Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale

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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale

Hey guys it’s Lauren and today I’m doing a video talking to you about all those 21 days of beauty so if you don’t any no Ulta does a professional sale program twice a year once in the fall and once in the spring where they’ll set aside 21 days to learn certain products on sale each day these products are like really good sales the majority of them are 50% off and their products that people really do talk about they’re not just once and then trying to get rid of their just brands that you’ll really love and you probably heard all about them before so oldest ones on a pamphlet um when the sale is coming up you’ve probably gotten hit in the mail if you’re a part of their rewards program it’s also on their website and they have you know each day from March 18th until April 7th which is how long this 21 days of beauty is going to be um where they’ll have the products on them so you can kind of know but they also have a few additional like sales that they don’t exactly advertise but we’ll be going on in those days and I’ll be having those mentioned here so in this video I’m gonna be kind of giving you my advice on certain products I think you should pick up one you might want to skip on I think this is a great way to learn about a ton of different products learn it like if you might want to pick them up ever and that like I love learning about new products I just it’s my favorite thing and I also love learning how to save a little bit of money so this video may be a little lengthy I recommend maybe getting a snack maybe a five course meal whatever suits your fancy because this one’s a long one so as I go through I’m gonna have pictures inserted on the screen so that you’ll be able to see each of the products and I have a few of them on hand that I actually own and can kind of show you guys give you more of a review for each of those but the first day it’s gonna be March 18th and I just have all my notes here on my phone because you guys I cannot remember anything for my life so this is gonna save me but the first day is March 18th and they’re gonna hop the Tarte lights camera lashes on sale for $10 this normally retails for $23 so I think that is amazing deal it’s over half off and I’ve actually gone through like two tubes of this I don’t have one one on me right now um I really like it I think it’s a good formula and the brush is great what I repurchase they had $23 probably not just because I think there’s better mascaras out there but if you’re in the market for a new mascara and you’re looking for a more affordable option this is a great way to go higher in but for Less so I think that would be good to pick up then I have the philosophy of micro delivery exfoliating face wash this 8 ounces of face wash that you’ll be getting for $14 this originally retails for $28 um that’s half off that’s a great deal I don’t know much about these this face wash I know a lot about philosophy I love their body washes and I love their skin care but I haven’t tried this so I don’t really want to say whether I like it or not because I really don’t know ok so the first product for march 19th is going to be the Benefit Cosmetics 24-hour brow setter this is originally $24 but will be on sale for $12 benefit I love their brow products I think they do a really great job I love the brow pencils I love the tinted brow gel I’ve never tried the brow center but from the brow box I’ve tried I think they’re great and I think this is a great way to use like a higher-end product for less so I think I’d recommend that I’ve never tried it so I don’t know but the next one is the it cosmetics bye bye pores airbrush silk press into aging finishing powder I love it cosmetics finishing powders I think they’re great I think they work well as you’re starting to meet the eyes I think they work well all over the face they’re long-lasting they don’t really crease for me they don’t make me look dry they don’t I feel like a lot of powders really enhance dry patches and this one it does not this one will be on sale for 1415 when it regular retails for $29 I am obsessed with in cosmetics right now and there’s a lot that’s going to be on sale from it cosmetics so you know I highly recommend trying out some it cosmetics while they’re on sale so on March 20th you’re going to be able to get the pure four in one mineral crest foundation powder this will be retailing for 1475 but it originally goes for 2950 I’ve never really tried it this product I have however tried a lot from here I a lot of their skin makeup and I’ve tried a lot of their eye makeup I like the eye makeup and I really like this skin makeup being stopped out I would say like get it but then again the day before you will be able to get the a cosmetics finishing powder for 1450 which is just a little less but I really love that powder and because I’ve tried it before them because I knew I liked it that’s what I’m gonna recognize you guys then you have the clinic three-step introduction kit there’s one that’s gonna be for drier skin and one for oilier skin um each of them will retail for $19 well they originally retail for $19.50 but you’ll be able to get them for nine dollars and 75 cents so I’ve really been into skincare lately I don’t know about you guys but I’m always wanting to try

out new products and I know that I like a lot of clean skincare I think I have tried out everything in the dryer skin kit and I really like and I can’t tell you as much about oil your skin yet because I don’t have oily skin but I mean sometimes but like the mostly dry skin so I had to obviously get the dry kit I really like that kit and I like cleaning skincare so I can’t imagine that the oily one will be much different like in like product goodness I don’t know the word for it but in like the goodness of the product I think that it’ll be really great so I would probably pick it up especially because it’s barely like it’s not even ten dollars and it’s skin care and we know skincare can get pricey so this is a great way to try out some products for a really good price on March 21st you’re gonna be able to get these Smashbox photo finish primer water this retails for $32 but you can get it for 16 what I think is cool about this is their travel sized model actually retails for 16 so you’ll be able to get the full size for the price of the trowel size and I think that’s really cool um that’s actually the one that I get in a travel sized every single time because I love traveling with it and it’s just easier in that smaller container so I didn’t want to show you mine just because I feel like if I did you get confused about the size of the product and I’m going to do that but I really love this product it smells great I think it does increase the longevity of my makeup does make it look a little bit more vibrant um I’ve read that it’s supposed to work with a bunch of different skin type so I think that’s really cool and don’t I mean I just think it has really good ingredients isn’t my favorite primer water you know but it’s definitely one of my favorites so I would definitely recommend it to you guys if you’ve never tried it especially because of the price so then we have two products from Proactiv I’ve never tried anything for practice I don’t know anything about it so I wouldn’t mention these in case you guys are users are proactive so then that Thank You Bailey these deals but the first product is the practive plus emergency bulimic relief this is $10 and you can get it for 20 and then we have the Proactiv plus skin smoothing exfoliator and this is $20 that you can get it for 40 so I wanted to throw those in there in case you’re interested I am so excited for March 22nd because you will be able to get the buxom full-on lip creams for ten dollars they originally retailed for $20 the lip polishes I don’t think are going to be going on sale too but the lip creams are I have the shade white rush in here I wear this all the time I keep it in my purse and literally any time I just throw it on one thing I was warning about what this product is it’s cream like it doesn’t have any shimmer I don’t think any of them do this shade is gorgeous but um they do they’re minty and they do have a little bit of plumping aspect to them so you will feel kind of cold on your lips I heard someone I think it was Jessica Braun talking about that and she know it was Danielle Ray she was talking about it and she said that she really didn’t like the cold feeling on her lips that she got from plumping lip glosses I really liked it but I wanted to kind of thread that out there in case you’re not a fan of it but honestly go out and get every color like really go get every color it’s amazing I just love it then we have the Clarisonic Mia to skin cleansing system I’ve never tried anything from Clarisonic but I really want to so I don’t know I don’t know I might I might do this deal these regular retail for $169 but they will be on sale for 119 this is not half off but it is a really good deal and I don’t you could find a Clarisonic at this price anywhere else so on March May 3rd you’re gonna be able to get the Urban Decay eyeshadows for $10 um these originally retailed for $20 this will exclude the Munda shadow but I wanted to show you guys mine um I actually have a ton of these but I chose like a really fun pigment a color but they have a lot of neutrals that look great on the eyes um this is the urban decay eyeshadow here’s what it looks like and this is in the shade lounge this is kind of a duo crumby color I think it’s so pretty you guys I’m just gonna like swatch it for you guys because see it comes off kind of greenish but then when I put it down due to y’all y’all see that like you see a little bit of green but it’s mostly like arrabal now I think that this is so much fun they have a bunch of duochrome machines and they also have neutrals so again that’s probably a product you’re gonna want to pick up a few of um then we have the exuviae is performing performance peel this is AP 25 this is the one that they’re selling and this is gonna be 30 dot $13.50 but it originally retails for 77 so I’ve never tried anything from exceedance I’ve never heard of exhibits I really don’t know what to say about it other than if you use it I wouldn’t mention it so you don’t miss out on the deal on March 24th the Stila stay all day liquid a waterproof liner will be $10 but it originally sells for 20 so that’s half off and I really like this liner I’m picky with my learner’s you guys but this is one of my favorites and I think

it just does the job it’s very easy to use for this price I mean definitely pick it up it has kind of a felt tip so if you like felt tips that’s great that’s definitely a plus and it’s one of those felt tip ones that you just can’t really compete with so then there’s the philosophy purity made simple one-step cleansing cloths um these retail for $15 but at those sell for seven dollars and fifty cents I know that the Neutrogena ones which is the ones I like on try to ensure too they work great they’re a little less than that so it’s like yes like I could get those for the normal rise and love them or I could get ones that are originally $15 sanaka I’m really trying in so I would probably pass on it but if you want to try it I wanted to mention it then we have the philosophy purity made involving micellar cleansing water this is originally 20 dollars and it’ll retail for 11 I’ve never tried this but again I do love philosophy I do love purity their line and here’s thing micellar water I am piggy wet when I go to the drugstore there is not a lot I do like the Garden game wine but I don’t know I like some but I don’t like them all and I kind of I’m kind of interested about this so we’ll see Marshall Eve if you’re gonna be able to get the it cosmetics confidence and a compact this work tooling retails for $38 but it’s gonna be $19 on the 25th I’ve never tried this but I do love it cosmetics and I think it’s a really cool idea because I’m never carrying around a bottle foundation so when I want to touch out my foundation I have to use like a concealer and sometimes I don’t know I want a similar consistency I want a foundation consistency and that’s what this is and you can put it in a compact so you can easily throw it in your purse so I really like that idea then we have the it brushes for ultra airbrush smoothing foundation brush this is it never 102 and this will be $11 but it is a radula 22 so I’ve never purchased in it brush from Ulta but I do like I felt them in the store before and they’re amazing so I don’t know I’ll probably pick this up because I do need a foundation brush know what I’m currently using I like but I really want to try out some more so I think I’ll be picking that up and I don’t want to recommend it to you guys because I’ve never tried it but like I’ll let you guys know March 26 you’re gonna be able to get the Becca back like climbing filter for $19 but it is originally 38 I had this product I don’t have it with me but I really really like it it kind of just makes you glow like it adds a little extra to your foundation that glowy effect I really like it I don’t know if I’d repurchase that for $38 again though just cuz I feel like there’s a lot of primers right now that are doing that but 419 like oh no you guys I think I’d recommend it then I have the Beca first light priming filter this is going to be $19 and every test for 38 same price is the other one definitely get one of the other I would not say get both but capping lights raves about this product you guys and I really want to try it so I don’t be picking that up then we have the longer Hypnose drama and simple Volume Mascara okay this we’re doing retails for twenty seven fifty but it’ll be thirteen to twenty thirteen seventy five you guys please go out and get your hands on this stuff it’s one my favorite volumizing lengthening mascaras it’s one of those mascaras that you just put on and it looks like your rank policy it’s like it’s amazing you guys I highly recommend picking it up if you don’t already have it on March 27th you’re gonna be able to get the lorac prep contour palette it comes with a contour brush as well um I’ve heard nothing but good things about this product I love lorac um you’re gonna be able to get it for $20 but it’s originally 45 I think it’s a really great deal like that’s over half off and I needed a contour out which I don’t but if I did I would be getting this no doubt so I recommend it to you guys i’ve swatched in store I just I think it’s great I think it has a couple different shade ranges it’s just great then we have the seal a convertible color this will be twelve fifty but it’s originally twenty-five so I have in retired shades it’s a Magnolia but it’s gorgeous um and it has like the same formulation does the same thing same packaging so I thought I’d show you guys here’s what it looks like you just have you know kind of like a great thing going on and then I’ll show you the inside I use this it’s a lip and cheek color but I use it as just a cheek color I mean I look okay I’m not post wearing this little color I just always forget about it but it’s a gorgeous cheek color I use this one you know more for they just they blend so well you guys and I think this is a good product for summer and winter because in summer I like having cream products on but in winter it’s something that just I don’t know they just add like such a great like color to your base then we have the Saint Tropez in shower gradual tan this is going to be an online-only little deal it’s twelve fifty but you can get it for 25 wait it’s gonna be twelve

fifty but it’s a red only 25 I don’t I mean I know a lot about Saint Tropez so I know that their products are great I’ve just never heard of this one so I just give that your own discretion I just wanted to mention it to you guys then we have the car coconut melt you know absolutely nothing about this I know that it’s gonna be $14 and I know that it’s normally 28 I’ve actually have actually smelled this before and I know that it smells amazing that I will tell you on March 28th you’re gonna be able to get the tart tortise double take eyeliner this originally is 28 $24 but you can get it for 14 so okay that’s a little less than half off but I mean you guys I just I love Tarte products and I actually love the liners I’ve tried from them haven’t tried this one but I bet it’s good then we have the STM water travel sized advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex – this is originally $16 but it’ll be eight so this is what I hear is it’s just the serum that’s kind of Swiss dia we’re paying the skin I don’t little bit of moisture to it um and you just put it on every night so I don’t know you guys I might people stop just because it’s like $8 and I love serums I’ve been talking about skincare a lot lately and I kind of try then we have the Smashbox full exposure a travel palette this is an online-only deal it’s gonna be 1250 but it’s runway 25 you guys I know that I don’t like the full size of the Smashbox full exposure I haven’t tried the travel size but then again it’s just kind of like some of the same shade same formulation I don’t know I’d probably pass on that I don’t think it’s something you need but if you like the shades and you’re willing to try it try it but so on March 29th you’re gonna be able to get the benefit roller lash for $12 and ever until your gels for 2400 is a couple times I think it’s great is it my favorite mascara not really but it does the job it’s not gonna make you look like you’re wearing false lashes or anything but it’s great for everyday wear so if you’re a no more the girl that just wants something real quick and easy that’s a great product to pick up then we have come your add anti-aging acne cleanser this is going to be $19 but it’s regularly 38 this will kind of help with a dull acne so I’m going to mention this because obviously I’m not an adult and I’ve been blessed to don’t really struggle with as much but they also have another option the murad acne control clarifying cleanser that’s normally $30 but it will be 15 this is for just acne like not people who are adults more like people my age I’m who are dealing with acne your ads credit you guys I’ve tried a couple things from them and I really like it so again I’ve never tried it but this is such a good price and I feel like it’s something like I would read a little bit about it prior to this then you can kind of know oh I’m gonna buy this like see how has worked on people with your similar skin tone skin type okay so then we have the bare minerals 5 and 1 maybe advanced like eyeshadow primer and it’s basically like a cream base for eyeshadow it’s gonna be $9.50 but it’s normally 19 I love bare minerals I love them and then this is not a knock of them but I do not like this product I don’t at all I just don’t think it works um I think it changes the texture of the shadows I think it makes them lay on really we’re to change the color of them I’m just not a fan then on March 30th you’re gonna be able to get the Too Faced melted matte liquid lipstick and these are gonna be $10.50 but they normally are $21 I’ve heard nothing but great things about these you guys I really really really want to make them up so you can imagine that on March 30th or yeah on March 30th I’m gonna be heading to altas website pick some of these up then we have the Peter Thomas Roth unlink appeal pads I’m pretty sure that these are just supposed to kind of like help diminish wrinkles they’re gonna be 2250 but they’re normally 45 so I think that’s pretty good deal and Peter Thomas Roth is amazing then on March 31st you’re gonna be able to get the anasazi up brow Wiz pencil for $10.50 it’s normally 2021 dollars that’s half off it’s great you guys I love that brow pencil it’s one of the only ones that I really like just cuz I don’t really use a lot of brow pencils I normally use a lot of gels but this one’s really good so I highly recommend it a lot of people love it you probably will too then we have the um okay this is amazing all Mario Badescu products are gonna be 25% off and me that’s just amazing I loved his phrase I love the drying cream oh my gosh I just love them all you definitely just get something from Mario Badescu like there is no doubt that you will love it then on April 1st you’ll be able to get the bare minerals foundation primers for $12.50 215 it’s kind of like a range because they normally retail

from 25 to 30 depending on which one you get um these used to be like the first primers think they were one of the first brands come out with primers people love them now I feel like no one really talks about them they’ve reformulated so I call them to try it I haven’t tried it seems like the last round so I’m interested then we have the Sara vital dietary supplements so these are just dietary though they’re basically like hormone pills I really I’m trying to act like I know a lot about it I don’t if you’re interested in learning more obviously you can just head to their website these will be $49.50 but they’re normally 99 so that’s a pretty good deal and I definitely wanted to mention it because if you’re interested in that type of thing then I would say I would say try it out then we have the Joseph colors marvelous Moss palette this is originally $32 but it’ll be at 16 I love tints of colors I’ve heard so many great things about these palettes but I’m really going to try them out I don’t know if this is like the shade of the pallet that I want to try kind of on the trial like more of a warmer palette but I’ve seen something really incredible books made with this out so I’m Agatha I’m a Knothole see then on April 2nd there’s gonna be the butter London glazed eye gloss which will be $12 but it’s normally $24 I’ve heard so much fun things about this I really want to try it out I couldn’t Trump more than one I just think the shades that they have are gorgeous and I think they kinda cool to the lids they have pigmentation for sure but not too much then another product from inner London will be the lip glazes and these are originally $19 but you can get them for a $9.50 I’ve tried the old butter London lip glosses I actually add you wear one of them but I’m they’re a little sticky so I think I really is out because I heard really good things about it and it’s from better London and I really like the pigmentation on the ones but I’m hoping this won’t be as sticky then this just uh I can never say this brand I know it’s the Shiseido urban environment will free UV protector with SPF 42 that’s a long name for sunscreen it’s basically an expensive sunscreen I know that has a lot of benefits to it so if you’re someone who kind of is really interested in the sunscreen well realm this is $24 ah but it’s normally 48 and I think it’s a really good deal because should say no it’s a higher-end brand so I think it’s a great way to try out a more expensive product for a lot cheaper on April 3rd you’re gonna be able to get the laura geller blush and brighten blush this is just a baked blush mine is in the shade fruit punch which is sold on a couple of different websites Ulta does not carry this one um this originally sells for $28 but these will be 14 the pigmentation on these is amazing you guys I have the shade fruit punch but there are so many gorgeous other shades that I really gonna pick up so closely then we have the straw vecten power starters tiding trio so this is a three product package where you’re able to try out some products that are originally gonna be like $89 but you’ll be able to get it for 49 50 then we have the buxom show some skin weightless foundation this has SPF 30 it’s an online-only offer it’ll be $17 but it’s normally 34 back in the day this was so hot I mean I don’t know I didn’t get a chance to try it but you guys I don’t I’m not that interested and I told you guys I loved about some lip glosses but I’m just not that interested there’s so many other like foundation you type products out right now that I don’t know then we have the Clarins Hydra essential buy face serum I love clinically RINs you guys I love see round it kind of makes sense we’re gonna get that in just saying it’ll be $29.50 but it’s normally at $59 on April where they’re gonna be able to get the car goes swimming the whole collection 50% off I have a couple products from them I like it I actually have products from that line I think it’s great the summer coming up great products so try out the products range from like $18 products to $34 crunches and you can get them for like $9 to 17 they’re supposed to be like swept creams and waterproof must-have summer products then we have the dermablend loose setting powder I’m so interested in this you guys I really want to try it it’s supposed to be a powder that just hides imperfections and controls your oils I’m so into it it’ll be $13.50 but it’s normally 27 and then we have the lipstick Queen Frog Prince lipstick which is just a color-changing lip color I’m really interested you guys like I love Frog Prince I’ve used like a blue one I’ve used a white one I think you guys they’re so great there are only $25 but it’ll be you 1250 a lot of people have some beef with lipstick Lena I don’t know I really like it so I would

recommend it on April 5th you’re going to be able to get the Urban Decay eye to the primer on any of them and they’re gonna be there like $10 to $12 that’s what they’re gonna be but they’re normally 22 to 24 so it’s like half off whichever one you get I really like Urban Decay eyeshadow primers I think they’re great for like I said is it you ruin like heavy like a lot of eyeshadow on but if you’re not wearing that much eyeshadow I don’t know I think I’d go with a different one just because they’re so like both go kind of change the color a bit so if you’re not covering it with shadow I don’t know then we have the Jesus Beauty stem seller or cellular booster serum this is normally $80 but it will be 40 Juice Beauty I’ve heard so much about it that I really want to try it you guys so this might be my opportunity on April 6 if you’re Athena tart you’re really gonna like this day and might be spending a few coins on it so the first thing is going to be the tart of hardiest quick dry cleaning that and the glossy lip paints those all retail for $20 normally they will be $10 all three of them will be $10 and every shade I just you guys I love tart I love their lip colors I just I love everything about the lip paints honestly so it’s like Hardy you know eating so much but I’m not add that to the list you then we have the Dermalogica daily micro foliat this is just an exfoliant for the phase it’s $28.50 but it normally retails for 57 so with a little pricey but I think that’s really a deal being that it is skin care and we know skin care can get pricey and sure there’s some products that I’ve talked about in this video that are going to be a little less expensive but I’m so interested in Dermalogica I really like the brand so no you see then we have the su Lauder Double Wear concealer this is an online-only offer it’s going to be $14 but it’s normally 28 a lot of people including myself love the foundation but I haven’t had the chance to trial the Double Wear concealer I I’m so interested when I was looking at this that I actually like googled it and it doesn’t have good reviews so I mean I don’t know I’ve never tried it I’m just saying all think I’m gonna try it just based off their fees on April 7th ileft and the sale you’re gonna be able to get mac fix+ you’re gonna be able to get it for $30 it’s normally 26 you guys this is my holy grail here’s what it looks like this is like my second or third bottle I just I use this all the time I love using it when I do kilos makeup because I think that it really really helps with the longevity of makeup especially when you’re wearing it for long periods of time and then also I love using it to wet my shadows that’s what I use a 4b most and it’s so effective it looks amazing and honestly it makes like a $5 eye shadow look like a twenty dollar one like it’s oh it makes it like can make a powder to a cream it’s amazing then we have a product from a tea face this is the Too Faced better than sex mascara this is going to be $11.50 but it’s normally 23 here’s what it looks like mine’s a little dirty you can’t really tell much about it I’ll show you the one because that’s what’s really cool about this part of the formulation I’ve noticed I really thought about this isn’t much different than any other product but the brush is just what makes your lashes look so cool look so unique if you’re in the market for mascara I would say pick it up if you’re not it could be something about him but then again it’s a really good product you guys so that is everything that we’ll just gonna have on sale during altos 21 days of beauty I might have missed something so if I did just comment down below and I’ll update the description box for everyone else uh I hope that you found a product that you want to pick up during the sale maybe I saved you some coins whatever products you’re learning on picking up combos down below so I can kind of hear about it and if you’re still watching in this one in the video because I know it was long leave them leave a clover with it for Saint Patrick’s Day so I can now and if you want more videos like this in the future don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up so I can know along with hitting that subscription button so you can see more of my videos in the notification bells so you can be notified whenever I post I did want to make one announcement before I go that my giveaway has ended but don’t worry because there are more to come in the future so just stay tuned for that and all I hope that you guys have a great week and I’ll see you guys next time bye