when the devil dinner is but I don’t think any of us are uh uh in the gupta they’ll let in what photographs are they looking for to enter anything anything that you know it’s their fancy or they know oh i think there’s categories so if we go to go to the categories there’s William me whenever that is images that best capture you food fashion travel action street we get this where you can see a little better so there’s a bunch of different categories yes action and sport or two different things there’s one person from each category win or thur can’t be I mean that’d be somebody practice so many too many prizes to give out let me count them so let’s see one two three four five six yeah so there’s ten categories so that must be one winner from each category and then a grand prize out of all those winners yeah I think that’s only gonna be one person that wins that one yeah the way I’m reading that I got to do a food photography once and I would love to do it again it was is totally out of my wheel of normal photography but I have a really good friend who came up with a website that you all should check out it’s um nurture baby calm I’ll put the link in the chat but so she was coming up with her website and she wanted it to look professional right off the bat and so she asked me to do all the food photography and the whole website was dedicated towards baby food which photographing food is a beast of its own and then trying to photograph baby food which is all pureed and mushed up and trying to make it look interesting was a little crazy but we had a lot of fun with it um I’d love to do it again I it was it was just totally different from what I normally do yeah I think food photography is harder than what most

people think it is yeah I mean I didn’t I just I just approached the same way I would any photo shoot i use natural light in that sort of stuff um but I’m sure that the people who are professionals at food photography specifically may have taken a different approach I don’t know but I had fun with it nonetheless it was awesome come on second cat can you get there saying they can’t hear you out there can you hear me oh I can hear now I I hear everybody fine but huh I can hear you guys can you guys hear us yeah well I can I don’t know about them I’m correct hereĆ­s okay good good hey Megan give us a link to your um chocolate food photography that you did if you have it okay we can show that there so I got the eligibility eligibility rules here you have to be 18 years or older and enrolled in the undergraduate or graduate course at any higher education institute college or something like that yeah I’m out I’m out too yeah me too I’m ER that’s a great price that is really good i would love to have somebody from our podcast to win that oh yeah I know so if there’s any students out there go and enter you know uh what’s his name Ali I can’t remember the shell maybe 14 something like that who was who’s on he is trying to he is entering a contest or they actually had a photo that had one one of those daily things remember that was that pistol 1150 pixels or something like that that i showed in one of the shows a while back he had an image that one one of those maybe i’ll show it later but he he won something there and he’s trying to get on what is that podcast was the one of the ones that leo laporte desert the photography when he does awesome they’re all the contest to get on that is a little bit bigger than our show just a little bit yeah i don’t know if you know leo laporte but he is come on we’re up to 13 people today that’s right now what is this website that you wanted me to go to hear um what i just asked megan she did chocolate food photography which i posted there and then mine was a little bit further up it was the nurture baby calm where I did my food photography oh sorry I didn’t say years that’s a I was watching a TV show once and it was probably on a the learning channel or something they showed how they do food photography and how the food is not cooked or what you think you’re seeing as a picture is not even close to accurate like they showed how they made a turkey and and she cooked the turkey for a half hour then she took cut a piece of the meat open and then took a blow dryer to sear the meat on the inside so it looked like it was a cooked turkey even though it wasn’t oh no way that’s cool ice cream was an ice cream it was like Chris Chris go fat or something because ice cream would melt while they taken the picture Wow when we did when we did mine my first son was um let’s see he was probably eight or nine months old and so the girl who was doing the baby food everything she made we would photograph and then feed it to my son today the herd was cooked all the way through so in Timm Timm have brought up a good subject on another site that he and i have at a point i think it’s over on the home server and as a good topic to be bringing up now right before the holidays or maybe people looking to buy new a new lens or a new camera and that is the thought of gray market cameras and lenses yeah I know Tim you’ve heard of it because you mentioned it harder but not and I’ve dealt with it almost and Kathy have you heard of those um you mean just off brand is that what you mean by graeme I know it’s you inin but it’s a big planet and what the difference really is with grey market and and you’ll see it on some websites I know B&H photo used to have it all the time where you would have what’s called the USA model and then the gray market model and let’s say one camera is selling for $1,500 for the USA a gray market one might cost you only 1200 hours but the problem with it is it does not come with the USA warranty so if you have an issue with it you cannot bring it back to canon USA and have them fix it they’ll say it’s not off camera meant for the US market it’ll be rejected and you would have to send it overseas to get repaired so any savings you had would be useless so I’ve learned in camera equipment especially i have taken upon myself in my mind at

least to always go to either B&H photo a dorama amazon i don’t buy from off places especially up here in the new york area you go into Brooklyn there’s a lot a lot of place or Brooklyn or even in a Manhattan you go to you can see a lot of photos stores but if a price seems too good to be true it probably is and that’s really where I go off of anna i bought all my recent equipment at B&H photo because I know what I’m buying there they stand behind and the price is actually since the internet came out have really gotten a competitive yeah I think you know the first thing to do we look at like being a chanter ama amazon and those are kind of your your low in prices if you find something much below that I’d be suspicious that it is great market because what some of those places you talk about you know that are on Brooke dinner in brooklyn they don’t tell you it’s great market they hide that fact so you think i got this great deal and they might do a number of things that might be selling you gray market but two they might also call you on the phone later and try and upsell you on some higher priced side things and if you refuse to buy those things suddenly the camera you ordered is backordered in and in it you never actually get it right now or they may tell you that well it didn’t come with a charger it didn’t cut it might have been just the body literally just a body and and now you’re getting suckered in and probably the best thing to do with that is if you find a place like that just type the name in in google for n type the word review and you will find horror stories a lot of time how you get the phone call right after you place the order and it’s backordered or whatever and yeah that wonderful price you had it you’re lucky if you get the money back on your credit card because they will charge it first yeah they would turn you first my recommendation would be just stay away from gray market but you know some people have done that because they say oh you know i’m willing to buy this lens at the reduced price and if it if it dies oh well i’ll just i’ll put my faith in fact it’s not going to die and i won’t have to have it repaired because like you said you can’t get it repaired at the dealers uh you know canon nikon i’m actually sony does the same thing i can’t get them repaired in u.s. you can’t even pay them to repair they won’t repair it yes too risky especially when you’re buying lenses that are in the twelve or fourteen hundred dollar range i mean even twelve hundred dollars that’s a really big risk absolutely i mean i don’t have money like that to throw around if i’m making an investment and and i know i’ve been talking about buying that a 77 it’s going to cost me two thousand you know what saving three hundred dollars is not that important to me i’d rather have something that I know is going to work for the next three or four years and if i have an issue with it it’s gonna it sonian in the USA will take care of it right right i’m with you yeah okay so that was that um along those same lines and something I was talking to another photographer about recently was you know some different apps for your either iphone or for an android phone and there’s a number of good ones out there and I had this site here on dpreview in dpreview is just as an awesome sight it’s got a lot of information but you know one of the ones I like the best and I I think that got it from my phone you’ll hear down here to find it is what is that I just heard myself back oh the one for Apple is called photo buddy I’m gonna download it right now you do have to buy that one sorry i’ll send you a bell it’s okay the one for android oh crap the one for android cause more all that talking look at this look at that that’s called photo tools pro for android and what it what it allows you to do is the depth of field calculation yeah amongst a lot of other things so the question was if you know if you have four or five people and your your shot what aperture should you be shooting at you know should it be f4 f5 something like that and you know i think that that may work in certain situations but it’s so dependent upon your distance to them to the subject the lens you’re using what focal length you are on that lens if it’s a zoom and your aperture so you know one of the things when i first started shooting soccer I had my 122 300 lens and I shoot an f 2.8

because that’s what it did you went that low and I never could get anything really in focus and then I did the math and figured out that i had like you six inches of of air about that the feel that was gonna be in focus images no way I was gonna get the kids yes six inches of the kid to be in focus is never gonna work so this you depth of field thing you would you put in there my camera is is this so they know that the crop factor my lens RFS not not lens your of what’s it called your focal length because you could have a lens that those are different links your focal length your aperture and your distance a subject and they don’t tell you here’s how much is the depth of field what’s going to be in focus it’s pretty amazing the 14 um the iphone also says it provides a grayscale gradient so you can help set your white point on your photographs oh that’s neat that works I mean is there’s an app for that I’ve never thought of googling white balance out but you know who knows it might work I’m gonna try it out yeah yeah very interesting 7 ratings on their cell they’ll be aight when i’m done so you know that that brings up another question the person had is how do you set the white balance on your camera and on my camera I have an icon so i’ll talk about nikon and I don’t know if we come and be able to I won’t be able to show it very well but I did bring up my camera so maybe I can show it here if I can find it you guys talks amongst yourself until I I’m actually typing as we talk how come I’m not I’m not seeing updates on the livestream are you texting this whole time oh no were you chatting this whole time Tim no I haven’t put anything there recently I was actually in the show notes adding something I get you guys are seeing in in there right now aren’t you I added something and I saw it so there we go ok so on the back of my camera there’s a little button called white balance and I can zoom in to show it even closer little button call white balance and I would press that button and go to the preset mode so it’s going to have normal things like auto sunny cloudy all those things I’m going to press that button turn my dial and change it to the preset mode and then it’s going to blink the words PR e four preset yeah what just happened here it’s all black here’s all black ok I have not gotten into agree by setting the great balance before the picture and I know I’ve talked about it that I really need to and you guys I like they’re near the expo disk here you like the x x desc Tim I have not used it but I like the idea of it I mean yeah have you had any experience with it I’m actually getting ready to order one cuz it looks really good to me as well I’m not really having much of a problem with white balance if I mount doors I just used one of the auto white balance presets or auto white balance but when I’m doing newborns I obviously can’t take them outside right now in this weather and so I need to have a way to do white balance and the gray card um in my mind seems cumbersome because once i get the newborn posed laying a card up against a baby just seems wrong please hold this a second chance to work don’t worry about it that’s don’t throw up on it so one shall explain decks with this cuz maybe some of the people out there don’t know what it is you want me do you want i’ll let you go Catherine cuz i know a cursory knowledge of it and i don’t think i could explain it it looks like they may have lost we’re frozen on the screen l can you see a snapple we may be back okay yeah I don’t know we’re having a number of you serious skype issues today yeah not sure if there’s a skype you know I’m looking at the thing that says his perfect it’s got perfect streaming the CPU is only being pushed about well I said that now what up to seventy percent but it’s it’s it’s not being pushed that hard it’s been running around twenty percent so who knows where the the problem is the stream is going in and out and hopefully this week hopefully the recording is a is good well the expo disk the gist of it that I get is that the is something that you screw onto your lens and it has almost

prisms on the top almost like a honeycomb and so then you point it at your light source you don’t point it at what you’re going to photograph you point it at your light source and take a picture and then use that picture to set a custom white balance in your camera and then every photograph you take after that is affected by the settings you took with the expo desk um so it seems kind of me and it seems really it doesn’t seem as cumbersome as maybe a card would be in my case I Mike had told me at one point that he has a bunch of cards that are kind of laminated that that you keep Iran your neck like on a lanyard yeah I wish I had those ready I had the grip I had the great card ready okay um but I have to pull out the other things that you mentioned okay um that seems neat too if you have subjects that are bold enough to hold a card in your photograph right now I agree it seems much better solution than holding a card up there and obviously if the the lighting changes in the time while you’re there you’re probably gonna have to do it again but overall it’s probably give you a good starting point for when you get back to the get back to your post processing right is in my other camera bag plus so but what you’re talking about there was it’s uh three cards you don’t have a good example of a size but you know maybe a little bit bigger than a credit card size and it’s on a lanyard and it has a black a white in a um black a white and a gray out again yeah I think once i get my expo disc i’m gonna go ahead and see if there’s some way to put it on something that can i can wear on my neck so i can take it off and on quit claim yeah and what that is doing is not so much setting the white balance on the camera but giving you a reference point for later on that you can use and post-processing to correct your white balance the great the gray card can be used that way too we can have i’ve had subjects were outside shooting a late night softball game and it’s under the stadium sodium lights or whatever and i’ll have the subject hold it up next to them and I take a picture and then later I’ll do it post-processing fix the color but with a great card from what I do is just throw it on the ground and then take a photo take use that preset thing I was talking about earlier and and photograph use that the camera setting to set the white balance off the gray card and then your your nose alight doesn’t change your white balance is a set now when you’re taking your test shot of your card are you filling the entire frame of your lens with the card or are you just taking a picture of everything that’s there I try and fill the entire frame with with it and it doesn’t have to be in focus it just needs to to see the color you want to make sure you’re not standing over it and casting a shadow on it you know you want to be doing that but you want to try and fill the frame with it you want it to be in the light that you that you’re shooting in right now one thing if you’re in like a gym is some of those you may not know this but some of those lights are pulsating and the color is changing as a poll say oh really oh you mean like a sports gym those um those are whatever those lights are called that’s LED lights sodium sodium ways yeah and in the problem there is you don’t see it with your eyes you don’t know it’s necessarily happen so fast right but if you were to set your camera on you know set of a preset white balance and then take a bunch of photos real fast you would see changes in the white balance so in that scenario and auto white balance would probably be the best option you have because it’s going to change every time you shoot good gosh we just lost the stream again yeah dude with the black again hmm this may be a issue with live stream itself yeah you guys still hears out there yeah here’s out there there’s a delay so we have to wait for the delay I you know cat I don’t know if Megan didn’t hear us in and out according I Desiree yeah my guess is it’s uh something with live stream itself we’re not going to convince Kathleen to become a co-host if this keeps happening I’m out well yeah and if his live stream there’s not much I can do except for switching to another provider like justin TV or something like that which you know that’s an option because often wonder what happens if we go to do this in live stream is out because right now right right now we have a backup option of skype was completely out you know we can go to google+ um but we don’t have an option for the streaming so it’s something I

need to work on it maybe justin TV and trying to go that way okay that’s right now the video just looks I don’t know what’s going on um but anyway Catherine you were talking you’re asking about it would auto white balance be the best thing in the stadium lights I don’t think so don’t I think auto white balance is going to really have trouble in a gym and the other thing is going to do is going to keep changing the color balance so i would i would rather if you don’t want to use it off a great card or something like that I would set it at a set amount so you know you have a consistent workin the white balance all the time otherwise I think you can have both this the sodium lights changing and your white balance changing and you’re gonna have Calvin temperature yeah okay right that probably I guess that probably makes sense because then once you go back you can change everything to one setting out again yeah no sound or video okay I guess I guess everybody’s going to have to download the show afterwards and re-listen to it because that’ll be perfect yeah oh yeah we hope I’m assuming your server is recording perfectly at the site it says perfect streaming yeah twenty-three percent cpu and i don’t want to go too long tonight because my car still sitting somewhere stranded i gotta go and try and get it okay i think my husband turned something a few minutes ago hahahaha actually you gave it a ticket first yeah maybe they think I’m just inside having a long prayer that’s right so my only issue with the expo disk though I cannot figure out why it is so expensive it’s like 70 bucks at least I mean some of them are even would that mean it goes up to a hundred dollars and like that’s an awful lot of money and that’s that’s really the reason I haven’t boarded this time because I’m not so sure it will work and then it’s spending a lot of money so i’ll let you test it out that sounds good all right hey but you know the other thing with this expo disc is you’ve got to get it the right size for your limbs right so if you switch lenses and see my purpose is to specifically use it for newborns and when i’m doing a newborn I have my 50 millimeter 1.4 on every time for the entire photo shoot I don’t switch it out again yeah tell you what I’m going to I’m gonna try something here I hate to do this because then it’s it’s Hector piece it back together but if we’re having such trouble when so that comes back on the tell everybody that I’m going to start and stop the stream again we don’t have to do anything they don’t have to do anything but they’re going to lose it for a second then they may have to hit play again alright guys why we still have it I’m gonna start and stop the stream you just stay there you may have you may have to restart it but I don’t know let me just start and stop it and see if this helps yeah Kathy I’ve been looking at that expedition for quite a while and I I have never pulled the trigger on it and I’m definitely considering getting it yeah I there’s another one that I want to talk about to you once we get the stream going again that I’ve seen the stream should be back up now it actually looks like it’s doing really good so spicy yes can you know see us yet is it back for everybody I should see us but can they hear us can you see in here us yep Steven sees us all right let’s see if that holds okay the other one I’m trying to remember what it was called and I might have to google it here in a minute so I can tell you what it’s called maybe someone in chat news but it’s a lens cap that has a white dot in the center that you’re supposed to use to set your white balance is anyone familiar with that one no I hadn’t heard of that one okay let me see it’s dot is it called dot line white balance lens cap or something along those lines does it look like a lens cap with a white plastic dot in the center see it’s coming up now uh maybe soon I can’t tell from the picture it’s called white dot or dot line yeah you put the can you put it out in chat uh dot line Corp this should be it now that one that you’re looking at no that’s not it that has a really large white dot the one I’m talking about the white dog doesn’t look like it’s more than a I don’t know inch diameter I’ve been blocked by my own windows live family safety from this site I didn’t send you there okay it’s Christmas it’s called the ball n77 or I guess ball ends

white balance lens cap ba le and s do you have it uh where you can put a link out there Kathleen yes um Oh somebody put it out there Diane merry Mike photos ah thanks Mary that’s my best friend okay so there’s a link to it it’s kind of weird-looking I mean I just can’t see how accurate that would be oh I see oh wow yeah you see how tiny the little white part is it literally is a lens cap yet mm-hmm I mean it you it’s a lens cap so you would need another lens cap which is kind of interesting and it’s on here it’s less expensive than the expo disc would be but it still fits bucks I’m just shipping and stuff in there and you would still need one for each camera right yeah because you would need a lens cap for each camera each lens size this wind sucks yes with that problem that Mike was saying with the expo disc is that you need an expo disc for each lens size that you have right and I yeah you’re getting more and more discouraged aren’t you yep why I normally sure one lens anyway so and I the ID the new I gotta see what the new lens for my Sonia’s at you know Tim that’s why I say just use the great card I’m sure that’s why people use it it go cheap and I’m sure there’s a way to use a great card with newborns you can just have mom stand there and hold the great card in front of the baby and then zoom in and get your shot so maybe actually try that out first before dropping the 70 bucks on Anna expo desk well the good thing is the the camera lens that I’m looking at with our 72 millimeter lens for and I know my 85 1.4 is also a 72 so that’s good I know my 100-400 is nowhere near that that’s a much smaller opening probably like a 62 mmhmm yeah yeah but you know I think a lot of people forget about and I’ve stopped my video by the way because it would seem to be causing issues so maybe we’ll have less issues with the video off um but I think a lot of people forget about that’s my son standing next to me the little photo there no I always want to ask you who that was you know I work for a national restaurant chain as the controller and accountant but once a year we all the officers of the company go out and work in a restaurant at least once a year and this day i was working Christmas morning and I’ll do it again this year and my son who is was 15 back then he’ll be 16 in to December he came with me for first time and this is you know before the rush started I had somebody take a photo of us yeah really I’m also going to call that the before photo of me apparently i’m still stuck at that before photo but you know eventually I’m hoping to show more of an after photo okay um but Timmy I think a lot of people forget about white balance and they what they do is they come away with with photos that are you know odd colors or whatever else and if you shooting a JPEG because I hear some people still do that hey hey hey have you shoot in JPEG those your color issues are a little bit more difficult to handle and to deal with cuz i know a one of the gems that my son swims at uh it has a weird green cast in a shuttle oh no he didn’t yeah i just said that jet because of the whole jpg comment yeah so you know i have to show some photos a few weeks ago about uh what a photographer had done is you know just not a pro like Kathleen but you know just another average shooter like me they had come away with green everything was Green had a terrible green cast and they didn’t know how to get get rid of it so they just posted online uh you know for I think a lot of stuff that like that the parents of the kids were just happy to see photos of their kids competing it was no big deal but if you’re if you want to get a more a better looking photo and especially if you’re a pro in white balance is is an issue and imagine Kathleen you have to worry about skin tones a lot yeah and that you know I I don’t know about everyone but for me and i would i would go ahead and venture to say most people you don’t think about white balance until it becomes a problem and for me I was coming home and you know being really excited about what I got and then pulling it up on my screen and being like oh I’m gonna have to fix this and then would be in front of my computer for hours fixing it and so I just don’t

want to do that anymore you know I want to get it right right out of the lens that’s always my goal to limit my time in front of my computer I had a great friend of mine say you do not make money sitting behind your computer you make money being behind your lens and so you have to get it right out of the lens or you’re just wasting your time trying to fix it in post processing true I really is true cuz you could spend a lot of times behind the computer and you’re if you’re a pro you’re not making money doing that no you’re not it’s just I mean I remember spending easily you know four to five hours editing one photo shoot and I can’t ever believe that I just invested that much time into one photo shoot and getting it right out of the camera combined and combine that with setting your rates so that it reflects where you’re going to put your energy and into your business is a really good key um I used to give everyone you know all of their images on a disc and so I would be the one picking the best you know I would advertise the best 24 images and so I was going through and I would become so emotionally involved with these pictures that I could never narrow it down to 24 so I would always be editing you know 40 pictures for my clients and giving them all in a disc and I finally stopped that and now I do exposure edits only if they even need exposure edits which most of the images do not anymore I will fully edit out one or two images and then I put everything on a proofing gallery where my clients come on and they proof the best 20 to 30 images and then they purchase only the ones that their absolute favorites and so you know let’s say they get you know a 10 image package then I’m only editing full-out 10 images and it has really cut back my editing time versus trying to edit 40 or 50 photographs from every single photo shoot it was getting kind of crazy yeah that’s a great idea great idea so you know one question somebody might have is when should i when should I worry about white balance in setting it because you know I think a lot of people shoot an auto white balance and never really think about it in if you’re outdoors you know good sunlight other white balance is going to be so close to to write that probably will work um but I think if you’re inside probably inside just about anywhere even with studio lights but you know inside like that or sometimes in uh late afternoon early morning you know some of those times those might be the good times use some method for white balance well and I even know for me through the cameras that i’ve owned through the years each one of them has leaned towards a different temperature in auto white balance automatically like the camera that i own right now and what an automatic white balance still shoots pretty cool um they’re not blue photos but they’re closer to on the cool side than they are on the warm side and I like for my images to be a little bit warmer have more of those golden yellow tones and so I’m always adding that in in post-processing so I mean even outside if you’re if if you have it in auto white balance and you’re still not getting what you like you’re still maybe want to try and do a custom white balance with a gray card or something like that I have a tendency to just set mine I think it’s fifty six hundred Kelvin and just I leave it there most of the time and then then I can impose processing because I shoot in raw uh-huh I can’t in Lightroom easily change the host shoot are you shooting with flash I do sometimes yeah okay um I heard a good Calvin temperature for outdoors is between 60 to 50 and 60 850 I was going to try and give that a shot with some of my next sessions to see how that felt for me and that’s quite a bit warmer than what you’re shooting at it is and I think like you said unfortunately even though it sounds like a real precise number 5600 or 6,800 between different cameras they may give a little bit different color temperature thank you I actually had a question this is something I’ve always weren’t wondered this is the YouTube uh yeah I’ve noticed a difference with the weather and how it affects the color of my images like in colder weather I always have cooler pictures and in warmer weather I always feel like I have warmer images and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or if I’m just crazy but I for some reason feel a difference on whether it’s cold outside or warm outside how my

images turn out maybe your people are just blew from being cold oh maybe they are and that’s what’s falling from you know I don’t know maybe there is something with the where the Sun is at and in a hemisphere or whatever it is maybe just maybe there’s something is there’s up to that we need to look that up I don’t know magic yeah I’m not crazy thinking agrees yes scientific about it but I’ve always felt that that was happening she and I think also I think girls see or women see more colors and a guy does cuz you have the time I don’t see a problem with the white balance but I know it’s probably off and it’s probably my eyes that are fooling me as to what the white balance should be on a picture mmhmm yeah yeah I can remember when I was a kid I if you’re talking to a boy he’ll say yeah there’s 12 crayons and a girl be like well no this periwinkle it’s not it’s not this color or it’s um whatever colors are raw a girl talking boy like no that’s blue red and green you know have like 20 different colors in between there and it’s like how the heck did that happen yeah oh no a loss but that probably sounded really bad oh right it’s all right we’re just happy that your wife dresses you probably she does yes she does cuz I’ve come home from work and she said tell me you didn’t go to work like that no I change before I came home of course it was to work this way um I think we talked about this last time Kathleen was on is that is calibrating your monitor oh yeah something else about my to-do list yes also all this talk about white balance if you’re then later editing on a monitor is not calibrated right no you’re asking for trouble preaching to the choir so you know we I think we’ll ask them your own we talked about the device Tim uses the device I use I use the spider Tim I don’t know she’s the Huey pro and those are devices you know the hardware devices that you actually you know put up against your monitor and does a reading and all that there are some some software based you know that are free and maybe I have to look some up now that I mention it and put put one chat I like yeah it’s not going to get you nearly as good nearly as precise but if you’re coming from a monitor that has never been calibrated um it’s better you know it’s better than nothing because it’ll help you set some things like the contrast and brightness and that kind of stuff yes more info on those monitor thingies says Mary well Mary I one thing I noticed when I did my monitor calibration before i calibrated night I went out and bought the I huy pro all my pictures were coming out printed dark and I couldn’t figure out why when i calibrated my screen finally it showed the before and after and the screen was so much brighter than what it should have been so now I’m looking at it and it’s not coming out the same way printed so really if you’re going to try and print something that’s where you’re going to see the difference and it definitely helped and what I was doing afterwards wow that’s amazing and I mean I think it only cost 75 to 100 dollars it’s got a little stick here that I am sits in front of the sits in front of my computer and it actually measures the light during the whenever I turn the light on or if something changes so it allows for the monitor to adjust to the lighting changes so if my son comes down and change the lighting or if you’re sitting it in a room with light outside I mean right now I sit in a basement and there’s no external light really here where I am it’s just the overhead lights that I have it’s going to adjust the screen to that which i think is pretty good for me and I have to recalibrate the screen every two weeks it forces me to do it okay and it takes about three minutes to calibrate I’m look I’m googling I’m seeing quite a few different software versions of it and I got up in chat i got my the one I use is the spider three okay it’s this is at B&H photo it looks like it’s 88 99 I’ll be adding this to my Christmas list and you know it’s it’s uh so items you know you put up against the monitor does a reading it that way you don’t you know for Tim and I who may not have the same color capabilities as Kathleen this thing does a lot of the work for us any just connects to computer through a USB port correct like that I like that yeah yours is one penny less than mine on B&H there you go save some money well you know we talked about being H a lot we got to get them to be a sponsor of our show you know I tried I hide they denied us oh wow amazon and amazon and uh Adorama’s accepted awesome hey Lou I was just a B and H last Wednesday so I have to stop by there again yeah either that will have to start shopping at a dorama yeah you know I say sponsor but what they are is they have something called

an affiliate program and that’s a good topic to bring up tim is you know you have a link I think right below the chat in it and I would ask you not to close quarter don’t click on it right now because it will take you to another page you’ll lose the live stream uh that is a google ad that you you know put on your page and you really I was trying to make it worry if you click on it it opens on the tab or another window you really can’t modify that ad they don’t let you I wanna modify that ad but in other places we have an Amazon ad or a dorama ad and if you click on that go to their site and then buy anything doesn’t have to be camera whatever the show gets a small commission from amazon or a trauma and at no additional cost to the individual so use individual will still go through the same process of buying and you know deal with amazon or Abra Anna Rama and no additional cost but we we get a small credit last night’s today she brought those up what in intend for this to be a whole white balance show but that’s kinda have we made it um was there anything else that when talked about and I know Kathy United talk to but this other photographers questions and I think we hit on the main ones there was a as another one that I’m missing I don’t think though I thought there was something else oh that and we had the aperture question about depth of field right and probably didn’t go into that enough speed and we were talking about how you know everyone says they want their images you know tack sharp is the term which I’m not even sure that is starts at the end of attack I think but um anyways you know I’ve always personally tried to keep my shutter speed at 125 because someone told me you know back in the day that you never want to go below 125 with children and so I just always tried to keep it at 125 but every once in a while when my lighting situations are really low I’ve been known to you know go down to about an 80 and then sometimes I don’t feel like my images or just you know right on sharp and so um one thing that you suggested was that always making sure that your shutter speed is one and a half times your focal length it with my fifty millimeter I would need to be at 125 which is where someone had told me to stay but I had been going lower because I’m a rebel and I think that some people can go lower if they’re super you know still um but with me running after kids and some photoshoots that’s just not going to work yeah I think that’s a general guideline you know if you are somebody can hold your camera really steady then you or if you have vibration reduction in the camera or the lens you may be able to do better than that if you’re not very steady you may not be to do that good you may have to go to times your focal length so i think it’s it’s something each individual’s we have to figure out for themselves and it but it’s important to know that because you know you get to a point where it’s not only the motion of the subject but it’s your own motion that’s causing the blur right so paint for me I try and stay around two times focal length but I’ll go one and a half you know often too but I tried to go much below that the other thing you’re talking what tack sharp and the question that this person had was do I have a camera problem Allen’s problem you know what is going on because i’m not getting sharp images and unfortunately it could be either one it could be the camera it could be the lens it could be the combination of the two or it could even be both but to narrow this down and figure out which one it is one of the methods and i’ll put this into the show notes is you get a iso print out the guy has on a site he has this printout you do and it’s got all these different lines on it or whatever you place this this piece of paper you print it out and place it this piece of paper somewhere and i think you have to have it an angle and then you put your camera on a tripod that way you make sure that is none of your movement that’s causing it and you focus on the center spot on that print out and then when you focus on that take a photo of it you should be at a see what’s in focus what’s not in focus your betta tell is your camera actually getting focus or is it back focusing or front focusing yeah and if it’s doing front focus back focus you know you probably want to try some different lenses to see is that the cameras at the lens uh and then ultimately you may end up have to send either or in to get fixed well I have the canon 5d mark two which is rumored to have focusing issues um so I’ve been

interested to do that test myself and and just kind of see not all of them have had issues but I know that a lot of people have had issues with focusing with that camera it’s often hard to tell if you’re in an environment you know like sports or yeah is it the action that’s causing it or is it just back focusing right right yeah well and then we were talking about um the depth of field a little bit earlier and having that depth of field calculator was great but you know sometimes during photo shoots you don’t always have access to stopping and using a depth of field calculator before you move on and so just for a good rule of thumb I’ve heard you never want to take your aperture lower than the number of people that are in your photographs so if you’re photographing five people your aperture needs to at least be at five were above I’m good simple rule of thumb just kinda I mean just a quick rule of thumb so if you don’t have time to actually sit and do the scientific method of it you you’re at least getting close I like that I wonder how that would would hold up would you if you do in in a in environment that is fairly normal SI your distance to the subject is fairly normal aha if you’re all if you always shoot with us the same lens allows you with same lens it may be a distance a subject is within the same range it might it might be good to just look that up and say what is my depth of field here it looks good thing because now I’m gonna have that thing on my phone so I know what my rule of thumb has been I’m gonna see how close it is to what the depth of field calculator is telling me yeah yeah because I might be almost giving myself temper parameters to photograph in because if you’re trying to keep your aperture higher than the number of people in your shot and trying to keep your shutter speed two and a half times the focal length of your lens if you’re in a low light situation you might be completely screwed yeah you me and the depth of field tracker might be giving me a little bit more leeway with certain things right right you can always add some more light can always add light which is hard to do when you’re a natural light photographer it is in light adds such a such complexity to the shot too and I’m actually interested in learning how to use maybe one soft box for my newborn sessions but Willie might be jumping into that yeah one of the other things that um we’re talking about is that somebody may try the method of focusing on I getting sharp it maybe maybe they even zoom in it sharp focus on the eye then zoom back out and recompose and one of the sites eyes on I need to look this up it shows why that may not work all the time and I think it is because when you focus on the eyes is creating a plane that goes parallel right you know like this if you can see me that’s in focus if that person is leaning backwards any when you recompose it’s not gonna it’s not going to work right if you move at all it’s not going to work right because there’s gonna be that plane that’s in focus in that plane may have moved as you re folk remove that the camera or the lens well I have a question also I mean I think depending on the lenses you have unless you have a professional lens where the the focusing ring doesn’t move while you’re zooming in and out but most of the lenses that or more the amateur type lenses that nine thousand dollar lenses with the the focusing will change as you’re zooming so you can’t even do that you can’t lock that focus cuz when you zoom back back it’s going to change the focus on you yeah I’ve never done it where I’ve zoomed in and out i have um i have focused on my subject and then push that back button and then recompose the shot like move to the left or to the right or up or down but I’ve never zoomed in and out I’ll put that link in the show notes again to about the how that it does it doesn’t mean doesn’t work it just here’s the things you need to know that could cause a challenge with that uh focus on the I the recompose because I think a lot of people do that I’ve done that and it does sometimes it doesn’t work and you’re wondering why did network I focus on the eye right in this article will help understand maybe a little bit why that doesn’t work sometimes mm-hmm all right I’m something I wanted to mention earlier when you pulled up the chocolate photography that was by Megan who’s in chat that was nice when to make sure that I gave her credit for that yeah that was Megan yeah mine was um i’ll put the link up there again there it is nurture baby okay and as a side note a friend of mine just returned from a thailand last week and as we have

talked about in the past with the flooding over there he said they’re still having the issues there are still factories on the water over there so camera equipment from both i think it was canon sony as well as hard drive manufacturers are having some substantial in issues with production hydra if talking about sixty percent drop in production on uh on hard drives and cameras are sony has moved there are their factory to a factory that was making I think clock radios is not going to be making the cameras wow that is crazy cars car stereos that’s what it was not clock radios new something to do with stereo so they had some serious issues with 10 feet of flooding over 14,000 factories were submerged so a lot of a lot of technology was in that area apparently wow yeah that’s sad sufficient Kathleen this is your site um no it’s a good friend of mine her name is Kristen Bab and she’s the the owner of this site and this company it’s called nurture baby calm and the website is dedicated to helping moms learn how to make homemade baby food so they can cut down on costs because baby food gets so expensive and so they can have some nutritious value to the food without having all preservatives and stuff that you get in the bot the you know the food that comes in little jars it’s a really great site it has super easy recipes and when she was starting to launch her business she asked me to do all the photography for the website so that’s her daughter and then the little boy that you see is my son yeah he does look familiar yeah we had them their stuff in their mouths as we were doing the photo shoot so talk about multitasking being a mom and photographer and a small business center at the same time between she and I and the neat thing about this website is it just got picked up by the same company that does the Pioneer Woman on so if you’ve heard a Pioneer Woman all of her advertising that’s on there they just picked up nurture baby calm so get ready to see big things from nurture baby it’ll be really cool in all these photos years all these photos are mine yeah yeah very interesting yes yeah something totally different from what we had done before and as you can see we had to get really creative to make pure a baby food look interesting but we had a lot of fun get a lot of fun all right well we probably should start wrapping this up so I can go deal with my car and get out of here before we have problems with the stream anymore uh I think everybody for hanging out Thank You Kathleen for coming back thanks for having me and you you know you need to think about you know we can talk to your husband if you want us to thinking of it I just want to make a decision after the holiday sure sure in India in the future [ __ ] talking about the holidays you know we have Megan next week Morgan I’m sorry yeah Morgan next week awesome we have Rachel I think the week after yes Rachel the week after and then Tim I think we don’t have any set up for wait for Christmas a week of Christmas but we’ll do something for those weeks okay and our way it we have to talk about whether we end up cancer one of those or not we did have a show last week it was in a weird a really weird time the in studio guess was my mom I have fun yeah and you’re my little office not designed for in studio so that was a little chaotic and even though I put a sign of the door and told everybody we’re doing a podcast no one in her and a sign says do not knock do not enter within two minutes my dad’s open the door what’s going on in here agreed did you listen what is wrong with you hit down the basement in two days it wouldn’t be on camera yeah we had a good a good interview of my mom who ensure published yet it is not you know the holidays is also pushed me way back yeah that’s for everybody so uh hopefully I get caught up tomorrow night with some car shopping yeah all you poor thing i’m hoping to get another two to three years out of my car yeah well why is a 93 so she’s on her last legs how many miles you have on it 225 yeah i’m hoping to get the 200,000 in my car yeah all right well Kathleen will uh are you what’s to deal with next week are you ah let’s do it okay so Kathleen’s with us next week as like tonight you you this was more of a host and a guest right right sure so that’s you know we have her back next week as a UH you know a host that’s why I’m trying to get into B is I think it’d be good to have a three-person team and

then we’ll talk again after the holidays cuz I this is how it started on me also I know a little of sneaky yeah although i’m announcing what I’m doing so how sneaky is that um and in with r I forgot to mention with Rachel’s with Rachel’s appearance on December 13th we’re gonna have she’s gonna be giving away one of her workshops so we’re gonna do a little contest I’m working on that and as soon as I let Rachel look at it and she is ok with it will publicize that will start getting people to enter the contest and and win that and then in December and January we have another guest coming that’s going to do a giveaway so I won’t announce that quite yet let’s get past the Rachel one and then we’ll announce that but it’s gonna be a really good giveaway with a really good guest yes it will fun time Kathy’s already committed to at least doing that show yes I’m chomping at the bit for that show and that’s really exciting yes all right well thank you guys out chat Thank You Kathleen and thank you everybody she ate it if you if you to hold on for one second I’m Chad I’m gonna kill the stream um so we’ll see you next week bye guys you