Loreal Infalible 24 hour Foundation & Powder 💙 Demo | First Impressions | GRWM | Wear test

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Loreal Infalible 24 hour Foundation & Powder 💙 Demo | First Impressions | GRWM | Wear test

hey guys it’s Renee so today’s video the lighting is really bad I’m actually in my bedroom and I don’t have like my professional lights and stuff so after I put my makeup on and everything I will go outside so you can see what it looks like in better lighting but I’m actually I’ve got quite a few products here that are quite new that I haven’t yet used so I did want to do a first impression demo of the new foundation I picked up from L’Oreal the infallible 24-hour foundation I have the shade 220 sand so I want to give this a go try it out throughout the day I’ll actually update and let you guys know how it’s wearing on my skin and what I think of it a few other products I’m going to be trying for the first time and sort of demoing them and showing you what they’re like I’ve also picked up a new concealer the NARS radiant creamy concealer in custard so I’ll be using that for the first time and I’ve also got a new bajwa lip gloss I picked up yesterday which I really love so I will be using that as well so I hope you guys enjoy this that’ll get ready with me the l’oreal foundation it does have a pump which i really like i am hoping this suits my skin i’ve heard a lot about this foundation so I’m definitely hoping it lasts nicely on my oily combination skin so I’m just going to use my Sigma f80 brush to apply it it has a funny scent I can’t think of what it reminds me of kind of kind of chemically in a way I don’t know it does blend in really nicely I have to say that and it does have really nice coverage I kind of feel like this one has a bit of a pink undertone to it but I’ll just apply the rest to this half of my face and I’m just gonna add a little bit of extra around my chin just to see how it layers because I do have some problem areas there so look it feels as though it’s dried really quickly it pretty much it doesn’t feel sticky whatsoever it feels like it’s sort of absorbed into my skin really nicely it’s layered incredibly well and the coverage is I would probably say it’s a full coverage I would be very much happy with this type of coverage I wouldn’t really need to put a second layer or anything I’m not sure about the color feel like it does look a little bit yellow so I’m not quite sure about that but you can definitely see it has covered a lot I have a lot of sunspots and everything under my eyes that’s covered nicely it’s covered my dark circles I’ve got some blemishes that looks like it’s covered really well yeah so I’m quite happy with it so far so I’m just going to finish off the other side of my face the texture of the foundation itself isn’t it’s not runny but it’s also not firm so it’s kind of just a medium formula I’d say it feels um quite thin as well like it doesn’t feel like a thick foundation on the skin like it slightly feels a bit watery as you first apply it and then as it dries it starts to feel like a powder which is strange because I don’t think I’ve really had any foundations that really quite feel like that so I just like to spend a bit of time just sort of blending it in then pushing it into my

skin make sure it’s all pushed in nicely feel like it’s blended really nicely it feels quite comfortable on the skin it definitely doesn’t feel as high coverage as how it looks this is the color 220 sand I think I think the color seems to be okay but I’m just gonna see if he oxidizes or not I do feel as though it has a bit of a pink undertone to it so I’m not quite sure how that’s gonna go with my skin because I have neutral undertones but I am sitting around an NW 30 at the moment eMac so I feel as though this is was probably the closest shade that I could find so I’ll just have to see if it oxidizes so I’m just gonna go ahead and apply some concealer with the NARS radiant creamy concealer in custard and I have actually used this concealer a couple times and I really like it I really love it on my skin I feel like it it has a beautiful finish finish it it blends really nicely it wears really nicely on my skin as well and I think I do actually prefer between this and the Mac Pro Longwear just put a bit of the excess on my blemishes here I do feel like with this concealer though you have to work fast because it does dry quite quickly so that’s why I tend to do one eye at a time because I think the first time I used it I applied on to both of my eyes and then around my face and by the time I went to blend it the streaks were a lot harder to sort of blend out but I really liked it and this is this is a really nice shade it doesn’t make my under eyes too bright so I’ve got my several fair under eye setting powder this is the one that has the concealer at the top which I don’t particularly like but the bottom has this under eye setting powder and I absolutely love this for under the eyes just to set the concealer on this is my favorite under eye setting powder brush Real Techniques setting brush it’s just the perfect size so I’m just gonna grab a bit of this powder I love this powder it is super thin and it stops that concealer from creasing which I just love and it doesn’t make the concealer look cakey which sometimes I find if I use like a face powder etdt um it kind of pushes into the concealer and it makes it look all sort of creased and cakey which I hate so I love that this one is so thin I really want to try a few of the under eye setting powders like the Laura Mercier and the bare minerals well rested so as soon as this is finished I’m gonna have to do invest in a nice one all righty I find if I set my under eyes nicely at the start of the day then it will last me until the end of the night which is good so as my face powder I actually picked this one up yesterday this matches the foundation and it’s the L’Oreal infallible Howard ah and I picked up the color 225 beige so this one looks like really nice packaging I feel like they look really quite nice now I will powder my face because I always powder my face and it will give me a realistic idea of how this how this lasts on my skin so if you’re the type of person that gets sort of oily skin then you know this is typically how you would wear the foundation so that’s what I’m going to do and I don’t use much I just use this big powder brush from Youngblood it’s a super powder and I just use a tiny little bit just to basically set everything in place and to be honest the foundation feels a bit powdery so you probably wouldn’t even need to do this step but I prefer the look of it and how it lasts on my skin using a powder so I’m going to I don’t mind that powder

I’ve only used it I used a tiny little bit of it yesterday so this will be the first day really using it so I am looking forward to seeing how that lasts now I’m going to bronze up my face so I’m going to use my Mac bronzer this is the bronzing powder in refined golden and this was from the Mac alluring Aquatics collection then I’ve got my Mac 129 brush I always use this for bronzer I love using it for blush too it’s just the perfect size brush for distributing the product one thing I have to say and I’m not sure if it’s the foundation or the powder but I feel like the bronzer is hard to blend like it’s quite patchy I don’t know why yeah that’s a bit annoying it just it feels like it doesn’t blend nicely over the top like I don’t know if you guys can see here I feel like it’s incredibly patchy and I can’t smooth it out even all along here too and when I use like my covergirl outlast stay fabulous and I mean I’m so used to using the Australis fresh and flawless powder but I don’t find I ever have this problem so that’s just a bit annoying I really don’t like how that looks sorry I’m just gonna go weed to powder again and I’m just gonna try and blend these pots out yeah I don’t know I’m not having much luck there I’m really surprised that that looks so horrible I don’t understand why I was really expecting to absolutely love this so I’m just a bit surprised at the moment but nevertheless this is a first impression sometimes you have to work with a product a few times to sort of really get the hang of it so I’ve just got some clear brow gel from essence I’ll just put this through my brows I think I say this every single video that I really need to get my brows waxed sometimes I feel like it’s good not to get your brows waxed too frequently because sometimes I kind of feel like the more frequently I go they just make my brows smaller and smaller and smaller and yeah I prefer fuller brows so sometimes I like to wait as long as possible before I go again okay so I’m going to go with eyes I’ve got the Mac clear not clear the Mac Paint Pot in painterly I’m well and truly off my game with this video hopefully it will all come together so the Mac Paint Pot in painterly and then I’ve got the Sigma precision round P 82 brush and I’m just gonna use this as an eyeshadow base this just helps my eyeshadows last all day and all night and it stops them from creasing which is nice I actually really need to put my little Paint Pot in the microwave I’m actually thinking of doing this before my next project pan update microwaving this and then pushing all the product completely flat because I feel like it’s slightly dry and it makes it a bit difficult to apply on the eyes so yeah I think you only need to put them in the microwave for like 10 second teed long at all really I love this firebase though I would buy this again once it’s finished I feel like I’m doing this all out of whack because I’m just so confused alright so I’m going to use my Cinderella palette to the new Mac one this is called stroke of midnight I have been using this pretty much every single day since I’ve had it and I absolutely love it I love all the shades I’ve used every single shade as well which

normally doesn’t happen too often with some Mac pellets and the quality of them all are really nice too so that I’ve just got my Sigma mrs. bunny a 55 shader brush and I’ve just taken this whitish cream shade this is proof I think flow no not floof our vapor and I’m just gonna apply that over the whole lid our tests huge once it’s called all over shadow brush with the same shade and then just messily lend that around I might go in with satin taupe this shade here and just use this as a lead shade so I’m just gonna go over the whole lid and I will blend it you know a second and this is their Real Techniques shading brush as well I find this is really nice to apply my lip shades the elf blending I brush and I’m actually gonna go in between these two shades and this is Amiga inquiry so I kind of just go back and forth and then I use that to blend out the crease I don’t bring it up too high but I just focus that on that crease area and blending out the satin taupe shade I just got a Mac 219 and I’m gonna go into floof which is just a really nice very shimmery champagne e-type white put that on the inner corners the part that I always freak out about the Maybelline master precise eyeliner I need to use this and see how it goes I picked this up in the 40% off Priceline sale I’ve heard a lot about this so alright okay I can get this on I’m pretty impressed so far that I’ve actually been able to do a tiny little line and um I love how pigmented these– is I feel like you um I don’t know if I can talk while I’m doing this I feel like you don’t have to press hard it’s really easy to build up the liner so far so good not bad okay so this is the first time I’ve used a pen to do a winged eyeliner look now it’s always hard with my eyes because I have hooded eyes so wind eyeliner never quite turns out quite like it should so just bear that in mind I feel like I did an alright job they’re not too bad I kind of messed this wing up a bit but I’m gonna just go in with a q-tip and some concealer fix that up and I it’s probably the first time I’ve been

able to actually do a line that thin I’ve never been able to accomplish that and also get the liner right in close to the inner part there love that and really easy to use and I am as you can tell I’m not the best with liner but it came out really quite well so I’m really quite impressed with this so I feel like once you get the hang of how to use it and what type of line eye you need to do and focus on yeah I think it’s really good so I will fix this up and I’ll be right back alright so I’ve just rubbed off that end with some makeup remover and a q-tip I’ve just added some extra powder in I shadow there’s always one that never quite works right I am going to go in with this darker shade here in the palette which is stroke of midnight and then just like a little essence brush and I’m just gonna run that slightly through the outside part of the crease just to darken it up slightly I feel like I’m going to eyeliner I stopped breathing and yeah I have a lot of trouble with that mascara okay so I’ve got my essence get big lashes mascara all right so that is mascara done hopefully my camera doesn’t turn off because it is blinking at me just gonna apply some of the L’Oreal the blush in Rosewood again this is another new item I haven’t yet used I picked this up in the Priceline 40% off sale it’s a really nice color I wasn’t sure how this was going to look with the eyes but it actually um it looks really pretty on the skin I’m very pigmented which is awesome then I’ve got my new Physicians Formula powder palette mineral glow pills in beige pearl and I’m just gonna use this as a highlighter with my Ecotools fan brush holy moly Wow dad is so glittery that is just so glittery I’m gonna have to show you guys outside in the Sun so that is very very quite shimmery it’s funny because when I had originally purchased this and even when I had hold it I actually remember saying that I thought that this would have an overspray because I thought it looked like you know that type of glitter eeschema that once you worked through it it would get rid of it and you wouldn’t have that glitter enos but I don’t think there is it it doesn’t look like there is so for you guys have this can you let me know because I definitely will make sure to use a lighter hand that is for long it looks beautiful I don’t know it’s definitely more of an a going-out type um highlight box it’s very very full on what I’m actually gonna do in the art is I’m gonna go back in with my bronzer and just this little mac angled brush and I’m just going to do a little bit of contouring just up my cheeks just where it was a bit patchy who might this side is still a little bit patchy but it looks better than what it did all right all right so that’s done now I need to do my lips I might

actually mix too so I’ve got my are born lipgloss this is in posh chic I love this I’ve had this for ages and it’s starting to wear the label on it but it’s just a really pretty like a very natural pinky shade and it’s just got some nice pretty shimmer shimmer through it but this looks really nice on the lips and it lasts really beautifully too hopefully if at all if it’s going to focus for me there we go so yeah just a really nice pretty pink and it’s not sticky which I love and I’m just gonna add a little bit of this lip gloss it’s the bourgeois 3d effect gloss balm action moisture eight hours in 33 brawn poetic and it’s this really pretty very shimmery lip gloss I picked this up yesterday because I left accidentally left all my makeup at home so I went out on my lunch break and picked this up because I couldn’t I couldn’t last the whole day without a lip gloss but I really love the color of it because it’s kind of like a nudey a nudey pink it feels beautiful on the lips and it lasts hours and hours and it’s got a tiny little brush so it’s like the perfect size for sort of distributing exactly how much product you want which I really love because sometimes like say ones like this I feel like you don’t really have much of a choice where you’re putting the product and how much you’re placing down the Chuck can find a little bit annoying so yes I really like that and it looks really nice and pretty and shimmery so I think that is my face done now I’m gonna go outside and show you guys how it looks I feel like it has oxidized a little bit I am tan so I just I still feel like it looks a little bit too dark but and also a little bit pink but I’ll go outside and and I’ll show you guys what it looks like this is pretty much in that natural daylight so I’m not sure how well everything is going to show up you can see I’ve got some really really crazy highlighter happening give you a closer look on my liner Foundation match it’s still very hard to see in the viewfinder but I do feel like my face does look a little bit too dark but I’m not sure I’m just gonna have to see how it sort of lasts and how it looks as the day goes on I don’t mind it so far I feel like I was able to blend out a bit of the patchiness that was sort of around my cheeks and yeah I’ll just have to see how it lasts throughout the day so alright so it is 20 past 1 at the moment I’ll update you guys in a few hours and let you know how it’s wearing and what I think of it alright guys so just for my first chicken it is just after 4:30 so it has been a little bit over 3 hours I haven’t touched up whatsoever and I have to say I am a little bit shiny you can see on my chin a little bit on my nose and sort of around my forehead I did put a lot of highlighter on so you know you can ignore those areas but my t-zone especially my chin is pretty bad other than that I feel as though the foundation has held up quite nicely it doesn’t look like it’s gone back to you or anything I don’t feel as though it has oxidized anymore it is quite comfortable I definitely feel like I want to touch up but I’m purely not going to so I have had lunch I have actually been baking I made some brownies so I’ve been near the oven but if I don’t touch up this is typically what my skin does so I will end up checking back in in a few hours time and I will let you know how my foundation is wearing I’m here with another check in so it is now 7 o’clock

so it has been almost three hours since my last check-in and it’s been almost six hours since I’ve had the foundation on and you can see I look very oily now I you know as I’ve been saying forget about the highlighter but all the T zone is just doesn’t look good so I’m actually going to touch up I’m going to use the same powder as I did earlier the infallible powder I’m just going to touch up those areas and then I will check in later on and see how it’s holding up I have to say though other than the oiliness there’s no patchiness whatsoever so I’m just gonna see how this goes with the touching up so you can see there the powder is definitely working it’s not gotten on cakey whatsoever it’s not moving the foundation or sticking to it it’s just sort of getting rid of that shine so you can see that the UM you know with a bit of a touch-up it definitely helps get rid of that sort of that shine you only want that sort of shine where it looks nice definitely not anywhere in the t-zone so I think there’s a touch-up powder it has worked really nicely and it has it has lasted really nicely up to this point to be honest with you I would probably never ever go this long without having touched up so in a normal wear to be honest I actually find this to be really nice so far so even though it did come across quite shiny looking um I’m still really happy even up to this point you can still see my blush my dog keeps moving the tripod you can still see the blush the bronze are obviously you can see that highlight that I put there now that I have touched up I will check in later on tonight and and see how it holds up so it is seven o’clock now and I will check back even soon hey guys so it is now quarter past nine so it has been now eight hours since I put this makeup this foundation combination on in the last update I did actually do a bit of touch-up with powder for the most part it has held up but I definitely feel as though I have gotten quite oily again and I think for me the biggest sort of wonder about this type of foundation and the powder is I didn’t really go out I didn’t really leave the house I only sort of stuck around the house and cleaned and cooked and things like that so I didn’t really do a whole lot in order to get my face to be this oily so I’m not entirely sure about that now we the foundation itself it does say that it has 24-hour just applied finish 24-hour flawless complexion no transfer no visible imperfections no visible shine no dry out no mask effect that says it’s a hydrating Xtreme hold pigment for optimum comfort so I mean to be honest with a lot of my other foundations I don’t find that I really get this oily I’m really not this shiny I mean you can even see on my chin like it just it feels really Whaley so for this to say that it has you know no visible shine maybe in the first hour or two from wearing it but yeah apart from the shine factor I do have to say that it’s lasted beautifully in the fact that it hasn’t separated it hasn’t come away from my nose so in a lot of my other foundations I tend to go really quite patchy around my nose I tend to go a bit patchy around my chin and that hasn’t happened it also isn’t separating or breaking down around my nose even though I’m oily so it hasn’t done that which is really nice it still held my blush my bronzer might highlight really

nicely in terms of how it looks – the shine it looks beautiful if you had dry skin I think it would be just perfect I think for me the only way that I could really last happily with using this type of foundation would be to touch up every couple of hours but I have to say you know in terms of how it looks for as long as I’ve had it on it still looks really nice you know there’s no patchiness it hasn’t come off anywhere you know it hasn’t smudged it hasn’t direct none of that so yeah so I have to say I I think this is a foundation that you know I’ve tested this out I’ve only touched up once throughout the whole day which I normally never do it’s something that I have to try on again until I can make up my mind with what I think of it now in terms of the color indeed use 220 sand now I wasn’t worried that it was going to be a little bit too pink on my skin I don’t mind it and I could definitely wear it but I still do feel as though it is a little bit pink compared to my body so so I hope you guys enjoyed watching my wear test with the l’oreal infallible foundation and the powder i hope this was useful if you’re thinking of picking picking these up if you have tried these out definitely let me know what you think about it and what shade you use thank you again for watching please subscribe and I’ll see you soon bye