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Morphe x Maddie Ziegler review + 3 looks | Brenda Beauty

Good morning! Maddie Ziegler just launched her collab with Morphe And today we are going to be swatching and reviewing it, and we are also going to create 3 looks with it For those who don’t know who Maddie is, she is a dancer mainly a dancer, but she is also actress, author She has quite an impressive career for being just 17 years old The collection is called “Imagine That” and it is a simple, very fresh collection, very youthful It consists of an eyeshadow palette: “The Imagination Palette” A highlighter in stick And 3 lip kits, of which I have the peach toned one But it also came in cool pink and cherry So, I have the peach colour This is the box, and this is the palette that comes in the box You can see that the design is exactly the same It’s cardboard, it’s not heavy Which makes it more suitable for traveling and those kind of things The palette has Maddie’s eyes everywhere And it has some shiny prints that are also repeated on the rest of the collection And on the back just the expiration date and distribution information of the product In the back of the box we have Maddie’s photo and a little signed note it says: I’ve always loved playing with makeup and this palette is everything i imagined and more I am very happy to see the unlimited looks that you create Also note that the palette it doesn’t say it’s a shadow palette But it says it is an artistic palette And it has both eye shadows and pigments pressed But in the box it clarifies which are pigments and what are shadows These are the colors Some colors are already touched because I tried to film this video It’s the second time that I try to film it. But since it is the first one I make, I make way too many mistakes My battery ran out, so I thought ‘you know what? I’m just gonna go to bed and start over tomorrow The palette has 20 different colors. I like layout The top rows, the first 10 shades are quite neutral And the bottom part has the funniest tones In what is the design, the way you first see the colours I think the composition is very nice The names of the shades have a lot to do with Maddie, with her family This is dedicated to Sia, her godmother I like it a lot that it’s so personalized And it comes with a pretty big mirror The next product in the collection is the stick highlighter This is a highlighting balm It’s like a lip balm but a little bigger in size This is the product The packaging is very consistent also with the palette, it has the stars that also are on the palette Let’s get it all out so you can see the amount of product that it comes And finally, the collection has lips and cheeks kits The kit includes two products: a mousse for lips and cheeks This is the shade Peach Out And a translucent lip gloss So I’m going to bring you a little closer and let’s start with the first look To prepare the face I will be using a hydrating primer This is the Mac Fix + in Magic Radiance, which is the last one they launched Because I want this look to be as natural as possible, I’m not going to apply foundation but use a BB cream instead, which is what I use in my everyday And I’m going to apply it directly with my fingers To correct the dark circles a little I will be using this Maybelline concealer on the shade 06 Neutralizer And again with my fingers I will distribute the product To seal the concealer I will be applying this Maybelline compact powder, shade 25 Nude Beige And I’m going to be using this Real Techniques little brush I will be wearing a super light layer and that’s it I’m not looking for it to feel too heavy I want a very very simple eye look I’m going to start preparing the eyelids with Mac’s Paint Pot in Soft Ocher And I will also apply it directly with my fingers I’m applying the product on the lid, as well as in the inner curve where the eye connects to the nose And now that we have primed, let’s start playing with the palette I’m going to take a big blending brush, this is Morphe’s M451 I’m going to take the first color from the palette and I am going to apply it to the entire eyelid to seal the primer Now with a slightly smaller blending brush,

this is Morphe’s JS9 I’m going to be applying the shade Latte on the first 3/4 of the eyelid I mean, from the outside corner, to here I don’t want this part of the inside because here I’m going to highlight I do not know if you can see the difference, it is very very subtle I think I’m gonna take a darker shade to create a little more depth With the same brush that I am using I will take the shade Kenny And since this is a little darker, I won’t bright it so far to the inside, but I’m going to apply just till the middle of the lid And I’m going to blend it upwards to get a little more of a foxy eye What is important when we apply the darker transition shade is that when we just grabbed the colour, you pack it where you want to see the colour the most I apply the color here, I pack it as much as I can and then I blend when the brush is no longer so loaded And there I am taking it towards the inside so it mixes with the previous shade we just applied And upwards and towards the outside to give the eye a foxy shape Now for the look to feel a little more interesting and not so dull what I’m going to do is take the shade God Mum with my pinky I will not be using a brush, directly with my finger And I’m going to apply it on the curvature where the nose meets eye I apply it following this curve and since we are using our finger, it automatically blends You can see that there’s almost no product on this top part And then with soft touches I’m going to try to extend it a little more towards the middle And again, as this is a natural look for everyday so I’m not gonna be applying false eyelashes All I’m going to do is curve my lashes and apply some mascara I will be using the Paradise Extatic mascara from L’Oreal both on the upper lashes as in the lower lashes We will be testing the face stick so, first we are going to apply it as highlighter blend it with my finger It is not something too over the top what I wanna know is if it’s going to dry For people who don’t like to wear a lot of makeup and does not like to see glitter particles on their face I think this might be a good option I think it is and innovation product but again, let’s see if it dries frist Really for a makeup no makeup look it’s super cute I don’t know if the next thing is going to work out, but we gonna try it anyways I want to brush my eyebrows and then lock them in place with the stick I’m going to repeat the same on the other eyebrow, first I will apply the product on the brow bone to highlight and then I’m gonna brush I just realized that I did not fill in the scar, but it’s a natural look so, naturally I have a scar Now I’m going to be applying the mousse as a bush and also as lip ink I’m going to try applying it as a blush with Beauty Blender The stick is not drying and when my hair touches the face it gets sticky I do not know if you can see it but I have hooded eyes and this is settling on fold and makes my eyelid even more sticky At last I will be applying the gloss on the lips So this is the finished look, I’m going to zoom out a little again For the second look that will be something like what Maddie wears on the picture in the box all I did was remove my eye makeup On the brow bone the highlighter didn’t work for me but on the cheeks I want to see how it behaves as a base for powders Let’s start with the eyes

To see how the eyeshadows work with different types of primers I’m going to use a concealer as an eye primer, this is L’Oreal Perfect Match concealer shade 02 Vanilla and I will distribute it with the finger From the palette I’m going to take the shade Crushed and I’m going to apply it diagonally the idea is to apply the colors in diagonal layers to the center so, I’m going to be applying 4 colors in total, a quarter eye for each color It is not at all talkative and I like it a lot the color The brush I just used is the M573 from Morphe, it’s a bit of a pointed smudger, not too big Now with a Morphe M456 brush, it’s a slightly flat blender I’m going to be taking the She Insists tone and I am going to apply it following the same sense that I applied the first color now until half eye and I’m going to take it from my mobile eyelid a little higher also to the cueca I feel that the violet looks much more intense than the red one, but I’m going to reapply a second layer for sure, so for now I’m going to leave it like this I’m going to now apply the light blue, tone 5 and this tone I am going to take in the part of mobile eyelid to the tear duct and then diagonally up In other words, it will be applied to me as in a kind of triangle and now, the color, being a lightly brush flat, it’s all distributed on this side of the brush. On the other side the brush is pretty clean so with the clean side of the brush what I’m going to do is try to blur a little the edges so that they show a little more incorporated those two colors So and finally with a pencil-type brush, this is Morphe’s M431 The important thing is that the brush is pointed because we want to work a little detail I’m going to take the Mint shade, and I’m going to apply it This time, I’m not going to take this tone up to the top, to invade the part of the basin where I have the celestial But simply in this part The truth is that the pigmentation of the palette it is incredible They blurred super well and are not patchy so until now the palette has been I will return with the Crushed tone which is the what less notice to the top where I want it to be seen more again I enhance the violet a little more I will apply the colors only where is the center of color I mean, now I’m going to be purple applying where most of the violet is seen and not to the red one again again the celestial Now what am I going to do to light a I’m going to take a brush too little this is Morphe’s JS13 and I’ll be using the Godmum tone on the upper part of the eyebrow look what shines and also in the inner corner of the eye I’m going to finish the other eye off camera and then we go back to finish the look I just realized I didn’t have the mic Market Stall the only thing I did, now, besides completing the other eye was wearing this eyeliner from Urban Decay, it’s a pencil eyeliner I applied it from the middle to outside, and after with an angular brush what I did was to blur it bringing it to the lash line what I want is that it is not noticed that I have an outline but simply looks like that my eyelashes from the middle out they are a little thicker now I’m just going to arch my eyelashes and I’m going to put on mascara in this look I see that Maddie has like the lashes a little more chuncky so I’m going to apply the mascara Better Than Sex from Too Faced both in the tabs above as below If it looks like a lump, what I do is with the finger just like I take that little lump and take off From the first look, about half an hour has passed, out there a little more so I want you to see how he behaved the mousse that I used on the cheeks and also the illuminating bar the mousse is still there, you can see

the illuminator practically ended up disappearing I don’t know if the skin ends up absorbing the product doesn’t feel sticky but it doesn’t feel like either like 100% dry and in fact up here where I did take it with your fingers yes it’s still a little sticky What I’m going to do is apply some powders to define a little more the face I will be using the Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula in Bronzer shade I’m using Real’s blush brush Techniques To continue with the same tone of mousse I will be using the Galiforna Blush from Benefit which is also a very similar coral tone to the tone of the mousse and I’m going to be applying it with the brush Morphe’s R4 which is a blush brush I will be applying the blush only in like the apple of the cheek, I won’t to wear too exaggerated As an illuminator I will be using the tone SIN from the SIN the Urban Decay palette I’m going to be applying it with a brush fan, this is from Real Techniques In the photo Maddie doesn’t have the illuminator on the highest part of the cheek, but has it as later To finish I will be using this Lux Colourpop gloss in Dream Queen shade And this would be my finished look The last step I’m going to do is apply Urban Decay All Nighter Fixative I have to say that in general the colors matte really are super pigmented They go very well to make this type of looks rainbow type that are being used so much they integrate well, they are not patchy so I am very happy with this look, I think it’s super colorful, super summer let’s go to the last look for the last look we will be focusing simply in the eyes I will not be using either the bar or the cheek and lip kit so I already have makeup on face so let’s keep using the palette so far the palette has been working super well with the Mac Paint Pot and also with a concealer so i want to try a different primer plus this is the First Potion of Urban Decay I will not be sealing the primer, but I’m just going to apply color I’m going to go for the M3 tone with a brush blurr, this is the JS9 and I’m going to apply it as a transition tone I am taking it throughout the basin the same on the other side with the same brush that I am using, the I’m going to crush a little bit and I’m going to apply it on the lower eyelid from the middle out, connecting with the blur that I have above now I’m going to take the tone Go Home with a slightly smaller smudger, this it’s the JS12 and, making sure I have removed all the excess product there may be so that do not have so much fall out, I will apply the color in the center of the eyelid towards the line of the eyelashes the movement I’m making is towards below to download almost all the product in the area I want you to focus on plus I don’t even know if this is going to show, but I wanted to try this color and after I downloaded the color with little touches I’m going to start blurring what i want to achieve is a bit of an effect smokey eye I’m wearing it all over the mobile eyelid until connecting with the color I just applied as a transition I return with the previous brush without adding more product, simply to soften the edges what I’m trying to do now is achieve a well-blended base so that when you apply the other color does not have to continue to blur too much because the other is metallic and yes I blur it too much will start to do much fall out other eye

to continue with a flat brush I will take the Possy tone this violet down here I will be applying the color to the eyelid mobile WOW, do they get to see? that metallic is beautiful what am i doing now for the color is a little more intense is to take the color, remove excess, and then apply a little makeup fixative and once the brush is already downloaded and I have almost nothing left, nothing of color I go to blur the edges but a little bit of nothing because I already have the other base color, that was practically lost you can skip that step if you want I applied it because I wanted to try it They come to see that I have a little bit of failure out here? nothing very exaggerated but it has fallen a bit color I’m going to take an Urban Decay eyeliner on the voodoo tone and I’m going to apply it below the line of the eyelashes in the last third as to connect this violet with the one down here notice that it is almost the same color let’s now take the Godfather tone, what is this metallic like between gold and rose gold it’s gorgeous and what I want to do is apply it in the center of the eye to give it a halo eye effect So straight ahead looking straight ahead because we want both eyes to stay same looking straight ahead where the pupil falls we apply the color I’m not liking it, it’s leaving me like very translucent, it looks like I just applied glitter on top of the purple what I’m going to do is use a glitter primer, this is the one from NYX And with my finger, in the areas where I want the glitter I’m going to apply the primer I’m going back with the little brush I used for the purple to soften the edges a little bit so everything looks more connected I feel like I need a little extra glitter I’m going to be applying the Urban Decay glitter eyeliner on the shade Midnight Cowboy only in the center of the lid and since this is a slightly more dramatic look, more of a night look, what I’m going to do is apply some falsies. These are Morphe Hypnotic now, already wearing lashes, let’s apply some lipstick and finish up this look I’m using the Insanity shade from Urban Decay in regular lipsticks and now, melting with this heat, we are going to close this video with final thoughts about the collection first the stick, it’s a bit awkward it’s not something you get like … all brands have a natural highlighter in stick so it feels like it’s a different product, I think it’s cool that they launched something new to the market I don’t think it’s for everyone, nor I think it´s bad quality It’s super super natural, I don’t think the product is aggressive on the face it doesn’t have any glitter, it’s like … very very easy to use, very very natural and it will give you just as a healthy glow I think it’s fine if you’re going to use it as an everyday highlight for hooded eyes, in the eye area I do not recommend it because it never dries completely and it lasts for about 3h would I buy it again? probably not

am I going to continue using it? I think so yes especially when I’m not wearing any makeup and all I want is a little highlight the duo: this product in mousse is ideal to use as a natural blush or as a base for other blushes I extended the duration of the powder blush so that’s something I like and the lip gloss seemed like a normal gloss, I did not find it to be a particularly speecial product, but I think it goes well with the collection concept it just gives you a healthier look and the palette is definitely a 10 out of 10 my three favorite colors from the palette were the crushed tone, it’s like a reddish watermelon it’s just incredible so, I love this color I also like Godmum very much and I think the other colour would be between these two I think I like Go Home better because being a matte tone it is super versatile especially if you are doing pink looks, it looks beautiful with them but there really isn’t a color in the palette say … I don’t like this tone. I like all of them so the truth is that for me the palette wins all the awards in this collection, it’s excellent So, this is it for today If you liked the video, you can leave me a like, you can also leave a comment It is the first video I film, so there are probably a million things to correct and to improve, you can also leave it in the comments and I hope this is the first of many videos, see you next time