How to Pack for Disney World & Orlando, Florida – One Suitcase, Four Kids!

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How to Pack for Disney World & Orlando, Florida – One Suitcase, Four Kids!

(optimistic music) – Our family of six is getting ready to go on a two week adventure to Orlando, Florida We have a ton of exciting things planned, and we are doing it all with only one carry-on suitcase and five backpacks We are also bringing a car seat and a stroller If you watched our previous travel series on Europe, you might of noticed we did not bring a stroller, but instead brought an infant carrier and that was awesome for Europe because we did a lot of train transfers We were on small planes going to different countries a lot We were navigating areas that had a lot of stairs and cobblestones and things that really didn’t work well with a stroller, but this trip to Orlando is a little different because we’re going to be primarily in the same vacation rental home the whole time, and a lot of what we’ll be doing is going to amusement parks and things where a stroller really works best We’re also using a rental car this time, and I prefer to bring my own car seat It saves a little bit of money and I feel safest using the car seat that I picked out for my child That car seat will be for our almost two year old and then our five year old will be in this booster seat This is from a company called Mifold I love these little portable boosters It’s hard to even believe that these are car seats, but they really are So this is a booster seat It opens up like that and basically it brings the seatbelt down to where it should be on the child instead of bringing the child up to the seatbelt, and that’s why it can be so compact These are awesome, highly recommend And they save a ton of space This carry-on actually holds mostly shoes because I do try to keep our shoes to a minimum, but since we’ll be doing a bunch of different activities, I had to adjust this time and bring more shoes than I’d like to We have four children, ages 11, nine, five, and almost two and the three oldest kids will be carrying their own backpacks for the most part Sometimes our five year old falls apart and gives his to his dad Then we have this one roller carry-on, and my husband and I each have our own backpacks My husband and I usually take on the clothes and the little things that my two year old needs So, he doesn’t need a backpack One big tip that I have before you start anything is to make notes as you go So even when you think you don’t need to write it down, please write it down I like to make notes on my phone app, but you can also use a pen and paper You just have a chance of losing those things, and when you’re on the go, it’s nice to be able to pull up your phone and just have it there I know this might sound a little obvious, but seriously anytime that I know there’s something I’m gonna need to shop for, anything that needs to still go in a backpack, but I’m like, oh, I’ll look for that later or something like toothbrushes Put toothbrushes on your list now That’s the thing you always need to use the morning before So even if you’re totally packed, those toothbrushes don’t enter your bags until the morning of and it can get really hectic and it’s very easy for at least one kid or adult to forget their toothbrush This is the inside of our one carry-on suitcase One concern I already have is space to bring things home This does expand, but I don’t know if it still remains a carry-on when we do that So we might on our way home just have an extra bag or something and have a kid carrying it You can even use a trash bag because it’s a personal item Try not to worry too much about that A lot of times what we’ll do is we’ll have a shirt or something that does get irreparably stained or ruined while traveling and we typically replace that with a souvenir shirt, and that’s how we’re able to still take home souvenirs but not really add any extra space We have a little backpack that becomes about this size, so we have that extra bag that we could expand, and actually use as a backpack to bring things home So that’s our solution to that And then we just don’t get too much stuff While we were in Europe, for instance, the kids got little pins for each place that they went to instead of getting a giant souvenir It was a sweet memory and they got to pick it out and they had a lot of fun doing so and that worked just fine, and it saved some money too As you can see, there are a lot of shoes in here It feels like a lot to me (laughs) My daughter, Bailey, had a little bit of issues with her feet this year So we wanted to make sure to bring her some good walking shoes I have some dress shoes because I’ll be attending an event where I have to look a little more presentable than a day at Disney, and Bailey actually fits my shoes now So she’s going to borrow some of mine for that event as well So these particular shoes that I call my dress shoes are Tieks They actually can compact like that, but I don’t like that as much ’cause I feel like it stretches out the heel It’s supposed to be fine to do that, but that’s just my personal preference The reason I get these flats is because I can sometimes get plantar fasciitis These are the thickest flats that I could find, so they still offer a good amount of support They’re very expensive I put them on my birthday and Christmas list each year, and that’s how I’ve accumulated them, and I usually get gift cards to them

that I add up over time Parker wanted to bring water shoes A woman from the Etsy company ear cot sent me these really cute ears, so I bring those with us when we travel to Florida This is actually part of my toddler’s clothes So this is one of his packing cubes Everybody asked us in our last video, but this particular company is called Gonex We tried a couple of different brands, and so far I think this is my favorite You can get them on Amazon This, I think, a smaller size and then there’s a large which you’ll see in me and Christopher’s backpack I think Bailey and Jacob had the medium and it’s really the best size I think For our toddler we had to use two of these smaller ones We have swim diapers, so I just thought I’d bring some Hopefully we don’t have to buy more They’re just kind of expensive and I already had ’em We’ll be in Orlando so we’re packing kind of light I brought one sleeper that’s short-sleeved and the feet can roll up so there’s no feet I brought this little overall that’s really, really lightweight material that will dry quickly, and it goes with most of his shirts When I’m packing, I try to make sure that all of the pants go with all of the shirts, so that way it’s not a big deal if you don’t have the second half to your outfit You just swap it out for the other top or bottom I have one pair of jeans for him and some shorts and this is his dress shirt so he looks nice for that event This is a tank top, this is something Disney themed because we know we’ll be going to the Disney parks at some point So yeah, all this fits into this little packing cube Here it is a little nicer organized Let me show you how a packing cube works Basically there are two different sets of zippers You zip up the top regular zipper So it gets to be this size which could also be fine, but if you want it real small, you can compress it You just start zipping it around like this, and sometimes you just squish it and make sure that it doesn’t get caught in the zipper One thing you’ll have to be careful about when you’re compressing a lot of luggage is not going over with the weight limits Just to note, especially if you’re packing a very large suitcase and you’re just compressing everything there’s probably a big chance that you’ll go over on your weight limit, so be careful about that as well Here’s the finished product I love that they have these little handles especially in the kid’s backpacks ’cause we put ’em in the backpack, and then they can just slide it out So, I love that This is a really good company, I do like their products So also in our luggage we have our toiletry bag If you’re planning a trip to Florida or another tropical, humid environment one thing that I really learned was pack minimal makeup I tried last year to look all cute, and basically all of my foundation melted off my face, I kind of felt like a mess, but once I just embraced skipping the makeup and maybe putting on some mascara or something on my lips, it was just so much better The environment was much more suited to just not wear much makeup I really don’t recommend eye shadow or foundation or blush or too much on your skin, but if you really love wearing makeup, I would suggest a good mascara and something like a lip gloss that you like I personally love LipSense, I talk about it all the time It’s not for everybody, so make sure you try it out before you bet on it, but it’s a long-lasting lipstick that can’t come off It doesn’t come off when you’re drinking the drink or when you’re kissing your baby’s face It’s just really cool, so I like using that We’re trying for a baby right now, so I have a ton of prenatal vitamins and this I don’t always bring, but this is a few small shampoos and a baby shampoo and things to do my hair because I’ll be in Florida, I’m definitely gonna be embracing my naturally curly hair, so I brought leave-in conditioner and gel to help my curls along while I’m in that humid environment And make sure when you are bringing liquids that you’re following your own airline’s requirements I believe things usually have to be below 3.2 ounces in the United States, but that does vary, so be sure you look into that before you fly or you might be tossing some things at the airport This is my makeup for the entire trip I have foundation, a beauty blender, LipSense, blush, a little highlighter and some brushes The only reason I’m bringing the blush and the highlighter and the foundation is because I’ll be at that event Otherwise, this will be a lot less We have a couple prescription medicines in here My husband has his shaving setup He didn’t get a smaller deodorant in time for this trip Usually we would do that We have some Benadryl cream because I don’t know if we’ll be encountering mosquitoes or other bugs or just anything that could ’cause itchiness And then I also have this stain remover pen, little hair things that my daughter and I will share Here’s my mini deodorant We’ll be staying at a vacation rental that has a washer and dryer, but we have a few days at a hotel So just in case we also brought this little Draft packet It’s great for doing laundry in the sink I highly recommend one of these if you’re planning on doing any sort of backpacking trip or if you are at a place that doesn’t have a washer and dryer We have a hairbrush in here, and as I said before, we’re trying for a baby, so I have a bunch of cheapy pregnancy tests because I plan on testing while I’m away I didn’t wanna have to spend a lot of money on pregnancy tests because they cost a lot when you just buy them from the store This is because I’m a mom and this is my first aid kit It’s extreme It covers almost every scenario and yet every time we travel, it seems like we manage to find a new scenario that we haven’t planned for I have things like emergency I have these night time drinks that are really great,

and other little cold and flu drinks like just the sampling of each We use children’s melatonin for our kids, and I absolutely love it for when we’re adapting to a new time zone or just when the kids just can’t calm down ’cause they’re so excited that they’re at that hotel or wherever and they just can’t get to sleep, this really helps I actually usually break them in half, they’re kind of strong We have moleskin because we’ll be doing a lot of walking and you never know who’s gonna get a blister These I’ve never used, but I’ve always had on hand These are adhesive thermometers, so they’re just really tiny thermometer things that you can put on a baby This has band-aids and a Neosporin spray thing in it This is a variety of small Advil and Afrin and just other medications I also have a little aloe in here This is a really cool way to apply a small amount of sunscreen or sunscreen on the go, it’s a powder, and it goes on like that (laughs) And it’s also really nice because it doesn’t mess up your makeup So if you are wearing makeup and you wanna just put on an easy sunscreen, this is really cool This one’s called Colorescience and I got it on Amazon They are pretty expensive for looking this tiny, and I actually just realized that my aloe is too big to bring on a plane, so I just ditched it With this particular trip, our house is actually really close to a giant supermarket So we take solace in knowing that just about anything that we could not have or break or need will be at that store So I try not to stress too much about forgetting something or not bringing enough because in general in a lot of places you go to, especially in Orlando, you’re going to be able to replace whatever item you’re really, really feeling like you’re missing For example, we don’t like to pack a lot of diapers So we’ve got these ones and then my husband has a few on his carry-on So we can access them easily while we’re on the flight In general, we bring enough for the flight day and the first day and maybe a little extra, but we know that one of the first things we’re gonna do is buy diapers at the store We will also buy more wipes, more sunscreen, probably some aloe and any food items we’re gonna need for the week One more luxury item that I like to bring is an instant camera I bring a camera and some backup film and this way the kids can actually create scrapbooks while we’re there ’cause I found with us, if we don’t do it then, it just doesn’t get done This way the memories are fresh, it’s kind of exciting, it’s something for the kids to do if they need something to do So I use a little extra space and add an instant camera into my bag This is my backpack I have some easy to get to small, disposable trash bags This is my biggest mom hack for being on a flight with a bunch of small kids because I found in the past that I ended up underneath a giant pile of trash This way, I can put my trash in a bag, store it at my feet and I’m not stressing the whole time, like waiting for the person who comes and collects the trash or tracking that person down, being the annoying person thing like please take my trash They also work great at amusement parks, and in the car and a lot of various places So I highly recommend them I have my wallet here, sunglasses, this tiny little bag And this actually folds out to be a picnic blanket I don’t know if I’ll need it, but it’s so tiny that I was like maybe This, whoo! This is all of my clothing for two weeks I clearly have no problem wearing something multiple times So again, this is a Gonex compression cube It’s the larger size It’s kind of big and almost doesn’t fit in my backpack because it’s so square The rectangle medium sizes work a little bit better in backpacks I don’t wanna get into all of this, but basically I have four dresses, a pair of capri jeggings, a couple of t-shirts I’m wearing a tank top right now that I’ll be washing and wearing throughout underneath these t-shirts, and then I got this shirt My kind of heavier denim jeans I would recommend that most people wear shorts in Florida but I’m just not really that comfortable in shorts, I never have been So I’m wearing jeans and then I’ll probably mostly be wearing my dresses Oh, I also packed some bicycle shorts, and that’s for underneath my dresses because when you go to an amusement park that’s sweaty all day, sorry, this is a little TMI I find that my thighs rub against each other and it gets really uncomfortable So I always bring bike shorts and wear those underneath my dresses and I have some just really light and airy dresses that will work well for the amusement parks, and that’s probably what I’ll be wearing for that I also have two bathing suits and I think that it’s important to bring two bathing suits for each person when you’re going to a location like Florida or Hawaii or anywhere tropical where you’re really planning on swimming just about everyday So that’s kind of what we’re thinking We wanna make sure that we have a dry suit and a wet suit kind of available at all times I also have a light bathing suit cover up just ’cause I’m a little more comfortable in that The other kids don’t really have anything like that Bailey has a dress that she wears normally that’ll just go over her suit when she’s walking around, and the boys have swim shirts to protect their skin from the sun and then there’s underwear and stuff in here too, nothing too exciting but also not too much because we will be doing laundry, so four items max And really if you think that I’m bringing too little, just remember how much you packed for a trip last time and then how much you didn’t end up wearing I really try to look at the stuff

that we didn’t actually wear at the end of every trip because I think it’s really important to be aware of that, and then in back of the suitcase I also have my computer I don’t bring it on every trip, but I’ll be bringing it on this one This is Bailey’s backpack These are her clothes for the two weeks, and then it looks like she had some extra things that she added at the end, and again, that’s totally fine with me The kids are in charge of their own backpacks and whatever they’re gonna carry I help guide them with what clothes to bring, but then any other extra space they have, I’m like go for it Don’t overdo it, but they can add the activities that they think they’ll really need Bailey’s also bringing her Harry Potter wand I’m a little nervous it’s gonna get broken, but she really wants to use it at Universal All of us will be wearing these super lightweight jackets Florida’s really hot but it will downpour at random times so we wanted something that we could bring with us to amusement parks that could condense like a lot, but that would also have that really great rain protection So everybody has hoods and everybody has a lightweight jacket We found a bunch at an outlet, so we saved a lot of money there ’cause they’re really expensive normally This is North Face It appears that Bailey’s packed a bunch of colored pencils and a little notebook and these extreme dot to dots Our kids are really into these extreme dot to dots lately They look like that and all three of our bigger kids will just sit there and do these, so I’m really glad that she brought some of those and Bailey will actually color them in when she’s done as well So it doubles as a coloring book Bailey brought one JoJo bow that she says matches most of her clothes, we’ll see I don’t know, and then all of the kids brought a lanyard of trading pins for trading at the Disney parks They also pack their own snacks, so I gave them a little freedom there and the pockets are jam packed with all of these Larabars The kids packed their own headset so that they’ll for sure be able to listen to the movies that are on the flight and they also wanted to bring the ones that they know are comfortable for themselves already and we packed some of these bigger ones for Duncan as well as a headset splitter because he’s a lap sitting baby still, and that just means that he doesn’t have his own screen, so he doesn’t have his own headphone jack These are Bailey’s clothes Almost everything that I packed for the kids are quick dry and don’t wrinkle easily I think that’s really important Everything’s very lightweight One interesting piece that I’ll show you are these pants All three of the kids have some version of these pants They are very lightweight quick dry material and unzip at the knee and become shorts So they all have one of these, but these pants are fantastic I got them on Amazon, it was a little hard to get them, and the sizes were really weird So be careful when you’re ordering them I just couldn’t find them in any stores This particular brand is called White Sierra and Bailey’s wearing a medium and she would normally wear a child’s large I think Jacob might be an extra small and Parker in a extra, extra small The sizes are very off from our kid’s normal sizes So just be careful of that when ordering And then she has I think a total of maybe five outfits that are just mixed and match or a couple of jumpsuits that she’s wearing as well as the two swimsuits and her underwear Bailey used the same backpack that she used when in Europe It’s a lightweight fold down backpack that’s really great I told the boys they could kind of choose whatever backpack they wanted, they chose these ones They’re a little bit bulkier, but the straps have more padding So I’m hoping it all evens out This is Jacob, he’s nine years old He packed his headset as well as Duncan, our toddler’s headset This is his clothing bag I’m noticing he also put extra socks back here The main thing to note about the boy’s clothing is that they did bring enough outfits for four or five days, but they also have swimsuits and when you’re going to somewhere like Florida, a swimsuit kind of doubles as a day’s outfit because you’ll bring the swimsuit and the swim shirt and that’ll be all you wear for the day So always look out for things that will be doubling as an outfit and try not to over pack Let that compensate for the clothes This is an example of another brand of compression cube This one’s called Tripped It doesn’t have that ventilation as the other, and then the other thing that I found I don’t like about this one is that it only unzips halfway in the non-compression area So I kind of have to jam all the clothes in, and I don’t feel as organized when I’m doing that Jacob loves wearing shoes with socks So he packed a lot of socks, and he just has a few quick dry shirts, and then quick dry shorts and things This is a really cute quick dry short I got these at Target I think The brand’s Cat & Jack, so yeah But I really like these ones Jacob’s packed some tissues for himself and things like toothpaste and toothbrush He’s also the keeper of the gum We have some gum for when the kids ears start bothering them at take off and at landing for the flight So Jacob has all the gum Our son Parker is five years old Parker has his headset, his pens He has a journal and some pens, and he brought a little autograph book for the Disney characters, and he made sure to pack himself a ton of Larabars I really recommend to bring as many snacks as you can for the plane It takes up a lot of time when the kids are getting a little restless to eat So, just bring whatever they can to eat and I also am not opposed to spending the big bucks on the airline snacks I think we’re traveling on a plane that actually has some free snacks I don’t hesitate to buy the snacks and buy all the snacks ’cause I just want people happy

So, that’s how we have a happy flight We buy a lot of snacks, I got my trash bags, they’ve got their movies and that’s, that And then we don’t do many movies when we’re at the hotel or resort or a house We’re usually having too much fun and I just don’t like to introduce it because I feel like once you start with the movies then it’s all the kids wanna do So I find it easier to save movies for times of need like we’re on an airplane or when you really need to get something done like packing or whatever So Parker’s five and I feel like most five years old will be at the plane where they wanna bring something costume-y, something a little more fun So make sure you allow a little extra space for that Parker brought a sparkly jumpsuit because he doesn’t have a Disney character outfit that he really wants to wear, but you might have somebody who wants a Princess dress or some other character So bring that so you’re not buying it at the park and I think it’s just smart to be aware of the fact that you’re probably gonna want that for your little ones who are really passionate about the character and just playing pretend and stuff at that age I think it’s really a value to bring something like that So what we packed for Parker clothing wise is actually very similar to his siblings Aside from that additional dress up element – Alright, it’s my turn and my suitcase carries my stuff It also caries a lot of the backup stuff for the baby and all the electronics So it can get pretty heavy, but these Osprey backpacks that Jessica and I bought for Europe, they’re really, really good I highly recommend them They helped out a lot when we were in Europe I had this on my back every single day On the side here I’ve got a cup for baby snacks and on the other side I have a little tripod thing for a camera I have baby wipes and diapers up on the front I also have these plastic glasses I like when I go on a trip like this to not bring nice sunglasses, to just bring these cheapy sunglasses that can get broken I’ve actually super glued these back together before It’s not a huge deal if they get lost In the front part here, I have electronics I have some GoPro cameras ’cause we wanna get some footage underwater I’ve got all of our chargers We’ve got this really cool splitter that has five USB ports so we just plug this into the wall and we can charge everything all at once, and along with that I have all the cables for our watches and our phones and all of our electrical devices and I tried to get the smallest, shortest cables that I could of every single thing This is our phone cable and the reason I do this is it takes up less space, less weight in the bag and they don’t get tangled as easily So it’s really easy to pop ’em out and plug ’em in I have a hard drive to back up all of our footage These are more clothes for our toddler We like to keep some clothes really accessible just in case there’s an accident on the airplane and somebody spills something or whatever, I’ve got clothes for ’em right away and then in here I also have all of my clothes in one of these larger packs just like Jessica’s I packed very similar to our boys, and there’s a few quick dry shorts in here, one other button up shirt Everything’s short sleeved and some t-shirts I like the ankle sized socks because they take up less space and they go well with shorts which I’ll be wearing a lot while I’m there In the back here I have a computer, and then in terms of what I’m wearing onto the plane, I’m wearing one of the shirts that don’t compact as well as the other shirts that are in here I’m also wearing my jeans and I have some slip on Tom shoes which are great ’cause they kind of go with everything, but I don’t have to untie them to go through security Back to you, Jessica – So my last couple of tips are to always wear your biggest, bulkiest items onto the plane So I’ll be wearing my jacket and I’ve got my jeans and if you’re planning on just bringing anything sort of bigger or puffier, try to wear that onto the flight Sometimes I’m tempted to wear my sandals or my flats onto the flight so that they’re easier to take on and off during security, but it saves a lot of space in packing if you actually wear your bigger tennis shoes We also don’t pack any pajamas when we travel We just either sleep in underwear or we have a t-shirt and we’ll wear that We just don’t get too picky about pajamas For all other shoes, the kids are wearing crocs So we don’t travel to make a fashion statement, but I found that in general crocs on kids are really great for different weather conditions They can get wet and then they’ll dry off right away They slip on very easily They’re comfortable enough for the kids to wear all day So, they go to the store and they pick out whatever fun crocs they wanna wear I let them have a lot of freedom with that to just choose whatever they think is the most fun, and my final tip is to always take notes at the end of your trip Sit down and write down exactly what you did not use Write down what you absolutely needed but didn’t have I feel like having that is almost more valuable than making a plan beforehand because it really shows how your family functions and what your needs are when you’re traveling So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just learn from them We are all packed and about to head to the airport and I wanted to show you an example really quickly of what Parker is wearing Parker has his crocs on ’cause they don’t fit well in a suitcase, his bigger, bulkier pants and jacket You ready to go, dude? – Let’s go to Orlando, Florida! – [Jessica] Jacob’s wearing his bigger shoes with socks on, bulkier pants, gloves

that he insisted on getting (laughing) And this really cute Florida-esque shirt and his bigger jacket You ready, dude? – Yep, let’s go to Orlando, Florida – [Jessica] Bailey has her crocs, her cute jumpsuit on and a cardigan Bailey’s jacket is actually in her bag You ready? – Yeah, let’s go to Orlando, Florida! – Duncan’s wearing his crocs and jeans, and his really cute shirt with instructions on how to draw a dog Are you ready to go? (laughs) Thank you so much for watching We’re so excited to share our experiences in Orlando Make sure you check out those videos We’re gonna go on so many exciting adventures We can’t wait to share them with you, and you’re gonna get to see the areas where I made mistakes and what maybe I really needed to pack or how I packed exactly right (laughs) Let’s hope that happens Please subscribe to this channel It doesn’t cost anything, but you’ll be able to get notifications whenever we post a video and YouTube will help you to see the videos that we’re posting We’re going to have a video going up every single day for a couple of weeks and you’ll get to really experience this trip with us So make sure that you subscribe, thanks for watching (baby laughing) (upbeat music)