HiPG #007 | S01 A Stroll At Night | CH07 [CC]

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HiPG #007 | S01 A Stroll At Night | CH07 [CC]

life-threatening danger monster to be slain this was what the stories of the age of monsters waxed about for centuries millennia even the three students were face-to-face with a hellhound a creature of terrifying power if not properly counted for joardyn chefs cotton himself into the dirt underneath the breadth of this beasts fiery more reefs catches her first glimpse of its red-eyes and crackling hot breath before leaping away from the cone of fire adrenaline high and an enemy on the field what a time to be alive you just hear like Scott just on the ground just going oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh boy oh [ __ ] it’s fine I’ve got some theories you see this hellhound before you disappear from your sight rhesus you are left to just hearing and sound alone what would you guys like to do I’m gonna immediately like Bach like go [ __ ] dog berserk like how you see a dog go berserk at someone who comes too close to a fence yeah yeah and try to basically get its attention on me cool um and with my movements I’m going to try and head in the direction of the media room perfect alrighty this thing just sees a big furry looking thing that it can rustle with and it’s just kind of like okay [ __ ] she wants some it snaps its jewel shot and emanates this sort of quiet growl before leaping after you clearing your guys’s bodies quite easily it it seems to be more entertained by the idea of bigger prey and you sprint off back towards Lee school I dragged Scott up by the lapel I’m like run you do that and Scott seems a bit shaken up like almost got fried immediately because he wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing and he’s sort of stumbling around a bit and it’s impedin your speed it’s at this point that you hear those heavy footfalls come closer to you and you’re taking it back at the site of a standing tiger is the best you can describe it to be and this thing has this just lower lioness ground it’s in its throat as it proceeds to pick up Scott by the scruff and follow after where Reese is headed off alright doesn’t seem to have any interest in you they’re still following them I’m still following it I’m gonna fully eat perfect you guys are heading off towards there Reese could I sense her have sight just give me a general what skill do you think this would be for you to have bearings on your weight back cuz if it’s site-based alone it would be perception at disadvantage to like avoid trees and [ __ ] yeah yeah oh [ __ ] that’s a good point it’s a really sad thing that duh that wolves are apparently not nocturnal so don’t have dark vision our dingoes just a second we’re doing some research here cuz I swear dingo as my nocturnal but maybe I’m wrong is a dingo nocturnal or not literally one of the questions some dinner is on nocturnal animals great but it depends on the climate mm-hmm so I’m gonna change that to is an Australian dingo nocturnal yeah from the prelim research we’ve got here look at DMD teaching us all new things they’re mostly nocturnal in warmer weather so Australia definitely buyable that you could have some dark vision dark vision I’ll tell you what since we’re both a bit new to this Australian if occasionally view 20 feet of duck vision which is enough for you to have a sense of where you’re going yeah I also like the idea of that maybe you’re just acclimating more to this form this is probably the longest you’ve been in a very predator based beast form so maybe it’s feeling a bit unnatural to you but the more you’re sticking to this the more you’re kind of like okay I’m getting a sense of this I like that fiction that you’re just kind of like adopting a couple more traits that’s how we’re gonna yeah do that so oh yeah hell

yeah I like that I like that a lot as you’re running this sense just kind of overcomes you and you realize that you’re feeling yet more and more confident in your abilities right now and it feels like you are just getting a real sense of your environment as you can place where everything is around you as you run yeah yeah yeah yeah I take it you continue your sprint you are on the run you’re a booking it and thanks to your heightened senses right now feeling much more confident in your ability in your beast form you are just egging it through the forest right now with ease I’m gonna say then instead of a perception check give me just a general dexterity yeah that’s a 15 15 perfect you’re leaping and bounding through the place with relative ease sir doing good yeah you guys are trying to keep pace but these things are making quite a bit of distance compared to you guys you have a feeling that if not carrying a cowering Scot right now this uh standing tiger probably could run a lot faster but doesn’t seem really interested in that right now Damon I could make a lot more distance but I’m gonna live in Scott with this thing so cool I have a theory as to who this lion person is I’ll let you know after you break from the treeline and book it towards the gate I presume mmm-hmm you know what do you do to kind of keep it at your heels I guess I turn around and I like I do sort of set up a like a posturing like like a pause in the yeah I came to like posture and keep its attention on me and then I’m gonna sort of like I guess back up to sort of faint that I’m like losing ground and sort of give it a false sense of confidence to I’ll allow you to put this under a performance or intimidation let’s go with intimidation all right cool that’s that’s 12 12 you’re kind of a little unnatural in your actions not really used to this kind of like you you’re trying to think in the moment just as you’re running you’re like running running running running okay stop stop all right gotta kind of gotta get it to follow me gonna get it to follow me and in this kind of like repetition of telling yourself what you’re trying to do you kind of come to the conclusion of right what our dingo patents when they’re and it’s in that like slight overthinking that it feels a little unnatural but this thing seems to be still taken by your actions and it tries to take a nip at you while it has a moment like it tries to close the distance get you steady boy that’s a 12-2 AC that does not hit 14 natural armor because beautiful this hellhound leaps out towards you trying to take the moment and you just leap out of the way before continuing your darting into the school grounds and this hellhound gives chase back with a Jordan and Scott and this standing Tiger person you are continue your run through and again make to the edge of the tree line you do see this little display put on by Reese and the hellhound leap out but probably feel like a small little fist bump moment when you see Reese just dodge out of the way of this thing and continue to run straight into the school it’s at this point that this tiger creature sees that you are at the edge of the line and looks to you before placing Scott down in front of you and just watches for what you do next you gather this creature just from looking at it is very intelligent and is absolutely trying to get a read of what you’re going to uh what your next move is so Scott can move now it’s got to stay with this thing this this tiger has placed him essentially in front of you and even though he’s cowering a little bit just because a lot has happened very suddenly you know what when he moves towards you to step away from this thing it doesn’t react right kind of just go straight to admin Scott looks to you and just I I feel like I should be helping or something we’ll be alright there are God’s around if you can send them out way that also helped okay okay where are you taking this thing we are going to kill it okay yeah yeah it cool that where am i sending the guards media media blog okay and then I break into my half like I do my like movement cutting action – just to get out nice nice and I’d like to think like that sort of running he has like the the Chris Evans Captain America run yeah yeah nice beautiful and for some reason I can think of I can taste the Siri the way to [ __ ] the moon as you are just bolting

through over these planes to catch up with your friend you do hear Scott behind you not nearly moving as fast but still trying to use his – to kind of do as he’s been told I think you glanced over your shoulder just when we hit this gate and you do see that this Tiger form is still watching you guys intently but as you enter into the gate seems to turn back into the treeline right Reese you were running this thing towards the media block you are the only one with a cell phone and you cannot text what is your plan oh yeah I was thinking about it I’m gonna how you’re gonna hell oh alright that was gonna be that’s that’s been my let’s be my solution for about five rounds I like it I like it alright do me a favor give me a charisma role just to see how present that is you know I mean mmm-hmm eight you’re a little out of breath and you’re not being it you’re not able to stop long enough to get a decent enough stance to do a full breath how so while you spit out a little bit of a it’s not nearly got the presence you were hoping for to carry over to the media building and you’re confident you’ll be there in the next round like in the next round you’ll be at the door of it oh you’re gonna stop Jordan I think you’re going to round around to where Reese is and having heard that little know where she is to kind of zero in and catch up you see this hellhound stop and it seems to be assessing like what your actions are going to be kind of waiting for your action to react okay what do you do I’m can I see Jordan yeah I’ll see you see him around around the corner okay I’m gonna look at him and I’m gonna like balk at him to try and be like and like motion my head towards the media block and then I’m going to try and do a circling motion with with the hellhound okay to sortin to sort of stall the hellhound you’ve brought its attention to Jordan however so I’m going to roll to see if it’s more interested in him nope it doesn’t give a [ __ ] it seems to be sort of a fix to you as you start this motion and it also again in turn replicates this sort of circling around Jordan are you going to run ahead yeah I’m gonna go to obviously the this corner probably where no would have been said I was gonna go straight to that corner and just scream for Noah sure alrighty you so much for not disturbing the students well media is not near the dorm media is not never door but man who you run into this building and head towards the area you expect knew it and screaming at his name to kind of alert him to the situation you see Noah duck a head out of a class window when he doesn’t see that there’s something behind you is just a bit like well outside now and I turn around run out okay you see him pick up a camera and leap out of the window to follow you Rhys things going to take a bite a bite at you 15 mm give me that damage it’s a nine nine damage yep move all right so we’re doing this down from 37 37 minus nine is 26 26 beautiful leaps out towards crunch to find purchase on one of your back legs that you weren’t expecting for it to leap for and it does a nice nasty crunch on your back leg ow mmm you kind of Yelp a little bit in surprise and in just pain but managed to tell you’re like a way before I can do anything else can I see these guys are they not there yet no they would have used their like dashing in to just get Noah’s attention so you haven’t seen anyone come out the door yet all right well I can’t delay this any longer to get it on tape so I’m gonna I’m gonna at least take my first bite of this thing all right okay that’s a 17 all right that’s six plus three which is nine this thing takes a bite at you and you take a bite back in turn also going for its back leg and it seems a bit surprised at your agility Jordan you round out the door seeing that Reese has taken a bite at this hellhound what do you do I’m gonna run straight at its leg and cut it alright thank you don’t [ __ ] me oh that’s a 23 and Brennan’s action hit with mother sword so 17 yep 11 plus 4 is 15 on the first right and 9 in the second this thing does not seem to have been prepared for what just happened and you sneak up on behind it while it’s distracted by Reese’s bite and you stop laying into the chest of this thing it Hal’s in pain and sort of rears back

away from the two of you Noah steps out quickly behind you and starts frantically setting up like a tripod and camera to get like one angle and you see he’s got like another camera strapped to him as well that he’s probably hoping to use so he’s going to set that up first you see this hellhound rear back and how in much more powerful than the one that you had attempted just before and when it finishes with that it starts to you you hear that sort of crackling coming up its throat again as it levels towards the two of you to let out a fire breath can I please get a deck saving for the both of you 15:15 oh there it is mmm plus it’s Texas posture yeah so forth so for as this thing releases this fire breath without the height difference from before you managed to roll out of the way but do take half damage from this yeah Reese you are kind of butted up against a wall that you weren’t expecting and lose your footing on way you can leap out of the way and take the full brunt of this you take 25 fire damage okay and Jordan you take 12 oh my you do some indoor nope nice I got one hit point left and I’m at half Oh delicious I really hope Noah’s getting this on tape nice good this thing sees the damage it has done and sort of has a renewed kind of energy and like lowers itself for another attack round and growls at you Reese what do you do cool are you within 5 feet of it I would say yeah you like even though it’s a tech save you haven’t liked chunk out of its excellent guess what this means I get pack tactics advantage oh okay which means that you get pack tactics which is the wolf has advantage on attack rolls against a creature if at least one of the wolf’s allies is within 5 feet of the creature and isn’t incapacitated nice sounds crisp alright take that bite bite that gypsies blood around for a bit like No yeah you see Noah who set up like one camera and is just sort of like ducking on I don’t know another angle and he seems to be rowing okay that’s good I’m gonna like Bach at the Bach at the hellhound and I’m gonna go for I’m gonna go for it snack cool that is well it’s +5 two hits so that’s a 14 that doesn’t hit oh this thing seems very prepared for your attack and just sort of side steps away from your leaping bite I think you were a bit distracted kind of looking out right now it’ll be like are you filming son and as such lose a bit of agility behind that bite alright and I’m gonna get away from the wall honestly but I am NOT going to provoke you’re just changing around again do not provoke yeah perfect gotcha fantastic what do you do my boy I’m also going to attack it I’m gonna as I’m attacking I’m gonna try and end around behind it so like if it tries to run out the way it came I’ll be there waiting for it gotcha it’s a 70 on the first one yep sneak attack and a 16 on the second to 6 1 so 9 plus 4 is 13 the first and another 9 on the second how do you wanna do this so I have one like slash up like you know how dogs in the back of their leg have that like thin area wears a lot of membrane I just slash at that to bring it down oh and that is jam the other one into its belly and push out Oh alrighty you embed your sword into this hearing the last yell to come out of this thing as the crackling that you could hear close up and it straight kind of dies out like like embers of a fire finally coming to cool and this thing lays still before you you guys have successfully defeated the hellhound and you guys have this quiet moment where you’re both probably a little out of breath you’re both a bit like oh ok we we just [ __ ] did that as you see this hellhound body is laid in front of you and that’s when the guys show up I think I’m gonna just trot over to Noah and as I’m going I’m gonna like D nice D transform and like I’m walking towards the cameras obviously I’m yeah you know I’m like did you get any of that you see he’s like Noah is just like looking at the camera and just like like nodding furiously like oh my god guys that was so oh my god guys I’m sorry oh I think I’ve got two angles on oh my god guys

this sort of this buzz and energy as he kind of really excitedly comes to you like oh my god like camera still in his hands just so impressed with what you guys have done nice and then unless unless sat in the forest you hear another howl a Hal echoing the one that you had heard from the hellhound just before you have a feeling that wasn’t the only one here and you have around to prepare yourself as you reckon that Hal is getting closer to you trying to find where its mate was I’m gonna put point to no I’m like keep rolling stay back also oh please tell me you do the cool superhero thing where you look at him you’re like keep rolling and just take your quarter stuff out and do it yeah a little twirl in your hand as you walk towards your wife j-jordan do you square up my dude yeah I square off and I’m like well I hope this one doesn’t breathe fire me or I’m [ __ ] hello lo Vincent here interrupting it possibly the west time no sorry y’all I’ll keep it brief but we got some people we want to thank thank you to our music providers Kevin McCloud PC triple-i and whites and for the timestamps and links of where they appear in this show please check out the transcriptions to the episode thank you to our patrons on patreon and to you the listener right now if you’re so inclined please consider giving us a rating or review or both if you’re feeling really splash on Apple podcasts and the like it really helps to boost the show if you’d like to shout us out on the socials we use the H I double p or h IP G hashtags lastly for any social links free bonus content or transcriptions find us at Harry’s in-progress podcast com that’s it for this very quick thang roll read I’ll catch you on the flip by do you want do you want healing sir it’d be nice okay well you know I’m gonna I’m gonna kill wind yeah you gain 1d8 plus my spell casting ability which is fools – all right let’s roll done dice nine you get a whole leg bite back pretty much I’m literally three from full you have this moment to prepare and in that moment you read the state of your your buddy here and you’re like hi ed give them a good old pat on the shoulder and you feel very rejuvenated by by that very energetic Pat you’re both running a little bit on high kind of like that adrenaline from what has just happened still staying with you as you prepare for what you expect to come and surely enough you see a hellhound bounding through the gate and making its way towards you guys it seems to stop when it sees its friend lifeless on the ground and keys in on the only two people there and growls very lowly what do you want to do I’m gonna Hal as a human oh nice who does that sound like Reese give me a second yeah she’s a try and get its attention obviously all right and I’m just getting to my ready stance nice gonna get again just intimidation okay well that’s a that’s a 1414 all right you’re getting more confident in this as you’re going and now that you’re out of beast form suddenly you do a better how than what you did in peaceful but to be fair you did not just finish running a marathon you’ve had like a moment to catch your breath and this thing it does it does kind of wait this thing sort of shifts its focus on to you first coolly Dooley’s mmm you two standing next to each other I take it yeah come on spread out a bit light give me that deck save [ __ ] 22 nice 5 reefs you see this thing coming you’re just like Oh [ __ ] and just don’t even take the reaction to move you’re just ready to take this attack full-on again and you you you know what it felt like last time and you’re like I don’t want me some of that and then you try your best to dodge out of the way you only take 10 damage Greece 20 I have four hit points live boy better get ready holy [ __ ] from behind you what do you guys do I’m like stay back cos long-range shoe data and I charge at it trying to keep his attention on me all right I’m gonna hit it go for it first hit dozen here the 12th mm-hmm and that’s for one oh boy I think you have the adrenaline the round before seeing that nasty hit and the fact that the realization of oh [ __ ] this is another one of these yeah it kind of gets to you a little bit and this thing’s pissed at you guys it knows what that you have had it’s friend how dozen you have killed its friend so it’s ready for battle and has no intention of stepping down it

jumps out of the way of your first attack and as you go to round around your second one I realize your knees weak palms are sweaty mom’s sphaghetti and you just skidder your short so it across the floor away from you alright Reese what do you do everything of mine is a radius type deal but I’m gonna kill wounds myself yeah all right let’s let’s roll the dice for that please you can yell at me I can like eight yeah but it’s a free action to talk you can prepare stuff by telling them to move away all right so I’m now at 12 hit points nice and I’m gonna shout out to you I’m gonna try a thing get out of the way beautiful this hellhound sees the two of you sort of here’s what you’re saying and assesses what is currently going around and goes to take a bite at you I’m sure I can smell the blood on my sword anyway I say yeah oh that’s a Miss that’s definitely a Miss it goes to snap at you but you’ve still got the remainder that adrenaline and you just duck out of the way like not interested in that damaged yarn I’m not about that life all right I’m gonna heat it that is an 18 and seeing as I lost my other weapon can I draw a dagger to hit it instead I’ll say you can draw the dagger but I’m not gonna allow the hit just because you have to draw in that case I hit it with that and part of my thing I hit it it can’t take opportunity attacks on me I’m gonna move away and draw the dagger oh I like that cool all right so kind of focusing in a little bit more like trying to calm yourself down in this situation you own it leap out at it and strike it it damaged please six to ten 14 damage nice you leap out and strike and it leaving a nice deep cut on its side before you kind of stop yourself from panicking and take the opportunity to step away from it while it’s yelping in pain and reach out to your back to pull out this dagger so you are again holding two weapons just so I know like 15 feet away 20 feet away about 120 perfect good you get about 20 feet away Reese you’re seeing this like okay good and you put aside your quota stuff for a second taking out your wand to focus your ability and it’s in that moment that both of you are a little startled by what you see Reese you didn’t see this research you’re entirely surprised by what you see so I’m so it probably stuns you for just a moment seemingly from out of nowhere but you see it coming from the gate the tire from before has taken a running pounce two more this hellhound and has successfully knocked into it knocking it prone and is currently now on top of this thing Reese what do you do the [ __ ] my plans you see this uh this this tiger this brilliantly white and black striped tiger roars in the face of this hellhound in a sort of intimidating display okay well well why can’t this ever work out um you see this creature as you’re thinking you see this creature like try to take like a claw attack at this but this hellhound is just wriggling from underneath and even though it’s not prone for the moment this tiger isn’t able to find purchase on any of its flesh fine I’m gonna do this I cast entangle okay for the audience grasping weeds and vines sprout from the ground and 20 foot square starting from a point within range for the duration these plants turn the ground in in the area into difficult terrain a creature in the area when you cast must succeed on a strength saving throw or be restrained by the entangling plants until the spell ends a creature restrained by the plants can use its action to make a strength check against just bail save DC on a success at freeze itself when the spell ends the conjurer plants willed away my DC would be 12 well this hellhound is prone and suddenly from between the concrete slabs you just see these vines piercing through the cracks and immediately start to wrap around and keep this thing pressed upon the ground it manages to kind of get onto it all of its falls again to sort of break free of it but makes no ground in this upon seeing this you see the tiger is aware of what’s happening and manages to take a step back and when the vines try to reach out for it just immediately breaks off the vines with its claws and with its own natural strength and prowess keep standing tall in the field now it be an egg one time to hit it as much as possible what do you do I do exactly that you get you get restrained advantage 19 on the first one yes’m and 20 on the second 8 damage on the first seven on the second I think you go in with the short sword and you actually find that the entangling vines are so

thick you’re not getting as deep into the creatures you want but thankfully the dagger allows you a lot more finesse and you manage to find a hole in the entanglement and just sync it straight in for most pretty much almost max damage for that yeah this thing yelps in pain unable to stop what is happening right now and it’s at this moment that the tiger from next year stands closer and also starts to lay into this thing whether it’s close its close with each couch it makes – sweeping klore attacks just like raking its claws along the back of this thing successfully finding perches and ripping off a considerable amount of fur this thing looks correct and it is yelping and its helpless and it’s just yelling at this point as it’s unable to stop what is happening to it it’s at this point that no is just kind of like again just really loudly from behind you guys holy [ __ ] as he’s getting a proper angle on this tiger that’s now standing as toll if not a little bit taller than Jordan as its laying into this thing once this tiger realizes that no is there and kind of clucks that you see you again see that intelligence in their eyes like they’re assessing the situation before they duck down onto all fours and make a sprint for the gate again so it’s half way half way towards that because I lost a bit of speed through the difficult terrain sort of like leaping around the vines do not get caught on anything and continues on its way Reese what do you do cool I’m gonna get closer and you’re just kind of like crack it with the quarter stock BAM no I’m gonna cast thorn whip Oh hmm it’s a really really useful can trip you create a long vine like whipped covered in thorns that lashes out at your command towards a creature in range make a melee spell attack against the target if the attack hits the creature takes one six piercing damage and if the creature is large or smaller you pull the creature up to ten feet close to you so 1919 wonderful roll damage one d66 how do you wanna do this oh really this thing is restrained yelping it is trying to get proper patches on all of its legs to kind of break out of this thing but it’s not really having much luck what are you doing alright oh well if that’s the case I’m gonna go around to its neck and then I’m just gonna lash its neck you let loose this thorn whip and it immediately entangles finding a small space between the entangling vines wraps around this thing’s neck and you give it one decisive tug which seems to completely cut off the Airways for this thing and it’s almost instantaneous it was barely on its last legs anyway and there’s just this moment of struggle before this piece just falls under the vines and there’s no movement there’s nothing oh boy imma go and collect that sword now nice ah and I just I think Rhys just like like looks really really wide-eyed and just like collapsed sits down Noah heads over to you guys and just sort of like as he’s coming over to you guys like gets like a kind of angle on the remainders of the hellhounds and he’s just looking at you to like you guys just [ __ ] did that like you guys Rhys is like we just like got hands like yeah I I’m very singed I don’t think that this uniforms gonna make it oh what color will each of their eyes red okay you’re red it’s the glint you saw off of any light that came up fire or otherwise red glints are interesting all right my wife’s I’m gonna just like go near the gate and look out to see what see what our tiger friend has done you look at and just give me a perception 17:18 alright with a 17 you see again along the tree line just like small like it’s it’s moving but it’s definitely on the edge of the tree line just this white first sort of being caught between these moments and you do see there is a pause as it seems to look back towards you guys and then diving further into the forest Noah is with you and it’s just kind of like like the [ __ ] tiger like what what is did you find that in the forest is that it is that a friend like what is that what are you gonna need to do my guy is cut that what cut it whatever you bank out of this make sure that’s not in it you just kind of like narrows his eyes at you guys alright now that I’m like not totally ready to do that but why it doesn’t like it it ran away as soon as a clock that you were here with [ __ ] cameras so [ __ ] cool yeah I know alright but for the archives Noah that’s what I mean don’t put it in publicly

shown stuff alright yeah alright guys I’m like really tired and coming off it have been adrenaline high I was a dingo for a while there I was just me but [ __ ] I also love that you got so much energy carry me home nah yeah sure at this point look guys oh my god any heads over to the other camera and finally sort of hit stop on that and you see him put these away in here in the bags that he has on him give me your phone oh right I give him your phone I ring up the principal he answers almost instantaneously hey so Jordan it’s done two hellhounds next the media bloke someone’s gonna need to get rid of that I think – interesting Scott he only told me about the one but well there’s a lot to unpack yeah we’ll send over the guards to clean up before they get there it consider me a traditionalist it was very common for Heroes to take trophies from beasts defeated before they go if you wanted to take hold of that you have a moment if that’s not your style will repurpose the materials for potions and spell making and such is actually good idea I’m so tired I know you are but if you could all head back to the office just for a quick debrief and also I suspect maybe some healing perhaps we can make sure you were all properly bandaged and ready for sleep don’t I go over and look at her [ __ ] fangs all right cool I was gonna do the same thing oh my god cute do you guys take like one Fang from like each other you’re the one we killed yeah I kill one you yeah yeah I like that you take like a Fang the the largest canine from the individual hellhound that you defeated and it’s yours it’s your little trophy so cool super cool you guys see ya very quickly gods round around they kind of assess and see the pins on your uniforms and the singeing and the blind is my leg bleeding because like a bit in the little [ __ ] well how about interpret if you have to hit zero before you turn back into form I don’t think so no interesting okay yeah so it’s like I said you feel that and it’s probably very uncomfortable to be like for the ideas of these guys be like we better check their badges like dude we just killed two hellhounds they probably could there’s enough of them yeah they see that you guys are pretty battle damaged and immediately offer you some potions of healing the three of you gather together and as you’re walking towards the principal’s office he sort of realizes like well I mean I was like barely a part of that I didn’t really do anything but you were then no you would like the third party objective truth kind of perspective sure I was rolling a history on that Tiger friends all right what’d you get 17 you are aware of some intelligent beast creatures I mean you guys did quite a considerable amount of research on beasts creatures you think on this for a moment because you’re like no this thing had practically human intelligence but it’s not like Reese Reese takes on a full beast eale form so it’s not a druid of any kind you mull on this while these two are having their conversation before you and you stop for a second and you look for the moon you’re like ah full moon cool well let the player decide what that noise as you continue your walk I mean undress already kind of spelled it out who knows who is them anybody could be they anybody could be they knew how to talk to you bisexual friend yes I totally have a theory as to whom it is nice oh yeah who come it shall I say it looks like keep it for another day keep it for after the debrief so ok you guys head back to the principal’s office you do see true to his word that Scott has delivered himself to the principal he looks very ashamed not on the guilty because I was caught but in me he genuinely seems put out by the trouble that he’s caused and you have a feeling he’s probably had the whole I’m not mad I’m just very disappointed in you chat from the principal because he seems like really dejected and when he sees you guys come in there’s this immediate sigh of relief that you guys are okay we just walk out damaged asses possum literally and it’s this conflicted feeling of you’re okay and then seeing that you are injured and again the gravity of the situation kind of really setting in and he just stays silent and continues to sit on like a single chair outside of the principal’s office as you three head on in you walk in and you see your

principal still in weka tire still seeming to be working through endless paperwork but he turns to the three of you and gives you a very broad smile and sort of pulls that back and goes I really should not be so contented at my students going into risky situations but I’m just so very proud of what you’ve accomplished two hellhounds to – oh wow thank you so feel young again I feel very young I’m sorry that I’m living so vigorously through you but we did have help as well going through the forest just as well this one took off after what turned out to be Scott and it took me off guard for a moment then I took off after and I noticed that I was being stalked through the trees by something revealed itself later on we were helped by a weretiger interesting hmm he seems to mull on this for a second like like he’s almost a little bit surprised by this information he just kind of notes to you anyone we might know sir no one that immediately comes to mind I’m aware of who’s enrolled here if anything I wasn’t expecting a tiger but that’s all I can really say it’s not very fair of me to give out medical records of our students so with respect even if I did know I couldn’t tell you please tell me Scots and journalist club now Jordan mr. Harris understand are you not contented enough in the fact that you defeated two hellhounds successfully with or without assistance and solve the mystery well did we solve the mystery though because the mystery was who was behind it in the first name I did it Scott he’s right outside I want to know what do you think crack it wide open knowing that there’s God assuming that he may or may not be part of the journals Club what do you think happened here I think someone messed up and then they used what they could to try and keep people away and to keep them safe interesting if he is part of the journalist club but Reese what do you think you know I’m not sure I think that Scott was doing his illusion experiments and he believes that he made them corporeal somehow hmm either he’s not as good as if magic as he thinks he is or something else took the image of what he was making and created themselves or perhaps those hellhounds were already lurking in the forest and maybe his illusion drew their attention but that wouldn’t explain why oh good the measures not done yeah I think that them either there’s some sort of rift to the nine hells that opened up temporarily and let them through and they were attracted by this illusion or that somehow his illusion became corporeal mr. bowl seems quite convinced of the fact that he made an illusion corporeal in my centuries of existence that doesn’t happen that doesn’t work like that an illusion is an illusion is an illusion as real as they may seem and as harmful as they can be they never truly take corporeal form no I think mr Harris is onto something when he says that there’s a bit more afoot here I am pleased to hear that you both believe that I’m getting a sense that you don’t think Scott did this with any immediate ill intent nope without any want to actually harm anyone which is wonderful to hear but I think perhaps someone has definitely capitalized on the misfortunes of others whomever this Zeke teman is in the journalist club I love I love the idea that George is just sitting there mouthing it’s totally Scott and know is just like side-eyeing you like is just like that little bit stepped forward like I can’t see you guys mouthing this off just wondering aloud but the principal sort of smiles at the three of you and just says rest assured that Zeke will receive no benefit from anything that is transpired here their achievements will essentially be stricken from any of their personal records and that will be that I’m satisfied mm-hmm it seems we still have some digging to do well it’s a good thing we have one of the most capable clubs here to take on that continued investigation I hope with of course the resources provided by this wonderful Academy that you all attend and a good sleep and a good night’s sleep sometimes an adventuring party isn’t perfectly balanced sometimes it’s a human druid a half-orc rogue a tiefling camerman an absent elven vice-president and a young dragon born Squire what that adventuring

party does need however is a drive an energy a motivation to quell the beasts to help the unfortunate and to solve the unknown as Reis Jordan and Noah consider the words of their principal they nod to each other in a shared agreement we’re on the case Oh will this be a lot of fun hosted by the Goethe Network home to some of the best brewed podcasts pull up a chair and join us