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hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel my name is elizabeth and let’s go ahead and get started with this video so for today’s video i want to do a full face using all of my favorite products and yes i’m excited because it’s been a while since i’ve done my makeup i have been pretty distant on my youtube channel and my makeup page on instagram with work it’s been a little bit hard to stay on top of things but i’m working on it so let’s go ahead and get started normally before i even put on any makeup on my face i like to just protect my lips using the nyx bear with me it’s like a seed oil it’s like a lip conditioner i like to put it it’s literally like my first step every time i do my makeup i put it on my lips and by the time i’m done with everything else on my face and it’s time for me to put on lipstick it’s already like completely consumed into my lips so it just makes my lips feel extra soft and they look like very glossy throughout the whole video for my eyebrows today i’m using the nyx brow pencil in shade brunette and yeah i’m obsessed with this one i have it also with anastasia but obviously that’s like more expensive so lately i’ve been sticking with the one from nyx which is like 10 i believe i don’t know i get it on sale though so when it’s all still i’m definitely stuck up just use this to outline the the shape of my eyebrows and the shape of my eyebrows honestly varies so much like i don’t have an actual shape because they’re two totally different eyebrows and every time i do them it’s just different eyebrows coming out so i don’t really have a shape and it’s been like over a year since i’ve gotten my eyebrows threaded or waxed i just completely stopped going because i figured like i can just keep up with them myself like i plug them at home i try to get a shape out of them like the same shape but then i mean i don’t really stress when i don’t because if i don’t get like a good shape with it i’m like whatever i can just literally draw the shape i want so i just have to start off with like the ends of my eyebrow because once i know how the end of my eyebrows gonna look i can figure out how to make the front of it make it look like smoother so that’s why i start from back to front and everyone has like different routines of like doing their eyebrows i’ve watched so many videos where it’s just done completely different but this is the way that i felt more most comfortable doing it and it’s also like fast for me fast and efficient so and one of my eyebrows is thicker than the other one like which one is it this one is kind of thicker so this one i don’t put too much product on it because there’s already a lot going on with it and then the other one is like a little bit more um soft so i had i made a new routine where i just used my um brow pencil to do my eyebrows but since today i want to do like a full glam face i want everything to be a little bit more sharp and more defined so i’m gonna go ahead and dip into the dip brow pomade pomade i can’t say that word but in the shade medium brown and yep i use for this i do use the um brush that kind of fits with it the anastasia brush um number 14. so i have the other one i think it’s number 12 but i don’t know it’s too thick for me and i like it to be softer or something so yeah i just literally dip in there and i start with my left one when i’m filling them in when i’m making the shape i start with my right one but when i’m feeling i start with my left it’s just there’s honestly no valid reason to it that’s just how i started doing my eyebrows and then yep i just go ahead and i start filling things my eyebrows typically take me like five to ten minutes it really depends when i’m not recording my eyebrows are you like boom and i’m dumbo and then when i’m recording i start getting distracted so i start messing up and there i go trying to fix it with like concealer or trying to fill in any gaps i left out so yeah i just normally go in softly filling in the spots where i put the brow pencil and i normally do a touch up with the brown pencil as well after i’m done cutting them making sure they’re in shape concealer i use my favorite which is the nyx the nyx hd studio photogenic in um shade cw06 i believe the name of that shade is glow so name of the shade is glow i’ve been using this for who knows how long

now like many many many years it’s super cheap and affordable i believe i get this for like six dollars at ulta so and then they always have cells at ulta so i’m definitely always stocking up on them for my concealer brush i’ve been obsessed with the wet and wild brush i have no idea the name of it but i’ll try to find it and put it somewhere down below but i’ve been obsessed with it because it’s like it’s kind of like thick on the top i don’t even know how to i don’t even know why i like this brush for my concealer because i’ve used other brushes that are like a lot better and a lot more like efficient and actually shaped like like eyebrows the way i want them but i don’t know i’m just so comfortable with this brush and no matter what other brush i have this is the one i always end up going back to and it’s so old that you can barely see where it says wet and wild like i really had to look into it right now so i can really see it but yeah i’m probably gonna try to find another one of these but that’s gonna be kind of hard because i don’t know the name of him and i brought this maybe like a year and a half ago so it’s been with me for a long time it’s getting really old like i could really feel like the bristles are not really there anymore so so for me i just like putting my concealer in the bottom and in the top i know people like to put foundation in the top but i only do that if that’s all i’m doing for the day like if i’m just doing my eyebrows and i’ll put like a little bit of foundation but since i’m doing a full face if i’m just gonna cover the concealer anyways so it’s not really gonna be a big deal to me and then i just go in like this i only put in the concealer too close to my eyebrows because then sometimes it actually gets on my eyebrows and then i end up messing them up after i’m done doing my eyebrows i just lock them in with the nyx control freak um brow gel it’s transparent or translucent transparent that’s what it’s called it’s transparent so it’s very clear i just literally put it on and then they’re set for the whole day i don’t even need to put like a lot of product just a little bit that gets me through the day i like to start with my eyes and do my face at the end just in case i mess up something on my eyes i won’t affect if it won’t affect if i have like foundation or concealer whatever i have on my face already i use the nyx can’t stop won’t stop concealer in shade what’s up okay in shade light ivory i always choose like the whitish or like the lightest um concealer that i can find for my lids it’s just like a personal preference i feel like the lighter it is the more um color pops out on the eyeshadow whenever i’m doing something like simple or just going out for dinner or something i i just use um either the regular concealer that i use for my eyebrows or just um i just thought the word was it the eyelid primers like the jelly kind so for today’s video i’ll be using a palette called hello charmer that i got from my boxy charm i believe it was for the month of may i want to say i can’t really remember the month but yeah it just has i haven’t really used it i’ve touched a couple colors to see how good they are this one is beautiful i’m using that today i’ll be doing a look with spoiler cup of joe and charmer so yeah i’m debating if i want to use my elf eye tape because the look i’m going for i don’t think it really requires it but i don’t know i always think that and then i regret not using it all right i’m gonna use them so these were the elf tapes i was talking about in my first video they’re the pack is i think like three dollars and it comes with a lot of them like a lot of um panels with a bunch of strips and even then i don’t use the whole strip i like to cut them in half because they’re pretty long so yeah i just go ahead and cut them in half and then i place them where i feel like it’s best so i think for today’s like right here place it right there it’s always hard to get them like even like for some odd reason i can’t get things to be even on my eyes i think it’s like no no that’s too low something like that all right i think they’re even they’re not it’s fine i’m going to go in with my brush into spoiler and towards and an outer part so i want this kind of to be a soft i wanted to i want this to be soft on the outside but on the inside it’s going to have that pop of blue with that shade charmer so i feel very rusty right now i

literally haven’t done my makeup since i did my first video that was honestly like a month ago or so so i feel very rusty and i’m hoping everything goes fine with my morphe brush m456 anyways that shaded cup of joe and i’ll be putting those on the outer part so like very directly under where i started here to be putting it i’m literally just going in softly it’s a very small brush the reason why i chose it it’s because i want it to be very precise until certain area of my eye i don’t want it to go too much the top or too much or too low so i’ll be using a blending brush to make it all smooth out for now we’re just placing it right there i didn’t place too much on this side but it’s fine with my bh cosmetics blending brush number seven i’m just go in and start blending everything especially the edges make sure that they’re like blended out and smooth with the brush from morphe m124 i’m just going to go in with that very blue shimmer charmer on the palette i’m just going to go ahead and start placing it i’m not doing a cut crease with concealer this time i’m just going to go ahead and place it whoa i didn’t even spray on my brush and it’s like very out there already so i’m just gonna go ahead and line my lid accurately as i can i’m trying not to mess up i’m trying to do too much see my bh cosmetic brush number eight and going back in with that cup of joe shade this is more of a precise brush so i just wanted to stay in that very outside area of the blue do i want to do liner or no eyeliner sometimes i add eyeliner and i’m like hmm this probably gonna look better with no liner but i don’t know this one’s kind of like it’s kind of soft with a pop and i just feel like the liner will put it all together so we’re doing liner favorite eyeliner is wet and wild the mega liner it’s literally like jet black i think that’s what it’s called and so yeah it’s it’s just a liquid liner and i love the tip and it’s just so easy to work with like you have this big hand to just work with and the actual brush itself is pretty small so there’s like very little like place where you can make a mistake i do have an order that’s going out today for ulta because i want to stock up on some things and i also want to try out some new things there’s a new liner in there too that i added to my bag i don’t really use a mascara i just use a black lash primer which i got for my boxy charm this is from blank i’ve never heard of that brand but it came with it and i don’t know i just really like it i really i don’t really have any lashes so it just makes it look like i do for this video i’ll be using these lashes and style laura from easy eyelashes don’t forget to use code glow by ellie 10 for money off and make sure you keep up with their posts because they have like sales sometimes or just right now they’re planning a giveaway so always keep your eyes open for that so for lash glue i’ve had many different lash glues but the one i’ve been obsessed with lately it’s the one from duo it’s just the brush on adhesive with vitamins it i just like it when it has like that little actual brush so that i can easily apply on the lashes which i already did i’m just waiting for them to go ahead and dry down a little bit i don’t know how people i don’t have females can just like apply them with their fingers i can’t but for my face i like to apply this touch and soul glasses glossy skin balm because it just makes everything like sticky on my face and it also looks like my face is really hydrate hydrated so i just place it all over my face so before i apply concealer or even foundation i like to apply this um color correcting in the shade of peach

from la girl i’ll mostly just hear on my under eyes because they’re like really dark and this kind of corrects it doesn’t do it to perfection sometimes but it gets the idea i’m running out of it okay there we go just going with the beauty blender which this is kind of the one i always use for my color corrector you can really see i’ve cleaned it so many times and i can’t get rid of the stains but yeah so then i just go in i remember being in elementary school you know being like a little kid with like dark circles and i would always tell my mom how much i hated them because they were just always there like honestly from such a like young age they were just there but they’ve been getting worse as the years go go on like today i woke up and they were like very very vibrant i use the elf foundation i’ve been obsessed ever since i got it like two months ago two or three months ago and i used the shade sand but the crazy thing is i bought this online so i was kind of scared it was going to be my color so i got another one which on the chart is like a completely different like shade it’s shade buff but when i got them and i started you know i did half and half it’s the same shade it’s honestly the same shade and you look at them next to each other and they don’t look different there’s nothing different about these two shades that i can tell on my face or just on the outside so i don’t know i mean i’m not really mad at it it was like seven dollars and now i have two of them so when i run out of this one i have this one but it’s like i just don’t understand how on the chart and on the description they’re two totally different shades but i bought them and it’s the same shade like i’m not kidding when i say it’s the same shade i can put half and half of my face right now and no one can ever tell that it’s two different shades so today i’ll be going in with buff this is the same thing as sand and i’m running out of sand i don’t like applying it directly to my i feel like this is so much foundation why did i put so much foundation on my face right now all right yeah i looked so pale and it’s crazy because a couple weeks ago like two or three weeks ago was in naples and we went on a boat ride and then we went to the pool from the hotel so i hadn’t gotten a color to my face and my body but that color is gone because i can’t tan i don’t get tan i look pale all the time i used the one from from the physicians found formula in the shade sun kissed bronzer i want to try some different shades like some softer ones because this one if i apply too much it looks like i have too much going on morphe brush m m 405 it’s in very angled brush um i’m not sure if i’m supposed to be using it for bronzer but then again i don’t really use my brushes for what they’re stated to be for i don’t know i kind of just use whatever brush i feel like works better for that specific situation so i don’t know don’t judge so then i’m just going lightly at the end i work out from out to end i just realized i was supposed to put concealer on before putting on my bronzer i always forget my concealer for some odd reason i normally go with my tarte shape tape concealer for my under eyes since i already put my bronzer and i don’t really want to mess it up because i really like how i did it i’m just going to go in with my hd studio photogenic concealer from nyx i’m going to put a little bit because i already um oh this is in shade cw01 so it’s very similar to the one i use for my eyebrows and for my lids but this isn’t porcelain i have like four different kinds of concealers from the same brand because they’re all for something different so i’m just going to place a little bit down here because i already have color corrector and um foundation on so i don’t want nothing too crazy under my eyes going on because then they crease so then powder i use the maybelline fit me powder in shade 20 light medium um it’s not necessarily translucent it’s kind of more a bit more with like the shade that my skin is with my foundation because what i do is i don’t really like my under eyes to look white like very very white like it does right now so when my powder once i put it under it kind of gives it the color of my face so it sets it and with a color so then although i have a bunch of things going

on under my eyes it just looks natural it looks like i just put foundation on you know so i’m running out while that’s setting i go in with my blush i’ve been obsessed ever since i brought this blush i’ve been obsessed with it it’s from bh cosmetics it’s called the floor blush i got it for like three dollars so such a deal i use the very pink one it’s like a dual i use this very pink one it’s shimmery so i only use like very little bit like you’re about to see how little bit i use so i get my brush from morphe my e48 which like i said i’m not sure if this is a blush brush but i use it for that so so i literally just like dip boop and that’s it like that’s all i use for one time and then i uh because when i first got this i started using like more i actually dip like i wanted my other blushes and i had too much going on with my l.a girl ultimate eye which is like the regular eyeliner it’s in shade black it’s ultimate black i have this and i have the peach one of them um every time i do this though i end up either poking my eye or putting some inside my eye which hurts my contact so yeah i’m i’ve been trying to learn how to do that so i’m definitely not gonna be talking while i do it because that’s gonna distract me and i’m gonna go ahead start poking my eye or something i slightly poked my eye so i’m not going to touch it anymore whatever got on great whatever i didn’t oops and the lid just film and the eyeliner just morphe and 439 and i love this brush just to like really get that um extra powder off sometimes when i really want that powder to be on my face i’ll go ahead and like spray it and then i’ll just do this so that setting powder can be on my face like actually stay yeah so you see like my under eyes no longer look white they look like the rest of my like over here or over here looks like i just have foundation so technically my face stuff is ready i’m just going to go back in into that palette and touch up on that spoiler shade i’m gonna put a little bit of spoiler and cup of joe to like my bottom lash line so i’m just gonna go right directly below i’m gonna just kind of tap it on there because this um this has this probably has fallout and i don’t want it on my concealer it’s my favorite highlighter it’s the wet and wild highlighter powder it’s in shade golden flower crown and i’ve i love it and this is actually the second time i bought it the first time i had this pan empty this little brush this brush probably one of my um this is one of the brushes for my second brush first or second brush set so it’s been with me a long time and i just use that one first specifically my highlighting by my eyes and like up here let’s put a little bit up there a little bit over there go ahead and touch these inner corners here we go to set my face i use this morphe continuous settings mist it smells so good and i’m going with that same highlighter but i’ll be using the brush from bh cosmetics number five which is the highlighting brush i think and then just put a little bit because if i put too much it has it looks like i have too much going on i just put it like very lightly go ahead and touch up my nose up here good to go like it’s very soft but you can definitely tell it’s there since i have a lot going on on my face i don’t want to do too much for my lips but then again every time i say that i end up doing too much on my lips and also i don’t really have many lip products like i don’t know lips are not really my thing but it’s because i feel like i have big lips so when i put like lipstick on actually just look like ten times bigger so i don’t really like that sometimes i don’t know i’m going for something soft today but every time i see something

soft it ends up coming out like really crazy nyx lip pencil in shade brown my lip gloss in um iconic from iconic london this is shade nearly nude so it’s like the lip plumping gloss it burns but i don’t feel like it really pumps up my lips because but it’s probably because i already have like naturally big lips so surprisingly that was a very soft lip that i was looking for i got it on the first try sometimes it takes me like three tries to get my lips i want it and by the time i get it done like my lips are burning but i got it on the first try i feel like it just puts everything together so surprisingly i’m really i really like the look and how it came out although i felt like i wanted like a little bit of a softer eyeliner to it because you know i was going to add dramatic lashes but since i had a crazy eyeliner accident i just went ahead and added easier lashes for it but pretty satisfying thank you guys for watching today’s video i hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and then follow me on all my social medias which will be linked right down in the description box turn on your post notifications if you want to be notified every time i post new videos which will start being very very soon and often and yes i hope you guys have a great day you