The Dangerzone: Episode 8 – Brendan Finn

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The Dangerzone: Episode 8 – Brendan Finn

and five four three two one we are recording welcome to the danger zone Brendan Finn what’s up did a long time the top so let me set this up dude let me introduce you to everybody that is listening Brendan Fenn is a very good friend of mine one of them my friend said I actually went to his wedding which which says a lot I guess you’ve been made that dead tear um no I don’t remember much of that wedding but my years pretty fun yes legit so Brendan Brendan pen and I work together in the military we’re both in the same units together on two deployments together to Afghanistan and we’re special operations medics so don’t know if we’ll be talking anything about that tonight but we’ll see let’s let’s start out Brennan what is what is your take on the latest news about London the bridge attack yeah I mean that’s not a very good situation over there and what I honestly what I took from it there’s a lot of shitheads still running around but two that the British people are pretty badass I saw some picture of like a dude running from the scene he still had his beer in his hand he wasn’t like he didn’t want to smell and shit and then maybe know where some worry about this I’m pouring a russki right now it’s like oh nice what do you got going talisker single malt 18 years yeah been immersed axillary yeah well go ahead dude so but back to the leg London thing and then there was another story about like there’s a rugby player straight up spear in a do yeah you know while he’s getting stabbed you know it’s just I like to take good shit like that from it saying that there’s some badass dude checks out there that stand up to that retardation so you wouldn’t agree with what the the London Police are putting out as a run what is it their advice to do when when there’s a tech have you seen that yeah oh I didn’t see that they got their saying just run away oh no no noted it’s like it’s pretty bad so run hide Intel brick Ronnie hide Intel okay well hopefully he doesn’t run after you dude it it just you know this shows like like you said there there’s some badass savages walking around you know that rugby players like that people standing up and uh yeah from I mean there’s up the problem is there’s a lot of dudes I’ve just moved in and out of like the Middle East and then they go back home and no one really knows like who are like how many of these dudes are that just went over to like Syria flops really got fighting scenes in them and then come back to Europe and no one has any idea how many those guys are yeah and that’s time to track all those dudes down I don’t know man they would seem it seems like you would just say oh if you’re the dude checking someone’s passport oh you are in Syria hmm why you know like what were you doing there yeah it’s not like they’re gonna be like coming back in the country yeah you go back there it is weird yeah what do you think about it bro what do you how do you take our fearless Commander in Chief’s response well first off what’s most was hero like what what I think about it yes I think it’s happening too frequent dude like but they’re doing something wrong you know and well it’s it’s whatever they’re doing is not working kudos to the people who stood up and like fought that’s that’s what I would like to see more of is you know let’s not let’s come together as community and not let to reduce take on several hundred you know like wall instead of instead of run hide tell how about like war cry inspire us like that Russian

yeah enough people rushing at same time yeah I know but I think a majority of scope to tell like fourteen-year-old girls at a concert to go Russia to Europe well yeah that’s yeah I mean that gets into what else what else I was going to say is there’s I think there’s a lot that did the government of the UK is not doing to break up some of these like extremist cells within the UK yeah I don’t know I mean I I mean they they just there’s a lot of people in that country that are just straight up coming off of it like the fighting zones and tirion shit and they just roll back home it’s not not a good situation you know but they’re uh have you seen a year to this Tommy Robinson guy Tommy Robinson yeah now um you should look into some of his stuff dude he he’s been like so he came out back in 2009 there was a parade for this sort like soldiers coming back from Afghanistan or whatnot from the UK and yeah oh wait yeah he’s the guy that got like hacked up right no no he’s still allowed to but he he so they’re doing this parade and all the there was a there is some some some of the Muslim community came out and protested it and we’re like spitting in the faces of the mothers of these guys coming home and shit so obviously some of the guys got pissed some of the other English dudes and they made like a counter protest and they all get arrested and it’s it’s been interesting I thought he was just kind of like he made a couple videos where he dropped through those Muslim neighborhoods where they’re kind of like enacting Sharia on their own and he’d get like you know punch through his window and stuff as he’s driving through there and you know all kinds of crazy shit and I thought he was just I thought he’s raising kind of awareness about you know extreme and extremism being or kind of Sharia infiltration into some of the communities there and turns out dude he has been like well persecuted by the British government trying to silence that dude it’s pretty fucking crazy well you know you know my opinion on organized religion can you I don’t think we need to go into that I know stupid please also know it’s all pretty much retarded yeah in all consumed so there’s two to come from the similar area too but yeah I’m just not a big fan of any of it yeah so you wanna like tell these peeps how we met or like that story in Raleigh oh dude um yeah yeah enough with the depressing shit let’s go again yeah let’s give money sure yeah so give a brief introduction alike so I didn’t realize for the longest time that you’re in the army before you came in the Navy they want to talk about what you did in the army and then we’ll pick up yeah like bring it to where we met at a North Carolina so I stuck her down on me pretty much right right around September eleventh time and listed and did four years in infantry what Iraq for Oh like over a year so it was like having two Marine Corps deployment um where two to twelve once you’re a machine gunner some wood yeah I was I was a saga and oh god I’m a Cowboys and shit I would always be too you know in the turret done in try not to get fucking my head shot off would happen quite frequently over there it was not Iraq I’m glad I

was pretty young and dumb because now looking back on it I’m just thinking holy shit with that place just a death trap no you know it’s just like especially if you’re just doing mounted patrol rolling around we’ll just waiting to get blown off there and you’re in broad daylight there’s no tactics just like the loudest thing in the world instead you can hear you’re coming down the road yeah and you just wait and blow blow a fucking truck up but I digress so that I got on the join the Navy um and went through the whole corpsman dealio I think I might have met you in gray legs turn on you know when like cheat del Roca would you is little like workouts actions yeah oh god yeah now that you know like that dude that got kicked out of the navier– Jimmy worry you definitely ended up in the brig or something like that yeah for reason we we don’t have to get into oh yeah I’m done I don’t need to do that but um yeah I think we probably but we didn’t like know each other you know what we we much other winners oh well you were like kind of boys with de Santos and you know I kind of hot I’d met you through that we kind of started out at a first recon under all those dudes and then did we want to be our ceding our key remember no think you might have been ahead of me no do those of you ahead of you I was after you guys dude you were after me yeah shit but it wasn’t too much far it was like a class or some yeah so I would see you throughout the pipeline and stuff but it was like well we got the first recon together and the thing is like even though we’re at first recon together Sark’s were like we’re in our platoons doing our thing like we hardly see each other unless we’re doing like you know even even when we’re at the clinic reach out or second office or something yeah yeah you’re you’re like just gone you’re with you it’ll turn the entire gun yeah so we’d like see tear gassing and stuff and then we were deployed and you’re with a different company so we weren’t even like you know we’d be two klicks away from each other even more you know for sure yeah for sure but yeah it’s that was speaking too much dude how I’ll fuckin awesome of that deployment the 2010 appoint yeah the first recon actually you know it’s funny I just watched a movie war machine today and that’s like said I heard about it not war machine the guy that beat up his porn store girl oh god yeah not bad dude it’s it’s with like Brad Pitt and he’s supposed to be playing like Stanley McChrystal mmm when he takes over the offer in 20 2009 it kind of covers like the margin invasion and then that’s when the Rolling Stone cake article came out you know dude and he got fired remembered all that gosh what happened with the Rolling Stone article like him and his staff basically were we’re out in Europe and they were all drinking and stuff and they had this reporter with him the whole time and he was just taking it out all their quotes and they’re all drunk talking kinda a lot of shit and it got back to the president we got fired oh wow yeah it was crazy John I don’t remember that but I do remember that deployment at least parts of it yeah well you’ve had a couple memory issues yeah after the last one so I think it’s getting better there’s one the more I’ve talked to that guys that I was on that deployment with it’s bringing back some of those memories but that’s it man got it it definitely was like gnarlier than I had remembered in my mind I was like I just thought it was like we had the greatest time it was just a bunch of fun yeah oh yeah we have to how it was – it was a bitch do you like just basically it was just we were in an area that was unwinnable and it basically said you know no one has ever conquered Helmand and they’re gonna just

send you there and we’re gonna it’s gonna give a shot and see what happened and it was a shit show but it was it was good man it was good yeah did uh you got rocked that deployment what happened there oh that rocket that’s funny you say that because you know that dude that was attached to us um Greg Ghazi grossie or whatever years ago like a civil affairs type of dude no he took the dog home I don’t remember him dude like I said anyway he was he was uh he was there when um that rocket hit our compound in um he’s writing a book and stuff and like the lady some lady had to like fact check all this stuff and called me and interviewed me about what happened oh sure he wrote about you know he’s coming out it’s coming out this summer I guess know what’s a cold yeah it’s called Fred and me oh it’s about the dog about the dog yeah I don’t know but anyway yeah that that was a cool little appointment so you’re just chilling in that room and next ain’t no fucking fucking dude the recoil is rough around right it we rocked us it rocked us yeah it was I forget how many how big it was but it Iraq is pretty damn good then I remember I was trying to do viral genes and I walked up yeah oh yeah I guess I got hit by will not have i but rocked by a couple recoilless rifle rounds myself and it’s not fun yeah they’re a little big dangasm those things but they had some punch yeah they got some pepper yep so you were trying to see you’re trying to do neuro exams on these dudes while you’re fucked up like dude for sure I was like dude I couldn’t pass him Lisa Q right now and I was giving them so you know I’m seeing err on the side of caution as I thought he was like can cost you know well then I was like you know I’m probably concussed I should probably get least CG Canyon and I think then we had this like Moscow kind of dealio come into our camp and I kind of had to do all that stuff so didn’t really work out whatever but and by that time I was like you know what whatever it’s fuck it it is what it is yeah but after that deployment we dude we made a clutch move of negotiating our careers you’re welcome yeah you I would I will admit you led the charge on that I would say I was a second that you know the second loudest voice and then everybody else was just kind of like well you know they just kind of followed along yeah but yeah I mean it I made a big gamble with you and Romney’s careers but hey oh no I know I knew is the right thing dude it was like what they were trying to tell us fucking bullshit it was like yeah we’re phasing out you know this thing but you just well we’ll just deploy you again immediately we had just gotten back like yeah just jump on this next deployment and we’ll bring over like we’re gonna we’ll take you out of the points yeah and go to the school oz will bring you back halfway through deployment was like you guys insane they honestly thought they were gonna be honestly thought we were going to buy that yeah that’s how stupid takes out work you need you need a medic for every single you know Patrol you’re doing any con op they get sent up like what no just it they’re not just regular places either yeah be like well you know what we’re going to take these things out they gotta go to school and we’re already short short on numbers like who’s going to come replace us nobody out that there is not nobody could come replace us I think so yeah we made a good goal on doing a little diversion to training first mmm which

brings us to North Carolina such a lovely state oh boy yeah that was that was fun sitting back there and in class not paying attention fucking off the entire time and then going out to Raleigh weekend’s and trying to drink as quickly as we possibly could yeah I mean trying to get away from Vietnam as they call it that’s fatal North Carolina for those of you don’t know I mean anybody’s ever been there would probably might vomit a little bit while they’re driving through so advised a boss baguette surprise so we go to Raleigh and we have a hotel room and we would go to this Irish pub right it’s what we started yep I forget the name of that place – is that usually the jump-off so for those of you that are listening Brendan and I this is like kind of we had known each other we’d already been on the same deployment together we knew each other from like a working relationship but we had never had the opportunity to kind of hang out together and like get to know each other and I think you had told like dishonest had warned you basically like yeah you guys are going to get together and it’s going to be like an explosion like it’s good like it’s gonna be bad yeah think we people were trying to keep this apart kind of truth trying to like it you know what for the better sort of the best of this fucking shop we can not like beasts – cooing – especially on Liberty so but anyways and all their efforts were you know didn’t work out because we totally went out and we’re at this pub and I go over the bar to order a drink and I end up standing next to this fairly large giant man and I’m ordering my drink someone’s in there waiting and he kind of looks down at me and you know I’m six foot but he’s looking down at me and I’m like hey how’s it go you know and he’s not interested in making any type of you know friendly conversation and I was like okay cool dude whatever I don’t even know if he I didn’t know that dude had words he easily sophisticated feel grunts so I running like okay all right this any one place all right cool cool dude you do all right later dick and my grandma drink I love someone you know I know someone very John stupid a lot of disrespect to you I was like I know yeah in my head I was like I know if he needs to meet this guy maybe it’ll help warm him up you know and so I walk over to you and you’re you’re like I mean like you said we had been drinking as fast as we could since we got there and I walk up to you and I’m liking your city dude you’re like whoa where you been I mean dude you won’t believe this that dude over there just told me to fuck off oh oh and I don’t like a goddamn like point across the bar like where is this motherfucker point like right I’m like oh he’s right over there you didn’t you didn’t hesitate you just like marched right up to him it’s he was like leaning over the bunny like tap on his shoulder like who I thought you standing up thought he was standing up really high and then I I tried tapping as you see this black expanse of a man’s back and I’m like it’s at it just is wearing like Boulder pass or something and I good like I thought he might have been willing to stop the hockey goalies where but you shit was that why did I go and he turned around and look at me he gaming look like like he was contemplating what is fucking literally take me by the head and cost me out of the bar or flip me out of the bar like a little ant dude he was like

usually guys gonna build me to three linemen now yeah mm-hmm somehow I don’t know why he just walked away and I cannot fucking believe it dude I totally I was I was totally expecting us to just get in a fight and what’s funny is like as you’re having your short conversation I just walk up right next to you guys and I’m like ready for this just this whole situation to ignite and I’m just like alright I’ll have a shot of whiskey and so I’m sitting there ordering a drink as you’re like tapping on this guy totally just like react to like be taking the shot because I’m getting thrown out but I hope you might as well have a drink as you’re watching the shoulder now oh I don’t think I was going to be watching I think he was going to have your head in one hand and mine in the other and just kind of pick us both up and just throw us through those front huge windows the guy looked like he probably could have done it yeah he was he was a large man but for whatever reason he was very much no mercy and like he just walked off left us there yeah so then we stumble out our streets after you know going to a different dance I think I ended up in a dance for a little bit and uh despite I got it’s not it’s Justin I that we got a big fight yeah no witness so this was like the white fight that didn’t happen and then yeah so then we ended up in a brawl um so we were walking down and I think you were a little you were a little more messed up than I was and I’m kind of like helping you down the street that’s kind of watching over you that’s probably a fair or something like a like a guardian angel that I was just looking over you yeah and uh so I notice there’s he’s like there was these like five grows that were hanging out and they all had to tap out shirts and you know affliction or affliction t-shirts and tap out hats and I’m just a couple college Bros and they were kind of laughing and giggling amongst themselves and they’re in a little group on a corner and you like you’re walking you like fall into this like picket fence oh I have to like pick you up and they’re kind of like laughing at that and I’m just like okay whatever and we walk across the street you start pissing on this tree and they started like talking making funny and shit so you like finishing you like go over there like what the fuck and they’re there like Meg fucking shit and I mean some of this is kind of blurry too but so they’re like yeah there’s like the one bro that’s talking the most shit right and you stand pretty like cool enclosure just like oh yeah I do like fuck you you know and he’s like bounce off shit like oh man I’ll fuck you up as his little bros like hold them back and like pulling them back down the sidewalk and they end up like 20 feet away from us and there are other three bros are standing in front of us and next thing I know like a little ninja you just like he said something and you just like ran in between these guys these three guys that were in front of us and ran all the way and I just see you like flying in through the air I feel like Brennan just flying through the air and like collide with this guy and all this his three bros that were standing in front of me they like watch you they just like turning they’re like oh my god he’s running over there this is actually happening like this guy’s for real we picked on the wrong guy and got real stupid yeah and then they like they see you hit him and then they all just like turn back to me and I just I was like okay we’re in it now so I just started slow so all I throw I start throwing punches and I just like then I just see you with these two guys like kind of going across the street and like rolling over into the second grass and then I’m like all I know is I gotta like fight my way towards like you so we can like you know get the whole welter back on back coordinated response yeah meanwhile our other buddies just across the street hanging out getting hot dogs like totally oblivious we won’t talk about what you yeah but so next thing you know I see you like fly off of this ledge on like onto the concrete and like I’m fighting my way over to you this dude tries to like get me in a guillotine it was fucking hilarious and so I find my

way over towards you next and I know like you just come up off the ground you’re like okay like book your school and just your blood pouring down your forehead and I’m like I get to your side and I turn around I’m like yeah all right and we’re like so ready just to take on the five of them and so somebody hit you it’s like pulled out brass knuckles and hit you and yeah I remember that it looks a nice little mark than that yeah I mean blood was just like pouring down your face but you’re just like yeah and these are also made for a really nice hangover the next day let me tell you often the voice of reason came running out of the darkness and he goes y’all need to stop this man need an ambulance and that was our call an ambulance users and tough yeah and well we were ready to go and these guys just like they started making the connection oh shit like this guy’s got blood on it like there’s a dad and they all fucking took off running and we quickly made our way to the curb and jumped in a taxi and made it back to the hotel but yeah the cops are probably like what in my hell just happened yeah so we’re done but yeah gone you know takes like a thanks to that you know noble community servant that was out there that night just cool so yeah that’s the first night Brennan and I really this man needs an ambulance yeah so that’s personally I need me man Buell and we definitely needed stitches you had you know yeah me yeah we do that thing swelled up so bad we threw you in the shower and then you’re like I came here I think I’ll just let you just gonna sleep on it and you woke up like stuck to your sheets but yeah that was probably definitely concussion maybe I don’t know no no man just like a lot does another story when we’re in Fayetteville but we won’t definitely won’t get into rodney was like what the hell happened he dies like yeah um well it all started with that glass of whiskey mm-hmm and then I kind of went downhill from oh yeah when when we were like I ordered like Knob Creek or something you’re like yeah alright he’s like I’m just gonna pound my beer so I can drink that yeah let me just tell them the rest is beer so I can get to the whiskey we are making that the world that’s what that’s what normal people do don’t they no ma’am fun times yeah we go and we always had a blast in class those nerds up front like trying to correct the instructors and stuff well you know the Merck Manual says the local blah blah blah you’re wrong the molecular structure of morphine is such that you cannot do it like that shut up mr. price just like accessing the matrix when he’s talking about doing a heart exam yeah just like he was definitely going into matrix for just Lily you know actually now that I roll about he seems had a little absentee use dude dudes are called EPS songs AB sound seniors but you just like you’d have a fake stethoscope hanging out in front of him and he’s just like he would start talking about okay and then you’re going to like this one note and below it was all about like heart murmurs and like different shit and then also could also knew you like tilt his head back and his eyes would roll back in his head and he just be like spouting out all this information and it was it was like he like when his eyes rolled back he was like accessing all that information from the from the matrix and just passing it on to us which we weren’t absorbing any of it yeah because he was like aware of her we are we are absorbing all sorts of stuff Dini okay I’m an artist Lord what we need to look I’m an artist as long as it’s art you are then you’re

okay oh man I fucked up my back the other day not feeling too good well dude your view learn a doctor now if we weren’t sure so now you can fix it yeah just tweaked it you know you ain’t tweaked your back really bad just sucks like days yeah I kind of tweaked mine the other day ended up with the compression fracture didn’t feel so good oh God how’d you do that oh you know lift and stuff yeah you’ve been going nuts though uh with the gym stuff Evan yeah dude I’m just getting back into man that uh I did take off for that it was definitely hard not the problem is I was little I was doing a heavy lift without my gear and yeah I was already injured so I knew I shouldn’t have in fact the nice thing about having an older brother around is like he’s always giving you good advice doesn’t mean you take it but pretty sure the last thing he said to me before I did this lift was hey make sure you don’t do anything stupid this weekend and lift son heavy I was like don’t worry dude I got this and then you and go ahead and let something heavy yeah but there you go yeah so I’m coming off of that now just getting back into the gym and it feels fucking great yeah working outside of being down man working out so good for you yeah I know it just sucks when you’re down with like a little injury you know I can’t do shit yeah what do you come back try to come back too early and then you hurt yourself again reinjure it yeah it’s a weird balance like you don’t want to live too long and like become stagnant but you got to give yourself a little bit of time I think the key is like finding like don’t don’t get off the wagon like totally I think it’s you really got dial in and try and find other exercises you can do to just kind of like stay in it because it’s harder when you just like it’s not cool when you’re like you’re used to like lifting all this way you’re getting stronger and stronger and all sudden boom surgery exactly do this anymore like fuck it that’s that’s calling depressing in itself like so you feel like oh yeah fuck I just need to get sidelined like I don’t feel like doing other shit cuz that’s like weak-ass bullshit but that’s like the shit you should be doing you know like you should probably be going to the pool and like swimming or you know dunno yeah I’m definitely gonna change it up man I’m definitely gonna change it up I’m going on PT physical therapy in like a couple weeks for it so nice see that they say dude yeah I mean you’re looking at your picture you gave me to put up on this video it’s just like your physical specimen dude you’re gonna gonna maintain this yeah right that was that was last year before I started PA school and I wasn’t like fat pile of shit what’s the what’s the story behind this picture dude the sign says what careful old tree do not climb or something like yeah it’s weird it’s um I was at this beer festival actually in ntl actually in Redmond and I was pretty drunk and there’s like this tree and it looks fucking super weird um I gotta get a picture with this thing and it’s like apparently it’s like ancient man this fucking tree it’s so fucking old it’s been there forever and it’s I don’t know kind of treated it doesn’t even look like a church it doesn’t have anything on it either it’s like I know it was crazy it doesn’t I don’t know how it’s still alive it doesn’t do anything dude have you heard about the trees communicate with each other um you talk about the movie with Mark Wahlberg’s no I’m talking about science bro coño and then her that one do too apparently like they’re just finding this out that trees like you know like how microbiome and stuff like that it’s becoming a big deal well like look at all that and their ground and stuff and you think about like parasites like attacking certain trees and stuff like that apparently they’re finding through studying all that stuff that trees are actually

communicating with each other and they’re like if one trees like infected or whatever they’ll like you know how their roots are all go together and so I don’t yeah save more resources for the tree that’s like wounded don’t like shift very like they won’t take as much resources the other ones around it they like try and save there they’re like tree friend Wow dude that’s pretty cool yeah so I’m pretty excited about that shit because I fucking love trees over the woods like I love plants trees are good that’s why I’m a video I’m a meat-eater because I can’t I can’t stand to try can’t stand vegans bro they’re just like they’re killing all these plants dude it’s not cool like what did these plans to State for what did these plants do anything except give us oxygen right exactly like they’re they’re just helping us out and I’m killing and eating the things they eat what gives us oxygen you know so for sure you’re doing your girl in the world a favor yeah so absolutely are I’m decreasing the carbon footprint by taking you know more animals off the earth so they’re not you know passing methane gas and stuff like that you know there you go Bronx dude it definitely does so house PA school dude it’s if fucking was hard man but I’ve done I’ve done with the didactic years that’s cool um it was a lot of work man a lot of a lot of reading life studying just it was crazy but you know it’s not done it’s only the classroom part of it’s gone this summer I got to write like a big paper and do research and shit and then the next year or next step time on september i start my clinical locations and that’s when i’ll be you know moving around and working in the hospitals and whatnot nice no really I didn’t I was just having to be out of the classroom oh my god it was so much fucking so much work dude and is just like they would throw these like assignments in and you’re like like the last one I call hitter right this this complete plan for managing a new diabetic patient and you got a link figure all ur insulin now and write all their plan out and write all the scripts out it’s just you’re like holy fuck dude yeah and then once you work at a clinic like recommended for malaria fright so I click click click on a computer yeah I mean you’ve still gotta write notes but a lot of it’s you know we got drop-down menus and then we get a little bit easier so you don’t have to write everything out you know dude as much of it like when it comes to talking about health care it’s people a lot of people don’t realize how much it goes into training the healthcare provider and like how much it cost oh yeah dude dude yeah like just make a doctor um you know or you know you got to go through all this all schooling and all the residency’s all the internships you know know all the fellowships it’s it takes time and I personally just so much shit to now I personally think our health care systems fuck dude like oh yeah I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think Obamacare did anything good for I don’t think the whatever we’re trying to do now is fucking do anything for now it’s just broken dude it’s fuck it’s like it’s pretty fucked you know you know if you know what makes sense if the two sides like work together yeah than then came up with a plan that had like better good things from each perspective you know you nailed it dude you nailed it cuz like and yeah it just won’t do that though they won’t they cannot or incapable fucking doing yeah sad and you know meanwhile you know pharmaceutical companies run so much that shit too it’s like it’s it’s fucked from like so many angles you know oh yeah for sure and

then like that we even like the cures to things like we have the capability to research and like find out how to do a lot of this shit it’s like just what do we want to push like where’s the money going to come from if I could do it you know well you hit the nail head it’s all about money man dude yeah and I guess that’s why it’s like it seemed so fucked up is because you’re talking about something that’s like in a very emotional topic you know like people dying this or that and like cancer and all these fucked up things that really pull into people’s emotions because you’re dealing with like death dying sickness you know like long-term chronic pain shit and then you have the other side of it it’s like the political side that’s just so like fucked up but also just cut and dry all about money you know oh for sure that’s all they care about it but I mean who knows what these clowns are gonna come up next they all need to go dude like the channel yeah just terrible huh I mean if you want to get into a little more politics dude I hear your show I just like the two-party systems bullshit is just like people need to wake the fuck up and just like elect and we need to get more diversity in there like in I think the argument is like well we need one side to win so much that they can just like push their agenda through like well how fucking do it how fucking well as I’ve been working it hasn’t at all because you’re all a bunch of lying pieces of shit yeah it’s like they won’t it used to work where I used to kind of work where you know oh there will be like alright you want this the other side wants this but let’s make our you know make compromises and come up with something that we both kind of like but we don’t get everything we want and everybody kind of is okay with yeah but they don’t don’t do that shit no more man and it’s just all it’s like you said in the shit’s broken yeah it really got to be hard-pressed to find someone who would tell you that our political systems running just been brilliantly right now yeah I’m pretty obvious it ain’t the average person puts too much stock in the presidency as well it’s like when when in reality like Congress has so much fuckin power and you’ve seen what the executive orders does just get overturned by you know trump or whoever like whoever comes out strong compelling I do you know so yeah the long lasting stuff is done by new Congress senator you know Supreme Court but it’s just it’s affected that’s all I want to say enough about that shit I just wanted to say it was yeah for sure for sure – so I have lesson for you I do like my wedding dude dude those legit it was fun on it I like Albuquerque did I’m a crazy hole breaking bad area III think it’s not I think it’s a beautiful area because the mountains there I wish I rode my Harley first long trip on my Harley oh did I bought from you yep yeah but my Dinah from Brendan and proceeded to start turning into a Mad Max bike but uh yep did you needed it more needed that was a brutal trip I was misbehaving on my on that motorcycle and I was like you know what Daniel Henney was too better just to me I wasn’t gonna get into that but uh I was gonna I was gonna save you from yeah we don’t we don’t have to just keep it there yeah you said you said it really well yeah you were failing at the motorcycle ownership but uh yes yes I put it to some good you students fun I actually that reminds me I need to upload a video where I’m practicing standing up on the seat shut up seriously I’m doing some off-roading in it yeah and then I’m probably gonna ramp it over a creek here pretty soon so it

was nice knowing you yeah so you’re saying man spent fun yeah um dude but your wedding was blast the Plus that location out there that Lodge was legit be the meeting of the groomsmen at that biker bar and the famous biker bar was like that was legit and oh yeah that biker where I was begging you not to give me a shot of whiskey and that’s exactly what you guys did Wells like no I don’t want to Keela I’m not drinking tequila to the bar buys me a shot of fucking Jack Daniels dude and then the dancing that’s C okay so now we’re talking about weddings so I’m a professional best man I know you didn’t choose to pay for my services as that but I give very slut I give very epic speeches I’m actually shamelessly plugging myself right now I’m a best man for hire if anybody out there that maybe you just have a bunch of kind of mediocre friends and you pull that’s another little e you need to pull a little you need to pull that you need to pull your ace of spades just you know get in contact with me and I’ll come in and be your best man but okay dude so I’ve been in a couple of weddings your wedding what I look for in a wedding okay is let’s speed through all the fucking bullshit part and let’s get you drinking the eating and be like not so much to eating but like eating a little bit then like drinking a lot and party like let’s dance I love to dance so your wedding I think this sermon went way too long who was the dude that like was a stand-in oh I know dude Ellis yeah I got it was a little bit long dude I am way past out up there I gotta say that was brutal dude I was like I went through my head movies I was like okay like yeah oh no way this is still happening like we’re still talking about something do it I know I but I mean shit so good time you plant he went off I’m shooting you straight I mean I’m giving an honest assessment here yeah no I agree but the he’ll agree dance party was a little good boom yeah once again oh yes it was awesome and then the whole whole like what what is it like Mexican traditions where you’re like dancing in circles like everybody’s holding hands and I going there each other I do that was cool the Lamar Chow yeah yeah that was fun man apple skin score just like crouching over and you know I did is this getting I just get this be over exactly now I want to get like excommunicated the first day I’m where he’s like this fool can’t even finish the la marcha dude what are you talking about we ended up back in your hotel room continuing to party like all night long they were like I was a dad in your room you went it was going to like 4:00 in the morning and then I don’t even know what time I woke up I was so oh man we owned we straight own that hotel man yeah with that flute you do need people et filii do you yeah I mean it was a good good flout oh man um behind it Oh a good time now there is quite a made another and one came in one piece dude that motorcycle ride got a little hairy there at the end but well so in the beginning so you’re like you’re like on all forms of median you’re on like the internet you’re on podcasts you’re on fucking in live person you’re on TV man you’re everywhere Oh what do what are you getting at in I’m not on Twitter I’m just saying there’s out there okay up there yeah yeah I did I just I like I like creating and I like having good conversations with people that’s what kind of led into the podcast but well it’s a perfect forum for you

dude what about this okay well let’s go away to be blood cells back up the let’s talk about recovery a little bit okay so like if you want to start with like what kind of leads to the long laundry list of musculoskeletal issues we deal with postman like basically how we go hard and then end up broken at the end or it’s multiple if you want to talk about the TBI stuff or whatever yeah like what what you believe yeah we’ll do there’s multiple factors but like the wear and tear in your body and then if you like leads to just big-time arthritis muscle strings you know in vertebrae injuries where you got compression fractures like you were talking about and disk problems I mean you name it is going to be affected and then um you know the TV eyes and the concussions they can you never know how that shit’s going to go because they could be kind of mild or they could be pretty severe moderate to severe and leave some like long-term effects on you and that doesn’t just go away you need to get a like you got to rehab that just like you would have to do anything you know yeah there’s a lot of like science out there like they’re trying to figure out what’s the best way should you just you know not do anything just going to have a complete brain rest or should you kind of get them back early and try to do like stimuli and kind of a stepwise fashion there’s a lot of different you know research going on with all that I’m interested what do you think that I’m interested in what they’re doing with stem cell therapy and CRISPR are you talking that not really not a whole bunch back so crisper is like this new like so you know how they talk about like we’re we’re on this graph right where the expected age is just going to keep increasing until basically we become we basically cure death the disease of death which is aging like you get so old and your fucking cells die and all that shit right and eventually like what your organs start shutting down Allah and then you have death you know what you live to like 100 something or whatever and then at some point you’re just fuckin done well there’s basically this theory like we’re on this like huge bell curve like the increase of like advancements in technology is like so rapid right now and we’re it’s like constantly going in a curve up but it’s getting exponentially like faster better everything with technology is getting better and better like exponentially it’s like what they already have yeah quantum computers and shit that basically know everything we’re going to do before we do it so so with that curve you have like age your your life expectancy is increasing as medical advances with technology like technology is advancing so like medicine is getting better and they’re like curing all these things that the aging processes have and eventually you like reach immortality as long as you don’t like you know get fatally shot or stabbed by some fucker you know but yeah so that’s where we’re headed apparently CRISPR is like a huge advance in this where they found this you know this this molecule set that basically is called CRISPR and it goes in and it rebuilds your your like your DNA its recombinant DNA technology yeah which is like you know your you’re you’re extending the telomeres on your DNA and so but it’s also like fixing cells it basically goes and recognizes cells that like are either you know dead or like the code is wrong you know because like when your DNA is replicating your cells replicating the older you get like the worse it gets at it and like there are mistakes that happen and that’s particularly fuckin cancer not shit so what this does is it’s like reading the DNA of like stuff you already have and it’s making

corrections it’s like oh wait no we don’t need that like this is how it’s supposed to be and so that’s supposed to be like to cure a lot of other things like besides just like extending the life of your DNA or you know your telomeres you’re talking about like repairing neurons and like other cells you know where is yeah that’s still a little ways away but I know it I’ve read about a little bit about CRISPR so that’s the stuff I’m interested in I actually signed up for medical trials oh really yeah I don’t mind being turned into like the human cyborg project so just become a cyborg game like Universal Soldier bro – dude if they come up with a better robotic arm than the one I have which is a long ways off yeah I’m like I’ll do elective surgery yeah just take my arm inside and replace it with that stronger better robotic arm hey Fisher can they give me a new back yeah I do plus I could use a roll could you imagine just like well son I can carry like fucking four tons on my back of where I can very cool they’d be like I guess where you’re going we’re just gonna send you to Syria and let you kind of do the same yeah what would you think be would it be Syria yeah hopefully calling in airstrikes dude oh boy like shooting shooting laws and 84 is movie hopefully we got something better than that if you can carry four tons in your back then like you need to be a little more legit than shooting 84s and laws what are those going to do – what are those going to do – items get give them some fucking maybe kill one dude maybe like give some dude some like shrapnel bleeders and then you know get some guys TBI like what I’ll just carry a 50 Cal on my back yeah that’s what I’m talking about it’s like me strapped to your back on like a tripod with like two gals like ring and a 50 count in the middle I just throw it out there on the tripod and you start lighten things up dude yeah turn turn me into like Inspector Gadget that would be fucking awesome yeah you could use an Inspector Gadget dick dude what do you think about – like what what did you think I know you mentioned that show about how fucking big of clowns some of the commanders were like that Brad Pitt as like show Oh war machine yeah what do you got that it you think it’s pretty similarly very dislikes it’s pretty spot-on and it was like basically from day one we kind of knew that we couldn’t really win the Royal it’s just it’s a situation where it’s it’s like unwinnable yeah and then like how counterinsurgencies are like ridiculously hard to do well with the way we currently fight wars yeah it’s like they’re hard in general yeah but the way we’re doing it is not helping at all no I mean the whole thing was messed up but what are you gonna do have you heard my warlord theory like warlord there yeah for Afghanistan specifically now what you need is guys like ourselves just become warlords Grover they’re plugged in a village but the problem is like the thing is we net we like we volunteer and like we never leave and so we just basically get put in power over that you know that area that district and you basically you know hook up with some of the elders in the area you convert to Islam and you like marry some of their daughters or whatever you know you don’t have to believe this stuff you just you know tell me that you have and

then once your family it’s like now now you’re in right so so now you’ve asserted your power and it’s not this whole hey fuck this dude he’s from out of area like who will just wait for the next guy to come here you know and take advantage of him yeah but then you guys stay in Afghanistan yeah I know like I said it would be you know it would be a tough this is like you know a very theoretical situation but I think it could work but you would have to if you ever be enough to assume or fear no where would you go Afghanistan that’s just you know you’re gonna see I just shot off the cop there feels pretty bad I did yeah it’s not not where you want to be what do you want to be at all but unfortunately we found ourselves there didn’t we oh yeah oh um how many podcasts have you done dude um I think this will be 8 Wow we’re still we’re still in the beginning dude and but having seen a lot of other podcasts and listened to him I think we’re we’re doing pretty good and I like it really you just like sign up and you can just listen to whatever you want right yeah they’re just on our YouTube channel and so it’s that’s how I kind of got into podcast was watching Joe Rogan so I I like watching them and I’m not necessarily watching the whole time but I’ll just I’ll put it on and I’m really just listening to it and then if they’re talking about something or maybe getting a little animated you kind of like look and see what they’re doing and I think it it’s a better experience to actually see it and that’s kind of how I wanted to start is by putting it out that way because somebody can always just listen to the YouTube video yeah but then I also upload them on soundcloud and I’m waiting for approval to get my iTunes podcast so then it will be on iTunes which apparently can take a while but I’ve already applied and I’m waiting to hear back and wondering if they rejected my first podcast because of a shit me and my brother talking about oh they gotta be it’s gotta be like they’re like rolls and softly uh I mean it’s just you know how fuckin PC shit is getting where you know they want to silence any quote-unquote hate speech or this or that and oh yeah so they they actually have somebody listen through the podcast like in its entirety to before it gets approved so you know who’s who’s that person that’s what I want to know like it’s not you know what power I’d probably do better with the AI if that was what was listening to it you know but you know you get somebody and maybe they’re a little their political views are like completely opposite in yours and they’re like no fuck this this is a speech gee now when it’s totally not like I think we mentioned the turn cultural appropriation and we’re kind of making fun of it so yeah I think if anything that’s what will get flagged for I can’t even remember the other shit we talked about but well you choose are good that’s like yeah are you happy what’s uh have you watched me any of the other ones I watched the first one and then I watch one reviews over it for a little bit dude it’s fun it’s this this is nice more on the phone you know but it’s that’s what it’s definitely better in person something about it oh that great immediate in person you know except it’s tough you know it’s fucking hot here so I’m glad I did it hmm what do you got coming up good um just basically another two weeks over the summer like summer class stuff and then this summer I’m just basically a blogging paper man about it I’m going to

buy a new car before September all the cars hit the bed so what do you what are you looking to do is a PA what am I looking at that no what are you looking to do is a PA oh I’m thinking to the like surgery or emergency medicine what because I liked the idea of emergency medicine I mean on surgery because you know it’s technical it’s fun it’s it’s cool but the thing is sometimes your hours are really terrible and you’re always on call I don’t really like that idea of not having downtime where you’re just it’s your time not you know I mean yeah kind of like waiting to go on a deployment and there we go don’t do anything like fuck did whoa but what’s the point I might as well be gone because I can’t do anymore so yeah definitely loosen up but a personal freedom yeah for sure and then what emergency medicine looks good to you I like that it’s got you know shift work and you know you got your hours you do your ship and then you’re done that’s it we shift comes on there’s a lot of burnout but I think people do and they don’t know where they get into you know dude have you that man have you seen the weed the Willing stuff the why we the Willing no you know uh you know Chris Chris night yeah yeah dude you gotta check it out you never you never on uh whatever you never on Instagram dude right no yeah that’s probably why you don’t know well you need to check them out check out their website we the Willing it’s uh one of our bros started this this community second Azam it’s the shirt I’m wearing right now it does is the game yeah but did they have a website too it’s like we the Willing don’t calm okay cool I’ll definitely check that out definitely I just turned around so uh do you rewash alright somebody watching us can see the back there sure cuz total legit they made like it’s oh so you’re like filming now yeah dude that’s cool yeah so they can see my picture that stupid picture I know it’s people don’t want to know the headache I went through to try and get you on here technology technologically wise you’re definitely not on I guess I didn’t realize it I guess I am kind of all over social media compared to you because you’re kind of absent but yeah I don’t I don’t really do that type of stuff and I will can you know I’ll get a new favorite ear maybe some Facebook once a while but not too much dad it’s definitely it’s just one of those things where you can you can spend too much time take it in a care web like no just like where your people constantly are looking at other people’s lives you know oh yeah it’s like no one ever lays into everybody else it should be like hey why don’t you look at your own shit I just made a Facebook page like just go today and it’s just another app it’s just another avenue to spread you know spread this podcast all I have classes for sure yeah have this buses I think if you’re putting here if you’re putting out like from yourself it’s good because when you’re when you’re creating and you’re like you have the people that you follow or whatever the comments are you whatever but I think it’s dangerous for some people to just get sucked up and watching other people’s lives like a whole fucking time you know oh absolutely it is all right put the phone down and do something yes skew something your fucking life go engage with somebody you know what yeah what what I like about this is I’m actually like engaging with people but also sharing with people it’s also creating something you know and absolutely hopefully somebody listen to this and they’re like holy shit I need to stop listen his podcast right now and go do something yeah I’m talking to you if that just if that just you struck a chord with you you need to turn this podcast off right now go outside smell

the grass like just bury your face in the grass pick up some dirt your hands and just like rub it around in your fingers for a little bit and disconnect from your phone leave your phone inside when you do that yeah just leave it around like don’t even bother with it just see what happens I love it when I forget my phone sometimes I’m like yes I don’t you have to do it yeah okay well I do I really got to take a leak is that we are we good or yeah dude if you want it I mean we could be at a stopping point or I could totally ramble about something while you go take a piss and come back it’s up to you deal yeah ramble on okay cool Ramola thought potty break boom so yeah I there’s this trendy thing called everything where you are out in nature and you take off your shoes and you just stand in the grass or dirt or whatever it is and ocean and let your feet touch the ground and where you like walk on trails and I totally started doing that way before I actually knew it was something but I actually really enjoy it and I highly suggest other people do that just take moments like wouldn’t your when you’re in grass or you’re close to nature or trees dirt take a second to just plug in and soak it up and put your little feelers out there like those humans species we’ve been given these awesome feelers these balancers okay I’m talking about how us as humans were basically like little explorers that somehow evolved on the surface and we have all these little senses that were like basically like little data receptors going onto the earth and collecting all this information right we’re like constantly collecting information and so I was basically challenging people when they go outside to like take their shoes off let their feet get in the dirt and the sand and like in the grass or like put your hands down in it and like really just like try and connect to something that’s natural and not you know made by man technology yeah and and feel how amazing it feels like let yourself just kind of don’t try and think about anything just kind of like let your thoughts wander and I think it’s that’s why I like all the beach man just go in the ocean just looking dude I miss the ocean on this council when I’m in I list it – well I wish it – I’m planning on spending some time out there in the summer for sure oh yeah yeah but I also got a lot of stuff going on so yeah are you like racing dune buggies are subjective dude racing a jeep and we got a race coming up and we’ve got to finish this build we should we should be on track to make it so that’ll be fun that’s cool man racing jeeps that’s pretty dope means a ghazal burst remember him from first recon yeah tall tall dude banana fingers yeah yeah you watch the podcast women yeah so like did we’re yeah we’re we’re teamed up and we vote we’re both super passionate about it and it’s like we’re gonna win dude we’re going to absolutely destroy some people let me just race other jeeps or we could you race yeah yeah it’s actually so in this type of racing it’s called ultra four which is like ultimate four-wheel-drive racing and it’s a mix between like Baja style racing you know like in the desert where they do that like in Mexico with those trucks yeah yeah but those are like two-wheel drive trucks right they just have the wicked front suspensions and they just assume through the fucking desert ultra4 is like that where there’s open sections but there’s also rock crawling technical sections or whatever and they’re done all over the US so you get like kind of a different style depending on where you’re racing like the main race the king of the hammers is in California so you got a lot of desert and a lot of like if you’re for win have you been out there yeah it’s fucking wet it’s like

you’re on Mars or something so yeah they do they do it there’s like the big one but then I just went to one in Oklahoma so it was like super muddy they’re going through woods and like you know the rock crawling sector sort of mud yeah dude it’s fucking it sounds fun as shit just a fucking blind you like you win money issues like yeah how does it work yeah you win money dude good – I mean it’s not like it’s not a lot like I think a lot of it’s a sport where you basically that’s one of the cool parts about it’s it’s really community it’s like a racing community a people where everybody loves the sports so much that they just like dump a lot of money into it so I’ve dumped a lot of money into my g build you know it’s just like yeah for the looks like yeah I was like holy shit this thing looks in-home yeah I’ve had to neglect a Harley for a little bit because a lot of things I want to do with that bike but it’s had to take a sideline to the Jeep but yeah but you’ll so it’s kind of mixed it’s mixed up there’s like the people who just got rich and don’t know what to do with their fucking money so they just like pay somebody to build them an offer a racing car you know so yeah which I just learned this last where I saw that I kept on everybody’s referring to their brakes is like racing cars I’m thinking like but this is like four-wheel drive off-road racing like what do you call it a car it doesn’t make sense to me I shouldn’t be a truck well no no it’s not rude it’s not really a truck yeah I guess it is a car like it’s a race car deed so yeah they call them race cars but they’re not anything like a car they’re super fast they all have like you know yeah supercharged LS motors and like these are the high you know the unlimited class ones I’m in the stock class so to answer your original question who I’ll be racing anybody who enters the stock class you basically can race anything it could be like a Toyota truck or a Jeep Wrangler Jeep Cherokee anything you want to build out and there’s like a bunch of restrictions on what what you can and can’t do so it’s got to like kind of resemble and still be kind of like the stock vehicles meant to be but you’ve seen pictures of mine right it’s like it still looks like they’re still super capable machines yeah but there are restrictions like you can only do 35 inch tires even though I have 36 is on there right now like I could probably fit up to 40 s you know but there’s a little restrictions like that so so it’s fun it’s it’s a little more it’s less money it’s still a lot of money to get into the class but it’s definitely more obtainable and it’s a you’re still racing so that’s awesome you but you’re not you’re not going as fast as like the top guys who are like screaming through the desert like over a hundred miles an hour like I’ll be going I’m sure you go fast in year seven you know like still fast but dude it’s fun so it’s fun just being around that and like just it’s going to be nice being with Zach and like it’s working together as a team you know there’s a chance you’ll roll over and you got to like get your Jeep rolled back over and like keep racing you know so it’s like it’s not like you have to battle like you can work through the problems like getting stuck and all that like you just figure it out so you figure it out I like it I like it have you found that dude like problem-solving like on a simple level is kind of therapeutic for you oh yeah for sure man it’s always good to know work through a problem you know kind of thing about solutions definitely helps you kind of organize your thoughts you know yeah like what what would be an example of that for you I know you’ve been in schools so that’s probably just like that would just kind of turn my brain into foam Bush but I don’t know maybe like talking about like medically wise or just everyday life everyday life like is there anything you find yourself like man I need to get my hands on this thing and fucking fix it something you do and you’re like yeah it felt fucking good you know yeah well I had I bought a

new like road bike because that’s how I get to school so if you know it’s an it’s a specialized I like it is it you don’t want to retire out here and the traffic’s terrible and parking sucks so I just say so yeah I rode like I ride two cocks but I’ve been making like little modifications to the bike antics in it putting different bike gear gears on it and like rear derailleurs and stuff like that you know just little things like that but it but it’s very little good it’s not like it’s not like a pain in the ass it’s like oh fuck she’s not like fine you know it’s definitely far man for sure it’s fun I’ve found that like with with brain injuries specifically I would say it’s going back to simple things instead of like you know yeah it’s healthy to try and work like more complex problems and stuff but going into simple things and I think that’s why I’ve just like weightlifting in the gym is you’re doing something very very simple where it’s like I just need to move this thing from here to there or I need to like change my brakes or you know do this on the Jeep and then you do it in you’re like you’re just kind of very focused in on what you’re doing and something about it feels right and it feels like something about it is therapeutic to me no I completely agree man I completely agree I’m with you on that dude woody what are your thoughts on pot or we hope or I wanna you know I’m all about having a legalizing it did you know that um what do you know what states right now for legal argument the entire West Coast is legal really I know organ just did right last Alaska Washington Oregon and California ollie that’s awesome um yeah Texas is actually talking about I thought they would be like the last holdout or something but I think they actually might be getting ready to pass medical medical folks I think medicals first but dude I think I think they’re they’re looking to go which is kind of surprising to me I mean Austin’s pretty pretty liberal dude but it’s not even like I mean there’s there’s liberals there’s Democrats who are super against it and it’s all it’s all that drug company money dude but yeah which is sick now I mean it’s it’s going that way man they can’t fight it it’s it’s going that way where they’re just gonna like you know whoa all their arguments against against they’re like well you know it’s going to lead to this this embarrassing the bike actually hasn’t because you have states that have legalized it for quite some time and none of that shit came true so there’s really no compelling reason not to do it yeah in Colorado’s making an absolute fortune oh it is politics yeah yeah if they looked at the money I think that’s I think that’s honestly why Texas is considering it they’re like wait we could be making tons of money off of this like why don’t we approve it you know it doesn’t make sense not yeah but uh a dude I am gonna have to cut this I gotta get up early tomorrow right on dude dude this has been awesome had a great time well I definitely want to talk about this some more and talk about just kind of we’re sure CBDs done for me and stuff like that but oh yeah yeah thank you party to get me out a support to get it so we definitely gotta Park you coming up but yeah let’s just go and wrap this one up for tonight fine man call it well it’s been fun it’s been a pleasure talking with you and oh me talking to you soon I guess later later bro