Beautiful Wedding Makeup Tutorial (ft. Summer Edit Spoilers!) | Beauty and Bubbly | FabFitFun

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Beautiful Wedding Makeup Tutorial (ft. Summer Edit Spoilers!) | Beauty and Bubbly | FabFitFun

Hi, guys! Welcome back to FabFitFun’s YouTube channel! I am Caitlin, and today we are filming a makeup look that is highlighting all products from the Edit Sale! Y’all, this stuff is good I know I keep saying this, but they just continue to give me good products I’m telling you Today I’m creating this look that I have on right now Very summery, very glowy, but what i’m focusing on is bridal It’s wedding season! All of these products that I’m using today you can get in the Summer Edit Sale These are high-end products You’re getting 70% off Like, mind-blowing! Like, I love it so much It’s my favorite part about FabFitFun So if you’re not a member yet, you need to be Click the limp – don’t click the limp Please click the link at the top right here in the corner, and you can right away go ahead and shop anything you see in this video that you like, which I hope you do and I think you’re gonna like what I’m about to show you ’cause they’re really good And just a heads up – the sale opens for Select Members on July 1st and all Members will have access on July 4th So before we get started with this makeup application, of course we’re gonna go in and sip some wine Today, we have this featured This is the Cabana Cool Wine Chiller, and it is adorable Look at the palm – if I pull it out, you can see it Look at the palm trees, gold accent with the gold foil rim And all you have to do is put your ice in here, put your wine, your white wine or your champagne, whatever you have at your party, and it’s a cute, little accent one at your table at a party Today, I’m gonna pour out my white wine, which we’re using Twirl, and this is a pinot grigio white wine I’m gonna pour this into my glass Cheers to Summer Edit Sale shopping! So we’re gonna get started on the makeup! We’re gonna do a look that is using all products from the Summer Edit Sale, and it’s gonna be a look more inspired by bridal So it’s wedding season Of course I’m getting married in a couple months Oh my gosh, like a month Two months! Not even two months! So I’m in full wedding mode, so I thought it would be fun and fun for y’all to just do a little look that is more bridal and can honestly be used any time this summer, but if you’re looking for a wedding makeup, this is a great option as well So first things first is I already applied my foundation Quick little tip for especially bridal makeup: make sure your skin’s prepped You have so many goodies that FabFitFun gifts you with for skin care that you can apply, so what I did is I cleansed my skin I toned it, and then I put on a nice, hydrating glow serum Let that all settle in, and then gone in with my moisturizer I made sure my skin was prepped This is key to making makeup look the best and last the longest, so Already have the foundation on I applied that over top all of those goodies after I let it settle into my skin Okay, so you guys, we’re gonna in with this Mia Cafecito Eyeshadow Palette Look how pretty these shades are I mean, come on So I’m going to mix some of these brown shades Like, at least it has a warm brown in there, which is great, and then it has some shimmer browns This matte brown is perfect for a transition shade I’m super excited to try this palette So let’s get started I’m gonna go ahead and prime my eyes You can use a concealer, a primer, whatever you have And then I’m gonna go in with a powder, and this just allows that base to set, and then the powders can go on a lot easier and blend easier I’m going to go in with this shade right here, which is a nice matte brown shade It’s the perfect shade for a crease color We’re just gonna go in and place that And what’s nice about this palette – it has this cute little brush, and then it has this cute, tiny little blender I love small blenders, and it’s so soft You can get right in that crease and just be more precise I’m gonna go in with a bigger fluffy brush to start Ooh, you can tell these shadows are pigmented! And I’m just gonna take that brown matte shade and start working it right on the outer corner in that crease, just placing it and then kind of bringing it right on in that crease like so So it looks crazy right now, but we’re gonna blend out those edges just like that I’m just trying to lift the eye right now, so putting that darkness right here, and I’m

just creating a little bit of shape like so Do you see how much that lifts the eye already? I’m just gonna go add a little bit more What I like to do with my shadows is I like to press it where I want it first, which is great about this tiny little brush So I can take this little end and press it in exactly where I want it first So I’m just kind of making this outer V shape to really enhance my eyes I don’t too much darkness in here I don’t want it to heavy, so I’m really lifting the eye right now You see how pretty that is? And what’s nice about these shadows is they’re so blendable! I’m so impressed with how much that just blended, and the pigment’s really great As you can see, when I first put that on, one little tap, and that pigment came out really, really well Also what’s great about this palette is they are long-lasting Very creamy, very buildable shadows, which is exactly what you want in an eye palette So I really, really like these I’m gonna take that same shade and this side of the brush – I love this brush I’m just gonna place that on the outer corner Dude, I can’t get over this shadow It blends so good! Now what I’m gonna go in with is this “choco-latte” right here, and what’s nice about this is it has a little bit of like a purple-y undertone to it, which is really pretty, especially for my brown eyes We’re gonna use that, and we’re gonna create a tiny bit of a darkness close to the lash line just like so As close to the lash line as you can get and just wing it out here, lifting that eye I’m blending it at the edge and back again and doing the same thing, making a little bit of a wing with the shadow I just really want to make a smoked out wing effect, nothing too heavy I’m just dragging everything up You want to just lift as much as you can – lift, lift, lift So next for the eyes, I’m gonna go in with this beautiful color It’s called “chai.” It’s a shimmer, but it’s like a – it’s a very neutral shimmer It’s not, like, over the top It’s more of, like, a nude kind of shimmer It’s not overpowering, but it gives a nice sheen to the lids Ooh, I really, really like that I just love giving myself a crease because I don’t really have a strong crease, so I need all the crease I can get I guess we can move on Actually, wait I want to place that right on the inner corner of my eye I’m gonna place that on the inner corner to make that pop Difference already And then right on this brow bone right here I like this because it’s not too intense You don’t want to blinding highlight Yes, put highlight on your brow bone, but don’t put, like, a blinding highlight there ’cause you don’t want in pictures when you’re getting bridal makeup to be like, “Brow!” Because again, this is gonna lift Anything that’s lifting, great So now I’m gonna go in with this palette – so good! It’s this “nina canela.” I’m just gonna take that again and go right on the outer corner just to give a little pop With all of these colors together, you’re just adding dimension There’s some shimmers There’s some mattes, and it’s creating a dimension that’s really making the eye pop and look just seamless Follow my steps here! Show me what you create Follow these steps Get this palette Do it! Let me see it! I would love to talk with you on the Community Show me pictures! Share everything! We love to see all of your amazing makeup creations You can see that come along Okay I’m gonna take that brown again, the “nina canela,” and just bring that right under What we’re gonna do next is we’re gonna go and line the eye Yes, the shadow – I like how that’s lining by itself, but I want to also line with a pencil to really make that bold I don’t like going in with a liquid liner, so I’m gonna go in with a pencil today So what I’m using is the Juice Beauty Precision Eye Pencil, which is in the Edit Sale I love pens like this I like they’re great They’re just easy to use, and what’s nice about this is it’s not too overpowering of a liner It’s just super good for everyday So I’m gonna take that and just wiggle it really close to the lash line I can make it a little thicker at the outer edge

And then in here, I’m just gonna tight line Look how much bigger this eye looks already! Crazy! The power So I’m just gonna make – again, I’m gonna go over that shadow we did and make a little bit of a smoked out wing with this liner Gonna go back with my eyeshadow brush and just really pull that out again And it has a great pigment, not too harsh, so great for everyday use if you do like black liners All right, now I’m going to go ahead and go into the rest of my face So I’m gonna go ahead and put some concealer on, and that again is going to be able to touch up anything that we messed up So I’m just gonna place a couple dots right underneath You don’t need anything crazy Just blend it out with your beauty blender, just right in the V, right here Creating that wing – even more defined with that concealer And the same concealer goes right down the nose So I forgot in my skin prep, which is what I normally do, but we’ll do it now So what I want to show you is this cute little Summer & Rose lip balm It’s a lip balm and lip plumper It’s so cute I’ve always wanted something like this When you open it, it’s so pretty! It has little rose petals in the middle or flower petals or whatever they are – they’re flowers And you just pop that on my lips Ooh, it feels really good So this would be nice for every day Super cute in the summer The formula is designed to moisturize and actually plump your pout, which it has a little bit of plumpness in it, which we all want Why not? So it has rose petals that gently exfoliate your lips, and I’m excited for that Super cute I’ve always wanted one of these lipsticks that have the little rose petals in them They’re super cute You just feel so chic when you pop it out of your purse, and you’re like, “I have rose petals in my lipstick.” So now we’re gonna go onto – I did my concealer I’m gonna powder just a little bit where I need it Just pressing in the center of the face, around the nose I tend to slide My makeup tends to slide down here, so I’ll set it there a little bit But I’m not touching this area I want that to stay a little glowy If you’re oily, you might want to powder all over It just depends on your skin type All right, so what I did is I went in and contoured my face a little bit, powdered where I needed to, so I am warmed up, which is important for wedding day and really any makeup application in general Now we’re gonna go in and add some blush to my face, which is gonna be used by this adorable palette Look at it! It’s called the Flamingoals So this is by Mia, and this is gonna be in the Summer Edit Sale So this palette is vegan and cruelty-free It is clean formula blush palette, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and what’s best is what’s inside Obviously So look at all these shades! Come on Summer! Look at it! Oh, it has every shade possible Now this “glamingoal” – this shade right here is a nice peachy, and it has a little bit of a sheen to it, which I love to do for bridal because you don’t want too intense highlight for bridal ’cause you’re getting photographed and you don’t want it to be blinding So a nice sheen on the cheeks is perfect, so I’m gonna use this It’s a nice, little rosy gold, pink shade with a little shimmer, so we’re gonna go ahead and use that for the blush So I like to go in with a little bit of a light bristle brush Blushes are super pigmented, so a little bit goes a very long way So I’m gonna take that right here in the apples and go up a little bit Ooh, that’s pretty! And it’s not sparkly! Oh, I love that See how that really adds that – ooh, I love this! I’m a happy camper I like it Super pigmented and it blends easily Blushes are one thing that – you have to have a good blush

You can’t just be putting this patchy blushes on It just makes everything look odd So I like to also bring that a little bit on my forehead, a little bit across my nose I also like – learned this from Patrick Tong – take the blush and kind of bring it right in that crease, and it really adds – makes everything just kind of make sense It just kind of flows That blush is so pretty, guys! Look at that! So that has that sheen There’s a bunch of other shades in this palette that are matte This is really good I love this shade I actually might mix a little bit of this “let’s flamingoal.” I love this shade for a bridal, so I’m gonna add a little bit of that in here as well because you want to have some blush for your bridal makeup You don’t want to go light on the blush Sometimes if you feel like you look crazy, but you don’t I promise because in those pictures, it’s just gonna be beautiful And what’s great about it is it doesn’t look crazy in person It looks great on camera, yes, but in person it looks super natural Love that! Okay So like I said earlier, we want to keep the highlight to a minimum, but glow is important You want glow You don’t want big, sparkly highlight So that sheen on the cheeks is perfect with the blush Now I’m going to go in with a little bit of highlight, and the highlight is gonna stick right here at the top, just so it hits it perfectly I’m not gonna bring it all down Just right here on this flat service of the cheekbone, so for that, another Edit Sale goody So next I’m going to show you the highlight, which is the Ofra Highlighter in Beverly Hills These highlights – I know I am on the Community as some of you know, and I see a lot of you talk about these Ofra highlighters and how much you love them, and I’ve never tried them before, so I was so excited to try them And this palette – look at those shades There’s like a shade for every occasion Oh, yeah As you can see, super pretty Look at that That’s gorgeous So I think for today we’re gonna go – we’re gonna mix these too This has a little bit of a pinkiness in it, pinky undertone We’re gonna mix these two – goldy, pinky I think that will be great for a little bridal highlight action And I’m gonna go right at this top Right here Ooh, baby! Now that is pretty Oh, my! That deserves some wine Cheers to Ofra! I might get carried away and not just place it here Glowing bride right here! Okay, so I’m not gonna get carried away I’m gonna stop while I’m ahead But I’m gonna take little pops of that and place it right here – just a little bit more intense of a highlight, which I like in there See how that brightens the eyes I’m gonna put a little bit on my cupid’s bow I’m also gonna take just a tiny bit right down the center of the nose I like to put it – some people like to go all the way down I just like to put it right at the top right there All right, whoever said Ofra highlighters are great on the Community, y’all are right! Bomb! Look at that! So the shades are “golden bronze,” “cool pink,” “pearly white,” “neutral shimmer,” “pinky peachy.” Every shade for every occasion I love this! All right, next I’m gonna go in with lips and we’re gonna use this Ofra lip set And this is the Island Time Lip Kit, which has beautiful lip shades These three shades – so we have three shades We have Rio, which is this shade right here, we have Aruba, which is this shade right here, and then we have Coco Island So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna just line my lips quick with whatever your favorite liner is If you want to over-line, you can do that too I like to over-line just a tad Lips are just preference honestly for bridal There’s no right or wrong lip color – there’s no right or wrong anything for bridal It’s really your preference – what you feel the most comfortable in This is – Aruba’s the one with a little bit of sheen I’m gonna place that right in the center And it’s really satin-y, not sticky It has a beautiful sheen to it

Not sparkly Ooh, it’s really pretty Yeah, that’s a really pretty shade Nice little warmth, not too warm I really like that So these are long-lasting liquid lipsticks, which, of course, is what you want for bridal They’re beautiful They’re long-lasting, and they are very, very comfortable They’re not drying Very kissable! Okay, I have two more products to show you I had a limit, but I can’t stop because there’s just so many good things! I want to show you as much as I can, so we’re gonna do it Okay, I’m gonna show you this Ish Body Bronze Oil It’s a huge glass, beautiful packaging I love, love, love, love, love bronze oil, especially in the summer You put that on your chest, on your shoulders, and it just looks beautiful, especially for bridal So I did put it on my chest here You can see it has a beautiful sheen, nice and bronzed It’s just so pretty, so I’m gonna put it on actually It has a nice, little drip bottle So I’m just gonna drip it right here and show you exactly what this looks like It just gives you a nice bronze It’s not too sparkly It just has a beautiful sheen And it smells amazing as well I love looking sunkissed Who doesn’t like looking sunkissed? It’s the best, so right there is suntan in a bottle Killing the game! Guys, if you haven’t tried Ish products, I’m not kidding! Like, they are really, really, really good! Last but not least, setting spray! Setting spray, setting spray, setting spray Setting spray is very important for bridal makeup Of course you want that to last all day, and what’s great about this setting spray is it has a more matte finish So what this does – it’s pore-blurring, and it minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, imperfections, and it uses a blurring technology, which I mean, I’ll take it It has a matte finish, so it cuts the shine, mattefies the skin a tad bit, but it leaves it very flawless and so it doesn’t mattefy it to the point of, like, all your glow is gone, I promise So let’s take a look and shake it up Beautiful Milk always has the most beautiful packaging So we’re gonna set this baby Ooh, it’s like minty! So what this is gonna do is it’s gonna make it stay It’s gonna lock that suckers in Oh, I love the smell of it It’s very refreshing I need my own little personal fan Personal fan with my personal wine cooler 5 hours later All right guys, this is the final look! It just screams summer Everything about this looks and screams summer, and that’s what this is – the Summer Edit Sale, and there are so many good products in this sale Everything will be linked below, so nothing – you won’t miss anything! Tell us what you want to see We’re doing this for you We have so much fun creating this material for you with all of these amazing goodies in the Summer Edit Sale Shop now! You don’t want to miss it Cheers!