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Hi, my beautiful loves and welcome back to my channel If you’re new here, my name is Faiyza Beg and today’s the second episode of the Wedding week Where I’m going to give you a modern mehndi makeup tutorial As you can see my background is so colorful also the clothes that I’m wearing are not traditional yellow The modern, pop of color mehndi theme going on these days, I’ve filmed a makeup tutorial in that fashion which you’ll see in a while Before we begin, you must subscribe and turn on the bell notification so that you’re notified whenever I come online Because it’s everyone’s right to look beautiful With that let’s begin Firstly, I’m going to start off with my face primers The one I normally use from Makeup Forever, then Tatcha Silk Canvas and then I use a spray You can either use this or whichever you have with you After that, I’ll use a face oil So, let’s do this quickly We’ll use face oil because for this look we want a very highlighted natural glowy look So, we’ll apply the face oil first so that we get that glowy look Okay, now I’m using my Smash Box’s Primer Oil We’ll apply a small amount We’ll apply to the area where we want more highlight On the apples of the cheek Cheekbone On the forehead Over here Like this. Bridge of the nose and on the chin Now I have this Huda Beauty Nymph highlighter in the color Luna I’ll take a single pump of it on the back of my hand I have this big brush, I’ll apply it with this There’s a brush by Huda Beauty too, but I don’t have it here This is basically for highlighting so we’ll apply a small amount to achieve the glow I really hope the camera is picking up the amount of glow it’s giving As you can see, when the light hits the camera how glowy it looks The fragrance is also very nice Now, I’m using my Caudalie Spray Now, we’re not going to work on our base first, we’ll work on our eyes first because we’re going to use glitter today and the fallout from it sticks below the eyes So, if you apply the base before glitter it gets very messy when you’re cleaning up So, we’ll work on our eyes first and then base I’ll just do my eyebrows I’ll be back when I’m done Okay, now we’ll work on the eyes We’re using the primers now I’m starting with the primers that I normally use First is MAC Soft Ochre Now, I’m using the second one So, before it starts creasing, as you can see it has already started to crease on this eye We’ll blend it first And then We’ll use the translucent powder to set We’ll tap it like this Especially do it in the crease, so that it doesn’t crease again like before I’m taking this flat brush from Huda Beauty Now, I’m going to use the Galaxy color, and apply it to the brow bone Okay, now from the same palette we’ll use the color [Karma] And we’ll apply it inside our crease

Now, I’m taking the color Off-Balance from the same Huda Beauty Palette and applying it inside the crease Before we move further, I’ll blend this first, to lighten the pink color a bit If you have pink in your dress then you can use it but since I don’t have pink in my dress, my combination is purple and maroonish red, it would look little weird, so I’ll lighten it a bit Ok, now from the same Huda Beauty Palette, I’m using Hot Mess And we’ll apply it inside the crease Applying with Morphe E17 Brush Applying it with a very gentle hand so that it’s applied in the right area and to avoid putting too much product at once I think for now we’ll do the lid and if I’d want it to be darker, we’ll do it Now, I’m using Anastasia Beverly Hills in Norvina Palette This is Pro Pigment Palette 1 We’ll apply color B4 from this on our eyelids first I’m taking a Morphe Brush in JH41 Because I’m going for a darker and smokey look, I am using Paint Pot This is like MAC soft Ochre, it is a very dark purplish color I am applying it onto the lid where we’ll apply the purple First, we’ll apply this With this, the color will pop and look good That’s very pretty Now, we’ll apply B4 above this We’ll apply it in patting motion Oh my God, it’s so pretty. Can you see it? That is gorgeous Okay, I’m taking some more I’ve actually patted four times on the tissue before applying it on the eye because it has quite a lot of fallout So, please apply it on the tissue first, otherwise, you’ll get the fallout on the face That’s very pretty Now, we’ll use a glitter color, this one We’ll apply it above it. You’ll notice more glitter pop here I’m tapping it on a tissue Again, because there was a lot of fallout You can see both eyes and how it looks without shimmer color and No Without shimmer color and with shimmer color Now, if you want, you can do an extra step and take the light color from the same palette that I just used, on a small brush and apply it on the inner corner of the eye Over here, like this I’m taking a good amount of product because it’s light and it should give a dark effect on light So, you can see now it looks good And then, of course, highlight the inner corner of your eye This will give you a pop If you wish to blend it you can Like so. Okay Now that we are done with the lids, I think I’ll go back to the crease and work a bit more there Now first of all, I’ll blend this a bit

and see how it looks Okay, the light color from the last palette, apply that kind of color on browbone Now, it looks so much better. So, it gives a uniform look It would look perfect Like that. See I think The dark brown color This one I will apply this inside my crease That looks much better Like I always say, you can use any palettes As long as colors are the same, you’ll get the same result That looks so much better, that’s what the missing color was I’ll apply a little bit here to create a connecting look It looks so much better Now, I’m using a small amount of liquid glitter This is Stila Glitter and Glow in the color Plum This is how it looks I have taken some on the back at my hand And with a brush, I’ll apply it here This looks so pretty in person, and I really hope that you can see it through the camera how pretty it looks Okay, now I’m using a glitter I’ll show you in a while Yeah, that looks good The glitter I’ve applied is Violet Voss in the color Lily As you can see I have zoomed out, and we’ll work on the face now I’m taking my Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation on the back of my hand, and now we’ll apply it onto the face I’m using colors Santa Fe and Fiji I’ll apply this quickly Here’s a tip: If you’re using a long-wear foundation make sure to apply it quickly else it doesn’t blend properly Now, I’m using Makeup Forever Concealer in the color 21 I’ll use a brush for application under the eye And then I’ll use my blending brush by IT Cosmetics first to blend Then I’ll use a beauty blender Now we’ll pat it with a beauty blender so that it blends completely Now we’ll quickly set it with a translucent powder You can use any, I’m using Laura Mercier I’ve dabbed off some on the cap Now with our normal size blending brush, this is Morphe G7, I’ll apply powder on the chin area to avoid creasing And you know what, I’ve just realized that I haven’t applied foundation on my neck but when you’re doing it, do apply base or foundation on your neck And set it with powder We’ll let it set below the eyes for around 2 mins or so And now with a smaller brush, we’ll wipe off the powder And this I think is IT It’s a Real Techniques Brush Now from Huda Beauty’s Galaxy Palette, I’ll take the color Crash And I’ll apply it precisely under the eyes

It’s a very light color Then I’ll use Hot Mess and blend it with the color Vortex And dab it on a tissue before applying it on the eye If you have a brush like this, you can use that So that it blends well, gives a diffused look and not a strong line Using the same kind of pencil brush, I’ll apply Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in the color Black Now I’ll line the upper lid The trick is to lift your chin up so that you can see clearly Then you move your eyeball and start applying from here Like so Now I’ll have to do something like this Okay, so let me tell you, I’m applying Surma I’ve applied it over the gel eyeliner because I want a more smoky look I applied it on this eye to see the results and there was some fall out under this eye. I’m doing the same on the other eye, it’s just that I’ve applied my translucent powder before with a small brush so that I can wipe the fall out from Surma So, that’s what I’m doing now I’m having a lot of irritation so I might not do it on camera So it took al ot of time. My camera stopped working. Its battery died So I did my eyeliner and I also have my falsies on I’m irritated because I’m not used to putting on falsies But to achieve this look I’ve put on falsies If it gets too annoying I’ll take them off For now, I’m letting them settle down Now we’re doing the contour I’m using my Smash Box Contour pencil You can use any kind of pencil That is [inaudible] I was wondering that something is off So, what happened is I’m feeling off because I have falsies on, so it feels like it’s getting dark I’ll make a separate video on how to put on false eyelashes because there are many detailed tips about it that I can share Now we’ll contour the nose I love nose contour, by the way It gives a very nice look Now, first of all, I’m using my bronzer that I always use Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze And don’t forget to apply bronzer or contour on your jawline And we’ll apply bronzer on the forehead Now, since we want to keep it glowy we’ll now use a glowing bronzer I’m using Too Faced Sweet Tea I’ll mix the two with this Morphe JHO2 brush Pat, it on the tissue. And then ever so gently. With gentle hands I’ll clean up my contour We’ll make a straight line here Let it sit for a min or two Now from the Huda Beauty Palette, I’m taking the first color Caprica from it

on the bottom of the beauty blender We’ll apply it like this Don’t forget the chin Now from the same palette, we can use AZORS I’m using my Morphe JH09 Brush We’ll dab it over that Now I’m using a cream blush Again, if you’re the bride then you should do this step so that your makeup stays through the night But if you’re going as a guest, it’s not necessary I always apply cream and powder when I know there’s a long event or when I have to stay out all day This helps the product to stay throughout the day I’m just using a Pink blush This is CoverFX MonoChromatic Blush in Mojave Mauve And this has a matte shade and a shimmer shade Okay, we’re applying this Okay, I think this is good I think we’re done here And the powder we applied here, as you can see, it’s basically been absorbed into the skin But we’ll wipe it Okay, now moving towards the last step I feel like I’m doing a sports commentary, no? Now, I’m using MAC’s Edge to Edge Now for the lipstick, I’m using a liquid lipstick It’s Dose of Colors in A Mauve Story Now we’ll let it dry before applying liquid lip gloss Okay, now we’re using liquid lipgloss I’m using Becca Cosmetics in Rose Quartz It looks so pretty Okay, perfect Now our last step is to use Cover FX’s Fix Plus I’m just going to spray this and then I’ll be back after changing my clothes Okay, my beautiful loves Now I’m completely ready. I’ve changed my clothes and put on my jewelry Now the makeup look compliments the dress and what I had envisioned I hope you liked this look Do write to me in the comments when you’ll recreate this look, if you’ll recreate this look With that, also tag me on Instagram when you’ll recreate It’s very difficult to say this word And before you leave, please subscribe and turn on the bell notification so that you’re notified when I’m online Because it’s everyone’s right to look beautiful Love you guys so much Take a good care of yourself We’ll meet in the next tutorial Bye