Makeup tutorial for Missweird

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Makeup tutorial for Missweird

gucci their infinite value on this video tutorial or miss weird now absent Rebecca by bc bo the Hydra pretoria hard to find a link for video to try and post in the comment or don’t comment but the info box basically look like a warm purpley that brown I look which so this is the part of the camera true that you can see this if I’m simple liner in the bottom part yeah staring at the park pale although can do to any skin sites or told a burrito on Kamino instead of hit cheek and then what I will do the end part of it so I want to do the side of this tutorial off of this one now please excuse my camera is terrible and I had a little bitter mineral side of me which you can see that miss queen anyway so first of all I’m going to a quick rundown of the makeup that i’m using now personally I don’t really like where a foundation because while I’m packing the car on my skin is so pale um I haven’t looked dry skin and there’s a quite groggy in that so i prefer cute a BB cream or I’ll just not concealer and powder but he became i like to use which I Motley Pihl on tonight but you know you found music is the Garnier skin naturals miracle skin corrector daily all in one easy now this is the light shade they had and basically they have commissioned by its mother moisturizer good next computer wise so I have several which you can use both or waffles off they’re good I have the power stick correct correct they’re by NYC like that i also have for a Europe is anyone in Europe it’s BS love you and I have the number 17 range hide away from degrees in light so adding sleeves they all work pretty well powder foundation I am going to use clutches 2000 cheerless powder in turn to that’s what’s wrong if you’d had this um blusher I am unique part of a pretty pink collection which comes that breaks in like this so patent videos and it we kept it um it from the compartment like this multivan there I shadows there I think that’s a better karma I know the eyelid i’m going to use is the bt UK liquid editor um mascara is the sandal I subscribe I remote and power the variable London it’s there you think old Pope the IT why don’t we do or what I’m going to use color works lip gloss there’s just a general budget but at the cost how one knee perfect are so that fit under here wonder your eyebrows men’s already filled in I use the Rimmel London brow pencil special one it’s in there 0 to handle your licks rush to look super I got some time dealers this in Russian players which step hopeful so let’s start with the first of all these foundations go ahead and do a simple feel you driving face it he recover nicely then we will go on to conceal it and I’m going to use the yellow one which you get in your it anywhere else I’m not for sure so first of all you want to throw the air like a big blemish here just tie off your damn it on and packed convict you pot decent is the

cream base with the effect creating it’ll heat up and it will start to know merging skin Cleveland now no consumer ever used covers completely but it will do a good job then I’m going to the powder left eye drops its edge goofy pop I lose personally I step it up and down to open it give it a little fat so you get some impossible it see now for this and keep as you can by brush I got this in Avon cosmetics part of set and that got me a fiver you know cheap ass looks good good just stab it in and just go all over face I went over both sides just kind of get coverage one you know sleeping in well ground motions and finds good if you’re right information what happens I’ll deerskin like this the old Kate Plus 8 love our painter so make up to the like painting you want a nice to the convent fear paint meister fancy but it’s experiences using the foundation dabbing here but i do just enough to keep it down make sure you’re all colors because oily skin was kind of loop isn’t so great no a bit of shine slice but oil in sofia school all over I mean because when you put it back together because you know it does go to like my scarf is up covered that’s not good next are going on to cheek now look that I was given I’m spirit was very like I which there is being awesome so I would go for quite a go for a more red tone of blusher or winter we call it like Idol of our pinky colors but a nice red tone get a browser it’s quite nice now a car going to do some pretty pink now it’s the middle color and the heck are much harder but it’s a mid-tone red color I had a Browns do it but slightly pinky but it’s more red now for that I believe some butter blush now this I got in a drugstore and I’m sure you can get it ended and I were basically asking unless I’ve heard from target America so you know its cost me 16 getting it was in the works country so go do push-ups now notes of quotes to leave but pops out with a vertical sweet now he wants for more Gobert quite defined also depending on your face shape you know different areas look better personally I found a book out while I oval-shaped face I prefer to put it on this line here your cheekbone line but it cuts plus you’re off of your cheeky smile your apple chips please that at your apples sit on their lap last great I find better come or oval I feel line just up a nice color I’d love to darn it nice and rough then I go on to start and get my eyes ready now personally primers your eyes and waste of money you know you can do the same with concealers now are going to use the the NYC concealer which it comes like this time I white book shining an innocent now you can tell you’ve got a lot lipstick your little finger just rub it in let’s go a little wrong on use my camera died didn’t keep her getting it wrong round you know you’re all over your eyes so it’s creamy base just get I nice and ready through on your eyeshadow which house it last longer because you went to last all they

could go around or if our night out next and go on to doing my eye makeup brush oh it’s going really good today as you can tell so are these your fingers now it’s perfect about that I makeup brush you know I would use that but mine seem to run away it sounds quite enjoy now first of all I’m going for a beige color well that’s all right well tell them your skin tones are really pale I would go for more veggie tones like if you see these sounds like here where your Browns and if you’re more time I would go for the tank utilities personally I prefer paint solitude feel penned the echoes feel calm so here the fingers just think you should give your fingers in the treatment makeup and yes yeah don’t you know so how do the people i put a base sort of trimmer in to get quite high engines in your eye is kind of a line goes on to your eye socket put all that going back okay did you have that over a dark brown i’m using this call here and this is our brand or your makeup you know it doesn’t really matter these cheap stuff or that’s good and going out the corner you just wait i just plugged in your makeup with the favorites it was on that I like an old farmer so you can keep partner one sweet saying I’m ready that’s quite a world will loose you know but what’s more fun so here’s the 11 bring it in no and my move edge you look quite harsh line you look a bit more like Morticia Addams so for that one and only then I go a little darker and shape and all the time go to top the outside corner all your inside coat run the line down so right now you’re starting to get quite a nice sort of Bates tone see the colored really bad I’m sorry do you have your base color now that sounds given an example is quite possible and that is my camera leave out and smoke look Brown you can tickle a but they are doing people they’ll anything could impact the exit Brown you know I don’t believe I have money I love these macs and next and all but never browns and I would like to do it so use to bronze color or leaving is this purple here that in the end I probably want to you real it actually might a colorful as long as you have purple II told the DIY let’s get dark mode anything and again sweet the authority try to have dr. Ronnie party looks google now remember makeup all about trial or I could spend hours tops I wake up and still we’d be right you know the used counties will learn won’t work what does it work you know and always start light and build up your colors my only tip and all that paint I think you told you sounds like a little bit to create the middle bit it was great because outshine

me open your eyes and you can you know he’s watching to college can brownie colors go with a pain that green means the variations are limitless now the part can be trusted this is part by week a liquid liner a lot of people quite sure use it because it female face but go for it it’s good come now for its part which is in there that’s know what I call a driver that yep apart besides know basically you start me Oh side corner you just draw he keep your lying want to keep can get your understudy as possible it will fit inside corner infant line now and compete if I curve slightly so the check is on the corner draw a line up toward your eyebrow complete and take the lid in sleep in so even I’m tab Louis I’ll painter so you know keep trying and I really lost but I the wonky yeah but personally having a better difference and honor is quite more interesting that way great so almost mascara now it’s not about way bigger some people you know all of it it was they’ll put our email well nobody’s in time I protect me I open and I just you can see the excavator black tunnel dominance oh god no so it’s like this is what happens we climbed in them ah hello if you want to quite weird secrets don’t stay tuned oh seriously how difficult or bad grab food is also a new do next part it / the bottom ones i had rubber the face anime crew races yep just talk about quick what am I gonna do some cleaner little cool liner it can be any type of liner you want to use I personally this manual for the darker color you can find now for this part undo your wanna quit thinking is which I need it pencil up

it makes much a little but salty I love it you want to get away like that the next part is new in this parable and they can be long well I first learned that make up my friend number she said the rates Beth lashes about go false concept players and I thought oh my god six layers but it’s true a lot of mascara is a good thing now as you can see i miss it I’m to make look throughout if you want to you can blend that out you can take it higher if you like to do just be creepy i actually I was good I so it looks funny do we have a thing now for lips my lips are now you can use a lipstick and lip gloss blah I prefer for going out tonight lipstick or anything go but this you know you just got there’s no real rule to lip gloss you did so we don’t yeah it all got me more on top lip lipstick on the other hand can take ages because you do like get your angle your angles on the right part here I get that camera and eyebrow chicken sub makes our minds are quite thin Rupert thorne just kind of draw anymore okay all right knee but I title and here down you’re gonna rock it off on it what do you like it I’ll put it bowel too much and I will try and get a better camera thermosphere i hope you liked this video i hope it is like the pictures you sent me um you know these things they’re tiles are you know person is my interpretation office loose you know pebble is the way you did it in the movie on this movie uni but anyway you know it’s my take on it so i hope you liked it and if you try it at home you know send a video or some pics and earth I wanna see you a you saw the videos parts and things so you know like this subscribe to my page see some comments video responses a reversal thanks for watching and yes