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A: That being said, the look for today is done A: I think fashion and beauty nowadays, are…. How do I put this? A: Full of color and courage and effervescence, A: I know that I use the word way too much, but I just love it A: And in my opinion taking risks is really important A: Honestly, it makes me really happy that vintage clothes, second hand clothes, A: having a sustainable wardrobe has seen so much growth A: So this is my make up for Valentine’s Day, even though we are not doing anything A: We’re just going to stay at home, have dinner A: Asia Express starts Saturday on the 15th of February A: We can finally enjoy everything we did over there for two months A: It’s an entertaining competition show and hopefully you will enjoy watching it A: I won’t fill your head with anymore information about the mask and the UFO from Foreo A: I’ve already told you guys so much A: You can find on the blog three articles about the UFO A: If you want to more, that’s the place to go A: Today we’ll be doing a Valentine’s Day look, since it is Valentine’s Day A: Also I want to try out some Fenty products I just got, I was really excited about getting the package A: And I want to try them out for the first time, I have used some of them before, like the gloss A: The rest of them will be used for the first time A: I want to do a look using just those products A: Fenty’s newest product is the mascara, the highly anticipated mascara A: We’ll finally get to see what it can do A: 90 seconds and my skin is ready for putting on make up A: We’re going to let the cream sit for a little bit A: I want to show you guys a really cool accessory I got from Luisaviaroma A: And I want to use it for the look we’re doing today A: Maybe use it as a bow? Is it too much? A: I don’t know….. I like overdoing it sometimes A: And I think we should be having more fun with fashion and make up A: It’s essential to have humor and an open mind when it comes to clothes A: Regardless of your age and what you do A: It can also be used as a bowtie, not with the clothes I’m wearing, but with a buttoned up shirt A: But right now I think it looks really good in my hair A: Or in the back, like I wore it the other day at an event A: So this is a make up refreshing spray, I think it can be used before applying make up and after A: It’s a kind of spray we can use for prepping A: It smells so fresh A: And we’re going to use after, as well A: I’m not sure what to tell you about the spray, it’s my first time using it A: All the products have special names A: We’ll be starting with the foundation A: Zoeva foundation which I’ve been using it lately A: I will apply it using a brush A: Next, brow contouring. I’m using a product from L’Oreal, “Unbelieva brow” A: It’s the perfect nuance for my brows which are a little bit grey and this one is just perfect for me

A: It’s 105 brunette A: Yes, I know, I’m blonde A: But my roots are really dark A: And I keep changing my hair color, like the pink I’ve been wearing for a while A: The best choice is a neutral color, like this grey A: I can’t stand warm colors for eyebrows, anything remotely close to brown A: So this is the best color for me. I’ve been using it for a while A: After applying the primer…. unfortunately I don’t have the product I was using from Benefit, A: And Carmen recommended this one A: I bought from the airport and I said fine we’ll use this primer if I don’t have the Fixing brow gel A: I will order a new one though A: Black tea with no milk…. I ran out of milk. I should order some through Glovo A: By the way if you haven’t heard of the Glovo app, you should definitely download it A: It’s an app you can use for shopping through your phone A: And they bring it to your house A: You can order food, they have a Valentine’s day category, or you can order flowers before an event A: Like I do, I order flowers for my mom before we leave for Targu Mures, A: I have them at my house in an hour, and in the meantime I can get ready A: So I’m going to order some milk through Glovo, and maybe a new brow gel from Sephora A: This video is not a commercial for any products, it’s not sponsored by anyone, or in any way A: It’s not sponsored by Glovo, or Foreo, or anyone A: Or by Fenty for that matter A: All done with my eyebrows A: Moving on to finally testing the products, from Fenty A: What should I open first? A: I’ll open the highlighter A: This cute travel sized highlighter is called “How many carats?” A: And this is the original color mini sized version Gloss Bomb A: They’re the best for our small baby bags A: Because you really can’t fit anything in them except for credit cards and maybe these mini cosmetics A: I keep checking if the video is working, because I’ve recorded a few other things today, A: And I had to them again, my head hurts, A: I had to empty the memory card which was full of Asia Express stuff A: So, applying the highlighter, it’s my first time using it A: It’s a really fine and smooth highlighter A: It’s glittery. I hope you can see it in the video A: You can use it on your eyes, for a glowy look just like I promised A: It’s a little chunky, I like a smoother highlighter, but the color is pretty and goes well with a white blonde, A: Which I’m not right now, what do you know A: A little on the nose A: Using the thinner side of the brush A: I think I like Killawatt better, which had two versions and was a bit finer, but I like this color A: I like this white A: As you can see I’m using a bigger brush for a faster application A: I think on the glowy part we’re looking good, but I still need a little bit of blush A: I’m using the mirror from the blush palette from Cupio A: It’s called “Lolita” and I will be using the “sugar pink” color A: Which goes well with my hair color A: I’m going for a doll look

A: These are the three lip gloss colors A: I’ll try all three of them to see which one I like the most A: The clear one is well…..clear A: I’m curious about the darker one which is called “hot chocolate”, I think A: Let’s check A: I can’t find the box. Oh well, I’ll drink some more tea and not stressing anymore A: Oops, it’s called “hot chocolit” I need to change it in the video A: See what I was saying about these lip glosses, it looks way different than in the tube A: It doesn’t look like an old lady lip gloss A: It’s a really subtle color, I would probably use it as an everyday lip gloss A: With brown eye shadow and a ponytail A: Next up a lighter color, but I wouldn’t mind this one on the eyelids A: We’ll have to try and see, and I think the clear one would look good too A: It’s hard to decide, but we are definitely going with a glossy lid A: The best part about these products is that you can try them all at Sephora A: So cute, it resembles the clear one, but it’s a little bit lighter A: It has some particles that sparkle on you lips, like the other color A: Of course it could change with every lip color A: But I will keep repeating myself about how much a like this gloss and how pretty it sparkles A: I’ll try the clear one as well, but only on my lower lip A: And on my upper lip I’ll leave the pink one A: “Sweet mouth” A: Honestly you can’t see a big difference between them A: The pink one is up and the clear one is on the lower lip A: The lower one is glossy and highlighted, and on the upper lip there is a bit of a pink nuance A: I like both of them a lot, but the clear one you can use the most, over other lipsticks A: We’ll leave the lips like this and move on to the eyes A: I’ll try the gold pencil, which I’m not excited about, I would’ve preferred a brown color A: I’ll show you the catalog I got from Fenty Beauty A: This is a dark blue. The awesome thing is that it’s a retractable pencil, A: And you can use it as an eyeliner for a cat eye look, and it’s easier to use, especially for dark colors like this A: The black one looks gorgeous A: You can also use it for a smokey eye look, or as a base for a smokey eye A: Because it’s created in a way that you can blend it with a brush or your hand A: You have a few moments before it dries A: After it dries, that’s it A: So that’s why it’s good as an eyeliner, especially as practice for beginners A: Here we have all the colors from Fenty A: Twenty intense matte metallic shimmer and glitter eyeliner shades A: So which one is mine? Is it glitter? Nobody knows A: We have ” Cuz I’m Black”, ” Bachelor pad”, “In big truffle”, “Purp-a-Trader”, “Black card”, A: “Space cookie”, ” Navy or die”, ” Purple stuff”, A: “Moon dunez”, I mean the names are super cool, as usual for Fenty A: I can’t really explain what color is each one, but if you want to buy one I recommend the matte black

A: “Cuz I’m black” A: Which is really easy to use, versatile A: If you don’t usually wear purple or gold, or sparkly colors, there’s not much use in trying them out A: Another color I really like is “Navy or die” A: The girls on the cover are wearing the “Puppy eyez”, which is kind of a bronze color A: It look really good A: Now let’s try the gold one A: To see where it takes us, because that’s why we’re doing this tutorial, to try everything out A: I really hope it looks good A: It has a creamy texture A: It’s so easy to work with, I will get the black and brown ones A: See the effect light colors have? Your eye looks so much bigger A: Let’s try it on the upper lid, like an eyeliner A: If there’s something I am not a fan of, is a light cat eye A: The only time this looks good and interesting is when you take a close up photo of your eye A: On Instagram A: There’s no such thing as a light cat eye. Use black and that’s it! A: Next we’re going to blend in the gold A: I like the texture, the pencil, the idea A: And the color A: Now that I’m done with these small eyes, let’s move on to the mascara A: Again, a small brochure, which gives you all the information you need about the new mascara A: “Full frontal” from Fenty Beauty A: It promises volume, raise, curve A: And the best thing about them is that they don’t use fake lashes on their models A: You can see them wearing the mascara on their real lashes A: And I find this really cool and to be honest, who are we kidding with commercials for a fake lash look A: I do want before putting on the mascara to contour my eyes with a little bit of brown A: Given the fact that we’ll be using glosses next A: Where’s the Cupio palette? A: I’ll mix these pink and brown shades, because I don’t really like this gold color A: I don’t know if you guys like it, but I’m not a really big fan and I want something different A: Here we have the gorgeous Rihanna on the cover, no fake lashes, just her natural ones, with the mascara A: “I like to get every single little lash to expose them all, I wanted to make sure this mascara lets you do that You get volume, lift, and curl all with one product and this is an amazing brush.” Rihanna A: If Rihanna says so, that it must be true A: Let’s see. Here we have the volume part A: Which is used to load the mascara on your lashes and lift them up A: Like this A: Adds a lot of product and lifts up your eye lashes A: Next comes the flat side A: Which gives definition and curve A: We’ll use all sides A: They also mention the tip, which we’ve already been using for a long time, to accentuate the exterior A: For the tiny lashes, and they recommend using it in vertical position

A: We’re not doing a cat eye today, A: I’ll apply the mascara in two-three layers A: To give definition to the eyes with just the mascara A: That being said, our makeup of today is done A:This is going to be my Valentine’s day look A: Even if we’re not really doing anything, we’re just going to hang out, have dinner A: We are not doing anything, just enjoying the fact that it’s Friday and tomorrow premiers Asia Express A: By the way, if you click somewhere around here on my channel you will find the Asia Express video A: There’s a 50 minute Q&A, if you have the patience to watch a 50 minute Q&A, A: About my experience in Asia Express, about everything we did there A: Grab a glass of wine, a hot cup of tea, an orange juice, anything you want, A: And watch the video, I’ve answered all of your questions about Asia Express I got on Instagram A: I can’t wait for tomorrow, Saturday, February 15th, for the show to start, A: So we can finally enjoy everything we did over there for two months A: It’s an entertaining competition show and hopefully you will enjoy watching it A: The blazer I’m wearing today if from SOS Vinytage. It’s an awesome store with a lot of vintage stuff A: You can go on Instagram to check them out A: Honestly, it makes me really happy that vintage clothes, second hand clothes, A: having a sustainable wardrobe has seen so much growth A: Online and offline, I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wearing second hand clothes, which make me happy A: It’s a really sustainable way to improve your wardrobe A: It’s a gorgeous way to dress, fashion styles always have a way of coming back A: Trends are always changing A: And for me the beginning of the 80s in fashion, that whole decade, up to the beginning of the 90s, A: Was when what I call style started A: A blazer, shoulders, waist A: Colors, prints, waist belts A: You know what I’m talking about A: The 80s for me have the best style ever A: I think that style is something we all wear, a lot of women find themselves in that style, nowadays A: I think fashion and beauty nowadays, are…. How do I put this? A: Full of color and courage and effervescence, A: I know that I use the word way too much, but I just love it A: And in my opinion taking risks is really important A: And to play with our stuff, fashion is not something to be taken so seriously A: They’re just looks, just moments, characters. You know what I mean A: As I’ve said before I got this bow from Luisaviaroma, from Anooki A: Anooki is an awesome brand, look it up A: I ordered it for Christmas, I bought myself a Christmas gift A: Oh, where’s Raul when you need him!? A: Stop texting me on Whatsapp, I have work to do A: So the thing with Whatsapp is, you are either doing content or texting all day A: I wonder if I can put it on the ponytail A: Yes, it works. Am I going to take off now? A: A girly and soft Valentine’s day mood A: I’m really glad I finally got to use the new Fenty products and to do a Youtube review for you guys A: Do I still have to mention that I cut my hair? You’ve already seen me A: I had to cut it after Asia, after eating rice and sugar and junk food, it ruined my hair A: Another reason might be the constant changes

A: But I felt the need to cut it short, into a bob A: It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while and now was the perfect time A: I cut my hair in December, before leaving for Hong Kong A: And honestly I want to cut it even shorter A: But at the time it just wasn’t right A: I only had a hair trimmer at hand and Raul couldn’t get straight layers with it A: A year ago I had really short straight bangs A: And during the year I kept cutting it a little bit, because I really like bangs A: Another reason why my hair got ruined A: And now I’m battling another problem, growing out my bangs A: So my bangs are now here and my hair is much longer, A: and so annoying having to put it behind my ear all the time A: Or have on hair extensions. These ones I wore on Asia Express and they are amazing and look so natural A: Raul’s brother makes them in Cluj, “Napoca hair extensions” I think he’s on Instagram A: So I thought what should I do? Should I put on two extensions on each side and see how much to cut them A: But then I thought, why? I already want to cut may hair even shorter A: I wanna cut it up to here A: So that would be one way to even my hair out, but still I might put on some extensions A: Because a little volume never hurt anybody A: I’m so glad to see you guys again and to restart these series A: I’m just feeling really inspired, to do, to create A: The remedy for this gloomy January was something I wanted to avoid, after too many months of seeing it A: The camera A: But the moment I turned it on, all of my ideas came back, my thoughts, A: all the great things I plan to do online for you guys A: I should put on some more gloss, because you can’t see it anymore A: I’m not leaving just yet A: I want my lips a little bit darker A: Oh my god Carmen, I can’t believe it A: My eyelashes left mascara marks on my eyebrows A: Just like it happens to you. I guess it’s a good mascara A: I’m really curious what Carmen will think about the mascara A: She’s the eyelash Queen, she has super long lashes A: Done, now I’m really leaving A: So I will see you guys around, here and there, everywhere on social media A: With new things, new adventures A: Just us, me and you