Declutter Part 3 (Primers & Bases, Eyeliners, Eyeshadows- Singles and Palettes)

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Declutter Part 3 (Primers & Bases, Eyeliners, Eyeshadows- Singles and Palettes)

hi guys exam and I’m going to be doing part 3 of my declutter series in this video I’ll be going through my eyeshadows which include singles and palettes my primers and faces eyeliners and that includes pencil and gel cream and liquid if you missed part one which was foundations primers and concealers out lyst apple as well as part two which was face powders blushes bronzers and highlighters I always forget what’s in that one so let’s get started for farmers and bases here is the mac paint pot and soft ochre this is a really great product I will definitely be keeping that it’s very similar to the one I’m trying to finish up this NYX eyeshadow base in number three and I like I said it’s in my finish 22 by spurring so i’ll be keeping that here is the Revlon this is the Rev on luminance cream shadow and I never use this as a shadow I always only use this as a base so that’s what I’m going to classify it as and this packaging is so strange like you think the product is going to be like you know when you open it up it’s going to be here but the mirrors here and the product is there I always thought that so strange these are really pretty colors but I just don’t refer this and it’s a pretty old product so i am going to be tossing it next up is this wet and wild I expressions I never reach for this I might have used this maybe once this is a slip this is also the same format as that Revlon one I just showed you it’s really weird configuration I’m used to the mirror being on top not the product on top when you open does it matter never use this and just it’s I’m going to toss it then we have the next I shadow shadow next jumbo pencil in milk I already have one that I de potted and I’m going to be giving this away I just don’t use it that much and I barely have used this I will be keeping that one here is actually this is in a tent I took out all of my Too Faced shadow insurance I thought I only had a little bit left I was totally wrong look how much is in here there’s so much i’m probably not going to be able to finish this by my finish 22 but yeah this is to face I’ll be keeping that I do like it but it’s not my favorite here is my absolute favorite primer this is the original I actually mix this is a mix of the original Eden and anti-aging they came in a sample package and it was a really general sample so I put it all into here and again this is going to last me forever I just am going to use up the two-faced but this is my favorite primer if you have oily lids the Urban Decay primer potion is amazing i also have the Urban Decay sin and this is a sparkly one so I will be keeping this here is the laura mercier this one is in wheat this is an eye base and this is amazing i absolutely love this so i’ll be keeping it I just don’t use it that much because I’m trying to use up Mike to base one next up are two elf eye shadow primers this is this one is the dollar eyelid primer and this one is the mineral eyeshadow primer I actually don’t like these two for my oily lids so I will be tossing these and the very last one is the Too Faced shadow insurance in candlelight this is another shimmery eyeshadow i use this once it didn’t really like it so i think i’m going to be testing it just to see if I want to keep it around or give it away ok so the tally for that was I had a total of thirteen I’m going to be keeping seven testing one and tossing five the next group is joe cream the good eye liners i’ve already separated them so i am going to be keeping these two I marker pens the black is the Jordana fabula nur and the silver is the ico marker pens don’t last very marker eyeliners the last very long and this is a my finished too so i’ll be keeping these here is the Maybelline ultra liner waterproof if you want something that stays all day budge proof waterproof this is it this I only use for really special occasions if I want my liner to last all day long this is fantastic then the ones i’m going to test our this is the Cielo smudge pot in plaque and it’s just I like it it’s really creamy but I don’t reach for it I’m not a fan of joe and cream eyeliners

next product is the make up for ever aqua black waterproof clean eyeshadow another product I want to test out here is Jemma Kidd eyeliner in covert a beautiful color I just don’t reach for it so I if I don’t use it in the next month or so I’m definitely going to be tossing it here is the next eyeliner there’s so there’s such little product in here and we’ll nervous dried out so I definitely need to test that out but it is a good eye liner and then tossing is the Smashbox Jet Set eyeliner and navy blue it’s beautiful product but I never reach for it and it’s been what he called I’ve tried to provide it revived at many times so it’s time to let this go so the tally for that group was I had a total of eight i am going to be keeping three testing for and passing one a big group that i’m going to be talking about now are the pencil eyeliners i’m going to start with the color black and up first is the 12 hour liquid eyeliner by jordana this is amazing definitely will be keeping that I don’t have to put it this way here is another Jordana product this is the 12 are made to last eyeshadow pencil this creases on me so I will be tossing it next up is the Milani easy liner retractable pencil I will be tossing this is this is not the same as the liquify and I like that one so much better so speaking of the liquify I will be keeping that one these are amazing and I really like these so creamy next up is the lower a pencil I gotta try this I’m you know things that have a lot of glitter in them they just don’t work with my eye especially pencils so I got to test this out there is a lot of glitter in this pencil not shimmer but glitter then we have the maybelline master drama love this one of my favorite eye liners from the pup from the drugstore used to be my top eyeliner but the Milani one took it over and then draw down and took that one over this is the revlon colorstay i’ll be costume design had this for a really long time and it’s probably very dry i’m going to be tossing this one as well another revlon this is the revlon lustrous color just never use this and it gets caught in the eye so that’s never good this is the NYX waterproof eyeliner not waterproof for me transferred so I’ll be tossing that here is the cargo pencil which I just drop the top but I will be tossing this as well not really a fan next is the smash black limo list eyeliner love this this was a sample size but I use quite a bit of it and I would repurchase although it is kind of pricey but this these are really nice and i am going to be keeping that one this is the Urban Decay pencil I will be keeping this just because it’s in my finish 22 but it is a good eye liner although it transfers a little bit on my eyes this is the makeup forever kohl pencil i have a backup of this i’m going to keep this one with the backup i will be giving away to somebody else next is the wet and wild pencil that came in i believe a limited edition with a little addition i shadow palette never used it i will be putting out of the toss this is the l’oreal hip a high-intensity pigmentation color rich green crayon i did like this it was in my what’s in my backups ash and I’m just going to be costing it because it was super dry so i do have a backup of it so i’m going to actually give this one away here is the clinique quick liner for eyes I have to test this didn’t really give it a chance this is the avon glimmer stick and i have to test this forgot how i feel about it you’ll see that with a lot of the avon this is the Maybelline line express be tossing that and then here is the next slide on glide on stay on definitely turn on I do like this but it doesn’t it transfers on my eyes a little bit i have to test that again next group of eyeliners i want to talk about are the greys the kind of skin tone color ones and also the bronzers this is the Julian Dempsey for avon charcoal liner I did like the color but I just never use it

so I’m going to toss it then I have a drawer down a 12-hour wait till asses in charcoal definition I have a backup it’s amazing product and I will be keeping both up next is the Rimmel exaggerate I crayon never use this super old and i’ll be tossing that this is the cargo the reverse lip liner I used it on my waterline but I’m going to be costing it because I don’t particularly like it for either it was intended for the lips and I don’t like it for either purposes I found her for this is the part of the elf brow duo I will keep this because I do like it on my waterline which is what i use it for this is another rebel on luck love first color eyeliner and the white and i will be tossing this because i just don’t reach for it this is the knicks incredible waterproof concealer it was way too dry for under my so I use this for my waterline and I do like it this is the Anastasia matte highlighter and I will be keeping this because I do like the color on my waterline here’s the hard candy concealer and this one is in light I have to test this out not sure how i like it on my waterline and then here is a mix with a super long name I’ll be keeping that this is the 12-hour Jordana me to last the eyeshadow pencil and brown I’m gonna be costing it because it doesn’t put the transfers on my eyelid next is the Loreal infallible this is a new product that’s been out for a couple months and it isn’t forever taupe I had to test this i think this night i’ll irritated my eye too much because there’s a lot of shimmer in there this is a sephora eyeliner i don’t think i’ve ever used this so i have to test that out estee lauder pencil and i’m going to test this don’t remember how i feel about it rebel and lustrous color it’s smoky crayon another product i have to test out this is the avon glimmer stick testing that elf waterproof eyeliner pencil or crayon i am going to be tossing this this actually should be in the next group but i’ll just put it here as you can tell it’s like a lot of elf products it has malfunctioned so it’s quite messy and it’s i could already feel that it’s dry so i’ll be tossing minute this is the pixi endless silky eyeliner love the color and the very last group of eyeliners are the greens blues and purples here’s the drawer dannon liquid eyeliner and Jade rule capping that I these then we have the Revlon grow luscious this I do have a backup of I love the color so much that I’m going to be keeping both even though it doesn’t last on my eyes I can make it work somehow so i’ll be keeping these then the knicks glide on love the color i will be keeping that because i’m going to make it work these are two Avon glimmer sticks I have the same color for some reason so i will be tossing one and keep keeping one actually i’m going to be testing out one here is the Urban Decay pencil in a flip side beautiful color will be keeping that this is another NYC waterproof eye pencil tossing it you know I see another one this is purple so tossing that oh this is a purple fix and I will be keeping that by jordana the 12 hour maybelline master drama love that so keeping that trying out the glimmer stick and blue this is another next one so keeping that this is the Avon glimmer stick trying it out another number stick testing that out I mean this is the LA Colors auto eyeliner I will be tossing that and the last eyeliner here is a Clarins eyeliner I’m going to be testing this out I just this is a really light purple color I don’t think it looks right on me so definitely testing wow so I had 58 in total eyeliners I am keeping 19 testing

15 and tossing 24 so I’m glad that the toss number is bigger than the key but i think its because well i had a lot of black eyeliners and I think we’re all on the search for that perfect eyeliner that won’t budge that will stay all day that’s waterproof or at least a won’t smudge on your eyes and just I’m not trying to make excuses but it’s just you’re always on that quest for the perfect black eyeliner ok let’s begin with eyeshadow single eyeshadows and i’m just going to actually i think it might be easier to type it in the drawers these are all almost all of my L’Oreal fallible eyeshadows love these they’re so pigmented and beautiful so I’m going to keeping that you see here to face paddocks this I don’t like this powder on me but I like it enough to blend out my eye shadow looks and to clean up like the outer corner and to put on my brow bone so i’ll be keeping that this is a body shop bronzer that it doesn’t work it’s too light for the face but it’s beautiful as crease color next is a single elf eyeshadow will be keeping this without this hope actually drawer i’ll be keeping i love these this is a body shop eyeshadow it’s a beautiful green so i’m just going to make easy and keep this right here another drawer that I’m keeping this is actually both for my what’s on my vanity these are all maybelline color tattoos if you have oily lids this is great i know some people use this as a base but these can be worn alone for me so I’m counting them as I shadows but they’re just so beautiful and I love them you just look they just look good and they last on my eyes which is really important then here are some single eyeshadows that I don’t normally reach for this is the power that I’m going to have to get through and test out so this is an elf eyeshadow and saddle test now I’m not sure how I feel about that this is in mystic moss i guess i won’t go through everything but i’m going to be tossing that not a fan of that color will be keeping this my sister got it for me from korea it’s a lovely me ex eyes just so cute packaging and the color is really pretty it’s at ope silver max is a covergirl eyeshadow and forever fig love this color it’s beautiful on its own it’s a beautiful purple jewel tones so we’ll be keeping that here is a NYX eyeshadow and algae got to test this out not sure if I want to keep that these two are the two L’Oreal file bones that I don’t really reach for that much so I will be testing these just to give them one more chance here is a shochet de cream eyeshadow I’m going to be tossing it just the color not without using a flower Queen product this is were kidding around love the color but just it’s hard to work with so I’ll be tossing that this is the body shops eyeshadow and amber amber bronze amber I’ll be keeping this really like it even though to loose pigment the color is beautiful these are two single wet and wild I shadows I will be keeping both of these they’re just brulee and nutty two iconic colors I’m going to be getting rid of these off eyeshadows this came in a kit this one is nice and this one is naughty of terrible pigmentation and powdery then here is the elf long-lasting blush eye shadow and party going to test this I just did not love it on me but I want to just give a little boy don’t get mad at you guys but I I had a total of thirty-eight single eyeshadows I’m going to be keeping 30 of them I just you know what makes up most of these numbers are the color tattoos which I absolutely love and delorean fallible which I love as well so kind of keep that in mind definitely want to bring out those numbers though this so testing is for and tossing is for moving on to the big palette I am including multifunctional palettes and what I mean by that is palettes that are at have blushes and lipsticks and also palace that I’ve created myself that are made up of single shadows but they’re in a pound so I’m in the first here is the mark palette and that is Avon love these shadows they’re really pigmented there’s a blush

they’re really pigmented but I just don’t reach for this I am going to be testing this this is a Clarins palette and i love the eyeshadow use our beautiful sorry about the clear these are just beautiful this powder is very nice as well so I will be keeping this here is the Princeton amulet collection inspired by the movie Dark Shadows right Knicks and I actually really like this I will be keeping it the colors are really nice I shadows are a bit powdery but main reason I’m keeping it is for the the face products these blushes are so pigmented never use this lip stuff I just don’t like that when they put that in palettes here is an elf palette that was limited ition but I really like a lot of the colors in here I thought this was a good mix and you just never know what you’re going to get hit or miss but this row here this section right here is beautiful they threw in a pop of blue the green and just really really nice so if you see this one this is a really good one I can’t tell you which one it is but that’s a great one next is the Kirkland Borghese this is from costco i have to test this out just these are actually really nice shadows I just never reach for it and I gotta give them another chance here is the shady lady the bomb valium to love these super pigmented broken window premier love this palette and I will be keeping it next is a tart this from the fam natural palette I have to test this you know I love the colors they’re just so beautiful but I don’t reach for this and I’m going to be testing that out oh this is I’m just going to keep for sentimental purely this is the manly every website makeup website makes this crown so Donna just so many colors in here and I rarely reach for this but it’s nice to have knowing that I have all these colors and this was I think my first makeup purchase when I started watching youtubes I just everybody was using it and I will definitely be keeping mine next is the Coastal Scents 28-piece neutral palette I think this is a great if you’re looking for a nude or naked type of pallet this is a great one really like this and I will be keeping this palette is this is my mac palette and I got this compaq from stars make a pavement I believe these are all of my mac eyeshadows hung will be keeping this although I have to admit I don’t reach for it that often this is a Z palette that I oh and this one with a Z palette as well that I put the cart rattles in this I think I’m going to be tossing it with the exception of one color this is the lorac serenity up eyeshadow beautiful color but I just don’t reach for partly because it looks so disgusting and messy so I will be tossing most of the shadows in here let me take out the lorac though because I will be keeping that and I guess that counts as a single shadow here are all of my NYX I shadows I gotta test this out I don’t reach for this I do have a backup of this color and it just maybe if I cleaned it up a little bit but yet this is my next channel that is shady lady the bomb value one I absolutely love this palette each color is beautiful you have a lot of colors at Yuka we’re on just by itself jewel tones and I really love this product I found it at urban outfitters for very very cheap now the bomb is very popular but this is just a great great palette this is the NYC individual eyes palette really pretty colors I would recommend this if you’re looking for a neutral palette palette or quad with a pop of purple just really / in instead of going through this entire drawer with you i’m just going to show you like this this is the Naked palette I’m going to be keeping that you have several several the wet and wild palettes that are my favorites a few Maybelline quads maybelline eyestudio you have a covergirl palette down there these I will be keeping I reach for these almost

every day to do a look round out the eyeshadow palettes I have this container here this portion holds all of my wet and wild chat eyeshadow palette I will be keeping each one of these they are hands-down my favorite eyeshadow in the drugstore and these I will never be getting rid of because they are all the these are the six pan pallets did that what while used to make one side is mad the other is shimmer I’m not sure why they got rid of these but the ones those of you that have it understand why those are so special here are two hours from the middle section I am going to get rid of both of these I just don’t reach for them I don’t really wear silver I’ll looks although i know that silver smokey eyes are really popular right now but i’m just going to be tossing these then a lot of Maybelline eye shadows and i am going to be tossing i won’t go through each one but the three pans are not my favorite and I I just prefer the four pants better although only 71 so I’m going to be getting rid of a lot of these this is an Avon High shadow palette it’s really pretty if I could get it open but not pigmented so I will be tossing this and this I’m going to be tossed on these three just because I don’t reach for these this is this is hard candies version of The Naked palette but very chalky ooh getting bad flashbacks natural palette so disappointing i love the colors in here but not pigmented at all except for the brown and if you only like one color of a palette then not a good sign this is the physician formula never like this so I just completely Maybelline quads and the one I am testing our this is enchanted forest and emerald smokes next up is the eyebrow kit that i am going to be tossing on if you keep be keeping these little brushes i came with it but i didn’t get this to work as a eyebrow product nor did i get it to work for eyeshadows so tossing that this is an elf brightening eye color quad in de tonight love this great dollar quad keeping that this is the rebel on molten mineral I just I’m gonna be tossing it don’t reach for it here is the L’Oreal traffic one way limited edition in the temperatures phase love these colors they’re just so beautiful so I will be keeping that here is another rub on quad this one is in the adventure is I do like the colors i’m going to be testing these out this is not attractive but i think these two were beautiful so i’ll be custom that cargo a quad beautiful colors but not picnic you I feel like I just finished a marathon so for the pallets I had 74 in total i am keeping 45 we’ll be testing 13 and tossing 16 which oh my goodness I am just apparently I’m pallet crazy and that’s definitely something i want to curb going forward and as I’ve said and I think almost every single video I want these numbers to go down it’s it’s crazy how many eyeshadows that I have and you heard me say a lot also that I don’t reach I like it but I don’t reach for it it’s just because there’s too many things and I realize that but I do love makeup and I’m not I’m never not going to be without makeup and it’s always going to be somewhat of a struggle to keep make myself in check I’ll have to remind myself it’s great that I’m putting these numbers down because it is really eye-opening and uh you know something that I need to go through because i did not realize i had this many eyeshadows and I know it seems that might seem really silly but just it’s just so crazy so I’m really happy I’m doing this the clutter declutter series i hope you guys are enjoying it and i want to keep on doing this in the future so yeah I hope you guys are all doing well and i’ll talk to you soon bye