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I’m so on theme today you guys valentine’s day here we come hey guys welcome to my channel Miriam here in today’s video I am reviewing etosha to known as latest palette the love palette I have it right here is it her best palette yet we shall see I also have the entire love collection the love glow cheek palette as well as the lip balm glosses so I’ll be reviewing all of that as well I’m gonna be applying all of this to my face to create this very festive Valentine’s Day inspired look that you see on my face right now that I quite like but you got to watch this video in its entirety just to see how it went I’ll leave it at that remember to subscribe comment down below if you have any questions at all hit that notification bell so you can see all of my Wednesdays and Sundays videos and now let’s jump right into it and etosha de Nona love palette + love collection review for you let’s hit it inside the package we have three distinct products we have the eyeshadow palette love palette we have the love glow cheap palette and we also have the lip o forea gloss balms three of them the love palette looks very Barbie very love themed to me I think it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or not even for Valentine’s Day for any of you who love purples and Pink’s this is stunning this is probably the most quintessential pink purple palette I’ve ever seen in my life $65 limited edition cruelty free paraben free made in Italy 15 brand new shades Natasha signature eyeshadow formula pinks moths purples corals silvery neutrals rich Burgundy’s and a fiery red that will melt together in perfect harmony where’s that fiery red must be it because it’s a $65 palette I can tell off the bat it’s the exact same format the exact same size as Natasha de Nona’s sunrise palette I did review that one you can check it out after you watch this video I’ll include a link up here also down below in the description box if the quality is the same as that sunrise palette then we’re all in for a treat next we have a $55 love glow cheek palette with the most awesome packaging ever i’m mesmerised I’m obsessed with this I’m sorry I’m a girl this screams to me and I want it all day and every day also Natasha’s Danone a packaging is just so sheep that even reading something like this which seems so girly and so cheesy does not come off cheesy with these gorgeous super high-end luxe packaging no way I feel like if anyone can do this right it’s Andy in this palette we have four shades on the top we have two glow cream bases glow cream and a super glow then on the bottom we have a diamond powder and a glow impact powder I’m obsessed with the fact that a lot of Natasha Genoa palettes have this very convenient little cover to protect the cream bases from the powders that’s so genius and so smart no one else does this but they should even though they probably can’t because this is a custom mold and I am sure that the Tosh tanaan team spend the pretty penny on these custom palettes people can probably try to replicate but they can never duplicate next we also have a lip o forea which is a gloss and balm in one so this lip gloss / balm is supposed to deliver some collagen some plumping some moisture some very much needed hydration for a dry cracked winter lips before we get onto swatches let me pull up just a couple of facts these products are available January 28th online at Natasha Genoa at Sephora and at Beauty lish February 6 in stores listing linking everything down below as always in per usual for your convenience now let’s get to these swatches I heard you loud and clear and I am bringing in my swatch model for this video how happy are you comment down below alright we are going to start from the top right here and we’re gonna go straight across the rows with this color which is appropriately named first first watch creamy but a little light so I’m gonna double dip for this one next watch is called lifetime like those lifetime Valentine’s Day movies next we have heartbeat to do them to do to do o harpy you’re looking more like a beat rather than a heartbeat I don’t don’t transparent you better not give me a transparent swatch I want a power swatch right here it delivered all right next one is trust how much do you trust your partner this must be the cheaper palette it is the cheaper palette wait how did you know the swatches on that back to the shade notes one Natasha who said that no no no I kid I kid here comes heart not to be confused with heart beat always put this shut up you were put to shut up next one is giving

how much are you giving and how much are you receiving great color you love that yeah it’s really pretty next one is pure love you know story of my life next we have commitment through commitment well that’s pretty here we have blind that’s nice here we go oh wow next is passion passion oh it is beautiful definitely like the fruit I got three more intense I’m gonna go this way I love that color yeah I think that’s a me color to bar me for me just models let’s talk here we have a Valentine oh the grooves in your arm muscles and last but not least we’ve got dream ooh this one feels really creamy maybe I can plop it right here come on dream gorgeous my swatch isn’t but the color is really nice yes those shadows swatched okay just okay for me I’m not really used to those kinds of swatches from Natasha de Nonna some of them were definitely amazing but others were just a little bit on the dry side although the shadows themselves did not feel dry on my fingertips it’s just the way they swatched as I said it before and I’ll say it again swatches don’t really tell anything to me I do them because you like them but really I think a swatch is only good for a true representation of the color nothing more nothing less that said let’s get to this tutorial and let’s get to this actual review so that I can apply all these products to my face starting with the love palette I’m going to prime my lids in two different ways one with my fancy Beauty primer which is a grippy type of primer so it will grip onto those pigments in case they need extra grip edge for my other eye I’m just gonna use my Tarte shape tape concealer blue Noda with a Beauty Blender and set was Lucent powder I did both ways and my totty beauty textured neutrals palette review and you guys seem to like it so I’m gonna continue doing this so that we can tell which primer works best for these palettes the fancy Beauty primer like I said is one of my favorite gripping primers of all time it’s just so good but the concealer plus translucent powder technique is also one my favorite techniques and I feel like when I shadows are known to be SuperDuper pigmented like Natasha’s are known as shadows then you don’t really need a very grippy primer but today we’re just gonna put that to the test and see which one works best even though I do have somewhere to go so hopefully they’ll both look great also since this palette is Valentine’s Day themed kinda want to create a Valentine’s Day inspired look so the first thing that I’m gonna do is grab a wine glass brush this one is number 19 I’m gonna go for this pinky color here called Valentine to start applying that to the grippy side cuz color is beautiful almost paler than my skin at the current moment because I did just come back from vacation no but how would you know if you don’t follow me on the gram YouTube is all about the Beauty tutorials and the beauty reviews I don’t really post a lot about my personal life or about brand trips so unless you’re following me on the gram then you wouldn’t know any of those things anywho I just came back from vacation I went with some friends friends that you may know Manny and Laura and if you’re not subscribed to their channels you absolutely should because they are awesome and they’re my friends and this pink is really really pretty I love how it just adds a wash of color just such a pretty youthfulness about this color I don’t know what it is apply the same one to mine on grippy not as pigmented of an application as you can tell but definitely still a look anyway back to my fake age so Lee and I went to Cabo with Laura and her husband Tyler with Manny and with a couple of other friends joey graceffa who’s also a youtuber here but not in the beauty industry and also his boyfriend danny and we had the most amazing the most chillax time ever the resort was magnificent we did a whole lot of nothing I never felt better honestly I needed that too bad it wasn’t really sunny in Cabo but the two days that it was sunny we did manage to get some Sun as you could probably tell cuz I am like freckles galore right now which I don’t mind all right I think it’s time for me to pick up another shade let’s go for that shade that I loved so much intense gonna start by applying intense to this eye first oh that is intense right before Cabo I actually flew to Miami from New York and I went on a little mini brand trip I say mini because it was only two days and it was actually with house labs I did in fact get a chance to meet Lady Gaga and I went to her concert and I now have a newfound appreciation for her because she was so fantabulous in concert I dare to say she is the best live performer of our generation and trust me I’ve seen a lot of performers what upsets me the

most rather what disappoints me the most is that so many singers don’t actually sing live that to me takes away the whole purpose of me going to a concert to see a singer like if I actually wanted to watch a dancer then I would go watch a ballet or something but if I am paying good money to see a singer I don’t want to see them dance I want to hear them sing anyways Lady Gaga is one of a rare few who actually sang the entire time live no lip singing and she was doing all types of acrobatics as well her opening act was literally plunging from the roof of the arena onto this stage while singing okay alright back to this makeup I will say that this gripping fancy primer is working a lot better for this particular Natasha to nona palette maybe the formulation is different but the pigments are definitely gripping to the primer and it’s actually making it a lot easier and faster to apply whereas on this eye perhaps the blend is a little bit better but the wash is just so much softer can you tell the difference this one’s definitely a lot more intense but this one is just more wearable I would say I know they said that this is the exact same formula as Natasha you know no other shadows but this is a much smaller size therefore even if it’s the same formula it could potentially act very different in a smaller pan alright I’m satisfied with what’s going on in my eyes so far next I’m gonna pick up a precise type of brush how about this one from makeup geek a pencil brush and I am going to go into a shade here called trust I’m gonna do next is something different I’m gonna line my top lash line slightly with this purple shade I’m gonna kind of just smudge it I’m gonna lift that outer corner I’m gonna thicken that wing then I’m gonna start bringing it back to emphasize my eye socket kind of like this I like how it’s looking but it’s definitely not gripping to my powder which tells me that perhaps the shadow is not as tightly pressed or perhaps there’s not as much emollients sealer nefra Charlotte Tilbury in our video to make it glide and do the same thing on the other eye I like the fact that this palette isn’t SuperDuper heavy because it is a much smaller Natasha Genoa palette that way I can actually hold it in my hand and use this lovely mirror in case of this side a purple is actually looking like a liner very very pigmented because again it’s gripping and it’s gripping good there was some fallout here with this eyeshadow typical with purples I’m gonna start taking that back I’m gonna attempt to match the purple crease on the other eye so with the gripping primer you definitely have to have a bit more of a steady hand because the application is a lot more precise and it’s not as forgiving as it is on this side so I guess it just depends on your technique you want to use this palette for a more everyday a more wearable look I would say skip the primer and just go for the concealer plus powder prep however if you want some pizzazz if you want some vibrant colors and some pop then definitely use that fancy Beauty primer because it is definitely a good one oh it’s honestly looking like two different looks this is the first time I see such a major difference between using primer or using concealer all right I’m gonna beat off some of that pull up not too bad actually and I’m gonna go in with a slightly larger pencil brush this one is from Beauty addict’s Pro smudge brush I’m gonna go back into that shade intense and I’m gonna use the too soft in this line here I’m just going over the border and erasing if you will I don’t think I’ll need as much of that technique on this side of the eye but I still wanna be uniform so I’m gonna try to do the same thing to this eye why did I decide to go for complex Valentine’s Day look who’s actually going to wear this I’m gonna add a pinch more of that purple shade trust and just diffuse kind of like that very avant-garde definitely need a bit more of that on my lid and it’s not really sticking so never mind all right for my lid shade I definitely want to dip into this shade here called giving it was just so pretty when we swatched it on LI so I’m gonna dip my finger into it but all over my movable lid this is looking really really really pretty you can’t believe how gorgeous this shade is don’t really actually want to create a cut crease so I’m just gonna stamp that up to the border and slightly above the border moving on to the second eye I would say the shimmery shade or at least this shimmery shade grips just about the same and applies the same on both of these eyes regardless of the primer perhaps there’s more emollients in those shimmery shades but as is I think I’m liking the way that this eye is looking just a little bit better than this one all right something about this is just more romantic it’s got a little bit more pizazz and a little bit more Wow quickly clean up now going to create a very straight edge here at the corner not really about that in this look I think my primer will be this cover effects blurring primer I use it in my totty Beauty Blender full review I did not like that blender full no hate the product just did not work for me although I did like the way that it applied my primer kind of just

vacuum-sealed it onto my skin blurring no texture brushing the product in blurring those pores although I don’t really need smoothing on my forehead my forehead is pretty shiny like a penny but around here is where I have my biggest problem areas I have acne scars I have pores pimples and just texture there needs to be smoothed out a little bit okay for my foundation today I’m going to be using this Dior back stage face and body foundation I have it in shade 3w and 4w really gonna try not to drip on myself it cosmetics complexion perfection brush you guessed it think I need a little bit more of that 3w not too much more though cuz I still want to let my freckles play really love that sort of sunkissed fresh glow I don’t wanna do too much tart shape tape and medium blending that out alright boom a little bit of that dermablend setting powder just a little bit and solely on that under-eye or the rest of my face Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless wing gloss brush oh and I almost forgot I have one more palette from the Tasha – Nona that I definitely want to check out and it’s the love glow cheek palette those are some very quick swatches of this thing jus the cream very very creamy very balmy I would say do the super glue super glue feels totally different more like a creamy eyeshadow wild go for the diamond powder beautiful last not least glow impact powder alright so now looking at these swatches I’m not even sure which one I want to apply to my face I am thinking I want to go for the super glow which kind of reminds me of NARS orgasm but I want to apply it with a Beauty Blender just to be on the safe side I’m gonna dip it to that gonna remove some off the back of my hand can also remove some cat hair off of my Beauty Blender and I’m gonna gently start pressing that into the skin oh this is actually a really interesting product I definitely like the fact that it’s a hybrid between cream and powder so it’s not shifting my foundation or my powder underneath I definitely see the glow it’s true that it looks kind of chunky in the pan but it doesn’t really come off so on the skin but I think a Beauty Blender was a wise tool to pick this up with and go for it for my other side just gonna give it one layer my Charlotte Tilbury powder cuz I wanted to stay exactly where I applied it I just try that highlighter feel like this pink is just a little bit too conflicting with the rest of my face slow but just glow impact powder is quite nice gonna plus some onto my nose bridge or not to my Cupid’s bow pinch on the chin and that’s good next up I’m in the mood for brows i’m gonna use this Tarte sketches set pencil in medium cool brown it’s a dual ended brow product that has a brow gel on one end and a pencil on the other I’m gonna use the brow gel first on the other side is a pencil I’m gonna fill in some sparse areas just extend this brow a bit but I’m keeping it on the natural side brows are so hard to do after you applied foundation and eye shadow I truly I don’t even know what I’m doing when it comes to brows gonna use this wander Beauty dual ended brush for my Estee Lauder bronzer in the shade halo oh one this is actually a very very natural-looking lighter bronzer and because I have a natural tan right now I don’t want to go too overboard and make myself extra bronzy because then that’ll end up looking very very fake I just want to add a pinch of this warmth just to tie everything in together like that I’m gonna go back to my dermablend powder and just clean it up right here probably one of the only setting powders and I feel comfortable baking with because it’s very very forgiving not actually sure why I’m doing the moles today but I guess it’s that kind of day alright now going back to my palette I’m gonna pick up a brush that I already used this precise little brush with the shade intense and I’m just gonna go ahead and clean up this area once more now that I have my brows I know that this tail end needs to be extended a pitch further never really tell what it’s supposed to look like at the end when I don’t have my brows on its gonna reinforce eyes the purple here just a bit more and gonna add a tad more of that pink for the highlight under the brow gonna pick up the shade transparent and add a smidge of that along the edge of my freshly painted Brown also onto my inner corner pretty now there’s one more thing I want to do I want to pick up this shade here called pure love with a brush and just stamp it right here to the outer portion of the movable lid it’s gonna add that to that groove right here then go back in with trust the matte purple and just darken this portion here to bring everything together for the lower lash line I’m gonna pick up Charlotte Tilbury pillow-talk eyeliner it’s kind of like a burgundy shade gonna line my outer lower lash line just to make sure that everything from the top meets with everything on the bottom and a smudge that slightly I’m gonna use that pencil brush just to seal it in place pencil

brush also has some of that dark purple on it take a look at this because I write here has lost the outer shape of that purple shadow almost in its entirety that tells me that the gripping primer is definitely the one that you would want to use with this particular palette and in order to make this one work I have to use the pillow-talk liner and just re-emphasize this whole situation here otherwise they just don’t match at all should probably get into the habit of not using brand new palettes oh and filming the day that I actually am supposed to do something or at least let’s not stick to two different techniques alright that is close enough and it’s about as close as I’m gonna get to at this point it’s gonna reach the lower lashline and wipe away that fallout I’m also gonna add just a little bit of peach eNOS right below this purple now I’m trying to make this eye match the other eye oh girl this review just took a turn didn’t it it was supposed to be hazy it does look pretty though and use that Charlotte Tilbury pillow-talk liner on my waterline cute cute now let’s beat off the translucent setting powder and now I’m ready for some lashes I’m ready for some mascara and I’m ready for some lips I am going to apply that off-camera and I’ll be right back so I just changed my top wait till you see how cute what it is I’m ready for those lip balms aka gloss balms swatching duochrome coral wow it’s really rather stunning next up we have nude and last but not least we have mauve doesn’t actually look more looks more like a nude to me this one is an absolutely gorgeous shade so this is the one that I’m gonna go for I already have my lip liner on I’m wearing how slabs mith lip liner ooh love this feels very very comfortable on the lips not too sticking kind of has a cooling sensation I definitely like the fact that there’s color there’s shine doesn’t look too over-the-top I think this is actually a rather lovely product and now that we have come to the end of this video here is my final look using the love palette by Natasha Nona financial thoughts about this palette are the following I am so happy that I use two different techniques to apply these eyeshadows so happy that I used the fences Beauty Pro filter primer on one eye and the Tarte concealer plus the translucent setting powder on the other eye and I gotta say this love palette by Natasha de Nonna is a little bit different from her other palettes I do think that the quality of the shadows or rather the formula of the shadows acts a little bit differently here I think with the gripping primer these eyeshadows I really rather smoothly and quickly whereas with the concealer and powder on top well it took a little bit of getting used to I definitely had to put some muscle into that I think that I look isn’t quite as precise and as vibrant as this one and honestly I had some difficulty blending out the shadow and I had difficulty getting it to stick so how’d I use my original method of applying these eyeshadows from this particular palette then I would have probably been very disappointed in the palette however I’m glad that I didn’t because I absolutely loved the outcome on this eye very vibrant very festive I get the theme I love the fact that the palette is coming out now for Valentine’s Day so all of that is great I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s really hard for me to come up with a grade for the love palette given the fact that well I had some difficulty with application on this side I’m just gonna keep it fair and I’m gonna give this palette and eight it’s not a nine like most of my Natasha odds are known of palette grades I don’t know if it’s the pant size I don’t know if it’s the way that the formula fits within this pant size but the quality of the eyeshadows are just a little bit different they’re not bad by any means it just took me a little bit of getting used to that is my truth on that I do however really like the love glow cheek palette I’m not a huge fan of these creamy blushes although this one’s it applied rather nicely a highlighter is really nice as well not too much not too blingy but definitely there overall I think this collection is a hit I particularly enjoyed the balms the one that I’m wearing is Gorge wah those are my two cents those are my final thoughts I hope you guys enjoyed this look this verdict this team truth style review I will see you in my next video I hope you have an awesome Valentine’s Day celebration whether it’s with your boo or with your girlfriends or with your parents or with your cat whatever it is that you do you do you boo make sure to click on my videos right here you know what to do