Tunnels & Trolls live rpg City of Gull 17 guarding the city guard

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Tunnels & Trolls live rpg City of Gull 17 guarding the city guard

that’s it I don’t hear these dirty do but I do need to keep this course we didn’t know when I had to mute it but bad things come on so I got the dry TV that drivers but date like have you ever bought with think you know they’re all dry dry Georgia peanuts said wet roasted peanuts try to know they existed audible we’re on why do you believe I’ll do this thing if I jump up and I’ll make you sick did you want coffee you can touch right you can be my designated route pay attention that says a much worse she I guess from what it sounds like she was in bed and a spider crawled in in her bed yeah no it’s just like I almost died Oh so what you guys didn’t can give me a sound check to see how it sounds what candy corn um and how do I know good yeah my characters like right where my head is naturally resting right on the back of my head every time I sit up straight I hit myself I can be greedy okay now we have to ask what was that irony tensioner you did I wasn’t done looking at my and everyone oh we’re going to be gaming soon I’m gonna make me some coffee cuz that’s it something you need at gaming when I was younger it was beer

out of all this coffee like why am i drinking beer I’m like it’s game over no Jesus Christ dammit you were wondering why I defeated it handily yeah that poor boy we’ll see look at my screwdriver that’s laying down where it used to be final destination hey maybe they’ll raise our videos views poltergeist activity during game startup what a slice that light weird thing are you babbling about my bro slice apples ready oh yeah I remember yes last time we game when things start getting a little rough for the first thing she does don’t hit me again someone would question their relationship is there was one yeah I’ll go away in the wash oh my god so video is totally happy just peppered oh god I want people so bad now is it that’s not pizza no will they chose it okay I need spray here you hold to night six my carbs add them together yummy corn yeah which one we’re all getting started you get them now get out of the way it probably won’t even come into place because you finish the live stuff last time you had an empty egg power recharge I have it I have a thing I got out of from its 650 City encounters now they’ve done on time I’ll go ahead and throw some hand everyone swell and my list sugar vampire okay well now back to what’s usually going to drive that ELISA don’t break them in the achy-breaky bug prepare some nasty do you like don’t get that one it was supposed to taste like Ruby or supposed to have the ends of root beer it’s still supposed to bend the original drink who is still tastes like well I used to drink monster still enjoy the taste see like that’s game everyone two days six plus your speed hey hey while they doing up there 15 surely riser today I’ve got a 22 kind of like reading glasses with them all what’s your speech nice paint

oh and over there Oh No the garbage bags okay let’s do it again that was so fun two more times – eh hello everyone sixteen oh yeah we’re in morning noon and Avenue 16 that’s care number 19 for me again who you love 16 I did wrong no no 16 and 19 yeah got it okay 25 got a catch you choose their love notifications of broken I had a notification about this book 2019 I didn’t 24 I mean even can be lawyer caused by YouTube Costel yeah and Freya okay give it to you real fast 2220 and 24 24 24 yeah no guys pasty Oh God just a little through our veins and games but you should have any game aspect you know I noticed if we’re severals listening to one earlier day I’d like to have a guy that does the black forgive me one for my teacher Rick in that one as my game Esther doesn’t he do that I don’t know he might I’m pretty sure he does but that’s what I mean though he’s like that’s it just like voices are telling you what to do you want quit taking pictures with your penis at the table are you doing your own broadcast and this show from within there so he’s already doing the behind-the-scenes shows it’s time to steal how did my candy court get over there I do is disappearing that night well I guess the day starts with mr Ryan early risers silver box me yep wait where oh yeah sorry would you like an update well you left them you need to be back no I need a frickin mother’s phone tripods and hold it yeah all right I have one tablet once like that was how it had to eat badger asshole what did that poor badger do to you maybe only what the Badger was gonna do didn’t take care of the Badger she

said she had to I was kind of wondering one situation that made her have to okay started talking shit my mom got scared I’m going through for everyone a little bit of where we left off last time and then we’ll go from there this just in so don’t tell me what you know thank you guys though prey on your main thing is you need to find someone or something that as the willow was spelled there would be only tested for you sir um christian but i do what did i do you didn’t do much last time that was yours there’s still a ghost haunting the hospice I forgot about that oops probably go check that out okay and this morning which is your spell for you magic thirteen okay for now for today make it 15 Wow you feel energized this one now you got a few things sighs loudly County people Fisher guard um you guys decided you wanted the thing downstairs kept with everything yeah how much spilled I tell you before you had to pay for the work to be done thousand something yes Alan Paige market up we’ll call everything down for it they’ll come more gone soon did you want the entrance hit I just need to like part of a place yeah I guess or you want a pencil okay oh yeah and also you have a report that someone had apparently killed the Baron supposed to investigate that and as well as naughty face all that you’re kind of behind so dead time gremlins the boss wants to talk to you silver fox you have the midden pits mm-hmm the maintenance no I thought I got cured of that what did that it’s it’s far underneath there I’m busy immittance hanging out no what is it you remember they asked you to go check on it people have been disappearing and then showing it this tavern yeah yeah the man pits oh yeah yeah so I like this cos mittens you come up and a toe ah well you have two things really one your neighbors that found a tunnel okay you also have the S&G trades was i asking you to show for some security work cash and evening hey might have an offer for you so keep that in my thirty-one and we start with silver fox what do you do this morning well I’m gonna go and see where what’s happening that it would be disappearing find out information about it yeah okay roll a dice smoke to that 6x separately my stuff isn’t working with me doing – OH so where you want to go to find out you want to like basically head back to the tavern probably and find out what they know yeah there I make a well how you and I to find out what would like is stop being Chris mattock and dr. please start grabbing on the sign name against the wall what do you want to be more polite about it Wow you being polite so try charisma yes

got two sixes thank you one two thirds of the beast who’s not done loading yet still on broadband he’s got one no yes no that’s his phone where’s yours oh right there party thing what is under calculator right Kimmy 46 46 okay caution thank you trim the top roll dice 6 okay so that make sure 6 on he gets a six roll desings silver 2 or 1 1 bar and again future okay and one more time just the tip he’s over there in the corner he’s like well yeah I know some people that went off to that direction and did they come back no no you’re only three that went out no there’s been others but that’s on three I know them all that could have been like eight ten twelve something like that that disappear I mean where you go police you can’t tell them you’re illegally digging yeah probably got a cursor trapped down there lot of these things are down there traps or monsters there’s things like that possibly I haven’t been down there I was kind of hanging around see what you’re maybe get into it but hey look you ain’t going into that place that’s how at least hear from one person that came back does they get their ass kicked or something you know all right thank you yeah yeah I kind of give you a map of where it is looks like it set up an abandoned home it’s on the other side south yeah I might have to get my crew to go down there what career you have no crew well that’s what we ate your crew see hey we might make some money out of it so head back to the house yes it’s a car doing it back on shit I got a pullback just the tip we was censored there for a second isolation modeling meddling no iOS is Trump do Internet okay the greatest endeavor it’s gonna be huge yeah that’s what he told her yeah God say that nobody wants the thing to double truck hey Delia I don’t you got up your empty one bedroom or one for your studio home yeah with my two three kids and pets you have a badger and a wild cat with stitches on there for it that’s all eating strange nut covered uh-huh ground it in there you see those down with my losses yeah I got my own place you still live with the tower you know I got my own place I guess you also in the morning those burpees so wait no it’s a secret

now do you remember your things or Joey yet I gotta go take care of it goes yeah it’s the hobbit Hospice yeah okay yes you need to go do that today they offered you well they ask for your assistance and they are giving you in the own free medical care I’ll pay for this you go check that out yes okay first of all while you’re to die six 11:11 six and A five yes yes pick one to be first six that’s six okay and you its have encounters I wouldn’t want you to be bored over there outside you go outside and you roll do that six time together and we’ll see what you ran into okay six six kind of neat things that you know much of German there is tell all those damn snakes on the play yard nor mean I’m going to kill it a lot kill it a lot just a little hop what you got a show who’s that it is bro oh I got a large street you guys five 47 47 47 47 with a new brand injectable it’s dead 16 points ya heard me yep Rowland i6 didn’t mind me Lou she bought some two tweets are her new suit walked into her new house she has my furniture yet but she’s kept to me well I have a I have a place I have a federal to sleep it you were in a tent I mean hell yeah 2 yeah it was not poisonous doesn’t matter you were but I was also I was chicken was the other thing how much meat I got oh yeah roll again one six six pounds is a big yeah it’s got a puppy in the mental little bit you now got the dog it’s got a two pound snake yeah so five oh I guess I didn’t check it for like it’s a snake she got them sober last time that’s true but no I went to find a desert right for the meet as usual okay basically father filbert needs to see you he will explain this situation okay willing well um mr. Robbins they can’t you too much Wow well I don’t expect him to be like the size of humans II know why they become painful no I’m the video clips for watch the guy going on a date with a fairy o clock strikes midnight when it’s a female it seems it’s a girl behind and well we think

she’s a patient didn’t make it or some we don’t have much information on her you’ve had a signing and a couple of just odd feelings and people are starting to not want to come in because well be rolling asleep so he’ll take you to the room has been seen in but it’s been also felt in the hallway near the room do you do with what do you need to do what am i a Ghostbuster out well that’s was it you were sit some others the greyman strolling you got rid of their ghost oh yeah but they were mean goes well we don’t know we had on this one you know is so weird you know but why would you want to get rid of it you don’t know if it’s negative because people are being it’s like our demand for medical treatment you know people don’t people will think hey oh hey this is this hospital is haunted okay so I guess just do whatever you need to do don’t get nuts on anything Keith I guess the patience to help so I’ll leave you do it your stuff and he walks off okay go make a look whale and thirty-six okay not a bad role you know with seeing a ghost be lucky or Emma lucky you do for you to have what we’re feeling try magical role here Laurel wins Isis a twenty-four that weird make it whiz role got it right in the bottom of it yeah twenty-four that’s only first level I know okay you don’t see the me to feel your some it’s cold in like half the room and there’s like light coming on that side of the room so I’m gonna go into that room okay six okay I guess the don’t speak you you made me accountable so she appears by the window she’s looking outside walk up to it be like excuse me miss can you like leave there’s people freaking out about people freaking out yeah well we don’t want to let because like what if she doesn’t know that she’s dead and she’s like oh shit I’m a ghost and she goes crazy on me well then you hadn’t ghost therapy yeah and it’s really hard to find the meetings you always find a ghost art okay I don’t know why I suddenly got popular they know you’re on TV well you know equality be notice what you approaching it didn’t move or anything it’s like you didn’t even knows you’re there it disappears how about after like two seconds no you have any any magical ways or anything you might be able to do something I can’t oh there it is I don’t know that spell because I’m not a fairy that’s stupid enough this fall asleep in my backpack okay it doesn’t seem to be like

well how would you find out it’s everything but didn’t know ghosts was added ghosts DC er was added to your resume so you’re kind of confused okay I was there but I didn’t do anything I got I got like nearly pulled into and then passed out and I woke up and it was all over honestly should we say something about live chat there’s nothing okay and no one’s talking lease is poppin it’s just Lisa but there’s no people we should mention that we usually do think all the most valuable player at the end of the game or if you can’t make it tonight you can comment earlier and hopefully we’ll notice we have to look through the whole you know list Oh usually morgan’s over there tapes and tear watching itself by if you choose who you think he’s our favorite player they can get a card which will give them one free re-roll which can be important in case a fumble or bad dice roll or something you want on the card sure okay now so you’re there looking through the rooms do you want to like to look around or something anything you I do Bastien Cristo is doing what can be leaving candy no I don’t know I don’t know how to get rid of those well you did maybe anyway you would talk to you just have a cold off but he’s gone yeah somebody killed him I was I was buildings away the ghost thing right you just you were the kind of part of it says the thing never looked up it’s kind of like sex I just kind of woke up and it was done what Lisa because you said yes Lisa well Effie Chris are you hmm really Oh fine I’ll just stop talking to then you mean II know we love you Lisa well I take the study is done because she’s just standing in this room now I don’t know what to do like I guess I’ll go talk to the hobbits that replace call that they have an Emporium thing right well they know the the traitor their hair off Matt there’s some vegetable shop place yet I thought that their courses would be the smithy yes some magical items they have some stuff you saw their Chinese takeout thank Achilles goes argue this kilobit I’m just gonna kill I’m gonna fight it again I’m gonna like what you really got in these new record series okay Jesus you have anything that you wish to yes I have a magical name I have a vertical blade-play don’t hang out of it alone yeah I’m waiting for a nice forgery to okay so you’re doing that yeah you can say that for a little bit everyone else gets to go before you I’m sitting over there going down from playing and now she’s waiting for a ghost saying you’ve walked in and out of the room a couple times like you’re gonna go to do something they need you come back to I got you that’s it I’m just gonna kill it okay yeah what are you doing I want to find miss Talia I’m still trying to look for person that right day out okay I’m gonna get it paid for her place yeah she’s not there I’m not there any clue this is where she went not leave any things the pets are there okay I’m gonna go over to the at one place we helped out with the hospital oh no dirt oh no miss

Pete was so pleased with the hospice yes although hospice and asks there’s BC okay can’t fight fighting will meet your little hospital yes take a look roll 20 okay towel roll two dice six-foot-seven leisure encounter chicks first one in a sick one okay you got there all right that you made first level checks so we already know she’s there so after a while there’s tell yeah yeah Freddie comes in oh hey father brother looking for you I guess I’ll leave the room I got like take that book from him from was here Chapman – where’d you meet it yeah I was a tavern Wow we’re gonna chat word yeah okay just some guys sitting there want some money for drinks sell off his spells until he gets busted what go busting in there drinking in the corner I heard you’re supposed to do you wanna guess from the table huh sorry I’m early Nate a prostitute I’ve been going my way no anyway to give yes and they’re also possible I could get em did you want just on your school

yeah well you saw that at least someone with challenge no no I bought it already why don’t you just look at doing something you’ll be doing helpful later well there’s there’s salt level use what I think I’m good I think you are I have good next night thank you that’s only like yeah first a second level you should be good yeah 15 misery I don’t know what I wonder what as it is yeah well that’s today the one they what yes that’s a useless fucking now why would you all that shoot if you want that one for one use or to learn I want I need to enchant it on my blade you can’t I know I can I need to take this focus of another okay for 250 I could say you are one use of that one right off 250 if you want to buy it if you have it full of money today oh yes just they just ran out of the ran out of the Smith you with the black card man I have one Hey and then gravity depress he’s throwing the shit around I started out okay thinking on the game so you want to go try the spell sure what suppose it’s only a personal no go away yes first level yeah this I’ll be going um the new seconds money was arranged as enough while she’s still working on 26 he’s reading it from the book and she’s like okay boys everybody goes first rate just to be like oh there’s nothing else you know the ghost is in the room I’ll make a low crawl 1322 my life is 15 how can I get a 1300 no I said there’s two places she could be so mark out the points we’ll wait until you found it so it’s it’s bad reenter the room you’ll see them reappear in the first honey don’t go away yeah yeah I think the roles second level second level yeah wait you don’t want oh I got 20 yeah it’s the first almost

about 100 you and foreigner yeah yeah I’ll give you okay you’re right Dean attitude fellas put down now oh there it is ten feet ten rate that’s like 10 feet of oh there it is Meowth later goodbye it’s like you would get a signal minute okay so now Freya wants white you wanna go back with your gets on of those you like okay so we’re done for now tomorrow I’m out to shut that off and cleaner that’s step following up yes pull the string on it slow it down okay leave it there and I don’t know are you not saying I do it because my charm supply know we’ll be blinded will be on flight everyone will turn off be gone came out you boy what you doing I’m going doing doing this again to the game first rolling i 6 3 + 1 by 6 2 you know what I’m gonna take your phone away from you and put it in my pocket six to six what another day no I was just using it okay so you’re heading on over there it’s like something a huge place isn’t it it’s built up like under the pavement those think I’m gonna walk up the stairs bit there’s a great way to garden outside there they had some cars about four acres acre per corner first roll a dice six okay okay head along through there and you need to roll 2006 for several separate or together sorry together we’re willing to see what it is we are found it’s coming nine I was your play okay first combat turn you must make a saving role I guess we’re gonna say on you probably good luck your father okay if you want your phone always you think that I’m 28 that’s just 20 years working 28 they’re all right this way you missed the web yeah it’s nobody knows you’re lying I’m going to pull my leg back soon okay takes big old black sword sticks it in the ground also what I pull it out it automatically shoes Oh I don’t remember that shit spelled it must be a version of its Elementary yeah summons a magic missile that shoots a magic missile out of it does it thank that you fiend oh we had that one thank you know it goes from the sword I took does it give you the amount of points it does if it doesn’t what’s your IQ thank you or oh yeah what’s your 13 13

okay it has 13 points damage it’s still there now your chapter don’t think too hard for you but maybe some brain aneurysm spanking our benefit then you’re doing this so I think that’s what I’m thinking on the game trying to angles on how I can get this figure out wherever they disappear to a lot of market oh I invited Anna ok 35 35 set of five it’s dead take 16 points experience I know but it adds up it’s just a spider well how big is it because I’m going to work I could it be the litter converses and say you just attacking anything with your penis really do we need to roll 4ps eyes again that was fun I guess so yeah I business do because I’m a no I don’t have one of your life’s going on and I’m misconception or accept very small penises as how would you know it goes Russell’s they come out of the earth don’t know my world that’s that’s only in the Midlands are the rings and I’ve never been a fan and it’s fine until some of the stuff is just stupid nothing is born I was here plants yes salamanders I know that I thought they died one time they had like frogs or something like that do you think they vitamin rocks huh yeah they never did there’s not been any documented case that you know could not have been hopes yeah how that works are like twisted and else depends on the other thing yeah Angie now on Hobbit goblins and orcs at the same thing actually Wow they’re just ones bigger they’re similar okay you came up a bit walked up on a half way burnt up house when you go inside thank you now be on side because like there’s like eight guards follow by the door on the inside they’re killed good sites sorted like and and someone attacked them well I guess I’ll use my discovery okay so looking through this three line my Discover card so do I use well just get stand up at it that’s a seven can’t rehab okay so you got a Rococo level of race points in it pointed will probably go up it two times per hour so ice your level seven plus whatever it all here fifteen J yeah it looks like this too much damage possibly done to the bodies it’s like did you know it started burning they were dead before the fire um well let’s see here there’s more what there isn’t it past the house is alright but if you check half the house is like water damage so that’s probably why I didn’t burn going in the direction that the fire goes you had it first of all you entered what looks like used to be a library Meghan luck world okay this is the only reason these stuck out is the most days library of a bunch

of books there are two books still on the shelves once the tome of boggling fulfillment the other one is the old soldiers atlas okay basically if you ask the print four enemies at distance and they say fairytale and sort online the only thing worse is seven that leases that garbage to anime that I measure all other enemies by Acura uh-huh and goes to the show no I like how about Dragon Ball Z’s okay in small doses I have more power than ya and seventh of these sentences here let me tell you the back story of this guy that I’m about to fight but it’s gonna be like three episodes long of but like how I know this you I love the pig and then they fight for three seconds it’s over any story but they want to over explain the goddamn villain to me yeah I’m gonna hate Joker by the time I’m done I’m sure because just like I date as a kid I love Darth Vader I mean I hate this way I just see him as a pussy whiny little bitch yes I would prefer my view it the more I know about I mean if you like silent out Haley it was thinking he’s smoking okay that’s the other one that is obviously a paper the other thing though is like the first hand weird pages there’s about a dozen left and they’re blank look roll or not doing investigation roll 17 how you find this robe it’s a man or it’s a child children’s toys thank you little only niggers 1 6 your locker all darn arsons you had a 3 the next room is so friggin burnt out best you can say it’s like they must be filled with gunpowder so this room has just burned out that’s where they hid a look and then try an investigation off or put it discovery wrong Thank You 20 and the clothing yeah looks like it could have been a bear looks like it’s burnt more so it looks like it’s been chewed on not that big so much smaller whatever it is I got a small dragon a fairy dragon fairy dragons okay

that’s your investigation that’s what you found out so far do anything you wanna throw in any think that anything you suspect if you were writing of it we’re kind of assuming you’re writing a report well those are some dead guards I had to fight a giant spider I’m assuming it was three or four people robbing him there was something something got loose in the house my good I like being home try another role surprising 29:29 I’m actually you did find one other thing alright you both pull together it’s a singer well first she thought it was a large bat it’s halfway burned as you roll it over you find out it’s a body in here looks human trying to charge a little bit so he was abusing children and one escaped you the bitch now looks like this that’s what you found okay so the Baron was torturing children one escaped with you either way you’d say it looks like it whatever was probably burnt to death is anyway Kyle Ike pick up the money to you yeah so in the bag okay so you take the body of the Baron or the child’s leg so okay okay fuck this is but we gotta take care of this shit okay well you say we need more charity return we’ll give me one piece of information he found out he was apparently informed by his retro priests the brain that was in its head was a bats but as you could guess the bat brain didn’t fit yeah the rest was strawberry jam and what the fuck what do you got going on you’re this rubbery Jim I don’t know but I’m gonna figure some shit out yeah you are now think about that for a while and meet me on office I got come at me have something you ain’t get what you want to know what the hell was I doing today this evening you have a job possibility is what you have to check on it though S&G traits was having some problem with the theft from of their warehouses or their warehouse then also a nearby tunnel our neighbor has a tunnel you should go outside first thing you see is the neighbors sitting there looking down there yeah if I check it out sure one problem but I’m going that’s fine first down there’s mine that’s fine unless it goes directly into my house well yeah I wouldn’t expect your house to come by what are you saying there’s a tunnel under your house other lady just catch it oh jeez hey Jeff I heard we’re in

I did it plan whatnot that’s not her foot okay I’m quicker hey Devin here we go I have a pen doing what it’s mightier than the sword yes meat cleaver or something put your hands away what’s up his eyes put it’s the mix part foot I don’t know movies that be terrifying I can shake it up you look down there yep yeah that’s top the answer yep it goes in about ten feet and then you just opens up yeah I mean it looks like it’s far as you can see in all directions it’s just pillars and partial walls and just open space this is this is huge honey torches that euros I probably find of course I got light like a boys grabbed one of the lamps from the front room that would be a good idea going over there yeah okay he comes down the hall go down there and light it up yep with a dim light you can tell that you’re in a 300 by 100 foot it could be like a great hall you’ll play for ice feast or celebrations although it’s all kind of like falling apart in here but it’s like exercise fills in archways its artistically carved with ancient runes and symbols dominate the hall and there’s a fireplace in the center of the hall which is surrounded by tables and chairs all courts very dusty in you know dangerous-looking half the tables and chairs were broken or knocked over all right and then over towards the fireplace is a gone looks like a metal column got a dangerous in here gum really go making each others seven 57 butyl well that means that’s where you going what you have is definitely you hear something moving around in the far side instead tell man sites at least got a weapon with you I got the lamp oh yeah I got I got one great okay he’s like I robbed what are you give it here use these on my big nuts I didn’t say nuts okay these swings are like a club Thanks no get those back here have a crowbar okay that works just as good for him he likes that better okay just don’t hit me with it okay and he picks this goes that far area because people rocks off the wall KC has to be throwing rocks takes notes it’s a throne with it okay someone comes

at me and I have to throw no I won’t do boom boom I heard you can defend yourself in a dungeon or bank-owned no that’s just a little town exactly so we go over to that area head over that way huh no worry about what’s over there you steal everything okay roll dice six six it’s a more like except for the fact that he doesn’t look healthy God looks like he’s starved but the dress wise would tell you to barbarian he has us companies going over to the tank to get a drink up the wall let’s see if I will say if we have up well don’t seem to notice you the shredder talk to this guy don’t attack until I say he took down the lantern and he’s digging her rock out his pocket don’t do anything until I say okay I’m gonna try and talk to him in brown hairs Billy off-screen she’s seated on there that’s an IOT Gert hair and then so many of this that hurts okay we’re back putting a note sir I don’t know where shit okay hey time for years oh don’t you break now what do you say to you later oh excuse me over towards the fireplace so uh is your price no no just why it works listen already crabs just stick with the thing on against the gong well how about my job Stiller people win but someone shows up to the dining hall and another guy comes from the other side of the room you know you guys learn underground on now look out the windows they pointed what could have been one time windows they all codes now and they’re sealed in nothing is there we watch the clouds go by man you need a drink go sit down you can have mine and yours cut okay I’ll look in it it’s dirty dried I think you guys need some serious help are they some girlfriends and then the other one comes wandering over the same way any screams breed drinks and from the farthest opposite side were kind of right where you started somebody was walking there was like someone that was right near the entrance she’s peeking a tray over with like desiccated dry rotted food why don’t you guys come with me today well okay we can’t this is where we’re to stay

we haven’t had to against for days okay make intelligent shit thirty-four you notice the surcoats they’re wearing and the ones on the walls are the droids are doom again so you guys a president tried to do well not politically but they pay the bills right ever since the Warlord’s successful run through these fields and defeat New York and armies up but everyone’s off questing for the weapons of power but when they come back here with like the halls up again are you cold he goes over there toys a piece of wood is he dry fire home – as a poker that except like it’s hot we’re gonna go now okay I’ll be sure to come back later okay hey guys backing out with you but he’s got like three metal goblets down but there’s something I’ve got to get out on this five startups it take a walk 32 okay you leave I’m not gonna let the guards and I go from them okay so what we got from that this is just the opening of the day fine I know okay we’re now approaching known and that is okay you find dry them give you a hundred spear points Fran ever experienced did you finish your burger finishing you actually get them so yeah the ghost like I’m not saying like doing an 85 I wrote at the pen I want to raise I was like trying to erase it with nine okay well we saw some fucking deal with well we have a quite a few things really we have what we own the next part of the day I was making sure for everything that was completed planes were given before you rolled up and Danny thinks I I know yeah you still gotta find where everyone went um so the end of that cursed area is probably bagged at home yeah yeah yeah I’ve got snake to chop up yeah she’s like snakes training snack and snake into her house did she show his you show up hey neighbor I have no neighbor I moved over back doesn’t okay bars not too far away but it’s alright so do you let the goblins move into his room or he hasn’t moved out okay

they did it so the goblins are asking yes okay I’m moving up he’s got his stuff on his back end so I think if this is just put in his house you got money for a house so you’re just gonna take the chance we were talking last time that when I got that guy he was got a house for you to buy yeah it was that boiling between the other two or Cindy a small one yeah yeah achieve yeah it’s um a toes a stranger’s house your house it hurts go on the same block does he die gave you all the same deal she’s a little different based on the size of it you say with one bedroom yeah it was like 1 min or so probably just 1,000 do you have it oh yeah he’s moving as you guys like you guys you guys just keep it in blonde surprise and by the way you’re not taking anything on my house it’s then was here when you moved in it’s good out furniture yay I bought that furniture just a number turbojet last Sunday I didn’t do anything I was innocent in life we should make no wonder he’s across the street you don’t want sort of me I almost kill there and earlier she ate a whole bag of chips in the bedroom thank you okay okay so next is back to Silver Fox anyways yeah you see she said bang Castanias pawned snake into her house Oh you’re saying I decided smash you don’t paint it today yeah I mean cookie I already told you my cookies I move into your house across the street you see Chris Talia pulling a snake into her house right Patos not home just moved in my own house now I’m just episode 17 so if you find out you already paid for a house is 16 if you go back watch that one again let me know no I know he didn’t okay no I made sure I just did okay um cuz cuz there he is pulling a snake and still cutting it’s a big stink so I’m gonna ask her if she wants to come come with me to goes what I’m chopped fucking living out there you could be if you want to be in your body he’s your first woman your house okay after she’s been pulling snake in her house you see fray is already in the house no I can’t break it anymore so I go there’s what’s going on I got a small game trying this isn’t what it looks like wait all right I’m going to ask her if she wants to go with me to see if we can find what happened to all the missing where the elves are people Depot yes maybe outrace oh well you have a giant snake excuse me we’ll cut up your snake of little pieces and then well and over and see if you kids’ll and snake see who else who wants to go make our Frizzle check twice

ESMA yep 629 yeah it’s gonna be 34 again 633 okay the pets are all right with you we’re just seeing how the pets feel oh so your house – it’s true they’re more excited about the eating the snake it’s negative how many toys you taker just a rope I took a couple times just pitch toys around the rooms big rug in the center of the room they can play and they’re also protecting your house I mean technically protecting is that nobody can break into your house we could and then they probably run the bravest they almost attacked us but you Christmas village like you recently Achillas kindness sometimes we count what with animals he has to go check out a location where people keep disappearing cool let’s do it yeah all right yeah see if should we go again the rest of the crew all right well then we’re gonna have to jump over to the rest of the crew we’re at the police station so you sitting there and summer comes walking into the room we’re here with drama crumbs like Oh wasn’t you start with that crumbs like a so we’ve heard your because you already have a digging problem people digging around down there goblin doctor keeps taking my yard I’ve heard a lot of issues out there and with what found three floors or worth of tower behind your underneath your place does it look like we’re back not yet so we’re back here on okay I was out that one just have a whole lot of time on it did you miss us we miss you hmm you have babblin yes okay Brooke things are crazy it’s just it’s wild sex for a second mm-hmm and we had to turn everything back on afterwards it’s a sad sight building the show okay and you sit there and he’s a geophone with that um so you got a group of people together are they working with you or usually go run around big round this stuff we have an immutable understand and there was this what would this be

cristela Silver Fox Freya okay he’s got a few then that sets up some of the information and then the door comes open Jo comes walking in a tow what do you want to bitch at him about so I just let you know the the Oh the tunnels I’ve been telling you about yeah you hear the ones wet ballot sitting in the chair over there mom that step sounds like you need to take the dick out here around do the druids are doomed for doing it I just found three people and Wiley in other areas next to my house to think that they’re still above ground they think that they’re doing having to have like a fire in the fireplace under that area so it’s like some of the other animated yeah we’re just finding out the delusions deeper than your discards and she still think they’re alive yeah how’d you do I know them there they Pete that they’re not underground but above ground so you wants to flood the place I came over to see what what we do about it yeah well we’ll let the red rug briefs that’s how the engineers at least wrap it off or something interesting but that brings up a whole other issue that one that’s about all it was though to it yeah but it also seemed like there was more to that area like after header could you go anywhere else I did proceed any further than to that other room is your I mean it doesn’t look like it’s got some artifacts trending down there or is it pretty much stuff there’s a Gong down there there’s other rows beyond that room too right now you see first of all your activities down there weren’t legal I was asked by my neighbor to go down there you wanna give your neighbor said hey will you kill my wife let’s go do it no he wanted me to meet let’s go with him but you know and others should went but the garden that area finally say this was in his team so I do have a recording of you guys though we got to make more official and right now there’s documentation to that but it leads to a whole other issue technically you should all be under arrest but I got a train off I need you guys to take someone down to one of these tunnels to look around just to merchants in your area all he’s actually not in the area yet he’s doing the nearby towns and you guys don’t have any kind of magic says you know collides gone now and this guy was looking to invest he was wondering what was down there so if you could kind of take him a look around you see what’s over there they might be good we’ll call it an even for any other things you know I favor you guys sitting down there bring it back alive he does no good for investing for your guys’s district if I he’s dead and probably would turn others not to want to go to you know so he understands this kind of right you know under on you know on the hush-hush but do you wanted to see if like people were making up the stories or if there’s actually something here rings a bell and a gentleman comes in plenty of dress he’s like a 200-pound Hobbit wide and

tall comes in so you got a place you can take me show me around he wants you guys to keep it nice and safe for me right my defenders dick like it when he’s dazed with the diggin history trying to a guy was kind of jolly face he’s overweight okay although be some mad activity but not much she needs to see the it’s also dangerous but not together so you guys go take care of this come back I’d like to hear about it we’ll see what we got from there you guys are heading out you guys are down the street the merchant went over and gone on his wagon with big enough for one person though he’s walking you you guys have to walk with him going down slowly and you guys run into these guys heading the other way towards you guys hey you don’t meet up in the street give us their money hookers and I’ll point here she’s all yours boy stay watch over their head down you guys I like to go and check out and see if we can find the missing people oh that would be great okay fine Lu go with you and away in this big old Hobbit guy in a wagon suddenly like acted like he’s with you guys Simon or not no okay you wanna sleep with all of it no no sitting with a hobbit let’s go this is what we call a sub quest he pulls out his own height I’m gonna dive put the knife about three inches long bring your little tub sticker away – nigger I love pot sticker is total type of clothes that’s not all he’s wearing it looks like it’s soaked stay here no he nasty no with us that was the deal wrong said I get to go with yet him she a hamon hem do you see any titties on my chest yeah bone hair I’m an elf yes I didn’t know that what if you see a short-haired one then they’re not naturally elf great TV you’ll take my ratings to s4 sexy you’re trying to get the MVP again aren’t you most venereal penis we’re all together now we don’t need that name yes they ought to go that’s what we all have to go this is a guy let’s go then okay sure stop for some meat before we go though oh yeah let’s go get food okay this guy’s got the right idea we’re missing second breakfast and third one we’re running out of behind we need to get there before it gets dark fine lay your leg we’ll make it worry he points out like the nearest place ticker did Salamone wagon is out there rolling along just grab me go okay no last time I did that I got moose penis I don’t even know how much this shit you gotta get well it was pretty big like just ribbing like I was the very small

child who starts evolving yes I know is that was great okay let’s all talk about her while she’s gone okay if I talk like this your mom Fox Piper afraid of spiders I sent my mom’s hot were afraid of because she hasn’t I’m under my chair to be shared like what I’ve got and done Oh I get it help of my friends and her girlfriend tomorrow well I guess she just came out okay okay my friends boys Brighton just came out as a trans hey this is Maddie this be everyone’s information yes this is why for me that’s true but so a mind that knows you’d be able to arrest Aviles that’s true but I don’t think anybody knows that I know now we’re secret drop it okay well we’re gonna know what we’re working towards this thing is a of the week that we’re gonna count as a studio day where we’re going to discuss we want to try to create anything or do any work rise over the new stuff so I’m you sitting at all we still in yeah this are gay this is normally we’re eating as time is shoes done your hope you’re heading off to the location where you find out what the hell it is what’s what makes everybody this yep now you’re on with that then find the location again you go off to it’s kind of over by the main wall that actually you know towards one edge of the district and there’s apparently some stones that have been like pulled out before so you just have to like pull them out again just pick them up and moving make it safe roll I got 40 okay no problem actually as you pull out the rock you start noticing there’s like some actually rope points where people could tie it off and drag I have drew grab my rope and tie it down oh you do that you already picked it up when you found that out all people tie this off on the corners I put it down again each I wrote to it move it so this point it was how yeah I had a vote so okay you’re strong enough so it opens up into a nice little hallway it looks like about ten wide so looking over here the medical features there’s turn June bit more though but knowing that baby yes and I’ve been gone for a while I don’t know anywhere my hair do it yeah well here got your name on it Wow did your original one do those

outlets to live your character will use appears in so Gmail I got hot to fuss and this will be the guys with you give great bonus if you desire okay those in your balances nice up hallway I’m gonna need you guys in single file order probably one will actually ten-foot you go double order side side co2 thank you be a little tight for swinging though if you have weapons but create an order that you guys are walking into this place and that also the gentleman that is with you will be safe you save you bro go down okay I’ll be in the back of the spear if you want to be in the front so you’re gonna be next to the Mohammed guy to defend it he looks you going so eerie let’s see if he laughs okay thank you for all right wait this is all gonna be your head no you sweet why’d he ask me if I ate healthy boy hope you said yeah wasn’t rest yet I don’t I don’t know I did once she was delicious she was a nice Hobbit female I’d see well let me go and let you order so you guys loosen the front I am and so is Freya both you guys roll the dice it don’t think I know who big Busey is okay two and a five you’re all right now all I didn’t clean this early first with the beat yeah right I came across anybody wanna make some crystal any late crystal meth candy dude you’re the one who said it not me I started my rock candy okay you guys go okay you guys come in this way so know which way your guys are wondering what a scary no you don’t have to Peter hore pop yeah Shane whips handcuffs fools that’s what you see these are walls and pieces where you guys are I have no idea what’s going on we’re just walking with you you just want to do that he went over there to the wall on the edge of the building looked his map then lifted the rock off the wall and then found their rope ties on the wall we put the rock back down they tied off the rope ties and pull the decide raising the questions to white he moved it twice Lisa says black ice and then we talked about you really how did shooting poopies go off the walls okay figure the Burmese Ruby late means a big nut tight this fall dude seriously okay

not even okay I know nobody’s do what hear it from her better me than like your grandmother or your sister or me this grandma with yours like cranny nobody wants to hear about your desk bottom okay that’s what you have so far what do you wish to do you can see forward in all those directions it gets narrower on the left and right or you continue forward oh I didn’t get moved behind the stupid orc again shut up you like it really you’ve got you like it I like the hobbit he’s a good guy where’s the guidance ok or he’s right next to him you’re behind him give him give him Elvin her if it’s quite of us but not do you around choose a direction what you guys doing what do you think left right or forward thanks good at these times those cheeky losing friends it is a hand Bailey forward can I just get an internet that I can I take off to the first two on the front roll nine six each I’m in the back you just have to roll one die six three you’re good okay I roll the one cuz you always do and one you need to grab five or six god rinse we’re in the grooves of the giant waffle sandwich waffle damage do I pull for to grow myself in butter that it’s a walk looks like a we’re gonna find the lizard ok leader which way straight check out that Chris my ham she was reading your mind wasn’t she yes you got the wrong word both you guys roll dice six I roll the six I got a one there’s one coming from each direction to five cubes you guys see two people one on each side heading your way – Emily wait we’re halfway there the ground no one put up any kind of like it nobody you suddenly found out that there were two things shambling on each side like zombo’s attacking both these two don’t look as aged as everything else you’ve run into down here in these places underground scissors lucas district immortal the clothes although they look kind of dirty they look much more fresh no they’re walking towards Ciroc enterprise today yeah they’re walking towards that are walking towards you are they hot I’m gonna try and talk to him first until you fall for the four of you in the front two to the back still can’t go for The Hobbit done in the hobo I thought what you do is we work out a way that people can like fight these things with us on their only right purchases solar module with us okay

rolling one day security 2006 Russian toast 31 well I’ll see what anyone sees or perceives of this issue because we can move those two into the empty space cuz they were all ranae heading forward they’re kind of like almost get ready to head to the next area and then these came up and they see you guys just uh behind your glass I got thirty okay those are two of the front o you notice they look like they’ve starved to death all desiccated and looking and they’re raising their hands towards you ones like pulling out a little dagger by the Comanche okay yeah we’re good get you I don’t I need a step what caused this hot me trying to get them a spear yes let me stick it in assist the tip you’re the justice you just watch sausage party or something I didn’t okay first of all we’re doing ice throwing on your guys side yep my side yes you guys have you guys keep your numbers for now yeah if you wish you to fight it’s gonna go see I would spend in this room I know and my Restrepo no tomato I suppose down plus it’s getting winter again don’t worry about that don’t let your longer 18 hour an hour attack would be personalized plus what weapon are using I’m using my sword so you’re all how many died six away my mind that magical saw that’s still damaged how he does what what are you using this is a magical song how ice is it six six in case it holds six dice now 6 6 plus plus 6 so 6 plus 20 rolls the first six the first number is always the dice segment seated dad’s my gosh you over here eight again 30-plus hey would you amount or 97 that’s all I was wondering I know we should try and catch up on that calculator put 44 and by his three points Armour because of some skin stuff and it’s dead roll that six now the other side would you I know but that’s all I’m trying to show you two different dresses you talk to say yeah well yeah my friends nonsense to do some you do two points day I’m gonna fill the torch I have assets fit no Oh 2 points damage to on your fighting no I’m gonna say an identity points of damage for spitting I’m like wow all that backed up super nice to make sure I’ll protect him okay you pulling back yeah do you know what you know are you scrap miles away 33 okay to you a reasonable

vattic backing up so get between heavily person I’ll stay with him okay another round of drinks this side in you and your spearmint I’m gonna also look out make sure nothing sneaks up on us don’t fumble they got that to die six roll pretty so much check something to die six yeah okay I can get bored let’s roll it through you’ve been like you actually stabbed the guy just a bit over the top of his head see that’s why I usually have East Coast News audition okay 35 experience for you to over on this side 45 35 35 guy you just go and the 74 he did his money too you can stab what he did you wanna lude the body that he was stabbing the other opposite side or not are you leave it alone I think he I think he should be allowed to where you can just he’s busy Stephanie other because chaos kind of jumped onto the one the first one he didn’t get chance loop does he went to stab the other one across the way so she didn’t Bonnie ball yes yeah role by sex most guys wrong that sticks here all the six hope you roll you again oh no it’s actually rolled to that six sorry do ya do that state for taking ten nine eight okay both you guys it’s fun well die six each or yes we’re kind okay three both the same roll three dice six stand up with the tip irradiation status overview nine nine and why that’s what you would be safe fine such 19th silver pieces ninety yep sixty so in pieces okay so you nobody silver makes it first so anyway the game 66 nice yeah okay so you got a TM look you just change it over no it’s okay okay once again my truth are you having fun yet I was there they go stubborn that bad I mean huh what were you doing back there it was I doing yeah I was protecting you oh oh that’s what she was doing yeah I got she got your fire I got your back that’s like a guy inception is therefore behind me boys what do your fucking job get it in prime end over no we’re walking through these ha holes will start shit you didn’t say such a thought you didn’t do anything hey guys we’re doing good we’re I’m gonna pick her up put her in front of him and put him back here with me hey you two they’re moving around so much old aiesec you I’m not reading three you invite try again I’ll be both fun what you guys my deal which way continue direction you were going and get rid of to die so you can check out that the

curtain the curtain will pass take out a tapestry everyone out okay walk it up to the curtain who’s you know but it do nice exposure tell James that was very I feel there’s steel there sir nice figures okay once you see a personal head to the room there’s a bunch of guys or people or shapes or statues sitting around it’s a table an octagon but yes most families is the round team Wow what’s octagon table but you know you answer essentially you don’t know that yet you’re already 17 oh my life is only 17 people to say which I used to do justice yeah you’re stupider hey jump something where’s trunk in there with the druid symbols on the wall apparently looks like it’s a senior council chamber front like the positions of chairs and there is so chairs towards one side are bigger than the others and going all the way around to the bottom the ones on the part of the site on the opposite our stools it’s the fucking birds of doom isn’t it do we do we do it they’re all sitting there can I start shaking I’m behind you know yeah nobody people stats on dead statues just people sitting around a table they’re not moving no one’s investigating today what yeah yeah okay you got body armor you’re checking one on to fall down the stairs well yeah we have a problem you look at it it turns and okay render microphone hey hey have you seen that on game throws they did that all during this run choice three zeroes welcome like thunder folk see fall situations this fine they’re all getting up to do they did he respond and oh yeah he’s reaching for you it comes to you someone gonna take two yes

I got the armor yes have him stand in the corner with you in front of them just stand there why one was the question how many are there there’s actually 10 that take they don’t care about my rose yeah they’re selling they’ll be extra ones but the first round he’s yours nice that’s average when one stand out people would expect things out of you doubles well not SiC I’m full it’s an evil it’s right in the middle so 92 Hey so super Fox any to the driver is a dead one 35 points 34 35 69 next area 61 at 161 yes cut his head off babe you know did everybody take their medication well it’s 954 again when you’re here you’re family don’t do it at your next attack yeah what’s your armor 50 thirty do you take 30 okay you have taken time points damage 30 damage over yeah all those all we go okay no I’m dead yeah what’s your point only 14 14 she’s got one round hold on first we gotta finish everyone’s now yes about that Oh next is hotel yeah I got 43 Oh actually hold on watch hold on that how much do I say thirty thirty yeah okay I kind of you know apparently you’re you you can’t let me know I just don’t even that’s crucial good tell you what I do what’s your role a43 okay you run into George that boots them very nice you only

wonder though you’re the one who hit it but it’s natural sting and his decrepit as is and maybe the rope which maybe get a point lock the damage cool so next is now o99 yeah I wrote like four doubles I just did that one’s dead I’m 35 points boys I just like took my spirit shoved it right next is adult 8 Oh 40 and hit you for 2 points your friends no damage in an image okay and then the Hobbit you and the hobbit won’t take 15 points damage but that’s one thing I didn’t check out dice for a civilian because he would have tried to defend himself somewhat so you might be in favor they’re human or no commoner he gets 20 points because he’s a path thing though so he’s probably just survived it but it’s – I know you’re dead you’re unconscious hold on 13 no huge amounts between the two of them attacking her man attacked by two completely ignored it and it is a chewing my neck right now well you only take that one out you still there – yeah very bad eh oh yeah didn’t work that time – nine ten say 1460 this / no / – did your splendid damage that you would have taken as you Paul take eight points damage so you make once and I forgot that you were taking it all for him and that to do you failed to defend it fully so he’s at this listen 12 now as he start with 20 just stop that’s like he’s a big guy boys get tired I’m gonna bite your finger in that fight so long these Thompson I need to cheeseburger that was the halfling but he did no damage to it just stop from you guys you so got it okay we’re back around again but this time well to you luckily don’t have people a fight so you see two zombies coming over the table towards everyone else do you guys take those ones oh yeah I set my next one out and set up to 90 and I roll for yours clear oops maybe I should roll mine now width is a weird for instance he doesn’t have a living anywhere right now okay would you also watch I think of 90 which means no sex doesn’t reason that hey there’s guys taking out 35 plates now when you get just go quick yeah he did know the devil I’m 35 points I have a thousand monies on me don’t let it go to waste don’t worry that’s not on anyone’s list I’ll be sure to help you you know are they all looking at some fucked yeah she was unconscious don’t take your kids sake don’t let them take myself I’m gonna go loot loot ur body my throat I say me and okay

we’re all every natural yours if you have an everyday you did yours we did ours yeah there’s nothing more than kill now yeah well there might be ready with white actually like basically like remove them from later and if you drill a 1 a 2 yeah maybe I should use already not my room okay what you get hey that one’s dead now 35 experience points now off to help odd 357 on the scene 1 or the halfling both 15 years 10 on the one that not good you see show that one take 35 points so you’re helping the hard ground oh yeah comments alone this row how much did the other on day two I wish oh well you owe you so take it I’m hunting NZ okay over there now the other thing is is our undead they don’t lose dice as they get weaker that’s the thing about undead they keep going gone and going yeah they’re vectors so monsters time so what was your role again oh I would shout you today to you I killed the line I ignored the other one yeah basically I’m just okay how much ever yep how much damage do 53:53 at 54 you’re safe that time um you might have to pray some more yeah with more time I am like she settles down in my stream yeah she’s a while she’s walking in like four she’s a walking tank she’s walking she worried two sets of armor I’m missing gloves and then boost yes you’re the helmet yes okay see she’s barefoot and no gloves I play armor back in breast she all right the halfling has decided to run and hide behind a doe if these can be so safety okay next round we have one wait today dead in yours did you go No then this remember 45 norm shit I forgot to crab apple juice from my dad’s house in my life t told me I can’t like a gallon of apple juice that he got for free from like the harvest that’s hurting somebody’s still there and I said that you would probably like that so so and Mallos having one attack you another one coming at ya and Superfrog says another one coming at you and me and you two are fighting together against one okay okay you get all you for all but it doesn’t roll star everyone rolls everyone roll and then okay I’m actually gonna Joker my side okay what do you use right now spear your size yeah whoa Lexie crit hits oh I’m just looking at the numbers in my head 21:21 first level you do so but it’s gonna take you a turn to change weapons it’s crude I’m just going to use just keep

going with your spear okay oh my god that’s beautiful oh okay way better than my classrooms I’m just going downhill every time first of all let’s do the one group thing and Mariah 79 okay he’s dead both you guys can take 35 and now our Fox 137 Hey he’s dead 35 points and now 66 interview what’s wrong 66 66 okay and he’s still alive and cristela 77 fuck off I got three pairs of sixes it was beautiful well three pairs that was 12 well so yards are dead take 35 points fine mate I got I rolled to night 607 t7 now still has one anyone want to help him where she doing it with his all that just made my adventure points go to 6666 Wow so much you know when you failed to kill it the first round so you can’t get a second one and then overcome it because your necklace anyone anyone it’s dead it only has a 32 it dies sir and I have five points now you search you he’s gonna wring a golden ring concrete hey all I fancy Bennett’s it’s nice – okay okay – hey hey hey the haffley wants one there’s nine eight seven left take one yeah what are they again boy just blow this go door rings of the Druids oh I should probably grab at least one yeah take the rest oh okay all of the decks one two two three four five six seven eight nine ten yet for don’t symbol rare gold rings for druids of doom DoD if you want for that looking around the room it looks like there’s been many people killed me in this room and then they just went back to sitting down if they killed them and that’s like the people you ran into out there there’s more of them out there today searches buddies no way yeah I find them there’s like from the room you’re in there’s four exits the same way you came in one there’s three more it goes off in the direction and goes off like this into a maze of oh fuck okay roll by six one way comes at you actually roll of that six sixes of five he goes running down past the curtain here there’s something like attacks and

swords and stuff clang clang clang okay no wonder he’s coming back well sit there like we should probably help them and hobbits okay you guys just usually do no he’s a bitch well here’s a rhymes with artistic we got ninety four one babe no you want rides with our skeletal Pataki saying at the same time I get that like turn the road a bit autistic is to a what 91 okay you hurt one but the other ones still good ready anyone else coming down the hall please wait for to hear that oh and it’s gonna wait for it to get quiet you need any help he’s yelling dog look you guys need help no okay you dolt okay what do you only thing you got give me another attack you ain’t calling wrong yeah 69 you take nine points damage crank on the horror – can you give armor yeah how much oh by the way fourteen plus say when the Cristal you the goal for – – 2028 is kiss your way out like I was 20 minutes on melon anything else just loose ooh okay we guys played one so cool or anything like that okay so it’s 28 I have an edge in line so you take nothing for this time come everybody farmers – 28 all damaged okay so well he’s out fighting something what are you for doing if I like this aces deposit with you wondering huh or the other we’re gonna start with your current Hobbit join us you just now realized we have a hobbit I’m getting hungry guys me too I had a 10 okay you’re getting hungry – okay is there food that’s a shame yo so your backpack I do yeah returning returning into zombies they a me make a wizard check Bambi that’s funny oh I know if it was not like her it was a droopy – still a first but they are looking awful hungry like gone you’re starting to look for a fling in her maybe we should go they were both hit they’re both bleeding wounded down in there they become a zombie I vote we leave we vote I agree with that one we run wait I’m gonna die anyways hey what you good yep do it again yeah yes yeah but if we get him out of there he could survive from us hopefully me too you got hit yes she did we gotta get you out of it were you hit yes I get rolling your con I was it pleasure roll three you’re getting awful hungry like do everything on YouTube right now no okay looking around on the room everything looks rather decrepit on the food wise but you’re starving you are like getting dizzy you’re getting a headache we get you out of here and get you some cleaner look hey I’m doing the

Silver Fox that is soo bahk done you’ve killed one very bad is like those ones you saw the hall that’s not quite there yet I’m gonna get you out of here so we’re killed something down there is let’s do we get you out nicely there okay first of all you gotta hit that another hallway right now yeah what’d you do did you punch yourself no no it’s like not it’s not viral because they took a test there’s nothing there it’s like the muscles or like the you guys right there you doing over there you could have slept wrong and strain the muscle but it’s been like this for like a week and a half almost no two weeks now you killed it because they wanted to you kill the first ones the second ones easier to kill it’s 8:35 twice that’s 70 and then if you want to check them for rings okay there’s each room have a ring no wait now these for the other things in this organized seek screech whoa there’s three people turning into zombies you found of all we got three okay so yeah okay that one had treasure roll a six because then you turn it’s just it’s like my swallow Street Ranger Thompson is what you did okay what are you guys doing there’s actually only one of you that’s not me yeah wait she never got no she’s agreed with being hungry yeah yeah I’m just like she’s pregnant you guys are right here let’s go Natalie go for some kipper oh yeah butter no we’re out the basic in the mail let’s go she we need food now okay I’m gonna give her some food what do you have I have like rations what well it doesn’t say the sort of days okay give it a fashion here you go bar and you start moving right yeah let’s go her out the door hey hold I just hung who are you to that do not are not busy right now me yeah dice it but hi okay beat you combos again on roles you analysis oh okay the same thing occurs Oh Amy oh yeah right okay okay Oh are they rolling on what they currently have or on the base that’s it they’re currently okay um they’re both like starting to look starving he he ate the ration is now looking for another one who bugging you start pulling your arm hey hey hey we run see if they can Carlo us yeah I wanted to again I rolled a three Wow hey what are you doing are you standing there so sudden we run yeah you the Stu and I the people who haven’t been hit yeah let me run see if they’ll follow us out the back okay let’s do this hey get him out of there although my speech hold the Romantics what I have two others how’s your interesting there’s two more coming from like the area’s earning your way behind you know in front of you guys towards the inch exit alright then I grab my sword and start slicing okay how are you could tell yet what are you doing don’t get hit

I’m gonna scale go away out of it Milly’s look you bad cuz ya a mic don’t pull NATO what’s that what’s the three IQ luck and wizardry I think okay how’s it crazily against the new system let’s go with wizardry or no lets you spend that use your charisma mysteries are new steps well that’s a tick anything is by levels how I thought that one went off of IQ times level that is but that’s all what I’m asking I need you know go away yes that’s three stats less charisma okay I knew it was a win streak since that doesn’t exist yeah in the old system 75.0 man 5.5 maybe Thanks well the one I was attacking yes 103 it dies then I got 55 for those three stats together it runs guess we’ll make break for the door yes speed checks both eeeh how are you – speed checks for each of you no this is no longer gonna be guy huh but yet second level would you get twenty first of all yeah what did you get second what’s your text my ex is 1737 wait you can eat the top one there’s 32 got out okay you’re it I meant what you’re it you stand there alone be right back she’s got her you made a higher say little speeded I’m honored yeah yes sorry this all right I’m going back in and I gotta try so go in her No well you can’t I should do it you spend your points what’s your ideal know what is it wait wait no this is Magic eight years this way you can’t I mean nice to ever actually just do some eating him done what’s your what’s the three stats again luck with our luck IQ and charisma okay what should look what’s your IQ thank you what’s your charisma now what is your ask you about food is gonna say can the those potions I got save them possibly distract them its food none of those oceans yeah do they seem as oceans are not have to do the question is do we see the mast potions you do yes do you tackle them and you start fortunate down their throat yes okay now we first of all magic goes first before speed and everything else so what do you do as a magic thing would you get what do you mean but mostly step side together 55 oh you take off running you get a fairly like four points and I was there yeah I could kind of not be chewing on you later I don’t okay but there’s another one coming check those bladder or gonna have done a speed check the problem is she was chasing him she’s on bacteria in there yeah I went back in okay she’s coming out yet trying to knock him out so I can say Frank strength roll yes Phyllis strength we drank them to make the 32 yeah zombie apocalypse you don’t have to be the fastest runner in this house 10 plus 7

I’d be the one dick instead of tripping you distribute like 49 toys a bullet roll six dice damaged snakes hang at six now roll six nice roll six days now you pull your personal net know how hard you want to hit her I know I’m just kind of trying marking that marker out so you’re totally non-lethal punch and I’m lethal okay shit I’m trying to save you yeah but with your strength 10:03 plus another run of bad and five Senate well we got 43 you take eight points damage but you’re unconscious again and you’re still a lot of zombie thing but she’s knocked out a zombie they had to deal with the 35 points of your Mr which is what you started with and the anything after that was damaged okay I’m gonna try and put lotion down push it down her throat oh no I can’t I can’t swallow so just you just hold them just hold you know I’m in the hole from you and you’re gonna need a luck roll one thing though roll dice six okay what are you gonna do have you killed those two take the Rings yes I’m gonna turn around it’s good they’re gone I can go back a minute okay 100 X 6 secret ok you can walk it up on them finally yeah 36 36 where’d you get a level 3 okay um should see me swallowing it well that very that before entry no I just thought about it is the type it’s a hunger zombie so I say eating is gonna be some soon some goes towards its mouth it’s pretty congested yeah that’s what she said no basics okay um as you guys doing with that you all for ice + H this is me right now choo choo – sold for +18 Admiral will die either I was gonna say it or she was gonna say it and she would have said chugging something else excuse me okay you’re doing good you did one point damage to someone else grander another zombie and you’re eating each other trying to chew on your metal good talker I’m gonna take the soft parts I had this guy once you can walk it out he’s showing a bullshit down her throat his throat cristela what are you doing okay close Thanks I’m just gonna scare that one way too but where’s the Hobbit shit zombie to stop the sahabat fuckin zombie sahabat is it moving after I don’t see him Oh should I see do you want to go looking for it yes so

rollin i-64 know you’re walking Louie trying to stay kind of close let’s just start wandering through the maze that surrounds this thing fuck it because basically what it does is like an entrance and it breaks off if you’re so close to each other then here is I can give a total campus that does this just amazed well it’s kind of it’s amazing like that and then the outside one has additional path that goes around to here where you guys started we came the first person to settle faculty you said walked it through and go neuron there there are some more little zombies in there and it looks like the rest are like people they got lost in here they like people in likes modern wearing modern modern clothes but they are zombies hunger zombies yes it’s a different kind of zombie as to with the concept that the original council those ten were sealed up in here to starve to death and then they’ve just been killing and eating eating it’s just in the Navy come hunger zombies and it’s just two strutting like that hunger by pestilence like some sort of hunger game so I’m gonna say it again has everybody taking their men no I’m good too right shut the mouth here once I have to take okay yeah you gotta be careful aight i know secrets about you right now uh may or may not be wearing how many dice does the porsche does this blood potion right hmm 296 roll 2.6 since you used it do want it on her to die six just straight up to be a double annual again thanks six six points yes how about six minutes freegate actually regains some consciousness but it feels still hungry but let’s say give her like six minutes delay actually sixty minutes i think it turns must be like ten minutes so 60 minutes it’s got like an hour to get out of there oh yeah that’s it won’t be hungry again unless you got an idea on how to cure it these are just food you get it’s quite a serving up don’t you think really magical are people they got their hurt by one so it’s contagious yeah i can infect the entire city yes do you want that bit on your hands well i’m gonna go through my i love you okay keep looking around they did never anything over there is her ocean one is it yes multi six is it – please based or poison okay she was asking what it’s what type is it is a it’s like a curse is it a poison or a disease it’s transferred to pike so it’s a it’s a pendant I know it their disease okay I don’t see it’s a magically back disease because it’s a under it just causes the body to like be starving different theories on it some say you they becomes this by a by good night am I still in the dungeon yeah your wonder yeah you’re gone um you and the hacker hopefully it’s not the half thing you’re eating can I put this this necklace that I have take it off and put it on a toe to see if it if it would cure him disease distant necklace I’d say you put him on him and he feels better but it doesn’t seem to feel like it’s gonna last no let me just gotta kill him anyone

want to make an IQ check that’s not a zombie thank you yeah okay yeah sure your intelligence or IQ funny snakes thank you put on better little mouth yeah six anyone else did you make your rule uh yeah I guess 25 25 and 26 welcome inseparable roles take my necklace back off yeah um both he remember ah there’s always a few tricks yeah yeah I mean the guy there seem to be pretty good at what he was doing Thanks he says he’s gifted by divinity so maybe he could do something about it wait we gotta get our money he’s still down yeah I got just but we’ll become one again well unconscious no conscious I’m awake your weight for 60 minutes here put this ring on potatoes I’m Erin you plus there are missing members now he’s off looking through the dungeon alone he’s walked into a stack of three of them so we’ll see what happens here on the world works on him just basically scare what but you’re a zombie now so shush oh no – oh you get 102 yeah just a ring huh yeah yeah yeah bummer ten points damage you remember you have 20 of armor and so but they’re overpowering you what what you want to do wanna try to escape or try to stand your ground understand the ground okay so really again okay you guys at the front potato since it’s me Tom oh oh okay yeah you both memory finally waiting to see if area okay get meringue is thus marring of slumber work on zombie friends knocks him out all right yeah you can watch the flesh shrinking so I’m just gonna when my say he could use the lizica peasant with my strength I’m gonna pick nothing they come up and take him out of there to get a better motion to get it big see rolls emotions are you taking took you Trixie temple organs okay so it’s just a guy blessing one God well I mean it’s not attack you your own selves aren’t you you guys are get attacked again no yes roll a six no no no sorry super what five there’s an ogre comes to attack you he says what are you doing in my spine just coming from the ocean Duncan roll by six that’s one oh he was just starting to move another brick in the wall oh no likes pushing it back like he just came from another tunnel nearby and he sees you so he decides to attack you before you tell anyone no I won’t tell anyone and you got him with your arms nice to do so I just I’m just I got my sword in the other hand I’m going I’m out of here and I’m just gonna try and outrun it speed check you going the running beam the place those next to the exit like I thank you that Jesus I plenty you’re going outside and straight ahead I’m gonna stay near the door oh you’ll see I guess okay what go running it doesn’t run that fast

20400 off there’s a troll or hunger hi find it doesn’t feel it it turns look the one ran away go to you and knows that you saw two so what it comes running at you with its club not a sec they’re just gonna kill him yeah just everything because the whole this whole maze is just have people in Theresa hey what do you know what are you running from coming at you I’m attacking naturally and we get to yours my stomach’s on that thing again go go go go or the tossing up like when you’re on a roller coaster no babies a calculator fucking about a right and I get tired okay okay so yeah wait can you I was fixing I was trying to fix the plates underneath and they were so unbalanced and so beat up I had so had to be on my back to it beating out of it with a hammer to get everything loose to even it out I felt like a hooker on my back sounds like the weirdest sex ever I had to bang on I see that loosen up exactly it’s like anything when they’re like this one video and then one guy I said on the door underneath David stop trying to get it out no no okay got in shop then one of the guys called me hammered his hammer time you got to put your all on the ji said to to a roll nice six five it’s a gem and again I died six three again whoa I bring a gym yet is apparently there’s all this okay and I agree we’re similar gold this in his pocket he’d found it it was his favorite prize it he came from a centrist now yes he saw the entrance definitely sees what hold i6e if you saw the entrance before no you didn’t see but you know he came from somewhere yeah so you saw the entrance so he was putting the rock back before she saw and so back to you winnings followed by one point so the armored protection could happen yes there’s a speech so I guess you go again and then you roll that say oh wait no you’re busy full combat rock formations it shit but you still find an ivory jam up here that’s why it’s awesome it’s on the tip

chart isn’t that weird though what could be that I don’t care like bone do you think people knew always what it came from when they found it laying around that’s weeks on the chart is it really is pretty freaking incredible sir everything exists for a long time or enamel enamel yeah it’s like a gym here quartz enamel topaz garnet turquoise as this ivory carnelian opal fire opal aquamarine Jade super time pearl ruby sapphire diamond emerald I’ve known emerald is there any more questions it’s like Chris people really you know what Stan you have a kickstand or my non-existent little circle like I have okay what you guys I did really good to to actually get bleach you take 10 points damage your armor yes but that’s how much weight how much damage is you do oh like I’m 22 okay I still get it wrong hold on this block right here plus well we don’t think I have to Greg did show up 14 plus 18 plus 400 man you’re waiting for points to turn that round that zombie all right sorry boxes over deal huh summer Fox yes running you to the tricks yet make it look small did you run in the to Trixie an entrance what do you do sneak in earth no I take lot of noise lots of noise okay speak up of what you want look look talkies down here 31 yeah you’re good hey hurry out yes my my son we need help okay many do psychologic there’s a there’s a problem down in there don’t eat other ground there is everybody’s getting didn’t have a bit or otherwise scratched by these creatures I guess gives them a unbelievable hunger and they’ll start eating other people and those we need to save it sure should we go get all Retro preschool gets onset that you know gets a unit sent over there circling things out first we need to save em and my friends save their lives okay this one this was that’s some enchantment on it take the right now oh yeah we get first we need to tie it up so it doesn’t try and eat us I’m on it now wherever they punch you twisted your entire all the rest your meals have been entirely i Chris Delia’s ability to cook know Hey and yeah the ferry I didn’t eat the fare he’ll eat the ferry you put it up or go I hope your nose yeah it doesn’t count if it was sexual and that this went the wrong direction all right it’s got company okay we’ve got her in tied up we’ll take the ring off well he blesses beforehand fuck up my ring no wizardry check for the one that did receive the blessing don’t boobies boobies Wow 35:35 yep as your you saw an image behind the

priest of a lady there was blessing through him like there was something there oh you can’t move you tied up and then it’s all eaten away she feeds you you feel better after about a few minutes he’s very powerful okay back on her knees oh wait you at the gate what idea what are you doing wait rolled a six okay four okay all right so far yeah no people once we’re outside see if anyone on the outside walking up to you six so let’s walk it up all night six five again six some snotty fucking leprechaun guy to you again not seen before oh it’s nothing one that the well is this the way that that damn Hobbit got the bonus that was coming this way funny what happen what fuck did you just say hey is that son of a bastard huh bit that chunk down here no he died he’s in the hole that was unlikely I don’t know I didn’t really wait to see oh don’t forget it he disappears like yeah no way I could’ve learned spells from him he disappeared he was gonna come and make sure the guy ain’t got a better deal of ëgod I guess dying is not a better deal out he thought I better get fuck out of here like she was like I could show him show you to him no hobbits to Isengard we rolled on that and you find it after a while there wasn’t much speed on these things Jared GE so he did me they took think it was only fighting back you were still in the early stages so you leave it alone you wander off roll dice six okay you’re all right you got winter roll so we got another round hugger see a British doctor might change because three equals you were under 19 Wow one dies yay – left okay roll dice six I know you did Julie okay then joined others start piling in on it the guards right around here know you over here zombie wandering around inside the place he’ll tell you any others bring them here good if you can get them here I’ll be able to cleanse for that robbed that’s just scare fungus here make a luck rule how do you know I’m cured no I’m asking yes well as far as you know the pre-sesh you made all your first missions were dizzy because there is no such thing as a god but gods aren’t anything collegiate so controls but this thing has something backing it now it could be anything you say that’d be good begins you guys have seen all kinds of weird stuff yet by than a year

I I don’t see it seventeen good so I ask you are you here he says I don’t know she don’t feel hungry I feel a little sick to the stomach actually some stuff has been shoved down your throat in the last a little bit straight razor a ration just chewing it down didn’t even unwrap it or cook it up or anything okay VP no no no okay okay yep for what his cockiness okay it’ll make me look through the damn Church okay let’s see here otherwise I hope this time now Lisa’s not watching anymore okay well hopefully we got other people cheers migraine I probably gave it to her watching you all scatter and run de orc fighting ninety-two you hurt one of them through that voice or something free okay can’t free network from the same Hartman said now we get it back to seniors so wait it doubles the armor so if I were to cast about something you were wearing it would make me that more time to the original it also take most of my my wizardry oh yeah they just one roll nine six and Pilar okay Jerry you made it bunching rug guys come running in the break room priest yeah okay barely so I called him in oh thank god Becca yeah three more had just walked around the corner area where you had one left and to him one was the halfling and one was heard at zombie a full armour donate your body to poke it in the bullet my spear go go so they’re confused and pretty much they they do that they were told the priest they called them but the regular priest has some questions afterwards of those that were saved the two of you 35 times you seventy experience into the you did fight and then every 100 points under points you have for everyone for the bonus points of mission the point I shake hundred okay first of all once it’s all done first thing you wake up to is that was amazing I’ll temper you guys do that all time see the slightly less fat my okay thank God someone’s it next year but the problem is the railroad police wants to talk to the two of you that became the zombies you need to make a wizard check the fence to check on the wizard o wizardry okay sorry ha my eggs right

such a better um you saw behind the priestess you’re being healed a lady that was like curing you through about 12 foot tall but as you like slowly healed it faded away now the reason that the river priests have grabbed you two separately both you rolling dice six to see who were all whose first five okay you first so I heard the priest supposedly somehow without the use of magic cured you yeah that shouldn’t I mean does that seem strange to you you know did you see anything yes I did what’d you see a woman behind him just a regular will mental tear like a ghostly woman yeah and giant huge huge is a big bitch god dammit about to say that before you said it and he gave me to your page tells you to write the description they pretty much ask you the same thing hey named really okay you write it down write down the description without the information even to de-spawn angels I thank you laughter maybe that much attention damn it shake it but as you were saying yes 1103 yeah we probably should go ahead huh let’s see where we are at so you can remember we had things left to finish is for a second night yes them out it’s dark yay I guess we have to pick up some gear because you have a job at night or do you want to toss another night to the next day hi my little good done well maybe a long one next night yeah okay hey we basically made you stay all night in the warehouse because stuff is disappearing but they can’t find how it’s getting out that’s the basic unit explain it explain a tional probably explain the ear in the hospital mild zombie is okay I guess we’re done people see you later yours lays on burrito I want burrito